Screen Time Parental Control

Screen Time is a parental control app that lets you manage the time your kids spend on their tablets and smart phones.

Are your kids spending too much time on their tablet or phone?
- Screen Time has a timer that lets you set a daily time limit on the amount of time you want to allow.

Are they playing games past bedtime?
- Block games, social media, messaging and all downloaded apps at bedtime

Are they getting enough sleep?
- Block all apps at lights out time

Do you worry how they’re using their device at school?
- Block social apps and games during school hours

Do you struggle to get them off their devices when you need to?
- Time for lunch? Push a button on your phone, and your kids will be timed out from their devices. No more begging, bribing, or shouting!

Reward your kids with bonus time for completing tasks and chores
- Kids used up today's Screen Time? If they tidy their room you can reward them with bonus time from the convenience of your own device. Add as many different tasks and chores as you like - you'll be amazed how your kids start to manage their time responsibly!

Screen Time Premium

Screen Time is free to use to monitor your family's devices for as long as you like. When you first setup Screen Time you get a 14 day free trial of Screen Time Premium which allows you to manage and limit your family's device usage. After your trial you can continue to use Screen Time Premium with a monthly subscription.

Screen Time Premium is available for $4.99 per month, $27.99 every 6 months, or $54.99 per year. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renew may be turned off by going to your Account Settings after purchase. When you purchase a subscription, any unused portion of your free trial period will be forfeited.


If you have any problems please take a look at our help pages, or contact us via the contact page of our website, since we cannot always help you if you post questions in the reviews.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Screen Time Parental Control App Description & Overview

The applications Screen Time Parental Control was published in the category Lifestyle on 2015-12-15 and was developed by Screen Time Labs. The file size is 44.30 MB. The current version is 3.02 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Thanks for using Screen Time! To make our app better for you, we bring updates to the App Store regularly. Updates include new features, bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Screen time works!  Mother_of_teen  4 star

I personally love this app. My teen started doing poorly in school and was coming home with little to no cell battery. Well we out two and two together pretty fast. We started with the 14 day trial and quickly decided we needed the year. We block all music, social media and gaming apps during school hours. I love that we can choose what apps get blocked. I also like the feature where you can set tasks, such as doing a chore to award them more screen time. This app has been great for us, of course our teen hates it, that means it works!


AWFUL IN EVERY WAY  Lucas01210  1 star

This is such an awful app in so many ways! You should be able to put a time limit on certain apps not all of them! And it constantly blocks my apps for no reason saying screen time may have accidentally blocked your apps! Plz fix that! It also blocks your wifi and that stops it from updating if your parents give you more time!!!! I RECOMMEND THAT YOU NEVER GET THIS APP!


A dream of a parental control in a difficult world of kids and tech  GratefulParent  5 star

This application has been a huge positive as parents. My seven year youngbson in particular was a challenge beforehand, deferring homework over arcade games, waking up ahead of me to sneak video game times, etc. Once Screentime was installed we had an ability to make the application a huge controller so we as parents weren't the bad guys limiting their ipad use- it was the application now built in to its use. Secondly, we were able to reinforce positive behavior, bonusing them extra minutes when warranted, or having the capacity to shut their screens off when necessary. I have recommended this application to more than eight friends and acquaintances.


Disappointed!  Hmcheng  1 star

I installed the program on different tablets used by my kids. It worked for only one or two months, then it stoped to function correctly. My kids can play games on Fire tablet which has Screen Time installed. I checked the setting and it clearly indicates that the bedtime was set properly. It simply failed to work....... I also found that new programs are not blocked even the program has been set to limit all newly installed programs. In short, the program cannot work properly at all. Though I subscribe one year subscription, I believe that I won't renew my subscription since I am totally disappointed!!! Update: This APP is totally a joke! My kids can still play tablet even when the "bedtime lock" is activated! It just flashes a blue screen then disappears. All programs are not blocked at all! If you are considering purchasing this APP, don't waste your money. One of the worst program you can investigate!

I hate the Screen Time app!!!

DONT GET THIS APP  I hate the Screen Time app!!!  1 star

This app blocked apps and deleted then and turned off my wifi, and it took me over an hour to get my phone back to the way it was before. If i could give this app zero stars i would

IronMike LB

Ok, but lose visibility of your child.  IronMike LB  2 star

The idea behind ScreenTime is pretty solid, like all the other apps out there for managing the time your child spends on their devices. It does that pretty well. The real problem for us has been simple, but serious. If you "block" the kids with ScreenTime during School hours, which is part of the app, the child's GPS stops sharing their location. If the run out of screen time, the sharing of their location is blocked by ScreenTime. Our kids don't get a bus, and walk home from school, I think they used to call us "latch key kids" when we were that age and walking home. They cross streets, and they often walk alone. Not babies anymore, but still young, impressionable kids doing many things independently for the first time. While we live in a nice place for sure, suffice it to say no place is quite "Mayville" anymore. At least if you read the news. So we would check in to make sure they were getting home timely, using iOS's "Find My Friends" app. Simple, and it worked to "see" them heading home. We weren't "obsessive" about this, but this was a great benefit and piece of mind, knowing where the kids were no matter what, especially if there was any type of emergency situation --or if we just wanted to meet him after he started walking. Pretty much every parent is doing "FindMy Friends" with their kids. We share our locations with the kids too. They like knowing where we are too especially if I'm on a business trip, they follow my progress, and send texts. Very cute. Since they sell to concerned parents, it is only fair that they acknowledge this up front. They _were_ however upfront that they won't be fixing this, as they say say they can't. Bummer for us, to say the least. Microsoft and Amazon already have already released 'screen time' control apps. Microsoft's is awesome and free (only works on MS products --but includes xBox, phones, tablets and PC's) Apple too is expected to follow, and create their own screen time type app too. You won't need a third party app if and when they release this as an iOS feature. Since I paid for a year, and used for only weeks before discovering this problem, "Sam" from ScreenTime was pretty good about explaining how to get a refund from the App Store and emailed a link explaining how to do it. Hope this is helpful to other parents. Thanks.


Very useful  ALQ  4 star

This app has helped me immensly in keeping the set screen limit rules with my two boys (aged 5 & 7). Now instead of them seeing me as the 'baddie' enforcing the 1 hour per day rule, the app just does it for me. The hardly even complain now, just start playing with their toys :) I do wish I could add our console account into Screentime too though and there are some interface issues with the app, which is why I didn't rate 5 stars, but I am on the whole very happy with this purchase.

Mom loves it: nice teen is bac

Mom loves it: nice teen is back!  Mom loves it: nice teen is bac  5 star

I got this to help my 14 year old manage her screen time. We talked about a limit she felt good about, and times she would like to go to sleep by. I told her I wouldn't look at what she does, it's about her learning to manage her own screen time. It has really helped her learn to budget her time on the phone. She is able to access her music all the time, and her guitar tuner. It has dramatically reduced the amount of time she is just sucked into it. Frankly, I wish someone would make me have it on my phone.


This app is HORRID!  Travelbum00  1 star

The app Screen Time took all of my daughter's apps and would not return them. I did not block my child's apps but instead the app itself did. We both deleted the app, but the apps did not come back. Now she is not allowed to play on her device and is not allowed to get any more apps. This app also has a button to return all of the apps but of course it does not work. Finally, along with all of the other mistakes, the app downloads itself and we are not in control of my daughter's phone. I suggest all child lock seekers to look some other place because this app has given us frustration and madness. This app has not done its duties and has tricked us.


PARENTS READ THIS  Air/Conditioner  1 star

Unless you want your child's phone RUINED don't even bother trying to download this app! I know it's stupid, but I only downloaded this app to write a review on it. Just hear me out. My friend complains and tells me all the time that this app CRASHES her phone every time she reaches her time limit! She complains about this all the time to me! It never harmed her phone until today, when this app crashed her phone and ALL of her data was erased! THE APPS SHE PAYED FOR WERE GONE! No, she couldn't simply redownload those apps she payed for like you usually can! SHE HAS TO RE PAY FOR THEM! All of her photos, GONE! She makes YouTube videos on her phone. Guess what! All of her work, GONE! So, in conclusion, if you REALLY want to ruin your teenagers phone by making it crash 24/7, go ahead! This virus of an app is totally perfect for you. I hope I have shed some light onto this. Please listen to the other reviews about this.


Scalar Humanity ScalarHumanity 3 star

@LrnEngageEmpwr: "Finally, there's a parental control app that won’t cause a family feud" #edtech


TekieBoard TekieBoard 3 star

@LrnEngageEmpwr: "Finally, there's a parental control app that won’t cause a family feud" #edtech


EdTech EdGameTec 3 star

@LrnEngageEmpwr: "Finally, there's a parental control app that won’t cause a family feud" #edtech


Never got it going  steve_cosio  2 star

Downloaded the app to by my (dad) and her (daughter) phones. App gave me a six digit numerical access code. Daughter's phone asked for a five digit alphanumeric code. Instructions on my app were different than those on daughter's app. Deleted both apps and I'll just take my daughter's phone away.


Works great so far  Marpod80  5 star

Mom of 3 here. I am happy with the app so far, my kids on the other hand...., they hate it. lol. oh well.... It just means it's working well! 😉


Not user friendly/ links don't work  Xoiexoie  1 star

I have subscribed to the screen time service for a couple of years now. I have recently purchased some new devices and screen time has changed the way they add new devices. They keep asking for a "unique pairing code" but they haven't given me one! The link that says "I can't find my unique pairing code" doesn't even work! So frustrating. I have tried this on multiple devices and it doesn't work. Am looking for a user friendly alternative.

Hockey masters

Horrible app  Hockey masters  1 star

Horrible app barely works !!!DONT DOWNLOAD!!!


Wonderful App!  LVDenver  5 star

My 9 yr old loves this app, as do we parents. It helps her limit her electronics time, helps self limit, and she has done more chores and homework to get more reward minutes. It works for us. Great app! Should link many ipads and iphones to one account ( share minutes), as currently they are all individually tracked.

Steve Sanchez (dad)

Excellent app!!  Steve Sanchez (dad)  5 star

I've been using this app on my 11 year old sons phone for over a month. He was addicted to playing games and I felt like this wasn't healthy for him. He now gets a set time for games currently 40 mins a day and 1 hour on weekend days and is engaging with the real world more, like a kid at 11 should. The app is real easy to use and the designer is always right there ready to help with any questions you have such as installing the app or how to use it. The tasks feature is really cool and helpful. I set a task for my son to complete and then award him more screen time if he completes the task. It creates a positive reward system that has really motivated him. Ex: Mopping floor earns 30 mins. Cleaning room 20 mins. Reading for 45 minutes earns 20 mins etc. Highly highly recommend it!!

Tine mom

Waste of time  Tine mom  1 star

We couldn't get this app to work on my daughter's phone for 5 minutes. Too much time to invest in something that should be easier. Definitely not worth $5 / month.

iPhone photography

Frustrating  iPhone photography  3 star

The app works well, but it would be nice if there was a feature to give you a notice when you had about five minutes left of time. Thanks!


Not worth the headache  Mattdoesnthaveanickname  1 star

The app works correctly about 30% of the time. The rest it either locks my kids out after a few minutes or opens the time frame for as long as they want. Not worth the price compared to the headache it causes. Also it doesn't work with out some kind of internet connection. Going on a road trip when you have to uninstall the app just for your kids to use it. You never know what the update fixes its a broad bug fix in the description. However every update seems to break something or make you spend more time trying to fix the app to run correctly.


Best thing EVER  Drsaver  5 star

Love love love screentime! The fights over turning off the iPhone OVER Fights over being on device passed 8:30 OVER completion of household chores YES! This is a great program and I strongly recommend it!

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