Litchi for DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire

Unlock the full potential of your DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire with Litchi, everyone's favorite autonomous flight app.

Compatible with: DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 (Normal/Pro), Phantom 3 (Standard,4K, Advanced, Professional), Inspire 1 (X3/Z3/Pro/RAW), Inspire 2 and Matrice 100/600.

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Feature highlights:
- Track mode: the aircraft can track any object you select on the video preview, you can also Orbit around the tracked object or have the aircraft autonomously follow the subject
- Virtual Reality mode compatible with most mobile VR goggles such as Freefly VR, Durovis, Homido, Cardboard etc
- Move the gimbal/aircraft with your head in VR mode
- Livestream your drone's video feed to Facebook
- Stream the video feed to a nearby device running the Litchi Vue app
- Focus mode: easily keep focus on a subject while flying your aircraft
- Panorama mode: easily shoot 360° horizontal and spherical panoramas
- Orbit mode with advanced settings and real time controls
- Ability to pre-plan Waypoint missions without being connected to the aircraft
- Missions will continue even when signal is lost
- Ability to plan waypoint missions on a desktop PC/Mac at, missions can then be synced and executed with Litchi
- Automatic mission sync across all your devices when logged in to your Litchi account
- Draw waypoint missions with the pen tool
- Setup classic Waypoint missions as well as Cable Cams, Selfies and more
- Waypoint mode supports multiple Points of Interest
- Customizable Bezier curves in Waypoint mode for smoother videos
- 6 different waypoint actions (Stay for / Take Photo / Start Recording / Stop Recording / Rotate Aircraft / Tilt Camera)
- Automatic gimbal control (Focus POI and Interpolate)
- Take manual control of the aircraft during the mission to play/replay the mission on the fly including gimbal movements
- Use the Panorama preset to easily shoot a horizontal panorama at waypoints
- Custom RC keys functions allowing you to create missions as you fly them and more
- Load and Save your missions
- Record your iOS device screen at the tap of a button
- Human readable flight logs, can be automatically uploaded to Airdata UAV
- Voice feedback for important warnings
- All camera settings are included
- Automatic video recording

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Litchi for DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire App Description & Overview

The applications Litchi for DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire was published in the category Photo & Video on 2015-12-21 and was developed by VC Technology Ltd. The file size is 77.59 MB. The current version is 1.16.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- added "Share" button in the Facebook live settings giving you the ability to share your live stream on a friend's timeline or in a Facebook group
- misc improvements and bug fixes

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VR FPV works but annoying bug when switch between normal and head tracking/ joystick mode  Dreg2000  3 star

I am using the app only for VR FPV with Mavic using my iPhone with VR binoculars. It works well and is fun, but there is some annoying behavior when switching between normal mode and head-tracking mode or joystick mode. Customizing left and right buttons to toggle on/off head tracking or joystick mode is very useful but there is some annoying behavior with the reference direction. Ideally the reference direction should be the direction you are looking when enabling head tracking so that you start play smoothly from existing conditions. However what happens is that the reference direction is the direction you looked at when powering the device. In the mean time you have likely moved so when turning on the head tracking, the Mavic immediately changes direction (or starts to spin very fast if you go to joystick mode). You need to rotate yourself back to the same direction as you were an power-on to stop this spinning or bring back the aircraft in the wanted direction (which is most of the time not what you want to do...). Once you fly back for landing in VR with head tracking you therefore also need to land when turning the back to the aircraft (you see yourselves back when landing) which is a bit weird. It would be much more natural if the reference direction would be taken at the moment you turn ON the head tracking Another annoying thing in head tracking mode is that you can not rotate (change) the reference direction with the left stick. Let's say you are sitting in a chair (or standing and looking in one direction and don't want to move your body) and the aircraft is not oriented in the direction you want, there is. I way to re-align things. With the left stick you can temporary change the orientation of the aircraft, but as soon as you release the stick it goes back in direction defined at time of power-up. As in head tracking mode the left stick is not useful it would be nice if adjustments of the direction using the left stick would be permanent (=adjust the reference direction) In Summary, VR FPV works, but the behavior is a bit annoying. I hope the designer will fix this (it's a very easy fix...) I hesitate between 3 and 4 stars. I give 3 for now and will upgrade to 5 stars once this is fixed


5 Stars  mcgeehimself  5 star

Using this app after the go app i'm sold. Well done and worth the money. This app was recommended by almost everyone on the Mavic Pro Facebook group so I wasn't hesitate about any big issues.


Does not work with latest firmware P4P  RonMaf  1 star

Beware that this app does not work with the latest DJI firmware. This is an expensive app to only get partially functionality. Disappointed!


Think about warranty before you buying!!  miru74  1 star

Before you buy Litchi app, think about the Dji warranty,I used the Litchi app and my drone flew away and never come back, After contacting Dji customer service they said non-warranty case since have used a non DJI app. My drone flew away after used Litch app waypoint mission.


It's ok  Ghostdancer76  4 star

It doesn't seem to hold its position as steady as the dji go app does but the features are awesome


Excellent app to fly my Phantom 4 pro  sohrabn  5 star

I guess most people review when having a negative experience. I am a beginner with a Phantom 4 pro and found this app very intuitive and great to create and control my flights. Autonomous flights by waypoints is great. I can even create my mission using Litchi and google earth before getting to the sight. Litchi is a very specialized app with smaller audience than a typical tablet app and hence higher price. Best money I spent. Highly recommended.

Slug Face

Not connecting  Slug Face  1 star

Fails to connect after upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crashed my drone after weeks of reliable performance  Redletter007  1 star

I got comfortable with using this software and had no problems over about 20 flights. One day I decided to fly it over my roof.... "Emergency Landing Tap to Cancel" *tap cancel* "Are you sure you want to cancel" *tap yes* "ERROR COULD NOT CANCEL LANDING" The drone proceeded to land on my slanted roof... tumble off and break


Answers To Others Comments  ElioFreeman  5 star

Let no one tell you that this app doesn't work because it does. Had it for all of 5 months now and it has never failed. I just sent my Phantom 3 4K on a 7 mile mission. It works!!!


Fixed Wing Mode  bubba1991  4 star

Add a fixed wing mode for p3p/a


Follow me mode ??  Isbrutus01  1 star

I got this app for that and is not even possible to do can some deba look after and fix it Thanks

Coach Tyler

Doesn't run  Coach Tyler  1 star

The current version of this app does not run. When I opened it it crashes right away.

Reddley the super gamer

Needs a FPV fix  Reddley the super gamer  1 star

The FPV on litchi is like 4 or 15 seconds off at 5 feet to max range, for all I know it could be those solar storms today 12/26/2016 please fix or tell me if it really is the solar storms Also the dji go app is not lagging, and the FPV Camera app is laggy too

Big Z Dub

Current upload failed!!  Big Z Dub  1 star

Newest version doesn't upload mission. Great app yesterday, virtual paperweight today. Changed the game yesterday, waste of space today. Thanks for the update litchi! Enjoy paying my staff to stand around all day while you beta test new versions on me. Happy holidays! ...FAIL!

Kurtis Blalock

Good, but..  Kurtis Blalock  3 star

So the app has a couple of really useful features. The orbit option is amazing, easy to use and creates great results. The waypoints function allows for the drone to complete a pre-planned mission you can create from your phone or your desktop web browser. The controller may disconnect, but the drone will finish it's mission regardless. My main issues with the app are: 1. Connection issues. I've modded my controller with some range extenders from ArgTek and with teh DJI Go app, I sent the drone over 1100 meters without a single connection issue. With Litchi, I sent the drone about 50 to 60 meters in the air above me and it kept disconnecting. Same area, same day. 2. Focus/Follow Me Mode. This is where my review takes a hostile turn. After watching several hours of tutorial videos on YouTube about the various different features this app has to offer, they made it look so easy. I wasn't going to pay for this app until I was confident enough I knew how to use it. I consider myself a fairly tech saavy person, so I caught on quick. Everytime I tried to select a Focus point for the drone to follow, it would work for 2 seconds and then the camera would start to spaz out and try to find the subject again. After trying and failing at what appeared to be a simple task for about 10 minutes, I decided 'Screw it, it's not a feature I give 2 licks about' and attempted to land it. The drone instead decided to fly directly into the side of my house (which was about 15 to 20 feet away) and before I had time to react, it was too late. The crash destroyed a prop, but no big deal there as I bought 2 backup sets when I purchased the drone. However, the crash also severed the camera and gimbal from the drone body. Due to the way it all happend, the whole camera and gimbal needs to be replaced. These parts cost around $280 USD, $120 less than a new Phantom 3 Standard which is what I fly. I went with the parts as opposed to a new drone because I'm someone who enjoys tinkering around with electronics, but you might not be. This is why I'm writing this review in the first place as a disclaimer to anyone that just want to fly and get cool video or photo without having to deal with technical stuff. In conclusion, the Litchi app is an amazing alternative to the DJI Go app due to the advanced functions most of us Phantom 3 Standard users miss out on. Orbit and Waypoint mode allow you to get those nice cinematic type shots whether your controller is connected to the drone or not. I wish that the connectivity issues resolve with new updates and patches to the app itself, but use caution with the Focus/Follow Me feature. Test it in an open feild, far away from trees and buildings. One last thing, the cost. While I didn't mind paying for the app itself, the price doesn't really match up with what you get in return. $9.99 USD would've made sense, but hey, they gotta pay their bills somehow.


Fantastic  Pm8317  5 star

This app really extends the capabilities of phantom 3 standard. App works like I expected the "Go" to work. If you want to create a mission and shoot smooth video this app does that way better than the DJI Go app. There are know issues with return to home on some of the features. I still wish it would hook up to Facebook Live. It would be awesome to set up a waypoint mission and go Live.


Ryhiiiflier  Ryhiiiflier  5 star

Litchi for iOS is a must-have for aerial videographers. If you bought your DJI aircraft just because you like flying RC models, you won't need Litchi. But if you're shooting video, Litchi vastly improves your ability to plan and acquire dramatic shots. But you will need to put in some effort to learn this sophisticated program. Read the "Litchi for iOS Manual" by Richard H. (link in blue letters on the Help tab at


Litchi VR  Jixxer234  3 star

VR works but needs better instructions


You the App for what it was intended  Mercmedic  5 star

The app is for flying well beyond the range of the RC controller. Way points and mission Parameters. It's not for your Video editing. It's for going beyond the crap limits of the Go app. Fly responsibly, fly safe, and fly legally. If your a part 107 holder.. It's got great potential. I do recommend a GPS tracking device for your machine when you go beyond the Return Range of a bag of electrons. Just spend your time planning your flight like a responsible pilot and have you Landing zone programmed in before you take off. I've flown over 7k in good weather in the desert and drove my truck right up to exactly where my machine should be as per my flight plan and there she is all safe and waiting for pick up and a new load of electrons for the next mission. Great App! Highly recommended for Serious intelligent Drone pilots.


Great app!  Snickell99  5 star

Great app for waypoint flights. You can set flights up online using the Litchi Mission Hub then import them to your mobile device and fly them. Connection to controller not necessary since flight parameters are uploaded to copter. Lots of options, including ability to change speeds between waypoints, focus on different points of interest, etc.

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