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Draw beautiful flowing art with Silk. With Silk's award-winning magic brush, anyone can be an artist. Featured by Apple as one of their favorite apps.

Relax, express yourself, and create mandalas and wallpapers. With the swish of a finger, Silk strands mingle and fuse, weaving together into wonderful works of art.

Silk supports all iPhones and iPads, is enhanced for 3D touch, and specifically designed for the Apple Pencil. Buy once, run everywhere!

"I can't believe even someone like me can create something cool looking in this thing. That's amazing!" ~ nickknw
"Awesome! All I can think is woahdude." ~ MayhemMark

- The official app of the award-winning website, with millions of users
- High-resolution export for poster prints or wallpapers
- Eraser, a rainbow color, many new color palettes
- Optimized for larger iPhones, iPad, and iPad Pro
- Support for the Apple Pencil and 3D touch
- Great for artists and non-artists alike
- Cross-platform: play on your iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and iPad Pro
- Original music and sound created for Silk
- Create gorgeous wallpapers with the swish of a finger.

The creature sketch in the iPhone screenshots was drawn by Oliver Wetter ( and the silk eye was drawn by Daniel Coonfield.

Silk 2 – Generative Art App Description & Overview

The applications Silk 2 – Generative Art was published in the category Entertainment on 2016-02-01 and was developed by Yuri Vishnevsky. The file size is 30.18 MB. The current version is 2.718928 and works well on 9.1 and high ios versions.

Support for the new 11-inch iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2 — double-tap the pencil to toggle the eraser, switch tools, or bring up the color palette.

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Silk 2 – Generative Art Reviews

Im Sarah

This app is awesome  Im Sarah  5 star

I played this at school on my computer because my friends showed me the app, and I just love playing it in my spare time, this app is amazing!!!

Luke kl

Silk  Luke kl  4 star

Super cool game! The only concern was that there was not that many colors to choose from.

Battle cat 1 million

Perfect!  Battle cat 1 million  5 star

This game is so good I would pay 10💵


Music  ,?.&:7:?:!  3 star

Why can't I play music while on the app

white backround please

Awesome app fund to play around on  white backround please  5 star

This app is fantastic the only issue I have is I wish I could have a white background option so that all of the artwork created isn’t required to be on a black background. This is a very small issue but I feel this incorporation to the app would expand the possibilities even further.


iPad Pro 2018 + Apple 2 pencil Awesome  Larushka4401  5 star

Thanks for making this so beautifully response. It is just spectacular with the new set up. Love the way the new double tap erase feature on the pencil works with the app. Creates so much depth. Total relaxation.

Master minecraft builder

WHAT A NICE APP! 😄  Master minecraft builder  5 star



So satisfying  Turtle126  5 star

Worth 3 dollars, reduces stress for me, my new favorite app right here. It’s worth it


Innovative and Infinite  AppAppraiser  5 star

Exceptional artistic expressionism...but it requires you to master the creative capabilities at your disposal. There will always be some chaos along with the genius as it is inherent in the digital algorithms built into the core codebase. Once you learn/develop a modicum of control, real art will emerge. It is inevitable for the serious or even casual user. I agree that an option for transparent and variable color backgrounds would be an immense improvement.


This app is AWESOME!!  APersonRandom  5 star

This app is a great app if you need to waste time and possibly draw in bed! You can draw with semetrical “shapes” and it is just so relaxing and even more relaxing with its own music! I recommend this app to you guys reading this.


Love this app  missejt  5 star

I find it so mindfulness like and I really focus on the little things. Not just what I’m designing but my breath and the way I breathe. I love the colour choices and the misty colours.

Eddie Harran

Amazing  Eddie Harran  5 star

I came across this app after reading a paper about generative art. Playing with Silk soon after help me understand the layers of what I just read. When I need a reminder of the immense complexity and hidden beauty of the universe, I play with Silk and feel more appreciative of the world around me. Thanks team


Silk review  Fumbuckets  4 star

This app is great a is really good for art and playing around in my spare time but I would love more tools maybe something with water or be able to make the background one colour And the silk another, you could get lots of ideas from caves. I hope this helps


Rainbrow brush  PineapplePokemon12  5 star

Oops I figured it out


Excellent  Hatonn  5 star

I loved the original version of Silk so I was delighted to see a 2nd gen version released. This is a fantastic app, with many more creative options, terrific colour combinations and geometry than the original. What I particularly find a stroke of genius is the inclusion of an eraser which adds a whole new dimension. The developers screenshots seldom display the beautiful images possible. The only disappointment is the loss of the spiral on/off option function. Highly recommend.


Mesmerizing  Shugarey  5 star

So fluid and lovely....a visual poem

It's really nice it worked😅😅

The best!  It's really nice it worked😅😅  5 star

This is just amazing


My favorite app ever  Elle44144  5 star

I wish I could go back in time and give this to myself. If you have anxiety this is a must have. So soothing, so beautiful, so much better than the other mandala apps out there. This is the one to get. If you only get one app, get this one because it is so good for thinking and relaxing. It's like being at an art spa.


I love this app. It's so satisfying.  juliaxx  5 star

So beautiful. So smooth and flowy. Such a rich opportunity for creativity. I can play with it for hours. This latest version allows many more permutations than the previous version. More line quality choices, and more colors. My only suggestion for further developments is please add more dark colors. Like the black, where dark gets laid over light. Currently, the only truly dark color is the black. The other dark colors have dark "thumbnails" in the color picker, but when used they lay down light. It would be nice if there were subtle dark colors to paint over the top of bright areas. An eggplant purple, a navy blue, a deep olive green, a rich deep umber, etc. Thank you for making this app, it is such a delight!


Best app I've ever bought  Shindnjaisn  5 star

This app is spectacular! Creates beautiful art and anyone can do it. No matter how artistic you feel you are, this app will enable you to create a myriad of wonderful intricate creations, with endless possibilities. I agree with another reviewer who said that if you have anxiety, this app will help you. The calming music, the visual majesty, and the interactive design process will soothe you and center you in the moment. Let go of your regrets, let go of the melancholy nostalgia of hindsight, let go of the past, let go of nervous thoughts about the future, let go of your worries and predictions - rest and float happily here in the present. Sometimes we need a break from the constant stream of analysis and the reflexive judgements we make subconsciously about everything we see or experience - We need to experience for a while without evaluating or appraising or labeling anything and this is an experience like that. Don't think - just listen to the music and let your fingers move. Believe me. This is meditating without meditating. And it's worth every penny.

Marco the mixer

"Email us"button  Marco the mixer  5 star

Is it possible to email your staff without having the mail app on my iphone?


Best art creation app ever  Diglett12  5 star

Easy to use and no experience necessary for this awesome app

EIC Lady

Simply Amazing!  EIC Lady  5 star

It was several days after getting this app when I finally opened it. I had forgotten what it does. Oh my! What an amazing experience! Relaxing creativity, beautiful abstract imagery, calming music. I love the opening mode of symmetry that generates the companion drawing as you draw. Lots of possibilities to explore for beautiful creations. Thanks for a wonderful app!


Impeccable.  AnimeloverDxD  5 star

This game or app is truly one worth its price. Nothing has given me more entertainment than this


Read!!  Dreyaandlolatogetherforever  5 star

Ok so I've had this app for about 5 days and man I'm in love with it it's so soothing and your just make weird shapes with you fingers but it's very calming and if you have like anxiety( like me ) I recommend this app for you it helps me as well It just gives you this warming kind of vibe It's great you should get it

Silk 2 – Generative Art Comments

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