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"HeartWatch is so good, you’d think Apple built the app itself." John Patrick Pullen, Time Magazine. Top 5 in Health & Fitness in 63 countries.

HeartWatch 3 requires iOS 10 or iOS 11. Watch OS 3 or Watch OS 4.
If you are missing the Watch App or Experiencing crash on restart, please press the Review tab and click on App Support. This explains what you need to do! Please email us if you are stuck. We love to help.

Your Apple Watch is a highly sophisticated instrument, measuring and capturing your heart rate data throughout the day.

HeartWatch lets you see how your heart is beating across four simple views. Waking, Regular, Workout & Sleeping. Each of these views are isolated because, while you may want a higher heart rate during a workout, if your heart is racing when you aren't doing any exercise then this is likely not a good thing and probably something you might want to show your medical practitioner.

HeartWatch gives you an easy solution to this. It accesses your heart rate & workout readings created by your Apple Watch and unlocks the power of this information in a simple, intuitive way.

HeartWatch 2 introduces heart badges. These are a simple glanceable graphic that lets you quickly see how your heart is doing for different types of events. The colours represent time in zones overlayed with an average.

For regular* heart rate readings, the ideal is to have a completely blue badge. The bigger the red ring around the badge, the more time spent with an elevated heart rate. Even though averages can appear to be similar, the badge shows a clear picture of how your heart has really been tracking and alerts you about excessively high or low readings.

For workouts, you can easily see the zonal makeup of your workout at a glance.

*regular: time spent not sleeping nor working out.

The complication displays the last heart rate reading captured by your watch.

An instant background update has you seeing your latest heart rate and a summary of your day. You can take your "live" pulse at any time by tapping the Pulse gauge. You can start a workout directly in the app and get live updates on your heart rate zone. You can also track sleep and add measurements & notes.

Whether you are looking for heart rate irregularities or checking on your workout progress, HeartWatch makes things very easy via a 12 week big picture. Find out exactly what your heart was doing throughout your day. The addition of an energy overlay to the regular heart rate detail view means you can determine if those peaks you sometimes get are more likely due to stress or increased activity.

Capture key HealthKit measurements just by saying them, take notes about your day and track sleep.

You can configure notifications for the following scenarios.
- When heart rate exceeds a bpm value.
- When heart rate drops below a bpm value.
- A daily reminder to check how you've gone today.

Heart Watch is very useful tool to get alerted about any possible health issues in a concise format that you can show your medical practitioner.

This app requires an iPhone that has the Health App installed. Heart readings are read from the Health Data Store which is ideally populated by your Apple Watch. You can also import heart rate readings from other sources and devices.

HeartWatch. Heart & Activity App Description & Overview

The applications HeartWatch. Heart & Activity was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-12-07 and was developed by Tantsissa. The file size is 17.79 MB. The current version is 3.5.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

iOS 12, WatchOS 5 support.
Optimised for Watch 4 screen sizes.
Support for Infograph complications.
Fix for restlessness calculation when using WatchOS 5.

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HeartWatch. Heart & Activity Reviews

Henry QT

No way to enter Date of birth  Henry QT  1 star

The app asked for the date of birth but there waa no way to get to it There is a big red heart picture in the middle of the screen all the time App can’t be used

So good so bad

Amazing app  So good so bad  4 star

I use it daily.

Gordon in Atlanta

Very well written App!  Gordon in Atlanta  5 star

This suite of Apps are excellent


Watch notification  radram500  3 star

Fix this! The app keeps asking to set app features. Did it but the message never stops.


Awesome  jxhammer  5 star

The more you use this app the more you love it. Started training three months ago and can visually see progress. Heart rate down and tremendous improvement in sleep quality. This app is very motivating.


Finally Taking Control of My Health  Steveg208  5 star

Great stats to keep on track! Watch the instant effects of a workout. Love this app.


Heart App  P.Paula  4 star

Love this app yes there’s a lot of information on it, but I wouldn’t have it any other way it amazing to be able to see your vitals all day long. Thank you


Efficient means to track progress/history  MDBike  5 star

Great app. Good way way to track your progress on heart health to see how exercise is working. Looking forward to ability to access more than 12 weaks of data.

faceless gamer

A life changer, seriously  faceless gamer  5 star

This app (along with auto sleep and auto wake) are a fantastic set of tools. This app is just ridiculous. The more I use it the more I think this might be one of the best apps in general. My wife got me the new Apple Watch as an upgrade from her original (mine via hand me down) and I was excited to try all these health and heart apps. Heart watch does almost everything all the other apps do and better. I deleted 3-4 apps because they were redundant. I emailed the developer about an “issue”. He pointed me in the right direction and it wasn’t an issue, it was already implemented. Just stellar!

hard to use without Chinese

NEED CHINESE  hard to use without Chinese  4 star

hard to use without Chinese

Pale skin!

Great app  Pale skin!  5 star

For me this is the easiest, clearest and best way to keep track of my heart rate. Much easier to use and much better than the others I purchased. The graphs and images are really clear and I can see results across time/days or currently very easily. Great app!


Awesome analytics  EagleDriver100  5 star

This app provides a great user interface and comprehensive analytics into the data being captured. Intuitive and easy to use, it’s clever design mimics the Apple rings so it’s easy to see at a glance what’s going on.


Could have been 5 stars...  Matphotomat  1 star

...bit for the information I just read that personal information is being sent to Facebook using their marketing scams. Shame, because I like the collection of these apps and doing this for more personal gain is disgusting...

Fitness Bimbo

Intuitive & Insightful  Fitness Bimbo  5 star

No hassle at all to set up and starts giving you great visual dashboards and insights into your heart rate straight away. My favourite way to look at my work outs and finding the insights into my sleep and recharge really helpful


Loving the app  Alx&888  5 star

Great features and interesting info, made me much more aware of sleep and movement patterns. Easy to read and understand, easy to navigate, works well with Apple Watch ⭐️


Better heart rate states, leads to healthier living  Fleeced42  5 star

This app is part of my daily routine, and provides much more useful analysis than the basic health app. It addition to helping track my resting heart rate and sleeping rate more efficiently, the workout rates allow me to target specific heart rate zones with much better accuracy. This app along with the AutoSleep app are two apps I can’t do without. I also purchased the AutoWake app from the same people, but that hasn’t been of much use.

Juice 213

One of the few  Juice 213  5 star

I enjoy this app and it is one of the few that I recommend and use daily. It would be cool if there was a female character to become super in the dashboard section.


Great app but has bug with latest watch OS  b1tbucket  5 star

Great app but apple watch app complication no longer works with latest watch os


Highly Detailed  ~}#  5 star

Fantastic app with plenty of great detail & information. Highly recommend it for the health conscious.


Such a useful and detailed app  Byronscotty  5 star

Thanks to the developer, your apps are much better then anything Apple has produced. I use your sleep app regularly and study the heart one often. Great attention to detail!


Great for heart rate monitoring  MikeBrH  5 star

I recently started a martial arts class. Have far exceeded what is my 70-80% of max BPM, with NO chest discomfort! Great to know afterward what effect the exercise has. Thanks for a great app!


It is very helpful when doing my work out!  LunaLite  5 star

It keeps me aware of my heart rate from minute to minute which needs to be consistently elevated during a good workout, because it makes the work out more affective.


Not very usable.  Test13468  1 star

Theres to much stuff. Its hard to use and if you could figure it out it isn't that much use. Tech support is not that good either. Slow and not really engaged it the assistance process.


I love it!  vidadefiore  5 star

It keeps me on track and it educates me of better choices!!!!!!


Heart watch review  Conmigo2  4 star

Since I’m now 76 and my heart is showing the same evidence of deterioration as the rest of my body, these heart monitoring apps are helpful for keeping me attuned to my daily activity requirements. My cardiologist reviews my rate averages to assist in assessing how well my medications are working. Wow! If only there were some way for the Watch to pick up short runs of A-fib without having to do the 30-second rhythm strip.


Pretty amazing app I’d recommend  Macgizzard  4 star

It’s an app I continue to use more and more for the amount of detail it provides. I was diagnosed with paroxysmal AFIB in 2018 and bought the Apple Watch series 4 around Christmas 2018 for the EKG feature. The watch itself at this time does not automatically alert you of AFIB events but the personal indicators become evident. This app provides and most of all displays in great detail heart beat patterns leading up to, during and following an AFIB event. The sleep reports are also very detailed and have helped me stay on top of the rest I need. Seeing where and when you expend your energy is very informative. I’m not sure why the watch or apps don’t alert of AFIB events yet as they onset by I’d assume for legal obstruction reasons. They are definitely capable of changing patterns and documenting them. The app developers need to work on a cleaner complete document export feature. Apple apps are ALL weak in this area and it’s baffling to me as to why. Whether it’s the graphs or data entries it would be nice to export directly and completely to a pdf that could easily be shared or archived.


Love  gratitudegranny  5 star

Finally ditched buggy Cardiogram for this. Wish it had more theme color choices but love everything else about it!

1909 1/2

Great App  1909 1/2  5 star

Very informative and it captures vital readings. Great app.


Info-wealthy!  Ferret357  5 star

This info-wealthy app gives me great insight into how my ticker interacts wit my various daily activities. I get a greater sense of being more intimate with my own heart, and knowing myself a little better.


Heart rate variability  davlongdo  1 star

HVR does It sync with Health app on IPhone. That is the main reason I got this app and cannot get it to work


Excellent  Twofish2  5 star

Mountains of info and lots of humour at a good price. The more I use it the better it gets. Can’t believe how much information you can squeeze out of a heart beat. This is what the Apple Watch is for........


The best  SchuffD  5 star

This app is by far the best heartbeat tracking app on the App Store. And it's definitely worth the price. Good job. ;-)


Excellent  ChrisP35151  5 star

Great app great detail


Great app  jcrowbar  5 star

Worth the price


Excellent App  2800/2900  5 star

Great App and great support, highly recommend the App


Excellent to track your heart  Sigalakos  5 star

I love the new redesign and the watch app.


Waste Of Money  Jnoelob  1 star

There are Better "Free" apps that work, this app is terrible. Nothing works like it says on the Tin. Dont waste your money on this App

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