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The End of the World is a side-scrolling exploration game for the broken hearted. Set in Newcastle, England, you play a lonely man in a world that ended when he lost his love. By living day by day and in the past you unravel the circumstances that led to the end of the world, and maybe a way to move on. Essentially this is a break up game.

Completion time: 15-20 mins.

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The applications The End of the World by Sean Wenham was published in the category Games on 2015-12-10 and was developed by Sean Wenham. The file size is 101.27 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

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Dnskdbkdbfnd dk

Um.  Dnskdbkdbfnd dk  2 star

I read a lot of the reviews, good and bad, before starting this game. Didnt expect much. But what i received was even worse than i thought. I mean the art of the game is beautiful and the story is pretty sad but it took me about 5 minutes to complete it. Find the three memories then either fall down a hole or sit at a table. Extremely boring especially when you have to walk through the same rooms every “day” with only three things to do. Smoke, sit, or have coffee, all of which do nothing for the story. I believe it would be a great game if it was much longer, had more things to interact with and if the walking wasnt so slow! I got bored very quickly. Overall, don’t buy this if you’re looking for a fun long game to play or if you don’t want to spend 99 cents on something boring.


Didn’t get the point.  Noelsli  1 star

After about 10 minutes of making trips between the coffeemaker and the wardrobe, I gave up.


For those who can appreciate  ex0du5  5 star

This ain’t Fortnite. It’s not a puzzle game, you won’t be platforming or trying to get the headshot. If you need that kind of interaction to enjoy an app, this probably isn’t for you. It’s just something poignant and touching to interact with. It’s poetic and heartbreaking. It captures a feeling that many of us know but few can communicate. And yes, it ends too soon. Like relationships, sometimes. Even those on these reviews angry and complaining about the length of time to move through this, even they were moved to feel that yearning. That something special ended too soon.

Original Quartermoon

Not actually a game  Original Quartermoon  1 star

Yes, there are things you interact with, and about 5 or 6 different “locations”, and you move between them. But it is not a game...there is no discernible goal, and no choice involved with your interactions. You just see a handful of scenes, which play out the same because there is no alternative choice you can make to progress. And then it just...ends. There are two different “endings”, depending on which way you walk in the last scene, but neither one is particularly interesting. And the whole experience takes about 10 minutes, max. It is true that the art style is compelling, and that is why I wasted $.99 on this, but it’s not much more than an interactive painting.


Beautiful Vignette  Sarahfiabee  5 star

I loved this game- my life beyond the time immersed in this game (its little life) could not distract me at all! At first I felt a bit voyeuristic, but knowing I could not change the set outcomes made me venture forth easily, conscious-ably. Will be anxious for more games from this developer/artist.


Way to Short  EndTheWar  1 star

Beautiful but I finished it in 15 minutes..........


Shouldn't ask money for this  nekonari  2 star

I'm sorry, but this game is a practice at best, and you shouldn't ask money for this. Donation is fine, but $.99 for this? No good. I can see the developer (probably an asipring game developer) put in a lot of hard work in this, but it needs way more polish in terms of game mechanics to ask for $.99 for this. The visual language isn't clear enough, the game mechanic virtually absent, and is what's there is extremely simple that it's hard to connect with the character in any meaningful way.


Morose, angsty art major app  sweetokolejoe  1 star

If you play this in a smoky bar where most of the people are wearing berets and drinking martinis or some edgy, no-name drink the “mixologist” designed, you’ll probably enjoy it. Ten minutes of wake up, get dressed, have coffee, sit in a chair, pick up a book (I think?), and walk left or right. In the end, we die. And then thank Brittany, the love of the developer’s life. I’m fairly certain an art major made this in conjunction with a developer. I had another soundtrack playing while I played this and it made it ten times better. I sat in my chair deciding whether it was worth it to go to the Apple website to request a refund. In the end, whoever developed this needs my $0.99 more than I do. Apple, please don’t recommend this type of “game” any more unless it’s the free App of the Day. 1/10 wouldn’t buy again. If you like angsty-teen suicide love stories that take ten minutes to complete, then this is your game. If you don’t, absolutely take a pass on this one and get Pac Man or Granny or some other game.


Beat the entire game in 3 minutes tops  delivery_kiki  1 star

The music is pretty but there’s only about 3 songs & you only hear half of them all. The art is pretty. But, I can’t believe how short this game was. Literally nothing is explained & the actions are minimal. Even for an “aesthetic” vibe this game to me falls very short because it is so short. I will be deleting & getting a refund!!


Not a video game  Suge!jen  1 star

This is not a video game in its traditional sense. I wouldn’t consider it a game in any way. There was no goal or end game. There was no problem solving. I have no idea what the meaning of this was.


Waste of money  Tomandamax  1 star

It took all of 5 minutes to play, most of which is a repeat of the same sequence, and you don’t actually do anything.

Ruba duk

Beautiful but pointless  Ruba duk  2 star

I spent $1.50 to finish the game in 5 minutes. The music and scenery is beautiful but I don’t understand why it’s worth money.


I don't get it  Janszrdt  3 star

This "game" is so short and it ended before I understood what I was meant to do. It's also random and lonely. There's no aim or message

Ranga shinigami

Beautiful  Ranga shinigami  5 star

Short and sweet. A beautiful game.


Beautiful But..  Idzani  5 star

Depressing. I know about this game from a friend. But the portrayal of a breakup in it is just astounding. Because of that, it's a great piece of work.


I love this game.  Shintaro_ayano  4 star

It's beautiful and stylish but need something to be faster.


I got you.  Zjzijie  5 star

Just as what I said.

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