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Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball will switch color with some powerups.
You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it !

Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you’ll have to start again.

Color Switch App Description & Overview

The applications Color Switch was published in the category Games on 2015-12-06 and was developed by Fortafy Games. The file size is 90.47 MB. The current version is 9.70 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

- New endless mode : Autumn
- 25 new levels

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Color Switch Reviews


Stress reliever  Boonemommyof4  5 star

This game is my stress reliever. This is awesome. This is the best and I mean the best game ever


Trash  Carmine777  1 star

Game is very laggy and ads pop up while in the middle of the game.

by the electricity

Why color switch is kind of bad  by the electricity  1 star

Number one they cheat on level 22 in split it pisses me of Number 2 to many adds Number 3 when I was purple and I suspiciously touch the purple That is why color switch is kind of bad Ps no stars but they want me to give them a star

Upset not happy snapchat user

Lag/Forceclosing  Upset not happy snapchat user  4 star

I love the game, it is great and I do not mind the ads but after the lead update, for some reason everytime I watch an ad, the game goes blank or freezes at a white screen to where I have to close and open the game back up and start over on the level, which is getting pretty irritating. Sometimes it force closes and also lags. Before the leaf update it was fine so maybe it is a bug of some sort? But please fix it, I would love to continue playing this game without all the lag and force closing, Thanks! =)

b4d 488

ADS  b4d 488  5 star

Too many adds. Whenever I am trying to beat a level, a stupid ad comes and it makes me scream. And worse color switch makes it go on FOREVER. I hate it. Otherwise, color switch is ok, not great though.


Savagekylie puppet lover 111223344556677889900  tYgzhz  5 star

I love this app it's fun I rate this a 1,000000

Robert Sherman's friend

Great Game, One Personal Problem  Robert Sherman's friend  5 star

I love this game, but I personally have a hard time playing most game modes due to one thing: I'm Colourblind. If it's possible to make a way to help people like me, who enjoy your game (I'm addicted) instead of just having to guess some colours on some levels/games, it would be awesome. I know it would certainly be a challenge, and only a very small demographic that plays your games have this problem like I do, but it would of course be nice.


Color Switch Review  Gadhfhh  5 star

It’s a very fun game! I really like how there are all the different game modes and how they are challenging in every different level👍👌😃 it also works out your thumbs and makes your hand muscles 💪🏽 stronger


UUUGGGGGGG ADDDDZZZZ!!!!!  grumpycat116  3 star

I LOVE this game but ENOUGH WITH THE ADS!!! They annoy me SOO MUCH!!! While playing, I accidentally click on an ad and my phone GLITCHES and I have to DELETE THE APP and START ALL OVER AGAIN!!!


Awesome!  Mtyiiigg679  5 star

I highly enjoy this game, and I'm highly addicted to this game. I love the many selections of levels. Though if I could change something, I would create a mode where you can make your own levels and share them.


Best Fashion Best_Fashion_UK 3 star

Love this 👉 Mini Turtle Humidifier Color Changing LED Light Spray Touch Switch Air Purifier …


majeez_mom 🌻 Majeez_Mommy 3 star

Color switch 😊


pantsbot pants_ebooks 3 star

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con color…


Great App  lbpuppy04  5 star

This app is an all-around amazing app! They are constantly fixing bugs and coming out with fun new game modes and themes. It is a constantly evolving and fun game!


IDK  Down_east_girl1518  2 star

This game is very dumb I always play 3 rounds then an add.Or I will play and when I have a purple dot and I hit the purple line and says I died.I do not understand!!


I like this game  Hoppy-Solo  3 star

I dislike the ads!! They pop up out of no where during a game. Then my game freezes on the ads a lot! I have to turn my device off to to get to play it a few more times, before it does it again! Annoying! Please fix this!


Fun but THE ADS  009537247725)26  3 star

I love this game,but the way ads are placed makes it hard to play. I’ll be playing the game when I accidentally hit the ad at the bottom of the screen and it messes me up. I wish the moved it to the top or just get rid of the ads on the screen all together.


Addicting game but to many ads  pizzagirl789  4 star

I love this game it’s sooo fun I play it all the time but the ads are so annoying, I will be in the middle of a level and then an ad pops up and then I lose that level. Sometimes an ad pops up and then there’s no x after it’s done so I can’t go back to the game and so I have to close out of the game and go back in, but other than that I totally recommend this game, it’s so fun and really addicting.

Zoey G. DellaVecchia

COLOR SWITCH  Zoey G. DellaVecchia  5 star

I love this game!! It has so much detail to it!! All the creativity and stuff makes me happy!! Thank you so much!!!

Emma has swag

Pretty cool but to many glitches  Emma has swag  4 star

This game is pretty cool but onetime I was playing on it and it glitches me out. It does it over and over again so finally I delete it. Then I realize I have to start all over again and I had like 100% on almost all of them

Big old b

Fun but one...  Big old b  4 star

Ok let's start out with the good news: This game is fun,challenging, and if you want to record a family member raging, then this is the perfect game. It's also a nice game to pass time when your bored. Bad news: too many adds. A common complaint on most apps. I just don't want to continually watch the same add when you die about three times. Just update it so this game doesn't have an add every second you die. Though thank you the creators of this game. Thank you for listening


To much ads  Hirokiifkf  1 star

I like this game but there is too much ads


Ugh  mmjkboo  4 star

I really like the app but two things are wrong: 1. Some ads glitch and you have to restart the whole thing to get rid of them and 2. Some of the levels are too hard to beat, especially the newer ones

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