Houseparty [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Houseparty is the face-to-face social network where you can connect with the people you care about most. The app makes connecting face to face effortless, alerting you when your friends are “in the house” and ready to chat so you can jump right into the conversation. The same goes for you opening the app! Your friends will know you’re in the app and ready to chat, so they can join you (…because rejected calls are so last year). Houseparty is truly the next best thing to hanging out in person. See your friends more often on Houseparty.

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Twitter/Instagram: @houseparty

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Houseparty Customer Service, Editor Notes:

What’s better than an unlocked Houseparty room? Probably nothing. This version has new Quick Draw colors so you can really show off all the artistic skills you’ve honed at home. Happy Housepartying!

Houseparty Comments & Reviews

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- Hacker

Hacker app

- Stealing Data!!

Stop stealing my data! Scammers!!!!

- Poor privacy settings

Poor privacy settings

- Terrible connection!

I have terrible connection issues with full internet

- Sharing my info

This app it's selling our information, after I installed I received a lot request to change my email password.


This app hacks your instagram Snapchat and Spotify account DO NOT download!!!!


The calling quality is great they’re not braking up and you can play games with them

- Great Corona virus prevention

Fun! Keeps us safe while talking to our friends. Playing games is a plus.

- Delete acct

Hi can you please delete my account. Thanks

- Houseparty

House party is it’s a fun way to communicate with family or friends there are fun games for all ages

- Horrible don’t get it

my friend got hacked

- Scam


- So so

The ida is great but it’s a very inconsistent app. Screen sharing stops very soon after, cause it thinks I closed the app? And sometimes there’s a lot of difficulty getting calls started

- Its good but

I love this app but there is one problem every time I get on with my friends we hear a weird moaning noise i dont know if its the app or my friends but it happens a lot

- Account Hacking

I’ve been using house party for some time and it’s a great app and u can have a lot of fun in it but, they are hacking accounts, this has not happened to me but they hacked my friends Spotify and Facebook account. No app should be doing this and it’s not fun al all.

- Houseparty

Me encanta la aplicación llamo a toda hora pero siempre perdemos los juegos porque no están en español

- You are hacking people’s phone’s

You are hackers

- Scam

Cheats scam

- Amazing video calls

I can speak to my family without a problem

- Jj


- App is hacked!

Heard so many bad things from bad emails to bank account details being hacked...

- Thank you

For hacking accounts


DONT UPLOAD THE APP! Go for zoom or whatever that is easier and more safe!

- Very Good

My cousin Oatmeal told me about this app and I am impressed!

- Hacker

Hacking people’s account and taking their money. DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!!!


This is the best

- Hacked

delete this app, accounts are being hacked

- Taken by hackers

Some hackers care using the app to take over phones.

- Stealing information

This app is stealing information!!!!!!!! Be careful and unistall it. If you dont believe me please read the others experiences with the application I got a lot of emails saying that my email, twitter, snapchat, spotify has been opened from POLAND or other country Be careful

- Love it

It is fun and easy and keep up the good work ☺️☺️

- Be careful

Apparently this is a hacking system, on twitter ppl are claiming they got thei spotify accounts hacked

- Data Intrusion

Downloading this app makes them access all the data on the other apps including the payment or financial accounts apps.

- Front facing camera won’t work

Can I get some help getting my selfie camera to work during video chats??

- Application appearance

Plese attach a gem on app’s logo

- Great app but the echo is bad

This app is so fun to use for social distancing. We can play games like we’re actually together! But there is an echo that can sometimes get so bad you can hardly understand what someone is saying. If they got rid of that, I’d say it’d be to go to app for video chat. Until then, my friends and I use this app for games and another app to talk.

- Beware of this app!! I hear it will steal your personal information including banking data

See above

- This app is hacking all users!!!!

People are getting hacked through this apps getting Uber texts etc! Do not download!!!

- Mhm

It logged me out of my account and it’s not letting me make a new one

- Can’t delete account

It’s impossible to delete your account from the app, shady

- Hacking

They hack accounts


Do not download houseparty. More than 10 people have told me they were hacked right after downloading houseparty.

- Horrible

I am trying to delete my account and it has been imposible.

- They haked my accounts

Watch out! This is serious

- Hack hack hack

Everyone is getting hacked probably on purpose

- Do NOT download

They are hacking into bank accounts, social media accounts, and even PayPal accounts. If you want your bank accounts and information to be safe, do not download!

- Theirs Hacker your email account

I can’t borrow my acount and people say that they have their email account hackered

- Won’t let me delete my account

Won’t let me delete my account

- Great App to stay in touch with friends and family


- Perigoso

Muitos casos de hacker

- Lo mejor para conectarte entre amigos!

La comunicación excelente Pase un rato genial conectada con mis amigas

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- langues

french please!!


Would it be possible to stop sending 15 000 notifications every hour 🤷🏽‍♂️

- Okay

It’s okay but I get kicked off sometimes

- Bande de crosseur

Vous nous volé nos donné donc aller crever !

- Hacking

After seeing multiple warning of people getting hacked to their bank account and social media, i no longer feel safe using this shit app, it was great while it lasted, but not worth loosing my money and security of my bank or my social media

- Delete App

I’ve been getting a lot of reports saying that they are getting hacked through the app. I want to delete my account immediately but it won’t let me! Who can I contact?

- great app

best thing for qurintune

- Wack


- cool


- More games

It’s great but I wish there were more games

- Trash

That shit just make my phone worse

- Great app, but more games

I love Houseparty, but more games such as cup pong, 8 ball, whack a mole, mini golf or checkers would be nice 👍

- Hacks your accounts

Don’t use it!!!

- Hackers

They hacked all my accounts... tracked the source. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! They shared my password.

- Please Read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This app is so fun because I’m so bored during time off because of COVID-19! It’s just like the best app you could have and there hasn’t been any bugs 🐜 on it for me yet

- Won’t let me delete account

Keeps saying wrong password - changed my password and still saying it’s wrong

- Hacking

Hacking into people’s accounts? Stealing their money and getting their information from snapchat and other apps. Not cool house party. We were all having fun and you ruined it. Be careful everyone

- Battery

App is great and would be amazing if it had the option to have "Battery saver” because it dies very fast !

- Cool

It’s cool, choppy at times but that’s nun

- Disappointing

Absolute garbage. Keepers cutting out and my wifi and my friends wifi work well so it’s not that. Ends call when I go to check other apps and it’s annoying to join calls. The way the app is laid out is horrible and the games are boring and repetitive and lousy. Worst app I have ever used for video calling.

- Oh ya

So fun really good app to play with friends and family

- Cool

It’s so cool I can now chat with all of my friend and family

- Thank you!

Thank you for keeping me connected with my friends around the world!

- Great but needs more games

This app is great for game night with friends/family but the games get repetitive. Need to update with more games.

- I love this App!


- Bad video quality

FaceTime handled video quality better than this app. And I have a very good internet connection even during these Corona times.

- Love this app❤️

I absolutely love this app. But the app is super battery life draining and needs more games. Aside from that this app is amazing

- Soooo much fun 👍🏻

We are having so much fun with this!

- Good

It’s a good app and u can call all of ur friends

- Great

Lots of fun

- Fun, if only 4 or under

This is a great idea, especially with this pandemic happening. However, I hosted a girls’ night tonight and it was not good. Freezing screens, terrible feedback, sound cutting out, lost connections, etc. Once we got down to 4 girls it was fine, but I would not recommend for anymore than that which is unfortunate. Will be using Zoom for our next gathering over 4 people.

- Review

First time on House Party was fun

- 10/5

This is the best app. You can talk to your friends and play games while staying at home safe. Honestly, it is keeping me sane during this difficult time. 👏🏼 The only thing i dont like is that anyone (a friend of a friend) can join the chat if you dont lock it. So carefull with that.

- Too many bugs

It buggs too much

- 💫


- Gawls

Was Guh

- It’s okay

Please provide the option to stop notifications about friends joining. Also, the games repeat the same phrases a lot.

- More time between rounds

The speed of the questions is good, but perhaps provide more time before it turns to the next game and you’re stuck playing right away. Thanks

- Really cool app

I can actually appreciate something other than poutine in my life

- Frustrating interface. Not user friendly.

Very confusing to navigate.

- Anna Tellier’s review

I like this app

- Honestly a great app

No complaints about this app at all. One suggestion would be to add a feature that allows you to send an invite to an user that is already in a group chat with you and other friends, and if they accept, it would mute all other members of the chat temporarily so that you can hear each other speak better.

- I haven’t Downloaded it yet but it’s letting me do this

My parents I started using it and my cousin told me to get it

- Lagging

Too bad about the lag. We wanted to play music together but who ever starts the music is a beat ahead of the next person. 😕. picture quality is excellent...great for a conversation!

- Très bien et amusant

Les différents jeux que on peut faire sont amusants et c’est bien car nous pouvons être plusieurs en même temps

- Fraudulent Users

Do not use this app. It was recommended to me by friends, but when I downloaded the app and signed up for an account, my email address was already in use, which I found suspect, because I’m a new user WITHOUT an account. When I requested a password reset, I discovered a list of “friends” I didn’t know and a username on the profile that I did not create. Houseparty support has yet to get back to me. Keep your info secure, DO NOT USE THIS APP

- Editing/not inuitive

Adding this app was so hectic. Can’t figure out how to use it and don’t really enjoy that you can’t edit it easily

- Fffffhgfjv

I love it so much 😍😍😍😍

- Too many notifications

Won’t allow you to choose what notifications you get

- Meh

Games are boring

- Doesn’t recognise my number

Can you update your database?

- Security Concern

Having recently read this might not be the most secure app. I deleted my account and left the app installed and yet I’m still being hit with notification about people being ‘in the house’. Not sure this thing is water right.


Will use credentials to try and access your other accounts. Still receiving notifications even after the account has been deleted, proving they don’t actually delete your account.

- Hi

Not too bad


Don’t download it. People are hacking all accounts, bank included.

- The Lag is Real

Genuinely a great app however the lag is crazy. I would be playing a game of trivia and the lag would be going on and the app would tell me that my “connection is poor” and that my mic isn’t working. Most of the time I can’t see the people I’m FaceTiming because they are either lagging or I am. The number of times I’ve had to restart my phone and my wifi box because I thought I had a problem. Fix the software and control the lag please. Love the app and the games though! I don’t have connections issues and my wifi isn’t slow btw I’m not quite sure how I’m lagging so much and why I’m not able to see or hear the people I’m calling.

- Software could use an update

Genuinely a great app however the lag is crazy. I would be playing a game of trivia and the lag would be going on and the app would tell me that my “connection is poor” and that my mic isn’t working. Most of the time I can’t see the people I’m FaceTiming because they are either lagging or I am. The number of times I’ve had to restart my phone and my wifi box because I thought I had a problem. Fix the software and control the lag please. Love the app and the games though! I don’t have connections issues and my wifi isn’t slow btw I’m not quite sure how I’m lagging so much and why I’m not able to see or hear the people I’m calling. Regards, kind gamer

- Games

Can you guys somehow add uno as a game

- Worst app

I got sexually harassed in a house party call

- Needs filters!

I love this app! Just needs more of those filters! You know like the ones that go on your face aha yeah those cool thanks!

- Yeah

Doesn’t let me connect to Facebook but otherwise it’s pretty good

- needs to be fixed

with thousands of people now downloading houseparty, my phone, ipad and everyone else’s devices are now glitching. i can’t join petiole play games etc. please fix this asap

- Great app.

Great app. Recommend.

- Catch up

Great for Deaf Communities

- Don’t do it yet

Logging out and deleting. Can’t change permissions Getting notifications of strangers joining Don’t like the idea that anyone can hope into a party without others knowing Big concerns for child safety Bye

- ???

What kind of house party has no ipod control

- Confusing. Inconsistent. Not intuitive. Can’t undo permission to link contacts.

The way this app works is confusing. I want to stop permission to link my contacts but can’t change that under settings. Not easy or intuitive to understand who you’ve accepted as a friend and which invites you’ve sent are friends.

- Great!

Very handy, good signal

- Amazing

Awesome very nice and fun

- Download impossible

The code wouldn’t come through. Impossible to get. I feel like nigelnofriends who the bouncer stops on the steps but lets all your pretty friends in..

- House party

I only got house party today and I already am obsessed with it. I love how you can invite friends to come and chat and play games with you! U think it’s a great way to communicate with friends during this corona virus drama!👍

- Great app - one hitch.

Please for the love of god fix the alignment of the text in chat it’s doing my head in 😅

- Amazing app highly recommended

I really love how interactive this app is! This is so much fun and much more interesting than boring FaceTime, it’s so awesome how you can play trivia games, heads up and draw things! This gave so much joy to my family as we have family in different states, it was really fun to “hang out” with them and play games! Highly recommended this app to everyone! From Charlie 🥳🥳

- improvement

needs more games... and filters possibly

- Drever2001

Can’t play the games by yourself..... I have no friends that want to join me

- Bull family

This app could just save our lives!! Xx Thank you xx

- This is just messenger but a little worse at messaging

Good app, does what it says. But if you already have Facebook/Facebook Messenger you can start a video chat in any groups you have.

- Mic problems

People can’t hear me but I can hear them and other apps work Yes I ha permission

- More games pls

Love the app. Hangman would be a great addition

- rude

i don’t like it at all. it has taken my man

- A+

This app is definitely 5 out of 5 stars. One suggestion is to get face filters to add a bit more fun with friends!

- Reconnect with family

This app has been fantastic fun while in lockdown. So much fun and a great way to keep connected.

- Amazing

One of the best apps ever

- Good

It’s is amazing except it always makes my friend faces look glitchy

- Thank You Letter

Thanks for making the app, it’s so fun to see my cousins on this app and not only on holidays!

- Love it 😍

It is really good and helpful when you want to contact your friends and family You can play fun games while FaceTiming

- Great


- Fun way to connect, sometimes poor quality video

Had a lot of fun connecting with friends using this app — games are cool. Wish the quality was more reliable.

- Question wrong in Harry Potter Quiz

A solid app however I’m disappointed that I could not achieve 10/10 in the Harry Potter Quiz due to an answer to a question that is clearly incorrect. Please review the answer to question relating to the three items that make up the Deathly Hallows... one of which is not a Horcrux. Bye now.

- Great for isolation parties

Great app to connect with friends, could definitely do with some more games though.

- Gross lack of security & rife with pedo’s

I’ve deleted this app because of its lack of security and protection of people’s personal information. We have been advised through a VicPol (Australian state police) that Houseparty is one of the worst apps for pedophiles accessing your children’s photos, sharing them and hacking into their conversations. Makes me feel sick. DO NOT USE THIS APP FOR YOUR CHILDREN

- Amazing game

This app is a better version of FaceTime. Love it

- Joy

This app brings the whole family together and helps sooo much. 5 stars. It has some bugs. Live this app.


I love this app it works great for small groups but once it is above four it is a bit of a racket. I wish you could mute people to listen to somebody else but, other than that it is so helpful!

- Good app but needs work

Great concept and lots of fun but with 3+ people it can’t manage the connections very well regardless of how strong of a connection people have. Ended up switching back to Facebook messenger which manages it better.

- Booty boy gg

Good and fun thanks

- Would LOVE to be able to use Snap Filters

This is an awesome app but would be better if we could utalise SnapChats filters

- Is it safe?

Downloaded this app, the concept seems fine so I gave it 3 stars, however I started to get people I don’t know wanting to communicate with me. I only wanted it for my immediate family members but I’ll stick with FaceTime.

- Amazing

Awesome I’m it I’ve

- Lagging

Please make the quality and make it less laggy if you can please that would be really helpful because it is always lagging and cutting in and out!

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- They’re hacking emails through Houseparty!!

I started having trouble with my Spotify account being accessed from Russia as soon as I downloaded Houseparty. I didn’t think much of it until I found out this was happening to a lot of people not only with Spotify but with Uber and Apple. The only common denominator is this app. If you have an account, delete it! And then delete the app.

- Password Incorrect while deleting the app

I don’t know why it says that my password is incorrect when I try to delete the app. I tried resetting the password but that didn’t help. Something is fishy!!!!

- Hacking Hub

Got word that this app was hacking my friends account. Deleted my account immediately, but wanted to message here about it. This is a super fun app, but without protections for its users, I don’t want to touch this app with a 10 foot pole. This is an app worth at least a dollar to buy if there is military-grade encryption to protect my privacy. Until this app is safe to use, I’m sad to be missing out on an excellent product.

- Imposible to delete account

It doesn’t allows to delete the account.

- Pretty cool

When I got it, It was HOUSE- ful well expect two of my friends got unfriended me :( but my other friends got my back!!


Bad app.

- Delete account now

I want to delete my account!!!The app keeps saying my password is wrong when I try to delete my account!!!

- Don’t use it

They are stealing accounts like Spotify and Netflix!!!

- f off

stop mothefucking hacking accounts.

- Good for informal meetings

Good for informal meetings with friends, but notifications are absolutely AWFUL. So annoying. Nobody go yelling at me, because I did turn off notifications, but before I did I got like 30 in one night and I’m not okay with that. Also it is so loud when you try to have a video chat with several people.

- Apple beta test

Add Apple beta test

- Hacked!

This app is hacking people’s bank accounts and apps. Disgusting!!!!

- Zero Stars if possible

App steals passwords. Users beware.

- More games please

More games please

- Stupid

Will get hacked and can’t delete account

- App tweaking

Word to mom this app been tweaking yo fix them bugs

- Amazing

I can call my friends and play with them way easier thank u house party😋

- Can’t delete my account!!

Beware!!! They take all your information!!!!!!!!!

- Tasss


- Houseparty

Everytime I try to login no matter how many times I change my password or make a new account it keeps saying my username/ password is invalid.

- Not easy to use

Impossible to know how to turn off! It keeps showing I am on line ! Do I have to log out each time? Not user friendly!

- FuN

House party is a good way for me and my friends to call and see each other during this COVID-19

- Absolutely worth it

Happy cashing out

- Trivia

Please you guys need to add more trivia from other places

- Data thief

It thinks all my contacts are my “friends” and steals the data for all of them. And you cannot turn off notifications so expect to woken every ten seconds.

- This is not a safe site work children.

Yeah this is not a app for children at all. It needs to be tightly monitored. It’s a great I idea #instagram should take note . But you need to tighten up on security. If you need help. I would like to work. As a security guard for things like that. #Honestguyneedswork

- Great app but...

I recently started using this app And it’s really good but I would really like a button to low people down like in discord bc some people like doing stuff while on house party ya know

- Nun hbu bc hi j

Nun b

- Internet

Very Laggy

- bring back the minutes


- Add this App Now!!!

Wet fun App the games are so coo

- Heads Up Game Purchases

Im only giving this 1 star because I couldn’t play my heads up decks that I purchased through heads up on the app! There should be an option to transfer purchased decks over without having to repurchase them on Houseparty.

- it’s good!

it’s a very good thing to use but sometimes it doesn’t let me join and logs me out immediately and i have to power my phone off and on constantly but other wise it is a very great app!

- Awesome app

I Love this app

- Great App!

This is a really fun app to use, but I have some suggestions that could help make the app better. You should still download this app, though it’s really fun to use! • There isn’t enough privacy. Sometimes if you need to go in the app to do something with your profile, add a friend, etc., you’re automatically in an unlocked room which isn’t always beneficial because sometimes you don’t want to talk to anyone because of various reasons. I think you should automatically be in a locked room and if you want someone to join you, you can unlock it. • The same cards/questions/drawing prompts etc. always show up and it gets annoying because you memorize the answers. • It would also be fun to be able to draw or add emojis and things like that to your part of the screen. • Having filters could also be a fun addition. You would be able to have fun by playing around with different ones. Thanks and I hope to see my suggestions fixed soon! ❤️

- Fun

So fun to see others

- Nice app to use with your friends

I love the games and the fun you can have with your friends.

- Great game for quarantine when it works

It’s another video chat app, but with games built in. Choose from a Draw Something clone, Heads Up!, an Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity-esque game, and trivia. It seems that the developer has plans to expand the selection of games, but for now, it’s sparse, though the current selection suffices for COVID-19 quarantine virtual hangouts. Unfortunately, a group of only three people experiences glitchy gameplay not only due to latency, but something bigger. While playing Heads Up!, a player will be on the hot seat while the others are waiting for five or more seconds for a term to come up. Another scenario: for one, the term may appear, but for the other, nothing is happening at all. Hoping the developers are able to fix this while we’re all cooped up.

- Q

It’s been fun! Thanks for developing an app that helps connect us during Corona crisis.

- Too much fun!

Great app had a blast with my friends!!

- Explicit content for certain games

Please mark “explicit” for games that use explicit language. I love this app to use during quarantine, but don’t need my 13-year old playing games that reference “big d*** energy” when they are chatting with their grandma. Otherwise a great way to keep social during social distancing!

- A must have!!!!!

How did we live without this before?!

- house party

honestly i have had this for a day and i litterly love it! i love how you can play games with your friends but also talk all at the same time and especially during quarantine or when u are stuck at home this is perfect.

- Way too much fun

Really though, too much fun. And video quality is better than group FaceTiming! 5 stars all the way

- Big fan of the app but a slight issue arose

Big fan of the app as I am able to reconnect with friends and family I haven’t spoken to in a long time. All the games are also a big plus. Issue: There should be a choice to be able to either be accepted or denied in joining a chat, rather than automatically being put into one when someone randomly decides they want to join you. I have friends that had joined into a chat no one knew them in except for me and it just made things uncomfortable, especially when it happened mid game. People could also be in the middle of a personal conversation and a random friend or family member could just join in and make things weird. If possible, maybe a choice to be able to kick someone out of the group chat would be helpful. Or maybe being able to ghost yourself while on the app.

- Fun

This app is really fun. I’ve had many of my friends and coworkers download it. We’ve been able to have game nights while we’re staying safe at home. Please add more games!

- I love it

The quality is awesome

- Do not trust the ethics of this app maker

The app won’t let me finish setting up an account unless I grant access to my gps. Why is a video chatting app demanding to know my location?? This seems like something I should be able to opt out on.

- Thank you

This app is so great and fun, Thank you developers!💕

- Bro23k

Use to be good then it won’t let me log in now

- Sign up is extremely frustrating. Impossible, actually.

No matter how many username attempts I try, it keeps telling to make sure there are no spaces. I’m definitely NOT using spaces!!!! I’ve had to give up.

- Amusant!

Très amusant!

- Read dis

App is very fun to use, meet new people, has many features. Has loyal users. WiFi connection for the app is whack. Terrible lagging and audio video. Please fix!

- Loyal User


- It’s nice

We really be having fun on it it’s really funny but house have only one problem cause there’s a specific amount of people u can call so yeah

- Nulll


- Sa bogue

Soudainement j’ai perdu tout mes amis et je ne peux plus du tout faire des appels...vraiment déçu!

- Problème

This app is very cool but now i’m not able to joing any call and thats very sad!

- No more connection

After 2 days, I wasn’t able to call people and it said that I don’t have friends. I tried to delete the app and logg again but nothing worked. With an IPhone 8 and IPad mini 4 with a great wifi network

- Ok

It doesn’t work

- Problem

My house party wasn’t working so I deleted it and downloaded it, all the my friends were gone

- Bug

Ça fonctionne très plus

- fix it

it’s not working today u guys need to fix it please it’s not just me it’s my friends too and there’s corona house party was my only source of entertainment

- Help

Right now houseparty ain’t working can y’all fix it ASAP a girl bored

- Crashed

Hi! Just to say that houseparty has definitely crashed. Can you fix it please?😌 thannnks

- New issue

I was talking with friends joining groups and after I was not able to see anybody online so in disconnected of my account connected back and now I see no friends but when I search for a friends it’s says that we are friends but on my friends list it’s say that I don’t have a friend my friend tryed to call me I see the notification I accept it but it doesn’t work.....

- Good but delete my account

I love the concept of this appli. But today I lost my account and all of my friends on houseparty. No one was able to call me and I was not able to call them. I would be nice to get access to this application .

- Apps problems

Was just on the app and now none of my friends nor I can join!!!

- Fix the server

Was just on house party and it crashed and now me nor any of my friends can join in. Fix it please

- Bug

The application is not wirkint please fix it 🥺👉🏽👈🏽

- Awesome until it’s not

Just booted everyone out and no one can get on again. Prior to that it was great! But there isn’t a fix for the user. Frustrating.

- L’application a des défaut à régler

On ne peut appelé personne à cause d’un certain bug

- a lot of bugs

sometimes, the video lags or the audio. and right now there’s a big bug i lost all my friends and there’s no party

- Great app

It’s a cool app but why is there so much Arabic people joining


App is crashing. Please fix. Only thing saving me during this quarantine!!!!!!!!

- Glitchy

Glitchy. Won’t let me connect with a friend

- Bruh

I deleted house party because it was glitching. I then reinstalled it and logged back in and all my friends were gone!

- fun

so fun while being quarantine


The app is bugging hard right now cant join anybody .. FIX ASAP

- Glitchy

Very glitchy.

- Bugs

My app keeps glitching. I try answer or a call, or make a call and they answer, it says “oh, that didn’t work out”. CAN U PLEASE FIX ITTTT

- Does not work

Tried to make this app work for an hour with my friends, keeps crashing and you accept a call but it doesn’t work

- Bug général

Tous mes amis et moi n’arrivons plus à se connecter

- App glitches

Y’all really needa fix ur app it keeps glitching out and even if u have wifi it doesn’t work when u try and call someone I have also turned on my data to see if it was my wifi that wasn’t working but it was just the app itself please fix it

- Bug

The app doesn't work right now... (But besides that it's nice) Can yall fix the bug tho?

- Rip off for heads up users

I have bought all the Heads Up decks and I have to buy them all over again if I want to play on this app. Not happening. Should carry over or have more decks free.

- Van


- Eating battery

First of all, thank you for this app.. it’s wonderful! It just eat up a lot of battery.. can you guys do something about it?

- House party

So great!!!

- Love it

The only difference between this and FT is that it has games so I would say I’m giving it 4 stars because it needs more games..

- Idk

Add me as a friend

- Quarantine entertainer

Love the idea. The App needs more games or activities for a group of friends

- 5000?

I give HOUSEPARTY 5 star’s bc it lets me talk to me friends and play games with them on video chat but one problem my friend and I are facing is that are best friends list it empty and our 5000 minutes is gone plz fix this

- Crap

Terrible lag in audio and video

- Fun but add more games

Look we need some more games during this time. Throw some time wasters in. Chess, checkers, rock/paper/scissors, maybe some card games.

- Best app during COVID-2019 timesss

Love it! So much fun to connect with friends during social isolation times. Please add more games, but keep the option open to join people’s games- it’s fun meeting friends of friends. Such a cool concept for an app!! Keep up the good work! I’m a huge fan!

- Ratings

Cool app love it

- Blessing during Covid-19

I feel like anything I write will be an understatement to how much I appreciate this app, and the folks who created it. During this global crisis, and social distancing, it’s been helping me keep my mental health in a good place. This includes various friends of mine who are completely alone as they live by themselves. A sincere Thank You to the makers of Houseparty! My one ask is to keep it free, so that everyone can take advantage of it during this financially unstable time.

- Angry

How can everyone just enter the call without you accepting it’s annoying

- Love

I love the app. I have one suggestion. Add a “kid friendly” section so I can video chat with my young nephews and play games with them. Kids get bored on FaceTime. This is great for playing games and would help kids connect more with family members who live out of town.

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- Shocking.

Will not let friend delete- option isn’t there for her, yet it is for me. Another friend has deleted her account yet is still getting notifications... Moral of the story, it’s unsafe and sad that an app with a good look has such awful secrets.

- Not secure

Loved the app until money went missing from my bank the next day as did 5 others I know. Common denominator was house party.

- Do not let your children use this app

Without locking the room, users are inviting strangers into their bedroom. Location of users can be easily shared if not switched off. This is so dangerous on so many levels, it terrifies me.

- Hacked-do not use

Used once, since then, all my emails, social media, pics have been deleted-do not download!!!!

- 5/5

Fun app would recommend. Better than texting, and I like the idea of playing games

- Good review

I have only installed this app and i find it very fun and interactive, i like to spend time with friends on this app and socialize with them as we are currently unable to go outside and meet them One thing i wish they could add is if you are the host of a room then make a feature were only you can only unlock and lock the chat room Also add a feature where you can remove people from chat rooms or voice calls


It hacks your phone and bank account delete your account and delete the app as soon as possible

- do not download

house party was an amazing app to start with but then they started hacking into everyone’s emails spotify banking and snapchat so please if you see this do not download this app i promise this is not a fake or automated message just do not download this app

- Fun little app

Me and my family loved using this app until recently when I was told it has been hacked sadly we have now all deleted the app and won’t be back

- Gross

This app has caused many problems including my spotify being hacked by multiple people. I am aware there is no hard evidence this app is the cause but i’m not the only person this has happened to.

- Trash

I would rate 1 star this app is good at first until I have herd of the hackers on this app no one should risk downloading this app since I had it my WiFi is appalling I deleted it 10 mins ago and my phone keeps connecting and disconnecting from the WiFi so download this at risk and the app should be taken down.

- Hacks personal information

Hacks personal information DO NOT USE!!!!

- Shit

Don’t download this app it’s a NIGHTMARE to deactivate your account 😡😡😡😡

- Can’t reset password

I can’t remember my password. I’d like to reset it. How?

- Account Problems

Having a lot of problems trying to delete my account on this app.

- Hacker

Hacks into your phone and takes money from your accounts

- Hackers

Please do bug fixes as there have been other users on multiple accounts using the email used for Houseparty

- Scam

This app is a scam which hacks into your other apps and personal details. Money has been taken out of my account and Facebook app has been hacked into. If I could give it 0 stars I would, be very careful!

- Hacking people

Hacking peoples accounts , please don’t install !!!!!!! Google it , thank me later 👍🏻


Good app great to have fun with friends and family members to chat and play some games I love it couldn’t of asked for a better app to stay in contact with them at this time of yr when we can’t go see them

- worst thing

gets hacked all the time!!!


HACKED INTO MY PHONE TOOK £125 out of my bank via pay pal !!! Do not get





- Hacker


- Not safe, hacked 3 different accounts

2 days after I downloaded the app my Spotify, snapchat and Netflix accounts were all hacked as well as my email. Has happened to a lot of other people too, don’t download it!

- Horrible

Glad i deleted this before, had suspicious problems with it then, now look, yet I can't delete the account, only the app. 😳

- Hacked - do not get this app!

friends have told me that their account got hacked and it is somehow able to take money off their PayPal and Spotify. Makers of Houseparty- pls fix whatever the hell this is. I have deleted my account and so have 10 of my friends due to this.

- Have to delete

Too many scare stories about how unsafe for young people this is, and today it’s said people being hacked through it. On top of which I find it quite unfriendly to set up, use and delete!

- Stole money

I want my money back!

- GIANNI Maximilian

I have recently just joined the house party app, however, I’ve just gained information saying fraudsters are able to extract personal information from the app in correlation with the user. I’ve now deleted the app which I’m really unhappy in doing. Please reply. Thank you.

- House party

Really helps me see my friends especially cus we’re in quarantine

- House party

Steals information and hacks into Snapchat, Spotify and also empty’s you’re bank!! Do not download!!


This app had such potential to bring people together and have a laugh at such a shit moment in history but no, somehow these people have used the app to get into peoples accounts across various platforms like Instagram and their bank. These 2 happened to me and I’ve seen countless other examples across the internet and to friends I know personally. DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT.

- Unsubscribe

Untrustworthy site is what I hear

- :(

Really upset that I’ve had to delete this app because it was useful and fun when calling friends but my mum has seen that a lot of people are being charged hundreds of pounds randomly and it’s gone from houseparty. Very disappointed.

- Instructions

Needs instructions for new users

- Hackers

Can’t believe this app is still being allowed since so many people have had their accounts hacked taking money from all manners of places!!

- Comes with SPAM loads of SPAM

Since adding this app and signing up for an account I’ve been inundated with SPAM to my e-mail account. I then read today that people’s accounts are being hacked due to this app. Stay well clear of this app and warm your children against downloading it.

- Not secure

Had this app for 10 hrs and someone has just attempted to register a new MacBook on my iCloud. Great concept but dead security...


It hacks your bank accounts and other apps. Do not download.

- This is a scam

This app is a scam ive heard it takes people’s money WARNING SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!😲😲😲😲😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

- Scam

They hack your details. Read a few articles before you submit your information!!!

- Can’t delete app

Can’t delete the app

- Delete your account immediatley!!!!

I have heard loads of rumours that they have been stealing money from users so delete your account and the app now and do not download it!!!!! These rumours have started about 5 minutes ago and there has been people saying they have been charged £300 on 3 accounts! And others r saying theyve also recieved strange bills coming from the app so stay safe dont download and if you have delete your account and the app immedialtey!

- Your details are exposed

Took this off. Deleted account then deleted app. Several close friends had money taken from their banks that is directly related from this app. Hackers paradise and imo should be removed

- Hacking

People keep getting hacked from this app

- Hacked

I have been informed that lots of people have been hacked which is a shame but now I can’t log out and cancel As it won’t allow me to do this

- Will not let me delete account

I have tried deleting account, the password is correct I even changed it and put new password in but still is not letting me delete the account, surely shouldn’t be that hard

- Suspicious 🧐

Like the app - but within 2 days of downloading I was receiving multiple random texts saying I hadn’t paid bills, with suspicious links, which I knew had been paid. Not bout that phishin’ life gals

- Bad quality

I love it so much but mine is always lagging

- Quality is poor

If you get more than 2 people in the chat it shows as poor internet connection 🙄 Acerage if you ask me. Better options out there

- Constant annoying notifications

Install if you love spam

- love it but..

i love this app but, i wish they added more games! me and my sisters use this app alot but i wish there were more games to play.

- Good app with potential. Needs minor fixes

Good app, has a lot of potential with the variety of games and ease of access. The main issue identified within the app are the underlying connectivity issues when you connect with 4+ people. It seems as though it can’t handle it and every single person I’ve spoken to has had an issue with this.

- What a time to be alive

In these unprecedented times that we haven’t seen before, this app pushes the games forward. This COVID-19 global pandemic affects the entire world. Houseparty brings that world together, in isolation.

- Sooooo cool

I love this app because you get to face time your friends any time u want 😜it is really good at this time of year because of the corona virus is WA because there is lock down now I cannot go to school to see them so I just face time 😝😝😝😝 I love this app

- Missing grandkids

So glad we can have fun with kids even while distancing with corona virus.

- Not as easy as they say

Haven’t found this easy to plan for a small group private party. Still looking for planning tool

- Had so muchh trouble

It was going fine for the past few days but now I try and call my friends and it’s not working it’s not my wifi or my phone cause they work perfectly. I tried re installing it but still it doesn’t work

- ...

I keep trying to call my friend and every time it says oh no something went wrong. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but I really need help.

- Issue

So I went on houseparty to call my friends and all my friends were gone and my houseparty wouldn’t load. I tried relogging in but it still didn’t work. Has this happened to anyone else? Please help

- Problems

I don’t know if it’s my service but I can’t accept people’s calls or send texts until about 20 mins ago

- Houseparty is the best

It’s awesome

- Houseparty

What a cool app.

- No bad words


- Great to play with grandson

This is great 😊 my grandson and I love it ❤️

- Amazing

This app is amazing you can talk to your friends play games like trivia and the best thing is.. That you can talk to more than 1 person at a time. These are just a handful of great things this app has. You can message people send videos to them, and once you add them as your friends you will get a notification when the have joined the house. This is a great app to download with every thing going on right now. To sum it all up this is a app I recommend it!!!

- 💩💩💩It’s fun!💩💩💩

Ya I think that this game is really cool 😎 but there is SO MUCH MORE TO ADD!!! So in about a month I want to see a lot more! But it’s still fun👍😺😸 so ya¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡ :) ;) :/

- Looks good but can not get on mini iPad


- Best app in Wi-Fi no interference

Love it really good app Quality of that camera is really good👌😘

- Connection

Poor connection for more then 3 people

- Annoying cant stop notifications

So busy

- This app is perfect for quarantine!

I’m in high school and my state is on a lockdown, so this app is perfect to chat with my friends on. I highly recommend it. 10/10

- rly good

the connection's great and everything but it sometimes glitches but thats fine because it just might be my internet aha

- Thanks

Hello, I think this app is amazing. Me and my bestie have been trying to FaceTime on the normal apple face time. But for some reason it never was working, same with my other friends. This has given me another chance to express with my friends on FaceTime

- Corona

One of those companies doing well! Well played

- Best app EVER


- Best app ever

5 star ratng

- House party

It is cool

- Great concept!

Great app, really bringing my friends together. However some sort of notification or warning or barrier before you join a conference or are invited to one would be great.

- THE Connection App

At a time of social distancing and self isolation, this is THE app to engage, checkin and connect with friends and family. It’s a game changer in communication.

- Lily

It’s an amazing app I recommend you downloading it :)

- Three stars

FaceTime is very laggy with groups but other than that I recommend

- Have a forgot my password option

Have a forgot my password option

- Love !

Such an awesome idea/way to connect people during isolation. Highly recommend!

- Fix notifications!

I really like this app but the notifications are wayyy too frequent! They need to add settings so you can control what you receive. I keep having to switch them off during the day so I can get work done.

- Great app, but

Please simplify the layout, options, buttons, features etc. It’s currently not intuitive to use. This might be because there’s so many features. But it’s been a few days and I still get lost on the app.

- Change original set up

I want to turn off locations but the app doesn’t allow it. Is there anyway to ‘un-tick’ the locations option on the app?

- Great app at the perfect time but...

You guys have honestly killed with the timing, it’s so much fun and a great way to keep in touch with people. But the connection is pretty bad especially with more people and I think that’s due to the undeveloped tech and servers. Has amazing potential!!

- Good fun

A lot of fun. Would be amazing with more games like Jackbox party games

- Really Good

Like FaceTime, but it really works. With FaceTime, if you have more than one other person, you don’t get to see their face. More like VoiceTime. But this app really does work! And it gives you notifications so that you know when your friends are “in the house”. Quarantine has never been easier to deal with. This app makes me feel more connected to the people outside my house. And that honestly feels like a BLESSING.

- I love this app

I just got it and you guys have done a great job and deserve a round of applaud 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

- 🤘

It’s really good but you should be able to kick people out of party’s

- next update

you should be able to kick people out of your party if you have an issue with them

- Fantastic

Clear picture and at time of connection there were no delays or interruptions. Thank you

- Number registration

For some reason, it keeps saying invalid number. Please help

- Great App when in lockdown.

Given the current situation with the health and safety concerns in many counties and cities this app is perfect. Helps maintain social distancing all the while keeping everyone very social. One thing to note however is perhaps the unprecedented amount of users of this app which has slowed down its servers and invoked connection issues repeatedly nowadays. Nothing a server upgrade can’t fix though..

- Awesome but

Absolutely awesome way to get us through these COV times, my only suggestion is perhaps offer a family mode. So all members of the family can play including the kids, other than that it’s a fiver from me

- Nope

This app has caused many confusions and you can swipe to enter chats. Nope

@Santafelicidaad: Qué es houseparty? :(

@ddtolmos: el hacker de houseparty metiendose en mi cuenta bancaria y viendo que solo hay 50 céntimos

@Pallimolina: Amigos, desactiven su cuenta de Houseparty y luego eliminen la aplicación. HACKEAN SUS CUENTAS. A mi me hackearon mi cuent…

@PammelyCorreaF Pues bebé lo digo por lo de HouseParty, y tengo varios amigos que si tuvieron inicios de sesión sos…

@Juanmasaurus: chicos lo de houseparty es verdad o sea me han hackeado y me han robado las pocas ganas de vivir que me quedaban

@jenn4u2luv Houseparty na lang para may games! Hahaha. Belated happy birthday!

@manurodrin: el hacker del houseparty entrando a mi cuenta bancaria???

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Houseparty 1.34.5 Screenshots & Images

Houseparty iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty ipad images
Houseparty ipad images
Houseparty ipad images
Houseparty ipad images
Houseparty ipad images
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Houseparty (Version 1.34.5) Install & Download

The applications Houseparty was published in the category Social Networking on 2016-01-13 and was developed by Life On Air, Inc [Developer ID: 1065781768]. This application file size is 166.68 MB. Houseparty - Social Networking posted on 2020-03-30 current version is 1.34.5 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Houseparty Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

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