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iScore5™ APHG is a test prep app to get students ready for the AP® Human Geography exam. The app created by EXPERT teachers for AP Human Geography Students.

The goal is simple: Help students maximize their scores on the AP exam in a FUN way. Everything is designed like a trivia game for students, with running scores, leaderboards, bonus and double bonus rounds. Plus, you have the ability to unlock levels as you progress through levels of learning.

iScore5 APHG has two major components. First, there is a practice vocabulary section that contains the MOST important terms from EVERY unit from the class.

Our second component is where the FUN begins. 5 levels of multiple-choice questions that you must unlock as you score points. These questions come from each AP Human Geography unit. Level 1 has easier questions and level 5 contains the most challenging. As you move through the levels, your learning improves.

Don’t worry about the quality of these questions! All of the question writers are experienced expert AP Human Geography Teachers or Geography College Professors. They know about the class and they know what types of questions to ask to prepare you for the AP exam.
But remember, they know you WANT TO HAVE FUN while you learn!

Think about it. Stop carrying all that review stuff. The best reason we have for the app is when your mom sees you on your phone you can say, “I AM STUDYING FOR THE AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY EXAM!”

A running scoreboard
A leaderboard to see how you do against other students
A paperless way to prepare for the AP Human Geography exam
21st century learning and gaming

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The applications iScore5-APHG was published in the category Education on 2016-02-03 and was developed by iScore5app, LLC. The file size is 72.72 MB. The current version is 2.1 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

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Helped me get a 5.  Thestumobro3  5 star

Review over vocabulary, practice, questions, and even FRQ demo prepared me very effectively to get a 5 on the AP Exam. Totally recommend it.


Wouldn't have got a 5 without it  JJuliano  5 star

The app could use some minor updates just to polish the app up, but to be fair, this app is the most helpful and effective tool for studying AP Human Geography. This app is an absolute necessity for any student who really wants to get a 5 on the AP Human exam, or simply to do well for that matter. 100% would recommend.


I got a 5!  Allison694500  4 star

This app was so convenient to use when I couldn't stretch out a pile of notes, books, or flash cards in my lap. In the car, in restaurants, laying in bed at night (probably waiting for my teacher to respond because I was freaking out). However, there are some minor bugs with the set up of the app. On iOS, some parts of the app wouldn't let me scroll down all the way and some of the questions I noticed had incorrect answers in the quiz and sometimes in the flash cards (yes I checked with myself, my teacher, and the internet and I'm positive they were incorrect). But other wise, this app has great content and helped me score a 5 on the AP human geography exam.

0ne dur3cshun

Great info, Complete trash set up  0ne dur3cshun  1 star

Read the title... PREACH


Good App  17sheshe17  4 star

The app is good for studying but it should let you turn off the sounds because they get annoying if I want to listen to music

Lol me idk

Problematically Helpful  Lol me idk  3 star

Questions are really insightful and good for on the go, but the app itself is poor and not worth 5 dollars. It wont let me click on the urban unit, and sometimes the questions. Other than that, the app is perfect and a great study tool!


Kinda boring  MelodyMoonstone  4 star

It's really good for reviewing, and covers lots of topics, but it's a little boring. I find myself becoming disengaged quickly. Maybe there are more fun aspects of it I haven't unlocked yet, but as of right now, it's hard to stay interested.

Stupid people took my name i

Easy to study whenever I have free time  Stupid people took my name i  5 star

Amazingly easy to use, very simple and covers all the topics that were taught in my AP class. I am currently studying for the exam and I am using this to give me an extra boost on my score. It is covering places where my teacher also didn't teach too well and allowed me to study what i didn't know. Amazing app, probably the best way to spend $5. Also when will the practice test be able to be used in the app? Because I am just curious because I can't access it


Worth it!  ReviewAuthor👏🏽  5 star

Covers more specific material not necessarily covered in classes while also including big picture trends. Definitely helped me score a 5- and it's SO worth the money.


Wow, just wow  Noel=mymiddlename  5 star

Did I say wow because wow!!! What a great app!!!!!!!!! This was the only thing I used to study for my test but I still got a 5 #yolo #blessed def recommend!! v helpful! get if you want a 5 #IGotA5AndYouCanTooSoGetThisApp

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