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Enjoy 24 amazing games on your Apple Watch and iPhone for one low price and no Ads! That's unbeatable value for money!

◆ Block Run
Feel like going for a a run? Help the voxel guy avoid the colourful obstacles by jumping, rolling and turning around the corners.

◆ Tower
Build your Tower by stacking colourful blocks on top of each other. Place them perfectly for bonus points.

◆ Frog Road
Help the cute frogs avoid the cars and cross Frog Road. The further you go the more points you earn.

◆ Chubby Chicken
Guide Chubby around the farm eating corn and avoiding dogs. Eat a bunch of cherries to power up and get revenge on the dogs.

◆ Drive
Swerve your race car down an ever winding road collecting coins for bonus points. The further you go the faster and narrower the road gets.

◆ Stick Flip
Flip gravity upside down and help Stickman free run past the multi colour obstacles. Flip it by taping/swiping the screen or use the digital crown.

◆ Cave Flyer
Fly your biplane down a treacherous cavern. Collect coins for bonus points as the caves walls narrow in on you.

◆ Drop
Down the rabbit hole you go. Help the bunny collect the yummy carrots for bonus points.

◆ Hop
Jump from platform to platform to gain more height and points. Shoot the winged baddies along the way.

◆ Cong
It's like pong, but in a circle. Use the digital crown to move the paddle around the circle and keep the ball in play.

◆ Brick Fall
A fun retro falling brick game. Use the Digital crown or your finger to move the bricks around. Tap to rotate and swipe down to place the brick. Stack the bricks together to clear a line and score a point.

◆ 2048
Enjoy the addictive 2048 game on your watch or phone. Swipe the number tiles around to join them. Join the tiles to reach 2048.

◆ Card Sort
Super simple game. All you have to do is move the red cards up and the black cards down. Simple right? Use the digital crown or tap the top and bottom of the screen.

◆ Stick Jump
Take control of Stickman and free run your way past the multi colour obstacles. Control him by taping the screen or use the digital crown.

◆ Blocky Bird
Tap the screen to make Blocky fly up. Avoid the green pipes and get the highscore.

◆ Snake
Enjoy the classic snake game on your watch. Tap the left side of the screen to turn left and the right side to turn right.

◆ Tiles
Tap a black tile to clear it but don't touch the white tiles or you loose. How fast can you clear all 50 tiles?

◆ Troopers
You're under attack! Use the digital crown to aim your gun and tap the screen to shoot your enemies. Helicopters drop paratroopers, don't let 4 troopers land on either side of your gun turret or you loose. Watch out for bombs dropped from the bombers!

◆ Invaders
Control your spaceship with the digital crown. Shoot all the invading aliens before they get you.

◆ Car Car
You control two cars, tap each car to change lanes. Avoid the squares and collect the circles.

◆ Walk the Line
Use the Digital Crown to move the blue dot and stay in the line. What is your best score?

◆ Brick Break
A fun retro brick breaking game. Use the Digital Crown to move your paddle and hit the ball. Destroy all the blocks to finish the level and get a high score.

◆ Tennis
A minimalist racket and ball game. Use the crown to move your paddle and hit the ball over the line. Play single player mode or against the AI opponent.

◆ Hacky Sack
Super simple to play and hard to put down. Keep the hacky sack up in the air by hitting it with your paddle. Bounce the sack as many times as you can to get the high score.

Games feature:
> Watch support
> No ads
> Leaderboards
> Tilt controls
> Sound Effects
> Music
> SpriteKit
> Scenekit

Mini Watch Games 24-in-1 App Description & Overview

The applications Mini Watch Games 24-in-1 was published in the category Games on 2015-12-11 and was developed by AlhoGames. The file size is 51.12 MB. The current version is 3.4.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

Just some bug fixes
Fixed a crash bug in Frog Road.
Fixed an issue where swiping from left edge would exit the game.
Fixed a bug in Block Run where you could swipe will jumping.

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Mini Watch Games 24-in-1 Reviews

no one csres

Exiting  no one csres  4 star

It won’t let me exit out of the game I played last could you please clairify how


Can not figure out how to get to other games.  VentralWinter  4 star

I went onto Apple Watch to play the game, and after I chose the game tiles, I couldn’t figure out how to get back to the other games. Most likely that I just don’t know, but someone tell me please.


Frustrating  Łïbbÿ  1 star

I tapped on a game and I’ve tried everything to pick a new one and it won’t work and the game I was playing didn’t even work what a waste of 99 cents


Best  Powerdcreeper  5 star

This is the single most best game I have ever had on my Apple Watch these are amazing games and you should keep up the good work.


Love it!!!  CoolMan300  5 star

I love these games. They are worth the money if you are hesitant about buying it, do it I use it when ever I go to school and I am waiting for school to start. It is a great buy.


Not bad but having a problem  Moselak  3 star

It’s not bad games are fun and work pretty well with watch. Cannot exit out of game on the watch without turning the #%^%ing thing off am I missing something? X’d out of program using button, tried other programs, always comes back to whatever game I was on which is the flappy bird clone with me tying 2 feet into the level.


It’s decent  Ldhfksjigpfkcjf  3 star

Should be one dollar not two, otherwise the game selection is good, but I’m very confused on how to switch the games? Once I get on a game I can’t switch it and randomly it just switches


Not good for watch  rlgoins  1 star

Once you start playing a game on the watch, you cannot switch to another game.


Question  Makeizie  2 star

How do I exit out the game to go back to main menu?


Review  lgluszak1220  4 star

Overall, I really love these games. But on Block Run, it is hard to turn. And when I play any one of these games on my phone, it crashes. Hope you can fix it! Thank you❤️

Youtube Pizzer

Kudos to this guy  Youtube Pizzer  4 star

Kudos to this guy for being the only developer making solid games for the apple watch. I really respect you cos if no one else is doing this other than you it must be really painful developing for it. Especially games with actual polygons as opposed to sprites. Not 5 stars as some of these games were pretty dissapointing like Drop is a clone of Drive with the direction and sprites being the main change, but it’s better than 23 games in one I guess. I would loooove to see some kind of sandbox game for apple watch, preferably a 3D one of a control scheme for it could be figured out somehow. If that were to be made, I would give this app 5 stars hands down and be really really happy. But either way this has to be one of the best games on apple watch so far. Thank you AlhoGames!


Amazing! UI could use an update  Apavlakos1010  5 star

Keep adding more games, this is great for killing time. Snake and a few other games are a bit disappointing when compared with Frog Road, but other than that it's worth the buy👌

Piani guy

Not a bad lot  Piani guy  3 star

I love the inclusion of the classic games that were an original feature of this app. There are a few games where the controls are a little tacky (snake, car car) and others that don’t make a whole lot of sense (card sort, cong). Overall it is a great app that could use a little tweaking. I bought this back when it was only 12 games and it was well worth the $1.50


Great game  Vinksie  5 star

Great game I did what you said plus I turned it off and on and it worked it is an amazing game and it works perfectly on the watch is great

Arvin 1359

Keeps on crashing  Arvin 1359  3 star

Fun app but it keeps on crashing on the watch


Cool.  *•.zim.•*  5 star

Works great on the watch and love the nostalgia. Awesome!

Remoda user

Some games are better than others  Remoda user  3 star

Some games work great on the watch. Whereas others (I.e. Snake) is extremely difficult and confusing to use. I'm not completely in love with the app, I think there is a lot of room for improvement.

Not even worth one star!!

Waste of time  Not even worth one star!!  1 star

This app is the biggest waste of money, does not work on the Apple Watch, only can play on the phone which defeats the purpose of me purchasing this app.


Absolute waste of money!!!!!  Chris929489292948  1 star

All of these games do not work properly and are extremely difficult to play, as well as the amount of lag makes them unplayable sometimes. Absolutely regret purchasing this, these games are of the worst quality I have ever seen on the App Store. Do not waste your money on it!!!


Best app for watch!  Lankme  5 star

I never review but this app is great. Definitely best game app on the App Store! So happy with it. How to make it perfect would be to be able to add the app to the home screen (make it faster to access). And use the crown for more games. The touch screen is annoying and hard to use. Please think about this for next update

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