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Houseparty is the face-to-face social network where you can connect with the people you care about most. The app makes connecting face to face effortless, alerting you when your friends are “in the house” and ready to chat so you can jump right into the conversation. The same goes for you opening the app! Your friends will know you’re in the app and ready to chat, so they can join you (…because rejected calls are so last year). Houseparty is truly the next best thing to hanging out in person. See your friends more often on Houseparty.

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Houseparty Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet Someone wants to be in a locked room with you! February is here and we’re feeling allllll the love from all of you! We’ve also fixed some bugs, making your in-app experience even better.

Houseparty Comments & Reviews

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- House Party

Hi! I love this app so so so much it’s a great app and everybody can use it. It is a great alternative to FaceTime I love FaceTime but sometimes I can’t have as much fun on FaceTime as I do in house party also I have a friend or two that has an iPod and you cannot see their faces on FaceTime but you can see them on Houseparty also I love this app so much because you can play games on it as well. one thing that I would like to recommend is to please get monopoly and some other games on this app because I am constantly playing the same thing over and over again and it kind of is getting annoying having to play the same thing also I would please like to suggest being able to use a photo from your camera roll as your background instead of having backgrounds that were put there for you, you can take a picture on your device and use it as your background photo and you can customize it as well. Thank you so much for listening to my suggestions and taking it seriously I love this app and I hope it skyrockets through the next couple of years it’s a great app and everybody should have it because it’s great for everybody if you want to talk to one friend or if you want to talk to five. Please have a good rest of your day or night and please stay safe. Thank you so much

- Great app!!

I think that Houseparty is an amazing app. It allows you to video chat with more than one of your friends easily. You can message your friends through the app, which I find very convenient. Speaking of friends, on the app somebody has to request to be your friend, so thistles the app slightly more private then it already is. The quality of the video is very good. Houseparty has the same qualities as the app “FaceTime” and more. You can play games with your friend that the app serves to you while on a call with your friend. You can make group conversations on the messaging part of the app. And to wrap it up, you can call other friends that are on the app, from the app, and you can also just do an audio call. There are many more great things about housparty that I can’t fit into one review. So I definitely recommend this app for any age group. (It is not at all inappropriate or to mature for anyone that is able to use “FaceTime” or “Messages”). The app is very accommodating!!! And awesome!!

- It’s good!!!

Houseparty is an app that allows you to chat with multiple friends (maximum of 8 i think). So I’ve been using Houseparty for a little over a year now, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! It’s so cool! When you first get into the app, it is even shows cool little facts (though they’re not always true😂). The BEST part about houseparty to me and what makes it more unique from google duo, FaceTime etc. is actually 2 things. 1. I already mentioned this, but I find the fact that when you first get into it, it shows facts! Though like I said, they’re not always true😂. 2. I LOVE how you can play games on it!!!!!!!!!!! There are just a couple of things that I don’t like though. (Don’t worry developers, I didn’t delete it and won’t for a while). 1. They recently added this new update, backgrounds. At first I thought it was cool, but when I tried it, it just looked SUPER weird. Please fix that. 2. The sound quality isn’t TERRIBLE, but its not the best and it will glitch some. Same for video quality. Sometimes people will get kicked from the call, but I’ve only seen that happen like twice. Overall, Houseparty is an AMAZING app and I recommend it for pretty much EVERYBODY.

- Great app but a few issues

Me and my friend were doing whoever could type the most and saying random things and after like a few seconds it deletes it snd u have to start over again and is really frustrating, I love this app but I have heard from some people it cause drama And people get left out because like say a friend Is talking to another and someone goes on house party and then they lock the door and it makes the person sad, so I get it so not people just join you and I like how u can lock it but I’m saying it hurts people feelings so I’m just saying to everyone to this app that to be aware and if someone is bullying you just report them, and be kind to everyone and they will be kind to you, and now the good part of this app is you can talk to your friend more often and I like to keep you not board you can play games like uno and let’s more it just makes my heart glow to see people playing together and talking on this app but my heart drops when someone is mean, so everyone be nice and have fun on this app but be aware there is some mean people you just don’t listen to them, be carful on this app, and be aware that when ur typing something really long it could delete it snd don’t get frustrated if it happens it happened to me too! Have fun!

- Great App but hate fortnite

So I am a seventh grader and basically it’s like the new trend this app house party and it’s really good app anyway I love the app it’s a new way to talk to friends and it’s just really enjoyable like I like the games that you can play on there and I like how you can add your friends friends and just other random people I really like the app the only part of the app I don’t like about it is the fortnite part bru no hate tho but I used to like fortnite two years ago but now I don’t like it so just don’t even continue sponsorship with him so if you like take away fortnite it would be five stars because of the great app you have here in the good things that you’re able to do on it I play games and talk to friends because it’s a new way and it’s a new experience how to talk to friends. But it’s a four-star because he partnered with fortnite i’m sorry but if you stop partnering With them it would be a five star all day anyway I love that keep doing it and keep making better updates and I’ll be a user of the app four-star right now but hopefully someday it could be a five star.

- Love it! ❤️

First of all, I don’t know why people are complaining? Ok, I have lots of friends that don’t have phones and I can’t talk to them, but with Houseparty I can! Sometimes I want to video chat with multiple people at the same time but I can’t do that with FaceTime. I can with Houseparty! There are little things here in there but I love this app! One time these two people would not stop calling me and anytime I would come on they would join me, but you can sneak onto Houseparty. See, anytime you go onto the app your friends get a notification, but there is a way to sneak on, so your friends don’t get a notification. Also, they give you really cool facts on the home screen, one time I spent hours just looking at the facts! Lastly, if you don’t like getting notifications every time one of your friends comes on, there is a way to do turn it off. Overall, I love this app and I don’t know why more people are using this app. It’s a great app to download and I recommend this app to anyone!


This app is very good. You can talk to all your friends and have a good time. Other reviews said that like it was the worst app ever because it had to use internet, well first of all you can’t connect ANY video chat without WiFi same with calling You can’t call without WiFi so that was a pretty dumb one but yeah. It’s a rlly good app. You can play games with people, message them, learn cool facts, and more. I moved a couple of years ago and I moved 12 long hours away from my 5year old cousin. I have an iPod and his mom has a Samsung. I can’t FaceTime them because I have an iPod touch and it won’t work. So we got this app and now we can talk to eachother and we won't be so far away from each other. He is deaf so he can’t hear so we can audio call and he loves to show me his new toys and cats on the Houseparty video chat. I would really recommend you trying this app. You might have a wonderful time.

- More than an app

I know this app is supposed to be about fun and seeing a lot of people at one time. But I want the developers to know that you gave my family something that is truly irreplaceable. My uncle got sick suddenly and was placed in the hospital on ICU. I have a HUGE family and a lot of us are spread apart in different states. Houseparty allowed us who couldn’t be there physically to be there virtually during precious moments. We were able to say our last goodbyes, hear funny stories, comfort one another, and be there for his final breath. Death is not fun but this app was one piece of making it a little more bearable because we were literally able to be there for one another. Even on different time zones, doing different things, we were all there. That is something that we are all thankful for and will never forget. We literally said to each other how perfect it was that we found this app and got everyone connected a month ago, not even knowing that it would be a necessity during this tragic time. So thank you.

- pretty bad

it’s alright when it works but it doesn’t even come close to comparing to Zoom, Duo, FaceTime, etc. with AirPods, the latency is so bad that you would hear a response until at least 2 full seconds have passed. the quality leaves much to be desired. the was frequent feedback on the call, meaning that it has issues with noise-cancellation (which other video calling apps have no issues with). it’s inefficient and drains my battery like no other. the video quality honestly was pretty good but the voice quality was subpar. an hour into the call we got kicked and couldn’t join each other again. we spent 30mins trying to call them and them calling me and we’d select “join” but our efforts were futile because it never worked. eventually we just gave up. not to sound like a Karen with the hard R but i’m so disappointed in this app. i ended up deleting it after the first use. also, part of me thinks that privacy isn’t at all a concern of theirs (i should read the privacy policy yes i know) so i’m even afraid that having the app installed is going to lead to me getting hacked and locked out of my accounts

- Fun app, but lags

My friends and I were mid playing last night at around 12 am when the app crashed. It started to lag on all ends and we couldn’t even try to video chat with each other because we weren’t showing up on our personal friend list even though we were all waiting for each other the whole time. It wasn’t loading. My friend uninstalled and reinstalled and no changes happened. It started to work 30-40 minutes later. We were all annoyed and wondering what was happening. Also, in the games, cards and words constantly repeat which looses excitement in the game. We all kept saying “wait! We just did this!” And as for the Karaoke Night, they were all older songs that majority barely knew. We were expecting more current songs from 90s - current times. It seemed to be opposite. This game is definitely bringing people together especially during this quarantine, but it definitely needs some improvement. I was trying to find the “help” section to see what I can do, but couldn’t. Let time heal itself.

- Amazing! Just one thing..

House party is a great way to hang out with ALL of your friends at any time! I’d call for hours, and we always have great connection wherever we are. The games are great- my friend group loves the game Chips and Guac! We played forever, and our answers always made us laugh. However, I do find one thing that may be useful for some. In some situations, you want to call but can’t because you have to be quiet at night or while someone’s working. I’ve had to decline calling my friends because of this. I think that adding a chat to be available (when needed) on the side of the screen would be helpful to people like me!! Then, we’d be able to chat without others hearing us. I’d be simple for the others to see, and reply to. We could have headphones in listening to our other friend(s) and still be a part of the conversation, all while nobody knows! I know this is just one review and nobody else has asked, but I would really enjoy it! Thank you for your time!

- Best Friends

I love the app and use it a lot to chat and socialize with buddies. The only problem/suggestion is with the whole "Best Friends" system and how that all works. I understand that "best friends" are gained onto your profile based off of how much time you speak to specific people, but i also believe that best friends should also be gained by if you pass a lot of notes/ texts to a specific person on the app. Because alot of times i cant physically cant speak🗣 to someone over the app whether its because im on lunch break at training or im at a family event, or im at a loud place, etc. which is why i use the "Pass A Note" feature, and i would like to gain best friends over that feature too. I talked to my friends about the suggestion and they all agreed and said they had the same exact thought. I REALLY FEEL that u should add this to the app because it will help it grow and change my 4 star rating to a 5 star rating. Pls reas this and make it happen, us users will love it.


I use this app almost everyday to chat with my friends. It has great privacy settings. I can sneak into the house, and I can also turn on a setting where it locks the room that I’m in automatically. I love the feature where you can see who is online or around, and I love the games. The only improvement that I might give them is the Wi-Fi settings. Maybe it is just me and my friends not having good Wi-Fi, but it is usually a little lag. Overall a great app and I will readI can sneak into the house, and I can also turn on a setting where it locks the room that I’m in automatically. I love the feature where you can see who is online or around, and I love the games. The only improvement that I might give them is the Wi-Fi settings. Maybe it is just me and my friends, but it is usually a little bit lag he. Overall I will write this app five stars. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

- love it, but too much spam

OK, I love this app. It’s awesome. I’ve never had a serious problem with bugs or glitches. The one thing I would recommend working on is the notifications. It gets annoying when the app thinks I didn’t see the last four “in the house” notifications for one person. I’ve had times when one of my friends is on a call with some other people and my phone tells me ten times that that person is on the app. Thank you, but I saw it the first time. Also because of the spam notifications, most of my friends have turned them off, so I have a hard time trying to add friends or invite them to calls. This isn’t their fault, but it’s frustrating. This is a great app, but please try to fix it so it doesn’t tell me “they’re in the house! they’re in the house! you moron, LOOK!” It’s very annoying. Other than that, I think it’s absolutely fantastic and I will use it for a very long time.


I got Houseparty to talk to my many friends at the same time because some didn’t have an Apple device. It worked for all of them perfectly fine (i think),but it had an annoying glitch for me. Whenever I went in a chat room or just called one person, it had some kind of echo that wouldn’t allow me to hear my friend(s) in the chat room. I have two electronic devices. An Ipod and an Ipad. I downloaded this app on both devices just in case my ipod died viceversa. But this glitch was effective to BOTH MY DEVICES. At that point, I gave up. I thought it was my wifi or something else. I tried going in EVERY SINGLE ROOM IN MY HOUSE. Still didn’t work. So I decided to use a different app to talk to my friends. This app is WONDERFUL and it has connected many people who live far away from each other, but it just didn’t work for me. I would LOVE to use this app again, but my electronics or the app won’t permit me with that glitch. This is the ONLY reason why I gave this a 3-star review. - A Friendly Reviewer 🤗

- Three stars review explanation

So, I gave Houseparty a 3star review because they were always sending me notifications to sign up with Facebook. I’m to young for Facebook and I don’t like it. Making something do something they don’t want to is not appropriate. Second, it doesn’t work if you don’t have WiFi........? what if you want to talk with your family members as a group in one chat and you can’t because you don’t have WiFi. It’s very annoying how apps don’t let you play or do things on it without WiFi. It’s very annoying, and for me growing up with not that much WiFi in my household, it really annoys me of how I always have to have it. Third, the app will also don’t work if you have slow WiFi. What I meant with growing up with not that much WiFi in my household, I meant it was very slow. Sure now it fast but still. What about other people. They just want to enjoy their time. Not from worrying if their WiFi is bad. So this is my opinion. I am only 11 years old and I still have my judgments.

- AHH BEST APP EVER (but only few problems)

I like this app coz it’s rlly easy to call ur friends and it tells u when their online but the only thing I don’t rlly like is u can only add 15 ppl to one group and the name is only 25 words for a group. Also when it says someone is around they actually aren’t on their device at all so when ur calling someone and then u say u gotta go somewhere they think u don’t wanna talk to them which seems really unfair. Also delete messages But why it’s good coz it’s rlly safe and it’s fun to use and plus there isn’t any bills for calls. If ur parents don’t let u show them this review: PARENTS PAY ATTENTION: This app is sooo safe coz u have to accept requests of friends and Houseparty is also good if u wanna have study sessions of something together but u can’t actually meet up or if u have lessons with a tutor but he/she can’t come u can do it over house party so yeah HOUSEPARTY IS AWESOME

- I love this app!

This app is sooooo amazing! This is how a communicate with lots of my friends because of quarantine. I love this app because it is so easy to set up, and it has so many cool games and features. If your thing of getting this app, you totally should! This app is a great way to communicate with friends and family, while having fun! A couple of the cool features they have are backgrounds, games, and now, with the new version, karaoke! I haven’t tried the karaoke feature yet, but I bet it will be super cool! So if you are thinking of getting this app, you should totally get it! But... I only have 1 concern. I don’t like using this app on my phone because it is super slow and glitchy. The app is way better on my computer, and it is also very glitchy on my iPad. So if you could just make it less glitchy on iPhone and iPads, that would be absolutely amazing!

- Best Communication App

You can talk to your friends and play tons of different games with them including: uno, heads up, trivia, magic 8 ball, chips and guac, and many more! You can lock the room if you don’t want other people joining and invite people you want to join. You can choose your background out of a selection of them. You can even send your friends face mail which is a recorded video of you. You can virtually wave to your friends to get their attention or even call them. You can pass notes to people which is like texting and you can even make groups to pass notes to. You can invite people from your contacts and add people from your contacts that already have the app to your friends list. You can even click a join button to join your friends while they are active. Have fun with it, it is a great app!

- Great way to stay connected but can always use improvement.

I really like this app. It’s helped me stay connected with friends and family during the current shelter in place we’re all experiencing. One issue I have is that if someone wants to join in to video chat with you, the app doesn’t ask permission if your screen is open. It automatically just begins a video chat session and that could be awkward at times. I was in the middle of brushing my teeth and the screen just popped on bc I’d opened it to see who was online. I really feel like there should be a delay where permission is asked and either granted or denied. It shouldn’t just open up into a chat like that. It’s a bit weird. Other than that and occasional connection issues (could cry well just be my internet), I’ve had no problem at all with Houseparty. It’s an amazing way to have fun with friends when physical connection isn’t possible.

- Please make the mackbook Houseparty better

I have already made a review on house party on asking you to give us house party on the MacBook and I’m so happy you did but in my opinion it needs some help. For example my Houseparty and my friends Houseparty on the MacBook is really bad, for one of my friends so bad that she can’t even open it. Another thing it’s not even an app that you can download on the App Store it’s a link that you can send to your email, but the thing is what happens if you don’t have an email, you have to think about these things because some people in Houseparty are little and they just want to talk to their friends. Also there is no way to log out on your Mac to switch to other accounts and on top of that you can’t invite anyone to rooms, receive messages, and send messages. These are all the things I ask to make it better. Ps: my friend also sent a review for filters and you said they were gonna come out soon but I still see no sight of that.

- It’s a great FaceTime substitute

I personally love talking to my friends in House party. One of my favorite things are the streaks and the games. First, I like looking at how much time I’ve talked with a friend but maybe you could increase the time that the streak lasts maybe to 4 days-1 week. It’s also very fun to get into a room and play with your friends. One downside though, is only if you are extremely anxious and curious like me. Sometimes you would want to know who your friends are talking to in a locked room and what they are talking about. So maybe for me and other people not to be so nosy, maybe change the bar where you can see if your friends are talking to anyone and maybe only show just the fact that they are online on houseparty. That way, there is more privacy for you and your friends. Apart from that, it’s a great app and you should get it.

- Great just one thing

I love this app so much but there’s just one main flaw for me. The thing I don’t like about this app is that when your using the app any of your friends can instantly connect to you there’s no answer or decline button. This problem only happens when I’m on the app other times when playing another game and someone calls me I can choose to answer. I’ve had situations where a friend would call me and my parents would be on a work call and I didn’t have my headphones in. My dad would have to come and ask me to keep it down. So I had to go up in my room, and sometimes I didn’t even want to be on the phone, but I didn’t want to be rude. There was also this time where, I was checking my friend requests while getting dressed and a friend called me. I had no pants on so I had to ask to call her back. Other than that I love this app! Please fix this problem with a new update.

- Best app ever!!!!

Houseparty is the best thing that ever happened to my life because there’s no other app like it I mean there is the new iPhone update and it includes Group FaceTime but when my friends start off there the say let’s just go to Houseparty. I also love the feature where you have mutual friends because people that I have not seen for at least 2 years have Houseparty and I can call them. I use this app every single day with my friends and even my family. I also love the new logo it’s more stylish and fun then just a cup. I am so happy that Houseparty is an app and I hope all of you working at Houseparty HQ are working on making it better. Oh and I forgot to say something about face mail, ITS THE SMARTEST THING EVER! Whoever designed that should get a reward. Thank You for reading my review and I hope to hear back from you guys at Houseparty! Byeeeeeeee! 👋

- Please Fix

While this is a great app, there are some issues that have yet to be fixed. first of all, it constantly kicks people out of the app. that can get annoying when you are trying to have a conversation with someone and it does this several times throughout. Another being that the audio is sometimes awful to the point where you cannot hear what the person is saying. It cuts out at random points throughout and it gets hard to understand. It also takes a long time to load. I am currently trying to use the app and it refuses to load. It has nothing to do with my connection as this happens no matter where I am or what wifi I am using. The app gets updated a lot but it doesn't seem to actually be fixing anything. I would love to give this app a five star review but because there’s so many bugs I can’t. I make sure to always update the app when updates are available, but nothing seems to change or improve.

- Pretty good app

I absolutely love Houseparty. The only change I wish was real was to make it less glitchy. The glitching just drives me CRAZY! The other change is that when it says “no one can hear you! Our bad!” is really annoying. I feel that there is no purpose for it. If it’s ur bad then fix it! I don’t even know why they mention it. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️?! Otherwise, this app is by far one of the BEST apps I’ve tried out. In my opinion, it is a lot better than FaceTime. The coolest features are the games, and that u can have friends u could talk to on a daily bases. The games r such an awesome idea if u don’t just wanna talk, but you wanna play, too! And when I play trivia, I start to learn new things!!! Like how drakes real name is Aubrey! That was an unexpected fact. Overall, this is by far, the best video chatting app.👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

- I have some questions

Hi! I like this app very much. It helps my friends and I communicate. One of my friends have Samsung and I have an iPad so I could never talk to but her but now I can! I just have a few questions. How do you sneak into the app? I have a few friends on this app, that anytime I go on the app they join me. Not that I don’t love my friends or anything, it can just get annoying sometimes. I have looked in house rules and it tells me to pull down the notification but what notification?! Also how do you make a face mail? When I try to it says turn device around to record. So I do that and nothing happens and sometimes it is very important. One time I couldn’t reach one of my friends because she wasn’t on her phone. It would be helpful if you put how to make a face mail in the House rules. Otherwise then those two questions I love the app and would definitely recommend it!👍💜

- Enjoyed it but it needs some updates

I really enjoy the concept of the app, I think it is a great tool to have especially with this new pandemic and even for future use when you and your friends just want to have a virtual games night. However, I believe there is a major issue with the connectivity on the app, it is often extremely slow or has poor video and audio quality and wifi reception. Even for people who have pretty strong wifi signal that works well on other apps it seems to have an issue. It gets even slower when playing games together especially if it’s more than 5 people. So I do believe they need to work out some technicalities there in order to improve the video and audio quality and wifi reception of the app as well as the speed. I love it and just wish these things could be fixed so that we can have a better experience. Something to note for the future too is adding more games, I love the existing ones but more would be nice in the future.

- Even worked in ICU

Thanks sooo much for this app! I’ve been able to use this with my 3 sisters, and also with friends in place of our regular dinner outing. I had never tried it with more than 4 until today. One of my best friend’s has been COVID-19 positive for over a month now and has been in ICU for a month, and was on ventilator 11 or more days. The app did great with seven of us in 4 states being able to see our friend or relative in the ICU, and he us. The hospital chaplain had to get phone from parking lot, walk it in & up elevator to ICU. Nurse put on PPE, and took phone into ICU. A few “freezes” due to connection strength, but it never cut out. My friend cannot talk again yet, but could move his eyes & arms in response to us talking & waving. We could all tell this meant so very much to him & lifted his spirits, so again, thank you so very very much !!!

- Amazing App!

I use Houseparty to talk with my friends a lot over this quarantine! Since we don’t have school, we use this app to talk to each other a lot! 😁 I like it much better then the regular FaceTime. You can see when people are available when you get a “in the house” notification. And instead of waiting for them to answer, you can just pop in! (Unless they lock the room) If you just want to talk with certain people, you can lock the room, so no one else can join. I also LOVEEEE how it has games! It’s super fun to play the games while still chatting with your friends. Also, thank you Houseparty for adding the Uno game! ❤️ Also, Houseparty is not inappropriate for kids. Maybe in the Chips and Guac game, you might find a card which says “fart” but that’s about it. It’s a very good video chatting app for anyone of any age!

- Love it

This app is great!! A lot of people say that a random person could just join your call but it’s not true you can lock the room to were NOBODY can join and for someone to join they have to send you a friend request and you can either accept it or decline it and it is super fun because there are plenty of games to choose from to play with friends and you can also text on it and is really easy to set up your account all you have to do is either put your phone number or email in and put your name as your user name or a random word, your choice and then a nickname and that’s all. It can connect to your contacts if you want it to so you can send an invite to them to play with you. Well I hope this helped change your mind about this app, enjoy!😁😁

- Bring back full screen

In what world do the developers of this app think that the changes they’ve made are great. When quarantine first started in March and this app was all the rage, the development team decided not to listen. The changes implemented like “let’s remove full screen and then letterbox the sides of the screen because a few people accidentally press some of the on screen buttons” is absurd, (especially since the majority of your users are on their mobile phone screens). The refusal to realize during your new founded popularity that your default setting notifications spam everyone. Whether you open the app for 2 seconds to see if anyone else is on currently or whether your friends doing the same was/is obnoxious. “Oh I’m up at 2am, let’s check if anyone is on Houseparty...” IMMEDIATELY sends a notification to everyone that you’re friends with no matter what timezone. Also not making it easy whatsoever to find/disable that was another great move. Houseparty got lucky that a global pandemic happened and people were searching and desperate for a video chat app to stay in contact with their friends. Some how in that gold strike moment the people calling the shots were so disassociated with the actual people using it that they decided to double down and continue to make user unfriendly decisions. “Let’s add a few more games, that’ll help!” cool. Maybe next time if you get lucky with an app you’ll actually have people that know what your audience wants.

- It’s a pretty great app!

I love Houseparty! I talk to friends on it 24/7! Usually it’s reliable, but sometimes it lets people who I don’t know in the room who I dont know. Even when it’s locked. Sometimes it’s not amazing for kids because of this. And sometimes you may be in a room with an adult or kid who may be saying bad words or talking inappropriately. Also there can be inappropriate usernames or profile pictures. So I recommend you watch your child’s Houseparty. But like I said I love the app! It’s a great way to talk to friends when they can’t use FaceTime! But the best part is that you can play games and draw on each other’s faces. I love how you can lock the room so people don’t get in. However, on FaceTime in a group chat you can’t lock the room. I prefer this app over FaceTime, JusTalk, zoom, messenger, WhatsApp, or any other calling app! I recommend you to use Houseparty to its extents.

- It’s ok

I have been using house party for a while now and loved it until I later found that I was banned for no reason that I could think of. I noticed this one day while I was having issues trying to login. I then took the next step to contact their support team to see if it was a connection issue or if there was another reason as to why I wasn’t able to login. While going about contacting their support team nobody could give me a reason as to why my account was banned. Definitely bizarre. I think they need to fix this issue and warn their users that they were banned as well as what they were banned for. This app was definitely fun and useful to use while in quarantine but after I was banned my friends and I ended up using FaceTime instead. I wish they would fix this issue especially since I have followed all their guidelines. I would love to rate it a 5 but I can’t due to this circumstance.

- Fun App but some annoying notifications

This app is so great. My friends, family, and coworkers have loved using this as opposed to FaceTime or zoom because of the games. The games with your loved ones on this really helps to temporarily forget the stressful times we have living in. However, there are some really annoying aspects of this app. 1) Way. Too. Many. Notifications. The notifications settings in the app are very limited. I get a notification every time a new Facebook friend joins the app. It’s extremely annoying. I’m probably going into my iPhone settings and completely disable notifications for the app entirely until the fix it. 2) the app isn’t intuitive and user friendly. Even for me who is super techie, it’s a trial and error of pushing buttons to navigate around. My older relatives would definitely not be able to figure this out alone. The user experience should be improved a bit.

- Likeable but has a few issues.

I absolutely love this app! I was psyched when my friend showed it to me! I like that you can wave to people and alert them that you are in the app and that the app tells you when someone you don’t know is in a room. I also think it’s a nice touch that you can lock rooms, but I hate hurting my friends feeling if I want a private chat with a couple of other people with out them. I hope that in the future their can be more privacy settings. But over all this is he best video chatting app I have ever tried. But I’m tired of whenever I go to the app someone can join. I clicked the app on accident and my friend (a boy) logged on when I had only a towel on. I ended the video chat before he could even connect but that was very scary! So I hope it can be changed for the future, but anyway a great app and I hope it gets lots of praise😇

- Amazing app

I love this app it was very great to have and play with my friend ilove it and so did they it is one of my favorite apps because you can easily talk to your friend and have fun while doing to I also love that you can play games with them but I do wish there was move games because sometimes it got kind of boring but this game is amazing I love it!!! There where some miner parts in this game however when I was on this app my battery would run down very fast and I don’t like that and another thing is that sometimes you’re couldn’t here people or it’s like they were glitch out so they had to leave app and join again and that to me and probably most person is annoying but over all great game do you think sometimes there might be some scam’s my ppl trying to buy things I mean just saying but over all love this game!

- Honestly questioning this app...

This app has been great, it’s as advertised. It allows you to chat with many different people, doesn’t crash and is hardly glitchy. My concern is after having this app for a month or so, I am beginning to question the privacy given on this app. If you continuously tap the facts, it shows new ones every time but there are however some very inappropriate almost “facts” such as- “You look hot”, and many other gender assuming “facts” and is leading me to question if there are people behind this app watching you and putting in obvious information in specific people. Such as if the user is a male, they give you facts specifically for males or if you are a female, it gives you facts specifically for females. I have been given many inappropriate facts and just facts in general that aren’t appropriate for children even though this app is advertised for 9+. Definitely gonna be looking into this because it puts in a very unsafe and uncomfortable position.

- Doesn’t work well anymore on iOS 13

Doesn’t work anymore on iOS 13. Always drained your battery too much anyways. On to the next app! While I think this app is loads better than FaceTime (doesn’t hang up when you turn off your screen, takes up all your screen with no wasted black space,) it keeps messing up the orientation of video chats as my friends will be upside down or sideways when chatting. It requires closing the app and reopening it. Also, I wish there weren’t so many gestures, as everyone always accidentally swipes out of a room. It’s a feature none of us use (why would we be going in and out of chats like that?) And if you guys could tone it down with the amount of notifications this app produces, that would be great. Other than that this app is still way better than FaceTime, which has become gimmicky junk over the years. All we want to do is video chat to talk, no stupid overlays or memojis that only drain the iPhone even more and add no functional value to the experience.

- Love so far but wish there were more games

I downloaded this app a few days ago and I absolutely love it. Especially now with the quarantine it makes it easier to be able to chat with everyone. A lot of people I know don’t have iPhones so we can’t FaceTime. This app solves that problem. The other problem with FaceTime is you can only talk to one person at once. I LOVE that you can talk to multiple people at once. I had a group of 6 the other day and it was great to almost feel like we were all together again. The ONLY thing I wish was different was that there were more games. There are a few now but I hope there would be a few more and better variety in the future. There’s also a LOT of repeat questions on trivia and drawing guesses etc.

- Great app but needs improvement

I love this app! It is so great to be able to talk to all of my friends at one time but it needs improvement. It glitches all the time and the sound is always cutting in and out. There was time when me and my friend were having a serious conversation and because the sound cut in and out I missed important parts of the conversation. I also think there could be improvements on the whole “passing notes” agenda! One of my friends doesn’t have a working phone and so Houseparty is the only way we stay in touch. Sometimes we can’t video chat and we want to text but sometimes we don’t receive the notes or it freezes before we can pass them, so I also think there should be improvements there. This app is great but it could be even better if it had these improvements😊!!

- Love it! But..

I absolutely love this app. My boyfriend and I love to have beef in uno, although one of the issues I hate the most has to be when you leave a room and it stays locked when you locked it or you were just in it. Maybe like a 15 second timer when leaving a locked room would be nice, my bf often falls asleep on FaceTime and that’s kind of our thing (due to my how much I love him I can get upset when I leave him like that) I hate to leave him like that. Although if it could just be with the person you were just with. If it’s a group of people maybe don’t add a timer just because you never know if they kicked them out of left and remade a party, yk? But that’s just one of my issues that I despise. Lovely app otherwise.

- it’s okay but a little glitchy

me and my best friend have had this app for about a year and since we have different types of phone it’s a good substitution for facetime. however on my phone sometimes the screen will glitch green and my friend says that she can see it to but i’m the only on it happens to. also we have had such a hard time being able to get on to the app and joining each other. it would always say reconnecting and then never work. or other times we have perfectly fine wii and it starts glitching out. the other day i was practicing cheer tryouts with one of my friends and her volume was SUPER delayed. we both had perfectly fine wifi it just was such a pain we tried reconnecting but the same thing happened. before houseparty starts making all of these update they have to focus on all of the issues the app already has.

- I mean

#1. It’s not the worst but it’s not the best. I like that I can face time my only 2 friends at one time, but one time I went to the bathroom and I went to lay back down. I looked at my phone and saw that I was on Houseparty with my friend. Please make it that if your friend wants to talk to you, you have to click like an answer button or something. I could have been doing something else when this happened!! #2. I was reading a review and it said that Houseparty helped the reviewer and his/her loved one be together for the loved ones last breath. Now this is the review that got it up to 3 stars! But then when I read the developers response, I was shocked! He/She said “This review was very heartwarming. How can we get it up to 5 stars!!!!! I mean I know you wan your app to have 5 star reviews from everyone but that’s not gonna happen my friend!!!! This knocked it down to 1 star........ unbelievable......

- Houseparty review

I think houseparty is a really good app for phones that don’t have FaceTime or google duo. I just think there needs to be a few adjustments. Like I wish the connection for this was better. And most of the time it isn’t really working for me. The persons screen I am talking to doesn’t match up the words to there screen. Overall the app is a really good app and I do recommend it to other people like friends and family. I don’t like the fact that you can ghost people and they don’t even know it. I think you should get a little notification saying ( example of random people) Suzy ghosted you because she doesn’t want to talk to you right now. But, overall those are my only complaints. I really like this app. 😉😉😉

- The best way to connect. Download NOW!

Recently, summer break came and I transferred to a new school. Because of Houseparty, I’m able to connect with my friends while I’m away! The games always make us laugh and I feel we are connecting even more! One time, my friend, (fake name: Pablo) was spamming my call button. I kept hanging up and after like a million attempts, Pablo stopped and I answered and he started yelling at me. My other friends got the in the house notifications and joined. Then we all started arguing and joking at the same time. Chips and Guac was our favorite. For the dead emoji I put a dead meme or old celebrity and the judge started laughing. Keep up the epic updates and soon, houseparty will grow to be an extremely famous app. Thanks for the best app ever!

- Wow

I just love this app the cool part of it is that you can actually watch TV on it cool anyways I only have one friend on party A app but still it’s awesome they can play games together like sometimes like when we have to guess the drawing which is so fun! And you can do life life shows day after day like every time one ends another one comes which is so weird but cool and I really like this app and well it’s super cool but I think there’s a bit of a glitch. so the glitch is that Every time I call my friend a part to speak up louder when I hang up and just goes to normal which is kind of weird but still the app is amazing everybody should call other people like this I would app I would rated five stars But it is a bit of a glitch but I think that’s a glitch. Well Val out! 🤗 (still a great app though)

- Big fan of the app but a slight issue arose

Big fan of the app as I am able to reconnect with friends and family I haven’t spoken to in a long time. All the games are also a big plus. Issue: There should be a choice to be able to either be accepted or denied in joining a chat, rather than automatically being put into one when someone randomly decides they want to join you. I have friends that had joined into a chat no one knew them in except for me and it just made things uncomfortable, especially when it happened mid game. People could also be in the middle of a personal conversation and a random friend or family member could just join in and make things weird. If possible, maybe a choice to be able to kick someone out of the group chat would be helpful. Or maybe being able to ghost yourself while on the app.

- Bless houseparty

When I use this app, I have a tendency to sit at the room next to our living room. Only with this app I do this. Today I was talking to my friends and was showing them the view and We witnessed a car accident. The car that got hit received a huge blow($2000 worth) It took me a minute to realize, that car that just got hit, was my dad’s. Thanks to this app I witnessed a car accident and was able to settle things with the person who caused the accident quickly as opposed to my dad seeing his car jacked up the next morning and going through the trouble of finding the person and calling the police and whatnot. And for this, I would like to thank the creators of houseparty for saving my dad hours from his life. Bless this app.

- Great way to quarantine and chill!

I’ve never written an app review before, but after using this for the first time last night with friends in the midst of our covid-19 social distancing/quarantine, we all had such a great time with it that I decided to write a review to show full support. It’s a wonderful way to socialize and play games with people despite being far away from each other. We turned the games we played into drinking games, and it felt like we were all partying together, only it was all done virtually lol. The games do need a little update as far as more categories/cards/options, otherwise they can get repetitive, but I hope the developers are working on introducing that soon. Thank you for the amazing app!

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- Soooooo good

It is a really well thought out app, and as a child whose parents don’t normally allow social media, it is really safe as long as you don’t be friends with people who you don’t know. It is a great app to keep in touch with friends during quarantine and over holidays. If your child wants the app (maybe because their friends have it) you should definitely let them have it. I believe the age rating should be 8+, because some children may not be mature enough to be careful about who they friend. Thank you for reading about my opinion! ❤️❤️😍😁

- Please change the setting option

Hi, Houseparty is a great way to communicate with your friends. I’d recommend it for people who want a safe way to talk, FaceTime their friends, one problem though, the new update is great and all, it’s added a few new games like more trivia decks and uno to play with your friends but it’s changed all the features, like when I wanted to log out to go on my backup account or something, all I’d have to do is press on the smile emoji and it’d take me to like the settings and stuff but now I can’t find anyway to change my settings and privacy and I wanted to have a break from Houseparty for awhile because I didn’t want people to know if I’m on my phone and stuff cause I get teased for not like getting outdoors and stuff, and that’s another thing, we should have an option if we want people to know if we’re on our phone/iPad or whatever. Thank you for reading my review(if you do) and I hope you make the features a bit more accessible and let us have more privacy options. 😊

- Software could use an update

Genuinely a great app however the lag is crazy. I would be playing a game of trivia and the lag would be going on and the app would tell me that my “connection is poor” and that my mic isn’t working. Most of the time I can’t see the people I’m FaceTiming because they are either lagging or I am. The number of times I’ve had to restart my phone and my wifi box because I thought I had a problem. Fix the software and control the lag please. Love the app and the games though! I don’t have connections issues and my wifi isn’t slow btw I’m not quite sure how I’m lagging so much and why I’m not able to see or hear the people I’m calling. Regards, kind gamer


I normally never do reviews but this app deserves one this app is the best so first it started off with all my friends telling me to get it I said no no and no after so long I finally gave in and got it and there’s not a single minute that I regret it it’s the first app I go to when I wanna call someone it used to be Snapchat and face time but now this App is my favourite I love you can lock the room join people text call and invite them it’s like a app any one could dream of just pls put more games up on the top Conner when your calling your friends

- Signing in

I love Houseparty and how it’s so easy to talk to your friends, message them, play games and so on. I have the extension on Chrome which I use frequently, and to sign in for that I had to reset my password. It worked, but only after trying to get an email about 10 times. Now I want to sign in on my phone, but I don’t know my password since it’s on my computer. I have tried to reset it but the email hasn’t come through after 3 tries. I am getting annoyed with this because I just want to use it on my phone. Overall I recommend Houseparty but if you forget your password it’s gonna be a long time till you can actually reset it.

- The Lag is Real

Genuinely a great app however the lag is crazy. I would be playing a game of trivia and the lag would be going on and the app would tell me that my “connection is poor” and that my mic isn’t working. Most of the time I can’t see the people I’m FaceTiming because they are either lagging or I am. The number of times I’ve had to restart my phone and my wifi box because I thought I had a problem. Fix the software and control the lag please. Love the app and the games though! I don’t have connections issues and my wifi isn’t slow btw I’m not quite sure how I’m lagging so much and why I’m not able to see or hear the people I’m calling.

- Hi

This is a great app. It helps a lot getting with multiple people at a time. Even better during this Covid-19 thing. Say thank you you to whoever made house party. It helps a lot at the right time. Tell him and his whole team they are awesome. If you can read this out to everyone, I would love it. You guys are legends. I will always remember this time and the help you gave us and the whole wide world. That is why I gave you a ten out of five. (Although I cannot show you on the star rating.

- Pretty great

The face timing is really cool but I don’t know how to pass a note while I am face timing that person, plus the notes are really small and they are really hard to text on. Another thing I would like to mention is that when their are 3 (or more) people in one room they start to lag and echo, this makes very hard to understand them. But other than that a think that is a great app. I like how with one press of a button you can signal someone to talk to you. Another thing I loved was the fact that you can play games with the people that might be kms away. Thank you

- AMAZING but one thing could be added

Hey guys, I have been using houseparty for about 4 months and I’m in love with it. My friends and I love playing the games together and we really enjoy it. One thing that I think could be add to mobile version is share screen. You can share screen on the computer but not on the mobile version. Other than that, the app is amazing and I can’t wait to see what other updates are coming up in future! Stay safe xx

- Amazing

This app is amazing you can talk to your friends play games like trivia and the best thing is.. That you can talk to more than 1 person at a time. These are just a handful of great things this app has. You can message people send videos to them, and once you add them as your friends you will get a notification when the have joined the house. This is a great app to download with every thing going on right now. To sum it all up this is a app I recommend it!!!

- It’s really good but ...

House party is really good except it would be lots better if someone couldn’t just join with you when you don’t want them to and you are just browsing your account. Either than that i find it an excellent app and its a really good way to connect with your friends. Maybe the limit in the house should exceed to 10 in stead of 8. I love how you can message your friends too but unfortunately can not send images. House party is truely an amazing app. On the negative side it also has a lot of connection issues and i dont think you can delete a chat.

- Amazing

This app was a really great idea, especially during covid.💕 it’s like face time but better if your like me and can’t have a social platform like tik tok and Snapchat I think u should get this app or let your kids get this app because it’s a great way to connect contactless with friends and family.🤗you can also text people but u have to be friends it’s basically FaceTime with messages the thing that amazed me was that is FREE!! Overall comment I love it 🥰

- My Rating

I think that house party is such a good quality app as I use it all the time to talk to my friends and family nation wide. I truly believe that this app is even better than FaceTime. If your thinking about buying house party is would be a positive investment but t that it is free makes it even better. Download it and try and like myself I think that you will fall in love with it in the first five seconds. Give it a try. I’m mean, why not.

- Really Good

Like FaceTime, but it really works. With FaceTime, if you have more than one other person, you don’t get to see their face. More like VoiceTime. But this app really does work! And it gives you notifications so that you know when your friends are “in the house”. Quarantine has never been easier to deal with. This app makes me feel more connected to the people outside my house. And that honestly feels like a BLESSING.

- Annoying

People call you every 10 minutes and it’s so annoying. And when you only want you and one other person in a locked room people just spam. Sometimes when you just want to check your messages 100 people join you and it gets so annoying. There should be a feature where when people want you to be in a group chat Houseparty asks you first cuz I calls every 10 minutes from someone calling the group.

- Rumours

I don’t know if it’s true but there are rumours going around that on houseparty random people are joining on other people’s calls. Also another rumour that has been brought to my attention is that some hackers are getting into people’s accounts and using their emails to track their credit cards, etc. Personally I don’t believe it’s true, but you should let people know if it is or not because many people are telling others to delete houseparty.

- Frames

I have an iPad and don’t have an icon to change my background, otherwise A VERY FUN facetime app in my opinion, it makes everyone happy you can play games and that more than anyone wants. Just please understand that some people do not have the frames like some of my friends even my phone doesn’t have it to. But as I said otherwise great facetime app please reply with response thanks

- Great app!

Its an overall amazing app for communitacting with friends and/or family. I like the idea on how you can lock the room if you are uncomfortable with others joining or having a private conversation. The only thing i have found disappointing so far is the fact that i opened houseparty and all messages except group chats were deleted! I still had the contacts but no conversations. Now i have no proof that my crush said i was pretty 😭😭😭


I have full bars in my house and I go to call my friend and it says connection issues , she had the same , full bars, and STILL CONNECTION ISSUES! I HAVE never had this problem...I tried deleting the app and dowloading it back,making a new account,that I now use again and powering off my iPad... IT'S. Great but pls fix that problem if it....😥PLEASE MAKERS OF THIS APP...btw is anyone else having this problem???🤙🏽✌🏽 peace...

- Amazing😄🤩

Wow this app is really good. I can talk to all my family because of this app, and family that are far from me! It’s fun to just hang out with people and just talk when there not really with you. I recommend you getting this app because it’s really good and now that Covid 19 (Corona Virus) is happening and people have to go in lock down you can talk to family or friends with this app😆😁🤩👍🏻👌🏻😍

- Awesome but recommendation

I LOVE this app ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I have always wanted to call my friends at the same time and like the idea of earning stickers and locking the room - it is truly and AMAZING app! Although my friends and I do recommend a change for the app - to be able to see the person when you press the home button instead of going on pause. Thank you for making this app - it is great and hope you take my idea into account

- House party

House party is a fun, free way to connect with your friends, it’s been perfect over quarantine as you can’t see your friends though you can still play games and chat with them in this amazing app! I love it! You can chat with a lot of your friends openly or you can lock the room if you do t want people to join your conversation! This is a incredible app!

- The reason why I rated house party...

I rated house party a 4 becuase I love it so much there are so many fun colours and I love how it is like a “room” if you have it you know what I mean. You also have some fun games to play with friends while you call which I love! But the reason why I didn’t do a 5 star rating is because it can be a little glitchy when you have more that 4 people but otherwise what are you waiting for GET IT!

- Great app but somethings wrong with mine

I’ve been using Houseparty for a while now to talk to friends and family. But now recently whenever I log in the app the screen is upside down. The Hobart is on the side and so is my screen but my phone is facing vertical. I’ve reset it many times and downloaded it and deleted it and nothing works. Please try and fix this

- Amazing app highly recommended

I really love how interactive this app is! This is so much fun and much more interesting than boring FaceTime, it’s so awesome how you can play trivia games, heads up and draw things! This gave so much joy to my family as we have family in different states, it was really fun to “hang out” with them and play games! Highly recommended this app to everyone! From Charlie 🥳🥳

- Great app but too many bugs

Too many glitches whilst in the app. Sometimes the app just freezes mid way through a conversation and it has gotten annoying! I also don’t like the bug fix feature when u shake the device it tends to get in the way. All together a really useful app that I use weekly

- Wonderful way to stay connected

Every Saturday since mid March six great nursing friends (who trained together in the 1980’s) now working across Victoria have used house party to talk, listen, understand, share stories, have a laugh and stay connected. It is a wonderful platform and been a fantastic way to catch up with one another.

- It is amazing 😉

Houseparty is a great app before I could not see anyone when I was calling a group chat but now this app has solved all my problems 😀 Although I have to let you guys know that the game magic 8 ball is so fake because it is giving out fake true or false about me but apart from that is is great 👍🏻 Although there are a few issues as well. Like I cannot change my background. Ect

- Great App when in lockdown.

Given the current situation with the health and safety concerns in many counties and cities this app is perfect. Helps maintain social distancing all the while keeping everyone very social. One thing to note however is perhaps the unprecedented amount of users of this app which has slowed down its servers and invoked connection issues repeatedly nowadays. Nothing a server upgrade can’t fix though..

- I jdhdhhfhhfhf

Yeah I’m sorry but you know I wanna is the morning I love me I love it haha is my bff is a time of time to go get my bff was your birthday to get you all the way you to me and then you will is the time I get you I love it haha was a great night love it love the way it is and the kids are so much love you and I miss you so much and I’m so much fun love it love the way s

- Good app with potential. Needs minor fixes

Good app, has a lot of potential with the variety of games and ease of access. The main issue identified within the app are the underlying connectivity issues when you connect with 4+ people. It seems as though it can’t handle it and every single person I’ve spoken to has had an issue with this.

- It’s ok

I love the app and the concept of it but the people on it kind of abuse it. Ive been excluded from locked room, but there are those people in every friendship group. I’ve never been in a call with people I don’t know and there is a private mood that I don’t use but it’s till good to know that’s there. I am a user and not a parent but I still think it’s a great way for all friends to communicate!

- Love Houseparty but the frames

Hi, Houseparty is a great way to interact with your friends safely and online. But one problem the frames my friends have the little button for frames but me and my bff don’t. So I don’t know what’s happened but it hasn’t worked. So please Houseparty can you try and make it so everyone can have the frames I’ve tried everything. Thank you for reading this.

- Games

I love the app but they need more games. After you have it for a while like me you get bored of the games. Secondly they need filters that you can put on during a call. But I especially like 2 things about this app. Firstly you can lock the room so nobody will join. Secondly I like that there are facts on the screen. I really like this app but I want these to change 🥰❤️

- Hackers through server

I know Houseparty have denied claims about being hacked but I believe hackers are using the apps server to access our accounts. My friends and I have experienced people trying to access our mygov and Australia post accounts since downloading it. And many other people are experiencing this with Netflix, bank and other accounts Please fix this issue and increase your security because this is such a wonderful way to connect with people and clearly these things aren't just happening as a coincidence

- this is actually a good app

I really like this app, this is what I use instead of FaceTime. Just make sure you lock the room or other people may come in!😂 I always use this to connect with my friends and especially during COVID this is a great way to connect. I highly recommend this app 💕

- Houseparty

I think Houseparty is a great app because you can connect with friends and family if you’re far apart or just talk to people like your friends at school. It’s really fun and my friends at school have it too so we usually go on Houseparty and start chatting. I hope more people get Houseparty and enjoy it as much as I do! 😇😁

- Great app but a bit glitchy

I love 💗 Houseparty a lot you can catch up with all your friends and play fun games my personal favourite is chips and guac 🍟🥑. But there is one downside it at times can be quite glitchy if u r on a big chat with around 5 people or more it might but not that much from my experience. Overall it is a great and I definitely recommend it. 👍😀

- House Party

I recommend getting house party. It is a really good app. And it’s free! You can pass notes but you can’t send videos or photos from your phone or ipad-only face mails which is like a video but you have to record it at the moment. I would give it a five star rating if you could send photos or videos from my Ipad or my phone. Thanks!

- It’s got one problem...

This app is so good for connecting with my family, it’s such a great app. The problem I have is if I try to play any game with them, it’ll lag like crazy and then the call will end. It’s sad that you’ve added this in when that happens, but otherwise it’s amazing.

- Audrey

Hi House Party, I loved how there is games but I want to share documents!! I can’t and my friends want to say something and I want to let them see somthieng I can’t because I can’t share documents!!!! I want to share screen in other words!!!! And can it log on with iCloud account or instagram??? That will help a lot!!!! Audrey Lou

- joining other rooms by swiping across

being able to join other rooms simply buy swiping across should be changed. for some it can be embarrassing and over whelming. there are other ways to join your friends room but swiping across she be cancelled. i do highly recommend this app for staying in touch with your friends especially in our current situation. the app is a little bit laggy and if you don’t have good wifi it can be frustrating at times. the games feature is a good way to break the awkward silence and is a fun way to spend your downtime with friends

- International phone call

House party is a great app to use but I wanted to know if speaking to someone overseas counts as an international phone call and charges us money since this app does use our phone numbers. I’m really concerned because I spoke to someone overseas using a different app and it charged me lots of money afterwards.

- Video quality

The video quality is just astonishing, even with a low quality phone such as an iPhone 6s it stills provides brilliant quality. Would recommend for any friend groups that want to chat and see each other’s faces.


This app will hack your email address and your bank accounts, social media accounts, even send random texts from your phone.. Do not install this app or sign up and if you have delete your account and uninstall ASAP!!!! I knew it was fishy when I literally couldn’t disable location always being on but so many people are having money taken from their accounts and so many more dodgy things because of this app! App Store please remove it before more people fall victim!

- Ehh🤨

Roblox is better but I like it how you can chat with your friends while in quarantine and I really like it how you can play games like you know but the only problem is or is that you have to press a button and not shout it out so it gets quite hard but overall I think it’s great and it’ll be four stars for me

- It’s good

The idea of this is super cool and it’s a great app not very laggy but got some cool features that other apps don’t have. My problem with it is that i can’t get into my account because the email won’t send forgot password and I cannot reset my password. I know my email is correct and I have never gotten an email from them about my password. Otherwise it’s a great app, would recommend.

- Good but there is one problem.

Ive had this app since may and its been great but with the recent update where you can get backgrounds it doesnt come up with the little icon in the corner to put a background. I dont know why it doesnt have the icon because i updated the app and refreshed it but for some reason its not there.

- House party

I really love house party! I call my friends with it all the time, and I love the games! But there are two things I want to say, Number 1, I feel like after you have played all of the games it gets a bit boring, so it would be really good if you added a few more! Number 2, Sometimes me and ny friends want to show eachother what we are doing on our phones and we thought it would be a cool idea if you added a share screen button, where when you press it it automatically shows what they are doing on their screen! As an overall review, I say I love it but it could add a few more things!

- Great

I love this app soooooooo’s a great way to contact people, and especially good when in quarantine. I talk to my friends so I don’t get bored and just to keep in touch. Life changing.....for me at least. And there are no major problems with this app so well done,! Thanks .............I just wish my friends would talk to more often😂😂😂😂

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It’s just to lit🤷‍♂️😂😂😂😂

- Great app

I love how this makes video calling so much simpler and creative!


A few days after downloading it, my gmail got hacked from someone in Middle East. After that my instagram was hacked from someone in New York. I found it weird but didn’t knew it was because of this app. Later on, I saw a few of my friends posting tweets about how people got hacked like me and that HP is unsafe for anything else on your phone and that absolutely true. I’m warning you, it’s not worth it and FaceTime basically does the same.

- DON’T DO IT ❌⚠️

If I could give it negative stars, I would. Friends: I STRONGLY urge that you delete your account with HouseParty and then the app if you have it! Previously I had been hacked 0 times so this was surprising! This was the only thing I downloaded today as a friend sent it to me. Then I had a Snapchat verification code sent to my phone number even though I didn’t request it, and there was another device logged on to my Facebook while I was frantically changing passwords. Then oddly there was a weird flash at the top of my iPhone screen, kind of like a notification, but it came so fast and left that I couldn’t even see or recognize what it said. I don’t know if that was someone else also accessing my device from some other location or what. And it makes sense that they would be able to use my information because it even gets you to put your phone number in!!!! BE CAREFUL. I read online really quick some recent reviews and the company is alleging some “smear campaign” about hacking and offering a reward of $1mill for info. on who is spreading rumours. Go ahead and report me for your $1mill 😂 But seriously that is way too coincidental for everything that just happened to me. And to be honest. Instead of the company trying to point fingers elsewhere, why not fess up in regards to their piss poor app safety. The choice is yours, be safe!!!!

- Fun

It’s a fun way to keep in touch with our friends

- User who deleted this app

This app can be very dangerous. It logs into your accounts, takes ur bank passwords and can take ur money away. Logs into Spotify or any other apps and worse even gmail which might be connected or have other login information. So please beware. There is a huge twitter thread about people posting on this topic. Please go ahead and read. This app doesn’t even let u delete ur account Cz u have to email them to have ur account removed.


DO NOT link your contacts or Facebook. It will give a notification each time anyone you know joins Houseparty and there’s no way to turn this off. Also even after I unliked my accounts it somehow still knows who my contacts and Facebook friends are - very creepy

- Stealing your personal info

The app is supposed to be stealing your personal info!! Be carefull people

- hackers

hacked ppl i know dont install

- Hackers

They hack you

- 3 stars

I like the app, and I also think the concept is great and all, But sometimes, the quality of video in the app is somewhat annoying. Great app though! There could be improvements, and if the scale was 0-10, It would definitely be a 8.5 without this issue ~🧡

- Hackers galore

Avoid downloading at all costs

- télécharger passs!!

cette app pirate vos cells je me suis fait hacker mes notes avec toute mes codes dedans deux de mes amies se sont fait enlever la somme de 260$ dans leurs compte accose de cette app NE TÉLÉCHARGER PASSSS!!

- This is terrible

Me and my two friends where in our party and this creepy kid voice popped up he said his name was meowsiclles and he was from Fortnite it was soo creepy

- Fraud/hack

My bank account got fraud thank to you

- Terrible

Awful. It sucks

- What a hottie

It's a awesome app Apple needs to integrate this into face time everything works good it just take a lot of battery life

- Dangerous App, don’t be fooled!

This is a great app for invading your privacy. It requires way too much personal info and needs to verify your phone number with sms.

- Try and change your password

What’s the antonym of user friendly you might ask? This app

- Why

Need your number and email and age so I don’t trust it

- Cool

It’s fun your can talk to a lot of people

- Make games available on laptop!!!

It’s so much easier to use a laptop when doing video calls so you don’t have to hold up a phone the whole time, especially when trying to get other household members in the video. Would be great if we could use our laptops and not lose the game functionality

- La merd

De la mère sa bug sa mère

- la merdee

cette application fait un bug à snap et ça nous déconnecte N’INSTALLER SURTOUT PAS !

- No iPad

Doesn’t work on tablet. Says it needs to txt you verification code. Never texts a code.


These little brats didn’t think we would know but they have been hacking all of our account when i first downloaded this i went straight to comments and i saw all the warnings so then i immediately deleted this app but whoever downloaded this delete this IMMEDIATELY unless you want to get hacked also FaceTime and messages technically do the same thing :/ It also steals your personal info from you i think once it contacts your info it knows your account and then it will probably know your other accounts. House party stop pointing fingers! Delete your game! FESS UP gosh. SO HP IF YOU DONT FESS UP SOONER OR LATER YOU’LL GET TAKEN DOWN BYE EVERYBODY WHO KNOWS YOUR LITTLE TRICKS AND SOON EVERYONE WILL KNOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN HACKING PEOPLE AND YOU WILL GET BANNED

- Good app

It was a really fun app at first but after you played all of the games it wasn’t very fun maybe you could add more games and it would be much more enjoyable

- Too many updates

I like the app but for heavens sake stop with all the updates every week. Seems like I’m having to learn how to use it every time I turn it on because it keeps changing with every update!!! Please pump the brakes in the updates already!!!!

- Hacking

I read download the app they hack your account and it has happened to michos

- Timing

It’s slow and it keeps cutting out on me

- No privacy

My friends’ list show to everyone and I cannot hide it.

- So many notifications

I get so many bloody notifications about people I know joining Houseparty. This is not them opening up the app, this is them joining. I get like 20+ notifications a day

- Avis

Télécharger pas cette app!!! je me suis fais hacker mon snap a cause d’eux!!!

- Totally annoyed

I am over sixty years old and when asked by my family yesterday to join this frustrating app I was totally kicked out by either not right password or email!!! So my family said fix my application!!! Nowhere did it allow me!! Then they said ask to be emailed to correct password!! I did many times and after being asked if this is the right email which I obviously said yes!!! Nothing came to me! Needless to say I am not impressed with trying to connect through this way!!

- Hack

J’ai entendu dire que plusieurs personnes se servait de houseparty pour hack les autres applications. Et depuis quelques temps je ne suis plus capable de rentrer dans mon compte snapchat . Pouvez vous m’en dire plus s’il vous plaît. merci

- Do NOT download this app

Downloaded this app and within a week I’ve received multiple notifications for suspicious activity on my accounts.

- Way to laggy

To laggy

- Insane data policy

They literally say that they record everything, and that they own everything that is being said (incl. potential business ideas that come out of a conversation). Crazy!

- Delete

How do I delete this app. It is draining my battery

- Don’t download this app

It’s a cool app until they hacked your Spotify account. Me and my friends used this app for 2 weeks and all of us had our Spotify account hacked. Don’t download it.


They are sending e-mails threatening to steal personal information and to post “pornographic” images and charging $ 1900 to delete. email is written very well and looks very real. DELETE THE APP. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP!!!!

- Hacked

Hacked, don’t use

- Vole

Vole l ip des gens

- Don’t download

Or dont use your email. They hack spotify.

- Fix the privacy.

This would be a great app during isolation if it didn’t give out your personal information😤 I’ve had attempted account hacks on other social media platforms since downloading this app. I’ve never had that issue before it. I’ve since changed passwords, changed the app permissions and deleted altogether. Will not be using✌🏼


Someone I know got their bank account hacked with this app. Over 800$. Be careful.

- This app resulted in my other accounts being hacked

They need to really work on their privacy policy. I am getting scam emails and my other accounts are being hacked

- hack

got hacked 4 accounts related to the email i used for houseparty :)))))

- Data whoring cunts


- Nope

It won’t let me delete my account. Even if I reset my password, it doesn’t work. I sent a mail, but I’m pretty sure I won’t get any answer to this problem. Be careful, I wouldn’t recommend this app.

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House Party Radio

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Ismael Zambada 🇮🇶

Let me just go to this houseparty and get drunk 🙄

❄️🏹 ★ Jordan💚🤍🖤

Also I’ve been growing my hair out lately (half intentionally, half “the hairdresser is closed”, I think it became intentional sometime during the summer) and I was on a Houseparty call with family earlier and they were all like “omigosh your hair is so long” I know


Clubhouse has literally become houseparty, so shambles

Harajuku 🧜🏼‍♂️

Omg y’all im drink pissing in a batjroom at a houseparty rn chile..


Periscope, Houseparty, clubhouse etc. Zoomalis really bring chaos to every app🤣🤣🤣🤣

Olivia Collins

So are we all getting @houseparty again for NYE then or..?

B.Roy 🇬🇭🐐🇨🇮

This is why Houseparty >>>>>>>


i miss start of lockdown when we’d get pissed on houseparty n swiping to join random rooms 😭😭 can we bring it back pls

His Excellency™

Houseparty? Anyone?

Unadventurous MF

Houseparty has voicemail and I be acting out 😂😂

Trish Thomas

@Jessicaebersole Having my family all together on Houseparty.


Novare mall, Lugbe shoprite E choke dieeeeeee It's like the whole lugbe fha, airport road and Gwagwalada with kogi state are having houseparty on the lawn😂😂😂😂

House Party Radio

OnAir Now - HousePartyRadio - Tom Taylor Web - 🎧 Mobile - Apple & Android ⬇️⬇️ Alexa - Alexa enable houseparty radio - Play HousePartyRadio 🔊🔊🔊 #housemusic #housepartyradio #live #bigtunes #anthems #share #like

Midwest Founder

Hey @useRealtime as a black founder, I support the journey 100%. Can you explain how you're different from Houseparty?

Houseparty 1.57.0 Screenshots & Images

Houseparty iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images
Houseparty iphone images

Houseparty (Version 1.57.0) Install & Download

The applications Houseparty was published in the category Social Networking on 2016-01-13 and was developed by Life On Air, Inc [Developer ID: 1065781768]. This application file size is 197.97 MB. Houseparty - Social Networking app posted on 2021-02-15 current version is 1.57.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.herzick.houseparty

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