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Accounting for Small Business Owners

The all-new FreshBooks App allows small business owners to work anywhere on the go by: invoicing clients, recording expenses and tracking time.
The all-new FreshBooks is accounting software that makes running your small business easy, fast and secure — all in the cloud. FreshBooks is ridiculously easy to use on any mobile device: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Built by FreshBooks, the app is designed with simplicity in mind and trusted by millions of small business owners.
The brand-new app is now designed to make your accounting simple, fast and secure. FreshBooks helps you and your business save time and look more professional, so you get paid faster.

FreshBooks Small Business Accounting Features:

• Look Professional: Create professional invoices in seconds that help you get paid in a flash. Say hello to painless invoicing.
• Accept Online Payments: Accept credit cards online and get paid quickly and securely, directly from your invoice.
• Time Tracking: Track your time and be confident that you’re billing the right amount on your invoice with an easy, at-a-glance breakdown of your billable hours.
• Keep Automatic Payment Records: Payments are automatically recorded so you don’t have to worry about your accounting.
• Track Expenses: Capture expenses on-the-go by snapping photos of receipts right from your mobile device.
• Client Conversations: It’s easier than ever to keep all your business conversations in one place.

Invoicing On-the-Go

With the all-new FreshBooks mobile app, your small business can travel anywhere with you. Create invoices, get paid online and capture expense receipts from your mobile device; no more time wasted billing in Excel or Word.

Accounting On-the-Go or In the Office

Because FreshBooks lives in the cloud, it seamlessly and securely stays in sync across all your devices. Any updates you make from the FreshBooks mobile accounting app will automatically appear in the online desktop version, which features robust reporting options to help you track your business and make tax time and accounting easy. Your accountant will thank you.


The FreshBooks accounting app is free to try for 30 days. After your free trial ends you can choose a paid subscription that works for you. Paid plans start at USD $15/month and can be purchased easily through iTunes.

Your subscription will automatically renew every month just 24 hours before the current period ends. You can cancel your subscription any time after purchase by going to your Account Settings (My Account). If you cancel your account, you will still have access until the current period ends.

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FreshBooks Cloud Accounting App Description & Overview

The applications FreshBooks Cloud Accounting was published in the category Business on 2016-02-29 and was developed by FreshBooks. The file size is 82.12 MB. The current version is 1.59.0 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

This version of FreshBooks includes a few nice usability improvements to the app and some bug fixes. The next update comes in two weeks with more improvements to make running your small business a little easier and more fun.

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FreshBooks Cloud Accounting Reviews

Matthew A Hester

Can't import clients or bill hours  Matthew A Hester  2 star

Seems to be no way to import clients from my address book or contacts. Have to type them all in manually. Old app had import feature and so does Joist. And so does QuickBooks. Other issue is that hour tracking tab is horribly simple and there is no way to see past hours logged without just scrolling back one day at a time. Also cannot bill for these hours or invoice them from the app.


Convenient  DSE KING  5 star

Very easy to use.


New version is great  mhill260  5 star

I've used FreshBooks for a few years now. The new version is even better and has really helped me get my freelance business in line.


10 year user  Vinautomatic  5 star

I've invoiced millions. I started at invoicing hundreds up to tens of thousands. It is the best at freelancer and agency invoicing for web based businesses. New version lacks many integrations that classic does. It is missing a few features such as adding client credits and showing the wepay pending deposits.

Keido Cala

FreshBooks rules!  Keido Cala  5 star

Title says it all. Makes your invoicing life easy and stress-free.


Very good functions, some small bugs but still a great tool.  EzMaTezPez  3 star

I own a small consulting business. Being able to link our bank account, send invoices, track time, manage from mobile is very good. Time tracker has some weird bugs sometimes but seems pretty functional and good.


Me gusta muy fácil y práctica de usar  chapadebocho  5 star

Puedo poner específicamente lo que necesito


Time tracking issue  ADKCraftworks  2 star

Just signed up for trial and installed app. Entered a time manually - hit log time - nothing????? Not sure I want to sign up for this one. Am I missing something??


STICK TO CLASSIC VERSION!!  Arrggggghhhh  1 star

There are so many things that bug me about this new app and interrupt my workflow. Even the simplest thing like, how much money owed on invoices, can't easily be seen like before. So many times I have to wait till I get home to my desktop computer to review or do certain functions. The way your invoices are sorted is only by date, you can't change it!! You have to search for a specific invoice, rather than something simple like, show me all paid, show me all overdue. So frustrating!!! I fully expect to change a view things here and there in my invoice routine when upgrading an app, but so many things about this app don't seem well thought. Even the way the app saves is annoying. Also, it will automatically change your date of issue on an invoice depending on when you edit it, this can affect your Due Dates and can screw with your clients. And once that date has passed, you can set issue date to a previous date. Which doesn't make sense, what if a service is done on a certain date, but the invoice is sent a day or two later, i still want to base the invoice and due date on the service date. UGH! AND FreshBooks makes you pay more now by not offering previous cheaper client plans! I think I'm going to start looking elsewhere


Perfect Invoice App for Personal Use  HoJoJr  5 star

This is just an awesome app for my real estate use.

Mr. OD

Highly Highly Recommend  Mr. OD  5 star

Best app out there ! Love the simplicity .


Time tracking - Please fix it  Lancmusic  1 star

Unfortunately I'm another who also regrets the move from FreshBooks Classic. Such a great app and system. Now with a slightly fresh face but a fraction of the features. The time tracking entry feature is one of the few features remaining but actually now a painful process as it is a mess to navigate and manage. I hope they plan to update it soon.


Simple & Reliable  NoCoVGal  4 star

If you're looking for something far less comprehensive and less expensive than Quickbooks, this is it! Easy to use and friendly customer service representatives to assist you if it's not.


Creative Consultant  DeanHallStyle  5 star

It's extremely user friendly and perfect for a business that's on the go like mine. I can't imagine a business without it!


Love it!  Rcwilson16  5 star

Makes invoicing a breeze!

Valerio xyz

Great App  Valerio xyz  5 star

Excellent for in the go tracking and billing.


Sad  Sizzleguyandy  1 star

I've used fresh books for about 3 years the latest app is so user unfriendly and slow , I'm not upgrading my iPad for this rubbish .


Inconsistent with website  Krispy2135  2 star

I just signed up for FreshBooks. I like the features and the look and feel of the site. But this app is inconsistent with the website. I have expenses I've deleted on the site but they are showing up on the app. And all the expenses are ordered by the date I last updated the record. Wouldn't it make more sense to order by the date the expense occurred? Amateur hour.


Dud- crashes almost immediately and not syncing data  MrJohnnyLane  1 star

Dear FreshBooks, I hope the crashes are on the top of your sprint list. Two weeks is too long to wait. Dear User, Stay w classic if you can, at least until the bugs are worked out.


Crashes  dhazelrig  1 star

Cant get it to do anything without it crashing. For now... worthless.

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting Comments

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