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Find Your Lost Fitbit Fast. Need Help Finding Your Fitbit? Find Your Fitbit In Minutes. Try The App Now!

Over 75,000 lost Fitbits have been found in minutes with Find My Fitbit.

Thousands of five star ratings world wide!

Thank you for making Find My Fitbit the 25th most popular Health & Fitness App on the App Store!

Find My Fitbit works with your Fitbit Ace, Ace 2, Alta, Alta HR, Blaze, Charge, Charge HR/2/3/4, Flex, Flex 2, Ionic, Inspire, Inspire HR, One, Ultra, Surge, Versa, Versa Lite, and Versa 2.

5/5 "Worked amazing. My 6y/o lost my fitbit one. I downloaded this and she used the app to find it, in literally 5 minutes. Great app!!" - Crystal
5/5 "I totally doubted this app would work. Proved me wrong!! Love this app!!" - Riakaz
5/5 "Found After 5 min just like some of the past reviews. Should be mandatory when setting up the Fitbit." -Wtot

We are so confident that you'll find your Fitbit we offer a full refund for the cost of the app if your Fitbit isn't found. You have nothing to lose except your Fitbit.

• Find your Fitbit in minutes. Not days or hours. Even finds Fitbits with a low battery
• Save hundreds of dollars to replace your lost Fitbit
• Use the app anytime you or a family member loses a Fitbit
• Make finding your Fitbit fun. Not stressful. Use the Cold, Warm, Hot game to find your Fitbit
• Extremly easy to use. Anyone, any age, can navigate the app
• Responsive App support. Contact us if you need help

Downloading Find My Fitbit before losing your Fitbit is not required, but will help you find it faster the day you lost it. As every minute counts before the battery runs out! Download today.

Taking your time and walking slowly is key to finding your lost Fitbit fast

Bluetooth signals can travel through walls, floors, and ceilings. Your Fitbit could be in a room directly above, below or next to you

"Found it" - "My wife lost her new Fitbit Alta. We looked everywhere with no luck - finally I got this app - set it up and found the Fitbit in less then five minutes."

"Great product" - "Worth every penny. I lost my fitbit charge. Did not have a clue where it was. I was able to locate it in the sleeve of a jacket in my closet."

Find My Fitbit gamifies finding your lost Fitbit by playing the old Cold, Warmer, Hot game
• Launch Find My Fitbit
• See your Fitbit in the App
• Walk around very slowly. As you move closer to your lost Fitbit the indicator will change from Cold to Warmer
• When you are about 3-5 feet away from your Fitbit the indicator will display Hot. Simple as that. You found your Fitbit!

Cannot find a Fitbit that
- Has a dead battery
- Is more than 75-100 feet from a iPhone/iPad

For email support go to - Please email us before posting a negative review or asking a question in a review. We cannot respond to questions posted in a review

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• Finds any Fitbit that is actively broadcasting a Bluetooth Low Energy signal
• "Cold, Warmer, Hot" game to "find my Fitbit"
• "Smart Finder" technology that has been optimized for the transmission power and advertisement internal for Fitbit devices to find your Fitbit faster
• Works indoors and outdoors
• Displays the last time your Fitbit was seen by our app
• Works with all iPhone 4s and above.
• Works with all iPad 3 and above. , iPad Air/2, iPad Pro

Fitbit is a registered trademark and service mark of Fitbit, Inc. Find My Fitbit - Finder App For Your Lost Fitbit is designed for use with the Fitbit platform. This product is not put out by Fitbit, and Fitbit does not service or warrant the functionality of this product.

Use of our app and services is at all times ”at your own risk”. We are not liable to any user or third party, for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use or inability to use the app and services.

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Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Added support for Charge 4 - Added support for Charge 3, Inspire, Inspire HR, Versa 2, Ace, and Ace 2 - Added support for iOS dark mode! - Now tags your Fitbit so you know which Fitbit is yours when multiple Fitbit are detected in your area.

Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder Comments & Reviews

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- Happily Surprised

I always wear my Fitbit except when I take a shower and then I make sure to put it back on right away. While getting ready for work I looked down at my wrist and noticed that something was missing. "Oh no.., where's my fitbit?". I didn't have time to look for it and when I got home I searched my house. No luck. It had never come off my wrist accidentally so I was confused. Where could it be? Two days later I searched the internet for "I can't find my fitbit" and "Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder" popped up. I was skeptical and also I didn't know my Fitbit battery had been depleted. I went to the App Store and finally decided to install the app. As instructed I slowly walked around my house and in the living room and the app showed 'Warmer' and then 'Hot'. I said, "is it really here? In this room?". I searched through a basket of papers and it wasn't in there. As I moved closer to the old recliner chair the gauge went even hotter. I look on the floor but it's not there. "Wait a minute. Could it be in the chair cushion?" My hand went down into the unknown and I felt something. It was a rubber stress ball. I went back in and I felt something metal. I pulled it out and when I saw what it was I screamed in delight, "I found my fitbit!!!" I was relieved. I saw that where the fitbit device attaches to the wristband had somehow come undone. Mystery solved. This app really works! Thank you!

- It worked!

I lost my Fitbit yesterday while looking through boxes in garage, closets, bedrooms, etc. I was looking for face masks for our business since they weren’t available during the current Covid-19 outbreak. And I recently moved to a new house. I have a small wrist and my Fitbit can get unsnapped easily by bumping against things. When I realized later it fell off and could be anywhere in my house, in a box, or wherever, I felt a bit deflated and resigned to have to buy a new Fitbit. Then this morning, it was still able to sync, so I thought it was near me in my living room. Searched all over to no avail. Then I found this app and decided to give it a try. It led me to the garage and to a specific set of boxes. I looked through each box and set it aside. When I got to the last large box, it said Very Hot. But I had not opened that box earlier. I searched inside anyway and it was still say saying Very Hot. So I pulled the box away from the wall and Voila! There lay my precious little Fitbit! This app worked so well and saved me from being without my Fitbit for who knows long during this outbreak and shutdowns. I would have had to order it in the unknown future. It’s a small thing compared to everything else going on right now, but it gave me a bright spot in my day. This app was totally worth the $5.99 to get my Fitbit back. Highly recommend.


I had my doubts! My Fitbit Flex (original Fitbit...bought in 2014) went missing around 5:30 yesterday. I noticed the next morning I had no steps, and when I checked, my Fitbit band was empty on my wrist! No Fitbit! After work, about 24 hours missing now, I download the Find My Fitbit app. I was skeptical, only cuz my Fitbit is so old. Thought it was in hubby’s truck...nope, cold! Thought it could be in my shed...nope, cold! Garden? Cold! My car? Cold! Geeez! But, every time I walked onto our new screen porch, it said we were getting warmer...we were about an hour in total time searching now, but we knew it was close by...but where??? Then, it happened! My husband took a step toward the 55 gal. container that I use to mix and store my birdseed...and it turned to HOT! How exciting! We were so close! My husband took a few steps away, just to be sure and it went from HOT back to “Warmer”, so we knew it was probably in that container as I had just mixed a new batch the day before! I put gloves on and started mixing - but, it would be impossible to find a small black “bit” among all the small black sunflower seeds that look like “bits”..but we found it!!! It was dirty, but cleaned it up- good as new! Yaaaay! Remarkable! I’ve had it this long, really didn’t want to buy a new they even make the Flex anymore? LOL!!! Thank you for your app- LOVE IT! 💜💜💜

- It worked

I lost my Fitbit and looked for about two hours to no avail. Finally I figured something like this must exist and knew I needed to do it while I had a charge. I was skeptical too!! We have a 3 story house so it was a little tricky because it senses through walls floors and ceilings, but after about 15 minutes I had it tracked down to one of two rooms directly below and above one another. I did a once over the main areas of the first room and it never showed as “Hot”, but finally in the second room, voila, Hot. I was so surprised. It was tucked away on the fireplace mantle in the shadow of some other items and I don’t remember putting it there at all. I would never have looked there in a million years without the app. Very pleased. **Note for Developers: It might be nice if it could show you estimated distances rather than just cold and warm. I could have narrowed it down a little faster. I also noticed other people have issues with a household having many of the same device. Although that might not have helped me much in this first instance now that I have the app it sure would be nice to be able to name my device so it was easy to select from a list of devices in the future.

- Not any hate... but

So about a year ago I got a Fitbit for Christmas and I just recently lost it for the first time and was not happy about it… Trust me. As I was searching through the reviews and ratings it look like it was a very good app so I downloaded it and lo and behold I had a problem. I didn’t really like it because it didn’t tell wear my Fitbit was it just give you hints and I spent over two hours looking for my Fitbit and still haven’t found it I don’t really like this app I just wish it would be a little more specific and it also keeps jumping around so it says hot when it’s supposed to be cold and warmer when it’s supposed to be hot or cold or whatever it’s just really hard to know what it’s saying so I don’t really like it I would not recommend buying this app especially if you have to find your Fitbit in a hurry and for The price that it is I would not recommend this for people just trying it out because it might not work for you and you might be very disappointed like I was after I saw all of the amazing comments I thought it would work 100% and I would find it right away but like I said before after almost 3 hours I still could not find my Fitbit and was very disappointed in all of the good comments saying it really worked it was a waste of money in my opinion and I am not trying to be rude or anything I am just giving my review thank you for reading this and have a good evening/morning/afternoon! Thank you, glitterfart_123

- Hallelujah

I had just gone through a security checkpoint in a foreign country for an event and had to take my Fitbit out (which no longer had it’s watch straps as the connection point cracked, so I had it in my bra). I had to go through security swiftly to get to work and had no idea where my Fitbit was after the checkpoint. Did it fall on the floor? Did the person behind me take it? I didn’t want my $200+ device go missing. So I searched the App Store & with great reviews, the $6 was a fine price to pay vs. buying a whole new device as I had already gone back to security to look everywhere and saw nothing. I purchase the app. I use it. I had my phone right over my purse and it already says “Hot.” I was like, this must be wrong, I ran my fingers through all the pockets, but things can get buried... so I put the phone somewhere else over my other stuff and it just says warm. OK. Must be in my purse then, so I go back over and it says “Hot” again. I dig deeper... and finally I find it! Hallelujah. Thank you, developer of this app. I’ll probably have to keep using this for the duration of my trip / until I get new watch straps and likely not again, but thank you!

- Wow!!! Worked like a charm!! But wait I can’t download onto my device from Cloud after purchase?!

First time I used it started to read the instructions but then clicked on the app and it all fell in the place without explanation. Found my Fitbit and less than two minutes!! Found it while the app said it was “warm”… It seems to take several seconds for it to move to the next level of “warmness”, which is probably why it tells you to walk very, very slowly while you search. My only complaint is that I purchased and downloaded it to my work device, which I will need to return in a few days, but did not think that was a big deal because I purchased the app using my Apple ID used across all my devices. But when I went to download it from iCloud on my personal phone it wants to charge me another $5.99? But I already bought it! That’s my only complaint, and that one issue does get under my skin in a big way. I’m very selective with apps that I choose to purchase, and I didn’t anticipate this one wouldn’t allow me to download the app from the cloud onto my personal device without having to pay for it again. Thank you, but I don’t wish to pay for it two times. Or more depending on when I get my next phone!

- I found my Fitbit One!

One of the few Apps that I‘m glad I purchased. The App found my Fitbit! I had done a last minute wardrobe change and unaware I had lost my Fitbit One. Apparently, I didn’t set my Fitbit in the rubber clip very securely as it fell off when while I carried the laundry downstairs. Operator error. The clip really does work well. Anyway, after an unsuccessful search was made in the house, garage, at church, hospital, and gym, I purchased the App. It registered a “warm” signal strength but I couldn’t find my Fitbit. I sighed and went on about my daily routine. Checking my closet one last time, the App again registered “warm” in front of the basket. Frustrated, dropped to the floor to “cry out” again. Then the App registered “hot.” I pulled off the fabric liner in the basket and found my Fitbit had fallen through a hole in the laundry basket’s fabric liner that I neglected to repair awhile ago. Hallelujah! If It it had not been for the Lord, I might have washed my Fitbit. I’ve lost a day and a half of tracking...bummer. BUT, I’m so thankful I found my Fitbit with this App. One of the few Apps that I‘m glad I purchased. The App found my Fitbit!!!

- It worked! (skeptic)

Goal to make this short and sweet. 8 year old comes in crying that his Fitbit ace2 is lost. He removed it from the band to show his friend in the woods in our neighborhood. Spent an hour riding around the hood following his “route” home. Beside the route he showed me, the only other fact I had was that he stuffed it in his shirt along with a can of WD40. The lube was for his scooter and his friends bikes. Wish I saw through what happened but I didn’t. So off I go with a free app but with no luck but then I tried this app out of desperation, and me and my older kid start finding a strong signal in the garage. We’re starting to think that we’re being scammed but the signal is consistent. So “hot” signal in and around the garage door (shelf nearby). Maybe inside the house on the other side of the garage door? Maybe downstairs in the basement below? Nothing. Back to the garage. It’s got high heat on the shelf, near the can of WD40? Total scam right! So I pick the can up and flip it over and find the Fitbit magnetically attached to the bottom of the can! App totally worked. Thank you! and hope ya’ll enjoyed the story! Thank you!

- It goes through ceilings too

I live in a large house. This app never went cold and would go warmer and hot at the same places. On different floors. Yeah. Total waste of $6.00 and I’m still out my Fitbit. Don’t waste your money. I can’t believe these other reviews are real. UPDATE: After leaving a 1 star rating because I could not find it (after it going hot near my closet in the basement bedroom, then near a bed, etc) I went to a main floor bathroom this morning. There it was! Thinking back to my frustration last night, I realized it went hot on different floors because it goes through ceilings. Where it went hot downstairs was directly under where it actually was. It was not even on the floor but on a vanity. EXACTLY, and I mean EXACTLY, where my run down Fitbit flex button (wasn’t even in the band) actually was. EXACTLY. So, I was not happy last night. Left a bad review...prepared to order a new Fitbit today and, it did work. So, changed my review from 1 to 5 stars. It goes through walls AND ceilings.......and exactly to where it is. In other words, you have to be smart enough to use it and I wasn’t. LOL

- Total failure.

My wife got me a Fitbit 115u for my birthday last year. This month I noticed the watchband starting to fail so I ordered a replacement last week to be delivered Tuesday (3-12). I work a physical job on a farm not an office cubicle. So of course the band failed Monday the day before and it was lost at work that morning. The afternoon I had time to look for it so I downloaded the app. I retraced my steps several times without success. That night I ordered a replacement Fitbit. Tuesday afternoon I found the band but no fit bit. I had walked over it before the snow melted and exposed the band. I figured the melting snow broke the Fitbit and destroyed the signal. Turns out I was wrong. This morning feeding livestock I found the Fitbit next to a cattle bunk a few feet from where I found the band. While using the find my Fitbit app Monday afternoon I had literally walked two steps from where the Fitbit was found 2 days later. But no hit from the app. And the Fitbit was still turned on and battery had not died laying two days in melting snow. Now with the Fitbit on my wrist when I turn it on the app it still won’t pick up the signal a foot between phone and Fitbit. I would give it Zero stars if I could. Very disappointed it failed and I spend 6$ and change including sales tax. I have no confidence in the app if the band ever fails again resulting in another loss.

- Out of all the Apps - this one really works!

I am impressed with this App. Yesterday while cleaning up around the house I realized my Fitbit wasn’t on my wrist. I had been having issues with the band and meant to replace it but hadn’t gotten around to it. In any case I downloaded several Free apps and based on where I found my device I can tell you the free ones didn’t work for me. Finally in desperation I bought this one. It kept telling me that I was “Hot” in a certain area in my dining room so my family looked everywhere multiple times to no avail. Last night I kind of gave up but my band was in syncing range still this morning so I figured I would give it 1 more try. Same thing - Hot in the dining room then I realized that another reviewer mentioned the signal going through walls so I looked in my sons room that shares a wall with my dining room. Yes! The signal strengthened and took me to his pillow! I had given him a new pillowcase and it fell in. He was literally sleeping on it lol. So thank you for the app and thank you to the reviewer you mentioned about the signal going through walls. Check adjacent rooms!

- Amazing app!!!!

I found my Fitbit in less than 2 minutes. This app is really easy to use and starts working immediately. I bought the app the same day I got my Fitbit because I knew I would lose my Fitbit at some point (a friend told me about the app. She got the app a few months after she got her Fitbit) and sure enough the wristband came undone on my Alta somewhere in my house. I launched the app and found my Fitbit in a couple minutes. I was so surprised when I found it in the laundry basket! It must have fallen off when I was scooping the clothes out of the basket to do laundry. I highly recommend this app to anyone who owns a Fitbit. Having to buy a new Fitbit is not cheap and it's nice to have some peace of mind knowing that I'll never have to worry about losing my Fitbit again. For just a few dollars this app is a great insurance policy. One tip: make sure you follow the step by step instructions in the app. Walking very slowly around my house was how I got the app to work so well and so quickly (the instructions in the app said to walk slowly). Thank you, inventor of this app. So worth every penny.

- Found my Fitbit

I never take my Fitbit off except to shower. So the household was surprised that I lost it. I never left the house, so it had to be around. We all looked everywhere using the “Sync” on my Fitbit App which didn’t work, it would never connect. We searched for two days. Out of desperation decided to get this App. I thought it wasn’t working because while in the house it couldn’t connect at all. But on the third day I went outside by the large outside garbage can (I remembered I had taken garbage out) and I got a connection indicating I was Warm. Going through every trash bag, still could not find it. The App never told me I was hot, but when I’d go back towards the house it did say cold. So I dumped the garbage can and at the bottom was my Fitbit! The strap disconnected from the Fitbit and fell off my wrist while taking the garbage out. I never would have found it. The App never registered Hot and it took awhile before it connected and gave me a Warm, but in the end it did help me. I would not have been as diligent in my garbage can search without this App telling me it was there.

- Helped me find my Fitbit in my retail store!

I had worn my Fitbit Ionic to work and I worked cashier on the final weekend before Christmas. On my lunch break I had noticed that it wasn’t on my wrist and I panicked. Mainly because the our store was a complete mess and finding it would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack. I was desperate, I had received that Fitbit as a gift from my mother and it cost her every penny she had to buy it for me. I downloaded other free apps (they didn’t really find my phone bad quality literally couldn’t find my FitBit signal when it was right under my nose), so I bought this one! So happy I did it actually works!! I was HOT around my register but I couldn’t seem to find it underneath the clothes but my HOT was nearly full when I put it on the counter (it’s actually very accurate the app says it’s 3-5 feet away when it says HOT) when I looked directly below my register I found it lying there and the interchangeable straps somehow unsnapped and it fell off without me even noticing! 10/10 recommend this!!! Walk slowly to it’ll take a few seconds to update the signal!!

- Found in minutes!

As others have mentioned, I was very skeptical and unsure if worth the cost. Would it really work as well as they say it does?? Yes!! I hadn't had my Fitbit on for a few days, was away for the weekend and didn't remember to put it on. In my mind, it was in one of the usual spots: by the bed, bathroom counter, on the dresser. Today went to put it on and it was no where to be found. Walked around the house, kitchen, living room etc, though I didn't remember taking it off there. Last clue I had was it synced a dog walk last week before I was away. With the battery on the low side I knew if I was going to try I needed to do it now. One last look over the house and didn't see it so downloaded the app. Turned it on in my kitchen and within minutes I found it on a table adjacent to the dining room. It was in plain sight but not somewhere I would have taken it off or put it. No clue how it got on that table but glad its found! I suppose it may have eventually been noticed, but the app works GREAT to find it right away. Updated: Worked a second time!

- Very Skeptical.

I didn't notice my Flex was missing out of my band until I got to work. I saw according to the Fitbit AP that I supposedly got 2 hours of sleep. So I knew at that point it was lost sometime in the night. I came home and searched my bed, my room, bathroom, etc. it was nowhere. Tried to sync it with the Fitbit AP with no luck there either. As a last resort I Googled find my Fitbit and this AP came up highly recommended. Very skeptically I downloaded it then walked all around my bedroom bath area to no avail. Walked all round the house, cold, warm, cold, warm. Finally to the kitchen, with phone in hand, and it says HOT right by my kitchen table! My purse, gym bag and a basket of clean clothes are on the table. I start with the clothes, then ransack my purse and gym bag. Nothing 😢. As a last resort I dump both purse and gym bag and check the lining in them. Miraculously it's between the bag material and the lining of the gym bag. Tiny hole in the lining it squeezed through. I would have NEVER found it without this AP! No idea how it got there. So weird. If I could give this AP 6 stars I would. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- So amazing!!

You guys rock! This Fitbit just helped me to lose a significant amount of weight and it is like my best friend. To misplace it was really upsetting. Anyway, I immediately figured out what I had done to lose it. It’s not waterproof, so I take it off just as I’m getting in the shower and I put it on top of my clothes that I pile on the bathroom counter. Clearly I didn’t put it back on my wrist and I grabbed those clothes and threw them in my clothes hamper... with my Fitbit! I’ve been so busy the last few days that I haven’t even had a chance to start looking for it and I was worried that the battery might be dead but thankfully it still had a little bit of charge left! It was so precise, I was a bit surprised. But there it was, in the laundry basket. And this is one time that I was happy to be a procrastinator about doing the laundry!! I thought for sure that I was going to have to spend a lot of time hunting this thing down and I found it within five minutes. Probably the best six dollars I’ve spent in a long time. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!


I had my doubts. I’d just set up my Fitbit 3 days ago after I’d bought it 4 years ago and forgot about it. I was shopping and looked at my wrist and it was gone. I looked everywhere but didn’t find it. As a last resort I bought this app and not finding my Flex with violet band in the house I used the app outside. I walk my dog in the back of my complex which is all natural with trees shrubs grass and leaves. Today they cut a few trees down. I walked slowly along where I usually walk back and forth and it was always cold. It was dark and I only had the phone flashlight and I didn’t have much battery on my phone when I saw warmer. I got excited but it kept going back to cold. I was ready to head in and it said hot! I kept walking to the house where I’d already looked around and there it was laying on the ground where I’d uncovered my rollator! Definitely recommend this app! I’d already been looking on EBay for a replacement! Well worth the cost of the app! 😀👍

- Worth every cent!!!

I lost my fit bit a week ago. I’ve been having issues with the strap and have been doing a lot of work on the house so I figured it just fell off somewhere. I knew it was in the house because when I would get home I could still sync to my fit bit. My wife and I both spent multiple times looking for it (close to an hour once) and I was to the point that I was getting ready to purchase a new fit bit when I decided to search the App Store. I was able to find my fit bit in less than five minutes using this app, it locates the fit bit down to the foot, even inches. Don’t be distracted by the red “hot” letters, you want to focus on the redline to be as full as possible. Also don’t forget to think about floors in your house the app said I was hot but I was right above my fit bit which turned out to be in a storage bin in the garage in the basement when I was looking on the 1st floor. What an amazing app!

- Found my Fitbit in 30 minutes

I never write reviews but this app is amazing. I took off my Fitbit when I took a shower in the evening. I can remember holding it after and putting it in my Pj's pocket. One hour later I couldn't find it. I kept syncing it so I knew I was close to it but still couldn't find it. Looked for hours but no luck. I knew if I didn't find it tonight the battery would be drained by the morning and then I would never find it. So I down loaded this app because the reviews were good. This app wasn't cheap but the reviews were good so I bought it. I walked around for 30 minutes and it showed on the app that I was tracking Hot so I knew I was 3-5 feet from it but I still couldn't find it. I started feeling around under my bed near the frame and found it. I looked with a flashlight before and didn't see it. This app is awesome and I recommend to anyone who loses a Fitbit to get it. This really works!

- It’s a winning app

Tonight I looked all over the house for my Fitbit Versa2 watch and I couldn’t remember where I left it. I looked all over our three story house, but I couldn’t find it. I bought the app and started walking around the two main floors. The app would mostly say “cold” but once in a while it would say “warm.” I came down to the first floor and again mostly cold, then a warm, and then a “hot” light. I walked around this one overstuffed chair in the family room, then I walked away and it went to warm. WHAT? I looked under the chair and there it was. I said, “How did I do that? Take my watch off and it ended up on the floor?” So I’m blaming this all on our dog Lilly. She must have knocked it off the cushion and under the chair. That’s the only explanation. Now it doesn’t matter much, I’m happy, I have the watch and everyone’s asleep. I’ll tell them the story in morning. Thanks for the app. It’s well worth the money. JC

- So happy right now!

I read one review and took a chance on this app. I knew that my Fitbit was either in the house entrance, yard or car...possibly in the washer or dryer...yikes... I searched each area twice then searched apps...tried 3 FREE apps with not even a blip to alert me. As soon as this app downloaded it showed I had a Fitbit charge 2... I selected it and walked around the house a little bit near the front door it alerted me to ‘cold’... so I headed outside and it got warmer walked around my car and when I opened the back door it got hot... I searched my back seat again and still couldn’t find it, thought I was going blind or something... did it again and it was still hot so I looked again and it was hanging on the seatbelt strap! I had just hooked up my dog seat cover. You def have to have an idea of the area it might be but $6 is worth the peace of mind. It’s been raining so I didn’t want it to be in the yard.

- Can work

Even though it didn't help me find my Fitbit, I can't really give it a bad review. If you follow the instructions and your Fitbit is in range it should find it. The problem I had was I thought I lost it at work and it will pick up your coworkers' Fitbits. Turns out mine wasn't there and even though I was standing right next to one woman with an hr charge, it did locate that an hr charge was nearby but it would not register cold warm hot. It wasn't until a few hours later when she came to my desk that it finally started registering. So that part is pretty bad. But when I got home, not knowing that's where it was, I found it before the finder did. It's very slow. It says to walk slow but you practically have to stand still for 5-10 minutes for it to finally register. I always like to give the benefit of the doubt in case it's me doing something wrong, especially since others had good experiences with it. It gets three stars from me.

- I love this app - update

March 28, 2019, I misplaced my Fitbit. Left it in a room that I forgot I even went in. Sure enough, there it was, just like the app directed. Oh, and make sure you go into other rooms once the indicator is in the “hot” zone, as the app is very powerful and can sense the Fitbit in an adjacent room. ***************************** Last night I noticed my Fitbit tracker was not in my Fitbit wristband. I went into panic mode, as I have a Chocolate Lab puppy who loves to eat everything. I downloaded two other apps (one was free, one was half this price), neither of them worked. Then I stumbled across this app, and within seconds, the app recognized my Fitbit and model (Flex 2). It was nearly midnight, and I did a quick walk through the house, and found several warm-to-hot spots ... all within the outer walls of my home office. I read the instructions again, and took note the app has a ‘strong find range,’ and can seek out a tracker even through walls. Which it did! Since it was so late, and I could not find my office floor (I’m doing a major purge of papers), I waited until this morning to start my search. Within seconds of walking into my office the app’s meter went to HOT. I looked down and right below me, between a stack of papers was my tracker. If I could, I’d give the app a 100 Star rating. Oh so worth the price. I’m recommending it to everyone.

- Missing Fitbit😳

I was pretty sure it was inside SOMEWHERE but I couldn’t find it to save my soul; and I’m on vacation, staying in one room converted yurt.... On a whim I Googled ‘find my Fitbit’ and discovered this app. Wasn’t thrilled to pay for it but figured it was cheaper than buying a new Fitbit. For at least 30 minutes last night the app kept showing me basically where it was, but I couldn’t find it and the Fitbit’s battery was dangerously low. I gave up. This morning I tried again with the same result; the battery was almost gone at this point. Then lo and behold, I picked up a pile of dirty laundry in the area the app was showing as HOT, and there the little fella was! Even tho, I swear I looked through every piece of dirty laundry at least twice last night. So would I have found my Fitbit without the app? Sure. But it was rather entertaining last night, walking around, looking under furniture, laughing hysterically. So if you’re desperate, it does work.

- I never would have guessed it!

Honestly when I was reading all of the reviews I was still really skeptical, but like everyone else I was proven so wrong. I thought I left my fitbit in the bathroom and spent all day at work checking my wrist and being reminded that I didn't have it with me today. So, when I got ready for bed I went to retrieve it from where I had thought I had left it so I could put it on the charger and it wasn't there. I immediately thought that one of the kids had taken it thinking it was toy or it had been thrown in the laundry. I traced my steps and still no luck. I checked out the app and thought it was worth a shot and after about 5 minutes I found it at the bottom of a hamper. I never would have found it there had I not had the app open telling me it was right under my nose! It could have ended up in the washing machine! Love the app!

- Well worth it if your Fitbit has a charge when lost

I was really skeptical but this app really works! My fit bit charge 2 felll off somewhere when I was walking to class and I’ve given up on finding it. I saw this at mentioned on the website and download it it even though I hesitated at spending six bucks. I parked in my normal spot and started walking between there and my normal route. And at some point the app started lighting up warm and then hot but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I dig around in the loose gravel and dirt and lo and behold I found my charge 2 minus the band. The little brick had gotten buried in the sand and gravel. If not for this app it would’ve been lost forever!!!! It’s worth noting that this doesn’t work if your fit bit battery is dead. So use it sooner than later. Six dollars for the app that you can use again is way cheaper than replacing a Fitbit.

- Very very helpful

I had lost the pill out of my flex 2 band, and didn't notice until the next day. Then, I found out that I had last synced it right before going to soccer practice, which essentially meant I needed to comb the entire field to find this tiny little tracker. I used the Fitbit app at first to try and sync and locate the general area, and got frustrated. I finally bit the bullet and bought this app for $5.99, and started to use it. Then, after being "cold" for a few minutes, my coach got the rest of the team who had stayed after to shoot to come help me look, and we found it within 5 minutes or so. It was helpful to find the tracker even on a grass soccer field, when it was almost dark. Definitely relieved, and happy with this purchase even though now I can only buy a few more episodes of the show I want to watch on iTunes ;)

- Pay attention to the bar

After walking around my living room we ended up finding it. We used a device that wasn't connected to my Fitbit to actually find it and the device that is connected(which we didn't use to find it), I turned off Bluetooth. (Not sure if it made a difference though) The bar at the bottom has Cold, Warmer, and Hot, but in between the words there is a small bar that slowly increases or decreases to the next level. For example it might say "warmer" but the bar below is closer to "hot" so you know you are closer to finding it. It would've been easier to use the bar at the bottom if it was thicker, and if there were numbers indicating the levels of cold, warm, or hot. The range could be from 0 to 100 for cold to hot and include the number that it's at (like 89 for closer to hot than warm but not quite there yet).

- Incredible!

I took my Fitbit off to do some work outside. When I came back in to put my Fitbit back on I couldn't find my Fitbit. I look in the usual places. Bathroom. Computer desk. Night stand. Fridge. :) Then I googled how to find my Fitbit charge. This app came came up. It had some good reviews so tried it. I ran the app and right away it picked up my charge. The app lead me to the basement to where my dog was hiding. Yes. My dog somehow got my Fitbit and brought to the basement to play with. Luckily there wasn't much damage. Couple tips. The app says walk slow and it really means it. It took a couple seconds to register the cold,warmer, hot indicator but when hot came up I knew exactly where my Fitbit was. Highly recommend this app. I hope you find your Fitbit as quick as I did. I'm sure I'll be using it again. My Fitbit seems to disappear from time to time. Thanks Fitbit band finder people!!

- Found it!!

Amazing! My 10 year old daughter misplaced her Alta. We looked everywhere and couldn't find it. Continued looking for it after school the next day. Feared it had been thrown into the trash on accident (trash went out that morning). We were so upset. We downloaded the app to her phone and looked for it for two days. App kept telling us we were "hot" while we were in the laundry room but between the three of us we still could not find it. I tried one more time and it kept saying "hot" so I got down on my hands and knees looking under the cabinets then as I was standing up, I happened to look up and see the fitbit sitting on the seat of her bicycle. It was the exact same color as the seat so it blended in perfectly. We had each picked up and moved the bike several times and never saw it. This app really works!! Thank you!!

- Awesome! Worth every penny!!

I thought I had lost my Charge 3 in the hospital where I work. I had to take it off to assist with my sedated patient in the MRI scanner. I put it on the counter with my badge, Vocera, and my phone. At the end of the scan, we put the patient on the stretcher for our return back to the recovery area. I put my jacket on and put everything in my pockets (I wear scrubs and have way too many pockets). Got back to the unit, took off my jacket, recovered the patient, discharged him and realized everything was accounted for exceot my Fitbit. I was frantic. I turned on the tracker as I made my way back to MRI. NOTHING! I sadly walked back to my unit, sat in the chair to finish my paper work, and saw my tracker said HOT! What?? Then I noticed my jacket was on the chair........I was so HAPPY to find I had put that thing in my jacket not my scrubs!! What a relief to be reunited!! Thanks!

- Worth it!

I have totally enjoyed having this app. My Fitbit has come off countless times with me toting my toddler son around a lot and sometimes I don't feel it come off or see it. The app has done great in helping me find the Fitbit every time. I will say that one time I lost it I was getting the reading near the front door only to search every nook and cranny and come up with nothing. I emptied the trash on my kitchen floor and everything. I knew it had to be close because it would sync with the Fitbit app when I stood by the front door. Finally I went outside the door into the storage unit across the hall and what do you know, the Fitbit was in the storage unit. While it doesn't tell me exactly where it is, it is helpful to know what vicinity it is in so that I am not looking and wasting my time in places that the Fitbit isn't. Love it!

- Surprise

Omg thank God this app exists! Phewww! I recently lost my fitbit flex 2 in my house when i took it out to charge it and i set it down for a minute and couldnt remember where i had put it 2 day i looked for it like crazy i downloaded another app that the fitbit app recommended and the reviews were good so i decided to try let me tell u that was a waste of time. I was about to give up looking but i have a very active 9 month old girl that im sure would try to eat it if she were to find it so i looked again on google and this app came up i figured well i got to try everything and wallaaa! It took me 2 mins to find it. I was relieved (got stuck in the sofa) i felt like i could breathe again. I will recommend this app to everyone. (Ill still keep it since i tend to loose that fitbit a lot lol). Thank you guys and keep up the good work.

- Found Fitbit among bags of trash

I should have known better than to vacuum my car at the car wash at night. I heard something go plop and get sucked up. It was only the next morning that I realized that it might have been my Fitbit. I got the guy to open the canister the next day, but the debris was intimidating. I wasn’t sure that is where I lost it either. But when I gave up and went back home I realized that a synch had occurred when the guy opened the canister. So the next day, the third day it was lost, I went back. No synch at the canister. I went around back to the dumpsters and yay got a connect. I downloaded the app to determine which bag it was in. Took the bag and found my Fitbit in a mess of other things. No way I would’ve found it without the Hot message telling me I should keep going. Happy me!

- Very random response - didn’t work

I’ll try reaching out to app support, but at this point it hasn’t worked for me. It says cold and warmer completely randomly (I walk very slowly around the house and it randomly says “cold” and “warmer” completely independently of where I am. Every place in the house has now been reported as either cold or warmer during different passes. My Fitbit synchs perfectly with my iPhone, and I know the battery is not dead. I held the phone higher and lower as I circled the house. Occasionally it also randomly updated the time it “last saw” my Fitbit. And interestingly the moment I open the app again, that time is the “first time” it “saw” the Fitbit. I took my phone out of dark mode, I checked for app updates, and I shut down my phone and restarted. At this point, the app seems to be randomly saying warmer apparently in the hopes that I find it myself as I’m wandering around. I don’t think it could get so many good reviews unless it worked sometimes. But for me it has been a waste of time and money.

- Woo Hoo

So Great. Went out yesterday and suddenly discovered I didn’t have my Fitbit on. I wear my flex 2 in an ankle bracelet. Immediately came back home and looked everywhere. I remembered Putting it on so couldn’t imagine what happened. Looked all over again last night. Found the App to “Find my Fitbit” late last night. Decided I would give it a try in the morning. The directions said that when it shows hot it could be over or below where you’re standing. It showed hot in the living room but when I couldn’t find it there I went upstairs to my bedroom. It was in the waste basket inside of an old sock. Now I remember, there was a hole in the sock, I took it off and threw it in the trash without realizing my fit was inside the sock. I would have never found it without this App. WOW! I LOVE this App!!!

- Lost for 36 hours in my home

Discovered Fitbit One missing after shower. Used signal on iphone to confirm location to 3 rooms and a large walk-in closet. Searched under bed, under furniture, in chairs and on stacked clothes for 2 days. Found this app and narrowed it down to a stack of clothes from the closet. Made this stack into 4 stacks and narrowed it down to 1 stack. Found fitbit in the pocket of a pair of shorts. Took 15-20 minutes with app. HooRay!!!!👍👍👍👌👌👌!!!!!!!! Also found my wife's charge 2 on her wrist!!! WHAT PRECEEDS THIS IS NOT MY STORY!! WHAT FOLLOWS IS. Carry my fitbit one in my jeans pocket but when I come in to relax I change to Rebok shorts with pockets, so I put the fitbit in that pocket. When I discovered it wasn’ t there I used the app to locate it on a bar, which I have no idea how it got there and it took less than 15 minutes !!!

- I Found My Fitbit!

My Fitbit Charge 2 has been missing for quite some time now. Approximately 6 months—half a year—has gone by with me continuously looking for it. I searched for apps that could assist me in my dilemma, and this was one that had appeared. I decided that $5.99 was too great of a cost and quickly assumed that it was completely ineffective. Even more months passed and I saw on my Fitbit app that the battery was almost depleted. If the battery was completely gone, I had no chance of finding my Fitbit. Now I was desperate, so finally, I purchased the app, and found the Fitbit within 15-20 minutes! So, if you’re looking to buy this app, although it may seem a bit pricey, it’s very effective, and the money is definitely worth it if you have a missing Fitbit, just like me.

- Amazing

I just got my Fitbit for Christmas and I was starting to get into my routine for the New Year. This morning I looked for it everywhere ! I took it off before I went into the shower and when I went to put it on it was gone! I have an 18 month old who loves to play with mommy's stuff. My husband must have not seen her grab it while I was in the shower. I knew it was in the house but had no idea where!? After an entire day of scavenging I was desperate! I was talking to my friend and they said you should of gotten an Apple Watch because they bing! I then decided to see if there was a Fitbit finder and 10 mins later I found my Fitbit in my daughters room under her rocking chair! This app was worth every penny! I probably wouldn't have found it for a few days and would have continued to pout about it!

- I was skeptical but it totally helped

I knew my Fitbit was close by but couldn’t find it anywhere. It was driving me crazy. I tried the LightBlue app but it was too inconsistent for it to be helpful. So, as my husband was trying to find it, I reluctantly bought this app because I was too tired to be that frustrated. I followed the instructions by unpairing my device and at first, the “hot” zone didn’t make any sense. But, sure enough, as we looked, we found it in my underwear drawer (how it got there isn’t relevant to the review and plus, it isn’t an interesting story anyway). So basically, it got me to the general area of my Fitbit and that helped me jog my memory as to why it would be there. Last note, I followed the instructions by unpairing my device and that seemed to help the most.

- Amazing!!

I was cleaning like a mad woman this weekend and didn’t even realize that my FitBit was missing. Worst part is that I had borrowed it from a friend to try out before I bought my own. I searched for HOURS, racking my brain and retracing my steps. I stressed about the missing FitBit for DAYS, then finally I decided it was time to come clean and offer to pay my friends for the lost FitBit. She suggested that I try to find it using tools from the FitBit Help page. They suggested a Bluetooth Locator, so I googled “Bluetooth Locator for FitBit” and found this one. Literally 5 minutes later I found the FitBit dropped in the bottom of a box in my closet. Who knows how long it would have sat there before I found it. This app is more than worth $5.99 - it literally saved me $50!

- The app mislead me

I lost my Fitbit on Monday after returning from work. I had it clipped on me when I went for work and I was taking the stairs to increase the calories burnt. I was disappointed that I lost it. The following day I went to the workplace and walked slowly through the floors as instructed, when I came to the office it lit up warm and then hot. I looked carefully around but did not find it. There was a locked cart in the room which I could not open. So I thought someone found it And kept it locked. I left a note to call me if my Fitbit was found. I did not get any calls. On Thursday I did my laundry and when transferring my clothes to the dryer, I found it at the bottom of the washing machine and it lit up my name. I picked it up and left it on the table the screen read” HUG ME”. I have never seen this message before. All I could do have a good laugh and know we cannot always count on technology. I wish to get a refund for the app I paid for which mislead me.

- OMG! It REALLY works!

Purchase this app! I have been looking for my Fitbit for almost a week. Looked at a couple different apps (which I didn’t even know existed) and there are cheaper ones but this one had better reviews. The review that convinced me was the person who said they were mad because they couldn’t find it with the app then had to rewrite their review when it was found the next day and they realized it was way more accurate than they anticipated. I found my Fitbit in less than a minute. It works with the same phone it’s paired with. I say this because one of the similar apps doesn’t work if you use the phone that the Fitbit is paired with. How stupid is that?! It is so worth the money because buying a new Fitbit costs so much more than $6.

- FoundIt!!

Excellent locator! It’s worth the $6. I thought I had lost my Fitbit but I didn’t want to buy another. So first to see if I didn’t accidentally toss the unit out I accessed the Fitbit to see if it would sync. It did. So I knew it was somewhere nearby. The battery was getting low and I knew I had to act fast. I thought if there’s a phone finder app there should be a Fitbit finder app. And there is! It downloads very quickly. And, I found my Fitbit. But I must mention that the indicator showed “hot” but I didn’t see the Fitbit. I was in my bedroom. So, I thought perchance maybe it will register hot in my car....1 floor down. My car is in the garage below my bedroom. The locator indicator came on “hot” again and I found my unit in the car between the passenger seat and door. Phew!! Thank you Fitbit locator!!

- Amazing!

I noticed this morning that my Fitbit was missing, and I thought I had worn it yesterday. I had a notice on my phone that the Fitbit battery was low, so I began looking for it before it ran down. I looked outside and inside the house, even going through the trash. I downloaded a free app to find it, but it was no help. I decided to give this one a try. In the basement and on the first floor, it showed cold, but when I got near the stairs going to the second floor, it began showing warmer. Finally in a closet where I keep sweatshirts and jackets, it showed hot, with the line continuing to go up until I was right by my Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt. I’d worn it night before last. There it was, right in the packet. Very pleased with this product! Took less than 15 minutes to find it.

- Legit

I was downright skeptical about the app and in no way wanted to spend any money on it, but despite that and having read the good reviews I went against my judgement and bought it. Within minutes I was able to locate my Fitbit tucked behind the couch cushions. This is 100% the real deal you’ve been looking for. Now this won’t find your Fitbit if it’s downright lost and you have no clue where it is, but if you have a pretty good idea that it’s in a general vicinity, it should work like a charm. Also I think it may only work if your Fitbit has some kind of charge in it and is able to communicate via Bluetooth. However I’m not positive but to stay on the safe side I definitely would download the app and find it before the battery is dead.

- Was not paid to write this!

Just want to start by saying that am receiving no compensation for this program. I was very hesitant on buying an app for $6, especially one not endorsed (atleast I could find) by Fitbit. That being said... I couldn't find my Flex. I take it off to shower and noticed I didn't wear it to work yesterday. I assumed I left it in the bathroom. When I got home and it wasn't there, I panicked. I checked my night table and kitchen with no luck. I assumed it was loosely on my wrist and fell off somewhere. I didn't think an app existed like this but Googled and this came up. I read the reviews and having nothing left to lose (except $6), I downloaded. At first it couldn't find it, then as I walked to the kitchen, it appeared on the app. So glad it was in my house and not a sidewalk or someone else's wrist. It went to Warm in my den and when I overturned every cushion I could find, realized the den was above the garage. I went to the garage, got into my car, and it went Hot. I found it! TL;DR: I am not being reimbursed for this review. The app was amazing. I was incredibly skeptical. Even if your tracker is in a spot you would have eventually found anyway, it's totally worth the $6 for your sanity.

- Really does work!

I downloaded this skeptically because we had given up hope on finding my wife's Alta. At first I only saw the reading say warmer. Then as I moved the meter started to change. Still skeptical I thought it was just changing randomly. So to test it I took my Blaze off and pointed my phone at it. The app worked right away and registered hot when I was 3 feet away. Convinced it could work I switched back to looking for the Alta. Twenty minutes later the app showed hot in the bathroom. After a little more searching we found the Alta in the bottom cupboard. We have no idea how it got there but I'm pretty sure it would still be there if we didn't use this app. It really does work. Well worth the price. Thank you to the smart people who made it.

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- Finally found my Fitbit!

I lost my Fitbit about 3 months ago and was puzzled as the App kept telling me I was warm even hot in a certain room in my house – searched everywhere in that room under the bed under the mattress behind the headboard etc and finally gave up. Today I was putting a small cot doona in its cover for my grandchild who was visiting when I felt some object in the corner of the slip/cover. I put my hand in, thinking it must’ve been a toy from my toddler lost in there – low and behold, it was my Fit bit!!! So I am impressed, as the Fitbit Finder showed the correct area after all my doubts - but who would’ve thought it was inside a small doona cover!?. The cover was very seldom used and only used today being rather cold and wintry!!! My faith has been restored!

- If you own a Fitbit, this app is a must have.

I was devastated when I had realized I’d lost my tracker for the flex2. I Download this app in the hope of finding it to where I thought I had lost it. To no avail I came up with nothing but disappointment. Using the app at every point that I had been, tried for the last time in a place that I did not think I would find it.... then low & behold the screen on the app changed & it literally found it! So worth the dollars.

- Found Fitbit Flex2 in 10 minutes

I lost the lozenge from my Flex2 in the house yesterday. I knew it was there as I hadn’t been out but hours of searching turned up nothing. Within 10 minutes of downloading the app, using Cold Warm Hot instructions, I located it between the lounge cushion and the lounge lining, out of sight. The app is much cheaper than a new Fitbit and very simple to use. My Flex2 is paired to the phone so that helped. Update - lost it again out of the band. 2 minutes and it’s located - best app ever.

- Worth it!

Searched for a week, downloaded the app, found it in five minutes. It does take a bit of getting used to, as the sensor is a bit sensitive/jumpy, but if you move slowly and let the reading stabilise before changing direction, it will give you a pretty good idea of where to look. As others have said, it only works if you know roughly where you lost the device and can get within. Bluetooth range. If you do, though, this is well worth it!

- Great way to find a lost watch

My daughter lost her watch at a friends house. We looked everywhere and it kept on saying warm or hot along the front wall of the house. We checked one big room downstairs, and above that big room was two smaller bedrooms. We checked one. Not there but still saying warm along the wall. Then went to the other room and yes the wash was sitting on a washing basket of clean clothes waiting to be folded. So glad we found it before the battery died.

- Brilliant!

As someone who has mislaid their FitBit before and not found it for 3 months this app is brilliant. This time I realised I couldn’t find my FitBit less than 24 hours before embarking on international travel - panic! I tried a couple of free apps and found nothing, so decided the $10 might just be worth it. They were - the app found my Fitbit in less than 5 mins, hiding somewhere I was sure I had already searched thoroughly. Much calmer now.

- Skeptical but it’s works

At first I thought this thing is useless. Until it was correct and found my fitbit and if I had trusted the app I would have found it within 5 minutes. I lost my fitbit when we were moving house and I thought this app is useless saying I was hot in a ridiculous area. And so I moved around wasting time until I went back to the hot spot and found my fitbit. Saved me buying another one🤤

- It worked for me

After misplacing my Fitbit this was a very useful app to help me track it down. It helped me to confirm that the tracker was not in the house, not in the garden, and I was able to check from outside my workplace that the tracker was in the office (ie picked up a signal through the wall of the building to confirm it was inside) So even at range (~10m), I was able to confirm its position before the tracker ran out of power and recover it.

- I love this app so much!!

I put my Fitbit Versa on my dogs collar as an experiment to see how many steps he got, after half an hour I went to check on it, and the Fitbit was gone! I spent over an hour looking for it, before I saw the reviews on this amazing app! I decided I’d check it out, I was a little unsure at first and didn’t want to waist $10, but I gave it a shot and it found my Fitbit in 5 mins! It was worth every cent!

- Was good when it finally picked up my Fitbit

At first I wasn’t impressed with the app as it wasn’t picking up my Fitbit. I gave up and thought that I had definitely left it somewhere when I went away. The next day my Fitbit app notified me battery was low on my Fitbit so it made me think it definitely had to be in my house. I went in and tried the app again and it picked up my Fitbit and I was able to locate it in about 5 minutes. I would recommend it but don’t give up after the first attempt.

- If you’ve got a Fitbit...

If you’ve got a Fitbit you need this app! I have had to use it twice, and each time I was able to locate my Fitbit fairly quickly. The first time I lost it in the garden, and even though it was under some mulch in the garden bed, this app found it. The second time it went missing I found it under some furniture. I wouldn’t be without this app.

- OMG!! This is worth the money!!

After wasting a day destroying my room looking for my charge, thinking about where it was constantly, thought it was gone but realized it was still syncing, then blaming the kids for touching it.... used this app and my charge was found - under a daughters bed!! So not only did it find my fitbit but proved I was right - the kids had touched it!! Not sure what was more rewarding 😀


I lost my Fitbit One today working in the garden. I've had my Fitbit for nearly 4 years and I am not the type of person to lose anything . . . . I'm a little bit OCD with everything. I googled to find advice on how to find my Fitbit. This app came up. I was sceptical but then I decided to download it. Within 5 mins I found my Fitbit at the base of a palm tree under another plant. Wow!! Amazing app. Worth every cent. Thank you.

- Found it Again.

Amazing lost it on the job yesterday as a builder it wasn’t anywhere near where I thought I lost it but about 30 ft away inside the house and not in the grass where I was sure it was. Took about 5 mins. The owners are as astounded as me. Just lost it again in knee high grass off my ride on mower took half an hour as my phone died and I had to cloud the app to my IPad. Love it

- Thought I was losing my mind....

This app saved my sanity. Turned my office upside down looking for Fitbit Alta HR and tried a Bluetooth scanner and free finder app. Bluetooth scanner told me it was nearby but the free app was useless. This got me to within a metre and I still couldn’t find it. Eventually by process of elimination found it in a hidden pocket of my backpack. This app saved my sanity. And my office is so much tidier.

- Found my Fitbit amongst very dense shrubs.

Found my Fitbit amongst very dense shrub, I lost it without noticing hours before I noticed....only know this because of where it was lost. So I was looking at all the wrong places without App, the App was very accurate in getting warmer, cold, hot, amazing. No way I would have seen it as it’s black. Highly recommend it worth the money.

- Worth every cent

On holiday in Bali and I thought I had lost it on a tour of the temples. Was going to buy a new one then found this app and presto in 2 minutes. Second time I lost my fitbit. In bue Vien street in Saigon. I was more than 500 metres from where I lost it but I retraced my steps from day before and as soon as I got within 100 metres it replied and I found it

- Awesome app

Had to go to bed to get sleep b4 work and couldn't find Fitbit. Was completely desperate as health insurance gives me many qantas points for steps and it motivates me to b fit for first time in 20 years. Anyway only took 3 minutes. It was under all my bed clothes and probably would still b there in a week if it weren't for ur app

- Does not work

I am an aircraft maintenance engineer and could not find my Fitbit which was full charged exposed to air as it turned out and not hidden all that well but in an unlikely place. When it was finally found without any assistance from this app I tested the app with the Fitbit only inches from the iPhone and there was no indications on the app. I carried out the unpair removed all memory of the Fitbit from the phone and still a blank expression on the app. In short no confidence this app works which it certainly did not for me. Money back? Yes I think that would be appropriate.

- Can’t believe it!

Yep definitely worth the $10! Used 3 other free apps and they could only get me near the area. This app took me right to my device, hidden in a cupboard up high where it had slipped off my wrist randomly. I wouldn’t have found this for months as I hardly use this cupboard! Very happy customer 🙂🙂🙂

- Sceptical but it worked!

Lost my Fitbit and when I checked the app it had stopped counting steps 48hrs prior and was very low on battery but still syncing whilst at home. Tried 2 other free apps with no success and giving variable detection of the device. Downloaded the app and found it located perfectlu after 25min. Worth it!

- Actually, pretty handy!

Previously used and did not find helpful. Not sure if it’s an update or a newer FITbit (now using an inspire) but is decent at figuring out the room and section of the room the Fitbit is in. There is a bit of a lag, so do go slowly, but pleasantly surprised with how well it worked!

- Weirdest place.

Took a while and went between adjoining bedrooms however the key is to move slowly and watch the line increase to hotter. I was getting mixed warm and hot in my bedroom so new it was only a matter of time if I moved around more. It was inside a jogger in the next room. So weird. I couldn’t work out where it went as i left it on my bedside table!!

- Found it!!!

The app certainly does what it says. It was warm throughout the whole house though until I was on top of my fit bit. Now I know that it will be easier next time. So my cats will never be able to hide my fitbit from me again.

- It works but very slowly

Used it to find my Fitbit successfully but even with phone placed directly beside it it took ages for it to go red, even though timer was moving. Seems you need to leave it in same place for over 30 seconds for to pick up. Too bad if you’re looking over a large area, would take forever. Still, it does work!

- Found it.

Did the job. Took a few goes. Showed Warm no matter which way I walked all over 7 x 8 metre area. Metre didn’t move either. But finally showed hot in next room by cupboard where we found it. Some improvements maybe needed but well done!

- Effective!

Tried different (free) apps and they tended to give false signals. Bought this one as I didn’t want to wait for my Fitbit battery to run down and it worked - found it within 5 minutes under a chair in the living room.

- Found it!

The app works. It did take me a little while to find it, but it knew the close location. My Fitbit charge 3 had somehow been mixed up why my wife’s packet suitcase full of clothes. When I moved the suitcase away, it identified that it was getting colder.

- Found It!

Honestly - thought it was a waste of money to start with! Didn’t pick up anything at all in the area I thought I’d lost it! Yes - it picked up everything else around - but the app also identifies which make - so I could ignore! Hot is a little off - but was close enough because I found it.

- This IS it!

I tried 3 different free Apps, 2 with extremely annoying Ads. All 3 told me my Fitbit was at the front of the house, after almost an hour, paid for this App and found my Fitbit in couple of mins... at the back of the house. 👍🏻👍🏻

- Found my little bit 😀

I was getting very frustrated trying to find my small flex 2 on dark carpet in my shop that is covered in fabrics! Decided to buy this app within 5 minutes we found it! Thank you 😚

- Finding buried treasure

After a long day in the garden my Alta was missing. This app found it in 5 minutes buried under soil and mulch. It could never have been found by visual search. Brilliant! Top tip - force a sync on your device such as by changing a setting

- OMG!!!!!!

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! Thank you so so so so so much! I legit swear to god I look in my all pockets but then couldn't find it. I bought this app (maybe a little too expensive🤔) but it works! It took a while as the jacket was in a bag in a suitcase but thankfully this worked and I found it!!!!!! I am so happy and DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS!!!!!!!!!

- Seriously, get this app

I swore that I lost my Fitbit while I was away or at best in the car, on the way. Turns out it was in my wardrobe under my clothes. Didn’t even take it with me! Seriously you need this app if you have lost yours! I’m stunned.

- Wow worth the money!

Just found my fit bit in about 10 mins after I thought I had lost it forever! Was very sceptical but this app works! $10 is cheaper than a new Fitbit! Thank you to the creators!

- Great app

Only got my fit bit last month. Kicking myself that I lost it. Tried other apps. They were useless. This worked perfectly. Found it within 10mins

- I can’t believe it worked

My son lost his Fitbit in the bush and we didn’t think we had any hope of finding it. I downloaded the app and in about 5 minutes we found it.

- Well worth it

Spent the last 2 days looking everywhere for my Fitbit. Then I purchased the app and within 10 minutes it was found

- HUGE time saver

Awesome app! Spent hours today looking for my Fitbit. Downloaded the app and found it in 8 minutes & I would have never found it or looked where it was eventually located! 😀

- It works

I tried a bunch of free apps, then gave up and got this one. And it works. I eventually found my Fitbit in a bag I had packed earlier that day. Who knows if I would have found it otherwise.

- It works worth every single dollar

Lost it last night found in the morning with this app in seconds

- Works

Takes a long time to pick up the signal. It does work though. I found my fit bit in the area where but stated “Warner” but did not change. I put the app next to the Fitbit and then30 seconds later it went to “hot”. So, it worked, sort of. You have Rene member to move VERY slowly!

- Found!!!

This app is great, It took a while to find, as it was somewhere I would never have thought it would be in my garbage bin. One of my kids must have put it in a bin and the cleaners empty into outside bin.

- Brilliant App

My son lost his Fitbit and after cleaning out his entire room to no avail we downloaded this app and found it in one of his jacket pockets after just 5 minutes Thanks so much

- Found my Fitbit

Great app found my Fitbit in a few minutes after not having it for weeks because I thought it was lost

- Found it!

I had been looking for my Fitbit for a week on my half acre block, my Fitbit app told me approx, where it was and this app found it within minutes.

- It worked!

I tried several free apps and finally paid for this - found the Fitbit in under 5 minutes. Thank you!

- Brilliant

Devastated to not be able to locate my Versa after a weekend away - downloaded this App and my bestie was found in a few minutes - so very happy! Thank you!

- It works!

Found my Fitbit in the spare bathroom with this. It was kind of fun following the cold warm hot instructions. I remember now that I took it off to wash the dog! I wouldn’t have found it for another 2 weeks if not for this app!

- Hide and seek for adults

It was quite a funny thing I had the kids at preschool doing an adventure as well as the staff! Found it so relieved. Definitely recommend to anyone who has lost a Fitbit!!

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- Found it

Finds it faster than some other apps. It does lead you in the general direction, but I wish it was more sensitive and precise. But at least u know what general area to look.

- Works like a charm!

Great App. Worth the money Located a lost fitbit in five minutes!

- Woohoo

Incredible. Very accurate

- It works.

I was very skeptical and about to buy a new charge 3. Uses cold....warmer... hot indicators. Works great.

- I had given up hope!

The $8.48 was well worth it!

- “I would be lost without it!” - Dale’s Fitbit

Saved me more than once👍

- Useless

So far this has been useless. I stood holding my Fitbit next to the phone for 10 minutes and it indicated cold. If I don’t find it myself I’ll never find it.

- hot n cold87

it works...!

- Great App

Very useful when you can’t find your Fitbit !!

- Found my Fitbit

Walked around once myself and couldn’t find it. Wanted to download an app instead of buying a whole new Fitbit. It picked up the Bluetooth and when I looked around I saw it hiding right by the curb!

- Works Great!

It’s awesome, I have used more than I care to admit. I think for its price it could be better, but it works!

- Useless

Didn't find anything

- Best app

This app is awesome. Found my Fitbit on the golf course in the bushes!!!

- It really works, real deal!!!!

I thought I wasted my money, it was 100% spot on. It fell in my laundry and was able To pick up the signal. Yay!!!!!

- Found my fit bit

It totally worked. Was skeptical but it really worked!!!!

- Helpful, as advertised

App downloaded after Fitbit lost. We were so happy to find.

- Found it quickly

Found my fitbit within a few minutes with this app after spending days looking around my house for it. Thank you!

- Segemg2020

Looked all day. Downloaded app and found it in leas than 10 minutes!

- Fantastic

I lost my Fitbit moving tables around at the cafe I work in. Noticed at the end of the night that my wrist was bare! A day later, it dawned on me that technology could help in a case like this. So I downloaded this app. I tried it at home, nothing! Went back to the cafe and it worked!!! So happy! I recommend this app!

- Found on a beach after the ride

I wish I could include a picture of where I found my Fitbit because I really didn’t think I would find it in a huge expanse if beach after the ride had come in and then gone out. But sure enough, I did!! I was skeptical about this app but have highest praise for it.

- It works!

I’m so scatterbrained I just keep this app permanently downloaded on my phone. Just used it this morning to find my Fitbit on top of the dryer of all places. I’ve also used it to discover my old one in the yard after my dog decided it would be a fun to chew toy. Great app!

- Great App

I’ve lost my Fitbit while working outside in the garden and found it.

- Surprisingly worked really well

Was very skeptic about this and if it would work, but sure enough it actually worked and helped me find my Fitbit, ended up finding it in the garbage in my garage! Never would have found it without this app. Would definitely recommend.

- Works

Actually works

- Worked perfectly!!! Thank you!!!

Worked perfectly!!! Thank you!!! I had my doubts, but it worked as described :). But take your time walking around. Stop in places. When it shows “Hot” you know you are very close. Will probably be within 20’.

- Happy

This app worked. The only thing that would have helped more would be if you could use the alarm on the Fitbit as I still had to rely on my eyes to find it.

- It was great. We found it using this APP


- Very good

Thought I knew were Fitbit was. App directed me to another room. Somebody tossed it in a bathroom vanity loaded with crap. Spotted the glowing green lights!

- Just okay. Not worth $9

It would be great if my iPhone could tell my Fitbit to vibrate when I’m in the hot zone.

- Pretty dang good

Does exactly what it’s supposed to, sometimes hot and cold can take a bit to register but no more than 10 seconds. Only thing is that Fitbit has to be charged a bit so this won’t help if your Fitbit has been lost for more than about 10 days.

- Very happy

Fond my watch behind a garbage bucket!!!!

- Great

This app was the 3 rd app I purchased in order to find my Fitbit. It worked amazingly !!! I found it.

- Didn’t work

App would say ‘warm’ then ‘cold’ in same place. I finally found Fitbit by myself and had been two feet away from it with app saying cool. When I held the Fitbit right on the iPhone the app finally said ‘Hot’. Waste of money!

- Found it!

Worked like a charm!

- Found my FitBit

I found my FitBit in the laundry basket! Great tool! If only it would find my car keys too 😄

- Alarm needed

App Did not help me. Horrible app, actually. Found my Fitbit without the help of the app. When holding the app right next to the fit bit, it did not read the signal. Waste of money and time.

- Pricey but it works

Found in a couple minutes

- Good app

Helped me to find my fit bit

- Found a needle in a Haystack

Clearing brush of maple branches. Lost my Fitbit in the friggen huge brush pile. This is the most useful app I have downloaded in a while. You have to have it. It took :35 min but I found it in the brush pile. I can’t believe I found it. WOW!!!!!!

- Fitbit

It was exactly where the app said it was. Unbelievable! Get the App if you have lost your Fitbit.

- Thank goodness!!!

Thought it was a goner!! The straps had broke so only the Fitbit middle was left. It found it within minutes!! Yay!!!

- Very helpful!!

Great app. Found it in about 5 minutes in a boot at the door. I had already been searching for an hour before buying this app. Tip: move very slow and once it turns red, remember to look within 3 ft. Takes a couple of seconds to change colour after each step.

- Great app.

Downloaded this app after I lost my fitbit. Found it in 10 min !

- This worked!


- Find my Fitbit

Must walk extremely slow. I was within 2 feet about 8 times before it registered hot. I was able to locate my device in my garden hidden under a bush. I never would have found it without the app.

- When u have a toddler at home! 🙈

Amazing.. I searched entire two floors for more than 24 hours. I finally found it in my toddlers shorts in the laundry basket.. Phewww.. I would have never found it without this app.

- In a customers basement..... no way!!!

I searched my house for an hour before it occurred to me that there was a better way..... This app revealed that it wasn't even in my house, my shop, my vehicle, not even on my property.... Where have I been in the last 24 hours since my last sync yesterday morning??? I took the app with me to retrace yesterday's steps, starting with the most active places and the closest, then working my way out further. At 4pm, 24 hours after performing a service call at a customers restaurant, I have returned with this app and as soon as I walk in the door, my Fitbit connects... Customer laughs as I explain and show the warmer-colder process... 2 minutes later, in holding my Fitbit and laughing with my customer. The search wouldn't have left my house without the app. My customer says he saw my Fitbit (flex without strap) on the floor, but wrote it off as a junk piece of plastic.. I would never have found it without the app!!!

- Damn impressed. Wow 3 min

It went missing Guessed it was in house Got the Warmer then hot signal then I found in weird crevice id never find it normally

- YAY!

Phew. I was so worried I had accidentally thrown out my fitbit. I had looked high and low but couldn’t find it. Last resort was to download an app and I’m so happy I did!

- Found it

Amazing app!!

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- This app is amazing

OMG, I had resigned myself to not ever seeing my fitbit again. I got this app, and it did not detect my bracelet in my house or car as I'd hoped. I decided to go to the places I'd been yesterday afternoon, going first to the bank, even though I felt that finding it was long shot. To my surprise, the app detected my Fitbit as soon as I pulled into the parking space where I had parked the day before. As I walked toward the bank from my car, it said "warmer", and another customer asked if I'd lost something. I told him what I was doing, so he was looking as well. As I was circling my car with the app, I heard him say " here it is", and sure enough it had come off my wrist (guess I hadn't snapped it on securely)' and was on the ground in a mulched area. Very happy ending for me thanks to this app!!!

- Amazing😃

I had been doing yard work all around the house when I got home from work. I was in the bushes throwing brush away raking the yard. That night I remembered I needed to recharge my flex 2. I pulled the band off and the small unit had fallen out of the band. I checked for an app and decided to try this. Less than 9 minutes later I tracked it around the outside of the garage then I went inside the garage and got warmer and then around the car and then inside the trunk and then the drivers seat warmer then hot and then over on the passenger side floor board BINGO! It was black in the groves of the floor mat! Thank you for making an App that actually works as advertised! Now If only flex 2 had a more secure holder in the band but until that time, at least I have your great App! Thank You!

- No results and no refund

I downloaded this app since it advertised as “it works or your money back”. It did not work for me and I’m already exhausted while trying to figure out how to get a refund. Once you download, the ‘money back’ info is nowhere to be found. I reviewed all the terms, read all the FAQ items and each time I click on the ‘support’ link - it takes me to the same useless page. The developer’s response to my original review is ‘fill out a form in our support page’ without including any useful link or contact info despite me clearly indicating that I have been trying to get to their support page unsuccessfully - it is just loading blank. If they really want to stand by their guarantee, why not at least include some email address for the customer service department in your response? I searched extensively to no avail. I would never write a negative review without emailing the developer first, if they were more transparent about how to reach them.

- Fitbit Revealed

This is Day 3 of looking for my Fitbit and frustration was knew it was in the house because I never went anywhere that day. I was trying clothes on for a special night out and it got caught on the sleeve of a lace shirt so I took it off and laid it on the bed. I searched and researched all the clothes and metal hangers because my wristband has a magnet on the band and I thought it was attracted to a hanger. Last night I finally located the room it was in by using the Bluetooth "Connected" or Not Connected" on my iPhone. No luck! I still couldn't find it. Then luckily today I thought Maybe there's an app for that!!! It was then that I found "Find My Fitbit" app on my computer and immediately downloaded it to my iPhone! Thank You to the creators of this app!!!

- Took a while but then you should see my wife's closet. 😂

My 3.5 year old son likes taking things and hiding them in random things or throwing them into the abyss I call my wife's closet. After finding the "hot" zone, I knew I was in for a chore because of where it was leading and I knew the Daner had done me no favors. After scouring through the abyss the first time to no avail, I decided to set the silent alarm from my iphone and see if I could hear it. Sure enough I could hear it buzzing... for only 15 seconds though. Resetting the alarm is not fun either, but I got it done and Daner had decided to tuck it into one of my wife's vests that was hanging up. Go figure! Maybe he knew if he threw it in the floor he wouldn't ever be able to find it either. 😂

- Lol retrace your steps

I have to give this four stars because it works and how it works isn't important I suppose. Fact is, it really didn't find my fit bit because even when I had it in my hand it didn't say hot. However, it 100% helped me find the fit bit because I was frustrated not even knowing if it was in the house. With this app did was connect and confirm that yes, the fit bit was in my vicinity so I just needed to perseve. Once I have that confidence, I knew it could only be in one or two places. The app did you go from cold to warm but as I said, the main asset for me, is the "mom" confirmation ("don't be so impatient, slow down and retrace your steps". What I CAN'T figure out is why the "bundle" has another $5.99 app that does the same thing. I think I wasted my money there.


I rarely write app reviews but I had to write one for this amazing app!!! I lost my Fitbit while it was charging. I moved the cord and it somehow flipped out of the charger. Later I remembered I had heard something hit the wall across the room. I was going on vacation Sunday morning and when I came back last night (Tuesday) I looked all over my bedroom for it. My Fitbit was still syncing so I knew it was still charged but running low so I had to find it soon. I downloaded this app and started where I thought it was flung across the room but it was "cold." I kept looking and it finally read "hot" and I found it! It had fallen in the bottom drawer of my nightstand. Who knows when I would have looked there and found it??!! I am happy! Thank you!!!

- FitBit Found!

I loaned my 7 year my FitBit for the day who gave it to her 9 year old brother and when I asked for it back neither of them knew where it was. My fault. After searching to no avail I researched way to find a lost FitBit and sure enough this app came up. I read the reviews and thought I would try it despite the cost. It took a little while to find it. I recommend as instructed to walk slowly and then stop to give the app time to work and update. Sure enough it worked. Worth the cost and I guess I will now have insurance in the future but lesson learned on my part. Also, I rarely complete reviews but felt doing a review on the app was well worth it. Note: My FitBit was already synced to my phone.

- Totally works!

I realized a few hours after I’d lost my Fitbit that I actually lost it. I looked around the house and was fairly certain I would need to buy a new device in the next day or two since I didn’t think I could track it. I opened my Fitbit app and realized it was syncing so I knew it had to be somewhere close by. I googled how to find a lost Fitbit and found this app. I was quite skeptical but saw the reviews and thought, for $5.99 it is worth it if I can find it. The app got warmer every time I was near (whether upstairs or downstairs) where it was ultimately found, which was in our car in the garage (a place I looked for earlier with no avail). Once I was in the car, the app showed Hot and I knew it had to be there.

- Works- found my Fitbit flex 2 in only few minutes

I have the Fitbit flex 2 in a Fitbit metal bracelet. The bracelet opens all the time, but most of the time I notice in time to save my Fitbit- until now. I lot my Fitbit at work and didn't notice for about an hour. Tried other apps- free ones- to no avail. Read reviews in this one and figured $6 is better than the cost of a new Fitbit. The app works- walk slowly- in fact take a step or two then stop moving - watch the bar closely. Turns out - a conscience coworker tossed my awesome little black Fitbit into the trash. Clearly they had no idea what it was. So after dumpster diving I found my Fitbit- which I am grateful is waterproof for the bath it will now get. Grossed out but happy.

- Worked well

I tried the free app first; it picked up every device and poorly named them. When I finally figured out which one was the missing Fitbit, I couldn’t single it out and it rarely gave an updated signal, routinely going 5 minutes or more until a new hit. Other devices were hitting every second but not the missing one. It was painfully slow and frustrating. So I purchased this app, which allowed me to choose the missing Fitbit up front easily. Hits were frequent and steady. By focusing on it alone I was able to locate it in a straight forward manner. There is a definite difference between the performance of this app and the freebie. I’ll support this one.

- Found my Fitbit in 5 mins

I wore my Fitbit in the morning and went out for my daughter special classes. When I came back home, I thought I removed it before cleaning some utensils. But when I realized that I don't have my Fitbit, I searched inside our home from garage to restroom and car but I couldn't find it until 2 hours. I used my Fitbit app to see if charge HR can be found thru Bluetooth signals. Sometimes I found signal but still couldn't find my Fitbit. I lost hope and searched searching online. Then I found this app. I used it to scan inside my home and car. Finally I found Fitbit app showing HOT sign when inside the car. I found it on the window side hole. It saved my time and energy

- I would never of believed it!!

I hate to write reviews but I can’t not for this I lost all hope finding my flex two piece that came out of my band, the battery was super low. I searched everywhere trying to see if it would sink I realized it was syncing to my phone but I’ve been 1 million places in my house so I bought the app and started to walk around my house. It only got hot and a certain part of my living room which I now realize it is the window closest to my car I decided to go into my car and instantly went hot so I set my silent alarm because the interior is black and it started vibrating and I found it. Unbelievable!! Technology amazes me!! Thank you whoever invented this app!!!


I'm soooo thankful for this app. I had just gotten a new Fitbit 4 days ago. My family and I were driving up to see my grandpa, when I realized I wasn't wearing my Fitbit anymore. I freaked out, and was convinced I would have to pay the person that got me the Fitbit 200 dollars. When I got home, my family and I searched the whole house. I got another app that was also 6 dollars, and it didn't work at all. My mom and I rushed up to where we were during the day. My phone finally sinced with the Fitbit, so I knew it was in that area somewhere. I then got this app, and it helped me find my Fitbit within minutes! I'm so happy that I found my Fitbit, and I will be forever thankful for this app.

- I never lose my Fitbit until I did

To make a long story short - My Fitbit only comes off my wrist when I am taking a shower and afterwards, it goes right back on. I never ever lose it. This morning, I am in my car to go to work and it's completely gone! Tonight, I can't concentrate on anything because it's missing. I tried the free app but I couldn't understand the spinning I don't loaded this and tried it. Was SO excited when I realized it was in the house and it went from cold to warm. And beyond excited when it says hot(yeah, I need to get out more) - then I saw it among a lot of blankets! I was thrilled, I get actually get "credit" for sleeping tonight! 8 hours, Here I come!

- Life-saver

I remember having my Fitbit charger 2 on and then it was off my wrist. I don't remember taking it off and I couldn't find it for a week. I was desperate due to the fact my boyfriend bought me the Fitbit. I searched my apartment for days. Just bought the app .. hey I buy 5$ coffee everyday. I figured it would actually help with the all great stars this app has. The app was great. It helped narrow down where in my apartment I had misplaced my Fitbit 2 ... I checked underneath my bed for days and found nothing. But with this app it told me how far or close I was from the watch ... I found my watch underneath my bed but not where I was looking. I totes recommend this app. I tend to misplace a lot of things and I can't lose my Fitbit again. My boyfriend will kill me haha


This app is amazing and I truly will not be without it. I lost my first Fitbit one several months ago. Luckily I had an extra one as they were clearance at target. Well low and behold i lost the second one a week ago. I lost both while attached to my nightie on the bottom of it. And house cleaning. While having a gall bladder attack last night I decided to look on the app section to see by chance if there was a finder. I had been to Walmart and saw them for $47 (Fitbit one). Of course they didn't have any. I thought there has to be a reason I can't get a new one. I found it under my mattress and it must have fallen when I changed the sheets. This is fantastic!!!!!

- Miracle App

Lost my Fitbit Flex 2 tracker in an animal shelter while I was interning after only having it for a month! I was freeeeaking out. I went in the next day, walked all over the place until I got it to pair with my phone, but the dog runs are covered in pea gravel and fallen leaves. I thought it was a lost cause, downloaded this app for the heck of it since I had an old iTunes gift card credit on my account. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID. Just knowing when I was within a couple feet from it narrowed the possibilities IMMENSELY! From there just took a sharp eye to see it glistening on the ground (and some luck that it didn't get buried). Well worth the handful of dollars compared to letting go of a $60 tracker. THANK YOU FOR THIS APP!

- Can't believe this app works

My son lost my Fitbit at a campground and we couldn't find it anywhere. I downloaded this app to help me find it. I literally retraced every place he was at to find it with this app and still couldn't find it. I then remembered he was playing with another family and wondered if somehow he lost it in their tent. The family had already left and was 20 miles away. When we got back into our town I drove over to the family friends house and the finder went off. I went to the door and explained what happened and it lead me to their garage where we found it in a storage tote of theirs inside an air mattress rolled up. This app saved me 150 dollars. Awsome

- Awesome App!

I don’t like paying for apps but due to the many positive reviews, I thought I would give it a try. I actually could have lost my Fitbit anywhere between 3states, but still was worth $6 to at least look at home....the last place I was before I realized it was gone. But as luck has it, was in the house, but in the back floor board of my car. So this app has more than a 15’ range as some state. I knew it had to be close, once I started seeing...”last seen at” the local Timestamp. But I didn’t start seeing the cold switch to warm, until I was outside in the garage. Went to hot once I opened my car door!! So this app does work and is worth the money!!!

- Excellent app!!

I will confess that I tried to be cheap & bought a lower priced tracker to begin with, it was not helpful, so if you are wanting to find your Fitbit, I recommend this app. It worked under my metal roofed carport. I list it the other day while I was doing a massive cleaning of a rather large area, so it could have been anywhere. However, it directed me to the general area & I could section things out to see if it still read hot. It got me to the trash bag I needed to reopen & go through again & Eureka!! there it was. Dirty, but in great shape. The app was definitely worth the $. Thanks for directions that were simple for usage & a simple read out for locating the lost Fitbit!!

- I found my Fitbit

I usually don't loose things. However I decided to wear my Fitbit on my belt loop instead of my arm. I am letter carrier and wanted to give my permeant watch ring on my arm some sun. I didn't even realize I lost my Fitbit until I was done with my route. Purchased app actually drove around in my car were I thought it might be. Found Fitbit were I realized I lost it couldn't found it without app.. Definitely worth the money fyi you do have to be within at least 15 feet are less. The hot & cold through me off a bit so I had to just guess more on my own were I thought it was didn't get hot until I had it in my hand. But I probably wouldn't found it without & was able to search from my car & search gave me a ping..

- I looked there 5 times!!!

Well I "looked" in my laundry basket 5 times and never saw it. Only because the app said HOT each time I put the phone over the laundry basket and then warm when I walked away (thinking I looked in there! Can't be there!) did I finally pull each piece out and inspect each one did I find it clipped to a black item.(it's the black Fitbit One) I like that didn't have to tell it what to look for it knew it was a Fitbit One. It also tells you when it was last seen! Constantly sending a signal. I used 2 different free apps one had me looking and tearing the wrong completely opposite room apart. The second told me "Its around here" in 2 different rooms.

- This app actually works

Every review I have read mentioned it, the feeling of being super skeptical. I downloaded the app, immediately regretted it and thought I had wasted six dollars but to my surprise when I got within about 10 feet of my fit bit, it popped up on the screen. The only drawback is that you have to be fairly close to your fit bit to find it, if you lost it while you were out walking for instance it would not tell you exactly where you dropped it, you would have to retrace your steps. But, if you got within about 10 to 15 feet it would pop up on the screen and that’s a lot better than nothing.

- Not A Joke!

I really thought I was about to waste money on the app because I lost my Fitbit. It picked up someone else’s Fitbit at first and that freaked me out but once I found a surge (which is what I had) I got a little more confident. I knew where I left it just not where it was but I’m not kidding when I say this is real. My Fitbit was in a truck and when I had my phone in the front seat it got colder but when I had my phone in the back seat it got warmer. That’s how accurate this thing is. It went hot when I placed my phone on the back seat and sure enough my Fitbit was in between the seats. This app is not a joke I’m thankful for it. 5 stars for sure. Heck I’d put 6 if I could!!

- Yippee

I can’t believe it. My Fitbit Alta has been missing now for days. Downloaded the app last night and it kept taking us to a room which we took apart. Nothing. Gave up and went to bed. Next morning it kept taking me to same room. Finally took my daughter‘s ballet outfit (which we had searched) out of the room to return to the theater and resumed searching the room. Cold. The app led me back to the ballet costume in the other room. Hot! Searched it. Nothing. Decided the crazy app was responding somehow to the sequins. Tried in other places but always went to ballet outfit My Fitbit had become entangled in an underneath layer of tulle. You cannot imagine how thrilled I was. Best app ever.

- Un-freaking-believable!!!!!

I got my Fit Bit for Christmas and already lost it 2 days ago 😩. I was devastated since I have a habit of losing things and never finding them. This time I at least knew that I lost my Fit Bit inside of my house somewhere and searched for it for the past 2 days with no luck! I bought this app after reading the positive reviews and within 15 minutes of purchasing it, I found my Fit Bit under a pile of blankets!!!!! The hot/warm/cold indicator alerted HOT within 3 feet of where my Fit Bit was located, completely amazing!!! I'm glad there's an app that actually works since I know this won't be the last time I lose my Fit Bit! Whew Whoo!!

- It found my Fitbit! It cannot find your Fitbit if the battery is dead

First off, this was on my Fitbit Versa. I had lost my Fitbit Versa somewhere between our house and RV. Phone said it had synced this morning, and it’s battery was empty. After a frantic search, we actually found it in some bushes. I don’t even ask anymore, you know? I put it on its charging cradle, and the app located a Versa in minutes. Using the onscreen “Cold Warm Hot”, lead me right to the device. I wish this was an inherent feature like my son’s AppleWatch. That being said, the app did as it was supposed to do. I know that if I misplace it again, and it still has power, I’ll find it. Thanks!

- Sceptic HAPPY

Bought this tonight after trying 2 free Apps which were a total WASTE of time! With this app I found my lost Fitbit within 5-10 minutes! Once u taken into account that it can be 3-5 ft away even through walls and doors in my case! I found it in my vehicle within my attached garage! Once it was warm than warmer and even a hot spot at back of vehicle I opened car door to HOT! After moving in and around inside looking under seats and etc I found it on my back seat! Last time I remember seeing it was within the house! This app is worth the money just in the time you will save downloading other useless FREE apps and tearing apart your house !!

- It Really Works!

Misplaced my Fitbit charge 2, looked in all the usual places, then looked in all the unusual places. Got the app, began walking slowly around the house. When I got to my bedroom, I got warmer signals and then hot. I would move around and go back to warmer, but the places it said hot (chairs, vanity table, etc) didn't yield up the Fitbit. I began to think it was tracking my husband's Fitbit, which was on him as he slept. I woke him & got him to take his off. Still kept showing HOT around the bed. My Fitbit had fallen between the footboard and the mattress (apparently when I turned the bed down) and I was able to find it! Get this app, don't wait till your battery is dead!!!

- It really works!

I lost my fit bit at work at a place where I cannot have it on when I go. I took it off and when I went to put it back on I dropped it without realizing it because my tension was diverted. I opened the Fitbit app to see if it’s synced and it did but I couldn’t see the Fitbit. I got desperate and started searching for any sort of app that could help me find it. I found this app and it pointed toward hot at a place where I couldn’t go. I guy finally came out of the room and after hesitating I asked him if he saw a Fitbit. He had a grumpy attitude but he went right to wear the fit bit was and brought it out for me. I am so grateful for this app!


My wife found this app searching in the middle of the night. She was up searching the house but didn't get any better than warmer. I went out to the garage looking in the car and did find it becoming hot around my drill press. I had to go out for a short shopping trip and my wife picked up the search. She followed the Hotter that was her Steeler Christmas Tree that I had boxed up. There it was inside on the very top of the packing. How appropriate for this coming Sunday when the Steelers play the Kansas City Chiefs and she is a BIG BIG Steeler fan (and from Pugh). Of course the Steeler Christmas tree will be put up again for some party celebration. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 👍😜

- Found it

So I was not that impressed with the app at first. It took me three days of searching for my Fitbit. The app kept telling me it was on my kitchen counter. Not 100 % but close. It was driving me crazy. Then this morning I woke up remembering I had been in the attic space to store some blankets and jackets. And yup! You guessed it! Right above my kitchen counter in in attic storage was my Fitbit between about 4 blankets. The clasp had broken and it had come off my wrist. I held back the fifth star because a sound would have helped as well as the visual bar. And it would have maybe steered me higher as I was going crazy in my kitchen. As an additional point, my house and especially my kitchen have never been cleaner.

- Worked wonders after the update that supported Charge 4! 😄

Seemed pretty simple and self explanatory. Guess I should’ve read more before buying this app, I assumed it included all makes of the Fitbit but currently does not work with the Charge 4. I’ve been desperately searching and nothing had popped up on my “seen devices”. My Fitbit app is still syncing with my phone so hopefully I can find it before the battery runs out, unfortunately this app can not help me 😔 *EDIT* After the update today that supported the Charge 4, I found my Fitbit in less than 10 minutes!! Thank you!! I will be revising my review to 5 stars! 😄😄😄

- Worth $6 to save you search time!

I spent an hour digging through my house, blaming my cat for stealing my Fitbit (he's weirdly obsessed). I got this app and called it a night, planning to search again today. When I got in my car to head to work this morning, the app immediately detected my watch. After a few minutes of scanning various areas of the car, I found my Fitbit under the front passenger car seat. How it got there beats me, but the app finding it saved me a trip to another location in another town where I thought it may have been left. This app is about to save me a lot of time and frustration. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- I was very skeptical but-Great App!!

I lost my Fitbit in a school and I thought I was never going to find it. I tracked the general location to a bank of lockers by syncing it. Since I knew it was in the area and I had about 30 min before school was out and I would lose any chance at seeing my Fitbit again, I took a gamble and purchased the app. The app tracked it to a specific locker and the area of the locker it was in- unbelievable!! It turns out the locker belonged to my son who’s friend found the Fitbit and gave it to him to give back to me. My son was so busy that day that he didn’t get a chance to tell me that he had it. All’s well that ends well.

- I found it

The instructions are better now and more realistic. Last time I don’t remember how it worked but this time it am reviewing right after I found my Fitbit(charge 2). It was in my bedroom on the floor but the head of the bed. Just under the bed. I started in the living room. Moved every 2-3 seconds and saw it go from cold to warm as I walked out of the living room to the bathroom and then bedroom. The signal got stronger slowly. You have to give it time. The I just looked harder and found it. It didn’t give me a full hot when I put it next to it That would have been nice but it puts you in the room. So you know we’re to concentrate your time and effort. Now I have to buy another band.

- Unbelievable but it works!!!

After spending more than two hours looking all over my bedroom, under the bed, going through the trash, and my bedside drawer, I was about to give up. I knew my Fitbit was in the house since it was paired up but it was driving me crazy not being able to find it. Just per chance, I looked to see if there was an app to help. The free one had too many pop up ads and wasn’t helpful, especially as I was already frustrated. After downloading this app, it immediately “saw” my Fitbit and as I walked around, told me that I was getting warmer and then finally hot. Found! Well worth the money.

- Genius

I realized I lost my Fitbit Alta at 10:30pm while on the phone. I traced my steps and thought I lost it. I attempted to sync it and was grateful that it was inside of the apartment. I had to find it quickly. It needed to be charged and I was leaving at 5 am the next morning on vacation. I caved and bought the app. I was desperate. In less than 15 minutes I found it. It was tucked inside of a fitted sheet on my son's bed. Now, I am able to charge it and take it on my trip. The app was well worth the price. You won't regret it!!!! Just try syncing it with your phone first to make sure that it is in the vicinity where you think you lost it.

- Buried alive....but rose to the living!

I have a Fitbit one (no alarm). Last night I was gardening...digging, watering, etc. I literally could have lost the darn thing anywhere on my 1 acre property. It was dark when I discovered it missing. The app narrowed its location down to a square yard last night, but it was too dark to hind it. With more patience the app helped me narrow it down to about a square foot. A little digging and sifting later I found it. It had been buried. Without the app I'm sure it would have stayed that way for a VERY long time perhaps to be found as an artifact by a 4000 AD archeologist! Thank goodness I bit the bullet and bought it!!!

- I’m pleased :)

I have a 1100+ sq apt. Although the app stated “warm” in my living room and in my room and the bar kept increasing and decreasing no matter where I walked, it at least let me know what side of the apt my Fitbit was on. For example, the entire left side of my apt front to back said “cool” but the entire right side was “warm”. So I just traced the right side room to room until it gave me a “Hot”. The fact that it showed up “warm” anyway relieved my biggest fear which was that I had washed it, I was really hoping I didn’t! Kudos to the app developers for this app, worth the $6 bucks but please don’t go any higher. I’ve had a Fitbit for several years and this the first time I’ve lost it so the price is just right!

- It works! Found in my coat sleeve

I was growing skeptical after searching for about 15 minutes in the warm to hot zone in my apartment finally I realized that if you watch the bar which is a little hard to see closely you can get a better idea with each step if you're going in the correct direction or not it takes patience but it works and is certainly money well spent I found my fit bit in the end on my coat sleeve ehich was the only reasonable explanation I wishthere was a way to trigger a sound like with the lost iPhone app so that it would be easier to find but this app works and is definitely worth a try especially if you've lost your fit bit in a closed space

- Completely Shocked At Results

I lost my Fitbit and didn't know where to look . So, I bought the app because I didn't want to spend another 100 dollars on a new one. It immediately picked up my Fitbit signal and led me to a part of the room near my bed.(I even went into another room first to see if the app would go "cold", and it did.) After a few minutes, I put my phone down to go to the bathroom. When I came back, I was astounded. It was underneath my phone! I swear I didn't put it there. This app works like magic! It works kind of like the Carbanaro Effect on TV. I would recommend this app to anyone who has lost their Fitbit. 😁

- It worked! Updated for second find

Only trouble is I live in a 3 story house and it sensed it as warmer and hot when I was on a different floor, but right under it. Still great though! Update- new Fitbit, sensed it right away and works awesome. Still true about living in a multi-story house: it gives you hot reading if you’re right over it or under it. But not as hot as when you’re actually right near it. This just saved me from washing my lost Fitbit, because I had already gone through my laundry looking and hadn’t found it. But this app insisted that’s where it was and it had gotten tangled up in a shirt. Love it!

- Wild Ride

Lost my Fitbit Charge 2 while loading the trailer for a trip. Searched the house, yard, trailer with out luck. Checked the Fitbit app when we got on the road. It was recording steps, exercise minutes, and a heart rate in the mid 140s. Apparently the Fitbit has to be within 15' of iPhone app to records data so I knew it must be in the trailer. Searched the trailer again - nothing. I read reviews about the "Find my Fitbit" apps and decided to try it before my Fitbit battery died. Found it between the couch and a wall, pushed way to the back by items we store there. I don't think I would have found it without the app. Happy Camper!

- Challenging Sucessful Find

Upon returning home yesterday, I discovered that I had lost my Fitbit Flex while riding my horse at the boarding stable (an hour away). I automatically assumed that I'd have to order a new Fitbit. This morning, I downloaded a free app and two paid apps and crossed my fingers that the battery on my Fitbit was still charged. I searched in the barn aisles, the office, and then began to walk the (70x180 ft) indoor sand riding arena. There was a signal that went from cold to hot but no Fitbit. I gave up after 1/2 hour and decided that the Fitbit was either buried in sand or had been swept up and thrown into the manure pile. After riding my horse (being slightly reassured that I couldn't pick up a signal in the pasture) I tried one more time. Making an extra effort to walk VERY slowly and stopping occasionally to give the signal time to refresh was the key. I found my Fitbit in the barn aisle in the middle of a small pile of dead leaves. BTW the free app and the other paid app were NO help. The only thing that either app found was my Apple Watch. So if you lose your Fitbit: buy this app!

- 15 seconds!

I had lost my FitBit, spent 30 minutes frantically looking for it, then found and downloaded this app. Within 15 seconds (if that!), the app led me to a large jar of gold Christmas ornaments that I had just filled earlier in the evening. My FitBit must have fallen off into the jar while I was filling it! A gold FitBit bangle hidden among gold ornaments. I never would have found it on my own. Best part is, those ornaments are being used in an office contest tomorrow morning, and will be thrown away after. My camouflaged FitBit would have certainly been thrown out with them! Very thankful for this app. Now, to go buy a new FitBit bangle that fits!

- Genius!!!

Somehow i managed to lose my Fitbit in my own hone. Hours of searching were fruitless. In desperation I downloaded this app, grimacing at the price tag (sorry folks) and following the instructions. The first try just felt like a mean trick... cold, warm, cold. Cold. Cold. I tried again the next evening. Highly recommended. Where I found the “warm” I looked again, in the dark. Warmer! Hot!!🔥 Then I saw the tiny green laser light on the underside of my Fitbit, buried in some dry grass in the yard where, earlier in the day, I had untangled our cat on her leash. Highly recommended... I am so glad to have my crutch back, I have a Yosemite challenge to finish this week!!!!

- Yes it really works!!!!

I knew it was in the house but couldn’t remember where I took it off - actually it was my Fitbit Alta ...and my Fitbit Versa. I wore both of them in my ankle while mowing the lawn (wanting to credit for all that hard work!!!!) I went thru the laundry basket twice - and essentially retraced my steps for most of this evening. Hated to spend the money, but glad I did. The App works like a charm. They were both near the laundry basket (kind of) the closet near the laundry basket sitting on my husband’s tennis shoes. I must have walked past them 10 times during my searches this evening. Problem Solved. Thank Goodness!

- This is my favorite app ever!

I was missing my fitbit for longer than a day and a half and the battery was getting lower. This helped us find it and was it is so easy to use I would HIGHLY recommend it. Please note also list the help of your husband or friend. So they can help you search the hot spot area, that could help locate it even behind a door or drawer. When it is hiding in plan sight! This was a great help! I found the hot spot, My Husband found the fitbit !!!!. It was inside a cabinet. This is the second time it’s save my fit bit it fell off in the basement in a closet and I don’t know if I would’ve ever saw it without the help of this app. Thank you again! My only regret is that this device can’t find my keys, my husband, especially my cell phone. Wish I had one for everything I lose. This app is awesome five stars!!! I would give it higher than five stars if they had such a thing! Thanks again for the six times now time! I love appreciate this app!!!!

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Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder 1.7.8 Screenshots & Images

Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder iphone images
Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder iphone images
Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder iphone images
Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder iphone images
Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder ipad images
Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder ipad images
Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder ipad images
Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder ipad images
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Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder Health & Fitness application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

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The applications Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-10-29 and was developed by Bickster LLC [Developer ID: 599177362]. This application file size is 6.66 MB. Find My Fitbit - Fast Finder - Health & Fitness posted on 2020-08-10 current version is 1.7.8 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bickster.DeviceFinder

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