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What is iheartradio family app? Are you looking for the best family-friendly music and stories in one FREE app? The new and improved iHeartRadio Family app has been revamped with a new look and feel, offering over eighty stations for both kids and parents!

Enjoy the latest addition to iHeartRadio Family: Stories! Listen to Story Pirates, a comedy remake of imaginative stories from real kids; Bedtime Explorers, which shares adventurous tales; and Chompers, a giggle-inducing daily show that will entertain the entire family while brushing teeth! Enjoy these Stories and more:

• The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel
• This Podcast has Fleas
• NPR Wow In the World

iHeartRadio Family is also home to today’s most popular characters! Kids and parents can tune in and listen to music by their favorites from Disney, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, and more!

Parents, want control of what your kid is listening to? The all new Parental Permissions allow you to easily hide music from inside the app’s player screen. Manage your hidden music from Settings, and take control of your kids’ listening experience at home or on the go!

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IHeartRadio Family Customer Service, Editor Notes:

IHeartRadio Family Version 2.0.613 July 2020

Updated Privacy Policy.

IHeartRadio Family Comments & Reviews 2022

- This is the best app for music but a couple of things (READ THIS)

I love this app because it has all your fav songs but the thing is that almost all of the songs are singed by kids bop ??? That is ok but still it is still not the same experience that you want your kid to have the same people and then on the radio it is bad that they can not at least make one song with the real person singing i am kid so I know all of the songs and I know it is kids bop also there is a lot of glitches because when I go on another app it stops my music stops and then I have turn my phone all the way off then back on but those are the only things I would like to change other than that this app is great I definitely suggest it if you are just working for some music to listen to thanks for reading this 😹😺😻😽😺😸😼😻😹🙀😻😹😈😊😀😇😃😃🙂😄😉😆🥰😍😘😀😚😅😗😚😆😙🤣😚😂🥰🥰🥰😁🥰😙😗😁😙😁😙😁😙😃😚😃😚😃😚😆😚

- Gavin227

It is a great app 5 stars what do you is that I can’t remember the name of the song so maybe put the name of the song before it and maybe put a search bar so you can search the song do you want to play are usually listen to the top 40 countdown so it’s it’s a really good station but there’s a little bit of stuff that it could be improved by once again it’s about five stars it actually is five stars and so then it would be cool if you could search up the song is you want to listen to because you hear the song that you like them but then they go because you can’t replay it and you can’t search it up and it’s a really good app because we don’t have to worry about those inappropriate words are they playing songs if there are any pro inappropriate words so it’s cool app please respond to this review and can you try your best to put my suggestions in there or make the app even better than it is

- It is ok but some complaints

I think the channel choices a very good but I think for the kids version I would recommend a playlist you can create. It is getting pretty boring play the same songs over and over again. Also about the song Heather, you kind of missed a big curse word in the song. And if we have parents saying “ hey can I listen to the music you are playing” and there kid hands them the device and Heather comes on, there will be some very angry parents. Thanks for reading this

- Doesn’t work like it used to.

The app would be great in its current state, with one major issue and a minor complaint. The major issue is that my kids like to go to sleep with some of the music on here, and if I just let it play for more than 10 minutes, it turns off on its own. I usually have the screen turned off and music playing as they sleep, but it barely gets through the one song it is currently playing and shuts off on its own. Then I leave the screen on and it will only last about 10 minutes before it turns itself off. Kind of makes the app useless if we can’t listen to more than 2 1/2 song. My only minor complaint is that since it was updated, we don’t have access to the Sesame Street Radio anymore. Not a big deal, but I know my kids liked that station.

- My review

I like this music app but I agree I know most of the songs but it’s really hard to remember the names of the songs but it’s great I love these songs even the ones from kids bop kids bop is my favorite but can you make shure you fix it because I want it to tell you what song is playing but who ever made this please fix it but great job ya ya ya ya ya kids bop I love kids bop ya ya ya ok I think I said enough so good bye but make shure to fix the app bye great job weeeeeeeeeeeeeee ok bye oh bye the way I’m just a kid and it’s a great app and I’m seven years old oh I need to go bye my mom is calling me because I’m on my phone right now that’s how I’m typing this review ok bye ahhh my mom keeps calling me I need to go bye I love the kids bop music on the app weeeeee weeeee ok bye

- Love it, but a few things

I personally lover this app. It’s the only radio app my mom will let me have, and it’s radios are fun. Yet a few things. I like to listen to in the background of me playing games on my iPad. And sometimes it would just randomly turn off. I would have to close and reopen the app. And it happens often too! Which makes it more annoying. Another thing, with the removing of swear words. I hear sometimes the word ‘Hell’ gets taken out a lot. But a few times I heard ‘sexy’. I would think that they would take that word out unless they missed it, but I heard it in a few songs which threw me off a bit. Still an amazing app tho! <3

- Good game. It can be much better though.

I’ve been using iHeart Radio for years and it’s good! But I just realized some issues. 1: if you are listening to music and you have closed your device then a song comes on that you don’t like you can’t skip it from your home screen! You have to go to the app and drag your finger to skip it. 2: there is no search! I think you should add a search button and if someone looks up a song that has suggestive dialogue in it then you should offer the CLEAN version. And that is all! Please read and consider my suggestions. Thank you

- Used to like it until the upgrade

My kids and I used to live this app. We listened to it in the car all the time. But now that it's updated it won't play songs conitously one after another if the screen is off or if another app such a Waze is opened. This is a safety hazard because if someone is driving and the app is closed, the driver needs to manually go to the next song which is dangerous to do!! I contacted customer service or the 2 email addresses I saw posted and I don't seem to be getting far. It's pretty frustrating since the older version worked so nicely. You can use the app, just not while driving which is the only time we use it!!

- Great app, but live stations need work

I love this app. There are lots of great stations with a variety of kids' music and even top 40 for the adults to enjoy too. I like that I don't have to worry about inappropriate language. My biggest beef with this app is that the live stations don't list the artist/song, which bothers me a lot as I want to know what I'm listening to if I like the song. Even regular FM stations in my car do this now so iHeart needs to get their act together to display this basic information.

- Love it !!!!!!

It is much better than it was before and every thing is working like it was before. I love the Xmas music thank you the people who fixed my app. The ten minute thing is over. I was thinking of deleting the app, but sense the app is working again like it was before, I don’t have to delete the app anymore...I wish there were more stars than five, but my issues are over thanks again the people who fixed the app.🙂😀😃🙂

- Please add these things. ❤️Ripper❤️

Please add a search bar for example I love the song apocalypse,wolves those are songs I love please add them and wolves is also on kids bop but for some reason it doesn’t have it and please please PLEASE add a search bar because it is super hard to find your favorite songs it gets me a little mad but not very mad anyway I’m doing good but not awesome but good anyway please accept this request it would mean so much to me ❤️Ripper❤️

- Would Recommend

Im a kid and I've been trying to find a good music app to listen to. This is great because its free, and it has some awesome radio stations like country, kids, christians, and there are like no ads. My only concern is it doesn't show the title of the song, who sings it, or anything. I listened to this one song that I really liked but I didn’t know what it was. Over all, I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to listen to good music.

- Can this app be used offline?!

I just recently added this app on my kids tablets and they really seem to enjoy it, a lot! My question is, can they still access the app to listen to the music and stories when they are offline (long car rides, etc.)?! We have not tried it, yet, but I'm wondering if the app would still work when they are no longer in range with our WiFi?!

- Nice app it could be better though

I love this app, but you know it could be better if we could choose the songs instead of the random shuffle function. It would also be nice to provide the names of the songs that are being played and I would also like a search bar. And I don’t like it when my favorite songs are replaced. I just found out that they were replaced on kids pop and kids party. Overall It is a decent app. I hope you respond to this review.

- Great app!!!!!

I love this app because I don’t have to worry about bad language or have to listen to a bunch of adds at all, unlike in most stations on a radio. Also, it is free which is good considering on how much I like the app. Even better, I have realized that it is for a lot of devices so that way you can listen wherever you go no matter where you go as long as you have that device.

- The worst

My little sister had this app and told me the app was good and had some good music so I decided to download it. For the first two days everything was working really well...but about the third or fourth day that I had this app it started acting terribly. It tells me I have to internet connection and I do I have full internet connection. As well as whenever I am listening to a station it will just randomly shut off. This app was good at first but it is terrible now. If you guys could fix this it would be great. But for now do not waste your time on this app to all of those considering.

- IHeartRadio

So first If you buy iHeartRadio it’s a waste of your money because you can’t look up a song and it has the same stations and radios and its plays the same songs you all ready listen to again so can you iHeartRadio people kind of change the things I pointed out please. Thanks 🎶🎵♥️🎧🎤

- Sweet but Sycho

Half of the lyrics are wrong and this is one of my favorite songs it’s “ oh she’s sweet but a sycho at night she screamin i i i i I out of my mind grab a cop gun kinda of crazy she’s poison but tasty yeah people say run don’t walk away cause she’s sweet but a sycho at night she’s screaming I i i i i i iout of my mind . And it’s not even violent. I’m not even gonna rate this till you fix it because that’s angry I am . I hope you fix the song by and another thing fix the rating because before we can send a message we have to rate so I’m only giving you a one because that my number for terrible. By .

- Uses changes

I think you should be able to look up songs, make your own playlists to save songs, and it should show the song name. Plus it doesn’t load for me at all I have to constantly close it reopen it close reopen and restart my iPad it’s very agitating please fix/take this into consideration if you added these it would raise my review to a 5 to ther than that this is a good app for kids under the age of 7.

- Awesome app

I love this app because it has a ton of stations my favorite would have to be the top 40, i have an Alexa so i mostly play it on there but when i go to my dads house i normally play it from my phone, anyways they announced that they had podcasts so i started listening too those to Uh i dont know how to end this but yeah 😅😁☺️

- Good app but =/

Hi there I love this app you can listen to clean music for you and your children and family but it dose glitches lot it replays music and I can not get in it super well. Another thing is playlist maybe I want to make a play list one day for holidays , parties, get togethers or dancing it will be very helpful to make your own playlist and get rid of the glitches and stuff it would be awesome thank you narwhal31


Ok this is soooo good! I love it soo much! It really helps me when I’m doing my work! I can work harder than before! I even got my brother to use it (he doesn’t like to try new things so it was very good) and he loves it sooo much! I do suggest maybe add a few more songs here and there. Otherwise I love it and I suggest everyone to use it!

- The app is great but I have a suggestion

This app is absolutely awesome..but I think one think that would be helpful is a favourites tab so if you have favourite stations you can put them in the favourites tab so you don’t have to go through all the stations to look for that one station.

- Not Working

So this app has stopped working for me! I have deleted it and reinstalled it but nothing is working. I don’t know if it is a update or not but fix it soon please. Also add a playlist area where you could add songs you love and listen to them whenever.

- Good but here’s some problems..

Okay so I got this app because it’s the only music I can play cause I have restrictions on my iPhone but it’s a good music app but it sometimes lags or stops and all the kids bop stuff is kinda for 6 year olds I wanna listen to call me maybe so maybe add like a search button they don’t have to be the bad versions since they will be clean so yeah plz fix these and add that tyusm

- Name of songs

This is an amazing app. The songs are great and the best part is that it’s free! One thing that I would like is for y’all to put the names of the songs somewhere so if people want to listen to the song some time else they would know the name of it! Please read request! I would really appreciate it!

- Love it

I’ve used this app for a while and while I thought it was great it didn’t offer much variety. The new channels are amazing!! So many options from wake up jams to homework jam sessions. I love having access to everything in one place. Great job!

- Add and fix

I love it but can you add somethings like a favorite button and show the songs name and the song writers name? It would be great if you did ,and please fix the kidz bop station every time I off the station it said “oops sorry something went wrong “ FIX it.

- Good but.....

I love there music but I need music for doing homework without words, and sometimes almost every time I open the app and it has trouble loading which is pathetic! Lol I am joking about pathetic but you get the point! I love this app!

- Good! Just... where r my other fav songs?!

This is amazing! Just please add some Katy Perry songs to top 40 countdown. And please limit songs with curse words to 1 or 2, because I don’t like having to keep songs from my friends. Thanks!

- Simple, safe & easy

Perfect companion soundtrack while playing with your kids or car rides! Put the tunes on and you won't have to worry about bad language. Great addition to the iHeartRadio family!

- 3 stars

I think it’s great! Except for two things... I always have to re-download the app EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to use it! Because it stops on the very last loading circle and it just sits there. The second thing was that I would like to see at least what the song is called please. Thank you 👍🏼

- I love this app but honestly....

You should add a Panic! At The Disco track thing. Not all of there songs are bad you can just bleep the words out like you already do in some of the other songs. Thanks.

- I love it but...

I’ve been playing this for a long time and I love it! But there is a bug where I open it and then loads forever!!! It’s annoying when I want to listen to music but I can’t! Plz fix!

- Eh could be better

I LOVE this app but it could be better cus you don’t even have all of the songs!!!I wish you would add a search bar to pls fix this plsssssssss

- Amazing app but...

This is a great app!!! But one problem... can I not search? I just wish there wasn’t just radio stations. I wish you could search up individual music that you want to play

- Great but...

The quality is good. It has lots of stations some for adults and children’s but the thing is you can’t use the app unless you have WiFi or LTE to use. Great app though

- Satisfied

Thank you so much! I’m extremely picky with what I enjoy listening to so this helps a lot I’m so appreciative of it and don’t take it for granted or advantage

- One problem

I love everything in iheart radio family except one thing: you can’t search music. So I downloaded it thinking I could listen to whatever music in the world. But then I saw there was no search bar. Then I only used two times and never again. I really hope you can fix the search problem. Thanks!

- Can’t use it on the iHeartRadio app in your car

There should be a family option or an option to turn off explicit content on the regular app. Sometimes we want to listen to regular music in our cars, not kids bop, and just not have to worry about language. Probably won’t keep this app on my phone.

- Meh

Honestly it’s fine for kids but I would love the option if you could search songs. Because I like to pick my songs not listen to a radio... :|

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This app is awesome and has lots of Christian stations. I can allow my kids to listen without worrying what they will hear next

- Good music bad layout.

This app is too simple. It can't play in the background. It Donny show what's playing and it can't run with device in normal upright position which is very annoying.

- Hey

Do I need WiFi to listen because I’m going on a trip and I want to listen I really like the app though 👏🏻

- Wow world

I think this a great app but sometimes it's a little bit annoying.

- I love it

It makes my day when I can go in my room and listen to great music

- What happened?!?!?!

This app worked great until you updated it! Now it stops playing after every song, that’s ridiculous! Guess I will find something else. Always got to ruin things instead of making it better.

- I’m not even going to be nice

Ok I did another review on this app and I gave it the benefit of the doubt. But not anymore it completely cussed right in my face!!!!! The song was All About That Bass, and it said, the B word and the S word without bleeping AGAIN!!!!!! I am so annoyed with you guys. Please for the love of all the little kids, FIX THE BLEEPING PROBLEM!!!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Great app!!!!

This is a great app but it could have more albums.🙁 Also it has a lot of songs in the 10 albums !!!!😍😍😎😎😎😎😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😘😘😎😎😎

- Problems

Ok so tysm for adding more Disney music but the app is being extremely glitchy now. The 2000s Disney playlist completely disappeared The 2010s Disney Playlist after a while stops working The regular Disney playlist is only playing 3 songs over and over The other playlists are only playing those 3 Disney songs as well Please fix these issues I love this app!

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Tony Basilio

You can find Tony Basilio's Next Level Network Family of Podcasts on: - TuneIn: - Spotify: - Stitcher: - Google: - iHeartRadio: ...

kathy szewczyk

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Tony Basilio

You can find Tony Basilio's Next Level Network Family of Podcasts on: - TuneIn: . - Spotify: - Stitcher: - Google: - iHeartRadio:

tin ෆ

lol bts came on as i changed the channel to the iheartradio replay so my family ate dinner to dynamite and mir happy new year~~

Tony Basilio

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Tony Basilio

You can find Tony Basilio's Next Level Network Family of Podcasts on: - TuneIn: - Spotify: - Stitcher: - Google: - iHeartRadio: ...


@Dulce84205596 @TakeAKnee87 @missjuliaaaaah @TheWoodyShow @wagon9999 @vcp0623 @iHeartRadio It's not that far off from being a comedy. My family says it's why they keep me around. Funniest thing that happened this past year was me falling backwards over my sister's power wheelchair (she wasn't in it) and tearing my lateral meniscus.

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IHeartRadio Family iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

IHeartRadio Family iphone images
IHeartRadio Family iphone images
IHeartRadio Family iphone images
IHeartRadio Family iphone images
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IHeartRadio Family (Version 2.0.6) Install & Download

The applications IHeartRadio Family was published in the category Music on 2015-11-10 and was developed by iHeartMedia Management Services, Inc. [Developer ID: 290638157]. This application file size is 20.94 MB. IHeartRadio Family - Music app posted on 2020-07-13 current version is 2.0.6 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.iheartmedia.ihrkids