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Easily download to your device and play offline your favorite music!

Save space on your device and have access to all of your music stored in Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive.

Download all your music to your device to play it without internet (Offline mode).

Import your music from WiFi transfer(PC/Mac), iTunes file sharing.

- Supported formats: mp3, m4a, and wav, more…
- Listen offline – no internet or WiFi needed.
- Offline list, to maintain located your download files.
- Sleep timer.
- Lock screen playback controls.
- Background music playback.
- playback with repeat of song or list and shuffle.
- Create, rename, edit playlists, Powerful playlist function.

Cloud Music Player - Listener App Description & Overview

The applications Cloud Music Player - Listener was published in the category Music on 2015-12-20 and was developed by Jhon Belle. The file size is 38.37 MB. The current version is 2.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

1.Repair Bugs - get back lost music.
2.Reorder local songs list.

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Cloud Music Player - Listener Reviews


The best  luie_50  5 star

Best music app I’ve ever used. No more losing my saved music!!


browser  halaidani  5 star

Please provide me with a browser


F U  cucucvbhrdhknh  1 star

It’s horrible


Best One drive music player  Andre74117348484494  5 star

Props to the developers. Excellent work


Works as advertised  Anon3141526  4 star

Interface for playing music seems a little awkward but works as advertised. It would be nice if music could be put into regular Music app.


Stupid app  jgriffin150  1 star



Can't order songs in Playlist  atmpro  1 star

I can't reorder the songs in my Playlist


Needs just one thing  hebejavsnakzb  4 star

Really enjoy the app, just wish I could queue songs yunno?

Karin Noorbakhsh

What are you guys  Karin Noorbakhsh  1 star

We cant even search for a song. Bad


Buena  Gerardo23306  3 star

Me gusta la app me ayudo bastante pero quisiera que la opcion de shuffle de verdad funcione gracias. Y me gustaria poder organizar las canciones ya despues que uno las baja y me gustaría que hubiera un equalizer en la app que no lo hay


Only problem  Nylation  2 star

The app is mostly good and super useful the only problem is it lags the hell out of my phone to the point I can hardly use it and I’m running on an XR so it shouldn’t be a problem but it is 🥴

not anomaly

Google Drive not Working  not anomaly  1 star

For some odd reason, I open my Google Drive it no music files show, the file is empty. I don't know what to do, please help!!!


Ok with a few issues  wtece  3 star

Quite a good app except: 1. Can’t immediately play the song (most of the time). Have to skip a few song only can hear the music 2. The shuffle function is not working properly. Listened to the same song 2-3 times with some songs not being played in the list. If the above issues are resolved, I’ll say it’s a 5 star app.


Stefani stav  stefchee  5 star

The website for the wifi transfer doesn’t work


Love it  sean_hayward  5 star

This app is amazing try it is great works perfectly 👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


It’s a great app  Amg554  4 star

This is the best app I’ve found for IPhone so far👍. But there is one problem which is that the music starts playing out loud when the earphones are unplugged. The music should stop playing after earphones are unplugged. Hope you can fix that. And also I wish we could arrange the songs in alphabetical order.


ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE  dudusydu  1 star


Bastian Detky 😊

Google drive does not work  Bastian Detky 😊  1 star

Google has seemed to track down this app and removed its ability to connect to google drive, google drive is really the only thing I can connect to right now. Not sure if anything else works, but just a heads up; you can’t use google drive.

KCs Ferrets

I don’t like it.  KCs Ferrets  1 star

It has barely any instructions on how to use it and when I try to open something in the app, it keeps loading but nothing is happening! I would not recommend downloading this app.


Rating  Kayana1234  3 star



What? no rotate?  #sjh  1 star

Surprise... it doesn’t rotate for my iPad. I removed it without ever going beyond. I suppose it only rotates for PRO version as if there is actually anyone out there being paid to listen to music.


Stupid  32209754  1 star

This is bad it won’t even let me in the app until I pay for premium


??  Desa-cake  1 star

This app is terrible!!!! You can’t even look up a song you personally want to download so it can be your ringtone!!! I wasted so much time on this app that I’m furious.

باقيات صالحات

🙏❤️ Thanks and appreciation  باقيات صالحات  5 star

Thank you even I need to hear something I find there so thanks very much

Zuxo Powell

Doesn’t work  Zuxo Powell  1 star

Logged into my drive and went to my music folder, none of the songs would even ahow

pwegahabcn n

Bad  pwegahabcn n  1 star

It’s really bad I can’t find the music I want


Question  Erick4325  5 star

So I connected to my Google Drive, and on my computer I have several songs in it and they play perfectly. But when I go on the app and click on the folder, none of the songs show up. Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

the flash earth-1

Better than itunes- keep it up cloud music  the flash earth-1  5 star

I was a new user to iPhone, did not know that we will not get free music in itunes. So i tried to download mp3 files . Guess what it would not download. So i looked up on you tube and could not understand them. But god saved me by showing me this app and i was able to easily transfer all my mp3 songs. Must download app


Doesn’t work  hellolin324  1 star

Doesn’t load any of my mp3 files in my google cloud drive.


Horrible  zestyhhh  1 star

When I download a song it just closes the app. It doesn’t download anything


Scam  tracy2288  1 star

It says in the title free music downloader and player it won't download it will just show what you typed up the top and nothing will come up

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