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What is brave private web browser app? Brave Browser is a super fast, safe and private web browser with Adblock. It is 3X faster than other browsers and has over 50 million users. Now with Firewall + VPN, Brave Wallet, Brave Search, Brave Playlist, and night mode!

NEW features:
• Firewall + VPN
• Brave Wallet. A secure multi-chain crypto wallet built into the browser.
• Brave Search. Search without being tracked.
• Brave Playlist. Add media and play anytime, even offline.
• Night Mode. Easily read in low light.
• Blocks cookie consent notifications by default.
• Use voice search in the browser.
• Import/export bookmarks to another browser.

Additional Features:
• Built-in 3rd party Adblock
• Pop-up blocker
• Saves battery and data
• Tracking protection
• HTTPS everywhere (for security)
• Script blocking
• Browsing history
• Private and recent tabs

Buy, store, send, receive, and swap crypto with Brave’s secure Web3 wallet, built right into the browser. Support for Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, and more.

Brave Search is the world’s most complete, independent, private search engine. It is built on top of an independent index of the web, and doesn’t track you, your searches, or clicks.

Make a playlist of the content you love. Add almost any media and play anytime, anywhere, even offline, or with Apple CarPlay.

Get protected from ads infected with malware. Brave simply provides the fastest, most secure private browsing experience available.

Brave is proven to have a 2x to 4x speed increase on iOS, reducing both battery and data consumption.

Be protected with leading privacy and security features such as HTTPS Everywhere (encrypted data traffic), script blocking, cookie blocking, and private incognito tabs. All other browsers fall short of the level of privacy and security protection that Brave provides.

Set Brave as your default browser! Select Settings - scroll down to select Brave - select Brave as the Default Browser App.

Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Subscriptions are offered for either 1 month ($9.99) or 1-year ($99.99) periods, and will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. You can manage your subscription in Account Settings after purchase. Free trials may only be used once. Any unused portion of a free trial will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription.

Our mission is to save the web by making a safe, fast and private browser for all. Brave aims to transform the online ad ecosystem with micropayments and a new revenue-sharing solution to give users and publishers a better deal, where safe, fast browsing is the path to a brighter future for the open web.

To learn more about Brave, visit

Questions/support? Email us at We love hearing from you.

Enjoying the app? Please leave us a 5 star review!

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

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App Name Brave Private Web Browser
Category Utilities
Updated 29 September 2023, Friday
File Size 218.11 MB

Brave Private Web Browser Comments & Reviews 2023

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Love it cannot live or feel safe w/o it. With Duck Duck Go I was hacked into based on having a health app which must remain open! After I got Apple Pay card sent to my house without ever applying I assumed out of sheer ignorance it was like a chime card So I did my research&from what I read you should never have banking apps on your phone if you have a CGM or a hearing device or anything which forced your phone to stay open WHEN YOU ALSO HAVE banking stuff on your phone I try to avoid certain things like tech because though I was a well versed playful hacker when I was a minor on prodigy&do silly stuff like change the graphics on government sites I’D HAVE NEVER STOLEN FROM PEOPLE as there is no such thing as a victimless crimeBrave is the best&safest some say there are better ones which I have tried out but to me they were too difficult to use! Anyway be smart about being safe y’all and certainly safe with whom you are smart to!!!!

Best iOS And OsX Browser for iPhone & Mac. I would rate this browser second only to a quality TOR Onion browser in regards to privacy, anonymity, and digital footprint protections. With its many options for privacy and security settings which includes a built in VPN designed specifically to work in tandem with the browser provides for effortless protection of your digital personal identification markers which are not only at high risk but even exploited openly by other browsers and services offered as “free” by its more well known mainstream counterparts. If I had to rank browsers by their security features and options, both mobile and PC I would rank them: 1. Tor Onion 2. Brave 3. Duck Duck Go As a caveat I would suggest anyone who has concerns about digital privacy to the point where they have looked at this browser to the point of actually reading my review, I would tell them to stop using the industry standard website for doing web searches and switch to the equally effective and extremely safer competitor Duck Duck Go. I am not an employee, family member of an employee, or have been in any way influenced or incentivized monetarily or otherwise by any of the companies or products mentioned in this review. It has been written by me without request for the sole purpose of educating and informing fellow citizens of the world that are concerned with the 3rd Industrial Revolution of the digital age. Essayons.

I wish I could rate higher. This app does provide more privacy and less tracking, which is important to me. Got tired of Google Chrome for that reason. However, every few minutes, it freezes up. Badly. It resolves within about ten seconds, but it’s deeply annoying. Moreover, the freezeups are most likely to happen when the app is trying to run its own ad bars across the top of the screen. Most of them are for crypto investment and NFT garbage (lol what??), and I have to swipe them away. I wouldn’t mind them so much if they didn’t cause the app to freeze and clam up, but it’s simply so irritating to deal with that nonsense. I should be able to read a Wikipedia article without the screen freezing up every two paragraphs, leaving me unable to scroll for the next fifteen seconds. Edit: The freezing issue seems to have been resolved, and the ads for crypto and NFTs have greatly diminished although they’re still present. However, upon making Brave my default browser again, it now crashes immediately whenever I switch between apps, and I have to open it again.

Overall recommend. The only annoying bug I’ve found is that occasionally Brave randomly switch me to the adjacent tab to the one where I had was successfully browsing a site. My suspicion is that it’s crashing for a split second and then restoring me to tab #20 instead of #19. It seems like a bug that persists from version to version as well (as with so much software). On the other hand, I’m glad there’s someone out there at least trying to counter this mad track-and-spam-advertise arms race that we’re currently experiencing online. I used to use the number one search engine (which last decade has increasingly resembled #2 IMHO) and everywhere I would go I would be besieged by obnoxious relentless spam search results and horrible invasive “targeted ads”. Now, with Brave, I have other choices of search engines beyond the usual ones (which I find to be each one totally terrible). I don’t find myself paddling round the same gyre of crap sites that I used to find myself repeatedly directed into as if I were trying to escape a black hole but failing to. Having said this, note that Brave is not 100% successful at anonymizing you, and these sites are bound to keep growing ever more clever; but over the last year or so it has been a noticeable improvement for me.

Amazing, but needs work still. My favorite browser. However, I'm disappointed that you cannot shuffle + repeat all songs in a Playlist folder. I would also like the ability to create a folder within a folder but I can't. Also, the Playlist is very buggy often malfunctions frequently. For example, whenever I update the Brave app, I sometimes can't delete downloaded Playlist videos anymore for some reason. And also, sometimes, the Playlist permanently changes the name of the title of the video for no reason, and other times the Playlist will refuse to delete a downloaded video. Lastly, the downloaded videos doesn't actually get backed up when doing an iTunes backup. When I do an iTunes restore, I have to spend hours downloading all of my Playlist videos again. And the Playlist videos will not download immediately unless I first open the URL link to each and every video which takes a long time, it says that the video "expired" and it's just a hassle to go through a thousand videos and open each URL link for it. Also, the updated version of the Brave app uses 175MB of storage while the old version used 125MB, not sure why it needs that much extra space. This is more of a problem with my iPhone which is a 32GB model but in reality, there's only like 23GB of usable space, so I wish they optimized the Brave app so it doesn't eat up storage.

Best browser. I’ve been using Brave for 2 weeks now & I LOVE IT. I take my online privacy seriously, so I was ecstatic when I discovered this browser. It tracks & shows you the number of ads & other tracking features they block from sites you visit. I feel safe using it & it makes browsing so much easier, faster & less cluttered! No ads anywhere. The best part is you get to create different profiles to browse from for either personal, work, shopping or anything else; it’s so customizable! I love this feature because I cannot stand having tons of windows & tabs open at once since it confuses me & kills my laptop battery. Also, their UI is top tier!!! I cannot rave about this app enough; it has completely replaced my old browsers. I highly recommend Brave to anyone who prioritizes their online privacy.

Yay. OK so I do love this browser and I’m going to keep using it but I am taking two stars off because for some reason it doesn’t synchronize between desktop and mobile devices which is a huge drawback, because it means I can’t use one single passwords database, or my saved cards, and maybe most annoyingly I can’t pool all of my Brave rewards in a single uphold account, in fact I can’t even figure out how to get my BAT off of it either on mobile or tablet device at all. They seem to just sit there in the wallet and only allow me to use them for tips, which I would actually be fine with if more content creators accepted them but otherwise they’re mostly only useful to cash in. If this whole synchronizing issue were fixed so that my Brave experience were a single unified experience across all my devices then I would bump it to five stars because other than that I love it.

Brave please slim it down... Update!. It is really great that you made a clean break from Google! Since you did I have put your search engine on all of the browsers that I am test driving. I would really like to use your browser on my ios devices but it is really cumbersome, I don't need all of the extras, and it would be nice to not have to manually close tabs, but be able to open the browser fresh without my last session staring at me, unless I configure it to. Maybe you could offer other versions, more stripped down, like Firefox does with Firefox Focus, or at least offer more ways to configure the ios browser to clean it up for those of us who don't need power-windows and a/c. I give you five stars for the stellar security and privacy emphasis. Worked with Brave browser tonight on osx, speed is excellent, think I will go with it on my desktop. Gonna keep Brave browser on my iPhone, but to be honest I will probably be using a lighter browser there.

Not Ad Free. I downloaded Brave two years ago after hearing about it from a friend, and I couldn’t have been happier. However, in the last 6 months, I feel betrayed by the experience. It still blocks the majority of ads in websites so if that’s all you’re looking for, it’s excellent. I can’t recommend it enough. But now the formerly blank background has ads that you can’t really avoid on it. It started with NewEgg and a few random things I’d never heard of before, and now it’s got Chipotle ads. This will probably be the new norm unless they offer some subscription option to get rid of it all. Plus, now that they’re advertising more mainstream companies, how long before we get to ads from more poisonous sources? The whole point of going ad-free is because advertising is disgusting and arguably immoral. Please offer an alternative to ads through some kind of one-time payment option or a subscription method. We support you and use your product to get away from the constant bullying and nefariousness of advertisements. Please let us keep it that way.

Still needs more work to be perfect. Brave works fine as a browser, and I love the privacy it grants me. It gives me control of who gets my information, which is especially important in this day and age. It’s honestly alarming when I see just how many creepy things get blocked on every site. That being said, Brave isn’t perfect. I’ve been using this browser nearly since it first came out, and while it’s made improvements, I still have my gripes: 1. Some pages are displayed improperly or appear broken, even with shields down. 2. I have been experiencing severe lag spikes recently on my iPhone XR. The entire app will freeze up for ten seconds at completely random times regardless of what sites I’m visiting. 3. Switching to other apps via link will almost always lead me to the App Store page instead of redirecting me to the actual app even if it is already downloaded. 4. Still experience occasional minor bugs. Overall, I’ve had a good experience with Brave that has been slightly dampened by various issues. I would still recommend this browser for anyone looking to feel safe and protected online, but I think that generally you will have a better browsing experience on mainstream browsers. I hope Brave will continue to improve and eventually make itself mainstream, but it isn’t quite there yet.

Free ad-block on mobile? Count me in!. New Review: Brave is awesome. Between the playlist letting you save videos for later, the built-in adblock, and all the privacy and security features? It’s awesome. In my last review, I took off two stars because the latest update had deleted all of my offline archives from the Brave Playlist, and some of the videos I had saved were copyright struck, making them lost to me forever. A three-star rating for a single small problem like that was a bit harsh, so now that I’m calmed down I’m bumping it back up to 5-stars for everything else. Old review: I love Brave. Been using it for a long time now, the ad-free viewing and everything makes it amazing. Well, with the latest update, I lost all the downloaded data in the Brave playlist. I recommend not updating until this is fixed if you have songs in there you want kept.

Those aren’t pop ups, they’re rewards ads. Everyone in the reviews are whining because of the tiny pop ups saying the locker doesn’t work.. YEAH IT DOES I’m coming used Brave for almost 4 years now and made well over $200 u canchoose to turn ur rewards off and not get the tiny pop ups or chose to get 1-10 an hr andat dnr of month they send u crypto which u can sell or trade for other crypto and I highly recommend instead of letting Google get paid for all ur search’s download presearch or get the extension on ur browser and ur get paid small amounts but the normal person does like 5000 search’s a year and the Vic u .25 a search see Google every search and chrome/other browsers gets $ for ur data so Take what’s rightfully ur and use Brave and presearch together and make that money itself trust me u wont be sorry ur making nothing now even if u only make 2 a month ur not letting google and Microsoft get rich off ur data and ur search’s. And braves pop up blocker works best I’ve seen saves u a ton of data and makes ur internet experience more ch smoother and faster and ppl complaining passwords ain’t saving clearly are cluelessgo to setting and turn pass off mgr on. Duh!! Lol

Unaware. I can’t believe I had no idea how I really felt about web browsers. I thought the magic had just dissolved since the internet is nothing new anymore. Sure, I’ve tried ad-blockers in the past... but they always slowed everything down too much for me. So, I would think, “This is just the way it is. Ads are how they keep this free.” I’ve been using the Brave Browser for a week now, and I can’t believe how happy it makes me. Everything keeps moving unexpectedly fast, even while blocking ads. The aesthetic is gorgeous to look at. I’m actually excited to surf the web again! Thank you, Brave. I now follow all your Social Media - it makes me happy to see you take your users’ input to heart to keep improving your product. I am incredibly satisfied with this browser, and I’ve already switched on all my devices!

My default but iOS limitation. Great concept for protecting privacy and funding your preferred content providers with Brave rewards. I have my own vpn so haven’t tried using Brave vpn in conjunction but that’s a great feature to have available for users without vpn. Unfortunately Brave hasn’t worked out the Rewards option with Apple for iOS, and it stopped doing rewards on my iPhone after only 5 rewards were accrued. It’s only real competition is DuckDuckGo I think. The DDG fire button for instantly wiping out all tabs and data is a feature I miss when I use Brave. I also haven’t found an option in Brave to autoclear on close. The only options are closing tabs manually, after one day, a week, or a month and closing does not delete the history. So that is always manual. For these reasons I’ve rated as 4 stars instead of 5. The advantage that tips scales for me towards Brave is the commitment to their privacy model and the ability to easily use reader mode that seems less available in DDG.

Great so far. I came across the Brave search engine app on one of my professional forums so I decided to give it a try. I love the auto blocking feature of my personal information and speed is no problem (even faster than before) which was a concern. I’ve made Brave my default browser. I’m also going to try their VPN since it should integrate nicely with their browser. Update, I appreciate the broad spectrum coverage provided with Brave’s VPN. However, the cost of your VPN does not work for me due to the limited sharing ability. Since Braves paid VPN can only be shared with 5 devices on ONE iTunes account (obviously, other family members have their own personal iTunes account). Why can’t Brave allow one paid subscription be used on 5 separate devices regardless of iTunes accounts? That format, would move Brave’s VPN to the top of the VPN market. Sorry, but I’ve canceling my subscription due to inability to share with family members.

useless ©rapolå. flee this junk like the plague. time consuming dribble. this piece of trash automatically went into a dark and private mode and i lost all my tabs. then you spend huge amounts of time going through nonsense to find an answer. then, somehow, by itself, the pages all come back?! and i'm supposed to be thankful after wasting valuable time? who are the mental deficients disguised as experts that come up with such design garbage then tout themselves and their 'product' as something to behold? oh, and all the tabs area and '+ tab area' and url area for search, their tab banner, confining and tiny. Why? isn't there someone in companies such as this that has any common sense, whatsoever? oh, and there is no way to delete auto suggestion in url bar. i have a name of a person that comes up automatically and there is no way to turn it Off. i am deleting all webpages after i have saved those searches, elsewhere, and deleting this big pile of excrement which is totally useless, frustrating, time consuming. my suggestion, is find something else instead of tearing your hair out; flee this crap like the wind!

Excellent. Browser. Switched after Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and every “mainstream” media outlet began censoring the 2020 election disaster. Won’t go back - this is built on the Chromium API and it migrated all of my Google data and extensions with ease. Combined my VPN and its built-in ad blocks and tor, this is an incredible browser. If you have Chrome or Chromium, just remove your ad block extensions and set up your own rewards in cryptos if you want to get paid a little... I mean a little... to view ads your might want. It’s a very good browser and is much faster than Chrome while using a ton less resources. Did it on my Linux boxes, MacBooks, PC’s, and my phones with virtually no setup. Removing profiles is tricky because the little “x” on the desktop browser is hidden in the profile manager but other than that this thing is a 10/10 all day.

Can't enlarge font size, open link in new tab. Great browser missing some important features. 1. When using Brave search, can't configure browser to open link in new tab. 2. Can't increase font size per web page, not overall/systemically. 3. Would like tab groups. 4. I accidentally select Private tab instead of regular tab, and find I can't get back to my list of regular tabs. 5. There should be a way to leave feedback that doesn't involve creating a forum account. Multiple threads have been open on the Brave forum about increasing the font size for iOS. Unfortunately, they are closed after 30 days automatically. This makes it impossible to see that numerous people have been asking for years for the same thing: give us the ability to increase font size. Since Brave does not allow the increase of font size, I will not make it my default browser. This is too bad. I had made it my default until I realized they have overlooked this crucial feature.

FINALLY ... No Political Filters Preventing the Truth. When I first learned that the maker of Brave was also responsible for launching Mozilla Firefox, a trust had already been established, especially since Fox was the only browser that had the capability of accessing all of my online courses. During my studies, I used the internet to access credible resources on the internet, but it’s quickly become obvious how distorted Google’s algorithms have become because it is common that I can’t find the answers I seek, especially when it is political! Out of frustration, I downloaded Brave, using Duck Duck Go to search and the answers I was seeking appeared at the top .... My only request for Brave is to clearly mark the dates in the link, so users know which option is the most updated data ~ Thanks for bringing Brave into the world ... The public needs unfiltered access to knowledge if we intend to evolve in tomorrow’s world!

solid, reliable, a few fussy issues. There’s not a lot I can say about Brave in general that hasn’t been said in other reviews, and the app specifically is a generally solid mobile browser. A few sites won’t work quite right with it (and are not a mobile issue, because they work alright in firefox or chrome), but that’s pretty rare. A little pet peeve I’ve recently encountered is that, for some reason (unlike more mainstream browser apps), Brave often sets off the iphone’s ‘data detectors’, aka when it highlights something that says ‘tomorrow night’ or ‘this afternoon’ so you can click it and set a reminder or create a calendar event. This is distracting when trying to read a news article or webnovel, and makes no sense. It’s not a thing that can be disabled on the iPhone at large, and I checked the same sites on other apps (firefox, chrome) which don’t have the same issue, so I’m not sure why Brave does. Again, this is a pretty minimal issue, but I do personally find it irritating.

OMG DOWNLOAD THIS BROWSER. I started using Brave several weeks ago, due to all the intrusive ads on every page that I continually had to scroll past to read whatever I was searching for. It’s taken a while to work out some kinks, like page zoom (because the font on brave’s search page is miniscule, but maybe that’s peculiar to my ipad?). I actually gave up once and switched back to chrome—for about ten minutes. Really, after being almost complete ad free, it’s shocking what I used to put up with (with much aggravation) because I didn’t know it CAN be better. I had a video suddenly pop up on a site the other day. I am so used to intrusion free web surfing that it actually shocked me! Which is kind of shocking in itself. And also the reason I am leaving this review. I am not using the pay-for-VPN option. I am using a newer iPad (ninth gen?).

Great, but can’t access passwords. This is a great browser, probably the best mobile one in my honest opinion and wayyy better than Safari because it blocks ads, allows you to easily search with different search engines, and actually shows the different tabs at the top. However, Idk if this is a security thing but now that I have most of my passwords on iCloud and Brave I rely on both whenever i forget them and unfortunately there is no way to view my Brave passwords on mobile (at least for iOS). This is extremely annoying because then I have to hop on my computer and spend a couple minutes opening up my passwords and finding the correct one. It would be nice if it just worked exactly like it did on the desktop version of Brave. Also, with the new Safari rolling out in November, maybe it’s time to consider a design refresh based off of user response to the new Safari and other browsers. Current design is the best imo on mobile but maybe it could be improved further and beat out the competition.

Sync is unreliable, and security and privacy concerns.. I would rate this browser higher immediately if I could get the sync feature to work as advertised.I use sync In Firefox and it is far more effective. Update: After exploring more, I think I see their concept. Unlike FF, Brave will show you the last opened tabs on your other devices and offer to open those on your current device. I’ll evaluate and return as this may work out. I don’t see any requirement I missed, or related faqs. Also, likely Google Chrome style, Brave promises security and privacy but offers to immediately feed ad laced news and share my data. Like Chrome, they may offer security against outsiders, but Google owns your content and are ultra leftists? FBI? IRS? Justice dept? Who knows who they partnered with? I get they aren’t Google, but I have huge trust issues today. I’d like more info on sync features and operation, and assurances about privacy when using Brave features like news and ads.

Some interfaces are pointless. Likes: blocks a lot of tracking and data gathering which eats up data and slows things down. Definitely faster than safari. Blocks a lot of pop ups that other browsers won’t block. Dislikes: they change things just to change things, some of the “features” are pointless and can’t be deleted. Whatever the quick pop up when you touch a link is pointless. If I want to go to another page though a link then go to that link, I end up having this pop out that I have to wait to go away and then hit the link. Double or triple the time which eats up whatever times savings I get from the restricted tracking. Also in the latest update on the favorites page you can only see one line of favorites, you have to hit a button to see the rest of your favorites. WHY??? Absolutely no point here except to aggravate me and make me use extra time to see my favorites. Who is making these decisions? Are you trying Lisa people off? What is the point?

👌🏾Better than Safari!👌🏾. Since I am a growing mind, I need something to satisfy my hunger for knowledge. So, I use this search engine every day. It offers the best, top quality, FREE(I’m not kidding), search tools to help enhance your experience surfing the web. This includes ADVERTISEMENT BLOCKERS on all websites, and more complicated blockers. There is even a private browsing mode! Additionally, the Dev(s) added in a rewards system that makes using Brave Browser, well, rewarding! You can get points the more you use the app, and you can donate ACTUAL MONEY to Brave Rewards verified website/content creators! I don’t think you’ll find Safari being this brave!😏 Note to Developers: There’s just one thing. If you guys could add in an option to delete your non-private browsing history ALL AT ONCE instead of one by one that would be awesome! I don’t know if this is how it how it works but like I had mentioned before, I do a LOT of surfing on the web, and so my history fills up fast. This makes the caches on my phone take up whole gigabytes of space(I think so), of which for me is extremely scarce. If there is a way to delete it all at once please let me know. This is such an amazing app to me and I hope others and myself can experience it to the fullest of its potential. Thanks!🙏🏾 —A citizen of the Brave Kingdom

Just another bait and switch. I’ve been using duck duck go for awhile now and thought I would give these guys a try because of the Tor capability. I deleted it about 30 minutes later and will not be leaving duck duck go. The reason is simple, it’s just another corp bait and switch. The free browser is limited and the complete version is $10 month. I’m confident that if you wanted to research the company. You would find that someone is the friend of the half brother who dated the daughter of the sister who’s aunt knows a VP in google. What we need right now is pioneers who understand that because of the adulterous relationship between tech and government we have been taxed to death and don’t have $10 a month. So don’t preach to me about the horrors of big tech and then turn around and try to steal my last $10.

Full featured, simple, private.. I love that Brave delivers the security & ad features I need, shows me what it’s blocking, and even supports chromium based extensions on desktop, all without the limitations in features of other privacy browsers. Full support for bookmarks, password managing if you want it, and you can choose to enable desktop & mobile sync or keep them separate. As much as I care about the software & programs I use and get really into their features and quirks, I don’t necessarily run around yelling about them to anyone who will listen. Brave, on the other hand, I have been actively and insistently encouraging my friends and family to use! Love this browser. And for anyone put off by the crypto earning/brave wallet thing (which often reads scammy to me in any context), don’t worry. It’s easy to disable and not in any way intrusive if you don’t want to use it. (I can’t vouch for its usability since I don’t use it, but it looks legitimate if you *are* into crypto and want to earn some passive pocket change.)

Awesome browser but needs some fine tuning. This browser honestly is so nice. It’s got a lot of features that you seek in a browser, especially ones that Chrome lacks. It has a clean interface for the favorites bookmark, it has a built-in adblocker and reader mode (which isn’t the best but it’s still nice), it has cool animations, etc. However, it’s still not perfect. Some “issues” include that it’s not really friendly towards one handed use, a feature that I would really appreciate if added. For example, a button at the bottom could be added in place of the 3 dots that activates the search bar. Then, those three dots could be integrated into the Brave logo at the top. Moreover, the tabs page, which has tiles that are somewhat hard to reach, could have a button at the bottom that reaches the top. Also, it would look cleaner if the url is shorter at the top and that, when you scroll down, that shortened url still appears. I completely realize how I’m nit-picking, but these would be nice to have nonetheless.

Website data suggestion. I frequently delete my website data in the settings to free up storage space but oftentimes this simple task becomes really tedious and repetitive. Besides the “remove all” option, right now, there seems to only be one way to clear the cookies/cache of specific websites I visit which is the “select and delete” method. This means I have to sort through and select between the 100s of websites I visit regularly and the ones I browse for like 2 seconds, and never visit again, in order to delete the data. My Idea to fix this issue is to implement a sort of “safe list” where you can add the websites you visit often to this list and they won’t be affected by the “remove all” method while the other websites will. Of course, you don’t have to make it exactly like this but I’d really appreciate it if you looked into this issue. Thanks.

Browser is great, don't use the VPN. I am a big fan of Brave's browser, which by itself is easily 5 stars for me. The new VPN service, however, is terrible on iOS. It disconnects constantly on both the iPhone and iPad (and it doesn't tell you when it does). When the VPN breaks while it's connected, I have to completely remove the VPN profile from the device before any data will work again. The 5 device per subscription is a joke, since the account logs itself out daily and constantly asks me to pay for a premium subscription I already have. Customer support for this paid services seems to primarily be just a community forum (there is a separate option for a ticket, though I haven't received any response from it). I cannot justify paying a monthly subscription to a company that has no customer service phone number or email. No reason to pay to be a beta user when Brave charges the same as the biggest VPN names on the market right now.

Brave ok but default browser iphone links fail to open. Main issue is website data DOES NOT CLEAR when all tabs are closed, NOR when the brave app is closed and reopened -even in private mode with all boxes checked on the Privacy settings page. This is NOT how privacy should work! We should not need to manually clear website data! Also, we should be able to block only third party cookies and/or block all cookies. Not just block cookies. Which if NOT blocked, brave retains these cookies between launches of the app, AND ALSO, displays cookies (website data) that was previously MANUALLY CLEARED after previous uses of brave before closing it. Finally, Whatever iphone ios 15 App interface is used to pass links to brave, has in the past, failed to use brave as the default browser and sometimes also, fails to open the page in brave when the link is passed to brave. Nothing is in address bar, nothing opens. Brave opens then nothing. If this is a brave or ios setting related design or issue it should explicitly say so. Brave also holds old webpage in cache of a tab in tab view screen that has already been navigated back using the browser ‘back’ arrow. Why should we have to be bothered by having to use community page and create login and create report FOR A PRIVACY BROWSER and troubled by such trivial issues. Emphasis on privacy.

Best in privacy, not in interface. Brave is the best browser in terms of privacy, ad blocking, and preventing cookies/trackers. Despite all the I have noticed that the interface gives a cheap feeling. Someone who has been an Apple user for a long time, I have gotten used to the clean interface which Brave lacks, it rather complicates it by adding so many things in visible places. Also, there have been instances where I haven’t been able to access the top bar when it was hidden during interaction. Often with privacy browsers websites don’t function properly but with Brave, they seem to do find and Brave even lets you customize the type of Brave shield being used which allows you to be able to disable a certain thing that may be preventing the website from functioning properly. Overall, best privacy feature and good quality browser.

Great Chromium browser. First off, its fantastic for browsing without getting tailored content shoveled in your way. Its fast, familiar, and easy to choose settings for. There are a few drawbacks. If you have an Safari based ad blocker or app, this app will not honor those extensions. Keep in mind, its Chromium based, so its to be expected. It would be nice if similar functionality or support could be added. As of iOS16.3.1 the video playback feature gets stuck offscreen...a lot. This is more likely an iOS bug, but if you fullscreen a video and accidentally lock your device, the video is stuck blank until the page is refreshed. Also as of iOS16.3.1 the browser crashes a lot more frequently than it used to. I sense but can't prove that the tab doesn't handle being suspended very well, and caches or page timers are tripping something up. If you only use Brave for one or two tabs at a time, its tolerable but annoying having to restart the browser periodically. Last, some sites dont honor Brave's user agent string very well. Even if you report a broken site or disable shields, a handful of sites refuse to work as they would in other browsers. This appears to be more common with Cloudflare enabled sites, but again, its not frequent. Finally, if you set Brave as the default browser, it does not work well for authenticating on a Captive portal. For the time being, I run Safari and Brave as needed. Someday, I hope Brave can be the standard browser we all wish for.

Need a bigger search bar. Brave became my primary browser from the first day I downloaded it, but the only thing that makes me switch to duckduckgo’s app sometimes is the search bar, the search bar there is bigger and feels right to use, for PC brave’s search bar is perfect but for iPads or iPhones, it’s just too small, it’s hard to shift tabs without accidentally closing some. I get there are a lot of features to show, that why there is a need to make the search bar small, but to be really honest I only use those features if either a site is broken or I have to increase security for a particular website, although the number of times I have ever done this is basically less than 20 in 2 months, what can be done is probably making a clean drop down menu which shows all the important features or maybe just show the necessary features like increasing security, also one last thing (am so sorry if am being u know selfish here) I really don’t like the way a single tab covers the full top screen, like I really really prefer it to be a single block on the left side, well without making my review anymore complicated I would really like to end it, the browser is great, security is great, just the tab preview isn’t, have an amazing day/afternoon/evening/night.

Fast, Ad Block by Default, Crypto Rewards and Privacy Focus. What’s not to like right? This is hands down the fastest browser I’ve used on my Mac, iOS and Windows devices. Ads are blocked by default and it’s easy to make changes to the shields when they inadvertently block things that you want to see. Brave’s privacy focus is a huge selling point especially for people who follow tech and have noticed just how creepy the predictive algorithms are getting. One of the most interesting things is the Brave Rewards model and their solution to the current online advertising nightmare - the BAT (Basic Attention Token). Not only to they pay you for watching ads but the tech also promises an opportunity to upend the current broken system of Google-based ads and predictive marketing analytics. What they hope to do eventually is to put the power back consumer’s hands by paying us to view adds and allocating BAT to content providers based on the proportion of attention you give the site monthly. Popularity growth of the platform and additional investment and price increases for the BAT token will be required to get to a point where the system can potentially provide enough revenue to compete directly against Google etc. but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give it a try and read up a little. I think you’ll like it too.

General feedback. I had no complaints after a long time using this app but today’s update introduced a bug (now fixed) and an undesirable feature. (Dec 11, 2019, Fixed - Thanks) Bug: I turn off the brave tokens icon in settings. This works until I close (actually shut it down) the browser. When I relaunch, the icon is back. I have to turn or on and off again. The issue repeats every time. Feature: Long press on a link popped a simple menu to open in new tab. Now it opens a shrunken visual of the page. However you can’t scroll in that shrunken view so I can’t tell if there is anything of value on that link. The effect of the shrunken view has no purpose so I’d rather just have an option to see my simple pop up menu instead. If you can add that as an opinion in settings, I would use it. (Dec 11, 2019 - Addressed - Thanks for the feedback ... I had not understood how the Bookmark button provides improved use over a simple home button) Request: Can you add an option to display a home button (icon). I hate having to close or open tabs just to see speed dials so I can select the one page I access 90% of the time. A home button really is my #1 request of any browser but it seems to be going the way of the headphone jack.

Browser would be amazing with a few tweaks for mobile.. First of all, I LOVE this browser. The level of privacy and security is a breath of fresh air compared to most. Wonderfully they are developing a email that forwards to yours, keeping yours anonymous and less easy to be compromised while purchasing online (such as duck duck is). That is a huge bonus feature. I do find that this app has many more privacy options than most and that seems to be the company’s #1 priority. However I only deducted a star because I mobile app would be top notch with full security and privacy customization options that are standard on the PC version. That is surprising to me. I also appreciate if there were more accessibility options within the app settings. I am moderately vision and hearing impaired. For some reason Brave doesn’t seem to recognize my phone setting to accommodate for those disorders. It does seem to break sites on occasion, although the devs are pretty good at promptly fixing those issues once you report them plus sometimes this is my VPN. All in all, I would 100% recommend this, especially if you just need a basic browser that doesn’t track and get in on your business.

Love Using Brave!. I've been using it for months now on my iPhoneXR. You can tell the folks who made it care! The user interface is much easier to understand compared to other browsers - the options are laid out in a clear and concise format that makes it intuitively easy to find what I'm looking for. Does a great job translating what the technology is doing into user friendly terms (I'm thinking of the Manage Website Data screen). I am still tweaking how I use Brave to maximize performance! I would love a faster route to the Page Zoom option - I often find myself on websites that do not take complete care of their mobile users and I think using the Page Zoom more often would help alleviate my browsing frustrations (my current work around is opening the website I'm struggling with finding a comfortable viewing experience in Safari ). Five Stars from me! I will continue using as my daily mobile browser!

Super FAST!! Amazing app DOWNLOAD IT! You won’t regret it. Update:so now it’s doing the same exact thing as the other apps for the site. Deleting this. That lasted a whole day So I literally never write reviews (I know I’m sure people say that a lot) but I honestly don’t I could care less but I knew if there was someone out there unsure like me I had to share how awesome this app is. I have safari on my iPhone which is alright but for some reason Walmart (don’t judge I mean hey they have great prices!) just doesn’t want to load it or will half load and take forever or it would load in like writing with no pictures or like a different layout with no button to press on for next page basically just a mess and Thats on strong WiFi so I kept having refresh or put it in desktop mode til it would work and mind you that other sites would load no problem it was just this one so I had chrome downloaded because I love chrome and I knew sometimes it would load better in chrome then safari (but still sometimes even on there same thing) so I decided to look in the App Store and this pops up I decide to give it a try what do I have to lose and instantly it loads in a millisecond and no problems at all and the page loads correctly! I’ve never had anything load that quick and the page works fine (finally!!) and as do other sites too this app is awesome bottom line you won’t regret downloading it I sure don’t!! Hope this helps someone decide :)

Help please. So the past couple of days or so suddenly I cannot open my browser. Brave is my default browser and any time I click the icon it acts like it’s going to open it flashes up and then disappears like nothing ever happened. When I tried to click support here it tried to take me to my browser and exact same thing happened. I’ve shut my phone down and turned back on still happens, I even just updated my phone and it’s still happening. Can anyone please tell me what’s going on and how to fix this please? Thanks Now I see other people with this same problem and one answer was to update to 1.51 but mine is already updated to that and this is still happening. Please help or I’m going to have to change all of my settings and everything that makes brave my default browser because it’s just closing things out and I need to be snide to get the internet. Please help. Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I wrote something a few days ago. Now I see a lot more reviews saying this same thing that it won’t open at all. The problem is besides the obvious….. I have a lot of passwords stored in my brave settings and now not only can’t I use my regular browser, but I’m unable to get into any of the websites who’s passwords I’ve stored in brave. This is beginning to become a much bigger problem and I would think that by now with so many others in this same situation that there would be some sort of solution posted by now. Please help. I feel like my life is on hold until this gets resolved. Thank you

You guys are the best!. The Brave Team messed up the browser recently, but it was fixed super quick. The recent update that changed the way the interface looks is super cool, but one thing that got messed up is that they replaced the new tab button with a search button. What’s the problem here? Well, there was no way to open a new tab without viewing the tab list, which I used to do all the time. The new search button does exactly the same thing that tapping the search bar already does, so this change made no sense at all. I complained in a review and a day or so later an update comes out and reversed this change completely! Thanks Brave Team for being great as always! OLD REVIEW _____________ Brave team, I love the new update. It’s much nicer looking than before. But please, PLEASE change the search button back into a new tab button! There is absolutely no reason to have a search button since you can just tap on the address bar at any time to do the same thing, but to make new tabs I have to switch to the tab view and tap it there. It takes twice as long and the button they replaced the new tab button with is completely useless and breaks my workflow in the browser. PLEASE change it back or give us the option to change it back!

Not using BRAVE? Why?. If anyone is still using google and especially those who still use. Are you too lazy to take time and see just how your life is being tracked and information being sold to any country or business for millions. I bet the very people who are not concerned with your privacy do not leave your home unlocked while your gone? Take charge and be concerned that your life is being sold to people by google, other search engines and social media. These people you do not know I can assure you know as much if not more about you and your family than you know yourself. If you want request your data and what you receive will not only shock you but what information they give you is about half of file they store on your life. If time is issue just download Brave and protect yourself and your family. If you choose not to you can never complain when you find out. Being robbed of your private life is worse than your home being burglarized. Wake up use BRAVE at least to protect your family members from you exposing them to the unknown people who know so much about them. You can expose yourself but do not drag others into your selfishness behavior. Brave is a great free way to protect yourself from being monitored 24/7.

Paired with VPN it’s on Point!. This browser is one I use on a regular basis. Far greater than the MetaData Pirates at Google. Oddly enough you can also selectively pick which search engine your search’s scrape from. D.D.Go, G, etc. being one of my top choices as they “claim” not to save your meta. Do your home work though. Be sure to take the time to check out the settings section and brush up on what these features you have are used for and how it can protect your systems from unwanted tracers, metadata pirating/selling. The one feature I always use is the private browser which conveniently enough allows you to also switch over into the TOR network. Paired with a solid VPN services(normally paid services) and you'll be happy. Be sure to do your homework on all apps and services before just jumping into them without a bit of insight on how the company operates, tech support, etc. check the reviews also.

New favorite browser!. About a month ago I deleted all my other search browsers and have been using this one since then. There are quite a few different settings that you can mess with to make it more personal for you. That being said you can leave it just how it is and it works perfectly! One cool feature about this app is it can show you the amount of seconds it has saved you while searching as well as how many ads it has blocked. I have definitely noticed the lack of ads since using this and I mean who actually likes ads? Not me. If I were to try and find one bad thing about this app is that while you are trying it doesn’t auto correct your words while you are typing like safari does but that is a very minor thing. Over all I would definitely recommend using this browser over most others.

This is the Browser to use if you Value Privacy and Security. I’m giving your Brave browser five stars because overall it is head over shoulders above the other browsers, including DuckDuckGo for privacy and safety. One thing that would be nice would be to be able to move all of my bookmarks from DuckDuckGo and the other browsers that I’ve used to the Brave browser all at once. Currently, I have to move my bookmarks one by one of which there are a lot in the long run. I’m willing to do this because you have done so much good with your browser and I’m happy to leave the other browsers that promise privacy. I stop using anything having to do with Google Microsoft, or Apple supported browsers a long time ago. I hope in the future that you will make this mass moving a book marks easier. Thank you for. Privacy protection, oriented browser.

Never touching Google Chrome again. I’ve been a chrome user since day one essentially sadly so for 13 years they have been money off of my information, I never realized how much of my info was out there until I had a random thought about changing browsers after having a popular VPN for a while and how much they talk about security and how much your info is being stolen and sold no matter how much you try to secure it. Chrome, Opera, the list goes on they all have the same goal and the fact of the matter is that they aren’t upfront with it is what bothers me the most. I will never go back, Brave please don’t ever sell to a company that will take the fundamentals of what has been set from the beginning because what you guys have created is perfect and I can’t wait what you guys make this into even more beautiful.

Incredible, just try it, trust me. Ihave been with brave for about a year. I’m not much of a fanatic in general, but this brrowser is the rare exception. Faster browsing? Check. Fastest ever, that alone could be the winning feature. But the ability to save video and music on local storage for free is completley unrivaled also. Bugs are few and far between. Instead of taking publishers monitazation via ad blocker, this offers privacy preserving BAT which can be synced across all devices, along with passwords, history, and prefrences. A book will probably be written about how this browser and the organization behind it changed the game of the internet. I sometimes think it is too good to be true. I’m just a regular working class dude and this is what I find best to use, day in, day out. Try it and I'm sure you will too!

Only App I Uodate and Recommend. It’s simple, effective, goes above and beyond, has everything you could ask for from a search engine (im just a casual user so it has everything i could ask for, at least). With the amount of features it has + how helpful and responsive the devs are + the fact that there’s no ads or fees besides the beautiful photography backgrounds (?), i really don’t know how you guys do it. What made me go out and make this review was the fact that there was an issue for a month or two where downloads wouldn’t clear even if history and data were cleared, so storage space would start to rack up quite fast. But now, i see a new option for removing download storage. Any other app and I would’ve been waiting a year or two to get a fix for such a minor thing, if it were to happen at all. 10/10 I recommend

It had become a fav of mine, but slowly losing that title... I think the recent update (it’s November 2021) has caused this issue that is insanely annoying. I probably have around 60 tabs and they all keep disappearing when looking at an overview of them or when switching back from another app. None of the tabs want to reload and I get white screens and no url present. I have to quit by swiping up to quit on iPhone 11. This probably happens several times per day. Unfortunately I can’t deal with this as I’m a mom and don’t have time throughout the day to deal with issues like this (every minute is important to us moms and cannot be wasted on stuff that doesn’t work properly). So back to DDG I go until it’s resolved. Oh and BTW, there are some numbskulls in the reviews that don’t understand how Brave Rewards work, that they bash Brave as having pop-up ads. Read them, and learn more about their rewards!

Bookmark order. 1.42 is another bad release. Bottom part of screen on iPad is unresponsive. Renders browser worthless. Don’t they check their releases beforehand? Has become worthless again. I have reported at least 10 common sites that the app will not work with anymore. Either stay current or go home. Waiting for updates to fix problems is a waste of my time. I like the promise of this app but it does live up to its goals. Too frustrating to use anymore. Yesterday I opened the app and all my bookmarks are in a different order. I can move them in edit mode but when I reopen bookmarks the order has reverted and no changes have been save. There have just been too many problems with this browser in the last few months. It is not a stable app. I am trying to sync my bookmarks for my iPad to my Mac Pro running El Capitan. Both computer and iPad recognize the other device but nothing has yet been synced in two hours. I am just trying to get my bookmarks exported in an organized manner. I cannot fin where to report this bug on the brave community website.

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Best browser, just one thing…. This browser is absolutely great, no ads, great personalisation and much much more. There’s just one thing I would want, is more customisation for the brave playlist feature, such as shuffle play, but other than that, I think this app is perfect! Definitely a 5 star

A browser that is fast, but limited. I’ve been using Brave since it appeared now, it is fast, and it’s great that it reduces, if not eliminate tracking. However, there is a price to pay. Brave doesn’t play with some other essential apps like Evernote well. There is still no Evernote web clipper after waiting quite some time, and some other websites just don’t function as they could when viewed in Brave Browser. Yes, possibly because of an insistence of cookies or tracking of some kind. All in all it’s an individual choice, but I want a fully functioning browser, and Brave is found wanting.

Almost perfect.. It has in built Ad block and it’s fast and responsive. There isn’t much to complain except for a few things. 1. Night mode in Brave doesn’t follow iOS Dark mode. Night mode is very much it’s own thing which is nice that it exists, but it would be better if it automatically turned on/off by following iPhone Dark mode. 2. I want to hide the wallet and playlist options in the three dots settings menu as I do not care much about them. They can still exists in the actual settings menu, but I would rather not see them. Hopefully there will be a way to expose them/hide them in future updates. These are my only two gripes which is insane, I could go into a tangent on Safari, Chrome and Firefox. This goes to show how amazing Brave is.

You have really stepped in it this time.... Seriously... you had to go "George Orwell 1984" and put facial ID as a form of "security" in brave browser. You've really lost it. Previous: One of your previous updates completely removed the option to block phishing when touching the lion in the top right-hand corner on any website. is there a reason for that because I would find it contradictory for an app that helps with privacy to remove something critical like that...

Home Page. The other browser that I have used for years stopped working with iOS 13.1.2 so I am giving Brave a go. Getting a shortcut on what the other browser called the ‘Home Page’ takes 3 steps instead of 1, quite cumbersome. Also the ability to open the current page in Safari so the page can be saved in full in Reader View was really handy. That would be a nice addition. Brave may have superior anti-tracking, it certainly gives you the info on what it is doing.

False claims. The cookie consent blocker is not working on the main news website in australia ABC news. Moreover, app fails to prevent a new “sign with your google account” popup. Ghosterys adblocker app which can be integrated with safari is a better solution towards controlling ads and cookie consent boxes. Their VPN is also poorly implemented. During change of network from wifi to mobile or vice versa. it blocks all the internet. The price of this vpn is extremely high with only 1 Australian location. They have not implemented wireguard and Open vpn is also missing. At about 16 dollars a month they are only offering IKE2 protocol from an unknown VPN company with just Sydney to choose from. Their news is also dishing out western propaganda and fails to maintain any neutrality.

I still choose safari. I want to find an alternative to safari so I’ve been using brave for about 2 weeks. Yes it loads things faster and I like the layout of the app. However switching tabs, closing tabs etc. isn’t very quick. It’s slow and clunky compared to safari. I’d like to use it as my main browser but it just needs to be that little more snappy on the small things.

Professional-Knowledgeable-Competitively Priced. My first encounter with David was roughly 12 months ago. I experienced above and beyond service. David explained in detail what I had likely done to my foot and proceeded to go through treatment options. Now, a year later, I require orthotics. I reached out to David as well as a few other podiatry clinics, asking for a quick consult and some orthotics as my injury seemed to be returning. David understood my requirement for a speedy pair of orthotics and made it happen faster than anyone else I had called. I was utterly impressed with his attention to detail and his brilliant offer of 3 free consults within three months of the orthotic fitting. My orthotics are perfect and keeping me exercising risk free of injury. I took him up on his offer for the second discounted pair as well. Well worth it too! Keeping one pair in work shoes and my other pair in exercise shoes. I will be recommending David to anyone I know who has foot issues, starting with my partner who will be contacting him within the month. He is a true expert of his field. And a great bloke to talk Watches with.

Really nice browser for those who worry about their privacy. Excellent browser with no complaints. Works as expected. I do have one feedback- If the browser allowed the option to reduce the text size of the page so that one can view the entire page if the page is not mobile friendly, that will be awesome.

Guaranteed to crash 5 times a week. Guaranteed to crash 5 times a week Most likely to cause you to rage quit / delete. I was enjoying brave as a simple browser, that was quick to load and removes a lot of the garbage that a lot of websites insist on drowning you in. But over the last few updates this browser seems to have regressed to the point where it is hard to recommend as the primary browser. Seems to crash the session or tab you are in far more frequently than Safari. Like every week I have something that I am viewing, or something that I am editing in the browser, that crashes and I loose everything that I am working on. Makes it very hard to recommend until they get an update provides more stability and fixes those crashes. Until then I am back to Safari. :)

Almost the perfect Chrome replacement. Overall a great browser, however, it’s not quite there with being a Chrone replacement. The key thing missing is full sync between other devices in your chain. At the moment the iOS app can only sync bookmarks - passwords stored on your desktop for example will not sync to your iOS browser. This is a major barrier for people such as myself completely jumping ship. Apart from this the only other thing I would like to see is the addition of a quick search Home Screen widget. Once these two are added Chrome is out the door for good.

Good browser but now there’s an issue!. Been using this app for around a month now and it’s good much better than safari, but an issue cropped up a week a go where I couldn’t save an image in the photos app all of a sudden, I managed to bumble my way through the settings on my iPad and managed to fix it. Turns out it was only temporary though because it’s happened again and no amount of bumbling has fixed it this time. Everything else about this is great.

From Chrome to Brave. It is definitely a leap from getting brave ads on chrome to deleting chrome for brave but here we are. Brave definitely is better in that things like ecosia can be used easier and it is slightly faster. The layout is fine, some stuff is more convenient than chrome and it crashes less for me. One of the main reasons I did get it was also to get an alternative to google which has been pretty dominant and fussy in my country so brave is a great alternative for people looking to try something different! Their are some pop up bit coin things at the Home Screen but their very easy to ignore.

Amazing but.... It isn’t the same because when I use google or DuckDuckGo it doesnt change the thing. Like it doesn’t have fire mode or google is different. Brave has its own thing and I don’t know how to change it. Because it works like safari. It’s hard to explain. Hope you understand, no one would read this anyways.

This is really useful!. Before I start, I want to that this app is gang. Firstly, I love the technology in this app, also the way it can use safari as a default, when you like login or something? thirdly, I love how Brave can use Siri (Like it’s your own personal assistant) (Even though she is ) but lastly, thanks for this app and hope you’ll release like a series 👐😂 (As in) BRAVE 2, BRAVE 3, BRAVE THE PROTECTOR, or maybe BRAVE 4: THE BUG KILLER (even though that number five is “bug killer” but also, it’s kinda dumb, because, WE ALL KNOW ITS NOT JUST A BUG KILLER! 😂: from Me.

Fantastic browser!. Brave has an essentially identical user-interface to Chrome, which is in my opinion the best one. What sets this browser apart from any other one, really, is the guaranteed prioritisation of your privacy as a user. Brave has an in-built ad-blocker, which means good times for mobile users (can’t have browser extensions on here!). My only complaint for this browser is that, despite having the setting to save logins enabled…my logins never seem to be saved. However, it’s a con much outweighed by the pros. I recommend Brave for everyone.

Tim sent me, I stayed and bought in.. Tim Ferris got me here. It’s my full time default browser and I’m used to it and recommend it. Im now halfway through the second year of paying $155 per year. Don’t really notice any difference of speed, but it’s saying it’s blocked 45K ads and trackers and I use the VPN always so that’s cool. An emailed discount for ongoing years year would be great.

Search engine using google but removes spam and trackers. Great search engine. On the surface, feels like running chrome or typical google search any other search but with an added layer of protection which removes spam and trackers. Like duck duck go, let’s u see which trackers have been blocked... well worth the 3 mins to install.

Love it but... I don’t know what happened this morning but the app apologised for having crashed my 4 tabs and then crashes immediately. Even when I am quick enough to press “okay” when it asks to restore them the app doesn’t respond to any input and just sits there. I restarted the app, the phone and even redownloaded same deal. Please fix?

Loving it!. I love Brave it’s a great browser and I can understand all the hype it’s getting. My only complaint for it is the load times for me have not been what has been advertised. But I love the add blocker and how I can support content creators. I really like the UI and the picture is cool behind the search. I also like how I can see how much time and data I have saved. Overall a great browser! :)

Best Ad Blocker on iOS. I’ve tried several different browsers so far, including Safari with AdGuard, and so far Brave has the best ad-free experience. When compared to Opera, Brave seems far more reliable at fully blocking ads. Furthermore, when compared to Chrome and Safari, Brave properly uses the inbuilt iOS video player, rather than the HTML one which often has poor support for touch interfaces. Safari’s use of the HTML video player often leads to random skipping around because it doesn’t respond correctly to touch interactivity. Brave has the best balance of features I’ve seen on iOS of any browser. It’s best for video, and even great for reading with dark-mode. The only thing I can fault is that I wish I could sync my Chrome browser’s bookmarks and history with Brave.

Smooth and reliable. Been using the Brave browser purely for privacy reasons. I do not have any additional Adblock app running. And in almost 99% of sites - it works, which is pretty good considering the fact that adblockers and certain privacy settings could potentially make some webpage unbrowsable. In the rare event where it doesn’t - I simply revert to Firefox or Safari. Keep up the good work!

My Brave Attempt at Text Size FAIL. This is okay app but I cannot change the text/font size of a COMPLETE downloaded file. I honestly feel idiotic but can only change the Text/Font size of a few pages, then the file, instead of scrolling completely on to its fin, comes to a dead end. My eyes need larger text sizes for e-books. This has me beat for time being! Over and out. And why is EVERY nickname taken?

Good but glitchy. Can’t possibly submit feedback or review using the browser (no, I don’t want to register on a separate website and give you my personal information then verify my email just so that I could report a bug),so I will leave them here: 1. request desktop button often not displaying the correct word. 2. no option to choose request desktop site for specific websites 3. Any bugs present in chrome is also in Brave browser (too many to list) 4. Certain websites freeze or does not load properly with brave browser but is ok with chrome and Firefox, I suspect it’s because the protection, but I haven’t found out the reason yet

So simple and easy to use. This browser has a very clean layout and it’s also extremely fast compared to safari at loading sites and images plus the built in adblockers do their jobs perfectly. Such a good browser and the option to sync across your devices is very useful too.

Excellent Browser and Blocker. Amazing browser, awesome features. I do find on mobile that links opened in a new tab sometimes don’t load, staying blank… and the Playlist feature doesn’t autoplay next videos/streams so it can get a bit tedious having to hit play for each one, especially if they’re short videos. Otherwise, very good experience.

McSearch .... Idk why search has been removed, when I used to type in the address bar, I'd have options to use other search engines and I could tap that to change it based on what I was searching for, such as science or news would get different results and preferences too, especially as my default was Duck Duck Go and it's been changed to Brave Search and I can't imagine that it's better than DDG but if I want to search Alpha as an example I now need to go into the settings to change the default for that search and that really blows McChunks and tosses a McSalad

Good but the playlist is annoying. Very good browser app. But with the latest update with the playlist it automatically comes and is annoying. Would like to know how you can disable it and stop it popping up automatically. Especially when you want to read the comments or scroll down it’s very annoying 😡.

Crypto is real life. People are asking “that is blockchain and what is cryptocurrency” we didn’t have a real life use case for a long time. It was just an idea! Brave is the strongest use case of blockchain! It’s real and it works. Who would have guessed the the viewer of the ad gets paid not “Google” this model is going to work! give it 10 years, Google will lose 70% of its yearly revenue which is ads!!! GO BRAVE! Go BAT! Destroy Google and facebooks alike!!

Unusable. The last few updates have turned Brave browser from a brilliant tool into an unusable app that crashes on startup without any way to resolve the issue. Such a pity I can't even access my extensive bookmarks. iPhone SE original ios 15.7.2 Edit: I have been given the opportunity to update my review, so I will, unapologetically. After a significant time lapse following my initial review, I received a reply from a very inattentive Brave representative asking me to USE my UNUSABLE app to fix the problem. Apart from knowing that that would be the response I would receive, due to the indepedant research I did trying to fix the problem and seeing other frustrated Brave users receiving inadequate responses, nothing has been resolved and I have been added to the TOO HARD basket along with the other users. I have found another browser and will recommend others to use the alternative and to steer clear of Brave Browser, as they have no adequate staff or responses. Happy days Brave! Well done!!

I’m loving this app. I first got brave when I saw a few ads. Noticed it was clean and didn’t look like other browsers. Brave looked professional. I like that you have the option to lock the app, download clips for offline and how simple it is. I especially like the lock app option as it’s a good way to keep extra privacy!!

Good browser, no more FB targeted ads!. I’ve been using this browser for a while as a replacement for my Safari, I don’t have to see ads for things I google for anymore! The only downside is that sometimes it feels laggy and becomes unresponsive. Some websites definitely don’t like me using this browser and things don’t properly load there. Other than that it’s a good and relatively fast browser.

Best browser I’ve used to stop Google trackers and all unwanted trackers. If you get onto using this browser you’ll see that you results come through far much faster than that of most others and you’ll have better access to the internet without being limited to googles intranet channels so to speak. Basically if you want your freedom of liberties use Brave. (Google Chrome is for noobs.)

Using for years & discovering new things. One of the best things I love about brave is that not only so I earn crypto just by doing what I do every day, but I can still play videos in the background while I’m texting, researching or using other apps. A little disappointed with duck duck go (sell outs?) but brave gives you lots of options and ways in which you can use the browser and retain your privacy. I haven’t seen a browser that is a close competitor yet.

Snappy & Responsive. Really enjoying it so far! Sites load faster than other browsers, built in ad & tracker blocking is a great feature and the care and attention to detail in the UI, makes this one of the best looking browsers on iOS right now. Just one small change I would like - the option to display two rows of favourites on the new tab page, before the “Show More” button.

Almost perfect. The browser is great, really nice to not have most of ads on mobile. Two feature are missing, first is to allow blocking entire website, some really annoying ads manage to go through. Second would be a toggle like for JavaScript etc… to block app opening links, some website just force open apps non stop. Thanks for the hard work !

The only browser worth using. Privacy focused, allowing the end user control over their data and giving back the choice to say no to tracking and no to ads. Brave is my go-to on iOS and on PC. My only dislike is that you can’t earn BAT rewards on iOS due to Apple’s restrictions on apps but that’s not the fault of the developers of Brave. If you’re not sure whether to pull the trigger and get Brave or not, this is your sign to get it!

A must have. Brave may not perform some technical processes but what it does do is provide a very fast, ad free, tracker free browsing experience. You can opt in or out of Brave's unique BAT rewards system for responsible advertisers. I opted for it and donate my BAT rewards to a few of my favourite web sites. Brave has many useful features I use like sharing web sites direct to social media, creating PDFs, Find in Page, print to compatible on line printers, and you can Sync between devices using Brave's Sync Chain function. You may need another browser for specific tasks or extensions but for day to day browsing of your favourite sites without the clutter of pop-up ads or the danger of being tracked you can't go past Brave for iOS/IPadOS and macOS.

It’s works better than Safari and battery saving but it keep crashes in a specific website. I’ve test it out the battery consuming and in 20 mins I can save 2% of the battery it consume than Safari which come in handy when I need my phone to last as long as possible. Sometime Safari doesn’t work and if I use this website it can load it perfectly. One thing though... It keep crashes on a specific website. Mostly it works, but sometime it doesn’t and would repeatedly crashes until it doesn’t and sometime it getting on my nerves. Maybe you guys can do something about it? Could be it’s too much for the app but then, I don’t like it.

Fast, reliable and excellent ad / tracker blocking. Brave is the best browser I've used so far. It's speed and It's out-of-the-box ad and tracker blocking are excellent and the in-browser controls to deal with these are easy to use. It works so well I just don't think about the browser and can instead enjoy browsing. A fantastic product.

No more Ads and Google Tracking. As someone who has used Chrome for years it’s finally refreshing to see someone addressing the elephant in the room. My browser experiences on chrome are destroyed by google ads. As soon as I open the page on Brave performance goes through the roof and all the ads and trackers are gone. It makes the experience so much better. I gave you guys 4 stars as it’s hard to reach the search bar at the top on mobile. If you could move the search to the middle like the Google search home page it would be perfect 5 stars

Just try it!. I was sitting on the fence for ages. Now that I have tried it, I am going to install it on every device I use. It’s so fast compared to the default browsers for each major operating system that I expect to be turning to them as my backup browser only when particular websites work better with them. Brave has become my preferred browser.

Eight years of Safari is at an end for me. Brave is brilliant.. As per the title, Safari has been the centre of most of my self-driven education, last-minute fishing for those lost event tickets, checking news, and everything that doesn't involve a dedicated app. Until today. I must admit that my reservations against the Chrome engine still bug me at some level, and Firefox was never really a smooth/fast/sleek option in my experience. Yet, here we are. It seems there's a direct and thorough answer to the countless memes showcasing what an absolute disaster the internet of advertising and cookie notices has become. Thank you, Brave. You came to the right place at the right time, and you're brilliant. (and no, I wasn't paid to write this... I just go on spiels sometimes 🙃)

Awesome browser. Brave browser is the best browser for privacy oriented individuals and groups surfing the standard internet. It feels great to flick Google and Facebook the proverbial data bird every time you use it and I feel safer browsing the internet as a result. Trust me, it is liberating using big tech products that mess with big tech agendas. As we can all see at the moment they are not always in our best interest.

Love this browser!. I downloaded the Brave browser after listening to a podcast with Joe Rogan about Google. I’m not a super privacy freak, but I just love the speed but brave loads websites and stops extra pop-up ads and other security features. I have set it as my default browser now on my iPhone and I love it. I never get pop-up ads or annoying other features. It would be great if there was a quicker and easier way to add a website as a favourite to the homepage with one touch of a button instead of going through the menus. But all in all a fantastic browser and well worth it.

Brave on iPhone 8. I tried this for couple months set it as default browser, which I don’t believe it was as every time i opened brave settings “set as default” was highlighted yet it showed as default in safari settings! Also I tried to purchase the vpn etc but something always went wrong for instance a pop up saying “your not connected to the internet “ when I clearly was. Plus a few more issues But today I deleted Brave when I found 60 plus screenshots from my photos on brave in downloads??? NOT WHAT I CALL PRIVATE. Thought I had finally found something online that actually delivered. Wrong!!!

Great browser!. It took a few days until it became smooth and running efficiently. The links and the answers to my questions are intelligent and suggest better websites to continue searching. Please keep up providing us with the better knowledge and the better information all round. Thank you kindly 🛸🌟🛸🌟🤩

Excellent. Overall fantastic, have had a couple pages fail to load but we’re talking <0.1%. Has multiple unique features compared to other web browser apps. Recommend giving it a try if you haven’t yet.

Brilliant, a better way to internet!. If you do your research and take the time to understand why what the team behind Brave are doing is so important, it’s an absolute non-negotiable to be using a privacy browser. Using truly encrypted messaging services (like Signal), email services (like Proton) and privacy browsers like Brave, will transform the way you interact with the world digitally. Be prepared, the number of trackers this application blocked in my first day and week, let alone first month, was in the thousands, and tens of thousands respectively. It is an eye opener. An essential app for anyone who cares about net neutrality, security and privacy.

Good. Overall, a chrome equivalent, unsurprisingly. The speed increase is evident without being mind-blowing. (Not as big a step up as wired connection instead of wifi - but noticeable) There’s built-in points, awards, and crypto currency - all nonsense of no value to man nor beast. It’s straight-forward - but not obvious and simple - how to turn these off, reduce the notifications clutter. What’s left is not entirely invisible, but simple to ignore in daily life.

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Fix this PLEASE!!. I really love this app, but every time I scrub a video the ‘Add to Brave Playlist’ pops up. I tried to disable it but it did’t work. It’s quite annoying than the adds

Deleted 100s of downloads without a prompt or asking me first. Deleted 100s of downloads i made—mostly hard to find Ebooks, presumably because that as the default behaviour. I went into settings and saw clearing of multiple things, including downloads, was in the on mode of the on-off switch which says clear downloads. I’ve never seen a web browser yet which has a turned on switch to clear a number of things including downloads. I was in the process of making Brave my default browser, pushing out iCabMobile which is a pay app, which I have using since my first Apple device but after 100s of downloads were cleared without even asking me first is completely unforgivable and unacceptable in my estimation and that’s why I gave it 1 star. I would have given it a 0 or some negative number like -5 if that was possible. Until that point I thought it was a great browser and would have made it my new default browser if this did not happen. ICabMobile NEVER deleted my downloads no matter how much space they took up or how old they were just sitting there. My iPad Pro has a gig of user available ram and I never really get to a point where I must delete stuff, but if and when I delete things it should be up to me and not some app to delete anything. I highly encourage the developer(s) of this app to turn off those clearing switches and let the USER decide how they should work but FOR SURE don’t delete downloads without at least prompting the user first. FOR SURE don’t have clear private data,, including all user logins and downloads turned on by default. Most users are capable of going in to SETTINGS and choosing the options they want to clear and setup a schedule of WHEN and HOW OFTEN they want to clear their items which are here configured as Private Data.

They allow adds through on purpose.. They are allowing adds through. You basically need another add blocker just to use it without adds. There is no reason to use this.

Missing key functionality. Site specific settings are normally accessed through the advanced settings menu. There is no option for advanced settings for Brave on iOS. Better not screw up any settings for a specific site, or you'll never be able to fix it.

Deleting Brave = a much cleaner conscience. 0.5 Stars Just deleted Brave, & feeling so much better. The folks who run this browser are dishonest hypocrites. They talk all about Privacy, while working with privacy violators, Coinbase and BlockFi (Coinbase openly sells user data to US intelligence agencies; BlockFi avoided disclosing being hacked for user data including physical addresses.) Brave’s sneaky profit strategy and “improvement” over Google’s business model, is to try to convince you to buy things and accept small payments using their digital “Basic Attention (BAT)” Tokens. "BAT” is an Ethereum ERC20 token, which basically means digital Monopoly money with an unlimited supply that can be infinitely copied for free by any 10 year old with web access. ERC20 tokens were a leading cause of the 2017 Crypto Bubble; only the ERC20’s used by companies with deep venture capital investment avoided bankruptcy from Securities Fraud lawsuits. Brave’s BAT is a straight-up Ponzi Scheme / Pyramid Scheme and even shamelessly uses a triangle as its logo, LOL. Brave wants you to believe these worthless tokens are actually money, to make more people use them, increasing their value. Their partner in crime, Coinbase, comes in to help sell BAT tokens to the naive public (keeping records of every transaction for the US government- one of the ways those guys make money). Of course, Brave kept a huge pile of the first BAT tokens for themselves… So they can dump piles of BAT onto the market in exchange for real money, every time people start actually using the “BATs” in commerce. This is why cryptocurrency price charts have those big up-and-down spikes of volatility, and why 99.9% of them will never become real money. The dictator Maduro uses the same tactic (see Venezuelan hyperinflation)... Controlling a currency is one of the sneakiest ways the powerful make money off of everyday people. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, people. If you want an easy to use, quality privacy browser, just go with one of the well known and long respected ones whose creators aren’t running any obvious scams, one pretty good one is Firefox.

Uses its own crypto token. All the money early adopters put in got converted to their crypto token which can no longer be converted back to $$$. Any company that engages in this type of activity cannot be trusted in the future. Alternatively, why didn’t they just use btc? Clearly there is some benefit to making their own token (hint: printing money).

Extremely glitchy and laggy. Nothing but problems trying to load pages, pop ups not disappearing, pages not responding but working fine on safari... useless. Works fine on my MacBook but is atrocious on my iPhone running iOS 14.

Best browser so far except…. The browser background can still appear light after it’s set to dark especially when switching between one tap to the other. Hope this bug can be fixed.

Going downhill. Functioning worse and worse as they add more fluff like their playlist, crypto, etc. It’s time to start looking for something else for me.

The best browser as of writing!. Works flawlessly as a browser and provides great and customizable privacy options.

Speed dial. Show all favorites in main page is better to use. Don’t need press show more button !

Amazing browser. Love this so much! No ads, even on YouTube, easy to use, custom, private, safe, everything! Super easy, can’t believe it’s free! You can even make money from it! Amazing browser 5 stars every time! Love it love it love it! Thank you brave 🙏😊☺️🙂😃😀

Can’t have separate password anymore. Brave used to have unique password protection to open the app. The most recent update removes this protection which makes the app useless for people that share an iPhone device. Now anyone who can open your phone can open the app. So disappointed.

Multiple ads have started to pop up. Multiple adds across multiple sites have begun to pop up. Only way to block now is to block scripts. This causes blocked content such as YT link and videos on news websites.

Best. Please dont sell out. The people need ya.

“Brave” new world. Thanks! ✌️

Trump power. God bless you all What would I do with out this

Not serious about ad blocking. There is no option to block all ads. It blocks ads that have trackers, but will allow all ads that don’t have trackers. I understand there is a rewards system for viewing ads that meet the privacy standards. What I don’t understand is why they show you those ads whether or not you’ve opted into that rewards system. I don’t opt in. I don’t want ads. If I don’t opt in I shouldn’t get the ads. Period. It’s that simple.

Ad blocking no longer works on youtube. Sadly this browser used to block youtube ads.

Maybe. But. No, a big BUT, when the app starts to add tabs asking me, telling me, to this or that or whatever the frell it wants, no. As in NO. I trusted Brave to allow me to do what I wish or what I want without being badgered by ads or suggestions to do anything. Heck, I came to this app bc I use it on my PC. I used DuckDuckgo as my browser on my iPoop for a long while & thought, what the heck? Well, what the heck means shyte to Brave. They want your info as much as any other browser out there. Stay Away.

Abuse of cypto ads. The browser is ok nothing wrong with it. Like any other chromium browser. The issue is they are annoying with their crypto ads.

Used to be awesome. I liked brave when I was rewarded bat coin for adds, but with the new update, I don’t get any thing because apple apparently wants the money from the ads that uses my data that I pay for. This is the last apple product I will ever purchase.

Too Aggressive With Crypto Currencies. Keeps pushing ads on the new tab page for crypto currencies, crypto wallets, and other crypto stuff, and even goes so far as to add bookmarks for crypto stuff without user permission. Tried contacting the developer multiple times to resolve these issues but got no response. Will be switching back to Safari with Content Blockers.

great product if you’re looking for privacy. I found brave while scouring some privacy threads, tried it out. It’s great. Obviously no “full” privacy exists in the online world, but brave does a good job blocking unnecessary trackers, ads, pop ups etc

Faster and ad free. It’s fast and ad free. Loved it

Great ,the best. Use it on all my devices. Finished with anything Google thats for sure.

Ban censorship. I don’t believe any company has the right to censor my ability to know what I think or read I believe all information on the net should be left alone for the reader to decide its value. Bit chute seems to be free of censorship.

It’s alright. Three is no way to add a favourites bookmark to desktop…. Just to others folders. For this I have it 3-star . Should be under bookmarks/favourites. That’s it. Not jumping through hoops and scour through help sites and forums, and still can’t find it.

The benchmark. The best out there. Simple, fast. Watch YouTube without ads.

Sync with desktop. Great browser, better than the default safari. Will be 5 stars when the sync for mobile is finished

Lightening fast browser 👍🏻. It works like magic for me, the browser automatically blocks all the stupid ads on various websites, and browsing speed is significantly faster than other browsers, which gives me peace of mind 👌..

PooPoo. So disappointing. Used to be great when I first started using it but now I am definitely NOT feeling confident about security or privacy or speed, the 3 things these guys are touting! I feel like I’m being censored as much by brave as all the big tech F*ckers! This app gets worse instead of better with each update and now it won’t even take me to places I have no trouble getting to on GOOGLE!! Feels to me like these guys must be in cahoots with the CHINADIAN government!! I’m going back to safari until someone comes up with a truly secure, fast and private browser! 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Its okay. Pretty much chrome but pays you for less intrusive ads. My gripes are that you can’t clear your history or cache, which is a basic feature on every browser. Also hardcoding referral links on crypto websites is a big nono especially for privacy’s sake, give us options, thats why people are interested in the first place. Until you can get the simple stuff covered, I can’t give it 5 stars.

Brave review. Why does the vpn option cost so much?

Broken Rewards. The browser is an ok app but until they fix the BAT reward issues and introduce a way where you can actually use those rewards it’s 0 star because they fail to deliver what is promised. These issues are there for a long time now.

Good ..... Would be better if it didn't pull a chrome and keep begging to be default

Not secure. Got hacked somehow through their ios or desktop version. Have some respect for peoples time.

Decent, but searches aren’t working. So, I’m liking Brave so far, I use it for privacy somewhat. However, the images part when using brave doesn’t work, and DuckDuckGo is just entirely broken… and that’s all I know is broken. But yeah, 5 stars if not for making it hard for me to search anything

No idea how I did without this.... Paired with a VPN, finally less annoying ads and more peace of mind. Great app.

Too many issues!. My version of brave (yes it is updated) is not customizable. None of the buttons that should be on the home page bottom right are there, I cannot get them to show. I have 1 top site button and cannot add more. Hours of research and I can’t find a solution. This is one of a bunch of issues I have with this browser, I can’t be bothered to list them all but this one is the most annoying for me.

Brave cannot fully replace Safari. Safari still needed to install iOS profiles on iPhone. Brave cannot do that.

trbled. My beloved Brave used to be ‘Advert Free’. What has happened that I now have Sunny Dee commercials in my life ! ?

Good browser but hampered by apple on mobile. I’ve used the brave browser on my pc desktop and iOS mobile for a few months now. It is a solid browser on both platforms and I quite like it. One issue though and that is that Apple blocks the BAT rewards ecosystem on apple mobile devices through their iOS v14 update from dec 10 2020. I still collect BAT on desktop but can’t on my mobile browsing due to the Apple block. It’s too bad and a great example of Apples App Store policies hurting innovation and users. I think Apple has got it wrong on this one and needs to give it a fair second look. Not Braves fault though - it’s a good overall browser and better than Safari / Chrome IMO.

Good browser, but.... Private Browsing mode always deletes all of your open tabs automatically when you reopen the browser. This is in contrast to Safari which allows you to keep Private Browsing on without losing tabs after restarting. What gives? I would like to keep it on all the time, so that it autodeletes cookies when I’m finished with the tab and close it myself, but it doesn’t work the same. If it was, I would have rated Brave much higher. I’d rather use Safari unless this will be changed.

Hard to navigate the site. Predetermined favorites on home page. Can’t change them. Toolbar is weird. Not intuitive.

Does NOT work. If i could give it 0 stars I would. The app doesn’t work. It only blocks some adds from time to time and pop up adds, it doesn't block it at all. Finally deleted it because an add blocker app that doesn't block adds is pointless.

Automatic 1-star for having a pop up asking me to review your app. Automatic 1-star for having a pop up asking me to review your app.

Another annoying update. This time they moved the Brave Shields Global Settings an additional menu level down, making it more tedious to turn scripts off and on. You also have to back out to the top menu level to hit Done after making changes. Also, now when you hit the bookmark icon instead of immediately seeing your favourites it shows a folder named Mobile Bookmarks which you then have to select to see your favourites. UI updates should make the user experience better — not worse.

Keep crashing. Hi Dev Team, The app is good however after upgrading to the latest version and the app crashed while I was browsing, I would say this happens at least once a day. Not sure if the next release will be fixed but I will try to find a way to downgrade. Ios 15.3.1 Iphone 8 plus Thanks, Leo

Shady App. For a browser that promotes privacy their partners and advertisers are super sketchy companies. Do not sign up for Uphold or any other companies they recommend. I quickly deleted it when I realized their game is to lure people in with the Privacy conscious buzzword and then collect advertising funds in the end. Shameful. I want a truly ad free and tracker free browser. FireFox is much more trustworthy even though it’s not perfect yet.

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Excellent Browser. I like the options in the settings and it's always fun to see how many bad things are stopped and amazing at the same time to see how many bad things would be able to get access to my information if Brave hadn't stopped it. I like the rewards option also using the browser is smooth convenient and easy I have all the options and more with the Brave browser as I did with the other popular browser's except for the fact that they don't have the same stopping power. I have a will continue to recommend Brave to each and every person I have conversations that concerns browser uses. Thank you for the excellent Browser. Sincerely, Renae Schliemann Keep up the great work

Excellent. Browser. Switched after Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and every “mainstream” media outlet began censoring the 2020 election disaster. Won’t go back - this is built on the Chromium API and it migrated all of my Google data and extensions with ease. Combined my VPN and its built-in ad blocks and tor, this is an incredible browser. If you have Chrome or Chromium, just remove your ad block extensions and set up your own rewards in cryptos if you want to get paid a little... I mean a little... to view ads your might want. It’s a very good browser and is much faster than Chrome while using a ton less resources. Did it on my Linux boxes, MacBooks, PC’s, and my phones with virtually no setup. Removing profiles is tricky because the little “x” on the desktop browser is hidden in the profile manager but other than that this thing is a 10/10 all day.

Needs a way bigger search bar. Brave became my primary browser from the first day I downloaded it, but the only thing that makes me switch to chrome’s app is the search bar, the search bar there is bigger and feels right to use, for PC brave's search bar is perfect but for iPads or iPhones, it's just too small, it's hard to shift tabs without accidentally closing some. what can be done is probably making a clean drop down menu which shows all the important features or maybe just show the necessary features like increasing security, also one last thing, the browser is great, security is great, just the tab preview isn't, have an amazing, have a good night.

If everyone quit Google.... If everyone quit Google, Facebook, Twitter and the rest, the world and our future would look dramatically different (read, better). Privacy (or lack thereof) is the most pressing human rights issue facing humanity, contrary to what the media and Silicone Valley would have you believe. Simple changes in tools can make a big difference for us as individuals and collectively. Brave browser (running Duck Duck Go or Qwant) is a big step in the right direction. Additionally, look at Signal (end to end encrypted) Mesenger as an alternative to FB Msgr. Cryptpad as an alternative to Google docs, and Proton Mail or Tuta Mail as an alternative to Gmail. Google knows too much and the things they’re doing with your data are unconscionable. Take it back before it’s too late.

Sync is still broken. All browsers on iOS use the same rendering engine underneath the hood, so the only reason I would use a 3rd-party browser on iOS is for syncing of bookmarks and configuration with my desktop browser. Despite the latest Brave update about a week ago, syncing is still completely broken, at least to mobile. The initial pull of all bookmarks from my desktop browser worked, but no further updates (bookmarks being added or removed) is happening from desktop to mobile. It's truly a shame that a built-in feature we take for granted in basically every other browser just cannot seem to work right in Brave. It would be my favorite browser if I could just have confidence in cross-device syncing...

Best by far!. Brave browser is so much more awesome than anything out there and is setting a very high standard as far as browsers go with its seamless design and outstanding features all around. The best part is that not only is it free, safe/secure to use and download; but it actually works for YOU since the user has control over their ad preferences and actually receives a payout for each allowed ad with brave points! Brave is showing the internet that open source is synonymous with quality! The Brave playlist feature is beyond perfection as anyone can choose to open media right there on their browser to play anytime, anywhere even in the background via PiP for FREE! That beats having to pay for pro versions of software! You don’t have to be Brave to do Brave!

I can read the internet again!. Wow!! I never write app reviews, but I am compelled this time because Brave has changed my life. I am finally able to read and enjoy blogs and recipe websites in a way that I have not been able to since about 2015. The ad extravaganza made the internet unreadable and although I tried ad blockers, they were marginally helpful and I could just manage to get through a blog post if it was information I really needed. Now with Brave I am finally able to read ANY blog and enjoy the content without the terrible onslaught of popups and disgusting ads. I don’t mind being advertised to, but no rational person can withstand the barrage that today’s blogs unleash. Thank you Brave for making blogs bearable again!!

Great Desktop Application. As an instructor with an iMac, I have been teaching virtual classes using Blackboard. I could not share sound on the videos nor the sound files from online textbooks. Brave works so much better with Blackboard than Safari, Firefox or Chrome. If other instructors are using a Mac for teaching, try Brave. I can now play video and sound. Even simple things like share screen work better. Finally, on Safari every time I wanted to share a screen it would ask me allow or never allow. The two choices were very close to each other. Brave gives me the option for the browser to always remember my choice. So I do not have to click allow eight to ten times per class.

A good job stained with intolerance.. I’ve been a loyal Firefox browser since it’s launch in 2002. It changed when I got to know about this browser just a few months ago, by chance, and decided to give it a try. I was willing to make it my default browser and even to contribute monetarily motivated by its aggressive approach against ads, something unusual that sets it apart from other browsers, until I became aware that the firm’s co-founder, by Brendan Rich, the creator of JavaScript and a co-founder of Mozilla, left that browser vendor under pressure for supporting California's 2008 Proposition 8, a ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage. I just can’t support a firm that its co-founder was involved in such unjust movement though, I think, I’m being supportive already by appreciating the work of this browser developers by using it as my preferred browser.

Best Browser. Excellent speeds, load times and performance. Most of the security settings and privacy as well as offering their own VPN service. Navigating and settings are easy to change and adjust to your liking in great detail. The neatest tool is the ability to earn cryptocurrency just for browsing and being active with their browser, a function I’ve never seen in any other browser that gives you the chance to earn actual currency. Finally, loving the awesome background photos when you first open the browser. I find the ads for it tend to actually be useful as well. I use Brave across all of my devices and would highly recommend to anyone.

Was dismayed to see bookmarks have been removed. Ok, so what’s the deal Brave? What was once a one button push affair now takes three clicks to get to as they’ve buried bookmarks in a submenu. This was a five star app but it’s extremely annoying to have to “go fish” for my favorites now when before all I needed to do was hit the bookmarks button once and they all appeared. Now it’s hit the ... button which brings up a menu of options, bookmarks being one of them, and then you hit that to actually show them, and then you’re presented with your favorites, and what’s worse is the new menu button is crammed between two other buttons and my fat thumbs often pick the wrong one. Please put them back as their own standalone button on the upper left side of the search bar.

Great browser, annoying glitches. Great browser, you can see other reviews for more details. SUPER annoying bug when you go on google images: when you're scrolling down, without any input it will randomly click on one of the images, opening the link of the website the image is from in a new tab AND going to that website on the original google images tab! It does this every few scrolls and it's annoying to the point that I use safari for image searches. Also on certain sites the browser can't cope with the format, on jalopnik and some other elaborately constructed sites it just crashes. Crashes over and over you have to scramble to close the tab as soon as you reopen the app before it starts loading and crashes again. Pretty sure the bones of the browser are an old version of Chrome as well, which doesn't really bode well for the whole privacy protection thing.

Great. Great, fast and secure browser. i have been using brave on both iphone and desktop, i fined it great blocks lots of ads redirectings and more. i recommend this browser to anyone looking/wanting a browse that is simple but has alot to give. i would like to see compatibility with honey on mobile since honey only works on safari sadly. and i would also like go see braves own private kinda google docs where you can store photos, videos, files, ect. i do not however own the brave VPN + firewall, haven’t gotten around to buying it but may buy in the future. the developer team works amazing update and keep brave at it’s highest point. brave is definitely above alot of other browsers, surprised it’s free. thank you brave team for the great browser.

Faster than Chrome and Doesn’t Track Everything About You. I recently switched from chrome to brave after realizing the full extent of the information alphabet collects on you from chrome. I anticipated a decrease in my browser experience with brave in exchange for the privacy benefits, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that my browser speed was noticeably better with brave. Since Mozilla has begun engaging in extremely concerning behavior regarding Firefox privacy, Brave is, in my opinion, the essential alternative for those who wish to use the internet while maintaining their civil liberties. For those familiar with the software engineering industry, brave is led by former Mozilla Foundation chief and JavaScript author Brendan Eich, a person for whom I have great respect and admiration. I strongly recommend this browser to everyone.

Love this browser but ads make it freeze. UPDATE: the freezing issue was fixed! Upgrading the rating to 5 stars! Good job! UPDATE: the freezing before the ad is still not fixed. Sad. Hello! Thank you for this incredible product that offers privacy and performance. Unfortunately, after the most recent update the issue with Brave ads has become so bad that I had to turn them off. If ads are enabled, the browser from time to time freezes for 10 seconds or more (I guess it downloads ads or what). You need to check/download the ads in background threads and only if there is something to show push it to the main js thread. I’ll keep the ads off until you fix the freezes. Thank you!

Paired with VPN it’s on Point!. This browser is one I use on a regular basis. Far greater than the MetaData Pirates at Google. Oddly enough you can also selectively pick which search engine your search’s scrape from. D.D.Go, G, etc. being one of my top choices as they “claim” not to save your meta. Do your home work though. Be sure to take the time to check out the settings section and brush up on what these features you have are used for and how it can protect your systems from unwanted tracers, metadata pirating/selling. The one feature I always use is the private browser which conveniently enough allows you to also switch over into the TOR network. Paired with a solid VPN services(normally paid services) and you'll be happy. Be sure to do your homework on all apps and services before just jumping into them without a bit of insight on how the company operates, tech support, etc. check the reviews also.

Huge potential. Brave is relatively new; a work in progress from a talented guy who happened to invent javascript and has been closely involved in the development of web browsers since web browsing became a thing. Brave is a browser that blocks most troublesome ads and trackers by default and, as a sort of olive branch to the beleaguered, fraud-ridden advertising and publishing industry and online content creators in general, is also coming out with an opt-in advertising network and voluntary contribution system that functions much like a global Patreon-using a cryptocurrency as the medium if exchange. Interesting stuff! It's still somewhat early in development so it's not perfect, but it already provides a solid browsing experience with minimal hiccups as-is. Try it out!

Great browser but Apple App Store is a disgrace. I came here today because of how upset I am that Apple is no longer allowing Brave users to use their fair share of ad revenue to tip content creators we enjoy. Brave presents a revolutionary model of internet browsing which allows us to take control of our data and have personal agency in the ads we see. Apparently this form of internet freedom is not acceptable to Apple. I will continue to use the Brave browser on all of my devices, because first of all it’s a great browser with awesome features, and second of all, I love their philosophy of empowering the online consumer. Hopefully Apple will choose to backtrack on their unfair, monopolistic behavior, and if not, I think Brave ought to consider litigation to address this injustice.

Requesting Navigation Features. Hello I am having trouble navigating through Bookmarks in the app. Could you guys please add a feature that allows for easier bookmark navigation!? Currently, it’s a bit of a hassle because when I create a new folder, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom in order to access it in the bookmark tab. It’d be so much easier if we could access folders in their own tab. Another feature request I have is a feature that allows for easier navigation for favorites. A person such as I has a plethora of favorites which makes searching and finding a specific saved favorite a hassle of scrolling and navigating. I know it’s a lot but would like to see these features rolled out as soon as possible. Thank you for reading this message!

Be BRAVE. Hot diggity! The BRAVE browser for the World Wide Web is, BY FAR, the absolute BEST web browser since web browsers began to exist! Taking all of the wonderful inner workings of a perfect chromium based web browser, then making it MU H faster, and MUCH more secure, blocking ads, scripts, etc., maintaining the option of adding Chrome extensions while blocking all of that nosy, all up invading your privacy nonsense that Google is so into, a freaking SWEET “Dark Mode” just to give the user the opinion to make the GUI very much cool, to go right with the new “Dark Mode” settings option in iOS 13. It’s so early in the morning that I am writing this review in that ever dangerous “pre-coffee mode”, so I had best stop now. Words are escaping me. Just suffice to say; “Be brave! Download and use the Brave web browser! MUST. HAVE. COFFEE.

Harsh review. This is going to be a very harsh review because this browser masks itself by saying they protect you from ads, potentially hazardous websites whatever but it’s useless. Not all ads or pop ups are blocked ads always find a way to sneak up on the screen and at first the browser was faster than even Microsoft edge but all the ad blocking has slowed it down. Safety is the highest concern but tell me why every website is hazardous target, Walmart, buy buy baby why are these sites potentially harmful and blocked? Now let’s also say you get this app to avoid ads, if it worked right, they promote watching their ads anyways which is basically contradicting the point of the app. Yeah they pay you for it and you can turn that off but it doesn’t sit well with me that you may get a few cents here and there while they’re making probably pretty decent money off ads. Pointless browser for blocking ads but pretty unique setup though is it worth it probably not.

Meh.. I used to love the functionality of this app, but its racked up a fair share of bugs & they haven’t been fixed in a while. First, I normally keep tabs to pages I visit frequently open in my main browser, but sometimes I use the private browser for things I don’t want in my history. Going from main to private is fine, & going from private to main (used to) close all tabs open in private (not main !), which I liked, but recently the app has just ben crashing when I go from private to main, which closes all my tabs in the main browser. Luckily it restores them but there was a time it didn’t & I lost a bunch of pages I needed & couldn’t remember. Second, sometimes embedded videos won’t load & I’ll get an error. It’s a Brave-specific issue & Safari has never had this issue. I’ll even copy links to test it, & Brave seems to just not play certain embedded videos (not all, just certain ones.) Again, I still use Brave & enjoy the privacy features & built-in ad block, but the errors are piling up & with each update more & more come, with less noticeable fixes. I also haven’t seen any way to report bugs within the app, which is why I’m writing this review. I hope improvements & changes come soon, this definitely is one if the best apps for people concerned about their personal data & information.

Love it, Dark mode a bit wonky. Love the app. I use brave on my phone, my home PC and even on my work PC. Like anything, it takes some getting used to when you’re so used to the Google interface, but now I’m all in. My only complaint is that when I use dark mode on my phone, it makes all the images “negative”. I get it’s probably due to how dark mode is implemented (reverses all the colors) but it seems like it used to not do it to images. And even now, when I turn it off and back on, all the images appear correctly until I go to another page or scroll for long enough (then they appear negative again). Other than that, I have no complaints. Def worth making your default browser due to all the protection and privacy features.

Search Results Aren’t Showing. This problem started occurring about two weeks ago and I haven’t said anything because I thought it would stop soon. But it hasn’t, but that is kind of obvious since I am writing this. I haven’t had any problems with the browser, until recently. So here’s the problem: Whenever I try to search something, absolutely zero results show up, not even common search results. I’ve tried messing around in the settings, and even uninstalling and then reinstalling the app, but all to no avail. I’m clueless as to how to fix this. I would appreciate if someone help me. Thank you for making such an awesome browser, and have a great day. :D

Why haven't I heard of this sooner???. Most underrated browser in the history of browsing--I have it in both mobile and my pc now, best browser I've ever tried (better than chrome, safari [even WITH ad blocker, they're always trying to find ways to push ads down your throat], firefox, duckduckgo, or Opera) I love the ad block system where you can choose to see ads if you WANT and get rewarded for it or even support the creators who are advertising (the ads are never sketchy or weird from what I've seen) but you don't need to by any means since everything's already blocked, like wow. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Edit: still love it as much as ever, but an option to clear history would be really nice

Images search. When searching⌕ for an image followed by selecting the back ↫arrow↫ to go back to the previous webpage, the browser takes me back to the “All” search⌕ tab webpage every time instead of the “Images” search⌕ tab that I was currently on. My other piece of input would be to consider making the buttons in the browser a bit larger◁↺, as I have to make sure my finger☝︎touches a very tiny section of my entire tablet screen▢ in order to press the correct button the first time. This would generally make the app experience more user friendly! ☺︎ Or add the option to make your browser buttons larger than the current standard under ⇒Settings⇒Appearance.

What is going on with Brave?!. I used to love Brave browser but here in the last few weeks, I’ve had numerous pop ups that “hijack” the page so that nothing works and I’m unable to go to any other tabs or use the browser at all. On top of that, the browser repeatedly crashes when trying to rid myself of the popup. The only way I know to get rid of the popup is to close the browser, then long press the app icon and select Open New Tab and then close the hijacked browser tab. Usually, I don’t have any problems closing the popup using this method. Here lately though, that doesn’t work at all. All that has accomplished has been that every one of my tabs disappeared and there was no prompt saying, “Well, this is embarrassing. Looks like Brave crashed. Would you like to reopen your tabs?” I have an IPhone 11 and OS 16.0.3. No help to be found on the Brave support website anywhere for this issue. I’m more than fed up at this point. I have all popups andredirects blocked, but that CLEARLY has no effect.

General feedback. I had no complaints after a long time using this app but today’s update introduced a bug (now fixed) and an undesirable feature. (Dec 11, 2019, Fixed - Thanks) Bug: I turn off the brave tokens icon in settings. This works until I close (actually shut it down) the browser. When I relaunch, the icon is back. I have to turn or on and off again. The issue repeats every time. Feature: Long press on a link popped a simple menu to open in new tab. Now it opens a shrunken visual of the page. However you can’t scroll in that shrunken view so I can’t tell if there is anything of value on that link. The effect of the shrunken view has no purpose so I’d rather just have an option to see my simple pop up menu instead. If you can add that as an opinion in settings, I would use it. (Dec 11, 2019 - Addressed - Thanks for the feedback ... I had not understood how the Bookmark button provides improved use over a simple home button) Request: Can you add an option to display a home button (icon). I hate having to close or open tabs just to see speed dials so I can select the one page I access 90% of the time. A home button really is my #1 request of any browser but it seems to be going the way of the headphone jack.

My personal experience... The Browser I didn’t know I needed. I downloaded this because I was trading small amounts of their Crypto Currency (BAT) on Coinbase and thought hey I should see what this actually is. After reading up on it and confirming it’s an actual browser and not a scam I downloaded Brave and surfed around the web and wow. From what I have read it is not as good on desktop but I have not actually tried it so I have no idea, but on my phone and tablet it is amazing. Everything loads so much faster, they really do cut out all those annoying adds. This is something I completely stumbled on by accident and love it. Still pretty new so if I end up having a lot of issues and realize I over hyped this I will change the review, If not I highly recommend you try this out.

Still needs more work to be perfect. Brave works fine as a browser, and I love the privacy it grants me. It gives me control of who gets my information, which is especially important in this day and age. It’s honestly alarming when I see just how many creepy things get blocked on every site. That being said, Brave isn’t perfect. I’ve been using this browser nearly since it first came out, and while it’s made improvements, I still have my gripes: 1. Some pages are displayed improperly or appear broken, even with shields down. 2. I have been experiencing severe lag spikes recently on my iPhone XR. The entire app will freeze up for ten seconds at completely random times regardless of what sites I’m visiting. 3. Switching to other apps via link will almost always lead me to the App Store page instead of redirecting me to the actual app even if it is already downloaded. 4. Still experience occasional minor bugs. Overall, I’ve had a good experience with Brave that has been slightly dampened by various issues. I would still recommend this browser for anyone looking to feel safe and protected online, but I think that generally you will have a better browsing experience on mainstream browsers. I hope Brave will continue to improve and eventually make itself mainstream, but it isn’t quite there yet.

Love this brave search engine and browser. I love this Brave search engine and browser. I use it everyday! And i love the Goggles news searches feature it has in it you can filter to only show results from conservative news outlets for example or from video games or ecommerce, industries, anything really, its a filter so the search results give you websites from the perspective you like and hides for example liberal outlets from appearing in search results. This along makes Brave the best. I also love that it is faster than chrome and results are equal or better than google (i hate google btw). A big thank you for making this browser and also this new search engine. There needs to be many options for search engines and so far this one tops the pack.

Don’t listen to the people who say not to download the app, only if you relate to me. Okay, so I’ve been looking for a way to actually to listen to music in peace without having a little screenplay. After a while this gets annoying for some songs that I wanna listen to while playing a game (golden hour as an example) but it would kinda make me be a little upset, and I would just find something else to listen to. However, when I found out about brave and started using it (which Was only a few hours ago) brave had changed everything. Now if I make a playlist, than I can basically do the stuff that I wanna do! So thanks to brave for doing this, and I really hope that nobody listens to those terrible reviews saying not to download it, you really should

New Update issues. Brave is amazing. It’s fast and secure. Or at least it was fast. This new playlist update was a mistake. It’s has severely slowed the browser down to the point of freezing my phone. It doesn’t seem designed for phone because it constantly activates when you scroll. Because of that, it slows everything down. When I scroll, it stops my scrolling, freezes for a few seconds and asks me. This also happens when loading and completely interferes with loading websites. Since it freezes the browser, I can’t even back out of the task. I’m forced to completely close the browser. Sometimes I lose all the stuff I was doing. This feels more like bloatware than a feature and I hope the polish this out soon or I may look for another browser to use.

You guys are the best!. The Brave Team messed up the browser recently, but it was fixed super quick. The recent update that changed the way the interface looks is super cool, but one thing that got messed up is that they replaced the new tab button with a search button. What’s the problem here? Well, there was no way to open a new tab without viewing the tab list, which I used to do all the time. The new search button does exactly the same thing that tapping the search bar already does, so this change made no sense at all. I complained in a review and a day or so later an update comes out and reversed this change completely! Thanks Brave Team for being great as always! OLD REVIEW _____________ Brave team, I love the new update. It’s much nicer looking than before. But please, PLEASE change the search button back into a new tab button! There is absolutely no reason to have a search button since you can just tap on the address bar at any time to do the same thing, but to make new tabs I have to switch to the tab view and tap it there. It takes twice as long and the button they replaced the new tab button with is completely useless and breaks my workflow in the browser. PLEASE change it back or give us the option to change it back!

Awesome, for lack of a better word. I don’t normally write reviews, hence mine won’t be very helpful, but I couldn’t help myself. Coming from chrome a few years ago, I switched to brave and I couldn’t imagine how much time I would’ve lost to ads, trackers, and other annoying stuff that clogs up loading and wastes your time. Honestly amazing, and the fact that it runs on chromium (correct me if I’m wrong) just allows it to have similar potential to chrome, but so, so much better, faster and cleaner. It comes at the minuscule cost of convenience, since brave doesn’t collect your data to be used and recognized everywhere. However, this is only inconvenient if you let it be, you can easily set up sync codes to sync passwords, bookmarks etc. Wonderful browser, app, and devs.

Great Security .... I’m not a geek so I don’t know when maliscious stuff is happening at every second, but a dead giveaway that it blocks ads and junk is that in Yahoo mail and some websites like Raw Story, you are immediately recognized as having an adblocker on. In Yahoo, you can’t attach anything as it gets shredded apparently. Anti anti adblocker! Then go to Safari and see what you are assaulted with even if you have no viruses or malware on your box. Hopefully Microsoft uses the ad revenue from the obscene amount of ads they blast at you ( no pop ups on iPhone, but ridiculous amount of still ads) for thwarting bad actors. But anything I can use Brave with, that’s my go to browser, and they are partnered with Duck Duck Go as well!

Excellent for me…but not for privacy reasons. I absolutely appreciate and understand the need for privacy and anonymity on the web. Brave clearly does that well but that’s not really a concern for me. I love this browser because I prefer smaller phones and most websites are a complete train wreck to use on my iPhone se. Annoyingly sliding distractions, social media icons that you can’t get off the screens. CNN in particular has always been very bad. Top and bottom menus that leave me only a ribbon of screen space to actually read anything. Brave seems to do great job of dicing all of that nonsense out of my way. Even if the website is still cluttered the reader mode almost always takes care of it. Thank you devs for making the internet fun again and useful again!

M M Guy. I have Brave installed on my iPad Air 2 running the latest version of iOS. While scrolling thru a web page and accidentally touching something that causes a new page to open, the new page will open in Safari and the screen will split in half with both windows open. I have tried to report this to Brave for over 3 months but there seems to be no way to get any response. I have all my settings correct to prevent pages from opening in another app but it happens anyway. The only way to close Safari when this happens is to close Brave and then close Safari. Then when I reopen Brave everything is back to normal this may happen several times in a session. If the issue is not resolved I will be looking for another privacy browsers that actually has a way to report problems.

Brave is great...BUT. I have the app and the desktop version of Brave and really enjoy the features. I’m having problems with both, though. The phone app went into a mysterious, nauseating dark mode for no apparent reason. It’s not just one website or my phone. The app is set to light mode, too. So reinstall the app, right? I would if I felt confident that my fresh and organized bookmarks would be kept safe, like in the desktop version. However, the desktop version won’t open anymore. So go to support, right? I tried fixes that were previously mentioned, but they didn’t work. And I’m all for helping the programmers getting the problems fixed. But at what expense of my own time? It would be one thing to fix just the app. But with both the desktop and app acting squirrelly, I think I’ll wait another month or two to start using Brave again.

Autoplay and URL/Search suggestions are terrible. Autoplay is extremely annoying and I cannot figure out how to disable it. The default behavior is to play loud videos with no user interaction. Who would want that?! When I start typing in the URL/search field, the first suggestions should be previous sites I’ve visited. Unfortunately in brave, I get search suggestions, which I could maybe live with, if they weren’t different every time I entered them. Example: “wordle”. If I type in wordle, it would make sense to show me the wordle site I visited yesterday (and everyday). Instead I get search suggestions with history way down below. However the history doesn’t always show up and the search results vary. For example today it pulls up a bunch of fake wordle sites, which is useless. For a better way to handle user input look at how Firefox does it. Also if I type in an IP address, instead of going to said IP Addy, it tries to search it…that’s a major fail.

Flexible features, fast browser for iOS; a few bugs. I use this browser on iOS with the Lockdown app and a VPN mainly for casual content that relies on cookies and JavaScript. For more sensitive content, though, I must admit that Firefox Focus is my favorite. Loved the forward-thinking Token idea and disappointed that Apple’s terms still do not allow it on iOS. One feature that I wish Brave had is a quick way to clear cache and cookies similar to DuckDuckGo and Focus. Currently it’s buried a couple levels deep in Settings… hopefully that’s not deliberate so that users are less likely to select it! On the negative side, I can think of three bugs. 1) Brave doesn’t seem to retain tabs for long, even if the manual deletion preference is selected. Chrome, Firefox, DuckDuckGo and even Safari have no problem letting tabs persist, so I wish Brave did too. 2) The odd bug where Brave will switch to another tab or even a new tab without warning is still around. Not sure what gesture it is picking up on. At least it doesn’t happen terribly often. 3) The last glitch I’ve noticed is Brave not always deleting persistent objects even with all object types selected. This is a more serious problem for Brave’s privacy-protection aspirations if it continues.

Not fair for Apple Users. I would give this a 5 if I could actually earn rewards on my Apple mobile phone. I don’t quite understand why that isn’t possible- it’s probably an Apple thing knowing Apple, but not one the two of you couldn’t figure out. I feel like this is the elections all over again. Seriously people, at least 1/2 of the population own Apple iPhones or iPads and the number isn’t decreasing but unless the features on Apple phones stay current with Androids, then that will change. Please fix this I work on my computer I browse on my iPhone and iPad. A laptop doesn’t quite fit in my hands as I’m getting ready to fall asleep or waking up checking the latest information. My phone is always with me as is everyone’s. We all sleep with them. Let’s pull it together hear guys. You have a great thing going now make a truce!

Crashing and problems. I switched over from chrome on my desktop and mobile to try this app out because so many people praise it. However, the app itself both on mobile and desktop seems to crash quite often. Another problem is it forgets what your preferred browser is and auto searches through bing (really, bing?). Search recommendations are cluttered and sometimes nonexistent which leads to frustration when you’re trying to re-search something. Unfortunately I’m going to move back to Chrome until the browser resolves some of its problems, specially the crashing (I am fully updated on desktop and mobile). However the browser does have some good attributes, the appearance, VPN and ad blocking features are way better than any of the other big browsers which kept me on board this long. I hope to move back when the app polishes itself but for now back to chrome I go.

Cryptic and messy. Lacks several options in the settings, including being able to have your bookmarks appear as favorites (or setting them up for quicker access) instead of having to click bookmarks every time. App refreshes too often which can lead to losing your place on a page, as well as closing all your private tabs either upon refreshing or leaving private browsing. There’s no clear method to turning off the ads they allow you to opt in to. The browser options are only accessible when you tap the top of the screen, as opposed to Safari when you tap either top or bottom. This leads to having to shift your hand if you’re browsing single-handedly or use both hands. Other than that the app looks and operates fine, but I will update this review as the app changes (hopefully implementing some changes to the above).

Just another bait and switch. I’ve been using duck duck go for awhile now and thought I would give these guys a try because of the Tor capability. I deleted it about 30 minutes later and will not be leaving duck duck go. The reason is simple, it’s just another corp bait and switch. The free browser is limited and the complete version is $10 month. I’m confident that if you wanted to research the company. You would find that someone is the friend of the half brother who dated the daughter of the sister who’s aunt knows a VP in google. What we need right now is pioneers who understand that because of the adulterous relationship between tech and government we have been taxed to death and don’t have $10 a month. So don’t preach to me about the horrors of big tech and then turn around and try to steal my last $10.

Not ready yet. I’m all for fighting back against big tech and then sharing your privacy information, and sharing your data, however I don’t feel this app is ready yet. It seems more like a pc or desktop version that’s being used on a mobile device. I don’t like the layout or format for iOS. I’ve Also even installed it on my work PC and both websites I use everyday don’t even work correctly unless you turn the privacy protection off. I think the mission and meaning behind brave is great, I just don’t think it’s fully ready yet and not very functional. Safari is much more simplistic to use. I also don’t like how when you search a website on brave, it goes through the search engine, then you have to click the website. Instead of just taking you right to the website from the search bar.

One of my favorite all time apps, until now. I love brave browser and have been a faithful user for years now both on iOS and MacOS, but something has happened recently where it cooks my iPhone. When using playlist and background playing, battery life on a brand new phone has been cut in half, as well as other apps becoming so slow that the phone is becoming borderline unusable. I killed the app and have been using Safari with ad block (after exhausting a myriad of other troubleshooting steps), and things are back to normal. I really hope the dev team can identify and fix this issue so I can get back to using the app. I’m also willing to help them out however I can, and understand the issue that I’m experiencing may not be presenting on all platforms. iPhone SE3rdGen iOS 16.5

Crashing Issue. I love Brave, I use it on desktop and it’s fantastic to have it both on my iPad and on mobile. I appreciate that devs give a crap when it comes to privacy and that there’s an entire browser dedicated to protecting our information. However, it’s pretty buggy, and since the last update, there’s an issue with consistent crashes. It doesn’t crash on my iPhone, but it does on my iPad (which is a fairly new iPad Pro)—I haven’t been able to use it for the past hour without it crashing. The other bugs are things such as favorites not saving, copying a page doesn’t always save the link to the device clipboard, “find in page” search vanishes right after attempting to use it so you have to try 2-3 times before it works, tabs overwrite each other even though I’m opening new tabs, and old tabs vanish without explanation. Hope these things clear up so I can raise my rating!

Thank you.. This is a very well built app and search engine that runs very smooth, and doesn’t cater your search results to fit their political agenda or ideology like the rest of them do, it’s very impressive. I’m so thankful that there is someone out there building these kinds of apps for the people to use freely without keeping and sharing your private information for the almighty dollar. So thank you to everyone involved with making this app. It’s comforting to know that there are people like you out there looking out for us and helping to maintain our privacy without the expectation of financial gain. When someone will do something just because it’s the right thing to do, those are the kind of people this world needs. Thanks again. - A.James.G

Pretty Good. I like the privacy features of Brave very much. Blocking ads, trackers and seeing those stats on various websites is great. One thing I don’t care for is navigating between or opening different windows. Very clunky and inefficient. Why not just use tabs at the top? I get you want your browser to be unique, but it’s a pain in the neck navigating between different windows. Another thing that’s a deal breaker is performance. It seems if you get more than a few windows open, Brave performance just falls off a cliff and often times the entire browser freezes. I don’t think it’s an iOS/iPadOS issue restricting resources because I’ve had 50+ tabs open in Chrome browser and that just keeps going...And Brave is built on Chromium so there ya go. Fix those 2 things and Brave will be my main browser, otherwise I’ll just dabble with it every now and then until it freezes and uninstall.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 1.57.2
Play Store com.brave.ios.browser
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Brave Private Web Browser (Versiyon 1.57.2) Install & Download

The application Brave Private Web Browser was published in the category Utilities on 19 February 2016, Friday and was developed by Brave Software [Developer ID: 1052874328]. This program file size is 218.11 MB. This app has been rated by 324,268 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Brave Private Web Browser - Utilities app posted on 29 September 2023, Friday current version is 1.57.2 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.brave.ios.browser. Languages supported by the app:

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Brave Private Web Browser App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

In this release we: - Made a small update to support the upcoming iOS17 release. Have questions, comments, or suggestions for future releases? Visit the Brave Community ( to let us know. And, as ever, thanks for using Brave!

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Find on this site the customer service details of Brave Private Web Browser. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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