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Freeletics Running is a new and incredibly effective running program to help you become fitter, healthier and more motivated. It offers a completely new running experience suitable for all fitness levels and a personalized training program tailored to you and your goals. Guaranteed to increase willpower and performance to help you achieve greatness on your own terms.


This new and effective running system helps you reach your goals faster than ever. As well as distances, it contains short, intensive interval workouts, developed by sport scientists and real athletes for fast and long-lasting results.


Freeletics Running is ideal for every fitness level. Regardless whether you are a beginner or a professional, a male or a female athlete. We offer a personalized training program that will suit you and your specific goals perfectly:

- Lose weight and become leaner
- Improve general fitness
- Increase speed
- Increase endurance


Freeletics Running is built on motivational mechanisms to help you stay motivated throughout your journey. The top-rated Freeletics App already has a community of over 7 million passionate athletes worldwide who support and motivate each other every day.

Current users can log into Freeletics Running with their Freeletics Bodyweight account details.


You can download and start using Freeletics Running free of charge. Even as a free user, you can access 4 of the 12 running workouts as well as all distance runs and the free run feature.


With the Freeletics Running Coach you have a known and proven training program. You’ll receive access to all workouts, as well as an individual training plan based on your fitness level and goals. Week by week, with detailed training instructions telling you what, when and how to train.

- A combination of distances and sprint HIIT workouts designed by experts for fast results
- Personalized Coach offering a 100% individualized running program
- Detailed instructions from your Coach telling you how, when and what to train
- Motivational tools to keep you on track
- Free Run to track all your runs, with or without a Coach

If you decide to subscribe you will pay the price set for your country, as show in the app (subscription of 3 months (34.99$/25.99£), 6 months (59.99$/44.99£) or 1 year (79.99$/59.99£)).

The subscription automatically renews if it is not cancelled within 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for the next month within 24 hours before expiry of the current subscription. The current period of in-app subscription cannot be cancelled. The function for automatic renewal can be deactivated at any time via the iTunes account settings.

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Note: Prolonged usage of GPS can impair the durability of a rechargeable battery.

Freeletics Running App Description & Overview

The applications Freeletics Running was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2016-01-19 and was developed by Freeletics GmbH. The file size is 87.15 MB. The current version is 1.12 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Running Athletes, you put your heart and willpower into every nasty Bastet, Xerxes, or even just 400 meters run that your Coach gives you every week. For that we wanna say #ClapClap. Thank you for continuously grinding and pushing your limits. We would give every single one of you a 5-star rating if we could.

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Freeletics Running Reviews


"Free" is a relative term  Zamott  3 star

The very few, very few, free items are good. I'm just not willing to pay a monthly subscription of that magnitude for workouts you can get online for free elsewhere. I highly suggest you make the workouts free and a historical tracking workout/nutrition system as something to pay for.


Logs me out  JaneDoe789  2 star

Apps functions are great; however, it logs me out in the middle of run! Other than that, the program's been good so far.


Great  Taz101201  4 star

Helps me try to be healthy and fit

Bill Board 1860

Great app  Bill Board 1860  5 star



What I've been looking for!!  Dylan1980!  5 star


C-Los 138

Great program!  C-Los 138  5 star

Freeletics has been the perfect tool to get me moving. It fits into my crazy family and work schedule and I can stick to it.


This App!  ChelaJ  5 star

I LOVE this app! It's motivating and is the only thing that has worked for me! I can't stop talking about it!


Great app and program  Yzmaya  5 star

I've never quite liked running but this is really fun " so far. I'd strongly recommend this to anyone looking to get into interval running.


Needs Apple Watch compatibility  GrayCanvas  4 star

Works great. Just wish I didn't have to lug my phone around for my runs.


Best Running App Yet  jasonallison76  5 star

I have a tough time getting myself to run, but the workouts and intervals in this app have made me enjoy running for the first time in my life. A great companion to Freeletics, I'm a very happy customer.


Fixed!!! Great customer support!  JoeHutch  5 star

I promised to follow up with a review if the "server" error got fixed. It did, and the app is great. Start the run, then just wait for audio instructions. No need to look at your phone the whole time. 3 days with the body weight/3 days with the running app, feeling amazing and healthy!!! #twothousandsixlean


Released way too early  magnum6  2 star

I love the main Freeletics app. This one, though, is nowhere close to the other app in terms of quality. This is an alpha release at best with a very narrow feature set. Once you complete a workout, you can no longer view your split times - you can only see the total distance run. It's not integrated into the Freeletics community. Disappointed that the company would release this app before it was ready.


Great, BUT  Firedammat  1 star

Love the training program, but I did 3 workouts and I'm not able to save "server couldn't be reached" !!!!! 0 stars for that if could. Huge fun of the original app


Can't save my run.  Dleted  1 star

Like other users I can not save my run to the server. Still stuck on the first run even though I've run it more than once. If it was editable and I could enter manually I wouldn't mind nearly as much. But this app is not usable in its current state.


Can't save my run 😡  benhomie  1 star

Felt unhappy after running, why? Because this app can't save your hard earn runs. No matter what I do it kept saying "Server not reachable". Freeletics makes tons of money but can't hire decent mmdevelopers to make things work. Saving your workout is the most basic feature but Freeletics can't get this to work. What am I to do? I completely wasted this workout.


Integration/Manual Editing  Teursofracon  2 star

Coaches for Bodyweight and running need to be integrated. It would be awesome for both workouts to be in one app and the coach told what days to do which. Otherwise, we will have to just pick which days to do two workouts. If I subscribe to both, I think the coach programming should take into consideration that I am now in two programs and should adjust both programs to make them work together as one program. Also, the app needs a way to edit a run manually. If I can't get outside to run, I would love to be able to program my run from a treadmill and/or not have to carry my phone.


Can't find server  heathh12  3 star

After a 6km run server couldn't be found and the run wouldn't upload. Unfortunate because I like the app but needs to be updated.


Did not save my run  Anantchandler  1 star

I really enjoyed my first run. The app worked great till the point it said to save workout. Then it just won't save my workout. I can't even go back to edit or just right my time to say I did the run. There is literally no way to edit without completing the whole run again. This is very disappointing.. I don't know how to even continue..


Cool app  Cartoon_Katie  5 star

The running workouts are a lot of fun! I find it very focused on the user experience and on keeping the interest throughout the entire workout. It’s very different from any running app I have tried so far. I can see improvements showing up faaast :D Looking forward to the upcoming features!! Keep up the awesome work!


Please Integrate!  Parissean  2 star

I love that Freeletics is creating a running-focused program, but it's super annoying that 1) it's a separate app that isn't integrated into the existing program, 2) it doesn't seem to allow users to choose how many days to workout (keeping in mind that most of us are already doing other Freeletics workouts, and 3) the workouts/runs are based on very general self-assessment. It looks like this was released prematurely, and I really hope Freeletics will work quickly to better integrate this into what we're already using and doing.

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