Merged! download

From the folks who brought you 1010!

Meet Merged! The exciting, free and addicting block-merging puzzle game prepared just for you.

Merge blocks to get higher scores and eliminate blocks from the grid in fun and addicting puzzle gameplay that will truly test your brain.

Merged! Features:

• Place three dice blocks with the same number and colour​ next to each other to merge them horizontally, vertically or both. You can also rotate blocks before placing them on the grid!

• With limited space, merging will prove to be difficult with totally random blocks! Test your brain and improve your strategy.

• Unlimited continues and no time limits mean that teasing your brain will be fair, not stressful.

Test your brain with quick and addicting puzzle games and enjoy free gameplay and content, with no time limits in Merged!

Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at

Merged! App Description & Overview

The applications Merged! was published in the category Games on 2016-01-27 and was developed by Gram Games. This application file size is 159.49 MB. Merged! current version is 2.5.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

We are always working to improve the game for a better user experience! Please make sure you are up to date to avoid any known issues and to get the best of what the game has to offer!

Merged! App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Merged! Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Blacpearlz   3 star

3 stars yet I love this game. When the glitches are fixed and stop the game from freezing then I’ll be able to give it 5*****. I love this game

mgshea   4 star

Plz fix the sequence not pulling all tiles.. Recently it started not pulling all the same tiles connected... if one was newly connected. Makes me sad because you can have a chain and it won’t pull. love this game, please fix!!!

Jbritterjr   3 star

Recent update glitch?. When like tiles were connected previously all the tires would merge into the next sequential tile, but now there are times when only 3 merge while at other times all will merge.

cnm81   1 star

Cheats. Cheats - even when three in a row in color, it doesn’t merge or give points. Frustrating.

Goodygirl4545   3 star

great game could use some improvement. my main thing about this game is that i will never know what pieces i have next, so when i put a piece somewhere and i realize that the next piece would have fit better, it sort of ruins the progress I made. so my recommendation is to do an up next sort of thing that shows what tile is next. ai think that’d be great. oh and maybe adding more tile numbers even though that might mess with the dice theme so to speak but maybe something to consider. but overall i do like the game and it gets addictive.

Petalmom   3 star

Banner blocks score!. Are you EVER going to remove the ad banner that blocks the score?!?

Loves Waves   3 star

One recurring hiccup. Love the game but twice now I have gotten quite far along, only to have to delete and start all over (new levels with no points) because the game totally froze at the sign-in screen and could not be moved - even Apple employees tried to help and indeed one commented he too had the problem and gave up on the game. Under the circumstances I think 3stars is generous.

Mrs.Doss   1 star

I hate the ads. I used to love this game until they add all the ads.

Kybabyy   4 star

Really good, but can’t buy no ads.... I really like this game, it’s really fun and helpful to relax. But the button for buying no ads doesn’t work, no matter how many times I press it. I’d be fine with paying for this but it doesn’t work! :( Please fix it!

C E 85   4 star

Love the game BUT.... I would love the option to remove ads. It’s there but you can’t click it. FIX IT PLEASE. Other than that another fun game to play by Gram

MelissaMayMaddox INDIANA   2 star

Freezing issues. Fun addictive game, however it keeps freezing

jarsiat   5 star

I CANT GIVE YOU MONEY!. In app purchase to remove ads is broken as of 8/20/19 😫

MooseEmpire   5 star

Great Game!!!. I love the game, probably play too much, but idk why people are are rating this anything under 5 stars, this game is too good

zaybabe   3 star

Glitches. I love the game. I’ve been playing it for a while but, it’s been glitching where not all three will merge together of the same kind. Please fix!

Corgwyn   2 star

Spinster. hello, Hello, HELLOOOO, anybody there?! Sound, sound, where’s the sound?

Traylin Thowes   5 star

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mar-tes   3 star

Changed the game :/. My favorite part of merged used to be merging 4+ blocks of the same kind together but now it only merges three at a time even if it ends up connecting 4 or more which is kind of annoying because instinctively it should just merge all of them. (Only happens sometimes like when there are four 2s- it’ll merge only three of them and leave one) Ads are kind of annoying because even when I just go into the settings for a hot sec an ad comes up. Also weird touch response on iPhone XR when picking up the blocks, not sure if it’s intentional or not. But I would probably rather have block jump up right as I pick it up rather when I’m hovering it over the board because it’s faster that way.

BasketballChamp11   3 star

Game. This game is fun to play when your bored. But there are a lot of ads while you play. But other than that it’s kinda fun. - Monster

rph6712   3 star

The new update stinks!. I loved this game, but whenever the app was last updated, they’ve changed it to where sometimes only 3 of the same color blocks merge into a new color, even if there is 4 or more of the same color blocks touching. Very frustrating!

jjbitz2   4 star

Fun but don’t like change. Love this game but a recent change takes away some of the fun. When you turn add an orange to turn three orange to red and that red is attached to a separate string of red that is turning blue, it’s no longer treated as part of the red turning blue. It stays a single red. It’s more fun when you are challenged to change as many tiles as possible, placing combinations that will cause a cascade of other changes.

Coolermario19 35   2 star

Okay Look.... This game is interesting because it’s a good concept a good game in itself but... Everyone gonna say the same thing which is “there is too many adds” and well There Is!!! But besides that the rating for the game should be about a 2.7 - 2.9 because the 3 star rating is a no go for me

JennyVonStraub   2 star

Can’t even purchase to avoid ads. The ads as everyone has mentioned are terrible, frequent, and loud. Forget playing this game anywhere with people, you seem like an inconsiderate buffoon. But the button to remove ads is greyed out - should be $1.99 but is not possible to click. I emailed the developers, and alas, no reply. This is a shame because I loved this game when it first came out (I was an avid 1010 player), and when I redownloaded it, it just made me sad how bad it has gotten. If I could at least pay the $2 to stop being harassed by ads, I could deal with it, but no luck.

SomeoneStoleMyNameXD   3 star

Annoyed. It is a fun game, only thing is it won’t work all the time. The purchase option is broken and won’t let you purchase anything.

lpdwahoo   4 star

Awesome game!. This is a great game! It never glitches, even when you aren’t connected to internet. I mean, it loses a little bit of entertainment after a little while, but it’s always been a fun game.

kaaaaaawwwww   2 star

Fun game, too many ads. This game is great and I love playing it, but the ads are numerous and annoying. After one game, I can end up seeing 3-4 ads before I even can start a new one. I get that this is the only way they can get revenues, but is it possible to dial it back a bit. Three ads between each game is ridiculous.

Robinone99   2 star

Too many ads. As another reviewer stated, there are too many ads, sometimes three 30-second ads in a row, AND it happens between every round of the game. I enjoyed the game, but this is ridiculous.

Lorethea   1 star

Forgot Why I Deleted; 1 game in reminded me. I love the concept and play of this game, but it isn’t a good enough game for the annoyance of the ads. 1. They know we don’t like this, and there’s no way to leave a review through the game. 2. Ads — so many issues. After every game you have at least 10 seconds of video ads to watch. 3. Video ads all play sound by default and sometimes the mute button doesn’t work. 4. After your video ad, you are required to sit on a pop up ad for an additional 5 seconds. 5. Once you click the x on the ad, it takes you to the page to download it, not back to the game. 6. Sometimes you have to hit the x 15+ times to even be sent to the ad’s download page so you can go back and ACTUALLY PLAY THEIR GAME. I understand making the ads annoying enough for us to want to buy to have them removed, but all this practice has encouraged me to do is uninstall. Your game is not developed or intense enough to make it worth it. I had this downloaded a long time ago, and uninstalled because of the ads. When I got my new phone, I downloaded it, remembering that I enjoyed the game. Unfortunately, the ads have actually GOTTEN WORSE, not better. Not only would I never download any ap advertised through this game on principle alone, but I’ve actually refused to even try games that do look interesting just because of the abusive ad tactics of this game. Uninstalled.

AmericaLL   1 star

No longer as interesting... I’m not sure when it happened but the game has changed such that when you make a set of dots, one of the same number is not erased with the rest of the blocks. Game play is different, and not as much fun.

Dina0408   2 star

Same Issues everyone is reporting + more. As most have said, there is a new issue merging. If you create a new token next to 3 other matching tokens, the new token does not merge with the existing 3 tokens. Also, twice now I’ve been asked if I want to watch an ad for double tokens. Instead of doubling the tokens, each time I’ve gotten zero tokens. The second time, I exited the ad because it would not load, but the first time the ad played through. Please fix these issues or people will keep deleting.

Lolpiclover6427953563216   1 star

Actually 5 stars. But there’s a significant bug. Love the game. Addictive. At the moment, there is a bug that prevents proper merging in all circumstances. E.g., if I attempt to merge three noncontiguous 2’s using a fourth, all four should merge. But, as of the last update, only three of the four will merge into a 3, and the other (always one of the original 2’s) does not merge along with the others. Has ruined quite a few games for me. Happy to change my rating once fixed.

Advertorial    5 star

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bracgirl   3 star

Offline. Is this a game that you can game play offline?

Libfszvbjuhbko   1 star

Freezes. It’s been two days of this game being frozen. Even by completely closing the app it won’t reload - don’t bother getting this game.

KCaron22   3 star

Still like it but gets a little old. I wish there were rewards or some way of measuring achievements. Progressing through the levels doesn’t really mean anything. It doesn’t get harder. So it gets boring after awhile. I still come back to it but it doesn’t hold my attention for as long as other games. Also, it used to be that when you’d merge four of a number, all four would turn into the next number up. But now there’s a bug or something and a lot of the time it merges three of them and leaves one of them the same.

Kay_l4   4 star

Love it!. It’s easy and addicting. I tried to pick up on the pattern of colours merging for far too long before I realized the numbers 🤦🏽‍♀️ - I would prefer the choice between two blocks. I felt a little defeated by the system at some points, but too many choices could be endless. Maybe there’s more of a trick to it then I’ve found, lol enjoy.

Sisabelle73   2 star

Constantly switching to AppStore. Loved the game until it started to constantly switch to the AppStore to random irrelevant apps. Several comments to that effect below, and I do not think the reply to contact the developer via email is satisfying. This bug should be fixed in app.

yarnpr0n   3 star

Laggy. The concept of the game is good, but the lag in touch response is annoying.

Jorgie.SC   1 star

App ad spam. I really enjoyed this app until it started spamming App Store “suggestions”. This is completely unacceptable app behavior and earned an instant delete from my phone.

Retro mum   3 star

Fun, addictive, but issues. Really enjoy this however it has a strange lag. Recently is has begun to randomly jump to your App Store and it happens a lot, several times in a row to the point where you just close the game. Please address this.

RealCanadianBrad   1 star

Hijacks other apps. Do not get this. The app will hijack your App Store app and safari trying to get you to download stuff. Problem is it does it mid game and several times. It will not take no for an answer. Apple please have a look at this.

BreeHur   4 star

Coins??. I actually have no idea what the coins are for other than discarding the pieces you don’t want. Is there something I’m missing?

donatelloversus   3 star

Fun but the lag is super distracting. Needs lag fix

brookedumais   3 star

Glitching. It’s a good game but it randomly glitches and freezes

RoubaS   3 star

Not bad. I mean it is good. Though, you have to pay for extra dices. By the way, there aren’t that many ads. It is fun.

Carolyn.l.walker   2 star

Lags after a while. This game is great but after a while it starts to lag and makes it unplayable.

Heliry   3 star

Fun but..... Had a pop-up warning appear in-game about a possible WannaCry Ransomware threat. No thanks!! Deleted.

Poker Star123456789   2 star

Used to be an ok game. Was a good game now allot want s is money money money!!! Can play for more then 60 seconds then the round is over. :(

weird_science   5 star

So addictive. Such a great time waster, awesome game!! Will agree lots of adds but doesn't take away from the game.

Weeping_Psyche   5 star

I ADORE this ganme!!. This is like, one of the best games I've ever played! ♥︎

Terrific app!!   4 star

Great game!. Love it! Awesome time waster! Too many ads though

Janmlord   4 star

Please fix sticking. Agree with others NEEDS UPDATE TO FIX LAGGING

Ur mom00000   5 star

AWESOME!!!!. I absolutely LOVE this game it's so simple yet entertaining! Keep up the great work!

Jwu69   2 star

Lags terribly. Good game but lags really bad even on an iPhone 7 Plus.

Cute:cat:54321   3 star

N͟͟e͟͟e͟͟d͟͟s͟͟ u͟͟p͟͟d͟͟a͟͟t͟͟e͟͟ L͟͟O͟͟T͟͟S͟͟ o͟͟f͟͟ l͟͟a͟͟g͟͟g͟͟i͟͟n͟͟g͟͟!!!. N͟͟e͟͟e͟͟d͟͟s͟͟ u͟͟p͟͟d͟͟a͟͟t͟͟e͟͟ L͟͟O͟͟T͟͟S͟͟ o͟͟f͟͟ l͟͟a͟͟g͟͟g͟͟i͟͟n͟͟g͟͟!!! N͟͟e͟͟e͟͟d͟͟s͟͟ u͟͟p͟͟d͟͟a͟͟t͟͟e͟͟ L͟͟O͟͟T͟͟S͟͟ o͟͟f͟͟ l͟͟a͟͟g͟͟g͟͟i͟͟n͟͟g͟͟!!! N͟͟e͟͟e͟͟d͟͟s͟͟ u͟͟p͟͟d͟͟a͟͟t͟͟e͟͟ L͟͟O͟͟T͟͟S͟͟ o͟͟f͟͟ l͟͟a͟͟g͟͟g͟͟i͟͟n͟͟g͟͟!!!

Valence Paradigm   2 star

Great game no more. The premise was great in the beginning. The game was fun to play but, as many others have noted, the advertising has now made the game unplayable. On older devices ads and other unwanted software comprise over 85% of the app's size in memory.

Fidiilf   2 star

Idk. It's ok but every time I replay an ad pops up every second it's annoying!!

#SuminkkoGurashii   3 star

Good Game😁. It's very fun, and addictive but sometimes the ads break out into the game it doesn't totally deserve ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, but I think it would be more fun to have less ads.

Rfrnt   3 star

Not playable anymore. Used to be playable without the extra moves, not anymore. They want your money. Too bad, I enjoyed playing this game. Now deleted.

Jfbdibdndhj   5 star

Very good game must get. This game is great

Suzlander   5 star

Addicting. Want more features. Love the game. I love all gram games. I wish it gave me my high score, not just my score from the last game. Also would be good to have a easy and hard level. Easy could be a single tile every time and hard could be the domino tile style. Maybe a bomb you could buy with points to explode part of the grid. Just more features would make it more fun.

Gimpylegs6   1 star

Merge. Game froze up. Have an extra block and no empty squares. Won't close and unable to start new game

Advertorial    5 star

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Faddeman   1 star

Too many ads!. Too often, too long. Let me purchase a no ad version!

rob0949   4 star

Blank full screen advertisement. I’ve been playing for years without too many issues, occasional frozen screen, but today the screen froze with part of an advertisement visible. It has stayed that way for over an hour so I’ve deleted the app and will start again. Very annoying as I’ve lost all my history

EllaMcKella   3 star

Fun simple game. Easy to learn

E3E9!nWyZ!7TF#$5   1 star

Ad Crazy. Bombarded with ads, waste of time, seemingly just developed to cash in from ads, ads, ads galore!! Deleted.

MargaretO128   2 star

Ads over the top. Should be a five star but I’m giving it a 2. I understand ads but most apps allow you to close after about 10 seconds. With this app most ads last a full half minute with no way to shut them down. A good game but I’ll just play something else.

kaephas   1 star

Ad overload. I don't mind occasional ads, but at the top of the screen, ads when you level's too much. A good game ruined by user experience. Deleted in 30 mins.

Fieryaleeco   1 star

Great Take on 2048/Threes, Ruined by Badly Programmed ads.. The game itself is not bad, but the problem I have is the badly optimised advert that appears at the top of the screen while playing. It turns the game from really smooth, to a choppy mess. (On 2017 iPad) I understand the need to make money but at least make sure the ads don't slow down the game. That is not good. Just makes me want to play a similar game like 2048 or Threes! that doesn't have ads that slow down the game.

Perfumemia   3 star

It keeps on freezing.... And I have to close it and re-open it. Slightly annoying.

Ajkcl   1 star

:(. Fake apple security pop up claiming you have a virus please install this blah blah scam.

Allieravenswood   1 star

Scammers alert in app. Had an alert that my phone had been hacked by malicious software. Only in the app. Read the wording very carefully as ‘you need fix’ is incorrect grammar and if it was a true alert from Apple they wouldn’t push it through an app. Dodgey!!!

Pmgdgv   4 star

Good but virus?. Love the game - it's oddly addictive but there is an ad that pops up when I haven't touched the ad bar that seems a lot like a virus. Does anyone else receive this? It's a concern to me

SmOsHyMeMe   1 star

Fake virus ad.. I enjoy this game but whilst playing it a full screen ad popped up stating that my iPhone 6 had detected a virus. I closed the app and opened again and all was fine. It was a fake scammers message obviously but it appeared as an ad WITHIN THIS GAME.

earflute   3 star

Game is ok, ads annoying. Fun game with interesting puzzles. But I'm put off from buying by the constant flashing moving annoying ads. I do understand the need for advertising, but not going to reward that level of intrusion. Uninstalled.

Fixyourserver   1 star

Adds Galore. An unnecessary amount of adds ruined an ok game. Adds too annoying to bother playing the game.

Ertfn   4 star

Hmm. I love this game and so I bought it so the ads wouldn't pop up. Then the game completely froze on me and so I had to delete it and re-download. Now my rank is 1 and the ads are back ...

stellar.skye   3 star

Too many ads. I don't mind choosing one ad to get more coins but stop throwing together so many ads one after another. It's frustrating. The game itself is quite good. I wish there were more options for larger grids.

Stealthzim   3 star

No what I expected.. This game is not what I expected. Paid to remove ads an get the same game over and over. No variety.

ThisIsXO   1 star

The ads need to go!. You spend more time watching video ads than you do playing levels and that's just ridiculous. It also costs $2.99 to remove them.

12345678910emoji   4 star

Great Game But The ads.... The game is a really fun game to play however every time after I play ads pop up of other games that I can test out and it does it every time.

Musofreak   5 star

Super fun. Super fun but there's an almost identical copy of this game. I think it's called Upgrade

🤔JJknowsbest😋   1 star

The game is.... ummm....... Ok so I've got 3 things to say (I know this is a long review, but it gives you the info you need to know about experience with this game, if you want to know what gameplay is like with this app, read this whole review, right to the end) 1. The game itself is horrible!! It always shuts itself in the middle of a game 2. I've saved around 1200 coins and have nothing to do with them, I mean what's the point of earning coins when you can't do anything with them??? I really don't get it. And 3. After downloading this app, I've noticed that my phone freezes up, doesn't respond properly and has late touch reactions Seriously, these are major flaws in the game. It interrupts game play and somehow manages to mess my phone up..... DO NOT RECOMMEND In case you were wondering, I've deleted the app and the phone is now functioning properly.

kirsmac   3 star

So many ads!!!. Great game, but so many ads. Also, some of the ads are for games that are inappropriate for small children.

Rossieje   4 star

Frustrating. This App is addictive! My complaint is that when a large score is achieved its not recognised by forwarding further along the level. The levels take too long to finish. This is annoying!

Cassinda.70   2 star

Meh. Addictive little game but the ads!!! While you're playing and then 2!!!! In between each set. Deleting 👎

Crankie36   1 star

TOO MANY ADS. There are far too many ads in this game, what could be a fun game is tarnished by the ads sprung at the end of each game, sometimes two or three right after each other. Needs work.

Mila1010   1 star

Good Game Concept but the Ads are a Put Off. Look i do not mind One or Two Ads but when your thrown so many at a time it puts you off from playing the game. Apparently looking at the below reviews the 'No Ad' option purchase isn't working and people are left out of pocket and having slow responses to their queries. Its a shame because I really enjoy this game, but you need to up your game to make it more desirable for your players.

BobbyGrabbles   1 star

Excuse for Ads. This game is not so much a game as it an excuse to be showered in ads. The mechanics are passable if shallow but enjoyable. It's a shame you spent 80% of your time closing ad pop ups. Give this a miss.

vote1jimmy   3 star

Ads, Ads everywhere!. This game it's great. Though after few plays the ads get really annoying you get about 1-2 after each game... I found if you turn off wifi or you data and you won't get any at all. Having ads pop up after EVERY play isn't a great thing to have in a games. Specially a really nicely done puzzle game like this with really cute sound effects and graphics.

Azimuthal   2 star

Fun but a rip off. For once it would be nice to finds great game that doesn't try & take your money, but this isn't it. It is a fun game & it's worth paying the extra $1.49 to avoid ads. But the extra tile swaps are a rip off!! $4.49 for 1800 points sounds like a bargain until you get charged 500 points per swap. Also, you're supposed to get 2 x free swaps per game but once you've been dumb enough to buy them, they charge you anyway. Play something else.

Nova rater   1 star

Merged. Every time you want to make a move... AD!!! My friend also bought the no ads in-app purchase and it doesn't even work and is STILL waiting for a refund after like 2 months with no response!!!!!!!! I wanted to play with my family but everyone would walk off after 5 minutes because of amount of ads! Might as well go back to 2048 which is close enough to this game. Im sorry but this needs some change. An idea could be to get a 'prize' if you CHOOSE to watch an ad which is worth the prize, otherwise, I enjoyed it while it lasted. Me and my friend will look at every update to come and hopefully we get change.

Vader Ryderwood   1 star

Still unplayable.. Took them an entire year to reply to a support email. Just updated and still cannot drag tiles to board. Ironically, it’s seemingly now part of the Zynga group? Sad that it doesn’t work, was a fun game.

PattyAnnF   2 star

Glitches and too many ads. So many ads. They pop up in the middle of placing a block and causes the block to place itself incorrectly. Also, there is a glitch when you create a chain of merges. Some blocks that should vanish do not. One example is when I had a group of ones and twos, I placed a one and set off the chain of merges, however, it left three two’s. They were touching each other, as well as all the other twos and should have vanished.

sjelliomonkey   1 star

Merged. All at once I’m unable to load. Have enjoyed it daily until now. Icon is there but totally blank when I touch it.

YahsQueen777   2 star

Ads. There are way to many ads it is frustrating...

MathorMath   5 star

New update ideas. Shows the dice that’s next or coming up More power ups besides trash More ways to get points More ways to clear or get rid of dice Every 200 points you reach you have a decision between 3 dice that you can use More space More game modes Different skins Thanks!

Royal bonnet   3 star

Stopped working. I’ve enjoyed playing this game until recently; it doesn’t work anymore. You’ll be playing and suddenly it brings you to a different screen and have to start all over

Fjghd   1 star

Great game terrible contact. There’s a place to contact them. You cannot. Your email gets sent back as spam because of the developers settings. Also if you switch phones it resets all your hard work back down to level 1. And again you cannot contact them over this due to... well to them you’re spam.

jpthompson18   5 star

BEST GAME EVER. This game...I just can’t. *sniffle and wipes tear from eye* I just get choked up talking about it. It is so fun and awesome *whispers* and not to brag, but I’m pretty good at it. I mean my score is over 2000. *back to normal voice* so ya, this game is pretty good and I TOTALLY recommend.

Jball32   2 star

Why all the ads suddenly!?!. I have had this game for almost 2 years and it is my favorite game. BUT, Gram games you have ruined it! Last game I played in a 30 min span I had 4 pop up ads that caused me to misplace blocks bc I was in the middle of a move. This game was not like this when I downloaded it. I understand you have to make a profit. I don’t mind a couple ads, but what you guys have done is ridiculous! You can’t make money if no one plays the game. Please fix this before I am forced to delete your app.

keaudf   1 star

Not worth it. The ads are way too long and boring for the game. This game isn’t exciting just to do something while bored and in between each game is a boring 30 second ad that feels like it goes on forever. Usually ads doesn’t bother me as much but this app does. The game itself was actually a little challenging which was new because games like these usually aren’t. This app would have been used while me being bored in public but the ads are too much for me to even have on my phone

PlayerPlayer311   2 star

Could use some fixing. The game is constantly crashing. Very annoying. It also lacks a meaningful strategy. The level of difficulty never changes. You can’t undo a move or preview the next piece. It’s still fun and a great way to pass the time when you’re in a waiting room or bored to death for some other reason.

MillerRoadMaven   1 star

Not really a game. This is not really a game - it’s a platform for ads that run almost continuously and cause my phone to freeze. I used to enjoy playing, but now I’m just annoyed by all the ads and the technical glitches. I see other reviewers have posted about the same issues for well over a year, but nothing is being done.

Millie1505   1 star

Bad. I love this game but lately is been giving me a lot of problems, I’m in the middle of playing a game and it keeps redirecting me to the App Store, It’s constantly doing it and it’s getting extremely annoying!

youwinagain   3 star

Maddening pop up ads. There’s a new bug in the game that forces you to close it over and over again as it continually slides over for multiple pop up ads. I’ve been enjoying the game for a while but the problem is bad enough for me to give it up. Also, the randomness of the playing pieces may not be random at all but an algorithm designed to make a successful player ultimately fail. No matter how good you are, the game is designed to make you lose. That’s just not cool.

maeganpenny   1 star

Buggy. The app is buggy and randomly opens safari to show an ad.

johnhenry38   1 star

Again with the ads. I don’t mind ads. But the ads in this game make it near unplayable. It opens an ad that hyperlinks to the App Store mid game without you having to touch it. It’s ridiculous. Not a fan.

crave9058   2 star

Re-Directs. Your app keeps redirecting me to adds and websites and every time I go back to the game it does it again.

LynneElf   1 star

Game is now unplayable because of pop up ads. I use to like this game but now I can’t even play one match without it opening up Safari during game play and taking me to some advertisement. I’m deleting it for good and will use a clone version from some other company instead for now on.

rcolbs   1 star

GAME HAS GLITCH. Game keeps glitching and forging me to go to the App Store during my game so I’m here writing a review! It’s so annoying to be playing and be unable to return to the game because it keeps taking you to the App Store to buy some crap app nobody wants. Bye Felicia

Elwoodslc   1 star

Pop up adds. Every time I play this game, I get pop up adds after 1-2 minutes. It either redirects me to safari, or to the App Store.

Flashcard Fred   1 star

Too many pop ups. Has constant pop up adds that open up your AppStore app as well as Safari. You can’t even play the game at times, because the pop ups won’t stop.

Mautzimo   1 star

What the heck. I thoroughly enjoyed this game as it was an easy distraction but after a recent Apple update all it does is bounce over to a random app on the ITunes story and every time I switch back it takes me to another random app. Fail. Fix it or I’ll permanently bail.

kristina309   1 star

Bug. It keeps redirecting me in the middle of games to a random website. Seems like spam

ff.commish   1 star

Very buggy. Would be decent game if it weren’t so buggy. Game freezes and alternates between store and game.. back and forth. Very annoying. Fix this and stars go up. Otherwise I give zero stars if I could.

Hjoestrick9   1 star

VIRUS ALERT I’m now getting redirected to App Store and various websites. I used to like this app but it is now apparently infected with a VIRUS!

Asura/Katsu   3 star

Problematic Ads. The game is really fun but it opens around 5-8 ads at a time over and over. It gets highly annoying and I wouldn’t mind rating this game 5 stars if an ad was given after every finished game instead.

Curlidiva   2 star

Too Many Pop Ups. This use to be my favorite but the constant pop ups are a deal breaker. Uninstalling today :- (

lucylajoie06   1 star

TERRIBLE!. although the game is very fun to play, every five seconds, it would automatically go to the app store and bring up apps that they wanted me to get! then, after about 30 minutes of this, it brought me to safari, and a new tab was open saying, “your carrier knows what you’re watching. do this … to watch privately” and all i had been doing was playing the game! it is fun, but there are some glitches that NEED to be fixed.

KoGimpel   2 star

Super laggy. Using iphone 7 with the latest OS update as of 11/20/2018. Just downloaded game and it really tests my patience. Super laggy and the tiles sometimes just float because while you move the tile it gets stuck. About to delete this game.

sirbuttstainthethird   1 star

Viruses/pop ups. Game is fun but there are to many pop ups. Whenever I’m playing it automatically sends me to the App Store in the middle of a game sometimes! So whatever you do don’t get this game the creators don’t care about their customers and obviously don’t care about their game.

NowHomessAndJoblessGuy   4 star

I have an addiction.... Do not, under any circumstances, download this game. It will take away entire DAYS of your life away. You'd wake up at 7:30, and start a game, and before you knew it, it's 10 and you're late for work. I WARNED YOU. (This is honestly really fun though. Too much ads, like everyone else said, so 4 stars from me.

Toyotech82   1 star

Stupid ads. Great game totally ruined by ads. Deleted after five minutes of play.

@w£s0m£9   3 star

Its boring. Itssss boringggggg add more stuff like achievements and quests or goals lol

stevehjin   2 star

great game, terribly annoying ads. great game but the ad integration is stupid horrible. don't mind paying for a developer who cares about the UX but I hate it when they annoy you into paying. just a terrible philosophy and treatment of their potential customers.

AliHan00591   4 star

Awesome. Awesome but way too many ads!

libbylilbit   1 star

Enjoyed until Ads. Was enjoying but too many ads. Can only get rid of ads with an in-app purchase. Lame.

Jen.525   3 star

Too many ads!. There are SO many ads, and now the ad for Apple Music won't close :( Also freezes quite a bit.... Addictive, but has issues!

Triple super duper flying cow   2 star G..o....o.....d....... But not.. The game is suddenly super choppy, can't even move the pieces because who cares if the game works.... at least the ads work! Don't worry guys, no glitches in your ads, they're fine. Unfortunately deleting the app cuz I CAN'T WAIT 7 seconds with 5 attempts to move every single piece so the ads can load. Good god, what a disaster. **** I only recommend downloading this app if you want it more so for the ads and not the actual game.

SuperpowerMan   1 star

UGLY COLOURS. And it looks like Mergedi Get rid of the apostrophe! Otherwise its a fun game. I like it.

Bbtt4   2 star

Hate the new update. The new updated look with just the corners coloured is awful. It's difficult to place on the board and not very accessible (namely for those with vision problems. )

Joeybanban   1 star

Horrible game. The game is basically made for you to lose. It gives you nothing but horrible tiles, and when you put the tiles on a specific place, it will be placed off. This app is horrible I don't recommend it!!

Afzal123456   3 star

I love the game but so many ads.. I love the game but please remove some Ads.

SamWhipps   1 star

Brutal lag. The lag from the ads or something makes he game unplayable. Deleting.

Skullbasher48   4 star

Idea. Great game fun yet challenging like some puzzle games make me want to punch someone not this.But my idea for the creators and such is to add power ups for the coins that you get and not just the trash can for 250 coins just make a shop with power ups you can buy thanks for reading

Saphira112   5 star

Awesome game. It great game I love it. It helps me keep going. I was asking can fix it when enter in the game it keeps freezing just little then get going again but it driving me crazy so could u guys fix it please thanks keep up the good work

Jutti the Beauti   2 star

So frustrating. I do love this game but will probably delete it. Like many people writing reviews, it just quits working now long before I have been playing it for too damn long:/ You should fix it!

Countessa-mina   2 star

Want to love it.. Game crashes. Just goes black and hangs there. To many ads. Like a serious amount of ads. The game is fun but when all you see is ads. It can take away from it.

CBR600RRRoadster   2 star

Constant ADS! Need to stop. Great game, but ads galore during game and at the end of each game 2-3 Ads run before you can start game or x-out. Too bad:(

MikeK_87   2 star

Laggy ads. The game itself is great - even amazing. Very addicting. However, certain ads slow this game to a crawl, it's basically unplayable. If you exit the game and relaunch (so a new ad loads) it's OK again. Really annoying. I don't mind spending $ to remove ads, but I refused to do it for this game since it feels like the dev is trying to force me to do so. Hopefully this issue is fixed or I may just uninstall.

Dax26   2 star

Coins?. This is definitely a great puzzle game...really confused as to why you earn coins but cannot spend them?

Walex1218   2 star

Se ferme toujours !. Cette application est amusante mais se ferme sans cesse !

Giroux269   2 star

Used to be great, please remove ads and correct shut down issues. I love this game, it is really addictive and fun. Great way to free you mind. Unfortunately there are way to many ads and every time an ad shows up on the top, it freezes the game and shuts down. Please fix.

Mamasitacanada   5 star

Addicted. Simple and fun! I really enjoy the challenge of this game. It's a good time waster!

VGP   1 star

Ads ads ads. Game is ok but I'm so sick of all the ads. It's overkill!! I'm deleting app just can't stand it and I refuse to pay to block ads

mGa34   2 star

Bug fix. Love the game however it keeps closing as soon as I open the app... Have tried reinstalling it but still had no luck.

Super Disappointed!!!!!   1 star

Keeps crashing. Fun game but keeps crashing:( closes and u lose ur game !!

Vill345   5 star

Great for the mind. I absolutely love this app! It's so addictive and gives your brain a good workout. Keep up the great work!

AmandaMITCHELL:)   3 star

Always shuts down!. I loved the game but after a few levels it won't stay open and always shuts down on itself, sometimes after just one move ! :( if you can fix this, then the game is very addicting !

RCA 55   2 star

So disappointed. I too am experiencing the same issue, I loved playing this game. Now when I start to play it, it will automatically crash and go to black screen and closing down... Hopefully you will be able to correct the problems with this game soon.

Not a-merged   1 star

Too many ads. Ads in top of ads. And more ads. I understand it is a free game but far too many ads. Played two rounds and saw 6 ads. Too much.

Teetotem   4 star

Way too addictive. Love this game. The developer should integrate paid cheats instead of so many ads though. I paid to remove. It's way better and doesn't stall/crash.

jillibee   1 star

Ads don't go away when you pay. I paid $2.99 to remove ads. That lasted for about six games and then the ads were back. Intend to report to Apple

ShaneP0894   3 star

Game is ok... But after just a few games I had deleted the app because of all the ads.

Lyndalani   3 star

Ads are annoying. Just started this game and think I would enjoy if if it didn't have an ad after every game.. I am put off after 15 mins..

#Episodelocer   3 star

Too many adds. Great game lots of fun and addictive but way too many ads that it just gets annoying and makes the game less fun too play

JasperBedford   4 star

Brilliant!. This app is great! The one problem is that there is too many Ads

Persian_Barbie   1 star

Not happy with the ads. I paid so the ads can be removed next day i get them. I love the game but its very disappointing that i have to pay to remove the ads every time i want to play. You guys didn't mention anything about paying every time for the ads to get removed😤

B259203178   3 star

Too many ads. Great game but way too many ads that last to long

Dakler123   2 star

Still have ads after paying. Paid the $2.99 to remove ads. Next day, ads have returned. Very disappointed

Hcturner   1 star

Omg the ads. A really enjoyable puzzle game that is well made, however the cost of in game currency and the fact that for every game I had to sit through 3 long ads just makes this game a no from me.

EmilyKitten1234   4 star

Gr8 game!. This game is a nice, relaxing game to play, and highly addictive! The quality as amazing, and even though it's like a few other games, it's still a gr8 game! I recommend it to anyone who likes pretty and relaxing brain teaser games!

ness2109   1 star

Latest update has increased everything. This is a great game and if I rated it before the latest update it would have been five stars. Now the starting cost of changing tiles is fives times more and there's twice as many ads after each game. I didn't mind the occasional ad before but now it's ridiculous. And make the 'M' sparkle - really adds nothing. It's a waste of an update!!

Gunslingr1   2 star

Haha, good one. I'd just like to thank you so much for changing the entry level amount and the amounts required at each tier to use the "swap pieces" function. And the fact that the permanent coin upgrade in the store still increases the coinage by 2x when the cost of using those coins has risen by 5x? Mmmm, that's a developer looking out for the fans of their product - you know, those people who sit through ads/pay not to see ads, evangelize about these apps to their friends, who then become customers and repeat the cycle, and are the reason that those yacht loan repayments can keep getting made? Look, it's your game/yay capitalism blah blah blah, and it's not like you're asking a fortune, but I'd hazard a guess that it's these kind of tricks that really frustrate your customers. One star is probably deserved when these shenanigans are afoot, but I'm still able to enjoy the game without using the coins, so two it is.

Worgunn   1 star

Got ripped off. Paid to remove ads and still getting them - WHY? Some advice people don't pay a cent

Forever5989   2 star

Where's my coins?. I payed to get some more coins but I didn't get anything, and you took my $5. Where are my coins?

Dreamy mama   1 star

Conned. I also paid to lose the ads after trying the free game. Still getting them. That's stealing in my book.

Macca0025   3 star

What are the point of coins???. And why can I choose to trash coins while playing a game?

Lance Jack   3 star

Stop Ad option???. Love this game and would have rated 5 stars, but for the annoying compulsory ad after EVERY game. Would happily pay a few $$ to play ad-free.

PepperCherry   2 star

I want my money back. I paid to have the ads removed, yet I'm still getting ads.

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