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Enjoy seamless music listening experience! Sync and manage your favorite MP3 files across all your devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod and your Mac!

Any music, podcasts, DJ sets, remixes or other mp3 audio files you want! Listen to ​music that you really need!

Music Player:
- Full-featured music player
- Lock screen control
- Headphones and Air Port support
- Background music playback

Unlimited music storage:
- Listen to your music from Cloud storages - Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive
- Device space saver
- Connect to shared folders in the cloud

Easy-to-use playlist Manager
- Add, delete, modify playlists and tracks
- Sort own media library to create playlist by frequency of plays, by author, by track name, etc.

This app is perfect for quick access to your favorite music from your cloud storages without internet.

100% supports of iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X and all iPad versions! iOS iOS7/iOS8/iOS9/iOS10/iOS11!

Music Cloud Offline App Description & Overview

The applications Music Cloud Offline was published in the category Music on 2015-12-22 and was developed by Richard Levi. The file size is 56.86 MB. The current version is 1.4.5 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Performance and stability improvements
- Added In-App purchase to remove ADS
- iPhone X optimized!
If you love my app please rate and review it with 5 stars!

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Music Cloud Offline Reviews


No ads?  yugrotavele  1 star

I paid for this app to remove the ads yet I continue to get ad pop ups. What part of ‘no ads’ do you not understand? I love the app otherwise. Fix your ‘no ads’ policy and I’d be glad to bump you to a 5 star. Since I wrote this review the app will no longer run. It’s too bad, the app does have great potential. I have now requested and received a refund. It is now deleted from my phone and tablet.


Ad-free isn’t. Ads interrupt playing  Strey7  1 star

I paid to remove ads, but pop up ads continued and interrupt the playing continually so this app can’t be used in the background, or even in the foreground hands-free. That made it a waste of money and I wish I’d noticed the other review with identical info. The app is now deleted and I will not trust this developer in future.


No like  Barbie.2005  1 star

Full of ads since you start

uhhhhhhhjhjjj nooooooooooo

Uhh  uhhhhhhhjhjjj nooooooooooo  1 star

I tried to play music but I can’t play it sorry


Annoying ads  fiyec  1 star

Paid for upgrade and ads still coming. Enough to make me delete app and find another. If anyone who reads this can do anything about it, I’d like my money back. It’s not so much the cost, it’s the principle, and fact there’s no contact info to be found anywhere.


I like it  NecroNeko  5 star

I really like it, and I can play music in the background while using other apps. What I don’t like is sometimes the music stops playing and I have to manually restart it, still better than any other music app I tried.


No not good  pjhgvd  4 star

Poooooooooooop and trash and no Jk!!! It was goooooooood

James Socrates

Thank u, next  James Socrates  1 star

This app is not so good because I can’t even find out how to add music and if anyone could help on how to add music to a playlist thank u! I’m so grateful for the help🎶 lol srry!


Constant Ads in the Paid Version  jMiller  1 star

What was this developer thinking? There are relentless pop up ads for his other apps after you pay $3.99 to “remove ads”. Like anyone who was fooled into making this purchase wouldn’t immediately request a refund and/or rate 1 star? This is silly.

ricky rick coon tracker

💩  ricky rick coon tracker  5 star




I hate this!!!! the app made me have to buys songs just to allow them to play on the app! Apple Music can do that itself!!!! at his app is terrible!!!!!!! UNRECOMMENDED


Why  tony999yy  1 star

Won’t let me download or search any songs and nothing’s working


Worthless  Samspikes  1 star

Worthless piece of ads generator app.


IN LOVE!!  Melody17648  5 star

An amazing app for listening to music offline. Just be aware that you need to have music from other sources, for example I save mine in my Dropbox, than just transfer over.

Rachel Quarrell

Stupid app  Rachel Quarrell  2 star

What a stupid app.Meant to be free,but in order for me to use It in full I had to pay out $6 Australian and now I want a refund,but is so hard to get one.How do I get a refund?Does anyone know?Once again stupid app.


Bad app  GENIEBIGBOI69  1 star

This app is not good. You can’t search up songs or even find any. Just to get them you have to go to sources and pick out which one you want. And even one. You go into one of the spicers you can’t find the songs. It has playlists sure but what are you going to put in there.


Importing  Usrachellee  1 star

No instructions for how to import songs . Can anyone help?


Why so personal??????  Aiyah🦄  1 star

My first time opening this app it asked for very personal details for no reason it needs stuff this personal I wish I could give this app 0 stars but unfortunately that isn’t a choice 😔


Almost perfect  Mrdkdjdjsj  4 star

Super good for storing music or podcasts as you can make albums to separate them but the only problems are the amount of adds when connected to wifi, Can only listen to the full audio file and can’t skip through some bits of it, can’t change the colour from purple to any other colour, no easy way to transfer files from old phone to a new one and some bugs and weird glitches but otherwise very good.


S.D  Doddzy16🌹  1 star

Does this app even work properly Like I went over nearly 100 apps no lie & none of them seem to be playing offline or adding to my playlist ? Like seriously I went to download apps that says offline and it turns out that it isn't offline 😡😡😡😡

crunchy tea

Stupid app😒  crunchy tea  1 star

It looked cool in the AppStore, but it’s so stupid and I have to buy everything!...DONT’s a SCAM👎🏽


Pretty Good, But Some Bugs  L💕💗💖  2 star

I liked it overall, however when I made a playlist I came across an issue. Whenever I play it in order, it skips every other song which made the playlist feature pretty unusable. Other than that, a good app.


Almost the best  whp77  4 star

Hello I think the UI is able to be better And the most problem i figured out in this app was it’s stability when i edit playlists and like that the app forces me out Please solve this problem


Paid for ad feee and I’m still getting ads!  TuliTulii  1 star

Haven’t had the app that long but I paid for the ad free version, yet I’m still getting pop up ads!! Can someone explain this??????


Good  junefour  5 star



Too many adds  Mr.smoothe4242  1 star

There are too many adds


No OneDrive support  shornk  4 star

Nice app that includes iCloud, Dropbox, and Google drive support. Now that Groove is being pulled from iOS and Android it would be nice to include OneDrive please.


Why is this an app?  CoasterMaster11  1 star

When you can listen to all of your songs on Apple Music offline, it’s just a waste of an app. If you want to listen offline, download to iTunes on desktop and connect your device and sync. Why do you need this app?


Don’t buy  ThatFoolishGamer  1 star

Even though I paid to get the full version. I keep getting ads! It’s really annoying


Ads everywhere  AlexTheGreat0  1 star

Ads everywhere

lisa 👸🏼

Confused  lisa 👸🏼  2 star

I’m struggling stressed and confused 🤬


Wankers  applethroughaletterbox  1 star

Read the terms and conditions before you agree Is all I’ll say


Music  17492844  1 star

It does not give you a choice to search up music or anything


Pointless app, serves no real purpose  mariuspra  1 star

Do not download this app, it serves no real purpose as well as cheats with keywords to come up when someone is searching for pandora music. This needs to be out of App Store.


My review  serena_xox27  1 star

I couldn’t search up anything in this app I would not recommend it since I didn’t get to see would it work offline I’m very disappointed

Robert Larkin

Snoop dogg  Robert Larkin  5 star



Good music  Rachel-T01  3 star

Very good


Bad  Buddyhdicn  1 star

Does not work at all


Okay  kajoyce  3 star

Too many ads

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