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Sometimes we have to write long messages, emails, remember addresses, and create other large portions of text. Now you can use Paste Keyboard to quickly access stored notes and information to communicate faster!


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- Bug Fixed - If you have any problems please contact, Thanks!

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- Really Good Copy & Paste Keyboard

This app is really good!! Unlimited text you can add and you can add it to your keyboard. Simple. Works well. Would have given it 5 Stars but when you go to add a text and save it, its written in Chinese. If you don't read Chinese like me, you'll have to figure it.

- best copy/paste keyboard app!

This is *the best* copy/paste keyboard app on the appstore. I highly recommend it over all the other copy/paste apps offered! For one, it allows you to have unlimited entries *without paying* and has a simple, easy to use interface and design. The bottom banner ads are unobtrusive and honestly I don't care about them because of the ability to have unlimited entries! Some buttons are still in Korean but you can easily find your way around. I use this app all the time for special kaomoji not offered in the Japanese keyboard, and copypastas! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ For the many months I've used this app, it has been extremely useful. It's so much better (and faster) than having to use the native Notes app. I can spam copypastas quickly. ( ≖ิ‿≖ิ ) One of the recent updates ended up removing all my entries and made the app unusable. (Luckily I had saved my stuff in my notes.) I was really upset and was forced to use other apps for a short time, and they all ended up disappointing me (they all only allowed up to 10 entries without paying). I checked this app again, and saw the newest update which has fixed the issues (and re-added an English interface). I'm so happy the app works again, so thank you to the app developer(s)!! tldr; 10/10 copy/paste keyboard app that allows unlimited entries for free, would definitely recommend! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

- A great clipboard tool

Often I will enter contests or right multi port essays. Are usually composed of first, then would like a Clipboard tool to be able to isolate all the sections. Then, when I am ready to fill out the form, I can simply paste the different pieces in from my Clipboard tool. I have just obtained this product. I am able to copy different texts into the clipboard. With the accompanying keyboard, I can re-enter these texts into my composition without problem. So far it works perfectly and I think the developers for making this available. Hats off again for providing this for free.

- Love! Have a suggestion.

So, usually I use this app for a lot of different things. There should be different categories and when you press on them, they you would be able to copy and paste things in that certain category. For example, the category would be Dogs. Yo would then click on it and it would show everything you need to copy and paste. I just feel like it’s a better way to organize everything. Hope this makes sense!

- Mon Functioning App

I have downloaded this app and made sure all the requirements were met that were asked for. Notifications and permissions as well as the addition of the app to my keyboards in settings. I have even deleted all other keyboards to rule out the possibility of interference. Not a wise choice on my part because this app is for the clipboard aspect only, and has no keyboard. Had to reinstall one. Lol. But it still did not copy any thing. There is nothing there when I’m using my apps, and nothing there when I go to the Home page and open the app manually. Ive checked and tried everything. Nothing. Doesn’t function.

- Really good app!

This app is really good for quick copy and paste. I think that this is the best app I’ve come across so far! I just have one suggestion: every time you send a message that was copied and pasted it takes you back to the top of the list. I think that it’s just more convenient to have it not reset the clipboard list and just leave it where you left off. Otherwise this app is amazing

- Simple and easy

I would give more stars to this program if they were available it’s simple and easy to use and available on any app where you would use your keyboard. there is currently no option to file your pre-defined messages into categories at least not that I could figure out. But if it were possible. I would vote for an Academy award.


So I’m a young child and I love to play Roblox! So I had a job in one of the games and I was tired of taking long typing so I looked for apps to use and I wanted to try out this app I saw all the good reviews and I downloaded the app now I don’t take as long and this is just a life saver for me! I love the app so much! I will be telling all my friends! I wish you the best of luck have a nice day Btw you deserve 5 stars

- The best! 💕

I really love this app I use it for a game called roblox we’re there is more than one game in that game and there are jobs too but fake jobs and I have to write stuff down like a greeting and stuff and so since I got promoted I have to say more stuff not a lot of you guys would understand but people with roblox would anyways I just want to say that this is the best copy and paste app ever. 💕

- Suggestion!

I love this app. Probably the best copy & paste keyboard app out there. However, I’d love to have a folder or category feature where you can sort your stuff and access them quickly without having to scroll down and dig it out of the list. And/or perhaps a color-coding feature?

- OMG Awesome!

A month ago, I was trying to copy Minecraft commands and paste them into the game for a command block. When I heard of this app, I fell in love with this app. Now, when I need to copy a MC command and paste in-game, I am in luck because of this app. This app is so great, I use it almost all the time! Keep up the great work, developer because you are doing AMAZING!

- Useful

For games that don't have the ability to hold for the paste message, this is one of the most helpful things for that, you don't have to type long messages in the game again because you can't copy because with this you can!

- Pretty good :)

I’ve had this app for a while, and I love it! It’s so simple, yet easy to use. I have some problems with it though, when I press the paste keyboard it doesn’t show up sometimes. It’s a bit annoying, anyways I hope you’ll make more apps in the future :D

- Awesome! Concern, though.

Okay, this is a VERY good utility app and I absolutely love it. I’ve had this before, and it totally let me put as much shortcuts I wanted. I unfortunately had to delete the app, I forgot why. But, I did so and this time I couldn’t put as much. It only let me save 7, do you know why?

- Paste keyboard is the best app

I love paste keyboard because I am finally able to paste stuff in apps that I wasn’t able to paste in before and it is such a timesaver not having to type the entire thing all over again 1 million times

- If I could rate it more then 10 I would...

This is a great app I really recommend, like someone mentioned about roblox and roblox jobs I use this app for the same reason and it is SO GOOD highly recommend however if it is possible I’d like to see the keyboard a bit bigger, otherwise AWESOME APP

- A terrific choice!

I highly recommend using this app because it is easily accessible and does not require copying to your clipboard. It makes my ROBLOX hotel and restaurant jobs easier to handle. I can access all of my greetings, responses, and closings with just a change of keyboard.

- If I could give 100 stars.. I would 👌🏻

I HARDLY leave reviews, but I’ve tried every other app for this particular function. And THIS is by far the best app for clipboard/copy paste management. So simple, no bs. Unlimited clips. Free. GOOGLE BACKUP SYNC ABILITY 🙌🏻 Cons: Ads But the ads aren’t annoying like most other apps. It’s tiny and streamlined to just a bar at the bottom. Crashes randomly when using. Feedback: When you edit a saved clip it, the interface switches to Korean. This isn’t an issue for me personally, I find no problem using it still.

- Good but just in a line

This is amazing but I would like if you could put them in a folder and select that folder whenever you need to paste things that were in there

- Worked great then wouldn’t work

It worked great then I came back and tried to use it and it wouldn’t work it just glitched Edit: it works again, and it never glitched again. I love your app, five star rating now!

- Simple and basic. Perfect

Everything you need and nothing more. Very easy to use and to the point. Highly Recommend for prewriting messages for dating apps with out losing your effort

- Top 10 most useful apps I have.

I don’t know where this app has been or whyI haven’t heard of it.I searched open “copy/paste” In the App Store and this one came up. It was a problem I had to solve and this app solved it.

- Drop down

I simply want a drop down menu where if I go to a web site that ask for my email address I simply use the menu to paste my stored email address and other stuff

- Love it!!

Love the app! 5 stars for sure! Its simple, easy, and most of all effective! Only problem I’ve had is I can’t make more than 7, could just be me but even then it’s spectacular!

- Ok

I love this app and all but it needs a enter button. When I’m trying to type something I like spamming sometimes and I hate switching keyboards every now and then.


Great app, and it works very well! Even so I think they should add folders so you can separate your copy pastes. Other than that I love this app and It is perfect if you don’t want to pay for a copy paste app!

- Great app

It’s a good app but can you add the feature where we can type something and paste it from the keyboard Instead of going back to the app

- Great!

It helps me out, and when I need it, it is always there! I have one problem. If I need to paste something at the very bottom, I can’t. I have to make a space as the last one. But overall, it is a great app!

- Bug

Good but when you put in massive texts to the app it makes all text after a certain point disappear. Still pastes the whole thing though

- Good but please fix

This app worked great for the first couple of weeks I’ve used it but ever since I’ve updated to iOS13, the keyboard keeps going up higher and higher each time and eventually all of my phrases can’t be seen. Please fix because I love this app!

- Great... but bug fix needed

I only have one complaint it’s that some times the words on the title turn into a different language

- Very helpful!

Recommend it to everyone looking for a copy and paste app! Easy to use. Also extremely helpful with Roblox jobs.

- Sending the clipboard data to facebook or you tube.

Its great but i wish just on click without highlighting the sentence ut will go Straight to you tube. Just like samsung.

- Copy and paste keboard is great

Very useful, being able to copy and paste all at once instead of going back and fourth.

- No Functions

No functionality and poor readability. Text too small. No sorting or search features. No auto copy or paste functionality. The only real plus is that it stores and synchronizes online with other devices.

- Best Copy and paste app

OMG. I am so in love with the app. It helps me with so may things like work, mail and sending out messages! Thank you!

- Great

There is no limit to my clipboard which gives me an even greater advantage over android’s clipboards. Awesome 10/10 app

- It’s great but...

I love this app very much, but I think that they should change the fact that you can’t scroll down enough to press on your last pasting! If you know how to stop that please tell me.

- Great app

I downloaded this app for my mother who has trouble with English. She was very happy this was a thing and it works brilliantly!

- I like it

It’s really easy to use and it helps a lot. I’m glad I found this app

- Easy to use

I love this app easy to use pre-typed messages just paste in my text Messages

- Paid full price still have ads

Do not buy doesn't allow restoring purchase. Buying ad removal doesn’t remove ads. Backup and sync online is confusing. Sync data I saved on the app to the cloud or sync from the cloud? If im wrong it erases all my saved data.


I’ve been looking for an app like this and today I finally found it and it’s great!!! So easy to use and convenient!!!

- Clash of clans life saver

This app will allow you to paste on the send mail option for clash of clans! Love it.

- Really good app for extra copy and paste!

This helps me in Roblox! I’m just speechless when I got this, I was in love.

- Seriously...awesome

Great simple layout - easy editing - helpful tips for setup. Great job!

- I can't allow full access for the app

So when I click the app and I write something it stuck on loading and I go back to settings but it doesn't work please fix it I would love this app if you did

- Minecraft

Thank you so much because I can now copy and paste in MCPE

- Amazing!

I use this for Roblox and it’s amazing! I live it so so much and recommend it!

- Does not work

I need so many things to be there for me to paste but I can only copy and paste something once so I downloaded this but it doesn’t even work! Don’t download this does not work at all!

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- Best ever

Love this app it’s just the greatest when you systemise what you do tools such as this are invaluable. In the first instance I didn’t realise you had to go into settings and add a keyboard once I worked it out it all made sense. Cheers Richie

- Great app

Light, fast, and easy to use but with a few exceptions; cannot title my paste messages, and cannot properly view long text - they appear but without a way to scroll down to view the whole text. Oh and no option to pay to remove annoying google ads.

- Yass

I absolutely love this app. It’s so easy to use and it’s totally free! You don’t need to pay for anything. If you are looking for a copy and paste keyboard I definitely recommend this one. Have a good day! Bye! 😉

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- Exactly what the title says! But...

WARNING: EXTREMELY LONG. This app is amazing! You can easily type out a single message and put it anywhere in your mobile device. However the only thing I wish it had was the ability to copy multiple messages at once. There fore making it so you don’t have to keep closing the app you’re in. Would be a HUGE quality of life improvement. Thanks Developers for your hard work! I know this might be a little hard, but I’m sure you guys can do it! My personal idea was to have the ability to give each message a name, like a number, or just a literal name. And once you type said name in another place (app or literally anywhere else on your device) It would automatically copy and paste the message with that name. It would be a pretty big update, but as I said before, a HUGE improvement that would make the app skyrocket! Thanks for listening. - L.K.C

- Awesome!

If I want to put a command in a command block in mcpe, I don’t have to write it all out, I can paste it into this app then into minecraft🤩

- Warning, long

This app is great. It fits in perfectly and gives you an easy tutorial on how to put it in. I would definitely recommend this app considering you don’t need to re-type it again and again every time your copy and paste wears out. Although my only issue is the fact that every time we put our copy and paste sentence thing or whatever it is comes in. but when we open our keyboard again it’s not on the paste keyboard, I’m pretty sure that’s only for some apps. and if not and it’s everywhere I would extremely appreciate if you could put it in. If it’s not a thing and I’m just getting confused at this point then my deepest apologies for wasting your time. Thanks for reading,

- Great app One thing

Love this app as a slow typer! But for an update please make it where we can copy messages from any app like in YouTube comments this will be an great update i see this app blowing up soon

- Nope

It’s full of glitches

- Thanks for the update!

Love this update the app fits on all my devices now. And I love how it looks now it looks like an iOS 13 app to me! Good Job!

- Nice


- Not for iPad

Gives you a small rotated iPhone screen, so you have to tilt your iPad... not practical.



- Doesn’t work it just crashes when I use it on a 2018 I pad


- Doesn't work

Every time I open it it displays a "there is something in the clipboard" message and then my actual keyboard blocks the buttons on the message so you can't do anything

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Paste Keyboard iphone images
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Paste Keyboard iphone images
Paste Keyboard iphone images

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The applications Paste Keyboard was published in the category Utilities on 2016-01-05 and was developed by Techin Park [Developer ID: 906432484]. This application file size is 128.03 MB. Paste Keyboard - Utilities app posted on 2021-05-17 current version is 1.4.15 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tmsaeapp.copypastekeyboard

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