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Playing Minecraft alone can get boring, but with Multiplayer for Minecraft PE, you'll never get bored again! You'll be able to play Hunger Games minigames, Skywars, Economy, Survival and many others game types.

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"This is a must buy app it's just amazing. Once you read/watch the tutorial you realize that this is super cool and super easy! This app is 5 stars!!"
~ Blackpantherx28

"This app works perfectly fine, the servers are great. I think this app deserves 5 stars you got to buy this!"
~ Extreme_gamer0

"Thanks! It's kinda boring to play Minecraft by yourself so this app helps."
~ That guy4427

Don't get fooled by the copies available in the App Store that offer less servers & functionality. Multiplayer for Minecraft PE is the BEST multiplayer server app available.

This app requires you to have the full version of Minecraft PE. Please note that Simplecto is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang. This is an unofficial app.

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE (Minecraft Online) App Description & Overview

The applications Multiplayer for Minecraft PE (Minecraft Online) was published in the category Entertainment on 2015-12-08 and was developed by Simplecto. The file size is 38.14 MB. The current version is 1.1.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

We've fixed some bugs in this latest version! We hope you will consider leaving a review!

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Multiplayer for Minecraft PE (Minecraft Online) Reviews



I was looking on Minecraft games and found this game. I was feeling lonely because I cant play with other people. I bought this game and it didn’t work and kicked me out.


Jjkjiieede  jikiieede  1 star

It bus not work


Don’t waste one dollar for this app  Tony_BadSin  1 star

I was so mad that I wasted my last bit of money on this app I was so excited,but once I clicked it it kick me out, I understand because you need to sign in Xbox live but still

Angry devil👿

Stupid  Angry devil👿  1 star

What the heck is this? Can not even get in this is crap

super upset girl

IM SO ANGRY!!!  super upset girl  1 star

Ok, so I was sitting here on my couch while I’m playing Minecraft. I start to think how lonely I am, and decide to go to the App Store to find a multiplayer Minecraft game that I can make friends with and build without being lonely. I see the ratings of this game and not the written reviews, and think that the ratings are pretty good. But, little do I know that the game is .99 sense. I go ask my grandmother if I can buy it cause her stuff is hooked up to mine. I then ran to my room, grabbed a dollar, ran back to her room, and gave her the dollar. She says that it was really kind of me to ask before getting it, so she says that I won’t pay for it and that she will out of the kindness of her heart. I say thank you (about a million times) and run out of the room all exited. Next thing I know I’m on the couch again. I then purchase the game and get on it. After that big burst of excitement, I soon realize that it was a huge waist of time and money! And yet I find myself crying and upset with the dumb choices that I thought I had made, but I start to think about giving the dollar to my grandmother and try again. But NOOOOOOOO!!! I WISH THAT I COULD MEET THE CREATOR AND SLAP HIM/HER ON THE FACE!!! ITS LIKE, IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE A GAME LIKE THIS, AT LEAST MAKE IT WERE ITS NOT FREE CASH!!! AND HERE I AM, LITTLE GIRL, SUPER UPSET, AND READY TO DO NOTHING!!!


It wont work  Tia~Chan  1 star

It wont work, it just blacks out and brings me back to home screen. Fix this now or give me my money back.


Total Crash!  611_mw  1 star

This app does not work!


Huh❓🤔 WHY⁉️😡🤨  SCAM‼️‼️‼️  1 star

I don’t want to offend the maker of this app, but it is a TOTAL WAIST OF MONEY! I do not recommend this app because whenever I go on it, IT KICKS ME OFF, and it is a TOTAL SCAM! 😡😡😡Please DON’T buy this app and waist your money without looking at the reviews!! Be careful what you buy on the internet‼️😡😡😭😢😥😫😫PLEASE REMOVE THE APP‼️‼️Whoever made this app SHOULD GET RID IT! .

Mau hata

Horrible  Mau hata  1 star

Right as I got into it it just kicked me out don’t waste your money on this horrible game


Kick me out immediately  Gyggicfix  1 star

Every time I try to enter the app it kicked me out immediately there is something wrong with this app I hope you can fix it because I waste my money on this app so you better fix this app as fast as you can or you got to return my money back

Noah tunnell

Whyyyyyy  Noah tunnell  5 star

Why do I keep crashing

Rainbow Rose 13

Build battle  Rainbow Rose 13  5 star

Build battle


Awesome app  ejreardon29  5 star

Best server app ever

Trevor Martinez

Not very good  Trevor Martinez  3 star

I put a server on my game and it was extremely glitched.

Paper Galaxy

U can google these servers  Paper Galaxy  1 star

I thought this would automatically make the servers for me like another mcpe multiplayer app on the market. But it doesn't. The copy and paste doesn't work either. All this app does is show a list of servers the same way as if you googled them. Good grief.

Daylon will

Minecraft  Daylon will  1 star

This app is the stupidest thing in the galaxy

The flash is on the way

I love it  The flash is on the way  5 star

The blue flash


Thrift  Uchchchchch  1 star



Crash On Open  Matrixwing  1 star

So I just bought this app to use, but it crashes on open. Waste of money if this is all it's capable of. Fix this.


New update on Minecraft  Qwert23267  5 star

Creators of this app please read Just today a new update came out for Minecraft, even though it was just for bug fixes it made it so I can't go on any Minecraft servers. I'm really ticked off so could you add some 0.14.2 Minecraft servers I would be very grateful and give you 5 stars Thanks for reading, _boss_man_

Kilo rhen

Problem with servers  Kilo rhen  1 star

They download fine but it won't except my login password!! Please fix this

Number one music app

Never lets me join a server😒😒!!!  Number one music app  1 star

I put the correct address and name then when I click to join is says connecting to server then wastes my time waiting for it to load and I never not even once got into a world waste of money!!!!!!!😒😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Pizza and chip are tasty

.?  Pizza and chip are tasty  1 star

I don't understand

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