Fallout Pip-Boy

Fallout Pip-Boy download

From Vault-Tec and RobCo Industries comes the Pip-Boy: America’s finest, easiest-to-use personal information processor.

This app lets your portable device interact with Fallout 4 on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC. Away from your game system? No problem! Pip-Boy will remember your status and allow you to access your data while on the go.

Improve your life by integrating completely with Fallout 4. Check your Stats, Inventory, Map, Radio and even play your holotape games all from the convenience of your Pip-Boy application.

Thanks to revolutionary advances in emulation technology, you can now play holotape games on your Pip-Boy. Atomic Command included free!

Designed for both new Vault Dwellers and those already familiar with the dangers of the Wasteland!

Did you purchase the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition for your favorite game system? Make sure to snap in your phone device for the complete Pip-Boy experience!

Fallout Pip-Boy App Description & Overview

The applications Fallout Pip-Boy was published in the category Games on 2015-11-05 and was developed by Bethesda. This application file size is 88.56 MB. Fallout Pip-Boy current version is 1.2 and works well on IOS 6.0 and high versions.

* Compatibility with Fallout 4 Automatron DLC
* Vault-Tec has also implemented other minor improvements to the Pip-Boy application.

Fallout Pip-Boy App Tips, Tricks and Rules

Fallout Pip-Boy Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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HBABGCEDN   1 star

Has potential. I try to connect to my Xbox one but it does not connect and I also turned on the pip boy app enabled but it still does not work I believe this has potential and I want to see what is can do. Thank you.

big baby penis   4 star

Yee. Yee

omegaasin123478647   5 star

I need help. I have a PS4 and I am having trouble linking the game to my phone is anyone of assistance please

johnny420city420   1 star

Nope. Doesn’t work

Smoove-WSBHRG   4 star

Please add in next update. Functionality with fallout shelter on mobile

ElectricAlaskan   5 star

Terrific, but...!. This is fun, and I can’t wait to utilize this as part of Halloween... but I wonder if perhaps we could hear the music, or if there could be some kind of connection with an Apple Music account to play the radio!

bdidnakdndjfhdjendj   2 star

Won’t connect. I haven’t used it yet because it won’t connect to my Xbox all it does is say you need to turn on the app through the settings in the actual game and I already do that and refreshed the game but still nothing, look if you are looking if you want to get it just do it and see if it works but I rated it two stars because I be it is great but I can’t say

coolscott2430   1 star

Worst app. Your app is a piece of crap so it crashes easily it doesn’t even work so fix it or abandoned it

:)/-/66   1 star

Cant connect. I cant connect to my xbox

Moonlightgirl88   3 star

Won’t connect with game. It was working fine now there’s an issue

i'm owin im 8   4 star

Amazing but one problem. This app is pretty good but I really into a problem when I first downloaded it when it said it troubleshoot to connect it to my Xbox I clicked it but the page that I tried to show up just disappeared it said that it was no longer existing

Pondmatter   2 star

Kind of works?. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and this Pip-Boy app used to work great until about a year ago in 2018. Since then it has been nothing but app freezing, crashing and is finicky in general when it will actually work. It used to be VERY convenient when it did work, obviously because you didn’t need to use the in-game Pip-Boy menus to make any changes such as weapons or radio stations.

miigwich   1 star

Keep up to date plz. Its 2019 and i know it was made a long time ago but players still wanna use the app Sorry if i sound entitled

BradenM007   5 star

Good. It’s fun

adrianandangelforever   1 star

won’t work. like many others are saying, the app will not connect to my computer. please fix!

Pitl337   3 star

It’s pretty good but. Honestly it’s pretty good but can you make more mini games while in demo mode and also I would also like it to be connected to fallout 76

Francis James Hogan   4 star

Very good app. It is an awesome app but I wish it was compatible with Fallout 76

this succ   1 star

Won’t connect. The game wouldn’t connect after hours of trying I just gave up.

Gavin Alexander McClanahan   1 star

Flat out won’t work. I’ve recently gotten Fallout 4 on my laptop and have followed the directions exactly but the app continues to say there is nothing to connect to

Kailie Diglin   5 star

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AllysaJasmine   5 star

Love this!. Please make available with Fallout 76!

KH//1246   2 star

Other Games?. I dont have fallout 4 (yet) but I do have Fallout 76. I’d like to see it compatible for all the Fallout games.

ishfbfkxj   1 star

Connection. I tried to sync it up but it’s been in a loop for over 15 minutes. All it says is “connecting”. I’ve tried restarting the app and re installing it. I keep getting the same problem. I use a iPhone SE with the newest iOS so it should work. It doesn’t matter how great the idea is if it can’t even boot up

pip-boy-man!!   3 star

Would give five stars if. If I could use the app for more than one minute before it decides to freeze and crashes

Bballentine   1 star

Ugg. This app is not working anymore for my phone and I can’t connect to my Xbox at all

GameKnight1996   3 star

Good app but something is required. This is a good app when you can get it to connect, after 2 years of attempting to connect my game&app I only just now discovered on vacation that in order to sync the Xbox One and the app you REQUIRE the Xbox Smartglass app and be signed into it otherwise you’ll get a “Smartglass error” if you manage to get the app to detect your system. No clue for PS4 or PC though sorry.

Ballon9000000000000000   5 star

Pls. Even though this was made a long time ago and las update was 3y ago pls fix map for nuka world

ChiziBrie   2 star

Crashes with ease. title says it all. fun option but disconnects and crashes easily. looks like you folks have some work to do

volkshofkindred   3 star

Fallout 76?. Hey Bethesda I Just started Fallout 76 and I saw that I can’t use the companion for Fallout 76. I propose that for every new Fallout game you add. Compatibility for them. Sincerely Otto

SgtPepper77   1 star

Doesn't connect anymore.. Used to work fine. What happened?

Advertorial    5 star

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Capitaine-Hyx   1 star

Déception. Il est même pas en français!!!

One preview was dumb   5 star

It’s great. I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying it wasn’t connecting you have to put a setting in game for it to work so for future use connected with the setting on

sammytim gaming   5 star

Can you add. Can you make a pip boy 5000 that almost looks like thanos gauntlet? I wish the next fallout took place in a alternative timeline (with secret lab with portal projects) where pip boy 5 was similar to thanos gauntlet and the energy was called (it’s a blue crystal fusion blue that has ♾ energy) fhantum [never mix or fuse nuclear with b type fhantum it rots and melts] and the story goes like this it was a regular day of new and excited day of Nero Ville a big blue cloud/blast of fhantum explodes out of a empty “old storage building” (secret base) killing 40 people near bye 2 people survive ( player 1 player 2 different story’s and begins) the explosive knocks you out of you fhantum powered car the car is now moldy (like rotten food) ....if your the other player, 2 your walking down the street with a pip boy 4 (alternative version) then your sheld your eyes from the blast your character runs back for protection. Player 1 limps away (1 go in old Antique store) (main) go past store up the road. But the pip boy has a screen on the front and a two or just one holotapes slot/s at the bottom and two blue crystals at the top in a tiny windows

chrisj117   3 star

Error. I can’t connect

WEPABlazingMC   1 star

Does Not Work. I have tried everything I could and it continues to say it cannot connect to my Xbox after I log in. I was really excited to use the app but it will not work.

Dhcgdhuehsyyyyutgy   5 star

Fun but please let me use fallout 76. Fun but please let me use this for 76

knee_gear   1 star

Cool idea but doesn’t work. Hi I have the PS4 Edition and it will not connect to your phone

Lacquerhead   4 star

Perfect companion app. Decided to replay FO4, and remembered this app. Now I’m looking at my Apple Watch 4 and wondering were the watch Pip-Boy app is 😉

biggerben88   5 star

Please. Hay make this app work with fallout 76 please

DragonSlayer20420   5 star

👍. It's good but it keeps crashing

gr8shag   5 star

Works great now on my ps4.. Works great now.

Add moon lord   4 star

Add to fallout76. Pls add this app to fallout76 it will be useful

Jikerwa   1 star

What. I wish it worked, but for me on ps4 it’s not connecting even if I’m on the same wifi as the PlayStation.

Gysiieidiuwhyduwjhd77436   5 star

Good. 76 does it work??

Chuki360   1 star

Fallout 76. Please ad one for FALLOUT 76!!!!!! This game is so cool and he need this!

mattcrf110   5 star

Please add one for fallout 3. Please add one for fallout three

frosty steel221   1 star

Don’t download. It’s terrible it doesn’t connect to anything

(GD) Coolguy1003   3 star

Good. It works with Xbox one on fallout 4 but one thing does it work with other console and fallout games?

Insanepwnda   3 star

It’s okay. Sometimes crashes my new Vegas game

2354322345678890987gghjghjkljh   4 star

Make the radio play songs. Play some songs it will be better

420titties   5 star

Ahh A’s. Garry !!!

BandwidthWhore   4 star

Could be better.. Don’t get me wrong this is a truly great idea and has a lot of potential but I don’t really see the point in this app (other than having a map to look at without opening your Pip-Boy.). There is no difference from using the Pip-Boy in-game than having it displayed on your phone. In reality, all it does is lower your reaction time. It’s a lot easier to just use it in-game. But besides that, it’s pretty cool to play around with. Nevertheless, If you could possibly consider adding the ability to at least zoom out in the world map or maybe even have some kind of command prompt for your companions it would make it so much more useful. The possibility could go on.

LoyalBethesdaFan   4 star

Great, would be better if updated often.. Has no compatibility for the Far Harbour or Nuka World DLCs.

Chxjdjsnsjaj   1 star

Will not connect. I know this is late but I let it try to connect for 3 hours and nothing happened it just said connecting for 3 darn hours. Please fix this or take it off the App Store. (For Xbox)

Hope no one took this   4 star

Hi. Could u guys maybe make one for Fallout 3??? For us last gen people? Thx

Sprtn0117   1 star

Won’t connect. Doesn’t connect to my game

Gugihydtgujutidy   5 star

Yay. I love this!!! It’s so cool to be able to control your game on your tablet, also it’s useful to use the maps when you’re walking around, you know which way you’re going. It’s worth your time

fallout since the first   3 star

Please include dlc maps. Map markers switch to far Harbor bit not the map itself please update

Allykatsmom   1 star

MINE KEEPS FREEZING AFTER A FEW SECONDS. I'd love to use it. But it keeps freezing and I have to restart it or delete it till it finally works.

Deirdre2005   4 star

Amazing. Only problem is that it the demo should have functional radios

Advertorial    5 star

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A-Z_Sniper   5 star

THIS IS AWESOME. Do you think you could add combatinilaty with fallout nv and 3

left4kill5YT   4 star

You should make one for fallout 76!. The app is extremely useful, I just got fallout 76 yesterday and I was thinking you should create a pip boy for fallout 76

GGSP review   5 star

The best please use. This is so helpful and is so convenient

make1forfallout76   5 star

MAKE 1 FOR FALLOUT 76. This app is awesome, please make one for fallout 76 it will be very useful!!!!!!!!

Steve the radroach   5 star

Dear Bethesda. Please make the a so it is compatible with fallout 76

King of Nubes 123   5 star

Hey Great app definitely download. Love this app it’s great works perfectly definitely recommend downloading if you like fallout or do you want to prank your friends

Antman70   5 star

Needs better instructions. Works great, but the App details/instructions should make it clear: 1. You need to quit and restart the game after turning on the "Pip-Boy App Enabled" setting, and 2. The App won't display anything until you've picked up the in-game Pip-Boy near the exit of Vault 111.

iiConclusive   5 star

Worlds really well. I love this and still use this while playing fallout 4 but wish this was somehow on fallout 76, overall 10/10 found very few problems that were resolved with a simple restart of the app

Fixthis1281   5 star

Fallout 76. Kinda useless for fallout 4 but it is pretty cool tho but for 76 it would be much useful considering it doesn’t pause

Corlksk   1 star

Fallout 76. Plz make it compatible with Fallout 76 I downloaded it to find I can’t use this Pip-Boy app On it Plz make compatible O I rate ur game 1 star or less It is a real disappointment when u find something Won’t work for u.Ur the 2nd app I have had this problem with. I think others experience the same matter. From my view the point of this app is to help people I say compatibility is a problem with this app that’s the only problem.

pewdiepie2019boi   2 star

I can’t use the app for very long so if someone could fix that then please do so. Plz help me

blaxkdeath   4 star

Fallout 76,. Wish I could use this on fallout 76.

goldenbapples   3 star

Fallout 76 pip boy compatibility. If you could maybe create a pip boy simulator for fallout 76

Meridoch   1 star

Doesn’t screen adjust anymore. Please update this app so it allows for screen adjust for when I use in the pipboy that came with the game. Worked on my old phone, not on the new iPhone Xs

Cosmo73   5 star

Superb, local maps now make sense. I’ve only been playing fallout for a month or so and I wish I’d had this from the start, it’s really cool and if nothing else having a live view of a local map as you move helps make sense of it as you search for items Really happy I downloaded this app

Russs7   5 star

Really cool. Rad.

a very disorientated mongoose   3 star

skrt. skrt

bitchyboom   3 star

Ok for gameplay not role play. Good app useful and cool but it would be better to have a link straight to the actual pipboy 3000 to get a good price

Gameninja1593   1 star

Can’t connect to ps4. I can’t experience it because it does not work with ps4

nipletwistmcgee   5 star

Look at the picture above. Who the hell has 8 perception on a character and no charisma and intelligence

Needfreehints225   5 star

Needs iPhone X resolution. Absolutely love this app only thing that would make it better for me is iPhone X screen resolution especially since I wanna use this app and my phone in a pip boy for a fallout cosplay would love if you do this guys

Alex Wozga   3 star

Fix Radroaches. I was having a pretty damn good time, got a decent way through it and nothing too bad had happened. Then I had a radroach outbreak in one room. Everyone in my vault had a weapon so I though it would be fine to look away. I look back... 9 people died. Why does having radroaches passively do damage to everyone in the room. And when I does, why does it drain the damage so damn fast. By the time that you have a room of 6 people all with weapons, you shouldn’t have to worry about radroaches killing every person in the vault. Now I’ve sold all of my items, spare weapons and clothes off most people and still can’t revive most of the people that died. I looked away for 1 minute and the whole vault died. Why 😂😂😂?!

Samyhamy   5 star

I have a pipboy at home. I have a pipboy at home

Temmie from temmie village   4 star

GREAT. It is good but it would be better if the radio played in the demo mode

Knucks5   4 star

Expansion Idea. Really good and fun to play with, but perhaps if they added a patch for Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas that allowed different versions of this app to sync with those as well! Would be super fun if it did spread across the other games, but is still fun for Fallout 4.

WebbyOyster731   5 star

BEST APP EVER!. The pip boy is really great and fun to use because when I'm in a big battle and my health is low, someone could use the stimpack instead of me having to use the cross, switch weapons and armour faster, fast travel faster and really annoy people.

John vanta   2 star

Lagging. It starts to lag a lot

Pendleton115   4 star

Good but lacks support. It's a good app... Sadly Bethesda never updated it for the Far Harbour or Nuka World DLC's... So it's a bit buggy and the over world maps won't load up. But I still use it every once in a while It's also good for if you have a friend over as they can piss around with your inventory while you play :D

William6376   1 star

Bad App. App won't connect to my PC even after enabling the app in game tried for hours, very disappointed.

OzJohnd   1 star

Update needed. Where is Far Harbor ?

thewagfam918   3 star

Update. Make this compatible to fallout 76

PaperWizard101   4 star

Fallout 76. Make this app compatible with Fallout 76

ˈnɑː.nə.məs   5 star

Fallout 76. Add it plz

thereaper59   5 star

It’s awesome. I was thinking u could make it a way to where it’s not on demo mode but u can still connect it to the pc xbox or ps4 but there could be a mode where it’s shows your personal stuff like what your wearing what skills and perks u have and what u are carrying like caps how much u are carrying if u put a book bag or anything on it will show what’s in it and how much it all weights and where u are at on the real world map that would be even more awesome

Pokemon dealer   5 star

Fallout 76?. Does it work for fallout 76

Elite_Zaur01   5 star

Fallout 76. I didnt use this app too much during 4, primarily because it was kindof useless since opening the pipboy gives you a second to manage thoughts and inventory mid battle. My first deathclaw taught me not to use this app. Also I didnt have the accompanying pipboy phone mount. However I think this app would be a great addition to fallout 76 since the game doesn't pause on pipboy. Just a thought.

master cool boy   1 star

Don’t work:(. Way

hdxdhxgc   4 star

Pleas add to ether fallout games. I only have fallout 3 and I wish it was compatible with it. Pleas do this. Please...

TheToastGamer   5 star

Fallout 76 support?. Title explains itself

Animelover696969   5 star

Good. They should make one for fallout 76

punkyloveitgg43   4 star

There is a problem. I don’t have fallout 4 but I have fallout 76 can you update the app to make it work with fallout 76 that would be better

Oceanocean5353   4 star

Great app but please update for fallout 76. Please make an update for fallout 76

HareJr   5 star

Fallout 76. I think it would be cool if you could make this compatible with fallout 76. Used this with fallout 4 and it came in handy more than you think and with the new difficulty in the fallout world I think this should be brought

Vonshiltz   3 star

Compatible for76!. It would be amazing if it could be for fallout 76 too if it is its not working for me...

InsaneRussian   4 star

Fallout 76. I love this app, and I will change it to a 5 star if Fallout 76 compatibility is added.

SH Designs   1 star

Pip bomb. Totally disappointed. Got my kiddo a pip boy as a special (expensive now) gift and when we set up this app all it does is glitch out and crash. Heartbreaking. Don’t get gouged like I did on a bomb of a gift since this app is obviously not being maintained with iPhone update compatibility. iPhone used was a fully updated 6s with Xbox 1. Xbox connection was fine the app would just crash after about a minute

Cool Gamer At Net🌎   1 star

LAN Incompatibility. I tried to connect the app to PS4, but because I have a LAN cable, the app doesn’t work.

broVuso   5 star

Fallout 76. I love the functionality this app gives. Is it going to be made to work with fallout 76 too?

Goat.Maf   5 star

XboxOne Users - Fix. From another reviewer, Reset Xbox MAC. Will actually restart the Xbox itself. App is just amazing. Not a console gamer but this helps a PC gamer on a console!! It is very detailed app. Love it. I would have gladly paid for this companion app!!

ZeldaKing1078   5 star

Love this app will there be a version for Fallout 76???. Great app!!!

mikey g e b   5 star

I love it but it needs to have iPad compatibly. I got it but it has Pc,PS4,and Xbox one but I have it on iPad and I can only do the demo mode still ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🎮 🙂👍🏻 love the game 🙍🏻‍♂️❤️👇🏻🎮

DangerDaijobu   1 star

Won’t connect.. Once again, on Xbox one it won’t even connect. Doesn’t matter what you do, what you try, or how much you try it, it’s entirely broken. This needs a fix.

0 friends 😡   4 star

Please update. More holotape games and dlc compatibility

hunbimk   5 star

Fallout 76. With fallout 76 coming out next month I wanted to know will this be able to use this function for that game that game since you have to thing fast when you can’t pause but it works great for fallout 4

Dragons?   4 star

Great app with game. This app is a pretty cool add on that I like to use with Fallout 4. It gives a sense of immersion and actually affects the way you play the game as a whole. You can keep on playing the game and can switch weapons or use stimpaks without halting the gameplay and you can keep on playing. The only issue i’d have is that it can sometimes be slow and unresponsive but this barely ever happens. Overall great to use

GGt ghostplayer   1 star

?. What is the point of this app

asmodeus313   1 star

The app will not connect. After going through numerous channels help lines FAQs and even Bethesda support the app will simply not connect and do what it needs to

Five Stars Reviewer   4 star

Amazing! ... when it connects that is. Wow, this is the kind of features you’d like to see on most of modern games. The Pip boy app is an excellent companion for your console game, making it easy to follow your progress on the map and scrolling through your inventory. The only problem is that most of the times I have problems syncing the iPad with the Xbox. I don’t know if it’s fare to blame the app (it might be the Xbox’s it my network’s fault) but if it wasn’t for this issue, I’d give it 5 stars. Keep up the good work developers!

sezchuan sauce   3 star

Will not Connect with PS4. I downloaded this app thinking it would sync with my actual pipboy in the game which it does but it never connected for me is because my phone storage space I need your help vault tec

sierranator   2 star

Eh.. It’s a really cool app and a really cool concept, it has a lot of cool features. But it would be great if you could make improvements, I have a lot of connection errors. And the app frequently freezes.


Best app ever!!!. When I got the app I test if we could change thing from the app and im just using this app it really work seriously but get the pip-boy taht goes with it, itll be more cool trust me guys;)))

Britnel   1 star

Doesn't work. Wont connect even though my smartglass app works fine and yes i've gone through all the troubleshooting

Steveblueshirt   4 star

It's good. It's a really good app, though I can't use it do to not having the game but can you make an app like this for fallout 3?

Jimpsonburg   4 star

It's great but. If it didn't take so long to load then I would be the best

DeeKayy93   1 star

Does not work on ps4. Would be a great app if it worked with my ps4

Tehhillsider   5 star

Best companion after Codsworth. Never an issue for my ps 4

Dilliedogg   3 star

Ify. It works only on PC Xbox 1

Breded   5 star

It's so responsive. This app takes ap away when I press the run button

Dafuqisthis101   5 star

Works great!. Have had no issues with it and am using it quite a bit more then expected. Comes in handy!

heart of david   5 star

Excellent app - works well. I think this app is rather ingenious: it was easy to set up and have not had issues at all with connecting (running it on iPhone 6+ linked to PS4). I don't have anything from the special edition, just using it straight from my phone: - It's helpful to have the ability to look at two sections simultaneously from the menu (one on the device as well as in-game). - You can choose several actions from the mobile device such as equipping or fast travelling that translate to the live game. - The offline option means you could check out stats or anything else when away from it. All in all, I think it's really well done.

Kuzuri_616   5 star

Brilliant idea. Like some reviewers, I had connection issues as well. A quick Google search will sort that out as it's more of an Xbox Smart Glass issue than an app problem. This app was phenomenal and massively increased my enjoyment of the game. I hope all open world games do this in the future. For me, it was most useful just having the map always open in front of me on my iPad, so I didn't have to constantly interrupt my game to pull it up on screen. I'd give that feature alone 10 stars if I could.

Forza horizon   3 star

Can't get it to connect to my Xbox. It is a great concept, and it works, but it just doesn't connect to my xbone.

Des Juggler   5 star

Awesome. Read the reviews but decided to give it a try anyway. Make sure the app connection is set to on in the actual game settings. I also had to put switch Bluetooth on on my iPad Air 2. Will only connect if game running. Hope that helps people. App is awesome... Basically a copy of your pip boy on screen. Anything you can do on screen you can do on it. Great for systematically searching the map. Just tap the map and you have a real time map without the need to keep stopping and checking the in game map. I think this is very cool indeed.

andrew35   1 star

Doesn't work. The title says it all, not sure if it's any good because it wouldn't ever connect.

Blarg369   3 star

Cool app. This app is pretty awesome but won't connect to my ps4 :(

Darth iPhone   1 star

Can't connect. Great idea but poor execution, fortunately the game is better than this sh!tty app. I am just disappointed in Bethesda for putting out this garbage, useless and piece of.... You all get my point.

misc-13   3 star

Hoping this will save my game. The game's pip boy and terminals are just blurry blocks rather than text, it happened randomly and won't change. I'm going to try this when the game's done redownloading and if the problem persists

Minuteman General   5 star

Great App. Love it!! Barely use the in-game pip-boy anymore. Only thing missing is the supply lines on the map. Please update

Yet friend   5 star

Cool. It is awesome night said

Koen22   4 star

Is good. You should also make a fallout game on phones but good app!

Viper1872008   1 star

Fallout 4. Can't connect to my Xbox one I've tried everything getting sick of trying

FkdubbleU   2 star

Wished I liked it..... I used this app with my Xbox ONE and thought it was sweet at first when I saw how it looked. However, it wasn't very practical for gameplay...too many devices. I ended up deleting the app after a week of trying to make it work.

Thecavespider   4 star

NEEDS FLASHLIGHT. Its great but it needs a flashlight button that lights the phone and my guys pip boy up until the screen is toutched.

Fireball4232   5 star

Diamond city radio. Its a fun app to toy around with i just want the feature to listen to diamond city radio in offline mode and demo mode plus can there be a few more holotapes or holotape games

Justin Springer   1 star

Doesn't connect, will be uninstalling. I own smartglass, works fine, now, I try to use this, nothing but problems. Don't get this, it is a waste of time, and it is susceptible to screen ghosting and burning.

The wit here   1 star

Won't connect. Disappointing. Won't connect to my XBox One no matter what.

JOhnDoeeeee1231   1 star

Doesn't work. Cool idea but doesn't even connect. Tried everything. Looks pretty but poorly made I guess.

Jordan Sawatzky   1 star

App does not work on Xbox One. Fails to connect

Ymous Anom   1 star

Fix it. App won't connect to my Xbox One.

Halo505   1 star

Pip boy. Won't connect

Terriaria rocks!!   1 star

Fix it plz. It won't work when I connect to my computer it doesn't work I even put on pin boy enable on and my game is on steam

Willy willy weasel wacker   5 star

Legendary. Didnt think you could make fallout 4 anymore perfect... Than this

Yo_Sammady_Sam   5 star

Amazing. Had no idea what this app was just downloaded it to see, had no idea I had pip boy edition fallout 4... Healing mid fight, switching weapons without pausing mid fight, swapping outfits mid conversation to boost charisma without having to leave conversation and start again... Brilliant

WLM2   1 star

What a load of rubbish. Despite having a solid connection with Smartglass and being able to find the IP address of my Xbox, this app refuses to connect...it's a waste of time.

Xokize   3 star

Small display area. It's really cool but the display area is quite small even on full screen. This is especially weird looking with the map

A Minor review   1 star

Doesn't work. I've used your app on multiple devices and it still doesn't connect to my game at all please fix this issue otherwise this app is completely pointless to have at all.

A fallout player   2 star

Broken. This seems like an awesome app, except it's broken. I'm note sure about later iOS 7 but it's broken for 6.

Macluto_25   5 star

Works awesomely!. Works perfect with my ps4. Only thing to watch out for is your iPad battery life. Pip boy drains it fairly fast. 3 hours was about 60% used. Totally worth it, though.

SchmittyD1980   3 star

Will not connect to Xbox One. I can not get the app to connect to my Xbox One console, even after performing tips on Smartglass support page. The only step I haven't tried is factory reset on router... can't be bothered going through that headache for it to still not work.

Grinch1798   1 star

Cool display BUT..... Why can't you use the pip boy outside the game ? This would be the only time i would use when Im away and wanna check my stats and what i have etc. please put this feature for offline

YoDawgs2303   4 star

Works well!. It's kind of like smart-glass for fallout 4. I like the feature that let's you play the holo tape games as well.

YoDawgs2303   4 star

Works well!. It's kind of like smart-glass for fallout 4. I like the feature that let's you play the holo tape games as well.

Happymeal9   5 star

Suggestion. I would like to have the option to listen to the radio stations in game through the app would be epic. Also offline so you could go anywhere without the game or a Internet connection and feel like your still in the wasteland :)

God_king_of_space   2 star

Does not work. Love the game and heard that people can get it to work, but mine doesn't even allow me to find the PC, it only allows me to refresh or go back. Same network, wifi and still nothing. Doesn't connect to my Xbone either. Really want to use this, please fix this!

x5ILENT KILL3Rx   5 star

Wishing I had the Pip-Boy Edition. Having this now and having got my copy of Fallout 4 makes me wish I had forked out the extra cash for the Pip-Boy Edition. Either way great tool to use in game.

Riley Droste   5 star

👍. this Is good as

Aqweweweesomee   5 star

Amazing.. This app is extremely helpful, I'm really happy they created this. I wish I was able to upgrade my abilities via the app.

goatSQVIDD   1 star

Currently useless. Looks good, the idea is great but mine keeps losing connection to the ps4. Whenever I try equipping guns or armour it disconnects. If it worked it would be awesome.

Pp and I   5 star

Fallout. Awesome game

Messy Barresi   5 star

Not working for me. Great app but I can't get it to sync to my game. Possibly my computers fault

Richard Nixon 37   5 star

Perfect. Everything I have dreaming this app would be since it was announced at E3. Take a bow Bethesda, you've earned it.

Owen_Grady   5 star

Pip boy. Wish I had a pip boy

Rogerxman   2 star

Screen Aspect. Today fallout 4 haas been officially released. And this is not how you suppose to treat your customers.

Skiltryd   1 star

Map 2 small -_-. So sad the map is so small

Dhhgfg   5 star

Looking forwards to it. Looking forward to getting the game

Toemo24   5 star

Perfect!. I got my Pip-boy edition early and my iPhone 5 work fine with it. Love using it on my wrist while roaming the wasteland!

seanic14   3 star

Hype Is real but display size limited. Just is fantastic, played around with it in demo and feels and sounds great! I love it however I think there sound be an option to change the size to fit the entire screen of phone/tablet etc that is being used. I feel it's slightly clunky and the buttons are quite small so all but on the fence with this. No doubt I'll still use this while playing the game

Aussie Mich   5 star

Keen/10. Todd Howard, you're a nice guy

5678113   3 star

Don't review this right now!!!. All these reviews and mine are useless the game isn't even out and people are giving it five stars!?

JapJek   5 star

Fallout 4. Can't wait for Fallout 4!! 😃

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