Houseparty [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Houseparty is the face-to-face social network where you can connect with the people you care about most. The app makes connecting face to face effortless, alerting you when your friends are “in the house” and ready to chat so you can jump right into the conversation. The same goes for you opening the app! Your friends will know you’re in the app and ready to chat, so they can join you (…because rejected calls are so last year). Houseparty is truly the next best thing to hanging out in person. See your friends more often on Houseparty.

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Twitter/Instagram: @houseparty

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Houseparty Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We've made some improvements to make your app experience even better. Spend some time with friends this week. Tell them they're amazing! We recently added a new game. Word Racers allows you to compete to find words within a list of letters - but time is running out! There are also new decks in Quick Draw! so that all you budding Picassos out there have some fresh inspiration. Time to say hi to your muse!

Houseparty Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome🏡🎉Hellllllllllrrrrro awesome 😎


- Fun, but could use some help

Overall, this is a great app. It’s fun and simple to use. It’s got games, which is different than any other FaceTime app. I wish they would have more games because it can get boring after a while. The one thing I hate is this stupid thing called WeTime. Basically, they prevent you from talking to people for long periods of time. If I get to much WeTime then I can’t talk to people for a while. It’s so annoying😡. I use this app 24/7 and love it, but there are a few things to change.

- houseparty

houseparty is awesome bc you can just join ur friends any time u want and wave to them!

- add uno

i would really appreciate it if you added uno. many people have recommended this

- kick someone from the party

i think you should be able to kick a person from the party that you don’t want there.

- Yeet

Cool app

- Hi

Best app

- 😠

My friend and I had a streak of more than 5000 minutes on Houseparty we went to call today and it was gone but we have been calling everyday so there is no way that we could’ve lost it! Is there anyway to get it back besides the obvious of just trying again? Our streak really meant a lot to us! It was the foundation of our relationship! Please help!! 😠😠😠 On the contrary we have a lot of fun on Houseparty playing games and talking, I just feel like this experience on Houseparty has ruined my view on the app forever...



- Bueno

Very good

- Amazing

It is so fun you can call frends and you can eat ppoopo#2hbiuxdseecfhjco idudeewx

- Amazing

This app is amazing I love it

- Good but

Very good but wish there were call something’s instead of face time all the time

- It’s Goated

It’s straight garbage

- I love house party

I like house party because you can talk to your friends and family and you don’t need a phone number

- Amazing app but make a few more changes

I love the app but it should make a few changes

- I love this app

I really enjoy the app just wish you could mute other people and make it a bit harder to leave the house cause sometimes it would leave

- i wish we were able to mute others


- awesome!


- Facts

Harry Styles Does NOT, I repeat NOT have 6 nipples, as a matter of a fact, he has 4, we will be contacting the administrators for these false facts.

- Best app

Love it

- Keep crashing

House party was the only app i could communicate with my cousins but now it keeps crashing when I enter the app!

- Family zoom

It was lovely. It is best in person but zoom is next best.

- House party is amazing

It’s great I mean it great!

- Love this app

Love this app. SO easy to connect with your friends and family. Very High quality. Perfect for kids and adults.

- Houseparty

I love Houseparty

- House party

Was a amazing with the video quality and the audio quality.

- Hmmmm

It's ok - haven't been able to video chat

- Awesome


- Filters

I think that this app would be 10x better if you guys added filters. I think that would be fun.

- More games

More types of games please. We love that we can talk and play, but after awhile things get redundant and we have the same things keep repeating. More game variety would be great too.

- To the people who made houseparty

Keep on with ur future and make another good app



- Houseparty

Best app in the world I love it so much

- luv u but your horrible

your rlly laggy, fix it😽

- Best FaceTime type app

House Party is super easy to use! It is FaceTime except it has more features including games like heads up, apples to apples, and trivia! Definitely recommend!

- Fabulous way to connect with your fav friends

I just had a lively chat with my dear friend in the UK! What a treat. This format is the bomb! Staying in personal touch with my children and extended family makes self quarantine time tolerable. So, thank you for making it all possible.

- Great but

This app is so much fun to play with my family but when I cannot play chips and guac it’s not that fun so maybe if you wanna play that game and you don’t have three people there should be a bot also they need to add more games

- Cousin

I just call my cousins it’s really fun though

- The worst day ever

House party is a really good app only problem is today something creepy happened on the app A friend called me 15 minutes ago and I noticed I had a friend I didn’t even except so he kept on calling me I try to block him every second he’s still kept on calling me I don’t understand how he even became my friend it just doesn’t make sense so if you get house party be careful people will try to call you random people!! JUST be very careful!!!!

- Houseparty is the best

You can play games and FaceTime at the same time it’s so fun

- Amazing

This app is SUPER easy to use. I use it everyday to talk to my friends and I love it!

- quite laggy sometimes

I will be talking to my friends and then it will either randomly hang up or it will say that I am unable to call them and to check my internet connection when I have full bars! It’s quite annoying. Other than these issues, it’s very helpful and I love the app!!


So great! I find it sooo useful when I want to talk to all my friends and I don’t have their phone numbers! I would suggest more games, the ones we have are super fun! Don’t get me wrong but it would be better if we had more!

- Hi

It would be fun if I had friends

- i don’t love it but it’s a fun app

i my lie

- Sound

My sound will stop for no reason!

- Great app

Love the app me and my friend were able to contact each other without a problem and this is good because my friend is on android and I’m on iPhone so that way things are easier

- Hi

Such a great app !!!!!!!!🐼🦄🐻

- Ttv savage

There is so much lag

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- The best

It’s the best app out there

- Cannot delete App

Had lots of fun with school friends

- Download now

This app is great but the problem is you can’t send photos


This app hacks ur acc. If u want a app like this just get bunch

- Keep the work

Best app EVER

- Really fun🙂🙂🙃

It makes me happy to see my friend it also has very exelent quity

- More life

Lifeeeee 👍🏿

- Sweet app!

This app is a bit laggy at times but overall a great app, would recommend!

- 🏠🎉

House party is a great app to connect with your friends and make ones. I highly recommend it. But there’s a bonus to. You can play games with your friends while you’re online. And everything’s free!

- Distracting

The people on there are scary

- Face Filter

The app is amazing but I wish that it had face filters so u can filter ur face when ur in a party

- Great

The app doesn’t glitch at all and doesn’t make my battery drain so quickly! Best texting/calling app! (Also comes with free fun games to play)!

- Pretty good

You should be able to mute specific people

- You should add movies!

I think it would be really fun if we could watch movies with friends and get each other’s reactions! It would make it way less boring! But overall Houseparty is good although you should add more games and definitely movies!

- not good


- Awesome

Best calling site there is

- Superb


- Man wth

Let us change the volume without absolutely blasting these ppls voices in my ears

- Houseparty

I love this app it honestly is the best I love to sneak into the house and when my friends rooms aren’t locked I join them when they don’t know and I mute myself and turn off my camera! It’s soo fun!

- The most chatting

You can chat when ever you want.

- very good

sometimes it glitches but other than that great app to talk to friends highly recommend

- Yummy

It works young tastic ItIt works

- Nice app it's amazing

please give me coke

- Do not download❌⚠️‼️

It’s terrible! The camera is always on even if your not on a call! It looks at you then gives you a creepy comment! DO NOT GET THIS APP IT IS CREEPY AND STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are some things that kept flashing on the screen “hey , you matter” “do you work at Starbucks? Because people like you a latte.” “ you’re so cute kittens look at pics of you on the internet” “the world became a better place the day you were born” “I think you can live without electricity because you light up every room” “the sun shines brighter when you’re outside” “ on a scale on A to Z you’re a total G” and “psst, tap on me” as you can see it is very creepy so my friends DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!!!!!!

- Trash

It’s trash

- Changed my username to give it to sombody else

I had a nice user and they changed it to poopyfsrt

- It’s super lit

Haters gonna hate

- Difficult to control notifications

I like having the option to chat with friends and family on here, but the notification control is either non existent, or too difficult for me to find. I had to use the Apple controls to revoke all notification permissions.

- Houseparty is great!

House party is now very easy to use and it’s one of my favourite apps

- This is a ridiculous app. I want to cancel my Subscription and remove it from my phone

Yuk. Disruptive.

- Thank you

It made me take a big W

- Is Houseparty party bad or good

House party allows me to talk to my friend even known its quarantine I don’t have to pay money for anything I think ITS THE BEST but people are saying House party is A dangerous app people are also saying they are getting hacked because of House party. Is house party dangerous are people getting hacked cause of house party DUNT DUNT DUUUU. I’m thinking of reconsidering House party. is house party evil is the owner House party a hacker oh my God everyone could be right. Again is house house party DANGEROUS IM RECONSIDERING

- Lo mejor


- Sss

This is cool!

- Easy to bully someone

The most horrific thing about this app is you can lock someone out of the FaceTime. It’s disgusting who ever made this app should really think about changing that feature and it’s glitchy as hell and the games get really boring and you can see who are in calls so it’s pretty obvious when someone is purposely trying to leave you out. Don’t let your kids get this app

- Need more games!!

I really enjoy this app!! I enjoy that I can chat and video chat with my friends while playing games. However; I very much wish that there was more game selection. For example: battle ship, checkers, chest, hangman, the dot game where you connect the dots with a line until someone closes a square...., connect the dots, anyways just thought I’d share my thinking. As much as I am enjoying this app for now, I see myself getting bored with this app sooner than later. Thanks!!

- The the bottom says


- Terrible!

If I went off the app for a bit and come back on it says I need to enable my mic and camera to use the app when I abled it when I first got the app! And when I go to settings there is no button to enable it! I do not recommend this app!

- Amazing

I love this app so much and use it all the time but I just wish there were more games. Otherwise it is definitely worth getting!

- Worst app ever👎🏼

It is saying my email is wrong plus it won’t let me make an account TERRIBLE!

- How do ya access WeTime????

It’s still in the house rules if you click on settings, but I can’t find any sort of button🤷🏾‍♀️wish we could play the mini games if we were alone not just the trivia

- The Games

It’s fun at first. Needs new material.

- Update suggestion!!

Hello!! I have an update suggestion!! When people want to join and FaceTime me, it automatically makes people to join my group and i hate when that happens. I hope you can do a option of accept or decline. Thank you for making this app and i love it

- Great app but

This is a great App for communication and texting I we to be able to send photos please add this

- Why???

It won't let me update it to play the new game😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

- Good


- House party

I love it I like that it’s free and me and my friends can FaceTime! It’s a great app and fun to be on

- Texting

You should add photos

- It the best app I ever use


- Awesome

This app is amazing!



- Awesome

It is good but it could improve Gracie26

- Okay

I did like this app until a little while it played for example it started glitching out all of a sudden and it muted me when I don’t even do it so I never will use this app again

- It’s so good

Amazing audio quality, and overall a really good app

- Good

Houseparty is good but once you have more than 5 people you get kicked out and it’s really laggy. And even when your on with like 2 others people can’t hear you and it’s just easier to use FaceTime but overall Houseparty is a great app and I highly suggest it

- Awesome


- I jdhdhhfhhfhf

Yeah I’m sorry but you know I wanna is the morning I love me I love it haha is my bff is a time of time to go get my bff was your birthday to get you all the way you to me and then you will is the time I get you I love it haha was a great night love it love the way it is and the kids are so much love you and I miss you so much and I’m so much fun love it love the way s

- could use a update

they should make all iphones and ipads be able to play other games and share screen and make more games please and fix the LAG the lag is unreal you could make more option and sometimes people can join locked rooms please fix that it’s really annoying!

- im addicted..but..

ever since i got houseparty, i have made much more friends and became much more popular at school, but there’s one problem. the lag.

- House party is amazing 🥳

I love Houseparty I love video calling my family

- Best app ever!!!!

Amazing app great for keeping in touch with friends and family I highly recommend this app for anyone who is interested in purchasing the best app ever created I love how you can change your name and picture.

- Amazing

Just so amazing how you can play games and have fun best video meeting ever better than Zoom👍👍👍😁😁😁

- M E M E

Omiwa mo sindio YONI BRR laLA

- Houseparty

Houseparty is okay I guess same as FaceTime but you get games and friends my microphone never works so yeah


I'm Black an Offended! I asked the Magic 8ball if Black Lives Matter and it said that from its sources that's a no!!

- Bugs

It’s a descent app but I can’t hear anyone

- Love it

Now when I’m sick I can talk to my friends still!😋😛

- Hi

It's ok I guess

- too minute sorry

cheese is needed to make big roux baby big roux roux big big roux big roux roux roux big big baby and the other side is the best chicken

- Dsjisnisinsinsinjnsnsjjnsins


- Houseparty rating

This app is amazing

- House Party

I recommend getting house party. It is a really good app. And it’s free! You can pass notes but you can’t send videos or photos from your phone or ipad-only face mails which is like a video but you have to record it at the moment. I would give it a five star rating if you could send photos or videos from my Ipad or my phone. Thanks!

- 9 out of 10

House party is good but it is annoying how people can just join you


This app is so good. I’ve been looking for a perfect app for years now and this is the one! I love it so much. Recommend this AMAZING APP for everyone! Thank You

- Great app!

Its an overall amazing app for communitacting with friends and/or family. I like the idea on how you can lock the room if you are uncomfortable with others joining or having a private conversation. The only thing i have found disappointing so far is the fact that i opened houseparty and all messages except group chats were deleted! I still had the contacts but no conversations. Now i have no proof that my crush said i was pretty 😭😭😭

- It is amazing

Houseparty is a great app before I could not see anyone when I was calling a group chat but now this app has solved all my problems 😀

- Hi

I love it so so much cause Covid 19 10 out of 10

- Fucking love itttttt


- Good social app goated


- It’s an app

It’s an app where I can call family and friends without using a phone number and only an email.✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

- This app is amazing!!!

I started using this app yesterday and ever since that day I have loved this app. I recommend getting it by far

- Bad, “invalid password”

This app was fine till about five months ago, it just started saying invalid password EVEN though I was using the correct password, then I made another account and it did the same thing, I have done that 5 more times WITH nEW EMAILS I’ve even reset passwords and it won’t even let me in still.

- Amazing!

I got to chat with my friends and had SO much fun:)

- Houseparty

It is good especially when COVID 19 in around.👍

- very good

you can call your friends and play games


who in the helll put the muffins in the freezer

- Ok but

This is such a good app but to make it even more better is if you could send your friends photos and stickers.

- Notifications

My notifications are not working even know I have my notifications on it doesn’t tell me if anyone is in the house or if the say hi and call me? Can someone help me get my notifications?!

- My time was Great with house party

People keep sending me invitations and I always except but there always is being weird

- House 🏠 Party 🥳

House party is the best but you gotta be careful because my friend on house party got her bank account robbed so you guys don’t follow anyone that you don’t know. Or maybe something bad will happen to you and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you guys because I love you guys. Bye!❤️🍫🦄

- 😀

It’s amazing!

- Ozzykarck

I love this app because you can call people and play games! But can you please make it so we can send photos please I would LOVE that.

- Yes get it

This game is the Best you get to talk to way more people!♡︎♡︎✌︎︎♧︎𓅿𐂂


You should totally get Houseparty because it’s a fun way to interact and talk to your friends. It’s really easy to sign up and accept friend request, if I could rate this 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 I would believe me, keep the updates going and thanks for this amazing app👍👍👍👍

- Awesome

It’s a really good app and have been using it to connect with most of my friends recently. It’s a very uplifting app as you can play games and it tells you one very positive things about you. Some of the facts are so funny. Glad I signed all my friends up to the app!! <3

- Fix ASAP!

My app is not working, I think it has a bug. Please fix!

- Amazing but annoying

The app itself is flawless, but every two minutes and I mean TWO MINUTES I get “this person is in the house” it is so annoying but other than that the app is great

- This app is good but

I used to have this app because it was super easy to talk to friends and a really good app to use. But I got hacked on this app which is really sad, I would have loved to keep using it but it’s hacked. Don’t get yourself into a mess, please do not get hacked.

- The apps amazing

This app absolutely the most Best app ever you can chat to friend

- Really good

It’s really good if you don’t have allowed phone and want to FaceTime friends and family

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- Make more

Hi I am on my way to pick up my kids and. Talking to my friend on Houseparty it is a very cool app I would love for you guys to make more like this Love justice

- I have a BIG problem

When I did magic 8 ball on the game section alone I asked “Can you hear me stranger?” And it answered Yes I got scared and I had a bad dream. But I love this app so much cause you can lock it so No ONE can join

- Terrible.

Every time I tried to join someone or they tried to join me we could not hear each other. Also every time I was trying to tap a game it closed me out of the room. I would leave -5 reviews if I coukd

- No nearby friend option

If someone can help me my nearby people thing doesn’t work and I was looking forward for that the issue is when I go to add friends there’s no nearby option I tried redownloading it but that didn’t work someone please help

- Loving house part

Love this

- (Պնբջշոհտ-«ֆ


- Amazed

It’s an amazing app

- Great


- Suggestion

Please make new games. There’s not enough games.

- Fire

Fire app

- Just okay

I’m enjoying the app very much! I’ve been talking to my Aunt who lives half way across the country. Seeing her face whenever I want makes me so happy! Video quality is great but audio needs serious help. Both of our phones, at top volume and both in quiet rooms, and we still cannot hear one another well. It’s very annoying and keeps our talks brief. It’s not static it’s just very quiet and we can’t hear one another well. If I could hear her as well as see her beautiful face it would be perfect!

- Amazing

My fav app!!

- Houseparty?

It’s a really great app it’s just it should give more explanation on how to use it.

- House party

I think if u guys put filters on it and like updated it just a little it would be great . Thank you

- Love it

It’s a nice app during corona and I world suggest to all my family and friend 5/5

- I have two things I do not like.

My first problem is it lags so much even though I have good WiFi, one time I was on a call with my freinds and I had to keep getting on and off, and trying to see if going into a different room of my would solve the problem but it didn’t, so I new it had to bee the app. The second thing I don’t like is if I am on the app and I don’t want to be on a call, I might be on to see who is on, or to see the new features on the app, of I am on people can join if I don’t want them to, I know that this is why they allow you to lock your room but a lot of times I easily forget about that feature that should add something like you have to send them a call and say hey let me join you, or they sen you a invite type of thing. That is why I gave this app a 3 Star.

- I love this

Me and my friends chat all day

- More friends

More friends pls ?😝

- Better than Zoom

Houseparty is working for my mahjong group. Zoom kept on timing us out. Houseparty allows us to play our game without disruption.


My friends and I love this this app!! We are on all day talking to eachother and making new memories together, but I recommend there be a party leader that is able to kick out people. PLEASEEE THIS IS VERY MUCH NEEDED!!!


for real i love houseparty me and my friends have made so many memories on this app and i love how you can change your profile and play games with eachother. but i do have a recommendation to better the app. im thinking there should be a room leader for each room and the leader gets the power to kick ppl out of the call if they want to, mute whoever, and the power to give room leader to someone else (instead of having to leave) and also the ability to have multiple room leaders. also, the share screen function doesn’t work, every time it’s used, the person who tries to use it gets kicked out instantly also just to spread some positivity, i love the new updates that makes houseparty crash less because i used to get kicked out instantly if i went off the app, so i love that they fixed that but sometimes houseparty can still be laggy a bit. i also love that u added back time streaks!!! it was gone for a few days but im so happy they’re back i really hope u take it into consideration because i dont want to find a new app that does this this app is AMAZING i 100% recommend getting it cuz WOW i love it (plus they made it work on computer now so thats cool) thats all, hope u take this into consideration cuz i lit rally love u guys🥺

- houseparty is the bestt!!

i think houseparty is a great app to call all your friends!! i love how u can change ur username and change ur profile and play different games!! i think you guys should make someone a party leader, like if someone joins someone else they should have the power to kick out anyone in that party or be able to mute them if they are being too loud. houseparty is a daily app that i use to call my friends all day and all night. i would hate to stop using this app just because houseparty is a good app!! if you guys get the chance to actually add this new feature, that would be great!! - thank you for your time

- Super cool chill bruh jakkakakskdkdjdjfjfjfjcjjfjf


- One problem

I like the app but it’s kind of annoying that you can’t see the friend requests you’ve sent

- You support families and mothers with cystic fibrosis

Members from my support group, Moms with CF, have used your app to generate good camaraderie within the group. It is FUN to get on your app!!!!

- A fun and good application

Thanks to house party our extended family has spent more time together during the virus challenge and opportunity than we’ve had in the past several years. It’s been a wonderful to meet each Sunday afternoon at three and talk no matter where people might be. I certainly recommend it

- houseparty

this app was great for FaceTiming and chatting with my friends. it has many fun games for us to play and it works better than regular ft. it is also very safe because no one can be your friend unless you friend invite them to. I highly recommend getting it.😀👍🏼

- It’s cool

I like it. you get to talk to your friends and some of my friend can’t originally FaceTime so this is good 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- It’s good because it bad

It’s so bad. Farts to much

- I give a 5/10

how come I can’t get in because it say I need to access camera BUT I CANT even plz be smart enough to fix it

- My freind got scared

Me and my freind was playing With the magic 8 ball and we said is there led lights in his room they said yes we described his whole house and the magic 8 ball got every think right

- Great app for socializing

helped me during quarantine even though i had it b4

- it’s ok and good

this app is great because u can face time while playing games and u can have more that 2 people. the problem is that anyone can just join your meeting and there is no privacy in that. there also should be more game options there are only 6 options. the video quality is also bad because it gets fuzzy all the time and the sound comes in 2 seconds after they talk.

- Houseparty review

For the time that I have been using this app it has been amazing. The things that it has done for me is got me closer to my friends mostly.

- Too High school for my taste

You can see whenever your friends are in the house, and I mean (every) (single) (time). You can also be locked out of rooms and you have absolutely no control over it because you’re not the manager of a certain room. I appreciate what you’re trying to do here but for an introvert trying to meet up with my friends I’ll go elsewhere for my social apps. I went to high school once.

- Is not working

So I was on my account one day and it just logged me out no hate at all it’s a amazing app it’s just that it won’t let me use it I go in the app then it says sign up so I sign up then it logs me in the new account then takes me out I kept doing it and it kept doing the same thing all I need is for you guys to help me figure out how to fix it I’ve checked YouTube and everything

- COVID Connecting

This is a very fun way to connect families that are on lockdown due to the pandemic. It would be amazing if they added more games.

- Jojo siwa

Love this app

- I love this app

I could talk to all of my friends at once’s I love this app

- Best app

It’It’s so good

- This is the least intuitive app ever

All I want to do is logout...

- Instagram

Follow me on Instagram @ilove.kisi/ 😘

- Hi


- 👍🏽

Great app

- Ass

There’s a thing called Instagram that lets you TALK with people and VIDEO CHAT WITH YOUR FRIENDS and you can find MEMES

- problem

i cant log in through my computer i just reset my password and i cant get in

- Uncomfortable

When I’m talking with friends the room opens by itself , and sometimes it’s uncomfortable because we don’t know people and they can enter the room because it opened by itself😕

- I love it but


- Awesome

Me and my online and real friends use this

- Best

I love talking to my friends and even the ones who I don’t have any number for!😀👍🏻

- Good

Greatest app ever

- Love it

Such an awesome app really love ot

- Glitching

So it keeps on glitching, Whenever Me and my friends want to play Roblox it keeps on glitching and also its makes me hang up. BY the way Bunch is better because so can send pictures to your friends

- Unknown

This app is bad keeps kicking me people glitching me

- Bugs

There is a lot of bugs in the app that need to get fixed

- ...

So basically, I keep seeing bad reviews and now I don’t know what to think because i thought it was a good app other then the fact that it is super glitchy and it will kick me out of calls sometimes but like I don’t really want to get hacked so I’m kinda thinking I should delete it and since I wasn’t informed that it could happen, I used my real information which i just shouldn’t have done in the first place but ya so just be careful with this app and do not use your real email or anything so have a nice day

- Je ne peux pas rentrer sur house party

Je ne sais pas qu’il se passe mais je ne peut rien faire pour me connecter et/ou même faire un nouveau compte

- House party is awesome

I would like it if house party added the game monopoly

- Awesome

I love it but please LOTS more games!!!

- fix ur app

keeps crashing. i can’t even get into it

- Trash

Trash and got hacked

- It gud


- Great for 2 people only

Video quality is great when you have only 2 people in the house. Once there are 3 or more the video feed freezes and it’s near impossible to have a good conversation.

- Good app

Nice and easy to use.

- Cook

Hjjjijnnhjn is


they are data vampires

- Better than WhatsApp

You can play games talk even message ITS THE BEST

- Pretty good

I actually think this app is pretty fun i really enjoy the game and the notes but i have some propositions maybe if we can send pictures would be better but most importantly all my friends and i think we have to get an option of deleting the messages like you can’t even delete a message that doesn’t make sense

- Fixe it

Y’all need to update this app hackers are missing with people accounts

- Cool I gues app

- 2020

You made millions!

- Great timing

Love the app , our family uses it every day and love it! MG

- It’s nice

The app be good

- Awesome app to use!

Awesome app to use for video calling friends/family! I think this is the best video calling app on the App Store!

- Amazing quality

As a customer who I can definitely say this

- mute please

i would like to be able to mute people. thank youuuu

- House Party

House Party is Amazing!

- How good is this app


- Super!

This app is a great way to FaceTime and everybody I know has it! It is really really really great!😍

- Wooho!

House party is such a great app!

- Consider your notifications

I got a notification that reads, “So & so was in the house. Jealous? Swipe to say hi!” You do realize how impressionable preteens, and teenagers are. Why create a negative reaction for someone to open up the app? Keep it simple, keep it fun, stay positive. We have enough bad energy out in the world.

- ok

hey it’s a pretty good app, until people boot you offline. this kid booted me offline and it glitched my whole phone and took me a while to fix. also every time i click on his profile to unfriend him, it just glitches houseparty. please fix this

- bring back timess

hp needs to bring back those best friend times it was sm fun and made some people come back on to keep them

- Glitchy

It’s glitchy can’t press buttons

- Four and a half

It is the best app EVER but please can you bring back screen sharing? I hope other people have the same problem so I’m not alone.

- good but

please please allow us to turn down the volume on different people. some people are super loud, and i’d like to be able to turn them down individually

- The app is awesome

I really like The app it’s cool😄😄😄

- Good app

It is a great app. The only thing that is Annoying is that it takes a long time to load. But overall great app!

- Houseparty

This app lit

- Nice app

House party allows me to see my friends and it’s not lame like FaceTime GOOD APP!!!!!!!!!

- House party

Such a fun app, makes quarantine so much better😄

- Battery Drainer

This is app is amazing but it drains so much battery.

- Covid ugh

I absolutely love house party!!!! I would love it on a good day let alone Covid 19!!!!

- Idk

I mean it’s a good app but a lot of ppl are saying that it hacks and stuff and idrk cause it’s kinda just like FaceTime but a bit sketchy and give the option to delete chats instead of just hiding them and also being able to blog I ppl without them knowing

- Random person

I love houseparty it’s awesome I’m on there none stop I would be on there all night!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH❤️!!!! I don’t know what I would do without houseparty. I would very much recommend it to you you can talk to your friends you can have a quite amount of people on there! Don’t be shy👉🏻👈🏻 download the app I hope you have fun cause it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

- Great


- Houseparty

Love this app it’s like so lit

- En its half and half

Sometimes it really glitchy but it’s really cool 😎

- Ehhhhh

I mean there’s a lot of room for improvement but other wise good need some fixing but good but also I am seeing a lot of mixer reviews like it hacked me and such I have not been yet but I hope not and this is pointless isn’t

- Video vs audio

Video and Audio saw lots of connectivity problems

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- Accdd

Olly hill 2099

- Isawmyselfinthemirrorandpuked

This app is great, except one problem My annoying brother blocked one of my friends and I don’t know how to get her back Houseparty help me please -_-

- This game is ——

During lockdown this house party been amazing got to speak to frineds and family

- I need more games

These games are fun but you need to add some more games like candy crush or toca life world those are really good games to be the most popular app ever but I still like Houseparty even there’s not a lot of games but is is very cool

- Good

Very good you can play games against your friends while talking to them for freeeee

- Cool!

Amazing, but we keep getting disconnected from the call with full WiFi on both ends? I dont know how this works xD

- Great 👍🏻!

This is a fun app that is great to talk to friends especially during these difficult times. Lots of my friends have it but lots of ppl I know have deleted the app after rumours that they steal your data I am sure this is not true but many ppl were scared of this. I’m sure you have cleared this up by now and I’m sure it’s not true as I have had this app for 2 years now and never had any problems. My only criticism is that whenever someone is in the house it is very annoying as it sends notifications I know there is ways to stop this but it took me a while to figure it out and some of my friends still don’t know. Please find a way to make it more clear how to turn it off. Overall this is a good app and would recommend to all especially people who can’t use WhatsApp and other apps where u need a phone number. Thanks for reading 🦩💕🔥. Stay safe 🔥💕🦩 xxxx

- Love it

Great fun and a great way to chat to ur friends and family!

- Alright

So good for me because my mum has a hewaii phone and we can’t ring each other and most of the time she is at work so this is great I really recommend it also my mum deleted it and I don’t know why

- i have an issue

my houseparty app icon has disappeared and instead is a white icon with black lines i cannot open the houseparty app it opens then crashes the app has been renamed ‘UIApplicationShorcutSneakIntoHouse’ please help cause i cannot contact my friends and this has been a real issue for me

- My name is Nafisa Ali

Hi friends

- Yhyh

Sick app yk

- Amazing

Amazing calling app

- House party

Scam hacking app

- Amazing ❤️❤️

This app is phenomenal u could FaceTime ur friends or family and play GAMES OMG

- Great

I love this app so so much nothing really to hate about it. If it gets arkward you can always play the games they’ve put on! Definitely recommend x


Absolutely horrible got viruses from it and never get this game is the worst and no safety restrictions made my iPad leggy sorry house party but it’s a no from me

- Amazing


- Houseparty is a good app

It’s a really good app to have a great time with your family and friend but I wish there was filters to make even funnier xx

- Fix this issue man

It doesn’t let me log in all it says is invalid password and username



- Hurry up and fix the app

My friend has got a huge blob on the screen fix your app guys.

- So much i love it

its so good cayse you can chat and group chat on there and if someone sends a nofication in house I know how to stop it so yeah but can you say to everyone that a hacker wont hack your account so bye enjoy rhus game its the best bye

- massive ass

just saw some big ass asian girl


IT is amazing

- 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

My friend moved house and because of house party I can talk to her GET IT 😍

- Terrible app

Poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop 🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤🟤 I couldn’t find 💩ok 👍

- LOVE IT♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍👍👍👍😊😊😊

Soooooo good but just one thing Sometimes it glitches and the other people go away but other than that I. L o v e. It!!!!!!! U should download now!!,♥️♥️♥️really really recommend it

- Appalling. Avoid

Only app that won’t use my WiFi and constantly wastes my 4G.

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I think this app is awesome. I made lots of new friends, and was able to get closer to people, even if they were miles away. This app is a must have, to help more people be happy, and to make new friends. Love it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- The best

I think it will make you very on happy so they can see people and much better because you can play games

- review

Love it can play games and call all my friends i love it especially for lockdown!

- Absolutely amazing I love it good for quarantine

Love it

- Photos

You should be able to send photos

- Very good very good

Very good very good

- Good but confusing

I love this app, I can call all my friends and play but the only problem is that the whole thing is kind of confusing.

- Cool

Cool get to speak to friends


At the beginning of lockdown everyone in my year downloaded this app not only to find that this app steals personal information that is stored on your phone. Now everyone has deleted this app because their credit card details have been taken illegally. If you don’t want debt do not get

- I got a suggestion

Can you put on there when people say hi as well as the button not now and invite here can you also put a button that says can’t talk right now sorry ??? Please

- Houseparty

Great only one glitch !!!!🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

- This app is awesome 😎

Yo this app is lit 💖

- Fun Houseparty

Well it’s really easy so ye and really really fun

- Great

I love Houseparty because I can see my friends and I like we can play games with them. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 😁😀

- Ok

Not that good not many games I will get it again if you add mine craft or monograms thanks

- Hi Houseparty

U r amazeballs



- This is amazing

This is an amazing app when you can call ,play and chat with your friends I recommend this

- Best

Get house party in lockdown I’ve had some great times spiking to my dad

- Really good

Amazing 😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍

- Removal button

this is a really great app that is a lot of fun but there needs to be a removal button for when people get annoying or you don’t know the person

- It’s really good

I do really recommend this app but sometimes it glitches and by sometimes I mean most of the time it’s a good thing but not a bad thing because you can FaceTime your friends and play games so yeah it’s like a 4/10

- Rrtttrrrr

Hddhdhdhdhhddhdgdgfhfhhfdhbfbfbfgfhffh good hbddhjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjfhfhfhfhfhfhffhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhfhrjfns

- Signing In

I’ve heard good things about it but sighing in is hard. I’ve tried to change my password three times, but every time they say they’ve sent me the Email to change my password it is never in my inbox. There isn’t anything wrong with my Email it’s the app.

- Houseparty

It is very nice but please add sending videos and photos

- ♡︎𝕞𝕪 𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕖𝕨𓇽

This app is greatwhen there is a time like this . especially

- 😉

This is so amazing. I have loved torking to my cusinds

- Jeidndndlekene

It is bad

- Annoying

People call you every 10 minutes and it’s so annoying. And when you only want you and one other person in a locked room people just spam. Sometimes when you just want to check your messages 100 people join you and it gets so annoying. There should be a feature where when people want you to be in a group chat Houseparty asks you first cuz I calls every 10 minutes from someone calling the group.

- FIX MY APP !! 😒

When I call someone’s number on loudspeaker it works but when I’m using loudspeakers on house party my voice is distorted

- Call

I really enjoy playing games with others on the call

- Confused

Good app with some cool features, ended up deleting it because ie as scared of being hacked lol and I didn’t like how I could just be chilling on the app and someone random could just join me without me being ready. I don’t know get the app it you want I guess but beware you could be hacked.

- Houseparty

This app is amazing everyone should get it!

- Only one time issue

Once it took me and all of my friends out but I think it was just internet issues, other then that no problems 😀could we be able to use Memojis? I love them and I would like to use them in nites

- Amazing

This app is amazing because can have fun with the games on there and talk I would love to have all of my apps this amazing

- Amazing


- House party

I really love house party! I call my friends with it all the time, and I love the games! But there are two things I want to say, Number 1, I feel like after you have played all of the games it gets a bit boring, so it would be really good if you added a few more! Number 2, Sometimes me and ny friends want to show eachother what we are doing on our phones and we thought it would be a cool idea if you added a share screen button, where when you press it it automatically shows what they are doing on their screen! As an overall review, I say I love it but it could add a few more things!

- A good app :)

You are a great creator of apps


do not get this app this app pays people to hack into peoples accounts so please do not get this app there is so many hackers on this for your safety do not get this app!!! Im not making this up its true!

- Good

App good


My spotify was hacked after i downloaded houseparty DO NOT GET

- life saver

what would i do without this app during quarantine 💔💔💔

- Adding a phone number problem

I don’t use my phone because it often runs out of battery and I cannot install SMS on my iPad, but I would recommend when you are connecting your phone number that it give you a choice for wich platform you would like it to send the code to

- Ayvah

It is the best thing

- Talking to my nanny

Was very fun

- Yes


- The awesome party

I loved the party because I can talk to my friends and have fun


I normally never do reviews but this app deserves one this app is the best so first it started off with all my friends telling me to get it I said no no and no after so long I finally gave in and got it and there’s not a single minute that I regret it it’s the first app I go to when I wanna call someone it used to be Snapchat and face time but now this App is my favourite I love you can lock the room join people text call and invite them it’s like a app any one could dream of just pls put more games up on the top Conner when your calling your friends

- Great app

Great app laggy at times

- Awesome


- Great

I love this app soooooooo’s a great way to contact people, and especially good when in quarantine. I talk to my friends so I don’t get bored and just to keep in touch. Life changing.....for me at least. And there are no major problems with this app so well done,! Thanks .............I just wish my friends would talk to more often😂😂😂😂

- Hu

To glitchy

- Love this!

I can finally talk to my friends on an app that works.

- Audrey

Hi House Party, I loved how there is games but I want to share documents!! I can’t and my friends want to say something and I want to let them see somthieng I can’t because I can’t share documents!!!! I want to share screen in other words!!!! And can it log on with iCloud account or instagram??? That will help a lot!!!! Audrey Lou

- Shouldn’t be 12+

This app is the best! But it glitches a lot and I don’t think it should be 12+ maybe 9+ so everyone can get it

- Noice


- Good quality

The quality of the person i’m talking to is good. Make it better tho ! Thanks again !!

- My birthday

Awesome birthday party around the world with 8 families 8pm-12.10👏👏🎂🌹🎈🥂


Very great app!! It is very easy to work around, and is a great platform to talk to friends!

- Houseparty is the better app

I love houseparty because it call people and I will tell you what is my review

- Get this app

This app is great I had 12 of my friends on and I didn’t glitch a bit! But be cearfull who you friend👍

- So good

I go on it every day that is how good it is

- Soooooo good

It is a really well thought out app, and as a child whose parents don’t normally allow social media, it is really safe as long as you don’t be friends with people who you don’t know. It is a great app to keep in touch with friends during quarantine and over holidays. If your child wants the app (maybe because their friends have it) you should definitely let them have it. I believe the age rating should be 8+, because some children may not be mature enough to be careful about who they friend. Thank you for reading about my opinion! ❤️❤️😍😁

- Houseparty

Ok so it’s a good app but I can here my friends but thay can’t here me so I don’t know what to do pls help.

- Lag

A bit laggy but amazing




hp hacked peoples social media and even their bank accounts. DELETE THIS APP IMMEDIATELY

- Good

Great just needs more room for pros to stay

- Hacking

Someone’s been hacking accounts and making it unusable

- House party

I love 💓 house party but I wish that it had better Quilty

- Oop

It’s bad

- Review

Houseparty is the best video call app

- This is awesome 🔥


- Recommendations

I love your app but what would make it better is if you had face filters while your online talking to make it more beautiful but apart from that it is amazing

- Misbehaving

It’s really a great app and I really enjoy the app but it keeps freezing and then it hooks then exist I don’t know why I’d really appreciate it if you help me out please fix it in the next update thank you

- Houseparty

Houseparty people I love your app so much

- Palermo

It’s an extraordinary app

- Complain

Why can’t chats be cleared on houseparty

- Majidadi


- Complaint

Always freezes. Video should be full screen for one on one. Poor programming. Not inviting people to it....

- Iamdudeeh ✍🏻 .

Iamdudeeh ✍🏻 Notify mood..Best app📱 🙌🏻..

- People can’t hear me and my mic is activated

I am using iPhone 6 People can’t hear me and my mic is activated fix it please

- Mahmoud

An interesting app

- Sweet night


- Good

I really like Houseparty. Its a great app to meet with your friends and play a lot of games. However, it consumes soo much of my battery and makes my phone really slow which is the only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars and not 5.

- Quality of house party App

Very excellent,

- This app is a great app tnx for having this app


- Network connection

Please improve houseparty network slows the app

- House party

It refused to open at all, and I just downloaded it

- I loved it💛💛🖤🖤

Nice one

- Good but needs improvement

It’s a nice app. But takes a lot of battery and even makes a phone hot. With some ridiculous bugs also.

- Such a nice app

The stuff about the music I think its a good idea 👍🏽

- ibsalhas

i appreciated

- Rubbish App

Rubbish App

- Best App ever!

This is my best app for now! So clear 💃🏼😍😘

- Blessy

Nice and clear for video chat. You should try it.

- Please work on the battery consumption

I’ve been using the app until today. it drains too much battery and data, please work on optimizing the app.

- Mutual friends

When I have a new (friend) request, I should be able to see who the mutual friends are,... not just the number of mutual friends I have with that new request. Please fix that.

- App is always hanging and making my phone very hot

This app doesn’t run smooth on the iPhone 8 Plus devices. It is always hanging and making my phone very slow and thereby in the process increasing the temperature of my phone. Please optimize the app to run smoothly on devices without making phones lag after a certain period of time.

- Incredible

This app is amazing

- Most amazing video chat app so far

House party is not here to joke

- Your network is crap!!!!

Your network is really frustrating . Fantastic app but the network needs to be fixed

- Accuracy

The app is very enjoyable and fun to use. I love it.

- Unable to sign up

I made a mistake with the year of birth and the app has refused to allow me to sign in. No one can be born on the 8th of November 2020 because that date hasn’t arrived yet! U people should work on this issue!!!

- App is down

Fix it

- Battery consuming

Too battery consuming

- Complain

You guys should do something about this app I think it’s too heavy and it causes the temperature of the phone to get high and also,The phone starts App tho

- Yassitax


- Service issues and drains battery

Great app but pls work on the service ish when on video call and optimize how it drains battery

- HP

The app really needs to be upgraded

- Houseparty

Itssss the boooom

- House Party is really worth it

Helps kill boredom a lot especially through this quarantine period

- Privacy Issues

It's a great app but people can jump into your house party uninvited or send you messages without your can't also delete or reject messages from certain people except unfriending them. I think it needs more work esp on privacy settings. Weldon 👍🏾

- Trivia questions

I believe they should have more than enough trivia questions without being repeated in games. It becomes cheaper the more you play as you get too familiar with the questions

- Nice

This app is nice like mad

- Super fun

This is my favorite app

- Smith


- Storage capacity

To much storage space for this apppp urgghhhhh

- Terrible quality

You guys need to work on the app, it keeps hanging and crashing in different ways. Kindly fix the bugs

- Easy

App is good but the network needs to be fixed to be honest !

- Nice app but

My favorite app rn but An option to play music should be added in rooms like an actual party... one person can be playing and everyone hears it on their phones ☺️

Houseparty really fumbled the bag following their initial overnight success. Someone needs to write some postmortem reflections.

🎈 ℙ𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕠𝕟𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕖𝕕 𝕓𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕤 🎈 #balloons #personalisedballoons #bespoke #unique #balloondeliveries #birthday…

@_tizzoo: The houseparty part of lockdown was the best ngl😭

Me voy descargando el houseparty o cómo?

@DHughesy: Part of me wants to enjoy the 26k fine for the KFC houseparty idiots. But then I remember that not one of the people who over…

@psmith2018 @ElizabethR00 we can all just pull a zoe and fall asleep on houseparty together

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Houseparty 1.45.3 Screenshots & Images

Houseparty iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty ipad images
Houseparty ipad images
Houseparty ipad images
Houseparty ipad images
Houseparty Social Networking application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
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Houseparty (Version 1.45.3) Install & Download

The applications Houseparty was published in the category Social Networking on 2016-01-13 and was developed by Life On Air, Inc [Developer ID: 1065781768]. This application file size is 129.63 MB. Houseparty - Social Networking posted on 2020-06-22 current version is 1.45.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Houseparty Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References

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