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HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

What is heartwatch: heart rate tracker app? "HeartWatch is so good, you’d think Apple built the app itself." John Patrick Pullen, Time Magazine. Top 5 in Health & Fitness in 63 countries.

HeartWatch has no user analytics tracking. No advertising plugins. No 3rd party code. No data upload. Ask your "free" heart app if they can say the same.

HeartWatch is the best way to get a complete picture of all the health & fitness information captured by your Apple Watch.

- Explore the different News Editions to learn all about your health progress and trends.
- Morning Briefing: read about your key health information to start your day
- Fitness Habits: news all about your fitness trends with a dynamic fitness habit tracker

- An intelligent view of all key heart rate metrics. Daytime, Sedentary, Sleeping, Waking & Workouts.
- Detailed trend analysis including heart rate, blood pressure, HRV, blood glucose, blood oxygen (SpO2) and more.
- Background heart rate alerts on Watch with context.
- Note capture for individual heart rate readings.
- Detailed ECG analysis

- Every day isn’t the same. Intelligent move, distance & steps goals based on your current habits.
- Daily forecasting to help you stay on track to meet your goals.

- In depth analysis of heart rate, training summary, GPS maps and more.
- A heart focussed workout app on the Watch with custom alerts to keep you in the right zone.
- Detailed trend analysis.
- Stream workout info from your Watch to your iPhone.

- Keep a daily journal with notes and measurements
- View a detailed list with a complete overview of all notes, measurements and workouts
- Input notes and measurements from your Watch or iPhone. Includes blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose, weight, waist circumference and body fat percent.

- Over 30+ health metrics to view
- Apply 7 day and 21 day trends to any metric, with the ability to overlap
- View over 6 weeks up to 12 months

- Export for all health metrics & workouts.

Heart Watch is a very useful tool to get alerted about any possible health issues in a concise format that you can show your medical practitioner.

Featured app in the official Apple Heart Month 2022:

This app requires an iPhone that has the Health App installed. Heart readings are read from the Health Data Store which is ideally populated by your Apple Watch.

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HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker Customer Service, Editor Notes:

HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker Version 4.3.524 October 2022

- Support for Apple Watch Ultra screen size in the Watch app - Wrist temperature has been added as a new metric - Option to use wrist temperature instead of the previous body temperature - Support for iPhone 14 Pro screen sizes - Minor fixes and maintenance Refer to our Whats New page for more detail: https://heartwatch.tantsissa.com/faq/whats-new If your heart is loving HeartWatch, take a heartbeat to rate us 5 stars on the App Store! The great support helps us to keep monitoring your heart to better health..

HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker Comments & Reviews 2022

- Amazing app to monitor and manage your health

I have myalgic encephalitis (ME/CFS) and finally decided to get an Apple Watch to manage my crashes and hopefully avoid them. At first I was disappointed by the limited functionality of the default Apple health app that showed my stats and couldn’t set a notifications for high heart rate when I was moving around (Apple default setup only allows this if you’ve been inactive for 10 mins - so it’s of almost no use for people like me who have to monitor a high heart rate at all times, including when I’m moving around). Anyway I googled for help (surely apple couldn’t have been so short sighted, right?!) and even an Apple expert recommended this app. I tried it and it’s the single best thing that makes my Apple Watch extraordinary useful. For those who aren’t sick, this app is still incredible, maybe even more so because you can take advantage of all the other stats it offers for physical activity and wellness. The amount of data you can see, track and download is truly extraordinary. Kudos to the developer for a thoughtful, big data app that can change your life. I can’t thank you enough for what you produced. And shame on Apple for not offering more functionality in their default apps.

- Great during COVID recovery

I contracted COVID in March when there was no medical support. This app is great for long haulers like me who have to treat themselves and even for ones who are getting some medical support. One of my biggest problems was/is my heart so I bought an Apple Watch in July to help monitor my heart rate. This app has been key to helping me manage my POTS symptoms. It helps me monitor trends and has allowed me to create my own physical therapy. One thing I love is the ability to write notes so I can go back to see what I was or wasn’t doing when I notice an improvement or decline in my health. It has definitely helped me manage my POTS. The only thing I wish it did, which would be key to helping people with POTS, is to have an alarm when heart rate gets too high while “exercising”. My heart rate can easily jump over a hundred opening a door or washing a dish. In order to help my heart, I need to lay down immediately when this happens but I don’t always notice it. I have to set my watch to ‘other exercise’ in order to monitor my heart rate while doing everyday things. It would be super helpful to have an alarm when it gets over a specified rate so I know to immediately lay down. Currently, i have to constantly be staring at my watch. With COVID cases on the rise there will be more and more people diagnosed with POTS who could benefit from that feature.

- My favorite Apple Watch App

As someone with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, this app is hugely helpful in monitoring my heart rate. The analytics monitor daily activity, provide alerts for when my BPM jumps a significant amount (for example, I recently received an alert when the app noticed my heart rate rose 30 BPM while stationary), and provide 21day trends. In addition to benefits in monitoring health concerns, this app is also great in providing insight to exercise trends. I especially like the Workout Summary which, in many ways is more helpful than Apple Health, GoogleFit, or Apple Watch Activity apps because it provides information about your common workout types (for example, in the last 6 weeks, 18% of my workouts have been yoga, 24% have been outdoor walks, etc) and specifies exactly what’s happening in your body through each workout (for example, based on my heart rate and existing health data, HeartWatch was able to tell me that during my last 15 min workout, 2 min were warmup + 7 min were building fitness, 5 minutes were building fat, and the rest was high intensity). Overall, great information if you’re someone who wants to monitor trends in your health or is conscious/curious about your overall fitness. Well worth the purchase!

- Contradicting

This app is pretty good but take the stats with a grain of salt. It often contradicts other health data including its own because it really can’t differentiate “Daily BPM” and “Sedentary BPM.” Mine are always the same even though I exercise 30+ mins and stay active every day so I’m not sedentary 24-7 but my resting and daily rates are the same? Ok. The health data I get from Apple Health app are vastly different. Resting BPM is usually 57-60 and it gives me a view of my heart rate throughout the day and specific workouts. I do like that HeartWatch breaks down my specific categories like “fat burn” “high intensity” etc. Overall they really need to push some updates and figure out their algorithms better but it’s still nice to have and use to get a big picture of overall health but I certainly wouldn’t put all my faith into this app. I’m very active so naturally my heart rate is rather high on average because i’m always moving and I have a 2 year old who keeps me busy so it basically says my resting heart rate is like 80-90(very bad) when really it’s 60 or less (very good). This can be misleading and maybe ever cause some people anxiety or warrant an expensive cardiologist appointment for little to no reason. I mean see one obviously if you think you need to but don’t do it just cuz HeartWatch shows you some funky heart rate data.

- A ‘WINNER’ !

As a Veteran & Retired/disabled LEO I don’t do many reviews unless something really perks up my enjoyment or productivity level and this app has really done that. I purchased this app a few months ago after having a major heart attack known as a ‘Widowmaker and then buying the Apple Watch on my daughters suggestion because of the alerts & heart monitoring functions. After finding this app I gave it a try especially since it was a ‘ONE TIME PRICE’ and not a subscription which I refuse to buy on any app. I’m no medical technician but I can tell you this App Records so much information that is viable to your doctor and your own health monitoring it is well worth the price in my opinion. Wearing my watch with this app running in the background gives me a peace of mind well worth the price and they keep updating the app making it better which is awesome and it has had no effect on battery life and has never crashed at all. This app is 100% could possibly save your life or at least give you enough information that would lead you to seek medical attention had you not had it in my opinion. BRAVO Folks, You are doing a Great Job here !! Best Regards, JerZ ICE DRUMS aka Bill “SEMPER PRIMUS”

- Revised review based on customer suppor!!

My original review of the V4 redesign of this app was rather harsh w/ a rating of only 2 as I had expectations of a real time heart monitor display via a complication on the Apple Watch. I complained that the developer did not properly vet the software as it did not provide that and other functionality in software options I needed. The developer emailed me and in the interim I began to do my own personal additional research. The Apple Watch currently reads the heart rate BPM via the rear sensor at rest in @ 10 minute intervals. Its hardware is not designed for real time bpm monitoring. The BPM monitoring/sampling rate does increase however based on the intensity of workout but still never reaches real time. Regarding the other software options I was missing, the developer was kind enough to direct me through the new menu system to find what I needed. It was there all along but I did not find it so my apologies to the dev team for any negative impact my initial review may have caused. I highly recommend this application to anyone seeking on in the genre. It has been my goto since the purchase of my Apple Watch nearly 2 years ago.

- Peace of mind

My husband got me an Apple Watch for Christmas. I already knew that I had low blood pressure. I got heart rate app and sleep app to help me monitor it all. It was these three tools that SAVED MY LIFE!! Literally!! I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and Bradycardia. These two apps let me know how well I’m sleeping and break down my movement during the day so that i can keep track of my heart health. I can take notes on my day and what was going on so that when i upload the report, YEP, you can upload the data to your Dr.🤠 , I can remember what was going on with me at that moment so my Dr. and I can adjust the plan for optimal health. I was fitted with a pacemaker for the bradycardia. I had questions and emailed in and the app designer David reached out to me himself and told me how to set it to accommodate my new normal. (Pacemaker). He’d thought of everything!! He had someone in his trial that had one too. I highly recommend this app 😊🙏🏽🤠. I gives me peace of mind during the day when i can check my app and see what my pulse is at any given moment and it sounds an alarm for when things fall out of what is normal for you. Great app!! Thank you David and team. 🙏🏽😘.

- Fantastic data!

I set a goal in January to lose weight. Who doesn’t, right?! LOL So, I was tracking steps with my Fitbit and liking the sleep info I got from it. Well, the Fitbit died and hubby got us Apple Watches! TOTAL game changer!! Well, since I had loved the sleep info so much on the Fitbit, what Apple provided as a default just wouldn’t do. So, off to the App Store I went. 😊 I found AutoSleep and started reading reviews. Definitely sounded like a great upgrade for me! And I noticed the package deal (AutoSleep, HeartWatch and AutoWake) and started digging into the reviews for the other two apps. I purchased the package right then and there. You guys, I’m hooked!!! I didn’t even realize I wanted this much information about my heart! LOL. I seriously love how this app tracks my heart in every imaginable way, through all phases of my day. So now I have a NEW goal for 2021. Yes, I still want to lose weight - but the bigger driver for me now is my heart health. I don’t like seeing the purple rings. LOL. I’m determined to get my heart in better condition. Thank you, HeartWatch, for making my heart health a priority for me!!

- Amazingly Insightful

I initially went to purchase AutoSleep and was informed there was a bundle, which included AutoWake and HeartWatch. I was a little hesitant to purchase because I didn’t think I needed it and I didn’t understand what exactly the other apps were. HeartWatch is like the Apple Fitness/Activity app on steroids! The main feature I enjoy the most is the the workout summary, which breaks down the amount of time you spend in each workout zone. I love the trends. I love the “News” articles that are very specific to you and your workout/Apple Watch history. HeartWatch really helps you tailor your workout to make sure you are working out in the most efficient way possible! One thing I will say is I LOVE information overload. I truly enjoy having as much information as humanly possible. And, this app does this and beyond! But, I can understand how it may be overwhelming for some. That is literally the only “con” but the app is very user friendly and breaks everything down in an easy to understand manner!

- Very good - update

Now that I’ve had some time to use this app, it is a good app, but can be a little confusing. There is a boat load of information that it provides which be be helpful in keeping track of your heart rate. The only thing that really throws me off is their resting rate. They say the more blue is better, but that’s pretty much when you are basically doing nothing. Once you get up and move around or simply do your daily routine, the blue portion can quickly disappear with red and pink bans, kinda throws things out of whack. Other than that, it does a good job. Have been only using the app for a short while, but can already see where the information provided can be helpful for anyone needing to track their heart rate. The only question I have is I’ve noticed that when you start a exercise routine, it gives you a low and high BPM rate. It looks as though it is inserting the highest rate automatically into the results. Example, started a flexibility routine, program stating the highest BPM was 160 bpm. Before I ever began, it had inserted the 160bpm into the workout. Maybe I’m missing something, but that seems to alter the actual results for the workout.

- Great health add-on for iWatch 3 GPS

I purchased an iWatch 3 GPS for activity and health integration then added HeartWatch and AutoSleep. Together with the Apple Health app they are very informative and good for keeping track day to day. The Apple Watch Breathing app is also very helpful in reminding me to stay focused and centered. I am approaching my 60th in a couple years and have had a few bumps along the way lately with palpitations (never ignore your body get checked out!) and odd symptoms and thought this app might or might not give some clue or at best keep a history for my doctor. Never use these apps and devices to substitute medical care, they are what they are, apps though good ones. HeartWatch gives your health app a boost but try to not panic if the app sounds alarms if your heart rate goes over 100, which mine does while I’m at work on my feet 8 hours. You can adjust the settings for low and high heart rate but I left mine as-is. It can make you a bit distracted seeing the notifications. In the end I’d rather know than not know right? 🤓

- Good but quirky

The app is full of information, but with so many screens and charts it takes some getting used to as far as figuring what is what. Missing (or at least I can't yet find it) is an easy graph or chart to view changes over weeks or months. It may be there, but like much of the information overloading this app, it is well hidden. Also, it strangely devalues the Apple Watch stand goal. True, it's the least interesting ring (for me) on the Apple Watch, but in the tracking history part of the app, standing is capped off at 12 hours. My watch might say 16 or 17, but the app never credits more than 12! This makes absolutely no sense, and is either a clear bug that needs fixing or another example of a user interface is need of simplification. The sleep app (an additional purchase) is interesting as an add-on, but it offers so little information it is a pricey upgrade. It would be better simply integrated into the main app rather than an additional money grab. Still, overall a good additional to the Apple Watch fitness family. FitBit still wins on ease of interface. Apple app developers still have a few things to learn when it comes to fitness tracking.

- Pretty amazing app I’d recommend

It’s an app I continue to use more and more for the amount of detail it provides. I was diagnosed with paroxysmal AFIB in 2018 and bought the Apple Watch series 4 around Christmas 2018 for the EKG feature. The watch itself at this time does not automatically alert you of AFIB events but the personal indicators become evident. This app provides and most of all displays in great detail heart beat patterns leading up to, during and following an AFIB event. The sleep reports are also very detailed and have helped me stay on top of the rest I need. Seeing where and when you expend your energy is very informative. I’m not sure why the watch or apps don’t alert of AFIB events yet as they onset by I’d assume for legal obstruction reasons. They are definitely capable of changing patterns and documenting them. The app developers need to work on a cleaner complete document export feature. Apple apps are ALL weak in this area and it’s baffling to me as to why. Whether it’s the graphs or data entries it would be nice to export directly and completely to a pdf that could easily be shared or archived.

- Best Heart monitor application I have used!

Originally got the HeartWatch application and used it daily to track how my heart was doing and get a better idea of my performance under stress and sedentary stages. It helped me been able to see how much better I am getting as I continue to exercise, it breaks everything down for you and it reminds you and the end of the day with a recap of how you did in percentages compared to the rest of the days. The watch will remind you if your heart is higher than usual at any giving time of the day. Then I tried AutoSleep to see how well it would work... amazing! It’s incredible. For me it just works. Usually at night before I go to sleep, I would read a little or check and return emails, when ready to sleeping, I just put the phone on the charger and go to sleep and that’s it. The watch records my sleeping patterns. The combination of both applications it the way to go if you want a complete image of your heart, but if you are looking for just sleeping information. This is it!

- Forgot about it and ended up loving it

I originally got this as part of the bundle with all of the auto programs. I liked it for some of the features, but beyond the initial set up I had actually forgotten about it. Lol. Sorry. So today I was looking at the sleep app. And down in like the corner if there was an icon that reminded me to open the heart app. When I did, I was actually surprised to find how much it had been tracking what I have been doing in my exercise. I’m actually really proud of myself. So they gave me a little bit of a confidence boost. And that made me want to leave a review. So I think it’s worth. I’ve been being really down on myself lately because I didn’t think I’ve been moving very much, but I’ve been getting plenty of exercise. I’m actually really proud of myself. So it gave me a little bit of a confidence boost. And that made me wanna leave a review. So I think it’s worth checking out setting up and actually using regularly.

- I use this app every day.

This is the best app I I found. I monitor daily items and the ability to track back for that far and in different ways is great. Pinning certain items to compare is unbelievable I was was trying to do that for quite some time. This is a must get if you just want to be able to find your best sleep zone, have info to review with your doctor, or in my case I have certain health issues and I can say that this app has helped me with some aspects of those that wouldn't have been able to otherwise. So I truly thank the developers and suggest anyone to get this app, if you are a healthy individual or are someone digger deeper into things that affect you in many ways. If you wear a smart watch, you need this app. Just download it and forget about it. The longer your history is stored, the better informed you will get. Take your health in your own hands, just an annual checkup doesn't fulfill your needs as this does.

- I already had it…

Have you ever been searching for the best app for say I don’t know, health, fitness, heart rate, sleep, workouts? I was constantly looking for an app that aggregated all my health and fitness into one dashboard. While searching I came across a review for an app that sounded familiar. Lo and behold, I had it and never used it. Now after re-introducing myself I’m in love with the beauty, utility and convenience of HeartWatch! I’m not a fan of subscriptions so when I looked back at the price for this app I laughed. What a steal, $5.00 seriously I have seen other apps that charged 3times this much a month. So if your thinking why not just use Apples Health App??You can, but I dare you to compare the two. HeartWatch is so visually appealing there is no comparison. Also the ability to drill down for more data, and have the ability to modify views is amazing. Cudos to the team that created this app. 1 Suggestion please, I need a Home Screen Widget Stat!!! Thank you

- Tremendously helpful App!

I have been using this app for almost a year and it has been instrumental in helping me communicate with my cardiologist by sharing the data that my watch and phone are collecting. It has helped me to work with my doctor to adjust medication’s without having to drive each time to see him. The app’s journal allows me to record “in the moment” about what I am doing, and the graphs showing activity level along with heart rate helped differentiate between “activity related” increased BPM and SVT incidents. The trend charts have helped with seeing the effect of medication level changes, instead of trying to “feel” the difference over time. As the developers improve the app, please consider allowing an ”SVT detection” option which increases the sampling rate for BPM, as my SVT incidences were hard to catch manually! Thanks for making this super helpful app, as it has helped me feel less helpless in managing my heart heath!

- Fantastic app

This app not only takes your heart rate automatically while you perform your everyday routines but will also take your heart rate while you sleep. You can into the app on your iPhone and see all of the recorded heart rates that have been taken not only that day or the previous day’s records but as far as I can tell all the way back to when you 1st started using the app (although I have only been using this app for just over a month). This app is really great for people who exercises or any other type of strenuous type of work but is also great for people who need to keep track of their heart rate to show the doctor or like myself, someone who is a senior citizen. You can also check your pulse manually with this app and you do not have to worry about messing up the periodic automatic heart rate that it takes. I have found this app very impressive as when I go see my physician I can show her my low heart rate when I sleep. By far worth every penny!

- Incredible- POTS Management and Health

Like other reviewers, this app has been really helpful in managing my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). The level of detail available makes it possible to understand how my heart rate is fluctuating and when my heart rate in incongruent with my movement (tachycardia even when not likely to be standing). I also credit this app as my #1 tool for managing my exercise and movement goals. This is much more detailed that the Apple health app and offers an visual representation to the data. It did take a week to fully explore the various categories within the app because of how comprehensive it is. A HUGE thank you to the developers of this life changing technology. The UI is aesthetically beautiful, easy to understand (once you get the hang of it), and has never shown bugs or crashes. You’re doing incredible work and are truly making the world a better place by allowing folks to see their physiological changes. I will be recommending and sharing this app with others who have medical conditions and to my doctors. I hope that various international organizations (for dysautonomia, traumatic brain injury, neurological conditions, cardiac conditions, technology for disability/accessibility, etc) are aware of this app and can share this tool with their communities. Blessings and gratitude to all individuals involved in making this app a reality!!

- Would love to give it a better rating

There is so much great about this app but what is not great is really NOT GREAT! When it’s running I can’t get it to stop with the notifications both haptic and sound and if that wasn’t annoying enough my #1 problem with this app is that it continually pushes all other open dock apps (like now playing or any music volume and control app) behind it in order. What I’m trying to say is that when this is running the alerts make it so that every time I want to adjust the volume or play next song I have to open the dock again and scroll to find nowplaying or anything else you had open. I have exhausted every possible setting that I can to disable that from happening and yet it still happens. At least for me it’s a real pain to get into a good groove if I have to constantly have both my arms in-front of me looking down trying to find how to turn volume down or to skip a song. If I am overlooking a setting to stop this from happening please let me know and I’ll adjust the rating. I do hope that I’m wrong and this can be fixed because I do like your app and really want it to work.

- Truly Tracks EVERYTHING - My #1 app

This app is by far my favorite app. I use it all day long. I like to track all of my activities via my watch. I love seeing my sleep data, waking data, idle, normal, ACTIVITY data. All of it tells me info that I want to know about my health. It pushes me to do better, exercise more, eat better, strive to get more sleep. The data at my fingertips is mind blowing, I’d say it’s too much data, but I love every bit of it. The developers are very easy to connect with. They love our feedback and have even implemented some of my biggest asks. That’s huge. They have so many different users and demographics to address and they are eager to please and add value to their app. Fitbit, Garmin, Gear, eat your hearts out. I have stayed with Apple Watch because of this app. All of the others are not even remotely close in what they provide compare to Heart watch. Can’t wait to see what else you guys are working on. Bravo, Bravo..

- Beautiful Design

I love the design of this app. Especially the way it breaks down your heart rate into Rest, Workout, Regular and the details it shows when you touch the circle to see the breakdown. I use this with my Apple Watch since I've found very little difference between my Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate chest strap and my watch. The app lets you ignore the spikes (which happen with all monitors) and concentrate on the average HR. Best HR app I've found. Only thing I would like is a Taptic reminder to turn off sleep mode once it detects activity in the morning, or a way to set up an automatic switch out of sleep mode. I've forgotten to turn off sleep mode too many times and no longer use it for sleep tracking. BTW, this app is not a sleep tracker. It monitors your resting HR at night as you sleep. Not the same thing as a sleep tracker! When you wake up, you need to force touch to turn it off or take your pulse again, first thing in the morning.

- Best App for the Apple Watch

I found this app on the recommendation of a doctor to monitor heart rate and sleep (with the companion app auto sleep). This has been hands down a life saver for me, literally. It alerted me of a elevated heart rate which led me to a ER visit and finding out I had a TIA. Things could’ve gone much differently had I not known or ignored it. Since then it’s also monitored and shown a pattern of irregular heartbeats which lead to us having further testing done to assess the problem. Because of the app we were able to show the ER doctor the data, and not just recount my feelings/explanation. We also have had a plethora of opportunities to check how accurate the readings are against hospital readers (EKG, etc) and it is always right on the mark. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. Whether you wish to track heart rate for health and wellness, exercise or to get better sleep, you won’t find a better or more reliable app.

- Intuitive Quantitative Goldmine

I freaking love data, and this app provides more than you'll know what to do with. I honestly can't fault it. Whilst it does prove to be a navigational challenge at first, it doesn't take long to learn where everything is and what it all means. I purchased this app early this morning at ~0100hrs, along with its sister-app for monitoring sleep, and I've already gained insight as to when and where my heart is under too much strain; it seems that I really ought to consider limiting my daily caffeine intake, and avoid driving at all costs Lol. My only really qualm stems from the paranoia that comes with entrusting my health metrics to a company with the fear that it will be sold off to the highest bidder. It's a tad unsettling to say the least, and so I feel compelled to remind the company that I, like many others, have placed a great deal of trust in you and hope that you stand by your privacy policy - because I would drop this app in a heartbeat (no pun intended) if you prove to value money over humanity. I feel that this is a reasonable expectation given the nature of the data - I'm sure that you'll agree. Nevertheless, I'd like to thank the developers for creating such a wonderful app; for making something that can truly help people recognize any problems and allow them to be proactive in making adjustments to their lifestyles before it's much too late. Bravo!

- HeartWatch YES!!! Buy this app.

My kids bought me an Apple Watch for Christmas. I’m 68, retired and I have A-fib. I’ve been in high tech since it was born as a technical writer and have always been a fan of Apple products. But I never even considered an Apple Watch because it seemed to be an unnecessary product. WRONG!!!! I love my Apple Watch. WHY? Because of HeartWatch. I LOVE THIS APP! Recently I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Refused chemo but agreed to radiation. Because of my HeartWatch app I could track my A-fib as I went through my daily treatments. I noticed everyday after my treatment my A-fib went through the roof for about 4 hours. This was such valuable information. I’m on the other side of all that now (by God’s grace). I track this app everyday and it has improved my heart health because information empowers us. I also recommend Auto Sleep, a side product of HeartWatch. If you’re still reading this, thanks. Buy this app. You won’t be sorry.

- For the person who LOVES information

This app has been the best purchase I’ve ever made for health. I was skeptical at first because it starts out by saying that they need access to read and also write your health data. I almost declined it because it seemed a little intrusive. It explained that it can provide better insight and analytics if it had full access, so I gave It full permission. I’m glad I did! This app has a TON of information. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night, and I can literally see the times I woke up and how my heart rate had spiked. The app also explains all the different readings and how they differ. It gives you a daily dashboard and I find it really easy to navigate the app. You do have to play around with it a little at first, but you catch on once you see all the information that’s available. Thanks for make a great app! I’m hooked!!

- THE heart health app for excercise

I wish the Apple heart monitor app was anything like this since so many other apps rely on that data. This app does so much more with this data so you can see how your body responds to exercise by charting recovery, how much time you spend in each zone, etc... plus it integrates with the amazing AutoSleep app so you can also add sleep data to the mix to see how good and poor sleep affects your performance. It took me a little while to wrap my head around all of the data, but over the years the app has gotten much more refined so things are much easier to visualize. Whatever app you’re using for exercise tracking- whether you’re a mad cyclist using Strava for 75 mile rides, getting your HIIT on with Seconds, or just starting out again like me using the stock Apple workout app, find out how your workouts are actually improving your endurance and cardio capacity by charting you heart data over time with HeartWatch!

- Accessibility!

I have purchased this app. And found out that it is not accessible for those who are blind or visually impaired that use voiceover on the Apple products! Hi I’m sick and tired of every time I find an app that I can use to my surprise it is not accessible for those who are blind or visually impaired! We are getting sick and tired of you app developers thinking just because that we have a vision impairment that we are leftover trash, retarded, stupid, idiots! I do not recommend this app to anyone. A cop that is made poorly is a poorly made developer an app developer of course! I have severe health issues. This app would’ve been great for me. Unfortunately I wasted my money. What is it with you developers not taking those who have vision impairment into consideration when you develop an app. We don’t have eyesight but our brains still work. I have seven PhD‘s I went to Harvard. So I am not an idiot! I would appreciate it if you would take us into consideration and make this app accessible for those who use voiceover on the Apple platform on screen readers on other platforms!

- Good Kind Of Information Overload

There’s nothing like this out there. HeadUp is a great tool, but nowhere near on this level. I’d say a performance athlete couldn’t do without metrics like this, but it’s also just as user friendly and helpful for an everyday user. I knew sleep was a missing part of my equation for fitness but it’s such a PITA to accurately track. This app simplifies it beautifully. It’s not about getting the perfect night of sleep, but rather about knowing how your habits might affect that sleep. For example I knew alcohol affects your sleep, but seeing it actually reflected in my sleep quality was a huge eye opener. Same for sleep consistency, and other sleep habits. And this and it’s companion apps help with so much more than sleep. Their entire suite of health apps is completely worth it and cheaper as a bundle. Very happy with this purchase.

- Convert from Fitbit to Apple Watch

I’ve been wearing a Fitbit for years and was used to the data it collected and the way it collected the data. The Heart Watch app lets me use the Apple Watch to collect fitness data more like the Fitbit. It works well with the watch and the Apple Heart app. My only complaint is when you add it’s features as complications on the watch face, you can see your information on the watch face but when you touch the complication it goes to Heart Watch or the last complication you had open in Heart Watch. Example; I’ve added steps to my watch face for a complication. I can see the percentage of my daily goal in steps on the watch face. However, when I touch the steps complication on the watch face, it takes me to the list of Heart Watch complications, not to the step complication itself. So I have to find that complication to see the number of steps taken.

- Heart cath

I’ve had my heart watch for quite awhile but recently purchased this app. Yes there is a free one but wanted this one in addition. It started giving me alerts .. heart rate 40, heart rate 120. It got to be so much that I took it off!! I went to dr for refills of prescriptions and happened to mention this to him. I didn’t have on my watch because it was driving me crazy with the alerts but I was able to pull the history for him to see on my phone. He wanted to err on caution and do a 24 hour heart monitor. Within an hour of my turning it in they had called me with an appt to see a cardiologist. See I was Asymptomatic, no pain no tightening in my chest. Had a stress test and had a heart cath yesterday on my birthday! Have to change meds and exercise more. But thankful to the app, and hopefully I’ll be ahead of what could of happened and I’ll be around a long long time!!!

- HeartWatch is amazing. At five bucks, worth every cent!

HeartWatch: Heart Rate Monitor iOS app is fantastic. I can't believe all the data points: daily BPM, sedentary BPM, sleep BPM, sleep SpO2, sleep respiration rate, sleep time, quality of sleep, daily SpO2, ECG, steps, distance, weight, exercise minutes, and detailed analysis of so many things: workouts, cardio, strength training, and trend analysis for workouts and other data sets. I am sure I missed naming some of the things it can track. I don’t use one particular data set, but if it’s relevant for you, you can also add blood glucose tracking, among other things. I suppose if I were tracking ketones and following a ketogenic diet, that could fit in this data set. For reference, I am using an Apple Watch 7. This app costs FIVE BUCKS with no additional fees or subscription costs. TOTALLY worth the cost!

- Might Have Saved My Life

I’m a tennis pro in South Carolina and Saturday morning I was practicing with a friend for about two hours. I left, went to buy groceries and then drive home. I was watching the French Open when my watch alerted me that I might be in Arterial Fibrillation. My heart rate was in the 80’s which is really unusual for me. It is always in the mid and lower 70’s(resting heart rate). I then looked at the Heart app and my heart rate was all over the place; from 80 to 120 bpm. I went to the emergency room that day to find out that my heart was definitely in A-Fib mode. If I hadn’t had my Apple Watch and the two heart apps downloaded, I could have had a heat attack or stroke. I know this device is not a diagnostic device, but I surly gave me an indication that something about me heart was wrong. Well worth having❤️😊

- So far, I’m loving it

There’s a whole bunch of stuff and information packed into this app, and I got it after I already had AutoSleep to use with my Apple watch. There’s some information that I don’t pay attention to or isn’t very relevant to me right now, which makes me think that’s similar or opposite for others, so the ability to customize your dashboards would be cool. There’s no shortage of info. Keeping it down to what’s pertinent or prioritizing would be helpful. I really dig the workout maps with pace and pulse tracking (watch needed) and can view my walks/runs with details and use the playback overlaid on the map route. The little avatar is totally cool. I love being chubby in the morning and a superhero in the evening. More personalizing options is needed! There’s a bunch of other heart rate stuff that you would expect and integrates with your health app and profiles.

- It’s ok but wouldn’t recommend it for super active people

Good concept. I really enjoy the charts and color coded badges—however, what I don’t like is the workout feature as well as some other things. Let me explain. I’m constantly on the move—walking, running, dancing, hiking, etc through out my day, so my heart rate is always going to be elevated. Honestly, I never really take a pause and I rarely ever sit down unless I’m eating. As such, It seems impractical to hit “workout” as I would have to leave it on for the whole day and drain my battery. However, if you do not click the workout button, the app assumes you are sitting down all day and doing nothing. I then get lots of skewed data saying my resting heart rate is really high which isn’t accurate. I would recommend that there at least be a feature on the app where it can sense if you are moving around. Overall I think the app is OK, but I would not recommend it to a very active person as there are more suitable apps for athletes out there such as zones.

- All the pretty colors!

I used other recommended apps that are suggested for the watch and iPhone and this is by far the best in my opinion because it explains what all the graphs and numbers are for. The other apps figure you will just know how to interpret the data. I bought the sleep app as well. Both are affordable and it basically dumbs it down for a person not use to exercising or being in tune with being healthy. Monitoring my sleep made me finally realize why I'm so tired all the time. I just thought it was because I have a toddler but it turns out I'm not sleeping well. I also like that it tells me what's normal for heart beats and the differences through the day. And if you are inclined, you can export the data which other apps don't offer. Like if you need to share your info with your doctor, this might be useful.

- Non better

I am (becoming was) fat. I finally figured a few things out and went for another attempt at weight loss. I have a personal trainer I see 3 times a week, a nutritionist once a week, I changed my dietary life style to Keto (not just a short term diet), and I try to walk 3-5 miles every day. This is what I choose to do and I have dropped 90lbs in 6months. This app has been a major life line to me. It records all my workout data, normal data, and sleep data. It then places all those insane numbers into easy to digest graphs with obvious min, max, and means. This has let me see my true progress. Scales and body measurements can be deceptive; your heart will never lie. To anyone really serious about taking control of their health and wanting an easy to use & read app to help motivate and guide you... just click download :)

- Better than the apple version

I tried using the built in apps that came with the watch but quickly discovered it was not able to provide the information I was looking for. When I went on walks the Apple app stopped tracking less than half way of whatever the duration was. Gotta love people of the web!! The Heart app was all everyone talked about! For what I paid for the watch..what was an additional $3?? But wait there more..they have a sleep app!! The Heart app accurately tracks my works outs and breaks them down, my heart rate throughout the day, and with the sleep app I can see how much/little test I’m getting and what my body is doing when it should be in a resting state! It works seamlessly with Apple Health and syncs with MyFitnessPal and several other apps!! All in all it made my watch worth the purchase 👌💯❣️

- Excellent app

I am a competitive tennis player in my 60s who crosstrains by swimming, biking, snowshoeing, walking, doing yoga and functional strength training. I capture all these activities with this great app. I have been using it for two or more years daily. The app keeps track, summarizes and graphs all the related data. It has allowed me to have great individualized insights. I found the animated character also useful as it allows you to see whether you met the day goals. The check circle on top of the screen is also helpful with the same purpose. As I suggestion, I wonder if it would be possible if a similar simple graphic symbol could be available for meeting goals for the preceding 7, 14, etc days. As I way to see status and trends. Also how do you change goals? I think there is dynamic goal adjustment but I don’t understand how that works. These comments are such suggestions. The app is truly fantastic. I wish the Apple Watch allowed for automatic activity recognition and started tracking automatically. I understand it is because of insufficient battery endurance. I sometimes forget to start the activity on the watch. This is not a problem with the app.

- Best sleep app ever

This is one of the best sleep abs ever. I have been on the bed wagon and download it so many sleep management apps that I completely got frustrated with the sharing of my information with different apps as well as subscriptions. Every app has a subscription to where you’re paying all this money per month four a sleep management tool. Completely unnecessary in my book. This app does not have that feature. You can actually purchase the app yourself. And it has way more features and options than any other subscription app. By far this is the best sleep app I have ever owned and I have owned more than 10. I will be happy to pay for upgrades or any additional cost and support of efforts for this app. I love this app!!! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

- Excellent healthy lifestyle information

I combine this app with the AutoSleep app produced by the same company and have been very happy with the product. As a fitness enthusiast, I have also used a much more expensive subscription products and found it essentially gave me the same information. I do think the heart app could develop some more specific notifications (optimal heart rate reach, exceeded, etc) that could be tailored to the user. Utilizing HRV information gathered from AutoSleep and occasional user questionnaires, HeartWatch could eventually provide heart rate recommendations for users of different backgrounds (athletes, elderly, etc). Overall I highly recommend this app and have made it a part of my daily routine for months now.

- Not worth the money (for me)

After reading the reviews, I was expecting something great. Unfortunately I’m out $4. The interface is overwhelming and that could be forgiven if it actually provided something helpful. It doesn’t (at least none I can determine, so I’m open to feedback). In fact, it was often wrong with the data. The alerts were not helpful because it was delayed (got notified an hour after an event which wasn’t even an event). I liked the visual charts, but that novelty wore off almost immediately for me. I’d recommend the developers have either a “lite” version with upgrade, perhaps. Overall looks like effort was made to create this app and I applaud them for that, it’s just overwhelming and didn’t really provide me anything “extra” compared to default Health app in determining heart status (again, that I could determine). I’ll be uninstalling now, and out a couple of bucks, sadly.

- Amazing, But

This app is phenomenal. It single-handedly makes heart data accessible and useable for understand where one’s health is at. But minus two stars, one for each feature I would like to see. 1) HRV graphing. Just as we get to see HR trends, I’d like to see HRV trends, as this is arguably an even greater indicator of health. I checked the options but didn’t see one for day HRV, only night HRV. (Which would be great if only Oura would do their job and transfer HRV data to HealthKit.) Though if I’m mistaken on it being missing, correct me and I’ll update my review! 2) The ability to view historic ranges beyond 12 months. I just learned new things about my chronic health condition, and reviewing my past HR trends with that data in mind was so helpful and important … except now I can’t look beyond 12 months ago. I’ve lost all of that analysis potential. I don’t need the app to show 18 months or 24 months at a single time, I just need to be able to shift around the 6 week ~ 52 week timeframe to prior date ranges. Lacking this ability is actually getting in the way of verifying a part of my health condition. I need to see HR data from 2019 — it’s in the Health app, but HeartWatch won’t let me look at it currently. This seems like a really simple addition.

- Absolutely amazing

Disclaimer: never rely on an app alone for your health. ALWAYS consult a professional. Check with your doctor. Update: After further review, enabling 1 minute scans actually just updates after every 4-5 minutes, which is what I wanted. I updated the review to 5 stars. I’m not a health freak, but monitoring my heart rate has helped log some of my medical issues, and although this isn’t as legit as a medical professional analysis, it is still very useful as an individual and I can later go to my doctor and show the stats. Absolutely wonderful work! App works great and I’ve never had any issues. If I could rate it 4.5 stars, I would. My only recommendation is to enable 5 minute intervals as well. The options are regular (which is around 15 minutes), 1 minute, 15 secs, or 5 second intervals. I’d appreciate 5 min intervals for every day use because some events do go unnoticed if it only monitors every 15 mins or so. If I feel an event coming, I have to manually start the app on my Apple watch and then start recording the present heart rate. This is the only reason why I went with 4 stars. If they fix it, definitely a 6 star app. I HIGHLY recommend this app.

- Love ❤️ this App ....mostly 😊

I’ve been a user a few months now and this came supposedly as part of a bundle and in the end I’ve actually paid for each app in the suite. Still I can for give for that little fib/error because the app is generally great and I especially like your recent addition of the SPEAK, “add measure”. I just finally tried it the first time yesterday and it work great one of my favorite features. Your suite is actually comprehensive and powerful and as I’ve learned more my appreciation continues to increase. I especially like the gage inside AutoSleep where I can monitor how I’m doing when I awaken at night ....very useful and cool. Keep improving my appreciation grows with my knowledge and one important aspect for your app is you really do need to read the instructions ...but what you learn is totally worth it.

- Amazing app -- one of my all-time top 5

I bought Heart Watch after purchasing Auto Sleep (from same company) because I found Auto Sleep to be one of the best health-related apps I'd purchased, and Heart Watch didn't let me down. It actually exceeded my expectations in every way. It includes numerous metrics -- so many that it would probably render many other apps convoluted, but Heart Watch has an outstanding user interface, and a very unique approach to presenting voluminous information in an intuitive and useful way. Also, you can just buy the app without having to subscribe or deal with functionality unlocked by in-app purchases. This is how an app should be designed and sold.


I already use the auto sleep app and didn't really think I'd get much use from this one (the sleep app gives heart info also). But, I was wrong. I review my Heart Watch info frequently as I'm really trying to be more attentive to my health, particularly heart health. Useful data and easy to use. A side bonus: I use a freestyle libre for glucose monitoring. I love the device and the app. There's one downside - Apple Health doesn't read the data, so I have to input the results manually using another app I don't otherwise use, or not have the data appear. But, using the watch app for Heart Watch, I can speak the results (examples: "glucose 108") and it inputs the data into Apple Health. What's strange is, that info doesn't appear anywhere on the Heart Watch app.

- Wonderful app

I have trouble sleeping and have found my quality of sleep hasn’t been that great. I wasn’t sure how much though till after I got my Apple Watch series 4 and then downloaded this app. I am able to break down when I’ve taken pills and it can track every minute I wear my watch. I haven’t been to the doctor yet since I got this. I can’t wait to show them how everything they’ve given me effects me and how much my heart rate rises and falls. This app paired with AutoSleep and activity tracker help make it more intuitive. They work together and can break down your sleep partners and how much actual sleep you get. Along with being able to set goals. You can track your progress and help you get better sleep.

- Occasionally buggy but overall worthwhile

In general this is a solid app, but lately I’ve been getting high heart rate notifications once I’ve started a workout using the Apple Watch workout app. I’d consider using the built-in workout feature within HeartWatch, but I don’t see a way to tell it what activity I’m doing, and yoga is very different from boxing in terms of motion interpretation. Perhaps I’m supposed to start the workout in both apps at once, but I don’t think the app suggests it. Beyond that, my only annoyance is that I take medication several days a week which can elevate my heart rate a good 10-20 bpm. There’s no way for me to truly use the notifications feature unless I want to change my notification parameters several times a week. I frequently get high heart rate alerts when Apple’s built in monitoring says I’m fine. [As an aside, I’m in excellent shape and do intense cardio and/or strength training six days a week. There’s nothing about me beyond my meds that’s causing this output.] This app really shines when combined with AutoSleep, and that’s why I still wholeheartedly recommend it. Get it, just be prepared to tinker with the settings a lot if your cardiovascular system is a bit atypical.

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- Apple 5 watch app can’t send alerts but this app does!

I’m waiting for cardiac ablation, I bought an iPhone and watch last Friday solely for heart app as things really don’t feel good, I knew it didn’t have ECG but thought the high and low notifications would work but it doesn’t. I spotted this app, after reading reviews I purchased it and totally agree with previous person - best app ever! and probably literally a life saver! It’s extremely easy to use, has many other health and activity benefits, It imported the previous data and I didn’t have to renter my details, I had no problem navigating through the app or set up. I’m now being alerted for the numerous lows and highs, this app provides me with so much more information on one page, I only need to scroll down, not go in and out of tabs, I can also include notes additional to the app displaying an icon for what I was doing against the recorded beats, no more writing it down or having to go from screen to screen in my phone to jot down what I was doing/feeling. You can also export data for your doctor and specialists. Thank you genuinely from the bottom of my very tired aching heart - I would recommend this app to everyone.

- Bundle of help

Good idea for this Sydney-based developer to bundle this with the Autosleep app. Glad I plumped for the bundle (at commensurate cost) that put me in this space, as it is a crowded one and one could be overwhelmed. They assure us there is a one-payment “perpetual” license and the analytics are only what are needed for the reports. Adware would be crass to say the least. I wasn’t aware that the Apple Watch ECG function had been disabled in this region or something, but the numbers from this app are all I wanted anyway. It’s most useful to watch for heart activity when I push the exercise some. With that said, I can’t vouch for whether it will find more than the pulse rate (namely irregularities) so mileage could vary. Other appliances should be known and utilised if an irregular heartbeat is a possibility.

- Very impressed

Started with HeartWatch and then got the bundle. None of this is easy to learn how to use best but it gets easier as you get used to it. HeartWatch comes quickly and Ifound it increasingly navigable and useful . The sleep apps were the same. I have arrhythmia and have had heart problems and have found the set of apps really helpful in understanding what is going on. I didn’t think I ever slept in the day, but I found out that after some work early I had a nap of about 30mins on sitting down by the fire! The analysis told me I was sleep deficient and suggested some steps. I now have sleep Crédit ! Using these Apps is getting more and more interesting and if only for that I recommend them. And don’t take my initial difficulties too seriously - if I can use them at 89 I guess you can.

- Very detailed with great watchOS features

This app is amazing! It provides a great user interface detailing various health stats including (but definitely not limited to) resting heart rate, sleep, exercise, all of which are analysed for patterns and presented clearly to the user. The watch gets a handy app too. As well as being able to record workouts and check your daily health stats, you can also enter other health data using voice input, such as weight, blood pressure, body temp, body fat, and even caffeine ☕️. This is super handy as you don’t have to use your phone and enter this data into the health app every time you step on the scales. Its just super convenient. Thank you developers, this is a well designed and written app!

- This app is excellent

TL;DR version: THIS SLEEP APP IS EXCELLENT and well worth the small investment. Detailed reason as to why: I have been using another app to track my sleep and it was feeling a bit clunky and aged , having used it for a few years (eg export was a hassle, and not easy to use), I decided to invest and try this one ( I bought the bundle cause it made sense to and I’m glad I did). It is incredibly data rich yet presented so elegantly, it very easy to use and looks good. I have a serious medical issue and need to keep a detailed diary of my health. Although this isn’t diagnostic data, this app will help inform my GP to make improved decisions as I can export the data (he is a print/paper guy) for analysis and add it to the weekly diary.

- Depression and anxiety

Thanks mostly to HeartWatch together with Apple Watch encouraging me to move more and more I’ve not only got depression and anxiety under control but reversed it. This is what not only broke the lack of motivation but also explains the results and shows me what’s causing my problems so I can better deal with them together with improving sleep and decreasing sleep debt with AutoSleep. I cannot thank you enough for this amazing app that has shown me where PTSD is affecting my heart rate and where it’s anxiety and greatly reducing the anxiety and depression by getting me out and about and active. By seeing what’s causing me stress and how it affects me I’m also in a better position to do my own CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).

- Issue since the update

HeartWatch is a fantastic app to accompany my exercise. The full capability of the app is unlocked if you also get AutoSleep by the same developer. Then it will automatically track the time you spend asleep as well - (not perfectly, but it’s pretty good for a ‘set and forget’ system). I have been having a problem with HeartWatch since the update pairing with the Heart Foundation (when the icon changed). Since then, HeartWatch takes about 10 minutes into exercising before it starts to pick up my pulse. It also doesn’t seem to pick it up unless I am casting to my phone, and have gone in to Apple’s Heart Monitor a few times to ‘wake it up’. Once it gets going it seems to work fine. I’m not sure what has happened to introduce this bug, if there is anything you could suggest that I could do on my end to fix it, I am all ears. Aside from this issue, HeartWatch is a great app that works really well. (Get AutoSleep too).

- Everyone into fitness goals should have it

All the app collections they have is the best. You get so much meaningful information from the data watch provides. If you’re into fitness (weight loss or gain), these apps helps you a lot. I was working hard, my heart-rate were majoring extreme or high intensity, I did loose weight but the bioscan didn’t had much variation on fat %. Then I was reviewing with heart watch and figured out my fat burn window was very very low. So modified my workouts to hit fat burn zone. Waiting for my next scan but feeling very positive.

- Detailed data is fantastic

I purchased an Apple Watch 7 and downloaded this app purely to monitor my heart. I have cardiomyopathy. I find the detail it provides fascinating and it has made me more relaxed about the sensations I feel in my chest, as I can see in real time what’s happening. The app is easy to use, very user friendly, and everything you need to know is there at a glance. I also downloaded a sleep app which I find equally as fantastic and this app and the sleep app link to each other.

- Perfect to make Apple Watch a good alternative to Whoop for monitoring heart health

I have minor heart disease so need to keep an eye on how well my exercise regime is working. This app is excellent for this purpose via my Apple Watch and saved me buying another device. I also struggle with insomnia so the interface with AutoSleep is really useful. I track my food intake with MyFitnessPal, which easily accesses my exercise data. It would be good if the HRV functionality for training was enhanced.

- Brent from Australia

I really wanted a replacement sleep app for my Fitbit as I had just wanted to have the Apple Watch only not and not wear both . This sleep tracker and heart tracking works well together and gives warnings on your heart rate is too high and tracks sleep with ease once you get it set up to how you wear your watch . I wear the watch most of the time so both apps sleep and heat work well together and is easy to use on the watch face entirely without having to mess with the phone . Well done and keep up the updates , it's getting better all the time

- Get the blunde

Get the bundle autowake autosleep and heartwatch , works well togheter and made me stop missing my fitbit . I get a lot more out of my iwatch with these apps. Heartwatch is a really good app , made me question a lot the results and question my overall health . Sleep and heart rate. I Like the alerts as it helps think about what i was doing at the time of alert. I am 60 so great help to me. Still going thru the manual to explore all the options . I recommend . Enjoy!

- Love it!

I use the app all the time and couldn’t do without it! I use for my heart rate and fitness tracking - to monitor my daily ocean swims and cycling, rowing and running. The HRV function doesn’t appear to be accurate that’s my only complaint. I took my records down to my doctor last week and showed him as it seems to mirror my heart rate only and not a reflection of my stress levels. It is the best app for fitness I have found and links in well with heart and pulse activity.

- Better heart rate states, leads to healthier living

This app is part of my daily routine, and provides much more useful analysis than the basic health app. It addition to helping track my resting heart rate and sleeping rate more efficiently, the workout rates allow me to target specific heart rate zones with much better accuracy. This app along with the AutoSleep app are two apps I can’t do without. I also purchased the AutoWake app from the same people, but that hasn’t been of much use.

- Love it - and an idea

Tried emailing but your website/server is down? There’s a watch app called Nomi. It’s like a tamagotchi - you earn food via move or steps in Apple Health and you feed it and it grows and evolves. You can add friends. It’s very basic but it’s good fun. I would love your HeartWatch super man/woman character to be on the apple watch as it would be great for motivation and then if you could share and add friends even better!

- Just started using it but it is really well designed

I have just set this up and bought it based on another review - it is really well designed and easy to use. Given you can’t get some of the functions directly from Apple it’s using all the available data to give an great overall picture - I found this really helpful.

- Superbly designed app that delivers an array of data

This app is an excellent add-on to the standard Apple heart reporting. It presents data really clearly and with more detail than Apple’s built-in tools. Some of the stats have really been an eye-opener from a heart health perspective, and are encouraging me to exercise more consistently. It’s great to see that this app is not subscription-based... it’s worth every penny of the one-off cost.

- Best of all available sleep apps

I have used this app for several years and it has continually improved over time. When I purchased my series 4 Apple Watch I expected the much hyped ECG function would soon follow. I for the life of me cannot understand why Australia is dragging its feet in approving this function as it has been shown to save lives. Please do whatever you can to help solve this very apparent stalemate.

- 🤩 WOW 🤩 Incredible app

Literally saved my life after visiting the doc and showing my data from HeartWatch to identify an issue. Must have if you own an Apple Watch!! Support is great and it’s super impressive for the ‘cheap as chips’ price, other subscription apps cost x100 and don’t even come close to the functionality of HeartWatch. Loving the new fitness habits too. Keep up the great work!

- Good information. Great tool for understanding the layers of “fitness”

Started engaging with my fitness, looking to build and create “habit” rather then short term gains of weight loss. To be fair, this tool could help do both, however, I’m enjoying seeing my heart health improve. The data drives me to move each day and work towards fitness, rather then solely weight loss. The information is empowering.

- Great app!

Combined with the Apple Watch 6, this app helped me discover a serious health problem. I learned my heart rate and oxygen levels dropped dangerously low while sleeping. Investigations revealed I have severe obstructive sleep apnoea, with over 40 events an hour! Stats are starting to improve now I have a CPAP machine. Sleep Specialist said I could have had a heart attack or stroke anytime.

- Great app everything covered

This little app is very concise and covers a lot , more than I expected . Works effort-ably with my watch and gives plenty of feedback in information . Nothing replaces medical advice. - but this is the most informative app that covers the most . Worth every cent and more . Thanks, great work in building this app - works great ‘ 👍

- Fantastic

I had been getting chest pains on and off, had all the tests, doctor and Cardiologist weren’t concerned but it is nice to have something continually monitoring my heart which has gone very low and very high for no reason so gives me peace of mind and it is accurate and sends alerts when it sensors an abnormal heart rate. Highly recommend

- Apple Watch

I brought this watch as I have COPDand need to keep a track of my oxygen levels but found that my heart rate was very high as it lets me know by sending me an alert . That was very helpfulness for my doctor to go by. So I Recommend this watch to anyone with health problems .well. Worth the money thank you apple

- Great apps!

After receiving Apple Watch for my birthday I wanted to ditch my Fitbit and the app especially since Fitbit app doesn’t work with Apple Watch. Best thing I ever did. I have both Heartwatch and Autosleep apps and they’re easy to use, have all the stats I want to see in an easy and informative way. Don’t waste your money on other apps like I did, go straight to these!

- Crashing resolved thanks!

After restoring a backup of my iPhone to my new iphonex, the app started crashing every time I opened. After writing a review, the developers contacted me and gave information to fix. The issue is due to the way Apple works with permissions for the Health data. It’s all fixed now and I can happily use the app again.

- Very comprehensive!

I am really enjoying using this app. I did not expect the level of information it would provide. I have been an athlete for most of my life and am used to cycling with a heart rate monitor and it seems that the Apple Watch (2) and this app are giving an accurate reading of my heart rate while working, exercising and sleeping.

- Value for money

In one sentence, it’s value for money. If you don’t wanna pay to other apps every month, you couldn’t find anything better than this. It does all sort of calculations one can think of and intuitive GUI. After my vast research on other apps, I bought this one and let me tell you, boy! I love it.

- Addictive , supportive , motivational

Love this app, I wake to it and sleep too it The only negative is the information recorded from heart watch does not match the apple information It’s an honest predictive recording that matches my activity, waking feeling and daily activity I just need to understand the variation between this app and Apple activity It’s a must have health source

- HeartWatch

Just upgraded to the new version but wasn’t getting a full set of daily stats or anything historical. Sent off an email and had a reply within minutes wit clear and concise instructions on how to remedy. All work and and happily getting acquainted with the new format. Appreciated David Walsh’s super speedy response. Highly recommended

- The Daily Briefing in News is awesome

I’ve tried quite a few fitness apps over the years but this one is easily now my favourite. The Morning Briefing in the News section is incredible. Very slick, comprehensive and comprehensible. Try it just the once to see why.

- Useful and relevant

I have AF among other things and this is a very useful app to have on hand. I have used it to inform hospital staff on admission and they are happy with it’s accuracy. I am still finding out how to use all of the functions, albeit the basic options are sufficient for my needs. I definitely recommend this app.

- I❤️ this

I have been using this app for a couple of years now. It is my goto app for data after exercise. I love that it can forecast how I am doing in relation to fitness goals. I even like the little avatar. The layout, the data it gives you. All very useful.

- A handy measure

This app does everything it promises and with my new Apple Watch, I am able to track my heart rate in detail through fitness activities and during sleep. Another great measure of fitness, plus with the AutoSleep app I can see the bigger picture of how and why I am feeling the way I do throughout the day.

- Awesome addition to Apple Health Apps

Heart Watch and the AutoSleep app are amazing. I’ve only been using them for about a week now and am greatly benefiting from the deeper insights you pull from these two apps. I recommend purchasing the package of all three apps. It’s worth the 12$!

- 2022

Is and always has been the best medical/information app available and if you have a iPhone and watch you need this app. Very few apps are regularly updated regularly and has the support that HeartWatch has

- Not much good to me

I had read on the web that this app supports Bluetooth heart rate monitors. It looked great too so I bought it. Turns out that it supports Bluetooth heart rate monitors connected to Apple Watch, so you still need an Apple Watch. This app doesn’t work without one. Still, it looks like a well thought out and well developed app so I will keep it in case future updates allow other devices

- Great

Started with HeartWatch and have since downloaded their other apps to complete the package. Really impressed with how easy it works and the time spent on the development of the app. Very clean and smart. Can be used simply or you can really drill into more details and get lost! Great price for what you get here

- Love it

I bought this app with the bundle and this one is basically the app you go to to check most things since it also has some stats for the auto sleep app, anyway this app is very useful and helped me really that I am 20 hours behind my sleep requirements.....

- Handy for weight loss

As well as detailed analysis of workouts, it is the only app I have come across that presents your weight with a weekly average or running 7 day or 21 day mean, making it much easier to track your real progress and see the signal amid the fluctuations.

- Sensational

This app works brilliantly and the features are very comprehensive. Bit of a learning curve to get up to speed there is so much going on. Take the time to read through the user guide. You will not regret.

- Excellent app with many pie charts

This app takes the data from Apple Watch and shows in different graphical format for better understanding of heart health and helps to provide insight about the trend heart function over time.

- Very thorough

As a 59 year old male, i’m really enjoying the thoroughness of the metrics shown in this app, and how they’re shown. There are so many choices of health apps and I think I’ve found the one I like the most. I’m just waiting for an Apple Watch that shows BP - that’s the holy grail. 5 stars

- Best app for tracking your heart rate

Have used many workout apps. This app is the best by far for seeing the heart rate using an iwatch and seeing it in real-time on an iPhone. As it syncs to the health app all activity data can be reviewed. This app is very impressive.

- An Amazing App for its price

I’ve been using this app for some time now & have to say it’s “best in class” by a long way. 🏅🏅🏅The drill downs are superb, along with its detailed historical views. Coupled with my Apple Watch it’s unbelievable! Can definitely recommend. 👍🏻

- Amazing detail

Look, ill be short and sweet, its better than an apple made app, quality and great. Worth every penny and shows stuff apple watch can do, and should do, but again.. they are “courageous” not to have that feature.. :p 5 stars dev on all your apps!!!!!

- Brilliant heart health app

Pretty much perfect in every way making great use of your Apple Watch in synchronicity with your iPhone. And get AutoSleep app as well as they are a perfect tandem pair. Most impressive tools that help me communicate my bodies condition with my health specialists. Seriously great software for the cost of cake. Or coffee.😊

- Very informative

Provides a lot of useful information. Its interesting to review all the data after a workout to see intensity and duration and much more. Can drill down to more detailed info than most other apps.

- Great app, very detailed

Amazing app, new update has been great and the amount of readings both in terms of frequency and types is very impressive. One recommendation which id find very helpful and insightful is explanations of what each reading is and means, for example HRV, daily bpm, VO2Max, recovery, etc.

- Complicated Rubbish

It’s hard to use and understand. AND just when I started to get the hang of it, they updates the whole friggin thing and it has stopped working entirely. I just get blank areas where information is supposed to be. I have dropped it from my watch and am about to dump it all together. If FRUSTRATION is your exercise of choice - enjoy !

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- Great App

I tried a few apps that's gauged my sleep patterns. They were good but didn't show me as much as this one. The details of what it shows me is great. If your looking for an app to see your sleep patterns and blood pressure you should get this. Great app guys. Looking forward to better improvements.

- Incredibly awesome, fair flat fee

At first glance HeartWatch at first glance appears to be a health app to help those with shaky health monitor their symptoms. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead HeartWatch is a first-class fitness app. HeartWatch directly monitors your Apple Watch workouts and allows you to see your pace, your heart BPM and to see your GPS paths directly on Apple Maps, including all three views (navigation, Hybrid, Satellite), just like the other first-tier fitness apps. But unlike Garmin, Strava, Komoot, BikeMap, AllTrails, Map My Ride, etc, the HeartWatch app does not send your health and fitness data out to third-party servers. All the data is processed locally inside the application. If you do not enable iCloud, all your private health and fitness data does not leave your iPhone. Moreover, HeartWatch works with all twenty odd sports which the Apple Watch Fitness app covers, it's not just for running, cycling or swimming. The system integration makes life easier, as there's no need to press a second start button or to do any importing. HeartWatch directly accesses the Apple Watch Fitness data and gives you better visibility into this data, including those GPS maps. HeartWatch is a superb app which works seamlessly with Apple's built-in apps and keeps all your data private. The interface is Apple native, supplementing the limited insight into your data that the built-in apps provide, much like FCPX expands the capabilities of iMovie. HeartWatch alone made me decide to keep an Apple Watch, it’s the only full-featured fitness app which works locally and does not send your private health data to their servers. To do all that and for a very reasonable flat fee adds tremendous value to the Apple Watch. Apple would do well to hire or acquire the development team. I highly recommend the bundle with AutoSleep as it's only a few dollars/euros more and will give you the same insight into your sleep patterns as HeartWatch gives you into your workouts.

- Very Good

Excellent Graphics, and Informative app. The area that needs improvements are the late or unnecessary notifications and not checking for the trend of hearth beats. For example it notifies 'one of' very low hearth beat of 45, and it does this after half an hour. Compared to Apple Health which does not report this.

- Very complete and full featured!

Tried numerous apps for watch, but for a post open heart surgery patient like myself, it covers all the bases and is intuitive/adaptive enough for all my needs, and my doctors are impressed as well. (For a 5th star...I also use Quardio’s connected bp device which integrates with health, but also has the ability to email data directly from their app to give my docs the ability to monitor remotely. This would be a good feature to add to the app..) Keep it up, people, you’re saving lives! TM

- Absurdly Good

Do you like data? Do you like data about yourself? Sleep, exercise trends, waking HR, and much more? Do you like infographics? If no, could you? This app has provided me with the data I myself have had to manually track. It takes the information Apple Watch has and transforms into insights and trends. I am honestly so impressed that I bought their bundle. [And their support team, who had to resolve a critical issue were brilliantly effective and quick to help.]

- Was great — glitch in the update?

I have lost all historical and current data regarding my heart-rate despite going through the settings and rebuilding as per the iPhone app. It’s not even taking my pulse. It seems that the new features are working well but those are gravy. Why is there no heart rate data showing historically and why isn’t it displaying it at present either? Thanks for a reply at your earliest opportunity. I depend upon your amazing app (it truly has been a lifesaver) for a serious health condition.

- Great for monitoring afib

Very helpful app for monitoring your heart in detail.

- Don’t let your watch die

Frustrating that if your watch diss, the app deletes all the data for that day...

- Bpm alerts

I’m trying to figure out how to set an alert to inform me when my bpm goes over a preset rate while I’m walking??

- Heart Monitoring does not work in Canada

HeartWatch and AutoSleep Apps DO NOT WORK on Apple Watch in Canada! Canadian government has NOT CERTIFIED this App or Apple Watch as for the Irregular Rhythm Notifications so the watch cannot access your pulse throughout the day/night

- Too much personal information needed

The app will not work if I don't provide my personal information. This should be voluntary.

- Complex, poor translation

App is difficult to use, and the French translation makes it even harder to understand. Highly disappointed Edit: Gave this another try after a year or so. Still unable to change language back to English, onboarding tutorial are pushed into your face with really slow animation and you can’t dismiss them to continue doing what you wanted in the first place. Uninstalled again

- Useful App

My Physio therapist is using this app to monitor my levels for managing long haul COVID - this has been extremely helpful in working at keeping symptoms down and generally understanding how my system works. Love it.

- Calendar Problem

App worked well for two days. This evening it showed two Nov 6 days on the dashboard calendar. Monday Nov 1 was the first day in the dashboard. On the workout page, I closed all my rings (move, steps, distance) today but the top dates showed the rings were not closed. I think the app is junk if it can’t pull basic data from the smartphone reliably.

- Garbage

Seem to work ok for awhile. Now According to this app I haven’t had a minute of sleep in weeks! If I could give negative stars I would. How do I get my money back!!

- Works well

V happy with this app.

- Excellent app.

A couple years ago I suffered a heart attack and I have worked really hard to overcome my heart disease and now heart failure. I’ve learned a lot about it now and this app is so excellent to understand all the stats that the Apple Watch and HealthKit have to offer. I use this daily. It’s excellent. I love the hovering Superman character!

- Could have been better

I like the UI. In terms of metrics, other than heart rate variability and workout intensity nothing is out of the ordinary. I wish you could show me the trend of workout intensity, there is aggregate but no trend to compare if I am getting better with time.

- Serious match for your heart data

So as it stands, I’m lying on an emergency room bed checking my watch data against the heart monitor and it’s pretty much a match. The ecg tech said that the watch is pretty accurate. Heart monitor shows 97% blood oxygen, watch shows 98% Pulse is pretty much a match as well.

- Iwatch complication breakdown

On the phone the app gives results as usual, but when I tap the complication on my watch it opens and closes at once. It makes the app useless. Meanwhile I deleted the app and downloaded it again and upgraded the review to 5 stars. Thank you developers for getting to me so quickly but it looks like all is well again. The app is smooth in its use and not complicated. Glad to have it.

- Super app

J’adore vraiment cette application. Elle est vraiment complète. Ultra facile de suivre votre rythme cardiaque. Le prix est ultra abordable. Merci!

- Excellent tracker

Great app - constantly updating and building from previous versions. Tracking tiles are sufficient to understand what’s going on with sleep, heart rate etc.

- Excellente App de suivi de la santé cardiaque

Application complète et détaillée des battements du cœur lors d’exercices, de sommeil et de la sédentarité. Je peux constater l’amélioration de ma santé cardiaque depuis que j’ai commencé à m’entraîner. À recommander.

- Sleep app

I really like the app lots of information but a little confusing. I would love a tutorial for it

- Great little app

Gives me all the information I’m looking for. Works great with my iwatch.

- No longer syncs with Apple Watch

Lost all progress history completely.

- Excellent information

Very informative and the information is detailed.

- Correy

Awesome tool to provide real insight into your heart and sleep health. Great for accountability. Worth every penny.

- Very detailed!!! A fantastic app!

Thank you , an amazing app!

- Des heures de plaisirs

J’adore, un outil plaisant pour suivre notre évolution et prendre conscience des effets de notre entraînement.

- Awesome app for sleep & wellness

I’ve been using this for a few years and it’s super helpful and easy to use. Hey developers, could you look at supporting the import of Strava exercise with a pause in the middle? I just tried that today but my workout wasn’t fully recognized. Thanks and keep up the excellent support!

- The best app to track your health

Heart watch brings together all your relevant health data in an easy to understand, graphical manner. By far the best health app for your Apple watch!

- Great app for exercising & monitoring heart rate

This app has been perfect for monitoring an atypical heartbeat during a variety of exercises as well as during regular daily activities

- Awesome App!!

Went through ALOT of apps trying to find one that would work for me and then I found this one. It does everything I wanted and more. I am still learning the ropes! 😀sharebear222

- Great app

This app keeps an eye on my heart, which is important lately. So far so good ☺️

- A nice addition.

I’ve been using the autosleep app for about a year now and it’s very good. I decided to add the heart app, it’s also very good. The two work well together and the price of the apps is very reasonable. No complaints from me!

- good but

please remove the characters. they are absolutely hideous and make me adverse to using this app

- Superb!!

Wow! This app is amazing. You can glean a little information or you can go as deep as you want. I am so impressed! Still have a lot to learn but this is wonderful! Kudos to the developers and thank you especially for keeping our data safe!

- Excellent app

Excellent app. Get the bundle to save considerably. Great set of apps

- My go to for monitoring my bodies health

Comprehensive, easy and very informative. Works seamlessly with my Apple Watch and hand in hand with the Health app. Sleep, heart, O2… lots more. Gives me real insight that over the course of months has gone from a monitor to a motivator. This is the app for my physical.

- Still Garbage

I can view my heart rate on my watch while working out now? Yay, also, my watch now only shows heartrate when I raise to look at it… which sucks. And I cannot tell my watch I am starting a workout at the same time in my apple activities so now that has disappeared, so I have I a record of exercising but no particular activity. keeps track of all the same stats that health and activity apps do on IPhone, but Way more confusing… Don’t waste your money on this people!! App has been deleted… money up in flames.

- Watchful eye

This is a great app for monitoring your heart rate and sleep patterns. Provides useful insight into your stress level and heart rate pattern.

- Exactly what I was looking for!

This app and AutoSleep have been a lifesaver for me. Well with the purchase and live that it is not a subscription. I really love the daily reports about my health and it takes the guesswork out of what I need to focus on each day. Thank you!

- Stopped working, no response from support

The app stopped working with the upgrade to WatchOS 8 and iOS 15. The Watch component no longer recognizes heartbeats (even though the watch Heart app does) and the iPhone component doesn’t seem to recognize the Health app any longer. I tried contacting support and received no response. Such a shame. The app used to be great and I referenced the data almost daily.

- Don’t waste your money

The app is not compatible with Apple Watch. In fact, it does not function with the current IOS. Worse yet. The producer of the app acknowledged a problem with app and refuses to reimburse the cost of the app,

- Comprehensive heart app

Excellent interface to all heart and workout activity information on Apple’s iWatch. Provides the very best graphical reporting on all activity and workouts. Support is very fast, providing a quick solution to problems and queries. I give this app a 5-star rating.

- Great app

A pill reminder would be a fantastic addition.

- Great app

I wanted something with features and this has it. The lay out is easy to use but is full of data, I’ve been using it every day and night for over 2 months. I got the pack with the heart, autowake and autosleep. I’m really surprised this didn’t come with the watch! The auto sleep is so accurate showing all my wake ups in the night. Thank you for making this app I love it.

- Très bonne application

Une application plus que parfaite! Merci!♥️

- Great Information

I love this app because it gives clear and easy to see information. It works great with autosleep

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HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker 4.3.5 Screenshots & Images

HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone images
HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone images
HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone images
HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone images
HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone images
HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone images
HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone images
HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone images
HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone images
HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker iphone images
HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker Health & Fitness application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker (Version 4.3.5) Install & Download

The applications HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-12-07 and was developed by Tantsissa [Developer ID: 861650887]. This application file size is 72.04 MB. HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker - Health & Fitness app posted on 2022-10-24 current version is 4.3.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tantsissa.Heartbeat