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HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image [Entertainment] App Description & Overview

What is hud - heads up display iron man edition overlay hud over image app? Get Inside The Iron Man Helmet, Create Your Own Heads Up Display.

Create stunning and complex HUD'S that you won't believe were done in your phone!


-Add multiple hud items,
-Darken pictures,
-Add overlays to make your hud items fit
-Blur Hud Items
-Adjust Opacity
-Multiple Color Items

- Intuetive gestuers
- Use pinch to scale
- Drag to position
- Rotate to rotate
- Double Tap To Delete

Reach out at anytime for support :
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How to contact HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image (Ronan Stark)?
Find this site the customer service details of HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image Customer Service, Editor Notes:

HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image Version 1.914 April 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. - Bug Fixes.

HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image Comments & Reviews 2022

- Way better then expected

To be honest i wasn't expecting a very good app but i was super surprised. The app is really easy to use. It was so much fun to make it look like i am tony stark. There are a few problems though. Its a bit glitchy and there are a few ads. Altogether i really like this app.

- How great is dis app?

THIS IS THE BEST IRON MAN APP SO FAR! I have looked up, “Iron Man apps” in search of an app that I could use my apple cards on, but nothing showed up! So I looked up, “Iron Man apps with good rating” and a virtual reality game (called Iron Man hud: augmented reality) and downloaded it. But guess what??? It said it needed camera permission. So I accepted, but then it said that it needed location access! NO WAY BUSTER!!! Then I found this app and watched the tutorial, and it looked cool. So I downloaded it and now... I HAVE (literally) 500 IRON HUD FACES OF ME, FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND ANYONE TJAT VAN FIGURE OUT MU EMAIL!!!

- Suggestions to the creator stark

I think it would be even cooler if they got actual Serbs from any Ironman movie, and along with that if they showed the helmet it’d be awesome. I think things like that if not otamatic you should be able to buy them with “arcs”. Another thing you should be able to edit the picture mor than you can, other than that it’s a really great and cool app where in your finished product will most likely look better than you expected.

- Surprisingly good!!

This is actually a great app! I was skeptical when I downloaded it, but I’ve been using it for my Tony Stark cosplay and it works wonders, all of my friends love it! The only thing I would ask is for, if possible, a way to export photos in high quality, even if it cost extra. Aside from that, though, it’s wonderful!

- Great fun

So it’s great and all but there’s this glitch where you can get tons of arcs. All you have to do is go to the part where you get arcs and earn them by leaving a review. Do that and then go back to the app and hit the x then go back into it and leave another review and boom. Infinite arcs.

- Greatest game ever

When I saw the video I was expecting this app to be really complicated and hard, but when I actually used it it was great! I can make my own HUD and put anyone’s face into it! Amazing. Also, it is really simple and easy to make one, and I appreciate it.

- Good before but... well.. just read it

Can’t use it because of stupid ads I can’t exit out of. It might just be my phone but it’s not working for me. Still a good app but the ads prevent me from using it Update, never mind I fixed it. All good :)

- Amazing

I was looking for some cool games on the App Store when I came across this this game is amazing I love it so much I take pictures of my family friends dogs and make them all look like Iron Man it’s so cool I totally recommend it

- Very good

This app is a definite recommendation if you like the Iron man (R.I.P.) Heads Up Display. Warning the app does not automatically do everything for you. You have to make your own HUD which I think is really unique. 5/5 stars. Extremely good!

- 9.5 out of 10

Great time waster and really fun to mess around with. My only problem is that I sometimes have a glitch after an ad that turns some of the shadings into a stretched version of the original pic. But I still love the app

- cinema/photo shop/design

I enjoy the easy lay out and the fact that it was free. adobe cost alot money and this is alot more fun. Now only if i could get my character i make to be on marvel strike force. I think after reaching level 40 you should be able to use this app. and then use your character for the game? That would be great. Im already kind of bored since changing alliances and not getting help from my team and i love to design and create! pleaaase!!!

- Iron man

The app works great you can really create pretty advanced looking huds since there are many widgets the whole thing looks pro when youre done. Id rather have it specialized in photos than medicore in vids. 5 stars

- Best app ever!

This is the best app I have ever seen first off Is because of how well it was made second is because you can tell how much work they put in to do this so I just honestly love it:D

- This is so fun

I spent hours going through my library picking my friends and family to make into iron man.

- Fun App!

This is a really fun app! Once you get the hang of it after trial and error, you can be as creative as you want! You'll end up with some really cool pics! Highly Reccommended!

- Easy as pie

I just started the app and on the first try I was easily able to create a professional looking picture. :D

- Good Game

I like the game and the creativity of the game, but there are too much ads. One or two are ok, but they constantly pop up when you are playing the game. Other than that it’s a good game.

- Just like the movies, ma!

Top flight job that in no way induced me to do this to get things I never saw.

- Pretty good

One problem i have is i cant scale down certain things....but then again, that would be an issue with my huge fingers and not the app itself... :P

- Nice tool indeed

I was wondering how and what tools I would use to create these effects and I just started to do a lot more film production with my IPad. This comes in very handy indeed and is real useful saving time.

- Great!

I actually used this to create an EDITH interface for a photo shoot I did and it turned out great. Absolutely no complaints.

- I love it

This app or game I’d rather say both, was really cool. And I thought there were in app purchases

- Ez, kind of

As a novice I wasn’t sure what this was going do for me, but after poking around I found it was great fun and I actually looked like a pro. EZ

- Awsome

I love this game and it has entertained my child for 10 days so far

- This is great

Can be simple or complex, makes since, and is easy to use. Just for a fan

- The best hud

This is just awesome, i feel like and look like iron man. The app works with no issues unlike some previous versions

- Great game

The game is really grate it makes you look pretty cool but there could be more stuff to unlock

- Coolest iron man app ever

Ok so I was looking for marvel but can’t find any I like (due to copyright🙄🙄🙄)so I looked for iron man games and I found that so cool I love it

- Just my idiocy

The app is great, the only problem is how stupid all mins look because I am an idiot

- Pass the time

Pretty fun to use when nothing is going on

- Amazing

This app makes you look awesome as heck. I love it and I am getting better every day.

- Cool little extra to have.

It’s easier & faster loading than other alike apps. Very fun. Kids & I both use it.

- I need it for my iron man costume

I am trying to look for an iron man hud transparent, but I can’t find it. This app is good!

- Great for Ironman fans!!

Preach easy to use when you get used to it. Pretty pleased with it so far, fun to use!

- It’s good

I think it really can make you look like your in a iron man suit but You have to get good at it

- How it’s so good

This app is so good I tried you can get anything on this.

- App rate

Love this app great for stop motion animation or even just playing around great app Definitely five stars thanks goodbye

- Glitches non stop every time there is a ad!

Every time an ad popped up the hud items turned into mini versions of my photo and I had to restart over and over again used I had no way to change it back.

- Less adds

Awesome app just needs less adds after clicking on something

- Very interesting app!

This reminds me of Adobe Illustrator in some ways. Using this kind of functionality for an Iron Man HUD is great.

- This is a really great app

This app is amazing I used it till it was right now I look like iron man in the movies

- Best App ever

I like this app a lot so much I like to tell my friends that I’m iron man.

- Pretty good

Pretty great game making you feel like the golden avenger

- I’m just here for the arcs

I’m also just here for the arcs

- App

I enjoy this app it makes you think a little and is very interesting

- Ok

I expected it to be better you should add more

- It’s awesome

If you know what his suit looks like you make it look real

- I

I like the game and iron man an I have always wanted to see what I wiled look like is his suit

- Horrible.

Whenever an add comes up, after I get out of it the stuff I added on to my Pic just turns into more of my original picture!!!! Fix that.

- HUD What more

Can’t wait to start playing with this app.

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- Work as described

This apps is absolutely amazing. Easy edit with all item you need.

- Perfect but maybe more ways to earn arcs

I love this game there are so many ways to make your HUD. It could use more ways to earn arcs. But I understand because if I made the game I wouldn’t know what to add.

- Very very cool app

Pretty cool app needs sum more upgrades tho

- Great game but

It needs new ways to get arcs but other wise it is perfect thanks to the creator

- Iron man hud review

I loved this app it makes me feel like I am iron man I give it a 10/10

- Feed back

Pretty good

- Amazing app

i love this game it’s awesome

- Need more images

Great app, but needs more iron man blueprint fx images

- I likely

It was great


Thx who ever made this I'm iron mans big fan :)

- Hell yeah

Cool theme make you like iron man

- This app is amazing

Omg this app is great

- Good

It’s a good app

- 😀😀😀😀😀

Grate app but needs mod options

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- Nice

Love it

- 🐈🦂👻

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- Game is Awesome Dr222

Install it You are in control of iron mans suit Try it

- Really fun



Super cool very well made it’s amazing

- Cool

It’s easy to use.

- Bdjdj


- G


- Noice

It’s cool

- Overall good app

This app is great if you’re a iron man fan all photos look exactly the same in the movie

- Review

It’s fun and funny on animals

- Pretty cool app.

Hoping for the ability to edit in wide mode

- non stop ads

unbelievable non stop ads to the point that you won’t be able to accomplish anything so you will just delete it

- Cool

Good for fun

- Too complicated

Way too complicated. Pictures from library too large & you cannot adjust or move or crop. There should be some preselected pictures to chose. Then, you have to unlock features! Really? Not recommended!

- Fun app

This is a pretty cool app

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HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image 1.9 Screenshots & Images

HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image iphone images
HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image iphone images
HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image iphone images
HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image iphone images
HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image Entertainment application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image (Version 1.9) Install & Download

The applications HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image was published in the category Entertainment on 2015-11-20 and was developed by Ronan Stark [Developer ID: 968657679]. This application file size is 31.93 MB. HUD - Heads Up Display Iron Man Edition Overlay HUD Over Image - Entertainment app posted on 2016-04-14 current version is 1.9 and works well on IOS 8.1 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.unicornapps.ironhud