VIN Revise: instant access to car history check.

VIN Revise - provides easy access to millions of vehicle records to deliver the most comprehensive vehicle history report and auto auction records report simply entering a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or scanning it via camera.

Vehicle history reports purchased through the VIN Revise app are $8.99, for a report containing information supplied by the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) database, which includes data compiled by insurance carriers, salvage auctions, and auto recyclers.

Our advanced VIN check service instantly scans millions of vehicle records to deliver the most comprehensive Vehicle History Reports available.

*** Vehicle Ownership History- number of vehicle owners, duration of ownership, registration details, city and state of registration and more…

*** Problem Checklist - possible problems, everything from Salvage/Reconstructed Vehicle, to Lemon Check, more…

*** Title Records - current and past history title records for over 60 different types of title brands.

*** Vehicle Accident History - number of accidents reported along with accident dates and possible severity of damage to vehicle.

If the used vehicle you’re looking at has been in an auto auction, we’ll find out.

Our auto auction report also contains:
- a number of car accident photos, so if there’s any damage to be seen, you’ll know about it
- the odometer reading at the time of the auto auction

VIN Revise car history reports answer all the important questions!
So that buying a car becomes a simple, exciting and rewarding experience for you.

VIN Revise: instant access to car history check. App Description & Overview

The applications VIN Revise: instant access to car history check. was published in the category Business on 2015-10-13 and was developed by Jacek Jackiewicz. The file size is 5.49 MB. The current version is 1.2 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed bugs to increase stability for better vin car history report search.

VIN Revise: instant access to car history check. App Tips & Tricks

VIN Revise: instant access to car history check. Reviews


Nice  Caarter5  5 star

Good app


Don't buy anything  kameronknk  1 star

I paid $16 for a VIN review and never got it. They still got my $16 though. I even emailed them for help, but no reply. I WAS SCAMMED ...and I am writing this to prevent others from being scammed.

Elijah b

Wasn't able to locate any info  Elijah b  1 star

I used 5 vins and this app after 6 days is still saying "preparing" . Where can I get a refund??


Waste of time  Kwabreba  1 star

This is a waste of time and doesn't work. At least, it didn't work for me. After I put my VIN number, the app said processing and I'm still waiting. Bogus app.


SCAM  Malooms  1 star

Paid $12.99 and I received no report only a message that said preparing try back later. Don't waste your money reporting them to Apple

Jameel R

Wack App  Jameel R  1 star

It's dosnt work I ran a title on my car after doing it on a used on I was going to purchase that came back perfect. Mind you I crashed my car and reported it with the insurance company so that should of showed up. Nothing. Everything came back perfect. Went to carfax and ran the report and got all previous owners, service reports, where they were done, and accident and title info. Paid twice as much but it's worth it, vs getting a perfect report and a bogus car. Do get this app. Save yourself time and money.


Doesn't work  Uberalex16  1 star

Says processing and doesn't load


Handy  Bchung  5 star

Saves you time. It is an easier way to find info on cars so it's great when you go car shopping.


Worthless  Vwpatch2007  1 star

Doesn't give you any info you can find for free on other websites

Jose Salas Monsoon

Better than car fax  Jose Salas Monsoon  5 star

I use this app, and I realized that the person who was selling the car just stole a few days ago. I then reported the fraud to the police


Good app  Ncndndnen  5 star

Ooo this app is really amazing. I have been looking for this kind of app for months. It is simple but it shows the whole car history. Thank you!


Helpful  Jennyrish17  5 star

This app help me to find out car detail easily


Better then carfax  Duphong2004  5 star

I feed satisfied with your app, better then carfax. I recommend this app for download


Good work  Alexburtnik  5 star

it is really a very useful application . I had never seen before smth like that . it allows you to quickly find car history. comfortable interface


stay away!! better apps out there rip off  malnicki  1 star

I went to an auction last minute, needed something quick thinking this would help.. Ran vin after vin there at the auction.. all showed clear.. so I bid.. was outbid (thankfully now). When I got home, I ran vins on cars I knew had collision damage and was reported. Compared reports to this app.. THIS APP IS NOT ACCURATE !!!! emailed support, their reply " we dont guarantee that this is full info" ... but look at their screen shoots!!


Great app  Digaodopg  5 star

If u want to buy a car and check the history, that's a app for that :)..


Supper app  Martinelainaa  5 star

Really use full and helpful for them who need knOw detail history of car thanks for good check car history recommend


VIN: Better than Carfax!  pianohawk  5 star

I like the info that’s freely accessible and the in app purchases are cheaper than car fax and other VIN checkers on the market. Doesn’t crash. No bugs.


False price  Casanohva  2 star

Description says $8.99 App says $12.99 to check out with with just my one my vin in cart.... Nope.


Great app  byzyn4ik  5 star

This app is absolutely amazing now I know everything about my used car . Simple to use , my brother had problems with his used car, I will recommend him to use this app next time !

VIN Revise: instant access to car history check. Comments

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