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Accounting and Invoicing for Small Business Owners

The all-new FreshBooks App allows small business owners to work anywhere on-the-go by: invoicing, recording expenses, tracking time and getting paid quickly.

FreshBooks Classic User? You can find our App by searching in the App Store for FreshBooks Classic.

FreshBooks is accounting software that makes running your small business easy, fast and secure — all in the cloud. FreshBooks is ridiculously easy to use on any mobile device: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Built by FreshBooks, the app is designed with simplicity in mind and trusted by millions of small business owners and self-employed professionals.

The brand-new app is now designed to make your accounting and invoicing simple, fast and secure. FreshBooks helps you and your business save time and look more professional, so you get paid faster.

FreshBooks Small Business Accounting and Invoicing Features:

• Look Professional: Create professional invoices in seconds that help you get paid in a flash. Say hello to painless invoicing.
• Accept Online Payments: Accept credit cards online and get paid quickly and securely, directly from your invoice.
• Time Tracking: Track your time and be confident that you’re billing the right amount on your invoice with an easy, at-a-glance breakdown of your billable hours.
• Keep Automatic Payment Records: Payments are automatically recorded so you don’t have to worry about your accounting.
• Track Expenses: Capture expenses on-the-go by snapping photos of receipts right from your mobile device.
• Client Conversations: It’s easier than ever to keep all your business conversations in one place.

Invoicing On-the-Go

With the all-new FreshBooks mobile app, your small business can travel anywhere with you. Create invoices, get paid online and capture expense receipts from your mobile device; no more time wasted billing in Excel or Word.

Accounting On-the-Go or In the Office

Because FreshBooks lives in the cloud, it seamlessly and securely stays in sync across all your devices. Any updates you make from the FreshBooks mobile accounting app will automatically appear in the online desktop version, which features robust reporting options to help you track your business and make tax time and accounting easy. Your accountant will thank you.


The FreshBooks accounting app is free to try for 30 days. After your free trial ends you can choose a paid subscription that works for you. Paid plans start at USD $15/month and can be purchased easily through iTunes.

Your subscription will automatically renew every month just 24 hours before the current period ends. You can cancel your subscription any time after purchase by going to your Account Settings (My Account). If you cancel your account, you will still have access until the current period ends.

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Questions about our app? Give our Support Rockstar Team a shout at 1-866-303-6061 or send them an email at [email protected]

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Download FreshBooks and enjoy a free, unlimited 30-day trial to start sending invoices, getting paid online and capturing expense receipts right away. No credit card required and you can cancel at any time.

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting App Description & Overview

The applications FreshBooks Cloud Accounting was published in the category Business on 2016-02-29 and was developed by FreshBooks. The file size is 84.76 MB. The current version is 1.79.0 and works well on 10.2 and high ios versions.

This version of FreshBooks includes a few nice usability improvements to the app and some bug fixes. The next update comes in a week with more improvements to make running your small business a little easier and more fun.

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FreshBooks Cloud Accounting Reviews


Crashing? Just when I decided this might work for me.  digiweaver  2 star

Seems like this could be awesome.... then it just crashes and doesn’t let me move onward😕


The app keeps glitching and not letting me edit my invoices  VladimirK2009  1 star

I have a invoice that am working on but the app won’t let me edit my draft that I started and it doesn’t let me add anymore items only allows me to add a payment which makes it seem weird because on all the other invoices that I sent I was all ways able to edit it during the draft but now it doesn’t. It seems as the editing button gets stuck and won’t let me work on my invoice or it is frozen or still processing I don’t know I Would LIKE IT TO BE FIXED because I spent money on this monthly so the app developers if u could fix it I would greatly appreciate it


I am new to FreshBooks  Niunte  5 star

But so far it's been great. Much better than PayPal's invoicing. I'm happy with it.

Chaz Curry

Not ready.  Chaz Curry  2 star

The look of this new version of FreshBooks has just way, way too much white space. Minimal is good, but this design is not usable. There's also a few other quirks like billing multiple employees in a single client that has me and some of my fellow FreshBooks users stuck on Classic. If you are a FreshBooks user I'd recommend using the Classic version until they can iron out their kinks and shortcomings as well as redesign the app + site to make it functional.


Just amazing!  Ghunter3016  5 star

This has changed the way I run my business.


FreshBooks is great  BCR135  5 star

My wife and I just started our LLC and FreshBooks has been great for invoicing, tracking expenses and generating reports. The only thing I miss is the Dashboard view of the desktop app in the mobile app.


No more dashboard  JP215  3 star

Since this version launched, I’ve been hoping they would add a dashboard. There is literally no way to see what your outstanding invoice totals are with this app, like there was with the old one and like there is on the website. I can use the app to send an invoice but then I have to go through my web browser to see things like the total outstanding invoices. Also when you sort by sent / viewed / overdue / paid, it doesn’t put viewed and overdue near each other... so it’s not easy to see all outstanding invoices. Really weird.


Excellent  Jessthebest007  5 star

I was so stuck on PayPal but freshbooks has my heart now. Now all you guys need is a partial payment option and we will be A OK ;-)


App not working  Juelzann  3 star

I'm not sure if it is the recent update when iPhone iOS 11 it the app but everytime I open the app it closes. It had my time tracker running when I didn't turn it on and once I deleted it everything stopped working. I loved this app before this all happened! Please fix so I can change to 5 stars!


Unreliable compared to web app  jcasabona  2 star

This app doesn’t reliably sync to make the desktop/web app. My invoices are outdated. The only way I’ve see. To fix this is delete the app and reinstall it. If I want to do anything with my account or reporting I need to go to the web anyway. I might as well delete the app and use the web interface.

Randzy rands

Dope as hekki  Randzy rands  5 star



Love freshbooks but please add reports  Lostfanatic1995  4 star

App works great. Freshbooks is really good for invoicing (wish they would allow recurring invoices that don't require a check box though). App could do with a reports functionality though so i can see revenue etc as it is in the desktop app.


No dashboard  Dazzini  3 star

It would be good if you could have a dashboard on the app rather than having to log into a browser to see the dashboard

Alf the fairy

Really helps  Alf the fairy  5 star

I used to procrastinate sending invoices to my clients but FreshBooks makes it so easy and sends them out automatically. I love the time tracking function, it really works well


This app makes you money...  Joshua_Maher  5 star

FreshBooks has been a game changer for me as a freelance copywriter. I used to fumble around editing invoices in word docs, trying to remember what number I was up to, and wasting time digging around for old invoices. FreshBooks makes the process a breeze. Everything is tidy and in one place, I can set up reminders for late payers, bill clients in different currencies, accept credit cards, and I can do it all from my phone! And the expense tracking feature is so simple to use (and quite eye opening). I highly recommend FreshBooks to any small business owner looking to get a handle on their finances.

II Scarecrow II

Effective and professional  II Scarecrow II  4 star

I highly recommend this for small business or freelancers. You can create professional looking invoices with minimal fuss, track expenses and automate client reminders with ease. The free subscription is limited, but not restrictive and small operators can use it unhindered.


New to account software  Farmumma  5 star

I'm a freelancer that has been using excel to do my accounting. I've grown so much in the last 12 months and decided I needed accounting software. I tried xero and wave. I settled on freshbooks for ease of use and affordability. Love it. Cut my accounting time by over a half.


Very easy to use  Marzo1  5 star

Great programme easy to use.


Almost awesome  Roguszys  4 star

This app has saved me so much time and stress, still a few bugs and less than perfect navigation issues but it seems freshbooks listen to customers and keep making it better.

Soozie Bea

Some bad bits - still very good  Soozie Bea  3 star

Some functionality has gone - like linking an expense to a client then invoicing them. Still very useful and easy to use for a non-accountant creative 😁


Simply Start One simply_start 3 star

12 Silly Invoicing Mistakes That a Cloud Accounting Solution Will Save You From Making [Infographic]…


Gerri Ndoro 🇿🇼/🇳🇿 gerri50 3 star

Earn money as a #FreshBooks #cloud #accounting software affiliate


richard cooper holdeverything1 3 star

12 Silly Invoicing Mistakes That a Cloud Accounting Solution Will Save You From Making [Infographic]


Stick with old version  Rodzirra  1 star

This app forces me to need to log in to the web app for most useful info. And even that is missing some very important info that the classic version had easily accessible. I regret making the switch. If you're still on classic, stick to it


Simply fantastic!  TBDAndros  5 star

The only other time tracking and invoicing app I've tried is Harvest, this is much more refined and the support is amazing!


Smooth, professional app  libbroe  5 star

After trying many different invoicing apps. This one definitely goes far above the rest and is easy to use; all the while looking very professional.


The BEST invoicing and bookkeeping ever!  pathallsd  5 star

FreshBooks is so simple, convenient, and loaded with incredible tools for the small business mobile user. I LOVE IT. They are a great team and always working hard to make improvements. We see brilliant ideas implemented with each update. It's so easy, my kids literally help me with my bookkeeping. Thanks FreshBooks for being so awesome for my small notary service in this big busy city. It makes life easy!


Pretty good app!  LBspaces  4 star

Nice easy mobile app! A few glitches that always make me swipe and reopen which is a little maddening ...

Midwest Drone

FreshBooks is good  Midwest Drone  5 star

I really like having invoice software on my phone . It really helps my business. The app is a good translation of the web version. Thanks FreshBooks!

Chief Idea Dude

Gets the Job Done  Chief Idea Dude  4 star

Only reason this app gets 4 instead of 5 is the occasional crash and that syncing with the regular browser/desktop FreshBooks format is a tad clunky. Not bad though, you just need to treat the iOS version as strictly supportive of the primary platform. I would have chosen 3 of 5 stars due to then crashing, but it's important to note that changes made to time tracking and billing are always saved before the crash. The cloud communication is at light speed. The server must be in the arctic 'er something. Har har.


So good it makes me cry  Drock2010  5 star

Love this app.


Simple. Efficient.  Jaywoodrow  5 star

Learning curve on this app is easy breezy. I've used a few others and can vouch for FreshBooks.


Great for Small Businesses  Prajit001  5 star

Excellent cloud based accounting for Small Businesses. I use the app to track expenses on the go, and FreshBooks is a very handy software that helps me track every cent I spend on my business.

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