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Use PlayStation Messages to see who's online and to send messages to your friends from your mobile device. Always stay connected with your friends even while you're away from your PS4.

The PlayStation Messages app for your mobile device includes the following features:

• See who's online and what game they're playing.

• Send text and voice messages as well as photos and stickers to your friends and groups.

• Quickly access your groups by adding them to your favorites.

An account is required to use this app.

The Share extension is used for sharing content such as URLs and images to PlayStation Messages.

PlayStation Messages App Description & Overview

The applications PlayStation Messages was published in the category Social Networking on 2015-12-08 and was developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc.. The file size is 54.72 MB. The current version is 18.09.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• This update includes fixes and performance improvements.

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PlayStation Messages Reviews


Nope  Djollyboy3  1 star

Doesnt work!!!!


This app doesn’t work  IAmLegion4WeAreMany  1 star

Connection Errors every time I load it up.


I can’t read my messages!  Lopez_Luciano  1 star

You guys need to patch this up, I get message notifications on my screen both on the app and PS4 but can’t access or see the messages only the notifications. This app need maintenance and updates smh...


Can't Sign In  FLUFFYlickableCOWS  1 star

Always says Connection to the server timed out. Even reinstalling the app still didn't fix it. It's the app itself please fix.


Can't sign in  Aegylic  1 star

Even though my login is correct, every time I try to sign in, I get the error "Cannot connect to server" or something. Basically useless.


Can't sign in for weeks  Catsandrabbits  1 star

I get notifications just fine for the app but whenever I open it it prompts me to login. Then as soon as I enter in my information the "connection to the server has timed out" without even trying to log me in. Uninstalled and restarted my phone several times to no avail. This is utter nonsense


Rice  BigChilenStripDaddy  5 star

Did you try putting for phone in some rice


Does not ever open on first try  thezo04  4 star

Every time I open the app after a day of not using it I will get the blue loading screen and nothing else happens. It does not matter if I wait 5 seconds or 30 seconds. Without fail, if I close out of the app and launch it again, it opens almost immediately. I don’t know why it takes two tries to launch the app but if this bug were fixed this would be a five star app all day. I have no other complaints.


Please fix the "Lost connection to server" bug  Someone73883847  1 star

I can't even log on to the app any more. Every time I try to log in it loads for 1 second and then immediately says "Connection to server has timed out"


Party  Yomomma000000  4 star

You should be able to join parties on PlayStation like how the Xbox app you can


It used to work  Mindos2055  1 star

I was using this app just fine when I tried opening it again it said I needed to log in again so I put in my email and password and it just deleted the password and said "log in request timed out"!?


It’s convenient  Fhjdaidnfjsnscjs  5 star

It convenient


Terrible - AVOID!!  AVOID GEARBEST  1 star

Does NOT work. Never update the app, I can't even sign in after updating. The connection to the server has been lost. It's a SONY PROBLEM. I've re-installed 4 damn times and nothing. It's the SAME issue with the PS App. Why they needed to copy FB in separating messages and the main app, I don't know (I have a theory). PS support aren't able to help either.


"Connection to the Server timed out"  xKikayx  3 star

Never had this problem before but it keeps saying "connection to the server timed out" Please fix it..


Crash  hcghjm  1 star

It keeps crashing


It doesn’t work  UNeedToFixTheeseADSSSS  1 star

I try entering the app but it keeps asking to sing in and isn’t letting me


Login Bug  mandsizz  1 star

There’s been a problem with the app recently that crashes when you attempt to login to your account to view your messages. Once you enter your details the app crashes and doesn’t log in. Please fix this guys.


Photos  Hsmajauskdn  1 star

Sick of clicking photos of a “car” or traffic lights” to get into the app.


Horrible App Authentication  Slick_oz  1 star

Constantly needing to re-authenticate by clicking on stupid squares to prove your not a robot. It’s bearable to perform this function once but not several times. For this reason I have now deleted it


Annoying login  fujhfdjkhgty  3 star

Signing in on this app is annoying. Get rid of reCAPTCHA and just use touch/Face ID already.


Sad trash  insectopod  1 star

Currently not able to sign in because nothing happens when i type in my email/password, and after enough attempts the app just crashes. Until now the app was just barely okay to use. This was infuriating enough that i just had to tell someone. Also, im not getting my email/password wrong, i mean literally nothing happens when i press the “sign in” button. Multi-billion dollar international company, and this broken mess is the best they can do. Its just sad.


Cannot sign in  knowntime  1 star

This app like all of Sony's is utter trash. I cannot sign in, I'm guessing because of their obsessive captcha...not usable. I guess they don't test their apps before releasing them...smarrrrrt


Sign in problems  Christopher1537  1 star

Will not allow me to sign in at all.

Kait the cat

playstation app 4 messages  Kait the cat  1 star

website log in via mobile won’t work either

Darion I

What’s wrong with it now?  Darion I  4 star

The app is great but lately when I try to log in, it doesn’t let me and the app crashes when keep pressing sign in. Fix this


App requires re-sign in and no buttons work  (~MJ~)  1 star

App requires re-sign in and no buttons work. At this point the app is useless :(


Trash  KingKd732  1 star

Can’t even see in this app has the worst click problem I’ve ever seen in my Life it’s pathetic don’t even waste your time


None of the button are working  Anonymous3.0  1 star

Not continue as so and so. Not sign in. Not send email. Nothing. Nothing will click


Not great, but not terrible.  LeeshaCat  3 star

Works well most of the time, though it does like to drop connection often but it always comes back. Still a very useful app.


Best App Ever!  Ps4RocksYesAndThisAppIsSoCool  5 star

This app is amazing. Everything work well no disconnection, I’ve had this app for a while and I haven’t encountered any issues, bugs or etc. Honestly the best app EVER!

Seanie boy 2005

Good  Seanie boy 2005  3 star

It’s good but shouldn’t be an app. You should just be able to send messages on the ps app


Great!  Sparklingjayjay  4 star

Its really good but it’s annoying how you have to refresh the app to read new messages, it’s not really “real time”

Mahmood Eid

Nice  Mahmood Eid  5 star



Option to mute conversations!!!  D-Laan  1 star

Please add a mute button or just put messages back on the ps app 🙄


SUPER!!  Amzieb99  5 star

It's very good yeah I see where people are coming from but it's a good app


Horrible app  kucyk  1 star

Laggy, messages stuck in limbo, duplicated conversation windows with the same person, I can't believe something like that was created by one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world, you should be ashamed Sony!


Great app  SergioAriza  5 star

Nice app to keep in touch with your friend at PlayStation Network. Great work ;-)





Stupid  Chcgjcjt  1 star

Whoever came up with this idea is as dumb as they come why couldn't they keep it all in one app


GREAT!! ❤️❤️  Qpall  5 star

Very organised

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