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Create your own universe. Play with the law of nature. Visit the outer worlds.

Build asteroids, nebula, comets, planets, moons, stars, pulsars and even blackholes at your fingertips. Experiment with gravity, supernova, planetary collision and so forth. Zoom in to ride comets. Zoom out to gaze at the galaxy of stars created by all users.

Learn Astronomy and Astrophysics for fun and creativity. All celestial bodies you create can move and interact in real-time and in accordance with the Newtonian astrophysics laws.

Move planets with your fingers. Swipe to shoot a comet. Play with your own universe in an astronomical scale. SPACE puts gigantic celestial bodies under your fingertips.

Meditate in the indescribable beauty of space that you create, anywhere and anytime. Hold your device to view the universe in from any angle.

Zoom out to the Interstellar space. Explore stars created by other users around you based on real geolocation.

*geolocation service and Internet connection is required to locate your universe among others.

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SPACE by THIX App Description & Overview

The applications SPACE by THIX was published in the category Education on 2016-05-04 and was developed by THIX. The file size is 54.64 MB. The current version is 2.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- iPhone X Support
- Minor bug fixes

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SPACE by THIX Reviews

BLACK_ink 90

Great game here’s some suggestions  BLACK_ink 90  5 star

I think it would be a cool idea if players could add rings to planets. Also the player can only change the name I think it would be great is the play could change everything of the planets. Also if the players could make there own planet. Now I think this is the beast part of this review the best idea that I thought of is that the game could have some type of campaign. P.S hopefully you do at least one of them. Again great job and great work keep it up.

AK Ghill

Celestial sandbox  AK Ghill  4 star

I love this tool. People who call it a game truly miss the potential for exploration. If I may, a time element could be incorporated to determine how long a year is for any orbiting body. Even so this one is a real mind trip, for those with imagination. One thing... There is no good way to make asteriod belts. If you could choose asteriod belt and then establish an orbital radius, that would be cool. The program could treat the whole thing as one object, instead of trying to add hundreds of asteriods.


Amazing  WistianSgt  5 star

Relaxing, awe inspiring, gave me chills. Especially gorgeous on larger devices, this blew my mind. Question though, any idea how to access settings or a menu?


A wonderful sandbox  Rettun1  4 star

This game is really incredible because it can take the sophistication of astrophysics and give you simple tools to navigate and control the a galaxy. It’s really beautiful. I went into an Apple store where SPACE was installed on the display iPads. On a 2017 iPad Pro 12.9 this game was incredibly fluid. It’s simple UI didn’t need any explanation, I was immediately setting up planets and stars and black holes. I was really taken aback by how cool this app was. Knowing that part of the appeal of this app is the simplicity, I could understand not wanting to mess with it too much. But there are some functions that I think would really make this a lot more fun: 1. The ability to speed up time. Somethings I want to just see if a certain cluster I made is going to be fine in the long term. I like to experience the early parts of a forming start system, but there are other times where I just want to see the ‘end game’ of it. 2. Menu to hide the names and/or paths of the planets and stars. This seems to make everything really crowded when zoomed out. 3. Menu option to set ‘selecting distance’ or something to that effect. There are a lot of times when I’m editing and rotating the camera around a system, one of my swipes to rotate is interpreted as moving a blue giant 200 billion miles away. If I’m zoomed in on a system, i want to be editing only that system. This a a really fun game. I’m the biggest issue for me is that once I get to around 20 stars/planets, it requires more power than my iPhone 7 can provide without draining the battery or getting hot. I understand that incorporating my “time speed up” idea would likely put even more strain on the phone, having to calculate the gravity of the galaxy at 2000 times the speed it normally does. But it runs great on the current generation of phones.


Waste of Money!  SOU812  1 star

I’m really into astronomy and had high hopes for this Space app based on the App Store editors review, but it was a huge disappointment. You can add various celestial bodies in space, but you can’t see them unless you zoom in individually. They are just tiny dots! What a waste of money!


Good, but the glitches...  myfriendjusttexged  3 star

I absolutely loved this app until I got up to seven objects in my miniature cosmos. It was glitching and spun me around my universe and was jerking around so I couldn’t do anything. Anyways, everything else is great. I would recommend having a key for each object that you have to be recorded in and tells you where it is in your universe. Please fix this glitch

Filipko pro

Love it but...  Filipko pro  5 star

I can’t get to the galaxy all it gives me is 1 light day and then poof won’t go further


Great concept - poor execution  Peruna1988  3 star

Being neither a rocket scientist or astrophysicist, I will assume the physics are correct in this model. It’s interesting to see how bodies interact and the music is ethereal and spacey, however it’s the visuals that fall well short. First the text, orbital lines are all light purple on a dark purple background making it all very difficult to see. They need stronger contrasting colors like bright yellow or white. Secondly, while proportionally having the planets as tiny micro dots may be accurate, it makes for a poor simulation. At the very least their relative size needs to be exaggerated to make the sim more visible.


Fantastic  JFuzion666  4 star

I love this, but I would like to see some prebuilt universes from you guys that we could explore, also add the abbility to change time, like in universe sandbox 2

HI check out my message

Suggestions  HI check out my message  5 star

I like this game very much, I feel like a God creating a universe. But I have a few suggestions to add to the app/game. First we should have the ability to create any type of animal (including human like species) I think that we should create those to add to our planet and we could get notifications of what happens on that planet based on what the people are doing, say that a war happens and that could affect the planet, since wars actually do that in real life. Also we should have the ability to choose how much percentage of water the planets that we create have. But yeah the suggestions are just that you could create a species or choose one if you want to make humans. When we have the ability to create these, we should also be able to see what they look like and examine a species if we select it and we should also get to know what they create, for example a plane or car, something that changes the way they live. We should also choose how they look like , for example we can choose their skin tone, and what eye color this species can range to, also we can choose their nose shape or type. Also we can have the ability to choose that not all living things of this species is the same because there are short and tall humans, of different races, so when we create our species we should choose that this species can range from this height that is short to a tall height, also how their body works. Technically I just want the ability to create humans maybe even races (Black and White, Etc.) Except it would be our own way, and maybe we could create other species. We should also get to choose to see how they reproduce children and what type of foods they eat, for example a T-Rex could only eat meat. We should also get to zoom in on the planet and see what’s going on, like a war or at least get to see how they live, for example, in the 1920s people usually danced and watched movies almost everyday and the buildings weren’t tall as the buildings these days. Also based on the choices that these people make, it changes how they live as the years of their history pass by, another thing is, you can choose how fast time passes each second, or you could choose to make it real time too. One more suggestion is that when a planet is habitable the land should be green with grass, or you could just choose if you want it to grow grass and trees because my “Earth” is habitable and it has a lot of water but the land is only sand and I would really like for there to be an option for it to be green and grassy, but the people that you create can still affect this, say that they make a whole peace of land black and gray because of a war, and then the war ends and grass can grow back over the destroyed land again. But yeah I really hope you add these things, thanks for reading through this if you got to this point of the review and I really hope you add these. ❤️ 🌎🌍🌏

rudy griffin

I could add something  rudy griffin  5 star

I love this app it has no lag and so many features but there are some things I would add. First of all maybe add a setting of where you can see the stars zones hot zone, cold zone Goldilocks zone etc it would definitely held. Second of all maybe you could add a feature where you can see everything about the planet the temperature, life likely hood, etc and make it so you can add water or atmosphere and edit little things. Thank you for reading and I hope this will help the game or be in a future update.


New update  hacker_GROUP946  5 star

Can you update ur game? Add a solar eclipse zoom in closer add star planet galaxy collisions plz


Best orbital/stellar app ever  NotANickname123  5 star

I am fascinated with the orbital/stellar/gravity apps, this one combines them in a way that really, really is the best on the market. Only thing I went to find that wasn't there was a options menu panel. Would be cool if it was clear to users what it would take to make a solar system one the one plane or if you could control the eccentricity of orbits and while I am clear on what tidal locking is there is times where nothing's been added for many mins and "Tidal Lock" appears. I can't get nebulas to collapse and I've tried many ways. When trying to drop nebulas densely it will stack them an A.U.-ish distance apart. I thought the name/Color may or correlated elementally but I am not sure now. Seriously tho, this app is amazing. Putting it up on the Apple TV 75" screen is really great! Sorry to point out "stuff" but even Playboy didn't have as many good pages to bad as this app does! Next up date let's get some rotational galaxy options! I'll pay 5x $


Great idea, needs some work  Lukazy  4 star

Good fun putting a solar system together. Would be better if there was an undo option. Also is annoying if you accidentally bump your main star and it starts moving and ruins your whole solar system


Needs a better UI  sam007mac  5 star

Controls for speeding up/slowing down time should be included, and there should be more planet settings (etc. rings, desert/snow). There should also be an accurate model of our solar system template that we can use. Otherwise, great game!


Holy S--t  Hicth3  5 star

Excellent app. Great graphics and really cool things to do. Realistic in every way, from the supernova, to the many types of planets, stars and comets. Brilliant app, 5/5, get it.


Woah.  Zedst4r  5 star

Personally loving space, this app is amazing. Taught me a lot about space and units, the music is great. On an iPad Pro this game is even more phenomenal. Definitely a must-buy.


Great game love it  Darka1999  5 star

The game is great and all but I think we should be able to modify how big the planets can be, I also think that there should be some pre made solar systems that we can destroy. Over all I think this game is not for everyone, I think this game is for people who really love the idea of messing with planets and their orbits.


phenomenal, exquisite, beautiful  Famcypants  4 star

this is one of the best space sandbox games I have ever come into contact with and I have only been playing for 5 minutes and I haven't even scratched the surface but I do also think it needs some more work and with time and more updates the game can really soar and maybe make it on the top paid on the AppStore, the only anomaly I saw was the games value is really high for a new game but I understand you need the money for updates but it was a good purchase so I am looking forward to seeing more from this game... if you want to reach out to me my twitter is @FamcypantsHD

Oj ocolet

Luv!!!  Oj ocolet  5 star

It's a great game great graphics!! Gets laggy sometimes but nether the less ITS GREAT/AWSOME!!!🌍🌕🌠🌅


Great game but there's some issues  Megamanboss22  4 star

This game is a lot of fun but the only problem I see is that there is a ton of lag when I'm close up to a star, planet, etc.


Mind blowing and astonishing  Bryce301  5 star

This has absolutely taken my breath away. It is so detailed and the graphics are beautiful. This app is worth every cent.


Truly Mesmerizing  rjluster  5 star

I wasn't sure about this when I first saw it but I have always been intrigued by the stars, the universe and the celestial heavens. This however was impressive from its general aesthetic which is beautiful but also it's potential to put you in the architect's seat. Relaxing music and overall context, someone put a lot of work in this design. Really enjoy it.

The Eclectic

Nice idea, but...  The Eclectic  3 star

I'm an astronomy teacher and quite frankly I'm not sure my students would be able to figure out what to do with this (I can't). The objects themselves appear very small on the screen and the simulation doesn't really do anything particularly interesting (even though I get it's follow the laws of physics, it's just not very fun). There's no clear challenge or objective. It's a sandbox, but one that doesn't really engage the creator to want to keep creating. It's a good start, but there's not much feedback or incentive to the creator to make things interesting for more than about 5 minutes. Sorry...look forward to updates!


NEVER EVER BUY  Shanehead  1 star



Great!  BInventor  4 star

Another great app. Should be easy way to create new system completely however.

Gumdrop lover

Suggestions  Gumdrop lover  4 star

First things first it's a good game worth the money but I hate the 360 view when ever I am in a car playing it messes with my system also add thermodynamics and elements so u can make it from scratch










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