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+ The ONLY phone app you need for personal and business that gives you a second phone number, integrated reverse phone number lookup, phone call recording functions, anonymous texting and calling, international calling and texting, SMS and MMS capability and much more!

+ Protect your privacy and make calls and text with a free second phone number without giving away your REAL phone number.

+ Use our free Photon Phoner number to fake caller id for anonymous texting and private calling without worrying and revealing your real primary number. Change your phone line as often as you like and prevent your number from being blocked.

+ Get a second or multiple anonymous phone numbers for calling and texting and choose your own vanity numbers for your various everyday needs such as buying and selling, home office, dating, sales, and others without giving away your personal number.

+ Make Photon Phoner your 2nd phone number and keep it as long as you want OR use Photon Phoner as a temporary disposable phone and generate and dispose of as many numbers as you need.

+ Use it as a secondary phone number for texting and calling when you use Craigslist, Etsy, Tinder, Match and many other eCommerce and dating services.

+ Record phone calls for interviews and other purpose

+ Identify spam and caller when they call you real time and also look up their address and other information. Know who is calling!

Phoner free gives you as many phone numbers as you want by using a random phone number generator. You can hide your caller id and protect your privacy This gives you almost unlimited fake phone numbers for Twitter, Uber, Craigslist, Ebay, Facebook and other service verification. The Phoner phone number changer allows you to change as many temporary phone numbers as you want and burn them when you do not need it.

With Photon Phoner, you can get multiple numbers for your various needs whether it is buying and selling on Craigslist, EBay or other eCommerce platforms. If you are dating, you can mask and hide your number as you may not want to reveal your real number until you are really committed. If you are a professional, you may want a separate work number for sales and business. If you are a business owner, you may want a Phoner number for your home office or office.

Phoner 2nd Phone Number Anonymous Text + Fake Call App Description & Overview

The applications Phoner 2nd Phone Number Anonymous Text + Fake Call was published in the category Utilities on 2016-04-09 and was developed by Appsverse Inc.. The file size is 36.59 MB. The current version is 3.23 and works well on 8.1 and high ios versions.

+ Enhanced texting support
+ Improve voice mail
+ Improve reverse look up and call detection
+ Bug fixes

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Phoner 2nd Phone Number Anonymous Text + Fake Call Reviews


Credits disappeared  SMC3  1 star

I purchased several credits and they disappeared I reached out to the company and they didn't respond. Highly disappointed


Sluggish App  [email protected]  2 star

The concept is great. The design is good. But for some reason the App runs so slow that texting can be agony. Until this is fixed it’s hard to recommend this product.


Texts Aren’t Going Through  Adgj2468  1 star

I purchased a phone number but text messages aren’t coming through. Support is unresponsive


Great app. Minutes way too expensive.  Tomahawk000  3 star

This is a great app, but the minutes are way too expensive at an effective rate of $.20 per minute. Even if you buy in bulk it’s still $.17 per minute. For me this is no longer viable.


Not that great  Ponyxboy  1 star

It had really poor call quality. I couldn’t receive any calls, and when I did it would break up. Text worked ok. Also when I would get a notification saying my phone number was gonna expire ; it didn’t tell me how to renew it ; so I just deleted the app.


Avoid  Spokenwithhonesty  1 star

There's definitely something strange about all these positive reviews when this app requires you to buy credits even to send and receive sms. There's also an expiry date. No encryption either. Uninstalled


Love this app  Kevinmd  5 star

My only complaint would be to have daily free credits but something this good needs to have a cost so I get it.


Sick app  Chuckeeeeeeeeeecheeseeeee  5 star

Sick app


This is not a free app. It needs money right frm getting a number.  Anmol1983  1 star

Totally misleading


Unfairly charges  Jaimegpersonal  1 star

I paid for the $9.99 option and I was charged $20+ and now can’t get an answer back


Awesome App  Ladyzebra99  5 star

OMG i cant imagine i can find an apps like this.. If you want a privacy MUST get this app yahooo


Awesome  shereen80  1 star


K. Sagar

Review  K. Sagar  5 star

It's working... But should to give more free credits and publish all terms and conditions.


Great app  preecy10  5 star

I've only started using this app for my business. It is very functional and user friendly. Highly recommend


Confusing  Bec1257  3 star

Don't buy another number doesn't work


Well done  atskcen  5 star

Does a great job 👍👍👍


Needs a lot of work to be useful  MissEz4  2 star

I purchased credit and it has not been applied and I can't get it to work without it. It just takes you round in circles


StillNew  LuvFnts  3 star

If it doesnt end up costing too much it will be good

Mrs Lioness

Phoner seems very easy to follow and functions well  Mrs Lioness  5 star

I've only used this app twice and of all the apps I've dorm loaded that are similar - Phoner seems far more functional


Good  Beestung1  4 star

Good banter


Pretty good  Nate09769  5 star

Pretty good


Ridiculous!  Psycadelicpet  4 star

Awesome app!

Cheeto lips

Phoner phun  Cheeto lips  3 star

It's pretty cool.. just need more minutes to get me hooked.


Good  lilay13$  5 star

This app was very help when I prank my mom


Good app  Lilysd1107  5 star

Really good app. Love it

yung dagger d1ck

Trash  yung dagger d1ck  1 star

Makes you pay for the number


Money  barrm29  1 star

Expensive and wants nothing but your money over and over again. Download something else

Sae treasure

Good app  Sae treasure  4 star

Keep on working you have a good work done on this app.


need more comp calls  Razorbackfan1982  4 star

good app


Shshe  Didkdkdjc  5 star


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