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Ease your way into a healthy lifestyle. Asana Rebel will empower you to get in shape, feel better, and stay inspired day after day.

One app to help you reach all your health and fitness goals
From losing weight to building strength, from high intensity workouts to moving meditations: each piece of Asana Rebel is meant to fit every goal into your lifestyle.

Exercise anytime, anywhere
Be your own gym: work out on your lunch breaks, in hotel rooms, late at night. Explore a world of yoga-inspired programs you can squeeze into the busiest schedules.

Fitness in every format
Make every second count with 5-minute workouts, stay up to date by reading articles, track your progress with daily challenges, get up to date with fun quizzes. Everything to keep you showing up.

Keep you body sharp and your mind sharper
Mindfulness is the ultimate skill to level up your training and boost your productivity. Bring clarity into your workouts with guided sessions and get in the zone with Music for Focus.

Find a routine that works for you and build lifelong habits
Train smarter, eat better, recover faster. Begin your journey with a single challenge and build from there.
Get moving and stay inspired!

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Apple Health integration: Report your calories burned, weight, and yoga workouts (optional)

The download and use of Asana Rebel is free. Get all available workouts within the app as part of the monthly subscription. The subscription costs $37,99 for 3 months or $58,99 for 12 months. If you opt for the subscription, you pay the fixed price for your country which is displayed in the app. The subscription will be renewed automatically if it is not canceled within at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for each new term within 24 hours prior to the expiration of the current subscription. The current term of In-App subscriptions cannot be canceled. You can disable the automatic renewal via the iTunes account settings at anytime.

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Asana Rebel App Description & Overview

The applications Asana Rebel was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-12-17 and was developed by Asana Rebel GmbH. The file size is 122.33 MB. The current version is 5.4 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Just like all Rebels, we’re working hard to become the best version of ourselves. That’s why we keep improving performance, correcting bugs, and updating the app with our latest collections.

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Asana Rebel Reviews


Calories count please  singh1251  5 star

I wish it had calories count and fat burn programs!

Hector ant

Great workout!  Hector ant  4 star

I’m going through the app to give it a try.


Agree - old version was way better  TinaK036  1 star

The old version was great! I had never been as consistent with my yoga but thanks to the old version planned weekly routines, I was on top it it. Until now. Having to choose between different videos each time without keeping track of weekly progress or achievements had me demotivated and I ended up canceling my subscription. I try to go to classes now but am looking for a Yoga app that is like Sweat or the old version of this app which has a continuous 4/6/12 week plan.


Bamboozled!  qurobinson  1 star

Thought I was purchasing a one month subscription, and end up wasting $59 on a annual subscription. I felt like I was tricked. I was instantly turned off, and don’t see myself ever using this app.


Had great expectations.....  mantramomma  5 star

I purchased this app’s full year subscription & have yet to access it. Over 2 weeks, multiple emails to “support” & no resolution. Pass

zozotte 123

Love it!  zozotte 123  5 star

Over the years I never managed to get into Yoga, these are great short and dynamic classes, very clearly explained and not too challenging. After a couple of months of doing it everyday, my body feels leaner and more toned, people notice and tell me! I have more strength and energy and just feel great overall! NAMASTE ❤️


Disappointing  kickstandmichelle  2 star

I was really hoping good things for this app but it kept freezing and it didn’t read any of my workouts.


Work outs are good. App is just okay.  emikaw  3 star

While I have been enjoying the workouts I find it frustrating that I can’t combine workouts a little more seamlessly. Before the cool down begins I’m given an option to choose another workout or begin the cool down but if I choose to begin the cool down it often starts the workout at the beginning again. And other times if I would like to continue start another work out I have to stop what I am doing, scroll through my options and start again. It would be great if I could pick a few workouts before I begin and have them play one after another. Sometimes when I am air-playing to my Apple TV the app shuts down, or glitches and then I have to begin the work out all over again. I have enjoyed most of the work outs on here and I like that you can search for workouts through lots of different filters depending on what you want to achieve , ex: level of intensity, flexibility, get in shape, relax and focus, etc. All in all, it’s just okay. I may recommend it to friends but with a few caveats.

anything for $5

Jazzy music in svasana  anything for $5  4 star

Nice workout. The music seemed to detract from the class. Would love to know others opinions.

jantina t

Great  jantina t  4 star

Loved it. My first work out surprisingly both challenging but manageable


Love it...but there's a problem with trying to sign up for subscription  Jaxsta19  5 star

I'm trying to subscribe to pay for your full features but I keep getting error messages and won't let me do it. It looks like a great app and is just what I need.


WARNING!!!!  Uthrian  1 star

The only thing free is the App . I found once I downloaded the APP and gave my name and email I would need to pay to unlock the content. Felt somewhat misled .


Horrible  Bubzee4756  1 star

I paid a year subscription and it never allowed me to refresh purchase , so I was unable to unlock anything. Paid $75 for nothing . No one from support has been in contact with me about it.

Trishy R

Wow  Trishy R  5 star

It’s so simple to follow step by step!


Get results  Shsntimids  5 star

The only fitness app I’ve had where I can see the results. Great for those who are time poor. Love the variety of classes to choose from as I get bored easily.


Disappointing  Bona83  4 star

I paid for this app and was using it regularly loving it until the policies were updated recently. After agreeing as per normal to terms and conditions the message I keep getting is ‘sorry this email is invalid’. Consequently, I can’t use the app...yet I’ve only used 4 months out of the 12 not impressed.


A lot of bugs!  Dommy!  1 star

New update locked me out completely

Olive R Fans

Free to download but unusable  Olive R Fans  1 star

Cannot use this app unless you subscribe/pay. Waste of time.


Rip off  Jamynowa  1 star

Pay, pay, pay!

Janine Rauwenhoff

great app  Janine Rauwenhoff  5 star

Great easy thank you


So disappointed  Robaewe  1 star

At first I was able to use the app and loved it- and THEN it glitchedand now I can no longer access ANY videos- all I get is a white screen and redundant music. (Have reinstalled it- tried everything to no avail) I have reached out a few times to helpdesk and received NOTHING back! So frustrating and disappointing. Feel like this was a total waste of money!


Don’t pay for it. Not worth it  worthlessshift  1 star

The workouts are great. But half the time the app doesn’t work. So learn from my poor choices DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!


Payments  Dezi715  1 star

I unsubscribed and was still charged the $16. This app scams you of your money and I would not recommend it at all. It is overpriced (that’s the reason I unsubscribed) and it continues to take your money once you’ve left.


Love the app  Crissybbbb  4 star

It’s a great way to wind down my day. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like the workout itself is long enough, but I love the way I feel afterward.


The music is so unmotivating  absmax  2 star

I do not want to do a longer workout and listen to the same “jingle” for more than 5 mins. It’s horrible. I wish there were more like stations to choose from such as pop, indie, rock, etc verses just one commercial-sounding song.


Love Asana Rebel Yoga App!  Rachmo88  5 star

I love the AsanaRebel Yoga app as it has helped put yoga back into my daily routine. My busy day just doesn’t allow for all the drive time to and from a local yoga class. With this app I can now fit yoga into my day throughout the day. The Desk Dwellers Series is my new favorite as it most closely replicates the local yoga class that I used to attend. Love it!

FatDaddy d

Used it once was a great thing now it crashes!  FatDaddy d  1 star

Paid for a yearly subscription, used it once now all it does is crash really sad it was a great stretch and workout!


Video dropped  Divpura  3 star

I just purchased the app today and enjoyed first 10 mins but the video dropped twice.


Videos not playing  rachybear1997  1 star

I bought a subscription earlier this week. I loved this app in the past but never purchased the full version (aka coach) in the past because it was too pricey. But the new price of $60 for one year is great! So I got it. It worked well for three days, but now, the videos aren’t playing. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I restarted my phone, which did nothing. I updated my phone, which did nothing. The only thing that works is deleting and redownloading the app, BUT it only works for one video and then they stop playing again. It’s not my connection, as it does the same on WiFi AND on data... not to mention all my other apps are fine. I like the workouts and how it keeps track but I’m very frustrated. I spend more time trying to get the app to work than working out! On top of that, the app won’t let me change my goal. When I used the app over a year ago I set my goal as weight loss but now I’m looking to get fitter and it won’t allow me to change that. All in all I love the workouts and the idea but the app really stinks. Since I paid for a year all at once I’ll keep using the app, but I’d rather not have to delete and download every time I want to workout. It’s frustrating.


Wish I could turn off the background music  Lūna  5 star

Really enjoy this app. Been using it everyday since day#1. I would love to see an option to turn off the background music though... everyday with the same music kinda grows old. Would much rather have the option to turn off the “dee dee do”s and just listen to the instructor’s voice while playing my own music on the side. Is this a possibility? I looked in settings and did not see the option.. All and all though, to a curious purchaser of the app, I highly recommend.


Great app for home-challenging yoga  JorienJ  5 star

This app is fab! You can choose the length and intensity of your workout and if you aren’t tired or done, you can skip straight to a next workout before cooldown. Love it!


So improved  marnkjaw  5 star

I bought the years subscription and was initially disappointed, the work outs were repeated not string enough. After the latest update it is awesome, I love it. Thanks again for working hard to improve, I really appreciate it!!


Not for me  f75_75  3 star

Not my style at all, classes move to fast, didn’t like the voices, seems more workout focused than yoga. Sorry to have wasted money on a subscription


Beat yoga app out there  Ckmrb  5 star

Love this app, slick videos, great tutorials and suitable for beginners/improvers. Worth it!


Makes all the difference  xoxZoeRox  5 star

I love this Asana so much, I downloaded it at first to use yoga to help my anxiety. The app design is beautiful and you can test out the workouts for free. I bought the full year subscription and am so glad! I’ve struggled with the way I’ve looked at my body for years and this has helped me tone up and love my body. The only thing I wish it did was link the daily work out and exercise in under the personal trainer aspect so it was added as a bonus workout for your week. There’s so many different positions and they’re easy to keep up with even as a beginner ❤️


Super  RJOAL  5 star

Love this


Great App  fluffybubblez  5 star

Easy to follow and great for starting off


Great app!  SuepyQ82  5 star

Like any apps that you have to pay to unlock the content, I was dubious at first. But I got the 3 month plan to try. This is the first workout I've stuck to and I've only done a week but I want more! I'm currently on the fat burning program and I'm loving it! The positions aren't entirely easy but are easy enough for a complete beginner and it's true when they say each time you do the moves it gets easier. I had a lot of muscle pain after the first lunges but no pain no gain right? It's not a chore to do these workouts and I know I'm training my entire body. Would definitely recommend


Great App  小阳妹  5 star

It works!

Team IT

Brilliant briliant brilliant  Team IT  5 star

Love this app the workouts are great around 30 minutes but you feel them work every muscle in your body 😁 my job is quite stressful so this really helps me relax & unwind too

Asana Rebel Comments

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