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Ever wanted to kickflip a car? Get behind the wheel in this high octane stunt driving game and get REKT!

REKT makes doing tricks incredibly smooth and easy, and with super realistic physics it's easy to learn and hard to master. Get your landing right and power slide into the next trick for an incredible trick combo chain at a smooth 60 frames per second.

REKT challenges you to prove and improve your skills in an elaborate multilayered free roaming sandbox arena. Dynamic challenges help you find new possibilities in the arena and experience classic trick gameplay mixed with races, challenges, and new ways to get that elusive next multiplier.

Designed with adaptive visuals that adjust to your driving, REKT offers a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. REKT comes with over twenty cool automobiles, that are unlocked by your awesome trick scores. Drive off with that insane hot rod or crazy street racer - but only if you are worthy!

REKT is a single player arcade experience that will have you on the edge of your seat. If you want to test your skills, compete with players around the world on the global leaderboards or show off your best run by sharing a video with Everyplay!

Keep an eye out for future updates with more cars, arenas and challenges!

Time to #GETREKT!

REKT! App Description & Overview

The applications REKT! was published in the category Games on 2017-10-01 and was developed by Little Chicken Game Company B.V.. The file size is 114.08 MB. The current version is 1.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Big news! Are you ready to rock REKT! on the big screen? Get REKT! on your Apple TV (4th gen and up).

Two new cars for you to unlock! They are both at the top of the food chain in car world, so it won't be easy!

Minor menu navigation issues when using a controller.
You can no longer land on boxes, so your trick won't end when you smash those things mid-air.

Steering sensitivity.

PS. Do you have questions or suggestions? Send them to [email protected] and we'll get back to you.

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REKT! Reviews


Great game and found two bugs/glitches  Jerrylolguy  5 star

It’s a really great game I’ve gotten used to the controls I've almost got all the cars plus the secret ones I found it frustrating at first but gotten used to it to me it’s kinda addicting to play doing flips and barrel rolls speaking of barrel rolls it’s a little hard to do one I’ve found it very fun my brother also enjoys it too I can’t wait to see the more stuff you guys are going to add in the future! I found a couple bugs with the game that might only be my game the first one is in the first map the rail next to the loop when you launch off the ramp and ride on the rail it sends my car flying to the left my car goes flying literally and not just that rail but the some of the other ones too but mainly the one next to the loop the second bug I found was some times when I reset my car in practice or challenge mode it glitches the title screen and start screen when you first get in are mashes together some times for some reason crashes my game might be my phone so idk I know this was a long review mainly for the bugs I found and this is probably only happening to me but if not please fix this thank you for reading this I do really enjoy this game sorry that this review is so long too. Question: will you add a multiplayer mode? maybe like a race mode going against friends or world wide or a multiplayer challenge mode where the person with the most points scored doing tricks wins and gains some points this could be also up to like a team or free for all. idk it’s your game and I do respect the options you can give us now and excited for future updates! P.s. can you make it easier to hit the ball into the goal I keep hitting the platform on top yea. Very important Question: will you add a car based off the DeLorean I know there is a hover board I think referencing it but will you?


Possible AI update?  A.D.W  5 star

I would love to see a mode where you compete against AI to get the most points in an arena or even a “Derby mode” where you try to Rek and not get REKT! Besides the possible additions I do love the game and the play style. There just needs to be a few more modes and this game is perfect!

Big Ole' Texas!

Great game but...  Big Ole' Texas!  4 star

The achievements to not display in this new update. Also the sleigh is shown as not unlocked but the achievement does not display. I would like to see how to unlock cars specifically, rather than guess what to do, especially now that the achievements do not display. Please update to show individual achievements such as finding the chicken, score a goal, and so on... thanks

henrycupcake .3.

No iCloud supported?  henrycupcake .3.  4 star

I was expecting to be able to seamlessly synced across my progress perfectly on my Apple TV from iPad and iPhone just like that game inside did


"That was amazing!"  Drelbs2345  5 star

Fun arcade stunt car game! Drive your car around and link as many crazy tricks together as you can to complete missions for coins and rack up a high score. Spend those coins on new cars & wheels and wash/rinse/repeat... Reminds me a lot of True Skate, but with more ic a Rocket League feel to it (rumor is that there is a ball in the arena somewhere...) The developer has already released one update which fixed screen rotation and added new cars, I am looking forward to more!


Love it  2005jb2015  5 star

This game has great potential and i just wanted to know if it will be on pc


Great game, but one suggestion: Multiplayer  ImPixelated  5 star

This game is great, I’ve had it for only a day and I am already addicted but I feel like something that would make it even more amazing would be if you could add people and invite them to your game to play together to have a funner experience. Great game!


Great fun!  D.J.H1  4 star

Hmm, where to start... REKT is a great game. The gameplay is quite enjoyable, the physics are great, and the graphics are very nice. Got it on sale, and it's well worth the two bucks. I also don't see what all the fuss about the controls is, I find them to be quite good. Now, I only gave it four stars because I feel there's room for improvement. First of all, I think some more game modes would be beneficial. Especially a multiplayer game mode, perhaps where you go head to head with another player, trying to get the highest score. (You could even add power ups/weapons that you could use against your opponent to get them REKT.) Also, more ways to customize your cars would be great. Different paint jobs especially. Overall, I love the game, and highly recommend it.


Great game but  coolcarcrasher2006  5 star

Love the game overall but there is this glitch where I jump then I keep going up please fix

It's red orange

This game is good but the name is cringe.  It's red orange  1 star

It is really cringe "REKT" is an awesome game but the name ruins it I see why it is four and up. Seriously great game I suggest you get it!

Sp nate

Amazing!  Sp nate  5 star

This game is so fun to play and so free to do whatever you want and just smash into everything. I really liked YVDB’s other game TankTap, but this is so good as well, only $3 for such a good game


Great game but some flaws  Ponderish  4 star

(This is all my opinion) I found myself having an absolute blast with this game while playing but there are some things that I think can be added. First of all I think there should be a seperate button for brake since I find it quite annoying trying to stay on a platform but instead I reverse off, Second I think there should be more maps, making the map you already have bigger I think would be too big but if you add more maps with different themes I think it would add a lot of variety to the game. Finally I was thinking you could add a boost feature where the more tricks you do the more it fills up your boost and then you would obviously go faster, if you could add that I think it would make the game a lot more fun. Other than that I think this is a great game and definitely worth it.


Needs  Epictree200  3 star

You should add multiplayer sandbox where your friends can join you and you have fun crashing into each other and maybe multiplayer competitions


Not bad  petie.d  2 star

Not bad for a simple game but the final two cars are not available regardless of how high your scores are. Disappointing


Better controls  Zsdfs  5 star

You need better conrols

Mincraft termanater

Needs way better controls  Mincraft termanater  3 star

It is really hard to control the car and needs free to play mode or something without a timer


Boring game  Fghgdu  1 star

It’s fun for the first twenty minutes but it gets old quick.


Very Similar to old N64 game.  sina_t97  5 star

Does anyone else not see the crazy similarities between this and the stunt track in Rush 2 for the N64? It’s crazy how similar they are, borderline copying. That said, I do enjoy being able to play this on my phone.


Great game!  Qr75  5 star

The physics are really good it does have a time limit on you runs but you can go infinite times so it’s fine the controls are pretty easy to use but need at least 15 minutes to get used to but yes it’s awesome when you get into it


I instantly regret buying this  dustan.e  1 star

The controls are difficult and I don’t see myself enjoying this game.


So far so good  rangborg  4 star

I’ve played it a bit and so far I enjoy the game. It’s very arcade-ish and so don’t come in expecting some driving sim. I enjoy the unlocking of new cars and trying to perfect my skills. Positives: - fun time killer - I like the artistic style of the vehicles - small learning curve - controls don’t clutter the screen - no IAP Negatives: - only one level currently - doing some of the quests are pretty hard... I especially find doing barrel rolls difficult as the game sometimes reads a legit barrel roll as just a flip so I don’t get credit for the quest. - points don’t accumulate towards unlocks... so if the next car doesn’t unlock till you reach 250,000 points and you just scored 60k... u lose all those points and have have 250k points scored all in one run. If you only game a few minutes at a time it can feel like a waste unless you get a good run in. I gave it 4 stars because I still really enjoy the game and I bet most of my negatives will be fixed in future updates. Well at least I’m hoping for that to happen.

Mr. football guy

Great game  Mr. football guy  5 star

Worth 2 bucks!! But one suggestion, please add multiplayer. It would be so much more fun


OK, but…  sharx0018  2 star

Ok it’s a game with great physics and stuff but the game was a waste of money because 1. You have a time limit. I can’t enjoy games with time limits cause I feel like I have to rush round the game. So you really can’t just settle down a relax with this game. 2. There should be different modes. Like there should be the timed mode, and free foam mode with no time but just to test with the cars, there should be racing with either bots at least or other players, and there should be batting. Why is this game called REKT when there is not a whole lot of wrecking? So PLEASE PLEASE take my words into consideration and add some of these things in the game!!!


GET REKT!  Patrick1007  4 star

This game is pretty cool! It’s got nice graphics, cool music and fun gameplay! There are achievements, car unlocks, and challenges! It is a fun game! Check it out! The only thing I could suggest is a little heavier, growlier sounding engines! The cars look very cartoony-like muscle type cars, but have small sounding engines. Also iCloud syncing between devices would be appreciated! Keep it up!


This game is worth it and it’s amazing  Ghost0531  5 star

First off if anyone want to make sure you spend your money wise, this game is worth 2 dollars. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay as well. It’s very fun the fact we can customize our wheels and their is many kinds of cars. One thing please add multiplayer idk why but it would be more fun. Awesome game.


Amazing!  HalfStrikeYT  5 star

Any news on the next update?

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