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1Wallet allows you to free space from your wallet by converting your paper loyalty cards and tickets to brand new digital loyalty cards compatible with Apple Wallet® for your iPhone®, iPod touch® and Apple Watch®.

Now you can save all your loyalty cards in your Apple Wallet® in a very few steps:
- Choose the graphic template (over 1,500 themes for loyalty cards available)
- Scan your former paper loyalty card’s barcode or tickets
- Insert your name
- Press “Add to Wallet” and there you are! The loyalty card is within Apple Wallet®

PRIVACY: None of your personal data will be saved on our servers, the only data required for the creation of the card is transmitted in encrypted mode (HTTPS).

Exploit the potentialities of your Apple Wallet® - you don’t even have to look for the card in your iPhone® or Apple Watch® since it is available in screen lock when you are in the vicinity of the shop.

No in-App purchase and no registration required. You can save as many cards as you wish and they will be available for all devices thanks to iCloud®.

Although the passes have been tested on multiple optical readers it is not guarantee complete compatibility for this reason the barcode is shown in clear both the front and the back of the card to notify your store owner.

For owners of Apple Watch: currently the linear barcodes will be transformed into QRCode.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not look at the loyalty cards of the stores in your city? No problem, you can create paperback loyalty cards/tickets in app directly, which will be posted in the "Users' Cards" section and made available to our entire community. We will use your email address only to inform you about the insertion of the proposed cards.

The list of loyalty cards is therefore continually updated thanks to you and your fantasy. Customers created tiles will follow a short review of our staff.

PLEASE NOTICE: iOS9 or superior required. Apple Wallet® is the pre-installed Apple’s app on iPhone®, iPod Touch® and Apple Watch® where you will find the loyalty cards converted by 1Wallet.


1Wallet App Description & Overview

The applications 1Wallet was published in the category Shopping on 2015-10-26 and was developed by Marco Tardanico. The file size is 53.05 MB. The current version is 3.0.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

We've solved the GPS location on our digital cards and other minor fixes.

We thank our users for our very important comments! THANK YOU!

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Awesome app but one issue  JAT0315  3 star

Love this app and the way it generates awesome looking loyalty cards. However why does it group them all together instead of separately? I shouldn't have to scroll horizontally to have to get to a card. Please fix somehow and I will change rating to 5 stars. Also add Price Chopper as a card and a way to generate generic cards as well.


Fantastic app, works exactly as advertised  Aries343today  5 star

Having loyalty cards in your apple wallet is a great asset. The loyalty card choices contained in the app seem to be endless. The customer support is phenomenal. I have made two requests since I installed the app, and both were filled within four hours. Highly recommended.


Awesome  Stellson  5 star

Great app to make apple wallet more friendly. Asked for a missing loyalty card and it was built in 30 minutes.


User  Toy4tg  5 star

Great App!! Outstanding support!! Thanks!!


It's about time!  rdeleon774  5 star

It's about time somebody made a app like this. I've been looking all over the App Store, app after app to find such a thing. No one has made one, but finally this person has made one. Thank you whoever you are!


Almost the best  Sikachu!  3 star

This app supports 1D barcode, which means you can virtually adding any loyalty card to your Apple Wallet. However, the app developer decide to "whitelist" the list of merchants that they support. So, if your merchant is not in their list you will have to wait for them to add it. Also, it looks like passes from multiple merchants will be grouped together, which means it will be harder to find pass in the Wallet app. So, yeah, this app has potential. I just wish those issues are fixed.


Young but promising  REDdimension  3 star

This is exactly the wallet app I've been looking for, but it's youth, European origin, and lack of customization, hold back what would otherwise replace three other loyalty card apps I currently have in rotation. Firstly, it does just what it should -- takes my card number and generates a proper, logo branded card in Apple Wallet. That's great. The ability to geolocate it is a added plus. Being so new, there are limited U.S. club cards in the database, though -- ones that could be easily culled from the other similar apps already present in the App Store. Granted, you can make a generic card, but I already have apps that can do that: where 1wallet excels is in the creation of easy-to-find, logo'ed cards. Generics don't cut it. There's an option to suggest new loyalty cards to the author, so I hope that fills up fast. I'm hopeful for the future of 1wallet and don't regret the $2 I spent to support it, but if you're hoping to empty your wallet or keychain right away and live in the states, you might want to hold off until it's a bit more mature.


Needs Work  emma.larson  2 star

Only has graphics for a limited number of stores and most of them are not in America. When selecting an "abstract" graphic the verbage on card is not in English. I should have saved the money.


Perfect way to add all my cards to Apple wallet  achandab  5 star

Only one if my 10 cards were not there. Submitted a request and developer added within a few hours. Wonderful support


Ask and Marco will add  Noosasky888  5 star

Thank you for adding the Australian blood bank donors card. Gratitious Marco. I recommend this app for iphone wallet users how need all there plastic cards together in one place.


Great App, Well Designed Cards  Mitchandmacs  5 star

I tried this app after using a couple of other apps and web services to create PassBook/Wallet cards for my assortment of loyalty cards. None have produced results as good looking as 1Wallet and none have been so quick to add additional loyalty programs to their apps. Highly recommend!


Fantastic app!!!  Silverphox  5 star

There are a lot of bad apps out there but this isn't one of them. I seriously doubted it would work but it does everything it says it does and does it really well!


Awesome App  gads83  5 star

Works great. Asked for a couple of new cards to be added and they were added within a couple of days. Great service. Recommend this this app as a must.


Didn't work  Christoper.m  1 star

Rewards barcode too small for Woolworths checkout scanner.


Great app  FaisalTheOne  5 star

Made my life really easier, less plastic cards in my wallet now and more digital cards in Apple Wallet thanks to 1Wallet.

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