HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate

HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate [Health & Fitness] App Description & Overview

HeartWatch has no user analytics tracking. No advertising plugins. No 3rd party code. No data upload. Ask your "free" heart app if they can say the same.

"HeartWatch is so good, you’d think Apple built the app itself." John Patrick Pullen, Time Magazine. Top 5 in Health & Fitness in 63 countries.

HeartWatch is the best way to get a complete picture of all the health & fitness information captured by your Apple Watch.

- An intelligent view of all key heart rate metrics. Daytime, Sedentary, Sleeping, Waking & Workouts.
- Detailed trend analysis including heart rate, blood pressure, HRV and more.
- Background heart rate alerts on Watch with context.
- Note capture for individual heart rate readings.

- Every day isn’t the same. Intelligent move, distance & steps goals based on your current habits.
- Daily forecasting to help you stay on track to meet your goals.

- In depth analysis of heart rate, training summary, GPS maps and more.
- A heart focussed workout app on the Watch with custom alerts to keep you in the right zone.
- Detailed trend analysis.
- Stream workout info from your Watch to your iPhone.

- Export for all health metrics & workouts.

Heart Watch is a very useful tool to get alerted about any possible health issues in a concise format that you can show your medical practitioner.

This app requires an iPhone that has the Health App installed. Heart readings are read from the Health Data Store which is ideally populated by your Apple Watch.

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HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor update. Learn more on the Whats New Page on the HeartWatch4 website: https://heartwatch4.tantsissa.com Recent popular requests: - Take pulse option now takes 5 readings if you have WatchOS 6 or higher and shows each reading on the pulse gauge. - Daily exports now support multi days. - Blood pressure table revised based on global recommendations. - Heart rate recovery ratings now age/gender based. - Sleeping heart rate section refined to exclude any time awake from sleeping average. - Added estimated RPE and training load to workout summary export for non-HeartWatch workouts. - Added weight to summary export. If your heart is loving HeartWatch, take a heartbeat to rate us on the App Store! The great support helps us to keep monitoring your heart to better health.

HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate Comments & Reviews

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- My favorite Apple Watch App

As someone with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, this app is hugely helpful in monitoring my heart rate. The analytics monitor daily activity, provide alerts for when my BPM jumps a significant amount (for example, I recently received an alert when the app noticed my heart rate rose 30 BPM while stationary), and provide 21day trends. In addition to benefits in monitoring health concerns, this app is also great in providing insight to exercise trends. I especially like the Workout Summary which, in many ways is more helpful than Apple Health, GoogleFit, or Apple Watch Activity apps because it provides information about your common workout types (for example, in the last 6 weeks, 18% of my workouts have been yoga, 24% have been outdoor walks, etc) and specifies exactly what’s happening in your body through each workout (for example, based on my heart rate and existing health data, HeartWatch was able to tell me that during my last 15 min workout, 2 min were warmup + 7 min were building fitness, 5 minutes were building fat, and the rest was high intensity). Overall, great information if you’re someone who wants to monitor trends in your health or is conscious/curious about your overall fitness. Well worth the purchase!

- Revised review based on customer suppor!!

My original review of the V4 redesign of this app was rather harsh w/ a rating of only 2 as I had expectations of a real time heart monitor display via a complication on the Apple Watch. I complained that the developer did not properly vet the software as it did not provide that and other functionality in software options I needed. The developer emailed me and in the interim I began to do my own personal additional research. The Apple Watch currently reads the heart rate BPM via the rear sensor at rest in @ 10 minute intervals. Its hardware is not designed for real time bpm monitoring. The BPM monitoring/sampling rate does increase however based on the intensity of workout but still never reaches real time. Regarding the other software options I was missing, the developer was kind enough to direct me through the new menu system to find what I needed. It was there all along but I did not find it so my apologies to the dev team for any negative impact my initial review may have caused. I highly recommend this application to anyone seeking on in the genre. It has been my goto since the purchase of my Apple Watch nearly 2 years ago.

- Essential app for monitoring your health and getting the most out of your watch.

I love this app! Really, HeartWatch and the companion app AutoSleep are the best two apps I have found for the Apple Watch. I've used them every day/night for 6 weeks now. It has changed my habits almost overnight. It really is an essential app to monitor your health in the moment and over time, and for effortlessly changing your habits to improve your life. It's the bio feedback that we couldn't have dreamed of having such easy access to years ago (ok maybe I'm late to the game, I just got my Apple Watch, but I did own an expensive sports heart rate monitor that I only used a handful of times during workouts). I love how HeartWatch represents the data in various ways and the level of detail they have put into everything. Haven't done it yet but you can also export the data. Their documentation is great with a short explanation available on every screen to easily get you started (that you can make go away if you don't want to see it - I've kept it up), plus quick access to more in-depth explanations for those that want to know more.

- Great health add-on for iWatch 3 GPS

I purchased an iWatch 3 GPS for activity and health integration then added HeartWatch and AutoSleep. Together with the Apple Health app they are very informative and good for keeping track day to day. The Apple Watch Breathing app is also very helpful in reminding me to stay focused and centered. I am approaching my 60th in a couple years and have had a few bumps along the way lately with palpitations (never ignore your body get checked out!) and odd symptoms and thought this app might or might not give some clue or at best keep a history for my doctor. Never use these apps and devices to substitute medical care, they are what they are, apps though good ones. HeartWatch gives your health app a boost but try to not panic if the app sounds alarms if your heart rate goes over 100, which mine does while I’m at work on my feet 8 hours. You can adjust the settings for low and high heart rate but I left mine as-is. It can make you a bit distracted seeing the notifications. In the end I’d rather know than not know right? 🤓

- Very good - update

Now that I’ve had some time to use this app, it is a good app, but can be a little confusing. There is a boat load of information that it provides which be be helpful in keeping track of your heart rate. The only thing that really throws me off is their resting rate. They say the more blue is better, but that’s pretty much when you are basically doing nothing. Once you get up and move around or simply do your daily routine, the blue portion can quickly disappear with red and pink bans, kinda throws things out of whack. Other than that, it does a good job. Have been only using the app for a short while, but can already see where the information provided can be helpful for anyone needing to track their heart rate. The only question I have is I’ve noticed that when you start a exercise routine, it gives you a low and high BPM rate. It looks as though it is inserting the highest rate automatically into the results. Example, started a flexibility routine, program stating the highest BPM was 160 bpm. Before I ever began, it had inserted the 160bpm into the workout. Maybe I’m missing something, but that seems to alter the actual results for the workout.

- Good but quirky

The app is full of information, but with so many screens and charts it takes some getting used to as far as figuring what is what. Missing (or at least I can't yet find it) is an easy graph or chart to view changes over weeks or months. It may be there, but like much of the information overloading this app, it is well hidden. Also, it strangely devalues the Apple Watch stand goal. True, it's the least interesting ring (for me) on the Apple Watch, but in the tracking history part of the app, standing is capped off at 12 hours. My watch might say 16 or 17, but the app never credits more than 12! This makes absolutely no sense, and is either a clear bug that needs fixing or another example of a user interface is need of simplification. The sleep app (an additional purchase) is interesting as an add-on, but it offers so little information it is a pricey upgrade. It would be better simply integrated into the main app rather than an additional money grab. Still, overall a good additional to the Apple Watch fitness family. FitBit still wins on ease of interface. Apple app developers still have a few things to learn when it comes to fitness tracking.

- Pretty amazing app I’d recommend

It’s an app I continue to use more and more for the amount of detail it provides. I was diagnosed with paroxysmal AFIB in 2018 and bought the Apple Watch series 4 around Christmas 2018 for the EKG feature. The watch itself at this time does not automatically alert you of AFIB events but the personal indicators become evident. This app provides and most of all displays in great detail heart beat patterns leading up to, during and following an AFIB event. The sleep reports are also very detailed and have helped me stay on top of the rest I need. Seeing where and when you expend your energy is very informative. I’m not sure why the watch or apps don’t alert of AFIB events yet as they onset by I’d assume for legal obstruction reasons. They are definitely capable of changing patterns and documenting them. The app developers need to work on a cleaner complete document export feature. Apple apps are ALL weak in this area and it’s baffling to me as to why. Whether it’s the graphs or data entries it would be nice to export directly and completely to a pdf that could easily be shared or archived.

- Best Heart monitor application I have used!

Originally got the HeartWatch application and used it daily to track how my heart was doing and get a better idea of my performance under stress and sedentary stages. It helped me been able to see how much better I am getting as I continue to exercise, it breaks everything down for you and it reminds you and the end of the day with a recap of how you did in percentages compared to the rest of the days. The watch will remind you if your heart is higher than usual at any giving time of the day. Then I tried AutoSleep to see how well it would work... amazing! It’s incredible. For me it just works. Usually at night before I go to sleep, I would read a little or check and return emails, when ready to sleeping, I just put the phone on the charger and go to sleep and that’s it. The watch records my sleeping patterns. The combination of both applications it the way to go if you want a complete image of your heart, but if you are looking for just sleeping information. This is it!

- Fantastic app

This app not only takes your heart rate automatically while you perform your everyday routines but will also take your heart rate while you sleep. You can into the app on your iPhone and see all of the recorded heart rates that have been taken not only that day or the previous day’s records but as far as I can tell all the way back to when you 1st started using the app (although I have only been using this app for just over a month). This app is really great for people who exercises or any other type of strenuous type of work but is also great for people who need to keep track of their heart rate to show the doctor or like myself, someone who is a senior citizen. You can also check your pulse manually with this app and you do not have to worry about messing up the periodic automatic heart rate that it takes. I have found this app very impressive as when I go see my physician I can show her my low heart rate when I sleep. By far worth every penny!

- Would love to give it a better rating

There is so much great about this app but what is not great is really NOT GREAT! When it’s running I can’t get it to stop with the notifications both haptic and sound and if that wasn’t annoying enough my #1 problem with this app is that it continually pushes all other open dock apps (like now playing or any music volume and control app) behind it in order. What I’m trying to say is that when this is running the alerts make it so that every time I want to adjust the volume or play next song I have to open the dock again and scroll to find nowplaying or anything else you had open. I have exhausted every possible setting that I can to disable that from happening and yet it still happens. At least for me it’s a real pain to get into a good groove if I have to constantly have both my arms in-front of me looking down trying to find how to turn volume down or to skip a song. If I am overlooking a setting to stop this from happening please let me know and I’ll adjust the rating. I do hope that I’m wrong and this can be fixed because I do like your app and really want it to work.

- Truly Tracks EVERYTHING - My #1 app

This app is by far my favorite app. I use it all day long. I like to track all of my activities via my watch. I love seeing my sleep data, waking data, idle, normal, ACTIVITY data. All of it tells me info that I want to know about my health. It pushes me to do better, exercise more, eat better, strive to get more sleep. The data at my fingertips is mind blowing, I’d say it’s too much data, but I love every bit of it. The developers are very easy to connect with. They love our feedback and have even implemented some of my biggest asks. That’s huge. They have so many different users and demographics to address and they are eager to please and add value to their app. Fitbit, Garmin, Gear, eat your hearts out. I have stayed with Apple Watch because of this app. All of the others are not even remotely close in what they provide compare to Heart watch. Can’t wait to see what else you guys are working on. Bravo, Bravo..

- Beautiful Design

I love the design of this app. Especially the way it breaks down your heart rate into Rest, Workout, Regular and the details it shows when you touch the circle to see the breakdown. I use this with my Apple Watch since I've found very little difference between my Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate chest strap and my watch. The app lets you ignore the spikes (which happen with all monitors) and concentrate on the average HR. Best HR app I've found. Only thing I would like is a Taptic reminder to turn off sleep mode once it detects activity in the morning, or a way to set up an automatic switch out of sleep mode. I've forgotten to turn off sleep mode too many times and no longer use it for sleep tracking. BTW, this app is not a sleep tracker. It monitors your resting HR at night as you sleep. Not the same thing as a sleep tracker! When you wake up, you need to force touch to turn it off or take your pulse again, first thing in the morning.

- Best App for the Apple Watch

I found this app on the recommendation of a doctor to monitor heart rate and sleep (with the companion app auto sleep). This has been hands down a life saver for me, literally. It alerted me of a elevated heart rate which led me to a ER visit and finding out I had a TIA. Things could’ve gone much differently had I not known or ignored it. Since then it’s also monitored and shown a pattern of irregular heartbeats which lead to us having further testing done to assess the problem. Because of the app we were able to show the ER doctor the data, and not just recount my feelings/explanation. We also have had a plethora of opportunities to check how accurate the readings are against hospital readers (EKG, etc) and it is always right on the mark. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. Whether you wish to track heart rate for health and wellness, exercise or to get better sleep, you won’t find a better or more reliable app.

- HeartWatch YES!!! Buy this app.

My kids bought me an Apple Watch for Christmas. I’m 68, retired and I have A-fib. I’ve been in high tech since it was born as a technical writer and have always been a fan of Apple products. But I never even considered an Apple Watch because it seemed to be an unnecessary product. WRONG!!!! I love my Apple Watch. WHY? Because of HeartWatch. I LOVE THIS APP! Recently I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Refused chemo but agreed to radiation. Because of my HeartWatch app I could track my A-fib as I went through my daily treatments. I noticed everyday after my treatment my A-fib went through the roof for about 4 hours. This was such valuable information. I’m on the other side of all that now (by God’s grace). I track this app everyday and it has improved my heart health because information empowers us. I also recommend Auto Sleep, a side product of HeartWatch. If you’re still reading this, thanks. Buy this app. You won’t be sorry.

- Intuitive Quantitative Goldmine

I freaking love data, and this app provides more than you'll know what to do with. I honestly can't fault it. Whilst it does prove to be a navigational challenge at first, it doesn't take long to learn where everything is and what it all means. I purchased this app early this morning at ~0100hrs, along with its sister-app for monitoring sleep, and I've already gained insight as to when and where my heart is under too much strain; it seems that I really ought to consider limiting my daily caffeine intake, and avoid driving at all costs Lol. My only really qualm stems from the paranoia that comes with entrusting my health metrics to a company with the fear that it will be sold off to the highest bidder. It's a tad unsettling to say the least, and so I feel compelled to remind the company that I, like many others, have placed a great deal of trust in you and hope that you stand by your privacy policy - because I would drop this app in a heartbeat (no pun intended) if you prove to value money over humanity. I feel that this is a reasonable expectation given the nature of the data - I'm sure that you'll agree. Nevertheless, I'd like to thank the developers for creating such a wonderful app; for making something that can truly help people recognize any problems and allow them to be proactive in making adjustments to their lifestyles before it's much too late. Bravo!

- So informative and I am now wearing a heart monitoe

I love this app and the sleep app is awesome as well. This provided me with information showing my heart rate dropping to 43 and then in the next minute going up to 185 and sometimes that happens in my sleep. So that kept happening and I decided I should go to see the heart specialist. I'm wearing a event monitor at this time. (For 30 days). They had me wear a Holter monitor for 24 hours and discovered that I have a an extra heartbeat. (which isn't a problem) And 5 early heartbeats that's a ventricular issue. So I've had an echocardiogram. And after the results of the event monitor they will decide whether I need an angiogram and or MRI of my heart. Had it not been for this monitor I wouldn't have really known I had such imperative issues. I just thought my heart was beating "funny". But, it's so erratic (highs and lows) sometimes I wonder if this heart watch thing is accurately measuring my heart rate!!

- For the person who LOVES information

This app has been the best purchase I’ve ever made for health. I was skeptical at first because it starts out by saying that they need access to read and also write your health data. I almost declined it because it seemed a little intrusive. It explained that it can provide better insight and analytics if it had full access, so I gave It full permission. I’m glad I did! This app has a TON of information. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night, and I can literally see the times I woke up and how my heart rate had spiked. The app also explains all the different readings and how they differ. It gives you a daily dashboard and I find it really easy to navigate the app. You do have to play around with it a little at first, but you catch on once you see all the information that’s available. Thanks for make a great app! I’m hooked!!

- THE heart health app for excercise

I wish the Apple heart monitor app was anything like this since so many other apps rely on that data. This app does so much more with this data so you can see how your body responds to exercise by charting recovery, how much time you spend in each zone, etc... plus it integrates with the amazing AutoSleep app so you can also add sleep data to the mix to see how good and poor sleep affects your performance. It took me a little while to wrap my head around all of the data, but over the years the app has gotten much more refined so things are much easier to visualize. Whatever app you’re using for exercise tracking- whether you’re a mad cyclist using Strava for 75 mile rides, getting your HIIT on with Seconds, or just starting out again like me using the stock Apple workout app, find out how your workouts are actually improving your endurance and cardio capacity by charting you heart data over time with HeartWatch!

- Heart cath

I’ve had my heart watch for quite awhile but recently purchased this app. Yes there is a free one but wanted this one in addition. It started giving me alerts .. heart rate 40, heart rate 120. It got to be so much that I took it off!! I went to dr for refills of prescriptions and happened to mention this to him. I didn’t have on my watch because it was driving me crazy with the alerts but I was able to pull the history for him to see on my phone. He wanted to err on caution and do a 24 hour heart monitor. Within an hour of my turning it in they had called me with an appt to see a cardiologist. See I was Asymptomatic, no pain no tightening in my chest. Had a stress test and had a heart cath yesterday on my birthday! Have to change meds and exercise more. But thankful to the app, and hopefully I’ll be ahead of what could of happened and I’ll be around a long long time!!!

- All the pretty colors!

I used other recommended apps that are suggested for the watch and iPhone and this is by far the best in my opinion because it explains what all the graphs and numbers are for. The other apps figure you will just know how to interpret the data. I bought the sleep app as well. Both are affordable and it basically dumbs it down for a person not use to exercising or being in tune with being healthy. Monitoring my sleep made me finally realize why I'm so tired all the time. I just thought it was because I have a toddler but it turns out I'm not sleeping well. I also like that it tells me what's normal for heart beats and the differences through the day. And if you are inclined, you can export the data which other apps don't offer. Like if you need to share your info with your doctor, this might be useful.

- It’s ok but wouldn’t recommend it for super active people

Good concept. I really enjoy the charts and color coded badges—however, what I don’t like is the workout feature as well as some other things. Let me explain. I’m constantly on the move—walking, running, dancing, hiking, etc through out my day, so my heart rate is always going to be elevated. Honestly, I never really take a pause and I rarely ever sit down unless I’m eating. As such, It seems impractical to hit “workout” as I would have to leave it on for the whole day and drain my battery. However, if you do not click the workout button, the app assumes you are sitting down all day and doing nothing. I then get lots of skewed data saying my resting heart rate is really high which isn’t accurate. I would recommend that there at least be a feature on the app where it can sense if you are moving around. Overall I think the app is OK, but I would not recommend it to a very active person as there are more suitable apps for athletes out there such as zones.

- Good Kind Of Information Overload

There’s nothing like this out there. HeadUp is a great tool, but nowhere near on this level. I’d say a performance athlete couldn’t do without metrics like this, but it’s also just as user friendly and helpful for an everyday user. I knew sleep was a missing part of my equation for fitness but it’s such a PITA to accurately track. This app simplifies it beautifully. It’s not about getting the perfect night of sleep, but rather about knowing how your habits might affect that sleep. For example I knew alcohol affects your sleep, but seeing it actually reflected in my sleep quality was a huge eye opener. Same for sleep consistency, and other sleep habits. And this and it’s companion apps help with so much more than sleep. Their entire suite of health apps is completely worth it and cheaper as a bundle. Very happy with this purchase.

- Non better

I am (becoming was) fat. I finally figured a few things out and went for another attempt at weight loss. I have a personal trainer I see 3 times a week, a nutritionist once a week, I changed my dietary life style to Keto (not just a short term diet), and I try to walk 3-5 miles every day. This is what I choose to do and I have dropped 90lbs in 6months. This app has been a major life line to me. It records all my workout data, normal data, and sleep data. It then places all those insane numbers into easy to digest graphs with obvious min, max, and means. This has let me see my true progress. Scales and body measurements can be deceptive; your heart will never lie. To anyone really serious about taking control of their health and wanting an easy to use & read app to help motivate and guide you... just click download :)

- Better than the apple version

I tried using the built in apps that came with the watch but quickly discovered it was not able to provide the information I was looking for. When I went on walks the Apple app stopped tracking less than half way of whatever the duration was. Gotta love people of the web!! The Heart app was all everyone talked about! For what I paid for the watch..what was an additional $3?? But wait there more..they have a sleep app!! The Heart app accurately tracks my works outs and breaks them down, my heart rate throughout the day, and with the sleep app I can see how much/little test I’m getting and what my body is doing when it should be in a resting state! It works seamlessly with Apple Health and syncs with MyFitnessPal and several other apps!! All in all it made my watch worth the purchase 👌💯❣️

- So far, I’m loving it

There’s a whole bunch of stuff and information packed into this app, and I got it after I already had AutoSleep to use with my Apple watch. There’s some information that I don’t pay attention to or isn’t very relevant to me right now, which makes me think that’s similar or opposite for others, so the ability to customize your dashboards would be cool. There’s no shortage of info. Keeping it down to what’s pertinent or prioritizing would be helpful. I really dig the workout maps with pace and pulse tracking (watch needed) and can view my walks/runs with details and use the playback overlaid on the map route. The little avatar is totally cool. I love being chubby in the morning and a superhero in the evening. More personalizing options is needed! There’s a bunch of other heart rate stuff that you would expect and integrates with your health app and profiles.


I already use the auto sleep app and didn't really think I'd get much use from this one (the sleep app gives heart info also). But, I was wrong. I review my Heart Watch info frequently as I'm really trying to be more attentive to my health, particularly heart health. Useful data and easy to use. A side bonus: I use a freestyle libre for glucose monitoring. I love the device and the app. There's one downside - Apple Health doesn't read the data, so I have to input the results manually using another app I don't otherwise use, or not have the data appear. But, using the watch app for Heart Watch, I can speak the results (examples: "glucose 108") and it inputs the data into Apple Health. What's strange is, that info doesn't appear anywhere on the Heart Watch app.

- Love ❤️ this App ....mostly 😊

I’ve been a user a few months now and this came supposedly as part of a bundle and in the end I’ve actually paid for each app in the suite. Still I can for give for that little fib/error because the app is generally great and I especially like your recent addition of the SPEAK, “add measure”. I just finally tried it the first time yesterday and it work great one of my favorite features. Your suite is actually comprehensive and powerful and as I’ve learned more my appreciation continues to increase. I especially like the gage inside AutoSleep where I can monitor how I’m doing when I awaken at night ....very useful and cool. Keep improving my appreciation grows with my knowledge and one important aspect for your app is you really do need to read the instructions ...but what you learn is totally worth it.

- Absolutely amazing

Disclaimer: never rely on an app alone for your health. ALWAYS consult a professional. Check with your doctor. Update: After further review, enabling 1 minute scans actually just updates after every 4-5 minutes, which is what I wanted. I updated the review to 5 stars. I’m not a health freak, but monitoring my heart rate has helped log some of my medical issues, and although this isn’t as legit as a medical professional analysis, it is still very useful as an individual and I can later go to my doctor and show the stats. Absolutely wonderful work! App works great and I’ve never had any issues. If I could rate it 4.5 stars, I would. My only recommendation is to enable 5 minute intervals as well. The options are regular (which is around 15 minutes), 1 minute, 15 secs, or 5 second intervals. I’d appreciate 5 min intervals for every day use because some events do go unnoticed if it only monitors every 15 mins or so. If I feel an event coming, I have to manually start the app on my Apple watch and then start recording the present heart rate. This is the only reason why I went with 4 stars. If they fix it, definitely a 6 star app. I HIGHLY recommend this app.

- Wonderful app

I have trouble sleeping and have found my quality of sleep hasn’t been that great. I wasn’t sure how much though till after I got my Apple Watch series 4 and then downloaded this app. I am able to break down when I’ve taken pills and it can track every minute I wear my watch. I haven’t been to the doctor yet since I got this. I can’t wait to show them how everything they’ve given me effects me and how much my heart rate rises and falls. This app paired with AutoSleep and activity tracker help make it more intuitive. They work together and can break down your sleep partners and how much actual sleep you get. Along with being able to set goals. You can track your progress and help you get better sleep.

- The only app I use

I can't tell you how helpful a heart rate alert is. Having an alert on my watch when I spike over 130 or (dip below a set rate) would seem like a no brained feature to include in every app that tracks your heart, BUT HeartRate's gold mine if info and displaying It for practical use is worth the price. let's not forget AutoSleep, because I've tried almost every sleep tracker app that required less than intuitive attention. It hasn't missed a beat in accurately tracking my sleep since I bought it. The ONLY feature I'd really push to have considered would be importing and overlaying your calendar events on top of the heart info to be able to see what events were taking place when the heart rates were measured.

- Occasionally buggy but overall worthwhile

In general this is a solid app, but lately I’ve been getting high heart rate notifications once I’ve started a workout using the Apple Watch workout app. I’d consider using the built-in workout feature within HeartWatch, but I don’t see a way to tell it what activity I’m doing, and yoga is very different from boxing in terms of motion interpretation. Perhaps I’m supposed to start the workout in both apps at once, but I don’t think the app suggests it. Beyond that, my only annoyance is that I take medication several days a week which can elevate my heart rate a good 10-20 bpm. There’s no way for me to truly use the notifications feature unless I want to change my notification parameters several times a week. I frequently get high heart rate alerts when Apple’s built in monitoring says I’m fine. [As an aside, I’m in excellent shape and do intense cardio and/or strength training six days a week. There’s nothing about me beyond my meds that’s causing this output.] This app really shines when combined with AutoSleep, and that’s why I still wholeheartedly recommend it. Get it, just be prepared to tinker with the settings a lot if your cardiovascular system is a bit atypical.

- I give the analysis 5 stars, annoying to us

The insight Heartwatch gives is way ahead of the Apple Heart app. The way it’s presented is great. But the version for the watch app is so annoying to use. After a workout it is constantly dinging you. It looks like it does it everytime your pulse changes, which is often, because your heart beat is steadily slowing down. When having it in sleep mode it has given me a ding several times through the night. I’ve turned off the notifications in the watch app and the iphone app, but to no avail. Also, when you click the start button it doesn’t always start. It acts like it is locked up. What’s most annoying is I’d really love to use it, but it is just too bothersome with all the dinging and no apparent way to turn it off. Myabe I’m missing something. If I am I wish someone would tell me.

- Love Love Love - Did I say I loved this app?

Having just had to have a pacemaker I went looking for something to help me learn more about my heart health as I rebuild my endurance and shed the weight I gained during recovery. I don’t even understand all of the data available yet but I absolutely love this app. I like that I can monitor my heart rate during my workouts, that I can keep an eye on it while I’m resting or sleeping and most of all that it will help me set goals for myself and incorporate info from my other health/exercise apps. While I’m still learning how to understand and utilize all of the data available to its fullest I’m sure that will not be a problem because of the comprehensive tips and help section provided! I love this app!!!!

- Everything you need to know!!

I purchased the auto-wake,sleep and heart monitor apps together and I am enjoying them all! As stated in another review there’s lots of information to learn and take in, so it can be overwhelming. I had been diagnosed in Oct-2019 with a rare lung disease and needed something to keep track of my steps, walking and sleep, as my heart is working harder now. I am actually seeing when my heart-rate is elevated when I’m sleeping. This is important information I can ask my doctors as it could be something to watch. Having these apps can really save your life or at least point out an issue that your not aware of no matter how sick or healthy you are! It is definitely worth the 7 dollars. 💯😷👍

- Excellent healthy lifestyle information

I combine this app with the AutoSleep app produced by the same company and have been very happy with the product. As a fitness enthusiast, I have also used a much more expensive subscription products and found it essentially gave me the same information. I do think the heart app could develop some more specific notifications (optimal heart rate reach, exceeded, etc) that could be tailored to the user. Utilizing HRV information gathered from AutoSleep and occasional user questionnaires, HeartWatch could eventually provide heart rate recommendations for users of different backgrounds (athletes, elderly, etc). Overall I highly recommend this app and have made it a part of my daily routine for months now.

- Motivation

I started using this app a few months ago because I knew I was out of shape and wanted to see how dramatically my heart rate was affected by simple exercises. 6 weeks ago I started a diet/exercise regimen and had become really discouraged when the physical changes I expected didn’t happen as quickly as I had hoped. I remembered this app and began comparing my numbers (resting heart rate as well as during movement/exercise) and I realized how significantly the work I was doing was improving my heart health! I started to exercise to get healthy as my primary goal, but got caught up in the physical appearance part of it. This app helped remind me of my goals and motivate me at my lowest point to keep going, change starts on the inside!

- Exactly what I've been looking for

I have only used this app for a couple of days but I absolutely love it! I have tried multiple popular apps only to be disappointed. And then I stumbled across this one. I love that it breaks down my work out so I can see my percentage of fat burning, etc. This app really does offer a lot of statistics for such a small price. The only thing I have been disappointed with is the display of information on my actually Apple Watch or lack of. It doesn't even tell me my steps taken. This isn't a huge deal since the watch also tracks this but it would be convenient to only have to go to one place for the info I'm looking for. Otherwise, such a great app!

- Excellent, must have!!

Hands down the best heart rate monitoring app I’ve found, and I tried a lot of them. Love that it literally tells me when my heart rate goes up while in traffic, so I can see an actual change in my physiology and not just think that I’m imagining it. Also, the zones for me are super helpful when I’m cycling or lifting weights, as I can keep my heart rate right where I want it for an extended amount of time in order to burn the most fat without drifting too low or into the cardio zone. And the metrics and charts are simply off the charts when it comes to visualizing your data. Thanks so much for all of the hard and dedicated work it must have taken to produce such a polished app!

- World Class Support

I have been using this app for about 18 months and it is great. Sometimes takes a little bit to learn how to use and where to find. I could probably use a little more health and tech savvy. But it has helped me get thru my significant health issues during this time and let me focus on things I can do to help myself. Above all the support has been super, especially when you try to deal with the “intuitiveness” OD an Apple Watch. Better than anything I’ve come across in my 70 years plus. Prompt, thorough and spot on with the answers. Even on the weekend. Maybe it’s the time difference or the Aussies are simply responsive and polite. Wholeheartedly recommend!!!

- Exceeded expectations!

Everything I want this app to do, it does and then some. Every time I think “yeah, but it’d be cool if it did this...” I do a little digging and sure enough, it does!! I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of the app’s capabilities. This is such a powerful and well-thought out app! I’ve been having some occasional issues with a racing pulse, but not frequent enough to catch on a 30 day event monitor yet. But with this app, I can look at my daily Apple Watch data and immediately patterns and insights become clear! I am also loving the watch app for my workouts - it’s a game changer when it comes to building my cardio fitness up! Excellent job, guys - really well done!

- I like it

I’m bipolar and I’ve been on anti psychotic medicine for 10+ years and prolonged use of those drugs can cause heart problems. Years ago I went and got my heart checked out and found out I have a prolonged QTC. But the doctor said that it was not significant. I first got the auto sleep app and I love that app. And I want to monitor my heart because on my watch sometimes my heart rate will jump randomly when I’m resting. I also want to monitor my pulse while I’m sleeping because two years ago I was in the hospital and my heart rate dropped so low I had to be revived, that happened twice. Now that I have the watch I can keep an eye on my heart rate. I’ve had Fitbits before but I like my Apple Watch better.

- New version has never worked

I installed the new version last week. I no longer saw my history. In fact, I had no data showing up in the app. I’ll try to delete and reinstall. I assumed the app was broken. It has been my favorite app for a long time. So being upset. I wrote a rating and gave it a 1 star. A few hours later, I received an email from a developer. He told me what to try. I did. I had actually turn off the setting to monitor my heart rate!!! I turned it back on and problems solved. The developer told me how to reload my history as well. Now I’m back to my favorite app. Thank you for the great support. Now that I’m using it. I love the new UX.

- Great App, Necessary For Some Of Us

I have arrhythmia - both bradycardia and atrial flutter/fibrillation. This was due to a spinal injury and 14 months of being denied medical care by my former employer and the state of Oregon fir whistleblowing (I caught them selling HIV, STD, counseling test records and hundreds of thousands of worker and their families medical records - Centene, Trillium, MODA Health). I had major surgery in January for this that was only partially successful. The BMP will drop to 36 and I will pass out. Actually, I pas out at anything below 45 or so and become disoriented below 50 BMP. This apt provides an early warning system that prevents me passing out when working on court papers on a computer. I have destroyed two that way snd ended up in the hospital with a brain bleed.

- Love it.

I’ve been using AutoSleep and HeartWatch for a couple years now. Love them both. Autopsleep is fantastic for sleep tracking bc you don’t have to do anything.. it automatically starts/stops as long as you are wearing your Apple Watch. I didn’t use HeartWatch too much previously, but since the latest update (unsure which build date), the app is fantastic. It does a much better job of “predicting” your workout needs (ie.. 5,000 steps tomorrow) than just an arbitrary goal. Also, the avatar of your body image is what really sold me. On the days I don’t work out, my little avatar gets fat... on the days when I work out a lot.. he wears a Superman cape 😂😂. It’s silly.. but I love it.

- First rate app that is essential to tracking fitness

I use this app everyday to keep track of how well my workouts have gone. The complete breakdown of heart rates for each workout is the best. I also use the Autosleep app that is made by the same developer and together with Heartrate, I can track my sleep very well with these two apps too which is something that Apple is missing out on right now. It’s also gives you tons of other information about how your day has gone as far calories burned, steps taken and other measurements. This app is like a dashboard for your body. It’s absolutely worth the price and the developer is quite responsive.

- Is It Possible To Have TOO Much Data?

I think it is. Tiny graphs, dozens of skinny lines on the tiny graphs, and no scale on the graphs or a hard to read gray number...what is the point of the multiple forms of data on the same activity on the same page? It is just busy, redundant, confusing to see all of the exact same data in different ways in different apps at the same time. The Activity app only gives a fraction of the credit for exercise time that is actually deserved. It is crediting a much higher proportion of active calories than active minutes, which in my mind validates the problem with the minutes. Then today I found that the HeartWatch iPhone app actually did give many more minutes than the Activity app—they aren’t talking.

- Biofeedback-Know your Heart! Know your Health!

The Biofeedback given by this app is incredible. HeartWatch is true to it’s name, it will alert you if your BPM is low or High and it does this knowing if your at rest, or working out. This is IMPORTANT because your BPM’s should be higher while your working out, which is why if an alert of a high BPM is issued while your NOT WORKING OUT, then it’s something to pay attention to. The BIOFEEDBACK is the best feature, allowing you to see your BPM over your entire day, so you can see if that workout got your BPM’s going or if that medication session lowered your BPM’s. It even tracks your sleep. Recommend for anyone who is serious about their Heart and Health.

- Decent info hidden behind incomprehensible UI

I think I like the app, but it's value is obscured behind some of the most bizarre and incomprehensible UX design I've ever experienced. Literally dozens of different views and visualizations are available, including a truly bizarre weight-shifting 3D rendered avatar man, and all the needless complexity makes it really difficult to find the actually useful information. I've found interesting views in the past that now I can't seem to get back to, but I discover new stuff constantly--behind varying levels of swipes and subnav--that's way too hard to understand the value of. I really feel that the app needs to be condensed down considerably, and needs some solid UX design put into it. There's probably a lot of good here, but it's way too hard to tell.

- Excellent App

If I had a favorite developer it would definitely be this app’s. It is evident that they put their heart(watch) and soul into their work. The native Apple Health app barely scratches the surface compared to what this app gives you. If you love to see data presented to you in a digestible fashion, then this app is for you. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything but wear your watch. It takes a bit to get used to, but there is an explanation for EVERY feature if you don’t understand something. The app is worth every dollar and then some! I also have their sister app AutoSleep and it’s on the same level as this one.

- A Great App, Very Well Thought Out

I was is looking for an app that would capture historical data and trends and organize the data to provide multiple views. After researching the apps that were currently available, I felt this one had the features I was looking for. The user interface is very user-friendly. It provides multiple views one being a calendar view that allows you to see a snapshot of your day, week or month and using colors it's easily note when your heart rate was normal, low or high... In addition, if you select a specific day and scroll down, you'll see bar graphs (one for low med high...) and if you touch one of the graphs you can see at what time of the day the reading was recorded. This is a key feature because you can understand if there was an event that made your heart rate increase and with this information you can take steps to prevent a high heart rate. Last but not least The I watch interface is very intuitive and easy to use. I'm 100% satisfied with this app TJ

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- Apple 5 watch app can’t send alerts but this app does!

I’m waiting for cardiac ablation, I bought an iPhone and watch last Friday solely for heart app as things really don’t feel good, I knew it didn’t have ECG but thought the high and low notifications would work but it doesn’t. I spotted this app, after reading reviews I purchased it and totally agree with previous person - best app ever! and probably literally a life saver! It’s extremely easy to use, has many other health and activity benefits, It imported the previous data and I didn’t have to renter my details, I had no problem navigating through the app or set up. I’m now being alerted for the numerous lows and highs, this app provides me with so much more information on one page, I only need to scroll down, not go in and out of tabs, I can also include notes additional to the app displaying an icon for what I was doing against the recorded beats, no more writing it down or having to go from screen to screen in my phone to jot down what I was doing/feeling. You can also export data for your doctor and specialists. Thank you genuinely from the bottom of my very tired aching heart - I would recommend this app to everyone.

- Very impressed

Started with HeartWatch and then got the bundle. None of this is easy to learn how to use best but it gets easier as you get used to it. HeartWatch comes quickly and Ifound it increasingly navigable and useful . The sleep apps were the same. I have arrhythmia and have had heart problems and have found the set of apps really helpful in understanding what is going on. I didn’t think I ever slept in the day, but I found out that after some work early I had a nap of about 30mins on sitting down by the fire! The analysis told me I was sleep deficient and suggested some steps. I now have sleep Crédit ! Using these Apps is getting more and more interesting and if only for that I recommend them. And don’t take my initial difficulties too seriously - if I can use them at 89 I guess you can.

- This app is excellent

TL;DR version: THIS SLEEP APP IS EXCELLENT and well worth the small investment. Detailed reason as to why: I have been using another app to track my sleep and it was feeling a bit clunky and aged , having used it for a few years (eg export was a hassle, and not easy to use), I decided to invest and try this one ( I bought the bundle cause it made sense to and I’m glad I did). It is incredibly data rich yet presented so elegantly, it very easy to use and looks good. I have a serious medical issue and need to keep a detailed diary of my health. Although this isn’t diagnostic data, this app will help inform my GP to make improved decisions as I can export the data (he is a print/paper guy) for analysis and add it to the weekly diary.

- Very detailed with great watchOS features

This app is amazing! It provides a great user interface detailing various health stats including (but definitely not limited to) resting heart rate, sleep, exercise, all of which are analysed for patterns and presented clearly to the user. The watch gets a handy app too. As well as being able to record workouts and check your daily health stats, you can also enter other health data using voice input, such as weight, blood pressure, body temp, body fat, and even caffeine ☕️. This is super handy as you don’t have to use your phone and enter this data into the health app every time you step on the scales. Its just super convenient. Thank you developers, this is a well designed and written app!

- Depression and anxiety

Thanks mostly to HeartWatch together with Apple Watch encouraging me to move more and more I’ve not only got depression and anxiety under control but reversed it. This is what not only broke the lack of motivation but also explains the results and shows me what’s causing my problems so I can better deal with them together with improving sleep and decreasing sleep debt with AutoSleep. I cannot thank you enough for this amazing app that has shown me where PTSD is affecting my heart rate and where it’s anxiety and greatly reducing the anxiety and depression by getting me out and about and active. By seeing what’s causing me stress and how it affects me I’m also in a better position to do my own CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).

- Love it!

I use the app all the time and couldn’t do without it! I use for my heart rate and fitness tracking - to monitor my daily ocean swims and cycling, rowing and running. The HRV function doesn’t appear to be accurate that’s my only complaint. I took my records down to my doctor last week and showed him as it seems to mirror my heart rate only and not a reflection of my stress levels. It is the best app for fitness I have found and links in well with heart and pulse activity.

- Brent from Australia

I really wanted a replacement sleep app for my Fitbit as I had just wanted to have the Apple Watch only not and not wear both . This sleep tracker and heart tracking works well together and gives warnings on your heart rate is too high and tracks sleep with ease once you get it set up to how you wear your watch . I wear the watch most of the time so both apps sleep and heat work well together and is easy to use on the watch face entirely without having to mess with the phone . Well done and keep up the updates , it's getting better all the time

- Incredible App - beats others hands down

I love this and all their related apps. The beat all the other apps - you just have to know how to use it. Take your time & get to know it. You can drill down in everything, any questions I have I can answer with the data. There is a long help file which is worth a read. Awesome and a big thank you to the creators. There are plenty of updates and it’s always improving. Can’t rate it high enough.

- How to improve on perfection

In this much anticipated release things get even better. This critical health app is one of the most polished products anyone could use to care for their health. The developer is always responsive to any questions I have which is just brilliant. I much prefer this heart tool over any other including the default Apple product. Do yourself a favour and give it a go. You should also checkout the partering products, ‘AutoSleep’ & ‘AutoWake’. Great work!

- Better heart rate states, leads to healthier living

This app is part of my daily routine, and provides much more useful analysis than the basic health app. It addition to helping track my resting heart rate and sleeping rate more efficiently, the workout rates allow me to target specific heart rate zones with much better accuracy. This app along with the AutoSleep app are two apps I can’t do without. I also purchased the AutoWake app from the same people, but that hasn’t been of much use.

- Best of all available sleep apps

I have used this app for several years and it has continually improved over time. When I purchased my series 4 Apple Watch I expected the much hyped ECG function would soon follow. I for the life of me cannot understand why Australia is dragging its feet in approving this function as it has been shown to save lives. Please do whatever you can to help solve this very apparent stalemate.

- 🤩 WOW 🤩 Incredible app

Must have if you own an Apple Watch!! 👍Super impressive for the ‘cheap as chips’ price, not to mention other subscription apps cost x100 and don’t even come close to the functionality of HeartWatch. Wellness, Activity, Workouts and Notes all in the one app, the Watch app is superb and the graphs are off the charts (no pun intended 😂), plus I’m finding more as I keep digging into my data! Keep up the great work. ❤️❤️❤️

- Superbly designed app that delivers an array of data

This app is an excellent add-on to the standard Apple heart reporting. It presents data really clearly and with more detail than Apple’s built-in tools. Some of the stats have really been an eye-opener from a heart health perspective, and are encouraging me to exercise more consistently. It’s great to see that this app is not subscription-based... it’s worth every penny of the one-off cost.

- Great apps!

After receiving Apple Watch for my birthday I wanted to ditch my Fitbit and the app especially since Fitbit app doesn’t work with Apple Watch. Best thing I ever did. I have both Heartwatch and Autosleep apps and they’re easy to use, have all the stats I want to see in an easy and informative way. Don’t waste your money on other apps like I did, go straight to these!

- Crashing resolved thanks!

After restoring a backup of my iPhone to my new iphonex, the app started crashing every time I opened. After writing a review, the developers contacted me and gave information to fix. The issue is due to the way Apple works with permissions for the Health data. It’s all fixed now and I can happily use the app again.

- Very comprehensive!

I am really enjoying using this app. I did not expect the level of information it would provide. I have been an athlete for most of my life and am used to cycling with a heart rate monitor and it seems that the Apple Watch (2) and this app are giving an accurate reading of my heart rate while working, exercising and sleeping.

- Value for money

In one sentence, it’s value for money. If you don’t wanna pay to other apps every month, you couldn’t find anything better than this. It does all sort of calculations one can think of and intuitive GUI. After my vast research on other apps, I bought this one and let me tell you, boy! I love it.

- HeartWatch

Just upgraded to the new version but wasn’t getting a full set of daily stats or anything historical. Sent off an email and had a reply within minutes wit clear and concise instructions on how to remedy. All work and and happily getting acquainted with the new format. Appreciated David Walsh’s super speedy response. Highly recommended

- Useful and relevant

I have AF among other things and this is a very useful app to have on hand. I have used it to inform hospital staff on admission and they are happy with it’s accuracy. I am still finding out how to use all of the functions, albeit the basic options are sufficient for my needs. I definitely recommend this app.

- A handy measure

This app does everything it promises and with my new Apple Watch, I am able to track my heart rate in detail through fitness activities and during sleep. Another great measure of fitness, plus with the AutoSleep app I can see the bigger picture of how and why I am feeling the way I do throughout the day.

- Great

Started with HeartWatch and have since downloaded their other apps to complete the package. Really impressed with how easy it works and the time spent on the development of the app. Very clean and smart. Can be used simply or you can really drill into more details and get lost! Great price for what you get here

- Love it

I bought this app with the bundle and this one is basically the app you go to to check most things since it also has some stats for the auto sleep app, anyway this app is very useful and helped me really that I am 20 hours behind my sleep requirements.....

- Handy for weight loss

As well as detailed analysis of workouts, it is the only app I have come across that presents your weight with a weekly average or running 7 day or 21 day mean, making it much easier to track your real progress and see the signal amid the fluctuations.

- Very thorough

As a 59 year old male, i’m really enjoying the thoroughness of the metrics shown in this app, and how they’re shown. There are so many choices of health apps and I think I’ve found the one I like the most. I’m just waiting for an Apple Watch that shows BP - that’s the holy grail. 5 stars

- Not much good to me

I had read on the web that this app supports Bluetooth heart rate monitors. It looked great too so I bought it. Turns out that it supports Bluetooth heart rate monitors connected to Apple Watch, so you still need an Apple Watch. This app doesn’t work without one. Still, it looks like a well thought out and well developed app so I will keep it in case future updates allow other devices

- Amazing detail

Look, ill be short and sweet, its better than an apple made app, quality and great. Worth every penny and shows stuff apple watch can do, and should do, but again.. they are “courageous” not to have that feature.. :p 5 stars dev on all your apps!!!!!

- Brilliant heart health app

Pretty much perfect in every way making great use of your Apple Watch in synchronicity with your iPhone. And get AutoSleep app as well as they are a perfect tandem pair. Most impressive tools that help me communicate my bodies condition with my health specialists. Seriously great software for the cost of cake. Or coffee.😊

- Must get

If you have the watch and are training...buy it What an amazing program, this supports your health and mental state and helps you understand what's happening in your day and your workouts It's a little challenging to grasp some parts of the data but just keep learning I work full time, train full time and have a restricted diet so the information is valuable to understand what is happening and how I can change my fuel intake to keep my health and fitness levels up I love the App thanks guys you are amazing Go buy this App 👍

- Great app, very detailed

Amazing app, new update has been great and the amount of readings both in terms of frequency and types is very impressive. One recommendation which id find very helpful and insightful is explanations of what each reading is and means, for example HRV, daily bpm, VO2Max, recovery, etc.

- This is a fantastic educational tool

I understand far more about how my heart is working. I believe it’s important to be able to check my health now that I’m in my older years. I can highly recommend this app

- Heart watch

Really enjoying this app, has everything I wanted and more, I purchased the sleep app that works with this app and autonomous, has option to buy a pack of 3 apps that all work together worth a look. Thanks

- Great heart monitor app with room for improvement

This is a great heart monitoring app. With the latest update it is even better. However the watch app need more work. It’s a bit buggy and laggy on the Apple Watch. It is not as responsive as it should be and on occasion it magically seem to start itself!

- Best app for tracking your heart rate

Have used many workout apps. This app is the best by far for seeing the heart rate using an iwatch and seeing it in real-time on an iPhone. As it syncs to the health app all activity data can be reviewed. This app is very impressive.

- Great data visualization

Love this app - it’s a pleasure to use and lets me see where I’m at quickly, without having to wade through everything. Plus, if I want to drill down into the numbers, I can do that too.

- Well Worth Watching

Used very many apps in this category and this app is top shelf. Never had a problem. Solid and reliable. Highly recommended, along with its other family apps.

- More than enough

Still learning all the features and it has a lot. Everything is noted and displayed. So good I also bought auto sleep app which is excellent as well. Thanks for a great app. Keep up the support. Cheers

- Intuitive & Insightful

No hassle at all to set up and starts giving you great visual dashboards and insights into your heart rate straight away. My favourite way to look at my work outs and finding the insights into my sleep and recharge really helpful

- Handy and informational

The best thing I like about the AutoSleep and HeartWatch is that it just works :) not using up any resources, not annoying you with many notifications or ads.. Just keeping an eye on your health stats :) Keep it up guys ;)

- The best sleeping app so far

Surprised that sleep HR tracking the app will automatically check every 2-4 mins that’s amazing that’s really good to know. Cause the Apple Watch one they will only check every 10 mins.

- Complicated Rubbish

It’s hard to use and understand. AND just when I started to get the hang of it, they updates the whole friggin thing and it has stopped working entirely. I just get blank areas where information is supposed to be. I have dropped it from my watch and am about to dump it all together. If FRUSTRATION is your exercise of choice - enjoy !

- Fantastic!

Such great help for myself and my doctor - even sends a warning to my Apple Watch when my heart is too high. Very simple to use with drill down on the dashboard, highly recommend.

- Really good app.

Solid interface, great information. Everything you could want to make you pay attention to the little things.

- Such a useful and detailed app

Thanks to the developer, your apps are much better then anything Apple has produced. I use your sleep app regularly and study the heart one often. Great attention to detail!

- One of the few

I enjoy this app and it is one of the few that I recommend and use daily. It would be cool if there was a female character to become super in the dashboard section.

- Awesome analytics

This app provides a great user interface and comprehensive analytics into the data being captured. Intuitive and easy to use, it’s clever design mimics the Apple rings so it’s easy to see at a glance what’s going on.

- Great app to track heart rate,

This app is perfect for me. I train 4/5 days a week this keeps my zones in check and having an alert when HR is too high or too low keeps me focused. I also love the end of day review.

- Fabulous app

As a health care professional reviewer and writer on apps, I have tried many in my career. This is up with some of the best. Well done to the developers and keep the apps coming...I have them all!

- A really useful App and I use it everyday

A well designed informative App. I check it morning and evening. It is reassuring that it is constantly being improved.

- Fantastic useful App

I love this application. HeartWatch allows me to have a complete holistic overview of my heart. The way the data is presented allows me to set and monitor my goals and it allows me to review this data on my watch! Thanks for the great app!!

- Brilliant....

Does everything simply, plus more. I love it as it is accurate and completes all the functions in the background. Integration with Apple Watch is seamless and the best that I seen. Recommended!

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- Great App

I tried a few apps that's gauged my sleep patterns. They were good but didn't show me as much as this one. The details of what it shows me is great. If your looking for an app to see your sleep patterns and blood pressure you should get this. Great app guys. Looking forward to better improvements.

- Was great — glitch in the update?

I have lost all historical and current data regarding my heart-rate despite going through the settings and rebuilding as per the iPhone app. It’s not even taking my pulse. It seems that the new features are working well but those are gravy. Why is there no heart rate data showing historically and why isn’t it displaying it at present either? Thanks for a reply at your earliest opportunity. I depend upon your amazing app (it truly has been a lifesaver) for a serious health condition.

- Very complete and full featured!

Tried numerous apps for watch, but for a post open heart surgery patient like myself, it covers all the bases and is intuitive/adaptive enough for all my needs, and my doctors are impressed as well. (For a 5th star...I also use Quardio’s connected bp device which integrates with health, but also has the ability to email data directly from their app to give my docs the ability to monitor remotely. This would be a good feature to add to the app..) Keep it up, people, you’re saving lives! TM

- Wounderful app

Very nice application for overall activity monitoring

- Don’t let your watch die

Frustrating that if your watch diss, the app deletes all the data for that day...

- Complex, poor translation

App is difficult to use, and the French translation makes it even harder to understand. Highly disappointed

- Heart Monitoring does not work in Canada

HeartWatch and AutoSleep Apps DO NOT WORK on Apple Watch in Canada! Canadian government has NOT CERTIFIED this App or Apple Watch as for the Irregular Rhythm Notifications so the watch cannot access your pulse throughout the day/night

- Bpm alerts

I’m trying to figure out how to set an alert to inform me when my bpm goes over a preset rate while I’m walking??

- Too much personal information needed

The app will not work if I don't provide my personal information. This should be voluntary.

- J’adore l’application!

Je m’en sert régulièrement, très complète et facile à comprendre!

- Post covid heart episode

Must confess I use their sleep app (also wonderful) more than this one until I had a weird episode after I had covid. All of a sudden, In the middle of the night, my heart rate zoomed up to 112. I also went into AFib. I’ve never had heart problems before. My doctor laughs at keeping track via a watch. Well, now she can see it for herself. It’s all there. I also took pictures of the watch faces as things progressed. Or, rather, regressed. Like their other apps, this one is very thorough, accurate, and the UI is brilliant. Developer always responsive. They put a ton of work into their apps!

- Terrific App

This is my go-to health app. Exceptional layout and wealth of information.

- Good app

Great way to monitor your heart. Very easy to use.

- Superbe!

Très bonne application! Très fiable! Bien détaillé! 👍👍👍👍

- Excellent app, very well design and features

I am very impressed with this app, strongly support it!

- It’s just me

Keeps me accountable to myself fit my activities and sleep.

- Interesting

I use it daily, much info, allows me to monitor the effort. Recommended.

- Great app

This is so easy to use. I love it.

- Great


- My Apple Watch

I love my watch I have heart issues and my watch as silly as it sounds has helped me keep record of how often I go into afib or my heart dips to low. I don’t have to measure or write down anything it’s all on my watch . I’m very interested in the newest watch as it will also keep track of when I pass out. I’m 69 and boy this watch has taught me a lot and is user friendly.

- Love app

Great to be able to see how much of my workouts are burning fat and building fitness

- Excellent app for monitoring

I love this app! I tracks very important heartbeat info as I have AFib. You can also easily sync with AutoSleep. Highly recommend this app.

- I’m sure I could get more out of this app but...

I’ve always being moderatly fit but lately I’ve not been working (Corona lack of work since mid March!). I recently went back to work for just 2 weeks in a super high stress situation. That compounded with family health worries and I hit bottom real quick. Crazy work hours and poor diet didn’t help and the problems started to manifest themselves mentally and physically. The App together with Sleepwatch alerted me to some of the issues and although I refer to Sleepwatch all the time I have started to revisit HeartWatch too. It’s super sophisticated but I only really scratch the surface. If I could start to use it daily I’m sure it would help my recovery to mental and physical wellbeing. Back to a happier, more positive, moderately fit old (67) fart hopefully.

- Fiables, ils sont.

J’avais un problème suite à une mise à jour qui a, semble-t-il, mal tournée. Ils m’ont envoyé la procédure de rétablissement après l’écriture d’un avis.

- Has it’s disadvantages

Messes with your map for workouts. Best to use Apple by default 💪🏻

- Jim

Great app that really tracks heart and all related functions. Frequently updated with improvements!

- Helps my goals

The apps tracking helps me keep track.

- Bravo!

J’adore cette app très complète. Elle me donne toutes les informations que je désire. Je la consulte tous les jours, important pour moi. Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

- Excellent App

Provides excellent info to help you monitor and improve your health.

- Amazing app for fitness and sleep analysis

I love the new update. The ui looks slick and it’s great to see your activities and how they go with your sleep. It’s an amazing tool with AutoSleep. Definitely both recommend if you have an Apple Watch.

- Compliment

Best app ever. All three apps are worth of paying.

- Fantastic bundle

Get the whole bundle. So worth the investment in your wellness.

- So accurate and easy to use

At first I wasn’t sure but now after using it for a while I love it. It’s easy to use. Syncs great with my Apple Watch. Very much recommend if you’re looking at an app that measures your heart fitness.

- Good app! Worth using

I really like the app. It records my sleep quite accurately.

- The only heart app that I use everyday.

This app is one that I open everyday multiple times because it is so detailed and has so much information so you can see and learn trends about your heart. They update with new and tweaked features more often than a lot of the apps currently on my iPhone, which is great because I feel like it wasn’t just an app that was released and forgotten. I absolutely love this app and hope it’s around for a long time. Thank you to the developers for this one!

- Heart app

Lots of useful info

- Best app

Beautiful graphics

- Heart

Really enjoy this app it gives me a lot of information about my heart rate my Activity my calories I really enjoy this app I would recommend to anyone

- Update

Great improvements

- Great app

Wonderful way to see all of my physical vitals. And I’m just finding out how much information it supplies me.

- Great app!

Love love love it.

- Great app

This is an awesome health app. I love the bungle of apps. Very detailed info. A great way to track ones health. I have it 4 and not 5 stars simply because I can not change the time of day to fit my time zone in Canada. At 10.00 pm it starts my new day. This messes with my recordings. Otherwise a great app.

- Just the app I was looking for

I used fitbit for many years until I bought my first apple watch. At first I really did not like the health apps for apple watch. Needed 5 apps to track and see all the items in a nice format, unlike fitbit where everything is on one easy to use dashboard. Then I paid for HeartWatch. This changed the game for me. Now I have the style and capability of my apple watch and this app does everything I loved about my Fitbit app. Top marks for this app. Its my number 1 health app now. Great job guys!!!!!

- No longer working since update

All I see are empty wellness stats

- Excellente applicatiom

Beaucoup de data , de filtre pour voir des détails. Pour ceux qui ont une apple watch possibilité de voir en direct son rythme cardiaque sur le iPhone. Vraiment pratique pour les Apple Watch 4 et moins quand l’entraînement que tu fait ne te permet pas de lever le bras pour vérifier, Exemple : entraînement sur rameur.

- The BEST app I have and use

Only been using the app for a short period so far but everything I see and that is does is exactly what I was looking in an app of this style!!! Highly recommend this app it is worth every penny!!! Keep up the great work folks!!

- Great App

Does everything I want it to do and more

- Helpful app, reinforces body awareness

Very complementary to the Auto Sleep app. It has helped me to understand trends of increased heart rate (exciting movie, big lunch, lots of up/down, stressful conversations) and when I was able to successfully control my breathing and to relax, bringing my heart rate down. I really enjoy scrolling through the daily bpm to see when my heart rate increased and to relate to actions I was doing at the time. I have already noticed positive trends based on my increased awareness in the short time (2 weeks) that I have been using this app.

- Fantastic health tracker

This app does a great job at summarizing and displaying all collected health data from the Apple Watch. If you own a Apple Watch and use it to track your health data, then this is a must ... syncs perfectly with apples health kit and workout applications. And come with an even better workout watch interface. I have the AutoWake and AutoSleep applications aswell and they are on the same level as HeartWatch

- Great! Very informative App

I’m really enjoying this app, so much information. I’m working to get back in shape and gain strength after a stem cell transplant and a kidney transplant. The features in this app keep me motivated and make me push myself to meet goals. I haven’t tried the sleep tracking just because I don’t like wearing my watch to bed, but I may try it one day. Overall, very happy with this app.

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- What happened?

This new update is like an entirely different app! I’ve lost all my past data, and it’s not showing any of my current data. Before this, I checked it every night and many times throughout the day to monitor my heart rate, because I have afib. I am very disappointed. Unless something changes I will be deleting the app, and certainly wouldn’t recommend it. Thanks to the developer’s response, I was able to retrieve all of my data. Once I did all he suggested I have managed to find the functions that I most use. Now that my initial panic is over, I’m sure I will find more helpful functions. Thank you!

- Love the app, one request from Apple Watch 6 owner

Absolutely love the app and find it integral to my daily routine. One request as a Apple Watch 6 owner, As someone with major asthma issues I would love the ability to add in my oxygen saturation. Heart rate and oxygen to hand in hand and I would love to have one app for everything. Have also just set this up for my mother and have been teaching her to use it. It has enough advanced options while being easy enough for those who want just the basics. With Apple adding O2 sats to their watch it would be wonderful if you could add to the app to become the most amazing app on my phone.

- This app has everything I was looking for and more

This app has all the features I was looking for with more than I expected. I primarily wanted a better view of heart rate history that would allow me to see trends. It provides multiple options for looking at trends such as daily weekly, every 3, 6 or 12 months. Plus it provides lots of useful information regarding daily activity, calories burned, and a summary of all the activities I’ve participated in. It also provides space to put information and such as blood pressure and notations for the day.I’m very happy with this purchase!

- Great Heart Rate Monitoring

I first purchased the AutoSleep app, which I love, then this app. I think they are all well thought out and work well for the Apple Watch. The main reason I gave 4 stars is that I think the app can expand on heart rate variability monitoring as well. I would love to see more in-depth health information through SDNN that Apple uses. I originally bought HeartWatch because of reviews from others indicating it helped them notice health issues. I found out issues from it also and I would like to know the bigger picture on nervous system health as well. Being able to track my stress levels, exercise, and rest needed would put this app on a whole other level.

- Privacy is Paramount! Great App.

I selected this app because of its privacy claims, single payment purchase model, and its rich set of features. I bought it in a bundle with their sleep apps. Although I am not clear yet on using all of its, I am VERY happy with this purchase. Other app developers could learn a lot from these folks. I have been shopping the app store and have rejected one app after another because of unwarranted subscription fees, poor privacy policies, or both. While it is true that if you aren’t the customer then you are the product, for many of today’s avaricious developers you are both. I am really glad this developer knows how to respect their customers.

- Great Graphical Insights

Although I have a cardiac branch block controlled by a pacemaker, that is not why I purchased this app. I am a total Apple guy, but I think some of their native apps lack a total approach to data. I love this app for its ability for me to get multiple insights into my wellness, activity results, heart performance, and even sleep patterns. For best results you need to let it at least read data from Apple apps, and then it slices and dices it nicely. It may be overwhelming at first. Thing to remember is this data is a guide, not an absolute. It does not take the place of your doctor or more accurate medical instruments.

- Beautiful and useful!!

This app, and really the bundle with AutoSleep and AutoWake, are some of the most beautiful and useful apps in the iOS ecosystem for monitoring heart and sleep health. HeartWatch works seemlessly with the Apple Watch to provide a comprehensive analysis of daily heart activity. There are too many features to mention but every screen offers full visual info and each graphic links to even more detail to provide a rich analysis of the day’s heart rhythms and activity zones. Get this app if you want to know what your heart is doing all day. Get a Watch and the other two apps to know what your sleep activities are all night!

- It’s like 5 Apps in one - simple is good

I’ve had the App for 2 years and it is proving to be money well spent with every enhancement. I use the App with AutoSleep and they pair exceptionally well. With my Sleep goal focus improving (thanks to the sleep deficit reminder) I am turning my attention to fitness heath now - and the epic metric of health - recovery rate. Love the visual of heart rate zones on a dial with Heart rate clearly on my watch. Would love to see that Heart Rate number larger so I only have to glance to see it while biking on a rough mountain trail. I find this App a simple way to measure ALL of my activity and health metrics rather than an App for just one thing.

- Super Annoying Update

*Updated* I had already done everything the developer suggested in their response with no results. I updated my phone and watch to the latest OS on each today and it all started working. I shouldn’t have had to do this as I had compatible versions, none the less, it fixed the issue. Of note, the built in Apple Watch heart rate app was working fine, when this one wasn’t. *Old, in response to v4.0.1* Was 5 minutes into my workout when I realized the watch app was not reading my heart rate from my strap at all. Stopped to figure it out, opened the app on my phone and realized it needed to be completely reset up again. Had to reenable health permissions and all. Still wasn’t working, dug into the health permissions and found it hadn’t allowed ‘heart rate’ when I said ‘allow all’. Got that squared away, restarted my watch and my phone and the app from my watch is still not outputting any heart rate information. Super frustrating, I was just trying to do a work out and an hour later, still not done.

- Interesting Information

When I initially got this app, it was great. It gave a summary of information, trends, etc, and gave a wide range of information. Since the latest update, it got rid of all my information. Now all it shows are empty black boxes. ***updated*** After following the troubleshooting information, all boxes are restored. I’m fond of the apps trends and graphs. It has a lot of information. It has been a little on the buggy side getting better permissions of the app, the watch, and the phone to cooperate when either the phone, the app, or the watch are updated, but I have found that to be the case with most Apple products.

- My worries are no longer

Needed an app that would be able to monitor my heart 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Also an app to record all of the information and to be reliable as well as consistent. I was in luck when I found this app because it does it all plus more. Now I am able to consistently show my cardiologist what and how my heart is doing. SN: The app AutoSleep works great with this app as they both show incredible results when using together. I recommend purchasing the AutoSleep app which monitors your sleep quality and also monitors your heart rate while you’re asleep.

- Is “HeartWatch saved my life” too dramatic?!

I installed this app without a second thought...it was “sort of fun” to read the numbers. Months later I’m strolling through the mall and suddenly can’t catch my breath. HeartWatch prompted me that my pulse was 177. What? I’m in good shape. Fast forward to a week later and my heart rate jumps to 197 while sitting. Scary. The next night it hits 204, and is followed by a trip to the ER. After days of medical testing I am diagnosed with a condition resulting from damage to my heart’s electrical system following radiation therapy (breast cancer) six years before. Medication controls it. Thank you, HeartWatch.

- Still needs some tweaks

I get most of my cardio throughout the day in spurts. I have all motion detection settings calibrated but the app doesn’t seem to understand when I’m doing push-ups/planks etc. essentially unless I’m lifting weights or walking the app will not recognize a workout. It will alert me of my, obviously, elevated heart rate. Sleep is also automatically tracked through AutoSleep. Half the time I’m awake and it’s recording me as asleep. When I am asleep it’s usually 40 mins to 2 hours off in its detection. I pay for these watch apps to go above an beyond so I don’t have to record things manually and get an accurate idea of how I’m doing. This version 4 looks promising but so far I’m still disappointed.

- I usually never worry!

This app is wonderful. After giving up all medications, learning about Eastern Medicine, acupuncture. My 70 yo body feels like 35! This app has confirmed my progress since leaving traditional Western Medication. Everything in my body is healing and this app gives you a complete breakdown of everything you do from standing, walking, exercising, sleeping. I love that my body is constantly being monitored 24/7 with the exception of charging my watch of course. I hope everyone gets this app. It does change your life and gives incredible advice to living a healthier lifestyle. God love ya man!

- Most incredible app ever!

I cannot believe how much data this collects and the manner in which it illustrates my activities, heart rate etc. It is so accurate as to how I feel and perceived my day to have been. One example is that last night some great friends came and prayed for my wife who is about to have surgery. This all proved statistically that my heart rate was lower and my sleep was deeper. I believe in prayer, but even if you don’t, you can still quantify changes in stress just from your app and watch. It’s truly an incredible app. Thank you for all the work you’ve done!

- Very useful app

I love this app for many reasons. As a bit of background for my health concerns, my family has a strong history of cardiovascular disease—many of my immediate family members died from heart attacks (yes there is a medical term for the precise cause of death but this phrase works). Anyway, I love the fact that it’s automatic (fantastic that it that it tracks my sleep via my watch) and find the explanations very useful. The app allows me to keep on top of my cardiovascular health and health generally. Thank you to the developers and to those who put so much effort into the explanations. Very well done on all fronts.

- HeartWatch does not provide customer support.

According to one of HeartWatch’s ads on the internet, it is compatible with iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. Purchased it, put it in my iPhone and watch, but found out when trying to put it on iPad that it is NOT compatible with iPad. I wrote and asked for a refund. They sent me a link to use to “read” about the program on my iPad. I asked them to read my request for a refund because the app is not compatible with the iPad. A “wise guy” named David Walsh wrote and told me “ My goodness. Apple does not support Health or Watch on iPad. Refunds are via Apple “ All I got was a smart mouth reply with no answer. That is the type of “support” you get from this company. You have been warned! Yes, I have a copy of the internet ad stating it works on iPad and my correspondence with their support group.

- Best heart monitoring app

I have bought and used almost every heart monitoring app in the App Store. Nothing compares to this app! To gain max Benefits, you need to use your Apple Watch 3 series. Make sure you have at least 20% of battery life on the watch and be sure to put it in “Theater mode” when you go to bed. This will save power consumption on your watch as it Monitors your heart thru the night. I also use this app in conjunction with auto sleep. This two apps together are a dream come true. I see a cardiologist for my heart and it helps when they can see additional data. Will worth it!!

- Alice and dice your workouts

So much more than a heart monitoring app. It really allows you to dig deep into your exercise metrics, explore trends and patterns, and help establish dynamic goals; the Apple Watch move goals are so simplistic, but HeartWatch helps you plan active days and rest days: it adjusts steps, mileage, and caloric burn goals based on your history and provides a setting for how aggressively you want to push yourself to improve. The interactive map lets you see pace, distance, altitude, heart rate at nearly any point on your route. Just keep clicking to find what you are looking for.

- Amazing; even better with autosleep

This beats the health app, actually make the health app on iOS more accurate. It keeps track of your heart through the day and if paired with AutoSleep it keep track of your sleep quality. Both apps are a must have for any Apple Watch user. I have noticed significant increase in my overall health and my quality of life. It doesn't happen overnight but the app does help you stay motivated and make the proper changes you need in order to see the progress you want. Just wish the app would allow for body temperature to be taken and pulse pressure - something to consider in the next updates.

- Powerful and a lot to learn

Don’t think you download the app, open it up, make some goals and tweak a few settings and you’ll be a master of this app. Not even close. To truly take advantage of the power of this app takes time and watching the Help videos. I’ve had one issue where a workout didn’t register with my Activity app for a few hours but it was resolved and wasn’t repeated. I use the watch complication which works quite well and do enjoy the details provided for my workouts. All in all I’m very happy with the modest purchase.

- Best App with the best customer service team

I’ve had this app for three months. I honestly wasn’t paying much attention to various alerts until recently I received an alert that stated my heart rate dropped very low. Unfortunately, I received the alert many hours later so I could recall what I was doing at the time. I emailed customer service and in less than 24 hours I had a well constructed, easy to follow response. I’m now monitoring the highs and lows so that I can take the information to my doctor. This app is life changing and possibly life saving.

- Great app, but pulse data inaccessible (workaround)

Great app and watch complications, but the pulse data and heart best access was disabled after an app software update it seems. Workaround: —— - After updating go to iOS Settings > Privacy > Health - Choose the HeartWatch app and review list of data types enabled. I had to manually enable 4 settings related to heartbeat access out of the dozens already enabled. Notes: —— - My watch displayed the sedentary pulse data on the watch (Series 4) complication without issue until the app was updated. The app on iOS prompted me to grant access (2nd time since I first installed it a year or so ago). I enabled all health data access via the HeartWatch iOS app. - Updating of the app and this issue may have occurred near the time OS updates also were released for iOS and watchOS recently. - The watch app didn’t throw an error when I tried to ask it to get my pulse. It constantly reported “measuring”. It would be nice if an error prompt told watch users to check privacy settings or mention it doesn’t have access to pulse data.

- I Used to Really Like This App

This is a great app. I have tested a few of the top rated fitness/heart rate Apple Watch apps and HeartWatch is the best I have found. I really like the simple heart rate monitor interface while working out. The workout data is then presented very nicely in the phone app for review. Most importantly, the heart rate monitor appears to be accurate when compared to my expensive arm HR device that I bought prior to getting an Apple Watch. Lastly, the developer was very responsive with clear directions to fix an issue I had after a recent app update.

- Notifications still flaky under WatchOS 6

Notifications are still flaky for me, even with the latest update. I will get low or high rate notifications up to 6-7 hours after they occur. I just got one at 3pm that said my heart rate was low at 7:30 am. I’m not sure what the issue is. Before Watch OS 6 I’d get almost instantaneous alerts. And it’s not just HW. I tried another heart app and it did the same thing. Also the complication requires me to tap on the rate on the watch face to update the reading. Even though it updates every 10 minutes it won’t update the complication until I tap on the face.

- I bought this app and love it. I plan to buy all three of them!

In just a day, I learned so much about my body from using this app in particular. Using the data from the app, I get a good picture of the performance of my heart, while I am awake and while I am asleep. The most important thing I have learned is about the impact of stress on my heart leading me to figure out ways to relax and take care of myself. I highly recommend using it, especially if you are getting older, like me. I plan to share the information with my doctor at my next checkup.

- Have to delete and reload

All my previous data disappeared when I updated and the only info that now shows is the HRV. It was a great app before but useless to me since I can’t even take my pulse from my watch now. Update:Deleted app and then downloaded again, went through all the steps as of it was new, let it do its 3 min history download and finally, all my info was back. Not sure I, personally, like the new format but after playing with it for a bit, I found the actual listing of individual pulse readings. You have to scroll down once you get to the graph page.

- Great App for Monitoring Heart Rate

I’ve been using this app for about 1 year and although I don’t look at it daily, when I want to get a sense of what my heart rate has been in the past, it’s great to be able to go back and see my history. I just recently got a Series 3 Watch to replace my Series 1, so I have more power and have downloaded this developer’s companion sleep app, as well. When you combine the two apps, you can get a very well- rounded picture of your heart rate through your the day and how good or bad your night of sleep has been. Two thumbs up!

- Best apps for Apple Watch

The watch is the best heart rate monitor and most accurate exercise monitor. If you are into exercise it coupled with the HeartWatch app and AutoSleep app are great supports and enjoyable to use. BUT if you have a heart condition like me and exercise is difficult but important this app and the sleep app are very important allowing you to track irregular beats and other issues. It also keeps you exercising in the right zone for your condition. What a gift. The alerts are a gift as is the ability to track recovery rates. Both apps are superb and build confidence. Thanks guys!

- One of the best ever

I've never encountered such a slick and professional app before. It is not only pretty, but it provides extremely useful views of your health data. I was particularly pleasantly surprised to see that it was able to analyze and make use of historical data captured by other apps. Seeing trends of data over time -- weeks or months is great. This is something apple could have done a much better job with its Health app which has an appalling historical trend interface. It would be nice to see all of the health data displayed using this interface.

- One of my most used apps

I love the detail this app provides. After a workout, I can see the breakdown of how hard I worked, that is how much time I spent in a certain range: warmup, fat burning, building fitness, etc. It gives me a clearer picture of whether or not I was working hard as I felt like I was working. I also love the little guy on the dashboard who turns into a superhero and “flies” if you reach your move goal. It’s a small thing that gives you one more signal that you are doing your thing! Love this app! It’s definitely worth the money.

- New Update Disappointing

The new update to HeartWatch 4 deleted my old data and the watch no longer takes a heart rate. Stuck on “checking” for several hours with no way to stop it except turning off the watch. Really liked the app before. The only complaint I had was the notifications for high/low BPM were quite late and I was hoping that would be resolved in the update. Don’t know if this has been resolved yet since the app is no longer calculating heart rate... Gave three stars based on historical performance and the hope these issues will be resolved but current state app is a 0 since it doesn’t actually calculate heart rate.

- Lifesaver

Yesterday, I had a sudden supra-ventricular tachycardia event while driving home. I’d never experienced one before, so wasn’t sure what was happening. Because I was able to check my heart rate easily, using this app, I knew I better get to the doctor right away. My bpm got up to 200 and would not get back to normal, so I ended up getting the IV-administered heart reset drug, which worked and now I’m fine. Using this app, I can see exactly when this attack happened, how long it lasted, and when it ended & can show my GP. Thank you so much!

- Almost perfect

The only thing it lacks is the ability to add a missed workout. When you know the exact time you began and ended a workout, but forgot to start HeartWatch, you should be able to input the times manually. The app was recording heart rate the whole time, so an option to manually add the missing workout would be a great addition. I use the original Apple Watch, perhaps this option is available on 2 and 3. My fault for using an old watch and refusing to upgrade! Other than this it’s a very valuable app. Ch

- Great app

I bought myself and my girlfriend an apple Watch and we wanted to get some health related apps. First we got AutoSleep and in that she decided to but HeartWatch. I honestly was reluctant to buy the app but after seeing her use it decided to. I have to say the app is amazing and provides a ton of useful information on an easy to read display. This app actually is the reason she found out she had a heart condition, it kept alerting her to heart rate being being really high and it caused her enough alarm to go to the doctor to take care of the problem. Great app.

- Saved my life

True story. On March 10th I wasn't feeling good. On March 11th I felt dizzy whenever I stood up. I felt fine laying down. My husband, my 3 daughters (2 are doctors) kept insisting I go to emergency. I told them I didn't feel that bad. Then on March 12th I fainted. I checked my heart rate it was 39 BPM. By the time I got to emergency my heart rate was 33 BPM. I was immediately taken into surgery and the surgeon implanted a pacemaker. When my husband told the doctor I refused to come for 3 days, he told him if I hadn't come in I would have been dead by March 13th! I monitor my heart every day now. Thank you

- Nice enough but too time consuming

I got this app after reading an article that mentioned it. The app does things well enough but after opening and looking at it the morning of the day after I’d bought it, I realized that I’d already been accomplishing everything HeartWatch does, by using the built in features in Apple Watch and the apps already on the iPhone, such as the Health app and activity app and a different app I bought last year for tracking sleep. So - rather than waste time with it every day, I deleted HeartWatch. If I ever read another article about it that gives me a new reason to try it, all I have to do is download it again.

- Too many missed recordings

This app is great for seeing your heart ability. However, too many times when I use it to record my workouts, they fail to save. Especially when I try to record a recovery reading. Thereby losing all workout information. Which then shows an abnormally high heart rate for the day. Disappointing. Hopefully it will be fixed and I’ll update my review. Update to last review. Raised stars after the last update seemed to have corrected the problem. Will watch it and update, but really like the recovery reading and it seems to be working properly.

- Not so perfect

First, I keep getting alerts that my heart rate is in the 30s or 40s, but the alert arrives anywhere from 30 minutes to hours later! I can’t verify what’s happening with lagged alerts. Second, there are days that I am super active, but the hours seem to be counted as “sedentary”, so my heart rate appears to be elevated throughout the day. Also, it gets confused calculating sleep so I often don’t have the sleep data - not in Heartwatch or in AutoSleep (I paid for it). I love the concept, but there are parts that need work. Plus, I’m not sure about the Watch’s accuracy yet and it’s making me worried about my health when perhaps I shouldn’t be.

- HeartWatch is Amazing 👽😄🤓💯❤️

HeartWatch captures and presents a substantial amount of data. This application has turned the Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple Health experience from mundane and extremely lackluster into a rich, quantified experience. (I wish this company was entrusted to overhaul and rebuild the entirety of Apple Health) This is an essential application if you have an Apple Watch. I can not imagine my Apple Health paradigm without it. The application is truly well done and functions seamlessly. I’ve been using it for almost three years without any issues. Few software purchases do I ever feel as though, the developer is not being compensated enough, that I have gotten my money’s worth and more. Even quite a few updates including UI and UX improvements have been free. This is without question the best heart tracking application on the App Store. I do genuinely thank you for your work. 🙏

- Update

Update: The developer reached out and showed me how to correct this issue. It works perfectly now. The new features are nice. This new update has removed years worth of data from my device. Instead of being a reliable source of information on my wrist, it now sits empty and doesn’t check my pulse. As someone who suffers with major anxiety, I rely on this app heavily for important information. The update has made it impossible to see my current, highest, and lowest heart rate from my watch screen.


Out of all the Apps I’ve downloaded since the iPhone 4, this is by far my favorite! I have been bragging about this app every time I see someone wearing an Apple Watch. I even tell my customers how much I love it. You can’t have an Apple Watch without this app. *The interface on the actual watch isn’t awesome (basic bare minimum) but the data is gathers blows my mind! It even tracks your sleep, your energy output, works with your workout data etc. the app interface on the phone is beautifully done!

- Wow! New update is fantastic!

When the new update came out, I was a bit skeptical, then I fixed the permissions and wow! I am very impressed by the workout heart rate tracking for my run, and I am very pleased with the color scheme, layout, great UI overall. I have used this app and AutoSleep for a while and I feel that these are two apps that are totally worth what they cost. Excited to see what they do with the app next. Most other negative reviews are from people who have not set permissions yet, do not be frightened by them.

- Broken update

Update: Developer responded quickly. I reinstalled the app and it loaded properly. Suggestion: when update installs, force the app to rebuild the database and make the user step through all the permissions before using, like it does on a clean install. I will change my rating to reflect the vast data options in the new version. Previous review: Like most others, my updated app is broken. Past data is all blank and “checking” appears constant yin the pulse window. I deleted it. 😡

- A purchase you won’t regret

I’m not one to make purchases in general, especially not one on an app, but I am beyond glad that I did. I love everything about this app. I love seeing my meters for steps and such and knowing that I’m improving. I love seeing what percent of my exercises are fat burning vs muscle building and such. I love watching my character change throughout the day. And most importantly I like proving my forecast for my rings wrong. You should buy this app! Sincerely, A broke college student who hates spending money


This App works great for me. I can say it helps me to control my Atrial Fibrilation. At least I'm in the know. It means a lot, because I can take a medication, call my doctor and just relax little more. In October, I had a procedure to regulate the rythm in my heart and I thought I'm fine. Just few days ago, my watch registered Atrial Fibrilation at night. I would never know that! I see, I have to go to the doctor or to observe it little longer. I don't know good enough words to say how I feel about this app. THIS IS A LIFE SAVER FOR ME! I highly RECOMMEND IT!

- Latest version broke watch complication.

Watch complication will not take a pulse anymore. Built in heart app on the watch works fine. I’ve already uninstalled the app from the watch and reinstalled with no change. Just sits at “Checking”. *Edit* I had to reinstall the app on my phone completely before it would start working again. App had been working fine until most recent version. So in case it breaks for you as well, and a reinstall of the complication doesn’t work, reinstall the app on your phone completely!

- Apple Watch Heart App

I absolutely love this app. I’ve been using it now for over two years at the request of my doctor. I have Atrial Fibrillation and he says that this program is closest to a EKG that he has found versus other apps. He always can take my IPhone and looks back and sees my history and patterns as well as the time of the day when these episodes happen. So I have to say I am very pleased with this app. I would highly recommend it to anyone that needs to monitor their heart rate. Sincerely, Juanita Burrows

- Excellent

It is a great app for tracking activity and heart health. I pulls in date from health and activity and puts everything in a convenient dashboard, I have an Apple Watch so I gather a treasure trove of data on out my daily activities. There is a huge amount of information and it takes time to learn where you find the information, I suppose I should read the instructions. I would like to program in my heart zones after I have a stress test to determine my max heart rate for more accurate heart zones for training.

- Happy I have this very useful tool!!

I have afib and tracking bpm is important. This shows me what is going on in a way I can easily understand. I can see the day by day pattern graphically . I can look at the times of day where the beats per minute were higher snd lower. It also can measure a bunch of other stuff that I have not yet had time to figure out. Once the format suddenly changed and I was confused.I contacted customer service and got immediate feedback and help. Highly recommend.

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HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate 4.0.4 Screenshots & Images

HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone images
HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone images
HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone images
HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone images
HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone images
HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone images
HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone images
HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone images
HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone images
HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate iphone images

HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate (Version 4.0.4) Install & Download

The applications HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-12-07 and was developed by Tantsissa [Developer ID: 861650887]. This application file size is 51.99 MB. HeartWatch: Monitor Heart Rate - Health & Fitness app posted on 2020-08-12 current version is 4.0.4 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tantsissa.Heartbeat

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