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“There are plenty of benefits to journaling, whether you take time to write out your full thoughts or just spend a few minutes jotting down the things you're most grateful for every day or lessons you've learned. Five Minute Journal for the iPhone makes this process easy enough to do on the go.” —Lifehacker


The Five Minute Journal is the simplest, most effective way to become happier in 5 minutes a day with a simple journaling format built on proven principles of positive psychology.


• Beautiful, Intuitive Journaling Experience – The Five Minute Journal app has been designed to capture the physical Five Minute Journal experience. Getting around the app is a breeze and adding entries could not be easier. The Five Minute Journal app has been optimized to run smoother and quicker than ever before.

• Timeline View – Quickly access previous journal entries and view short daily excerpts. Tapping on an entry leads to a full day review.

• Photos – Capture and view your magical moments with a daily photo.

• Timeline Photo View – See a photographic timeline view of all your daily photos.

• Daily Quotes & Weekly Challenges – Receive an inspiring quote daily and weekly challenges that can be shared across social media.

• Easy Journal Entry Navigation – Quickly cycle through previous journal entries by swiping right or by tapping on a specific date in calendar view.

• Reminders – Set daily notifications to ensure you never miss a day of journaling.

• Passcode Protection – Keep all your journal entries private with secure passcode protection.

• Backup/Export to PDF – Easily backup/export all your entries to PDF, Dropbox, and more. You have the ability to select a date range or all entries.

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- Honestly the best and worth the money.

You can't put a price on mental wellbeing. I've struggled with horrible depression and anxiety my entire life. Without getting too into it, my husband and I were struggling and even though I take medication that helps, I'm still miserable. I downloaded (6) different 'gratitude journal' apps and disliked them all for a few reasons. Paid for this one, I've only been using it for three days and I love it. It's easily worth the $5 several million times over; no subscription is really cool. The layout and UI makes it easy for even the most depressed folks (like me) to be able to complete this easily and quickly and actually feel better. To me, the little things make this more enjoyable as well. It's easy to type and then press "enter" and it goes to the next number, and it's easy to add a photo. I'd like to be able to add two photos per day but the app is so fantastic the way it is. I usually know within the same day of downloading if I will continue to use an app. This one, I will for sure. Thanks for making it. You're helping people. ♥️

- A great app backed by a great customer support and development team!

This is a such a wonderful app and worth every penny! Not only is the app a convenient way to input and review your journal entries, but their team is there to support you in case a problem arises. I recently reached out to their support team because I lost my entries after updating the app, but it ended up being user error (aka my fault). Patricia was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. She say my issue all the way through to a happy resolution. Because I thought I lost my data, I created a new account and started fresh. After finding out my issue was due to a typo, I asked Patricia if there was a way to merge my accounts. After a day or two, she replied saying the developers were able to merge my accounts and I got both my previous and new journal entries combined into one account. I’m so happy I can continue using the Five Minute Journal app with the peace of mind that my data is there and if I have any additional problems, their team stands by their product!

- Beautiful, simple, effective

Not only do I love the simplicity in the design, but the fact that it takes only a minute to update the entries means this is something I’ll actually use. This app really gets you thinking about the positive things right before you start your day. I recently started cognitive behavioral therapy and one thing I am working on is positive psychology (which I initially thought was super lame and a waste of time). But in just a few weeks, it has brought an awareness to me that has already had a huge impact on my life...this app takes similar concepts of positive psychology and makes it easy/doable to do every day. Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement and this does it. I should also mention that I have downloaded probably 5-10 apps similar to this to compare, but this is by far the best one. Worth the few dollars for sure...also there is no monthly subscription or anything. I refuse to download apps that don’t have an option to just pay once and be done.

- Discover what really matters

Hours in social media watching what you think others value and what you should value. That’s where we are now. Used daily as part of your routine, FMJ will accomplish two things. First, you will feel better if your life. There is no entry in the app for complaints or what what went wrong. Those things are still there- but you will be forced to find the positive every day. Second, over time, you will see themes start to emerge. Mainly these will reveal your values. You will probably find that things matter less than friends and family, and that the little things have a bigger impact on you than the big time social media moments that people post. The layout of this app is simple and intuitive. The display and aggregation features allow reflections and self analysis that are easy to use like a collage of all of your photos and extracts of all of your entries. You’ll find themes that make you happy. It’s so simple yet so powerful.

- Thank you for making this wonderful, easy to use, timeless keepsake, and uplifting activity

My medical doctor could see I was in a rough situation. One of his prescriptions was that I purchase the Five-Minute Journal. He felt it would lessen the pain I was going through, and help me to look on the bright side of things. I went to a bookstore to find it, but they didn’t have it, so I bought a knock off of the five minute journal. It was OK, but it never did what this app is doing for me now.! I use it to center myself, to plan my day, to see the good, and to add momentos and quickly give a sketch of my life. One can easily download their journal entries to a PDF file and more. This app is so easy to use, and it can take very little time to make a daily contribution to a Journal. I love it so much, I’ve already given it to two other people. The price is so reasonable, and is bringing a lot of fun, joy, and comfort to others. Thank you for making such a wonderful app!

- Love it

This is the first time I’ve ever bothered to write a review for an app, but this one is so perfect and helpful I wanted to express my appreciation to the developers. It’s simple, easy, and makes a big difference. I love it. I‘ve been including a “tomorrow’s goals” list in the “what could I have done better” section at the end of the day (so I don’t worry about trying to remember them overnight) - while I’d appreciate having a section for that, I think the fact that it isn’t very modifiable is one of the best things about the app - if it was left up to me, each section would be 50 lines, I’d stress out trying to remember everything, and it would take an hour to write each day. But it only takes a second to fill in 3-5 lines, and there is no stress, but the act of writing things down in an orderly fashion, every day, is very relaxing and it helps me get my responsibilities done more effectively.

- I use it daily

I’ve used this app for several years first thing in the morning and part of my bedtime routine. I find it easy to use, though some days I wish for more than 3 spaces to list my gratitudes for that particular day. I love the simplicity of the list and find myself expanding my writing of a gratitude with more detail and have never run out of space to more fully account something important to me. I experienced a weird glitch that required me to sign in for the first time since I began using this app 3 years ago and panicked when I accidentally created new account and didn’t see my list of entries and photos. Once I figured out my actual sign all is back to normal.A friend who also uses the app had the same sign in request that day. The developer responded to my concern in a timely manner. Thank you for an app that simply and powerfully keeps my gratitude practice alive.

- Not what I expected but probably what I need

I liked that this app has prompts but didn’t anticipate that it didn’t have just a free area for writing random thoughts. But I have ended up liking the prompts. Two things I would change: I would enable the program to show me a list of just affirmations I have collected. Also give me a choice of which answer to show on the timeline. And yes, I would add a section to record additional unprompted thoughts. As it is, I’m using two apps for journaling instead of one. Update: The more I have used this app the more amazing it seems. It is so much easier now to be in a thankful positive frame of mind. It is incredibly easy to use and that makes it easier to use consistently. I STILL with there was an option to see my list of affirmations on their own to see what I’ve said about myself over time.


When you just drop everything, just drop the pride, drop the feeling of hopelessness for one moment, the stubbornness to continue being sad...and you just give these logs a chance, it really changes things. I won't detail my exact position, but I'm doing things everyday to just survive, and this was actually one of my first steps in truly dedicating my time and power into getting better and its has helped SOOOO much. You start to see the details and the little or huge value in different things, start realizing what things are better than you thought, whether that be things around you or how you see yourself or other people...anything. The app is really helping me change my life !!! also the one-time purchase is soooo tight !! Makes me feel like they really care c:

- Wonderful, life changing

I’ve been using this app for only two weeks and it helps me tame my morning / evening anxiety. It’s been a rather rough couple of months, and I genuinely feel like this app has begun to change my life in the past 2 weeks. Every morning I wake up with anxiety (as I have for the past few months) and then before it can flare up I pull out this app to journal and write my daily affirmation - I’m strong, kind, smart, and I can do it! It completely changes my perspective on the day and even my confidence in myself, and it helps me keep a grip on my anxiety and self doubt. I also love the daily pictures function - it’s fun to look for something nice to take a picture of every day and I really enjoy looking back on entries to remind myself of fun times :) Thank you so much for this app!

- Simple yet elegant

Quick, easy, effective. The most brilliant products are often the simplest, and this one of them. This is an excellent solution for those who wish to journal but perhaps have neither the time, patience, or penmanship for traditional journaling. The morning & evening entries are all subtle exercises in positive thinking, designed to help you approach the day in a cheerfully motivated frame of mind & end it on a positive note. I was rather skeptical of this approach until I experienced positive results from it myself. Now I highly recommend this app without reservation and tip my hat to the makers. Well done! Thank you for adding the cloud syncing feature - I was able to import my journal entries from my previous phone and they have become a valuable time capsule of special memories.

- Works well for me

I’m not really a journaler. I have many apps that I’ve tried over the years, and while they are very robust, I’ve always been the weak link. I just don’t keep up with the journals. This app narrows the focus to specific questions, and you can further reduce the scope in the settings to just morning or eve, and limit the questions at those times. I’m currently only answering the daily gratitude question (and only requiring myself to answer 1), and that’s really helped. I plan to add in more questions after I have some consistency and practice, but it’s been several weeks of daily entries, so we are headed the right direction. The interface is great and conducive to using the app-visually pleasing and simple. Works well for me.

- Perfect; well almost!

The app is incredible and very easy to use. I needed something like this to get me to journal without feeling like it's a chore. And who likes to carry around a journal and try to keep it private? With this app its always with me and I can set a password to open it. I can take a pic which is incorporated into my journal entry and then prompts steer me to completion in less than 5 mins. The almost perfect...At this time I don't think the journal will switch/flip to landscape view when you turn your IPAD---so when I use my bluetooth keyboard which mounts my IPAD in landscape---the app will open but remain in a locked position which forces me to remove my IPAD and turn it so the home button is at the bottom.

- Really good, a couple things could be better

This app is a brilliant idea. In the past I used to journal long form, but I just don’t have the bandwidth for that right now. I’m in therapy and have often thought that journaling would be helpful. I get an insight, and I just want to write it down without making a big deal of it. So having a shored entry journal that prompt you seemed perfect. There are a couple things I wish that were different. First, although I allowed notifications, the reminders are not working for me. Second, I wish there was one more section available that was just labeled “Notes” or something. I don’t mind having the prompts, but maybe I want to write something that isn’t relevant to those prompts. It would be so easy just to add a freeform section.

- Best App!

This app has been a game changer for me. Last year I tried to start a gratitude journal but just didn’t stick with it. While I was using it I really did feel better and had a different outlook on my life though so I wanted to try again and look for an app to help me. This app is so easy to use and keeps me focused. It’s a quick 5 min entry which sets my mind right in the morning and evening. I also quit posting anything on Facebook recently to maintain my privacy but I find posting photos on this app is a good substitute and while I don’t share my journal I still get to look back at my photo memories and remember special days. Thank you so much for making it. This is exactly what I needed!

- New life.

I love this app. It helped me to become consistent with my gratitude daily. Before it was sporadic; me thinking about how thankful I was for my life. Now? I do it every single day. And, not only that, I now focus on what I want for my life and in my life. And I focus on things I can do daily to change my life. And it works. I get up every day happy and thankful. I go to bed with peace of mind knowing that all is well. FMJ helps me reflect on my day. It helps me accept the things I couldn’t control and to change the things that I can. No more worry. No more pain. No more fear of the future. FMJ keeps me grounded in this present moment. FMJ was the best thing that I’ve ever spent money on. THANK YOU!!!!!!

- For your health and...

This action alone, of writing down what ur thankful for...what ur grateful for, could save ur life! It’s proven. I myself notice that I calm down from all that makes me anxious, but also notice that my anger and hate towards things that surface when life gets really hard, disappears. How can we harbor those terrible feelings when we are finding gratitude in our days? Yes, that’s the antidote for pain...try it! What a world we’d live in if everyone did this daily! We wouldn’t have to turn on the news to see the violence perpetrated by sad and lonely people perhaps if they could find peace. I know it might not be that simple. But I believe it is! Write your peace.

- Minimal time, meaningful impact

I’m grateful to the dear friend who introduced me to this during a low time in my life. It has helped me start/end the day feeling more centered, reflective, and grateful. I love several things about it, chief among them: daily photo option; the fact that you don’t feel pressured to carve out a ton of time to check this off your to-do list; and that there’s (seemingly) no character limit for the text fields. I’ve kept my responses in the app brief, anyway, but the mere absence of a “character countdown” is refreshing. Great work to the team who developed this resource and made it accessible by offering it at a very affordable price point. Thank you.

- A Journal for Every Day

I have repeatedly tried to keep a brief journal of positive affirmations of my day - both on paper and on my phone. I always have great intentions that seem to pass away after a few weeks. However, this app has solved that issue for me. It asks me a few specific questions every day that have really made me think about what is positive in my life, with the goal of continual improvement. Some days I write a lot, some days not so much, but I have stayed with it. After all, my phone is always with me and the app is easy to use. I've also started keeping the daily photo, which is a great feature.

- No way to create your own prompts

I decided to try this app because I wanted to focus on gratitude. This one had high reviews but I'm still not sure why this app needs to be $4.99. Aside from being able to upload a photo, there are no options to update the prompts or write in your own. As a result, it becomes a glorified excel sheet to house your thoughts. I think it should give you the opportunity to either swap phrasing on the main questions presented or give you the option to add one or two more personalized statements to track. For example, if you are in a relationship, you could you add something like: Were you your best self as a partner today? That way, whatever is also important to you gets tracked. Otherwise, I am enjoying the app.

- Helps Focus My Retirement

I find I’m busier now that I’m retired and doing what really makes me happy. The 5-minute journal is slowly becoming a habit for me and that’s a really good thing. I’m more positive each morning, I take care of me and move on to “becoming immortal” as this morning’s quote pointed out by helping to make others happy. I’m more observant of what’s going on around me and more satisfied at the end of each day. I’m more hopeful for tomorrow. I find that I’m getting more rest and getting healthier in the process. This is good stuff and it just takes a spoonful of discipline each day; nothing time-consuming just 5 minutes.

- It’s almost perfect.

For me, this is nearly the perfect journal app. Quick prompts that allow you to be grateful and mentally prepare for your day in the morning whilst also allowing you to reflect in the evening. The picture a day is also something I greatly enjoy. I’ve found a habit in making it a point to take a picture each day of something that catches my interest or means something to me. How fun to be able to look back on your life with a picture a day and a constant reminder to be present in your daily life. It’s been mentioned in so many reviews and it seems the developers don’t intend to add it... however, the only thing this app is missing to me is the option to freeform journal. Though I do understand that the journal is different, I dislike that I have to use a different app entirely to capture those thoughts. There must be some way to fit a free form option in the current user interface in an unobtrusive way. I would even happily pay .99 to 2.99 to unlock it as an added feature. First time journal users, this is the one you’re looking for.

- An app that reminds you of what Apple used to be...

This is a luxury brand feeling application, while at the same time being innovative and upgrading the “same ‘ol journal” in ways you didn’t even know you needed or wanted. We all used to say that about Apple with our smartphones. Even though I may have a difficult saying it about the phone, apps like these renew that sense of hope that things will get better for iOS land one day soon. Well done developers. User interface is beautiful, user experience is easily understood, and features are simplistically amazing. Well done.

- 5 Stars!!

This app deserves the greatest rating. I have been using the 5 Minute Journal on and off for 2 years. I find myself feeling more positive, mindful, and balanced when I use it regularly. When I go days without using it.. things are really put into perspective for me! I have learned from experience how important practicing gratitude is for me to live a productive and healthy lifestyle. Thank you for such a simple yet creative way to really process the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, while being mindful of the little blessings of that come with being alive.

- Love it! A couple features I wish it had..

I love this app, I’ve had a hard time finding a good photo journal app and this one is clean, easy to use and I love that you can add a photo- some times though it’s really hard to just choose one photo to sum up an entire day and I really wish you could add more photos to swipe through (like on Instagram- up to 10) and also it would be so great if you could export the content in a printable format (like a pdf) I think it would be so fun to have a booklet with all my entries. I would totally pay to have these features as it would make it so much more valuable to me.

- Great phone app

I tried keeping journals for years. Sometimes I journal but then I stop. Usually I would journal to vent about what was going wrong. I love this new journal. I saw the nice bound one and I love nice paper and pens but I wondered if they had a phone app. Sure enough they do. It is easy fill in the blank and I get reminders day and night to fill it in. I think becuz I have my phone w me and becuz you literally can just fill in a few blanks, I have been able to continue. And hopefully as research says, writing about my gratitude twice daily will make for happier daily living.

- An app so good I’m motivated to write my first review

I have used the paper version of the five minute journal for years now, and decided to try the app. I was very hesitant to spend the money as I was worried the app wouldn’t have the same feel as putting pen to paper each morning and evening, but with fabulous and simple layout plus the addition of a photo each day, I think it’s even better. It’s much cheaper then the paper version, always with me, sends me reminders AND fits well into a minimalist lifestyle. Thank you for this wonderful app!

- A blessing to my life

I rarely review apps or products, but this app deserves a good review. I have owned it for many years, but in the last 3 months I have been very intentional about using it and it has blessed my life. I love looking back at the pictures of my days and seeing what I was grateful for. It has built a habit of gratefulness into my life which has put me so at ease. I struggle with anxiety and this has helped me end the day and go to sleep thinking of the positives in my life instead of dwelling on the things I can’t control. Thank you!

- Still Needs Work

The concept is good but the app seems rough yet. I have an ipad air and when the app opens for the day I would expect the default be for it to open to today’s date and to display the quote of the day. It does not open in this manner and the qoute of the day is not readily available. Also I would like the ability to order the fields and even to change the questions in the fields. The app opens in the morning with spaces for things for which I am grateful. In the morning I am only grateful for coffee. For myself I would like to see the question in the evening. I did email the developers with one of my comments but never heard back. I could not recommend this app at this time.

- It's Better Than The Book, But Not Better Than The Book!

I love this app because it does everything the book does for your thoughts and focus on gratitude and it's also easy to include a daily photo journal - that is a big plus. The calendar feature is great too. However, if you are wanting to "unplug" in your life - there is no substitute for the pen and paper feel of writing your Five Minute Journal and flipping the actual paper pages back and forth! Both are great products by Intelligent Change.

- A good app that with a few tweaks could be great.

I’ve just begun using the app, it’s simplicity makes it very user friendly. I give it a 4 out of 5 rating because the functions are so basic that I feel it limits my ability to express what I feel in writing. It would be nice to be able to italicize or bold text when I’d like. It would also be nice to hit “Enter” and start another line within the same text box versus “Enter” automatically taking you to the next text box. These are little things that would make a big difference to me, personally.

- Perfect for me

This journal is so easy to use and I love that I can type directly into the app. I don’t have to worry about losing a notebook or having someone else read my entries. It’s easy to include a picture or go back if you forgot to write an entry. The topics are right on point. Gratitude is something that I want to practice daily. I appreciate the way the daily entries are set up. At the end of the day you can also review your day and write what could have made it better. Try this app. You’ll be pleased too.

- Making it a habit is important!

I’ve owned this journal for a month now and the work it takes to open up to share your experiences is difficult, if you’re an introvert like myself. The notifications actually deterred me from writing everyday and I thought that they would help me write everyday. The unique idea behind this is that it’s ok to have some blank spots in your journal, but it really makes me want to be better to highlight the good things that happened and the improvements that I could make. I wish I would have purchased a paper copy!

- Best money spent in a LONG time

Excellently designed & well run app. (Having come to the conclusion there's no privacy on my phone/devices,) I'm so grateful (!) that this app uses the most encouraging excerpts of what I write to be visible on my retrospective log. Extraordinarily helpful & I was pits-ed out when I started using this a week ago. I usually wait before reviewing but if this will help even ONE person benefit from getting this, then great! It gets me focused, mindful-not woo-woo, but in very positive constructive way (with zero performance pressure). Love it!!

- Increases gratitude and positive thoughts

If you discipline yourself to use it daily your outlook on life and situations is much more positive. I really like that this is a journal and I can look back over the three or more years I’ve used this and relive joy. Although, my first year with this app I cared for my ex during cancer and his subsequent death I recorded many good memories of him and my two young children’s lives despite grieving and going through a harrowing experience. The specifics and simplicity of this app support a grateful mindset.

- Simple, powerful, gratitude.

There is no long start up. No explanation needed to get you to a place where you can journal. It is a perfectly simple download and start the five minute process of journaling in the morning and in the evening. It takes me less time to journal than it does to respond to my group texts and I ACTUALLY feel good about the minutes I spend doing it. I think about my intentions the the day and follow through with them. Its not a “nice-to-have” app, it’s a vital reclamation of my happiness.

- For the person who wants to journal but never has time

As a full time care taker for my grandmother, This app helped me get through some of my worst days. There is not a lot of time on your hands when you are caring for elderly and your own family- I needed this to keep me grounded and sane during some of our hardest days. Thank you 5-Minute Journal for being easy to apply in my “spare” time (what little I had). This app and my Bible were essential tools to keep me focused on the good in the midst of suffering.

- Game changer!

5 minute journal is perhaps my favorite app of all time. I have been doing gratitude lists on and off for almost 10 years, and although the powerful positive effects were obvious with a simple pen and pad, I have struggled w/ consistency. This thing gives me a friendly reminder every morning to write my gratitude list, and another in the evening to review my day. Everyone I’ve recommended it to has given me huge thanks for the suggestions. Worth the $5 for sure !!

- Exactly what I needed

Dealing with addiction, depression, and anxiety is very rough indeed... But this is the first app I’ve actually been able to stick with for journaling that I’ve heard so often can really help. Lo and behold.. it really has made a noticeable difference in just over a month, and the benefits are only becoming stronger and more noticeable! The UI and the short suggestions are perfect for me, since I’m a man of few words, and it doesn’t require a Megillah from me each day. Perfectly balanced for me!

- Love it!

I have a record of my days for several years now. I love being here, I really love having (or finding later) a picture of the day. I spill out my heart or I just enter the facts, the details or the to do list. Either way, I like doing it because I live coming back to it later. Did I mention how much I love the pictures. I love scrolling through them; it takes me back and it shows me where I’ve been and where I’m going.

- Lovely app for some many reasons.

This is my first app review, ever. I’ve been using this app for about 5 months now and it helps generate gratitude, set reasonable daily goals and space for reflection at the end of the day. Sometimes I’ll check back in during the middle of the day to re-center my focus on my goals. Its also a great way to collect memories. I’ve enjoyed clicking back through past days to recall what’s been good in my life. The daily quotes are nice too.

- A rewarding, easy-to-use app

I’ve used the 5-Minute Journal for more than 2 years. Takes maybe a minute to list a few things I’m grateful for—no long essays, just time enough to get my head on straight for the day. I particularly love the photo component. I can look back at the many things that have captured my gratitude over the years. A friend, a cat, fireworks, whatever it was that took me out of the hustle and bustle of the day. Highly recommended!

- Haven’t missed a day in 2 years!

This app makes it so easy to jot down a few things to remember each day. I have never succeeded at journaling until I discovered this app. Writing down things I am grateful for at the beginning of the day has made my life better. I love that you can customize the options you want to have. The only thing I would really like is to be able to somehow print into a hardcover book.

- A good app is one I actually use...

...and this is one I really enjoy. I love that it doesn’t force you into doing anything, and even if I go weeks without entering anything I don’t feel guilty! The way it’s laid out it only focuses on the positive. It’s easy to go back and add or edit, and any time I’m feeling out of sorts, a quick glance at the overview of my history reminds me instantly how much I have to appreciate about my life. There are a couple of enhancements I’d like to see added: • Would love to be able to edit the headings so I could adjust the wording to what would be most meaningful to me. • Would like to be able to add to the number of entries per heading - some days I’ve had more than 3 amazing things occur, for instance! • Would like to have the ability to highlight which of today’s entries I’d like to show under my daily photo in the overview.

- Love this app

This app really opens your eyes about where your time goes! I love using it and it’s gps tracking is pretty specific. It can tell the difference between mine and my sisters house even though we live in the same apartment complex. It made me realize the amount of time I spend at home doing nothing. I used to think I didn’t have any free time, now I can see that I have tons of time. I just wasn’t doing anything with it.

- Love this so much

Short and sweet, just 2 days in and it’s making my 2020 that much better! It has every function I want compared to other journaling apps. The only thing I wish is the design could have an option to switch to white background, or allow us to customize a color scheme. Afterall it is our personal journal :) it would be even better to have a very minimalist UI overall so that the day vs night can be more obviously divided with also a more legible font.

- This journal app nails it!

I’ve struggled to keep journaling for a long time, and I’ve had the best luck with the physical 5 minute journal, but even that is sitting half full because I don’t have it with me all the time. This app takes the ease of the journal and adds the convenience of always having it with you, as well as simple reminders in the morning and evening to fill out your entries. It’s a bargain compared to the physical one, and more convenient!

- Most Meaningful Daily Act

I have been using the 5-minute Journal since October 2017. This has engrained in me how to put myself in a positive state of mind, frame my day for success and stay grounded in my core beliefs. Any day I don’t use it is a day that seems to slip through hour glass of time without the meaningful gains I accomplish otherwise. If you are looking for a positive, self-accountability method then I highly recommend this app. Thank you 5-minute journal team!

- Keep coming back for more

I hardly ever write reviews, but this app deserves it. This app is so beautiful, well thought-out, and keeps me coming back to write and reflect. There is no other gratitude or journaling all that does this for me - and in fact, no other app that I wholeheartedly enjoy opening two to three times a day. It's my safe little haven, and it has encouraged me to be better and to foster more self-love. Thank you!!

- Bought it and can’t even open the app

I bought this app with high hopes. After download, it requires the user to Sign Up, Continue with Facebook or Log In. Since I don’t already have an account and do not wish to link the app to Facebook in any way, I attempted to sign up. The page is simple and It asks for an email address and password. Each time I entered the required information and clocked the “sign up” button I got a message that read “Whoa. Request failed. Try again.” 👀 There is no indication of what went wrong or who to contact to trouble shoot the issue. Links through the app to the developer website timeout and do not transfer to any website. It took major searching to figure out the developer, find the mobile app link and find the email address to request assistance. Seriously?!?! This product will stay at one star until someone can help me get into the program. And it will not rise above 3 until the support links are addressed. Disappointed.

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- Every day without fail

This journal has really changed my life. I’ve been using it since 2014 and I absolutely adore flicking back through my diaries and app to see what I was grateful for at that time and my wishes and how they’ve come true. I really notice my day is not so good when I don’t start it with gratitude certainly changed my life. Thank you

- Good app wish there was more

Good app. Gets me in a routine of writing in it twice daily. Makes me excited to write an entry in. Easy to use and I like the daily quotes. I also like that you can turn on notifications so you can be reminded to write an entry otherwise I would totally forget and probably not use it. Only thing I wish was there was more to it. Maybe more questions or just notes so you can sort of journal more. Other than that I am very happy with the app! 🙂☀️

- Love it! (And I never write reviews)

It’s beautifully simple and helps you easily practice gratitude. I started to use it when I was depressed and it absolutely helped to lift me out of depression and change my daily mindset to focus on the positive things more. I’m on a better path now thankfully! I recommend it to everyone.

- What a fantastic App

This little beauty is my favourite of all my apps. Recording my gratitudes, giving focus for the day, and celebrating my wins, both in words and photos. What an incredible journal of my day, week and like focused on successes. Thank you guys

- Amazing

This is actually amazing. It is quick and easy to use and makes me feel good every morning and night when I fill out the questions

- Gratitude = happiness

I love this app. I recommend to everyone. Just had a look through my timeline: affirmation was ‘I am going to get what I want’, first amazing thing that happened was ‘I GOT THE F****** JOB!!!!!’ so there...affirmations = reality.

- Helpful

Great way to stop and think about what you can be grateful for; there is so much when you take time to appreciate

- An app to change your life!

A positive change to my life. This app really motivates me and gets me to a much better and brighter place in life. Thanks!!!

- Can't take photo

On iOS 11 crashes when taking a photo. App feedback feature doesn't work (send button disabled). I don't have Mail installed, I use Outlook

- Loving it!!

Such an easy to use, beautiful app. It puts none in a great Fran e of mind every day. Everyone should use it! I’ve referred so many friends.

- Great tool for setting daily affirmations and goals

Very easy to use and follow the action steps first thing in the morning

- Sunflower

I love this app. I use this app almost everyday; it makes me feel great. Such a beautiful reminder of how wonderful life is.

- Too expensive for what it does!

I heard about this App while in training so I bought it with high expectations but it came out too “flat”, I didn’t really feel it helped me much if at all and within a few days I silenced it and then deleted it.

- Not What I Expected

It is not a journal where you can record your days happenings. It is 3 things i am grateful for, 3 amazing things that happened. how could I have made today better. I wanted an app that I could enter what happened during the day and there is no room for this. I think it is overpriced for what I got.

- Perfect for a man

Never been One for a writing. This has given me a great way to improve my mind space.

- Brilliant and lightweight

A very well thought out and designed journaling app. Highly recommended.

- Please add a section where I can write about my day

I purchased this app thinking it was a journal with a space for me to write about my day. An option for a title entry would also be great. Other than that it’s a beautiful looking app.

- Great app

I really love this app. Just an easy way to feel good. Everyone should have it.

- Very useful app

Great App, as they say a toothbrush for the mind, and a wonderful photo library of your life

- Love this app

Couldn’t recommend this more! It’s life changing ❤️👌

- Simple but effective

published science behind the benefits of keeping a gratitude journal are solid

- Daily gratitude

Love this app - so simple and easy - and keeps me grounded and grateful

- Love the idea but my posts delete as soon as I write them

All my posts keep disappearing as soon as I make them it’s so frustrating


Life. Changer.

- Too many ‘amazings’

The ‘amazing’ description makes this useful app seem targeted for teenagers. I am tempted to add ‘absolutely’. A trivial tool.

- Love you Mimi, Alex and Alexa

I love the app. It works for my life and the daily reminders help me keep on track.

- Not usable at all.

Keyboard obscuring entry page sill a problem. Not usable at all. Very disappointing. Zero star rating if available. Waste of money.

- Nice but...

Nice app but I can’t use my Apple Pencil, could be better

- User friendly and it works

I've switched to 5 minute journal after using a paper-based journal of similar nature. Both are really good however I find I'm attending to my journal practice more by having the journal on my phone. I resisted at first thinking I preferred to put pen to paper, but practice timing minimalism I hate having "stuff". Putting a paper based journal away when ppl visit means that sometimes I'd forget to get it back out and then out of site out of mind and my practice was interrupted. I've found the morning and evening reminders helpful to keep me accountable to my practice of journaling and gratitude. I like how I can add images to make entries more powerful. Great app!

- Better than the real thing

I used to use the 5 minute journal in book form, coupled with daily meditation, I really felt it changed how I looked at the world and myself. For that I'll always be grateful to the practice. Transitioning to the app has been pretty smooth, with the added convenience of being able to look over my journal entries anywhere. Only request is to add icloud so phone upgrades etc retains our journal. Thank you for the great work

- Great App

I've used the 5 minute Journal now for a while, but inconsistently as it may be in my bag or I have to go searching for it first thing in the morning. The app takes this problem away. My phone is always by my bed, so I can complete my Journal first thing and last thing and I don't forget. To get the most out of the process you need to be consistent, this allows me to be consistent. I would have rated it five stars if it had a notes section the physical journal allows you to write your location other observations. This unfortunately can't be done in the app

- Thankful

I'm so so grateful for this app. I don't buy many apps but The concept was simplistic yet more than practical for my lifestyle. I've only used it for a week now, however hope to keep in the rhythm of journaling with the five-minute app. I was big on physically writing down but I found that to do it daily it wasn't always convenient. I now combine the two interchangeably and feel a lot more sound mentally as well as productive. Thanks guys

- Digital 5 minute journal rocks!

This app is great! I love the reminders and daily quotes. I haven't really used the photo option much but like that it is there to add life to my journal. My wife and I have been doing the 5 minute journal in our own journals because it would have cost about $100 AUD with postage to Australia. For $7 AUD this is a simple choice 🙂

- Excellent!

I love the five minute journal! It's nice that it helps you to focus on the positive instead of always being negative. It really only takes 5 minutes or less and it helps you to express gratitude. I recommend this app! Also, I love how you can add a photo for each day. It's nice so then you can look back in the future. I would like the psychical version of the journal more, but for now I'm sticking with the app. 😊

- Simple perfection

I ordered the hard copy but while I waited the app came out - and I haven't looked back. It's perfectly set out, photos are a great feature as are the reminders. The advantage is my phone and therefore the app is with me 24/7 which means I have no excuses to journal, even when travelling!

- Amazing!!

Love it! I've been a user of the hard copy of the 5 minute journal for a year now and I'm happy to say I prefer the app. You can add photos and it even sends you reminders which I love because you can forget to write things down sometimes!!


Honestly, This app is really good. It has helped me with motivation and success. However, I do wish it had a place where you could write a paragraph that summarises your day, and how it went. Other than that this app is amazing, and I would really recommend it! Xx

- Best journal app ever!

I have been through a few journal apps and this is the best so far. It gets you focusing on the important things. And make you reflect on your goals for the day and how you went at the end of the day.

- V good app, could of tweaks could make it even better.

Neat, clean, nice user interface. I used the (physical) journal before this but it's much easier with the app. The only advantage with the actual journal is that you can write as much as you want, add notes, log more than 3 things... having that facility in the app would make it perfect for me.

- Replaced my paper journal!

Love the experience of the 5 minute journal app! Adding the pictures to each day's entry is awesome - plus the daily reminder at the start and end of each day is very handy! Start your gratitude practice today 😊

- Excellent.

I've been using the book but I'm travelling at present and have switched to the app. Not sure I'll be able to go back to paper. So easy to use. Love being able to add a daily photo.

- Love it

Easy to use and great for getting your focus on a positive track. Also love being able to review the previous entries and photographs. It's interesting what is significant in your life and this app tracks it well 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Easy to use, great tool!

I am really happy with the Five Minute Journal app. Having seen how great the hard copy journal was I am so pleased that they have created an electronic version. Simple to use and love that I can upload a daily photo.

- Simple, Easy & Effective

I've only been using this App for 10 days. Nonetheless, for the first time ever, I've managed to write an entry every single day as the App is so easy to use! It is an excellent App for beginners in journaling / scribing!

- Clean, crisp & minimalist.

Love the daily quotes & they're easy to share with Instagram. Reminders to set goals & intentions in the morning, then record & reflect in the evening. Simple & effective way of journaling, showing gratitude & keeping a visual journal (1 photo/day).

- Deliberate!

Great concept that reminds you of the important things and allows you to remember/reflect on the little positive things that may otherwise be drowned out in the white noise of everyday life.

- Time out to reflect and make intentions

A simple place for thoughtfulness and creativity. I have been using this for almost a week and am enjoying the ritual of gentle planning and appreciation.

- Fantastic app

So easy & fits in so well with The Happiness Advantage. A truly positive thing we can do to makes our lives happier & thus those around us. Like the customisation of what shows.

- A great start and end to the day

Love this little app, it gets your head in the right place when you start and finish the day.

- Wish I could add more photos to a day

Gorgeous app. Easy to use. Wish it allowed me to add more photos to each day. I appreciate the simplifying our day, but in 24 hrs, sometimes you can have more than one magical moment.

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- Amazing!

Keeps you looking at the bright side of life and nourishes a growth mindset. I love getting to take a pic everyday. Keeps me looking all day for inspiration, or something about the world around me that brings me joy!

- Selfie

Would be great to be able to switch between front and rear cameras.

- 5 Minute Journal Changed My Life

I love this app. Although I truly just wanted to buy the hardcover journal, I couldn’t afford it at the time. I’ve had this app for 2+ years now. I try to use it mostly everyday, and when I don’t I know my day just isn’t right. It’s an easy app to use, just like a journal, each page is dedicated to a day, where it asks you simple questions of reflection. It provides reminders to fill it out and pictures that have become a collage of journal photos redecorates to each day. It also offers a daily quote that triggers inspiration, love and happiness. At one point I began to write down my thoughts and just followed the outline as it has an affect of changing your mood slightly more than just using the app. Get this as a gift for yourself and I would recommend gifting it to someone else who needs a little more light in their life.

- Love it!

Thought I would hate not having an actual journal, but I love it! I can actually write in it in the morning with no light in the room and my husband sleeping. It reminds me at 8 pm to write in it again (I would probably forget otherwise). The function to add a photo of the day is really fun too - I don’t always use it but it’s fun to add something interesting when the day has had something to photograph.

- 5 minute journal

Awesome! Changed my energy in 1 second!

- My favourite app!

I’ve been using this app for about three years now and I’m absolutely in love. I love looking back at old entries and I find making an entry when I’m having a bad day always boosts my mood

- Awesome! Almost perfect

I love this journal! I pretty much can't live without it now. My one request: add scribble support! I would love to write my entries using my iPad and Apple Pencil!

- Love it!

This has made journaling so easy, I can do it in just a few minutes wherever I am. I like how we can attach an image to each day. It creates a nice visual story

- Can you make multiple notifications an option?

I like this app and I have had it for about a week. Is it possible to have the app remind me to complete it two or three times? That would really help v

- Amazing App

Love this app. Have been using it for over a year now. Wondering if it might be possible to put out an upgrade with spots for more than 3 things your grateful for each day? Has been great for getting used to journaling and gratitude but would be nice if you could continue growing with it (although I know it is 5 minutes). Great job either way!

- Keeping me grounded

Loving this app. I started with the book but the app allows me to express my gratitude in real time without bringing the book. It keeps me grounded in gratitude.

- Perfect for me!

Love this app, it is simple and effective. Love the photo feature and quotes of the day.

- The app is a good version of the book journal. I loved the journal.

However having troubles with NOTIFICATIONS, that I’m not getting notifications or reminders for entries. I have updated the settings and made sure notifications are properly set up. Don’t know what the problem could be.

- Some small improvements

I love this app and have a small suggestion for improvement. It would be great to be able to click on the calendar to open a new day’s entry. I find navigating to a new day rather unintuitive.


Love this app. So easy to use.

- Great simple app

Been using it often and that says a lot

- Capture Life

I love that this journal has created snapshots of life! It is so cleaver and easy

- Sharing to ig stories

Would be great if we could share the daily quotes directly to ig stories.

- Perfect

The only reason I’m giving a 4 star is that there is no apple watch app for this yet. Otherwise this is the best!

- Essential to My Daily Practice

I love love love my Five Minute Journal! ✍🏼 Every morning, it’s one of the first things I do to ensure I begin each day with a positive, growth mindset - and every evening it’s the last thing I do so I can reflect on opportunities to grow. I love looking back on my entries, and photos, and how they’re always in sync across all my devices.

- Effective Daily Tool

Love this app. Been using it for years and it is one of the easiest tools to bring gratitude into your day immediately.

- Awareness at its best!

I purchased the hard cover journal about a year ago and I’ve now switched to the app. With the option to add images to your day, I find that memories become even more vivid and allow to really go back in time and relive the moments. It’s an awareness method that I’ve found so helpful over time and one that allows the user only to do the hard work.

- Great Journal App

Awesome...can commit to this easier then a written journal

- Thank you

Good app if you actually keep up with it and do what it suggests

- Invest in yourself!

So happy they’ve turned this into an app! Worth the $ for sure!

- Need more notifications

The app is good but if I was able to see how many days I have missed with a number notification, that would encourage me to focus more on doing my journal.

- Amazing

Great way to focus on positive in your life. Have been using it for years. Love everything about it including their inspirational emails and customer service has been amazing.

- The app costs 4.99 and I was charged 27.57

Please review the app and contact me to refund me please.

- New compatibility with iPad Pro is superb

I love being able to move between my iPhone and iPad to write in the gratitude journal. Thank you so much!!!

- Boring

I’ve been waiting for the update that enables users to add customer lines. Until that update comes, this app is useless. I will continue using Grid Diary for now.

- Do not recommend

Do not recommend for the price. Boring and repetitive. Completely uninspiring after day 1. Just another alert on my phone and another thing I have to do.

- Better than the trend setting book!

I’ve used the book form for years and bought many for clients and friends alike. The app is just as great and even more powerful and convenient!

- Fast, simple, and effective

Love this journal, helps me zoom in on positive things in my life and it’s not overdone and drawn out like some other journals. 👌🏽

- I like it

I like this app but personally had a hard time committing to the same set of questions every single day. But it does make me think more positive and helps me reflect on my day.

- Seems good

I wish they add a space for regular entries or The possibility to create other line

- Great Daily Practice

This app. is super convenient which makes me look forward to using it. The use of different senses is wonderful, a great way to anchor the feeling of gratitude.

- A must for the self aware

So good

- Amazing !

I like it simple and easy to track. I’ve always never thought that will be helpfull to writting in a gratude journal. I like this app version, it’s easier, tree-friendly and you can add pictures like an album full of memories 🙌🏼

- Grateful

Great app to keep you on track with your happiness

- The habit that creates Joy

Joy and happiness is created through the habit and routine of everyday life. The 5 minute journal is a key part of that routine in that it helps you focus on being grateful and prioritize your day before it starts!

- Un compagnon de route

On a hâte d’écrire en début de journée. Et on a hâte d’écrire en fin de journée. Une application qui me permet de tenir un journal coûte que coûte, sans excuse et qui me suis partout. Plus qu’un journal papier car photo du jour et un format des plus pratique.

- 5 minute investment

This app has been really life changing by helping me get centred in the morning, anchored through the day and prompts mindfulness and reflection at bedtime. I like the photo option.

- 5 Minute Breakthrough

I find myself actually using this app! It delivers a seamless experience that makes it a pleasure to use.

- Fallen From Grace

Hello, I did love this app and referred many of my friends and family to it as well. At some point, it signed me out and I cannot get it. When I try to reset my password it won’t work, I tried signing in with Facebook, email etc and nothing works anymore. Unfortunate because I had saved pictures etc and enjoyed using this app. Also, I emailed the support team and never received a response.

- No cloud syncing. No iPad view.

While I could use a notebook or some other iPad note taking app, I bought this because it had password protection. It’s a nice-looking app but because it doesn’t fill the iPad screen properly, typing is awkward and unenjoyable.

- Simple start and end or middle

This short daily message to one’s self is so simple that it boggles one’s mind. At first I thought it was too simple but then one begins to grow in what they are thinking and feeling based on Previous writings. Give yourself a chance with this one. I have it on my phone and therefore it is not just a morning/evening, but a whole day experience. One can add to it, what a concept! Let you mind, feelings and positivity free!!!!

- Easier with baby

I love the 5 minute journal. I have the paper copy but since having a child I no longer had the opportunity to pull it out. Having the app is super convenient! I can be grateful during my nightly dream feeds. I look forward to doing my entries. :)

- Elegant simplicity

This app achieves it's purpose with a minimum amount of effort. No more, no less. Worth the money paid.

- Everyday!

Life changing app 10/10 would reccomend🙌

- Missing key features

The app is simple and great but PLEASE add a feature to allow everyone to modify the date of an entry.

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- Gratitude

Being grateful and appreciative to start and end my day has sparked a new found respect and fulfillment in life. I’m not taking time to slow down and reflect on what my day has given me the opportunity to be thankful for, which seems like such a woo-woo thing, but the benefits from being grateful far exceed the 10-15 mins a day I take to update what I’m thankful for. Thank you creators and innovators of 5 minute journal to create this platform!

- Reshaped

It has reshaped my life. It literally has made me be grateful for every little thing even though it may not be something positive. It has made me look at problems as challenges, and made me appreciate how people impact me versus what they can do for me. Which is a shift from transactional relationships to deeper ones. When I don’t remember to write down or verbalize my gratitude I can tell the difference in my conscious thoughts Great work

- Love the app. Couple feature requests

On the affirmations. Can you make those bullets as well and allow for the return key to go to the next line. Could you add a section for Other or Beliefs. I would like to write a little more. It could be an on off toggle to add so it doesn’t show up right away but you can turn it on if you want to write more. It feels a little too short right now

- Thank You!

This app ROCKS! I had been wanting to journal but never made time for it or knew where to do so with is being an electronic world. I have a WordPress but it seems a little overwhelming so I've only used it a few times and was left at a list of what to write. This prompts me of what to reflect on. It's the perfect app if you've ever read The Magic, it allows you to do what you're taught in the book!

- Hoping for an answer

Really REALLY was happy with this App. Just went in to record some of my thoughts after not utilizing this App for quite awhile & low & behold all my past writings ....many...are missing - NOTHING!!! It was as if I had never used the 5Journal App previously!!! I wanted to record some thoughts but didn’t because I don’t want to LOSE what I type again!! Is there a way to utilize iCloud as a backup for this App? Perhaps that would solve my dilemma. Hoping for response from those in charge of this App- - PLEASE. I need this App

- Best impulsive purchase in the App Store

Brings such focus to each day and is a reminder that my life isn’t as bad as I think it is sometimes. I totally agree you’ve got to get super specific to continue to appreciate using the app. Also super stylish which makes it feel more like a real book. I’m only one week in though so hoping my enthusiasm doesn’t wane and I can make this a true habit!

- Love the ease of online. Would love a format that is more flexible/customizable

As an experienced practitioner, I have chosen to modify my answers to the daily questions in a way that makes sense for me in the moment but the rigor of the categories always make me feel that I’ve wimped our on the exercise. Not everyday is “amazing” and some days I don’t think I could have done something “better”!

- Express your gratitude & record your progress

This app allows you to celebrate the big and hurtful moments of life so you can acknowledge it all and always have a spirit of gratitude which truly opens up your heart. I had the book and know that switching to the app - which is one of three I have ever paid for- made is much easier to record and to see a picture highlight reel.

- I love it

I'm using it while am going through a very difficult moment, and it allows me to see small lil details that are good in life even in this situation. Before, I tried (twice) the book and I loved it, but the app makes it so much easier to use and bring with me everywhere, I also I love the fact of being able to add a pic everyday ♥️ Great job helping others guys!

- Mine freezes up, not as expected and no refund

I politely asked for a refund after a week because it was not working it kept freezing on me for like the two days I actually used’s surprising too me that they did not give me a refund (remind you even though I had it for the week I used it for two days but I wasn’t able to load my phone to do the refund sooner). I explained my situation twice I literally did not get a chance to use the app due to the freezing and exiting on my phone. Not loving the company and their firm decision to not refund me even though it wasn’t working on my phone.

- Wonderful app, helpful even if you don’t feel like doing it

I put in entries only on the days I feel like it. I tend to be cynical because of life circumstances the past few years. It’s been a year now. I have found after review, the entries along with photos show me life offers good things along with the bad. I see hope and positives in the future as well as challenges.

- Simple, fun, bite-sized gratitude journal I can follow through with!

While I would eventually like to commit to a larger journal planner...frankly, this “5-minute” version is something I’ve been able ti stick with daily for nearly 2 weeks now, and I look forward to it! Helps me plan my day, start and end with gratitude, and I love that you can choose a daily photo! So glad a colleague recommended this!

- Amazing app

I have been following Alex and Mimi for years and when this app came out I was quick to buy it. Ever since I have started using the 5 minute journal, my life has gotten better. Gratitude really makes a huge difference. This app is flawless and beautiful and the best way to start my day! It’s the simple things that can have the biggest change in your life!

- Quick, Easy, Effective

Super quick and easy to use. I like that you can add a picture to each day’s entry. You can set daily reminders for the morning and evening. Overall, I’ve noticed a positive attitude shift in myself since using this journal. It’s amazing how, even on the worst day, you can think of three things that went well that day. Definitely shifts your perspective.

- Great app!!

I’ve always wanted to keep a journal but struggled to keep at it. I love the Five Minute Journal! What an easy way to take stock of your life. The daily photo is a wonderful feature as it gives the emotional context for what the day was like. One thing that might be a nice plus will be to have an area for free text - like a diary. That’s my one suggestion but, otherwise, I love this easy to use journal!

- This app saved my life.

Thank you for not making this app a subscription service. I really appreciate how thoughtful this app is. The app has helped me deal with so many issues. It’s quick and easy to use. I’ve tried so many other apps that try to charge a monthly fee, and it’s something I can’t afford to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Not as good as the paper version

Not as good as the paper journal. It’s weird that the “choose a different day” tab is above the tabs to write the actual day’s entry. User interface is not super intuitive. Also I don’t like the fact that I cannot write entries for future days—having that flexibility would be nice. For example, if you’re going to have an early morning the next day and you want to set that day’s intention the late night before, you should be able to do that.

- incredibly handy

I’ve only been using this app journal for a couple weeks but find it incredibly handy. I really appreciate 3 things about the design of this app: a) that when I open it I can see my personally photos for each day and a snippet from those entries; b) that it offers the option to turn it into a pdf so that it could be printed and/or digitally stored elsewhere; c) and that it’s main purpose is to focus on the good.

- Simple and To the Point

I have been having a hard time getting a daily grateful journal going on my own, and this app has really helped to get me going. I is simple, yet provides the prompts needed to reflect on what there is to appreciate in life daily. I love that you can add images as well to the entries if you would like! Looking forward to continuing this in my daily routine.

- Perfect way to start my day

I struggled fining a journal that worked for me. I love this one! It’s on my phone, so it’s always with me. Setting my intentions first thing in the day sets my heart in the right space and focuses my mind. I love capturing a photo for the day that just reminds me on what was significant that day. I can scroll back through and remember where I was and what I was doing! Well done folks!

- Favorite Self Improvement App By Far

I have been an avid follower of the Intelligent Change company for several years, and the Five Minute Journal has been one of my daily routine fundamentals for a long stretch of time now. I am so grateful for the manifestation of goodness this practice has helped take shape in my life and I could not recommend any other journaling app as much as this one!

- Love this and have one request

I love the 5 minute journal app and have been using it for awhile now. I have referred hundreds of people to it from the stage and webinars. It’s one of my beat productivity hacks when i am using it. My one request is that it stops locking us out of entering the following day the night before. I prefer to plan my days the evening before and the app doesn’t let us enter the next day until midnight.

- Habit builder

I have been trying to journal for well over a year and couldn’t do it on paper. I found five-minute journal and tested it out for a week and got hooked immediately. I love the user interface. And it’s helped me create some very good lifestyle habits. By taking photos daily it helps me record My life, so I am not going on social media anymore, which is a great thing!

- I love it.

It keeps me grounded. I find this method of journaling simple and refreshing. When life keeps you chaotically busy, it’s nice to have a sense of guidance on what to document and even better that it’s not time consuming. I strongly recommend this to anyone no matter what state of mind you are in; it can always be the dose dose of humility and inspiration you need to better yourself.

- It's useful and fun

I'd like to point out one major bug: that you could be typing a whole novel, but then if you accidentally hit the back button, or if it times out for some reason, it doesn't auto save. So it's all gone. PRETTY frustrating as this has happened more than once. Actually like all the time. Other than that, I like the concept, but I don't like the rigidity. You have certain topics to write about, when I'd just rather write what I'd like. The quotes are nice.

- Best way to start/end the day

I’ve been using the 5 Minute Journal for years. The first year I got it, I bought an entire box and gave one to all my friends... that’s when it was just in book form. Then the app was born! Whooohooo you can add photos!! Yippee! I’m torn though, there’s something wonderful about writing versus typing. (Plus I love anytime I’m not on my phone!!) I just love books, the feel, the smell, it brings a sense of calm just holding one. And the 5 minute journal has a rough cloth cover so it really feels good. Maybe if it had a spot to sketch a little picture, that’d be over the top perfect. I ♥️ them both and go between them. Thank you for creating it!! Just ♥️ it!!

- Love it!

Me and my kids (12 and 9) are all using this and for the first time have stuck with keeping a gratitude journal... I have tried before and failed as I didn’t have reminders and would not have the journal around when I needed it. The picture each day is such a bonus😄! Would recommend highly.

- Awesome app.

So, I LOVE this app. It run beautifully. It service its purpose well. My only gripe is: you can’t change the dates if you make a mistake. I am a night owl. And sometimes, my mornings and days/nights get flipped, and I’ll write the night entry for the next night ( say it’s 12:03am May 28, I’m still thinking it’s the 27th). Anyway: I wish we could change the date for the entry already done. Would save a lot of copy and pasting‘ing.

- Simple and enjoyable to use

This really is a fantastic journaling app. I've downloaded and tried several others but this app is the first one that regularly pulls me away from my paper journal. I love that you can add a daily pic. The only think it's lacking that would be great is the ability to expand with more notes for the day

- Terrific

My wife received the hard copy as a gift, and while that’s nicer, there is no denying the convenience and cost of the app. I also like the ability to add a picture each day. I love this quick journal that is not designed to process loss but instead about nudging me towards gratitude and inspiration. It’s easy and I think really helpful.

- Just right! Great company too.

This is just the right amount of Journaling, gratitude, thoughtfulness each day to make it doable yet still meaningful and quick. Also, recently had an experience with the cuetomer support team to help move the app over to my new phone and they were a pleasure to work with. Truly great people. And fantastic app.

- I want to make paragraphs!! No way to put paragraphs in!!!

I’ve been using it for over 2 years and have saved so many important things. I love going back and looking on experiences. One suggestions. I love the recent updates. Could you possibly be able to use video clips as well as the days picture?

- Positive way to start and end each day!

I downloaded this app a week ago and it’s already helping me to get aligned with the right frame of mind to start my days! I love the evening reflections component, because it allows me to look reflect on my day to see what I’ve accomplished. This is very important for me, because it helps to declutter my brain.

- Count your blessings every day!

The Five Minute Journal app is a great way to remind yourself of all the small and not so small things in your life to be thankful for. It takes less than five minutes to create a day’s entry, and it’s fun to look back on them or even print them out to make a book. Changes your perspective on life!

- Love.

I am loving this digital version of a journal. I’ve bought numerous paper versions but never do more than a couple days. I just enrolled in IIN and this fits perfectly with my daily reflection exercise. For natine who is not a paper person I highly recommend this 5 min app. I love being able to go back and read what I wrote says before.

- Well worth it!

I had been wanting the hard cover journal for a while but never got around to ordering it. I finally just got the app and I’m loving it so far. It sends me reminders just in case I forget. I’m usually a pen and paper person but it’s nice to have with me all the time and not have to worry about carrying around the journal.

- Simple capture

I have enjoyed the act of journaling since elementary school. Capturing a day or reflecting via words has benefited me over and over. However, finding time to intentionally capture moments doesn’t always come easily. This app allows me to prepare and reflect daily regardless of whether I have time for a longer practice.

- Great way to start and end the day

I have this “book” in print and the app. I recommend it to everyone I know personally and professionally. Its been a life changer for me. I’ve always been an optimistic and happy person, but actually reflecting daily- even if just a few moments- has enlightened my life on many levels.

- One of my favorite apps of all time

I started initially with the 5 minute hardcover journal. This practice has really helped me retrain my thoughts toward gratitude. When I discovered the app it gave me more freedom and honestly helped me keep the practice to an actual 5 minutes instead of journaling for too long. Plus, I love that I can save a pic to mark the day!

- Great idea..

The idea is great and it really works to keep one writing daily. Problems: Mainly technical , my iPhone and iPad don’t sync together . So if I wrote in the iPad, it stays on iPad and if I wrote it in the iPhone ... Have written to developers about this and was told , this would happen in the future and I should save the entries as pdf and go from there. iPad problem: the app only have the vertical view. It doesn’t have the horizontal view for some reason.

- Please add the ability to edit the date of an entry

I’m a fan of the app and use it (almost) everyday. But sometimes miss a step. And don’t get to until until 12:30 am. At which point the entry gets logged for the following day. And after spending 5minutes on writing it the last thing I want to do is start again on the correct page.

- Changed my life

I have never reviewed an app, but this one deserves a 5 star commendation. I suffer from depression and anxiety as well as a lack of confidence. I am a perfectionist too, so I never measure up. All of these issues have improved since I’ve started using this app. Thank you to the creators. You’ve truly achieved your intention of helping people!

- Makes journaling enjoyable

I have gone through different formats of journaling, but I have come to appreciate the simplicity and challenge to keep my five-minute journal. I am using the book to capture thoughts as I wake up and go to bed. The app is excellent for capturing moments during the day. Adding a photo helps to reinforce what I wrote on that day.

- Why can’t I just have a simple grateful journal?

I want five items a day. Not three. A customizable feature there would be great. You might think three is ideal or whatever, but I’ve used five before and it was great. I’m important as the customer, more than your vision for the app, so that was a misstep. That’s one thing. Oh, and I’m trying to activate notifications so I can get a reminder. I turned them on, but it says I haven’t. That’s bad. Still doesn’t work. I expect a better experience for $4.99.

- Great app!

Love this app as it totally helps me reset my thinking and start and end the day with gratitude. The daily quotes are awesome! My only request would be if there were an option to add more than one photo per day or add a video. But do love the simplicity of this. Worth the cost and definitely helpful at becoming more present and grateful.

- Needs more writing prompts

Paying $5 for answering the same questions each day isn’t worth it. Yes I’ve read the article on how to get the most out of those few questions but honestly as much much as the developer makes on this app, you would think they would make a little extra effort to give us additional journal writing prompts. Many of us have mentioned this on our reviews. If we had more writing prompts, this would get 5 stars. Please update this app!

- A Life Line

Easyto use tool that helps make journaling a reality for all of us (I’m horrible about taking time to journal even though the benefits are obvious) the midst of everything happening in our world right now, this app is a life-saving gem that reminds me of all life’s little blessings...and that we still have so much to be grateful for. ❤️

- Add this to your morning routine!!

I use this app every morning and it is the best start to my day. It’s simple to use, beautiful design, and I love the daily quote. Also when I had an account issue their customer service team helped me to navigate and resolve the matter and were so friendly and informative🤩🙌🏼👏🏼

- Easy to commit to!

I love this app because it requires reflection, but does not force creativity which is something that I sometimes feel is needed when journaling. It takes just a little bit of time & the prompt questions are just enough! I highly recommend! Totally worth the $5!

- Amazing app!

My mom recommended me this app when I moved back to my hometown. I have slowly yet surely seen my days get happier and happier. I love documenting in the morning (my goals) and in the evening. And even adding a picture. I take sky pictures everyday, so I love scrolling through and seeing how beautiful the sky was that particular day.

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@Ronniecanerc Doing The Five-Minute Journal?

Stacey Carroll

The way to write better is to write more.  This can help you get in your daily writing:  The Five-Minute Writing Prompt Journal: 52 ... by Kate Motaung for $14.99 @amazon #sponsored


So thankful for this, I wrote it down this morning (also I highly recommend getting “The Five Minute Journal”) so far it’s been amazing ✨

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