Boomerang from Instagram

Boomerang from Instagram [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Boomerang from Instagram makes everyday moments fun and unexpected. Create captivating mini videos that loop back and forth, then share them with your friends.

Find something (or someone!) that's moving, or create a video selfie by switching to the front-facing camera. There’s just one button. Tap it once and Boomerang does the rest: shoots a burst of 10 photos and turns them into a delightful mini video. Share it on Facebook and Instagram right from the app, or save your video to your camera roll to share later.


* Take mini videos of your life and yourself using the front and back facing camera.
* Download and start capturing immediately. No sign up or account required.
* There's just one button! The app takes 10 photos and stitches them together, speeds up the video and smooths out any bumps, then loops it back and forth.
* Share your videos on Instagram and Facebook right from the app, or share them later from your camera roll.

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Boomerang from Instagram Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Boomerang from Instagram Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome, But One Small Detail

This app is great! I would recommend this app to anybody who is looking for some fun. You can take small videos and play them back to yourself, friends or family. I have had this app for awhile and always have really enjoyed it. But, over the past few months I have had it, I have been wanting a little more. It shows, on the picture when you open the app or the picture in the App Store, with a background or music. But, when you get into the app, there are no effects like that. I wish that the owners of the app would add a little bit more: at least be able to put a background, or effects in with the boomerang. I hope that there is an update coming soon, and if so, I look forward to seeing the upcoming updates. Thank you! I would recommend this app. Bye!

- It’s great but there should be one improvement..

The app boomerang is an amazing app!! I personally believe that more people should get this app!! It’s very fun and enjoyable. But there is one thing you guys should improve. The fact that I have an iPhone means that I don’t have boomerang in my camera roll. So one thing that disappoints me is that you can’t save them to your camera roll. It disappoints me because you can capture all those fun moments in a boomerang but if you wanna delete the app you can’t because you need to be able to have the boomerangs you want in your camera roll. Who ever is reading this I definitely recommend you to use this app!! It’s great!! And it works!!

- This app needs a lot of improvements

I thought this app was really fun because i saw my friend using it. Then i got it and i hated it. It should be like snap chat where you can write things on it if your not using it for Instagram and the boomerang should be longer. The app should make it to were if you are doing a boomerang while jumping it shouldn't show your feet hit the ground. I saw another person write that you should be able to use previous videos that you have recorded and i agree with that. This app needs way more improvements than this. It would take me literally a day to list all the improvements. Will this app please PLEASE try to fix the things i listed and what other people listed?? Then if yall did that i would rate it five stars not 3 stars. I would recommend boomerang only ONLY if the app does the improvements.

- Ok, things can be improved

So I got the app because I saw my friend using it. I looked really fun and cool so I got it. But I didn’t really like it. The main problem is the time you have to take the boomerang. Like literally if you tried to jump, you could only see your feet landing. If you were trying to show a group of friends you are with, you wouldn’t have enough time to show everyone so you have to quickly do it so you can get everyone in. You end up going so fast that you can’t even see the people’s faces so theirs no point. The next complaint I have is I feel that you should be able to write stuff on it like snapchat bc not everyone wants to use it on Instagram. I have seen other comments on these things so I’m not the only one. I could honestly write a paper on the mistakes. Just plz fix it!

- Zoomed in Camera

I had boomerang on my old phone and loved it but when I got my new phone I had downloaded it again and it seems that my camera on it is way zoomed in than how it used to be. On my friends phone the camera is perfect but we compared it to my phone and you can definitely tell that my camera is way bigger than hers. Has this happened to any of y’all and how do I fix it? I really hope that someone can help because I really love this app and think it is so fun except for the fact of my camera being so zoomed in.

- Would add some stuff but love it

I love making boomerangs with the app. I have a few slight issues that if resolved would make me love this app even more. 1. If I don’t make a boomerang for like a minute or do anything with the app open this little box comes up. It has options like report problem etc. It gets annoying and I want to know why it is there. 2. When I send boomerangs to my friends they don’t stay as boomerangs. I have an Apple phone so I use messages. When I send my friends the boomerang it only plays 3 times than stops. Then you have to press play again. It ruins the boomerang affect. It really bums me out that this happens. 4. As I stated before the boomerang effect doesn’t stay when I send the clips to my friends. The same thing happens in my camera roll. It’s so ANNOYING!! 5. I wish you could just keep the boomerangs on the app and not in your camera roll because I have very limited phone storage. Thanks for reading this, have a good day!😊

- Pop star

I love Boomerang so much Except one of her I’m on FaceTime it doesn’t let me do a Boomerang because I just want to do Boomerang while I am on FaceTime but it’s really fine it’s just I think it would be more fun if it will be allowed to have FaceTime and laws have FaceTim except whenever I’m on FaceTime it doesn’t let me do a Boomerang because I just want to do Boomerang while I am on FaceTime but it just doesn’t let me in I just really want to do it so she can like tell me what good ideas for a Boomerang what I should do and yeah and I just want to be with her

- This is an awesome game but it needs to fix some bugs

So this game is nice and all it’s like using instagram’s boomarang! It’s so cool it doesn’t have any problems but sometimes it doesn’t work for me because the video keeps going upside down, that was the only problem I had. This thing isn’t bad it’s the best thing to boomerang is on this app if you don’t have instagram, Also it asks u if there is anything going wrong and if u need help. I really like this app, you have to download this app 😇

- Great fun and makes you look clever.

As long as you are willing to invest a little time into honing your power of observation you can create very effective loops of movement using Boomerang. In other words, you may try this app and end up capturing the least interesting loop of movement, but that will be your fault, not the apps. Once you learn the right moment to start filming for the best results, you will end up with very good effects. Don’t be lazy! It’s worth developing this skill...Then enjoy the funny or touching results.

- Great app but... one thing missing 😍😍

I think boomerang is a great app but I would like one thing to change. I would love if you could like see other people’s boomerangs even thought that’s kinda like instagram, I don’t have Instagram so I just wanted to use this app for making cool videos, and I think that if you would add something like that to boomerang that would be awesome. I asked for this change because sometimes I need inspiration for a boomerang. I really love the app though. 😍😍😍

- Has so much potential!

Really fun idea but it could be so much more. I get that they are trying to make it simple for a quick upload but trying to capture the right 1 second of life can be a challenge. Why not make a quick mode (existing functions) and an advanced mode where you can capture longer videos and select what segment of video works best for the moment. Additional features could be time lapse, condensed video, slomo and basic filters. Why is there no access to photo library? Summary: Thought the app was going to be really cool but the lack of features left me feeling “meh”

- Awesome app but some issues

I love the Boomerang™️ app. Great for making a video more exciting! But I do have some issues with the filming and storage. With the filming part, I think day should make a slo-mo option so if the video is really fast you can slow it down. Now with the storage part, apparently one video takes up a lot of storage on the Boomerang™️ app. Also they need to set a notification before you film the video if you are out of storage. Overall, great app just a few small problems. And I definitely recommend the app.

- Can’t use pre-recorded videos

It’s truly ridiculous that they don’t let you use videos you have recorded outside of the app. It’s very unlikely that I will ever see something worth capturing and think to get out a limited-function app like this – I would record a video separately first, and maybe after watching it decide it would be cool to make a looping Boomerang from a clip of it. But you can’t do that here! You can only make Boomerangs when you shoot them live, directly in the app. Very unhelpful. It would be incredibly easy for them to put this MOST BASIC OF FEATURES into this already very simple app – and yet, they haven’t. I don’t understand. So, on to the next one.

- Amazing!

This app is really amazing, but too bad no timer to take a selfie video. If it is possible, can this be update it? Also this app really need to have a photo album selection from iPhone to choose a video for Boomerang, because last time me and my friend wants to take a video of ourselves dancing but we can’t because no one is taking a video for us, so for peoples convenience please update this to have album selection for Boomerang. Thank you!

- Get this app!

Honestly, this app should be more popular. How does it work? Simple! Take a 3 second recording of something moving and it will do he clip forward and backward, just like a boomerang. This app can also be REALLY funny. This unique app is great for making funny faces or anything else. Try it. If you don’t like it you can always delete it, but I don’t think you’ll want to.

- Boomerang

It’s really cool to use I like it!!! Love how they turn out. It is kinda difficult to learn to navigate it! Sometimes it’s glitchey but other than that it’s pretty good! Always room for improvement tho, that’s why I give 4 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ The developers need to add some more features and make it a little easier to use or have a section in the app to show users how to use certain features!

- This app is good but with a few changes it will be really good

This app is really good but I think the video length should be longer. But other than that the apps really good. I would really recommend it for you. Also I think they should add filters. And instead of using your instragram account, why not make your own boomerang account. Also I think they should add a way to be able to text,FaceTime,and call. I think if they did that then a lot of people would install boomerang.🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

- Longer Than a Couple Seconds

My only request for the app is to make the recording for the gif to be longer than a couple seconds — at least an allowance of up-to 10 seconds for some of those weird moments out there — that are perfect for the app’s application. Allowing an upload for pre-recorded video may be an easy fix, given that you can actually choose the frames in that long moment and edit it down to the 10-frame capture.

- Needs IPhone X update

I love boomerang. I used it a couple times to make videos on my recent cruise. However, there needs to be an update for the iPhone X coming soon. I was trying to post a boomerang but I couldn’t even get past the edit screen due to the fact that the next button was up at the top of the screen where the battery icon is, and it didn’t recognize me trying to press next.

- 🥳🤩It’s great and fun ✌︎('ω')✌︎

It’s an awesome app I like to take videos of everything again and again so this is obviously the app for me. It’s fun to see someone do the same thing over and over again. With this app you can see that and not ask you’re friend to do it again. It’s such a helpful and fun app. I really like the app boomerang because you can do so much it’s awesome⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

- Glittering piece of trash

Great idea, terrible execution. This app crashes more often than it works. I wanted to use it as a marketing tool, but it's completely unreliable. When you are staging intricate boomerangs, it already takes enough time attempting to get the timing right. When you expect a tool to fail you 8/10 times, crashing right when you've got the correct take, it become a useless tool. I've tried it on multiple phones, updated and restored etc., so it's not the devices. I really wish it worked. Keep trying.

- Boomarang is awsome!

This is an amazing app! I love to do boomerangs and it’s great! Whoever sees this you should definitely check this out! It’s so cool! You can basically boomerang anything that’s moving! And it might turn out funny and when it does your probably gonna burst out laughing like me! Be ready to burst out laughing when your boomerang is funny! This is an awesome app it can film anything moving that you want! Even you! I love boomerang

- Add settings or customization

When I tap the button to do a very short burst, I mean I want a short burst, not a whole burst. Either add in a way to edit the loop start and stop points in app or a settings tab to choose if you want an auto burst or not. Maybe add an “advanced” mode where I can choose the frame rate for the captures too. Extremely limited app without customization of any kind, making it hard to like. I don’t think it’s a crap app at all, I still get use out of it, but limitations such as these are HUGE turn offs.

- Wonderful but could use some stuff

✯This app is a wonderful app. There are just some things that I think you should add. I think you should add filters like vivid or black and white would be cool. I also think that there should be a way that you could slow down the boomerang or speed it up. Overall it is a wonderful app which can be a lot of fun.✯

- I liked this but I'm disappointed with it today

I liked the fact that I could record longer boomerang videos on my Instagram story. However, I'm wondering why all of a sudden I went back to only having a few seconds again. Disappointing. Also, it would be nice to be able to apply the affect to videos that have already been recorded.


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- I love it

I love boomerang but it is fairly difficult to capture the right thing I wish you could choose which part to have repeat but overall it is pretty good it is very simple as well which makes it very easy to use and the adds are not a problem, they don’t show up while you are filming like some adds do. Overall I’ll give it a 4 star review.

- Needs filters but is still great

Ok I am totally addicted to this app, but it needs color filters and like faces like Snapchat, I mean that would be the bomb. I feel like it needs to be more social media but safer, because sometimes parents (if you’re a kid) are really overprotective and sometimes kids want a social media app that is totally safe. So that you can have security and have fun. Please reply!!

- Love it, but two small things

I love this app and it is very easy to do, but I feel like, just on instagram, when you doing the boomerang, it should record just a little longer, and number two, on the Instagram boomerang, you can zoom in, but on this app you can’t and sometimes when I do boomerangs, I like to zoom in, other than that, it’s a good app!!😊✌️

- Boomerang is good but....

I love boomerang!!! I currently do not have Instagram but am planning on getting it soon. One thing I would say though is that boomerang would be just a tad bit better if they made a little part where you could go to your camera roll/photos and make videos that you already took boomerangs. But, other than that, I love this app!!!

- Garbage

This application is complete trash, slow execution for videos and low quality. As an example to demonstrate the inferiority, while setting up a situation wherein I intended to record a short clip, the application allowed me to execute the event while appearing to record the situation, and subsequently told me it was unable to save the video due to settings. If the application lacked the ability to record and save, why would it allow to move forward with recording, especially given the majority of “boomerangs” are typically short-lived events. Absolute garbage.

- Continuous crashing

I’ve installed a few times to see if it would fix the issue, but still a no go. Is this app only functional on certain iPhone devices? It work after installation only until after I click “Get Started” & crashes repeatedly every time I open the app. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews & how the app works on peer devices, so I’m giving this a 3 - Star. Please fix this issue if possible.

- Fun game but has a couple major problems

This app is funny but there are some major problems that should be fixed, for example you have to have someone else to take videos; there isn't a countdown. You cannot export your own videos and you cannot edit videos that you take there isn't a countdown. You cannot export your own videos and you cannot edit videos that you take.

- Good App needs a few features.

this is one of the things I like from insta lately, but there are a few extra things they should add in. 1st. The ability to apply it to existing videos. Sometimes you have something you already recorded and would like to be made into a loop. 2nd. Is the ability to take a longer boomerang and cut it to where you would like. It is very hard to time some times.

- Doesn't let you edit previous videos

Positives: it's a unique app Negatives: can't loop previous videos taken. If given the opportunity to video something only once I'd choose my phones video. I have a lot of things I'd love to loop (hard ball tricks, friends wrestling, jumping into a pool) on my phone that I can't. If something can be repeated multiple times then this app would be of use. The app also doesn't allow you to edit or crop your videos. All together it's kinda lame. Simple idea.

- A fun app

It’s a good app but it’s not something that I would use all the time or constantly besides that it’s a fun app to use when you want to save a moment with your friends or family but you want something more than a picture so if the answer your looking for is do I download it my honest opinion is yes it’s a fun app and can be useful in certain situations.

- Existing videos?

The only reason I downloaded it is because I thought I could use it to edit videos I already have. Which I see now you cannot. I'm gonna uninstall it and keep checking back until it adds this feature. Gave only 1 star for this reason only, I haven't actually used the app how it's intended, I take videos when I am somewhere cool and fun and I'm not gonna open the app, use it, and sit there and edit it. I'm gonna take a vid and worry about editing and making it look cool later.

- Nice app 🤔

I like the app but you should be able to upload your own videos because I was once at the zoo and I had the elephant by me and I have it on video and I want to make it to a boomerang but you can't use your own videos and I wish you were able to edit your boomerangs and make them longer

- Almost perfect!

I love boomerang and how it immediately creates your own creative repetitive video! It's something really fun to mess around with. I also like how it keeps track of all of my boomerangs I took. However, the one thing I would like on the app is filters to add when creating the video. This would make the app better and more fun to use! Thanks😝

- Please read

I love boomerang and I use it all the time. It's such a fun way to take fun and creative pictures. The only thing is that to take one when you have no one around, you have to prop your phone up, press the button and sprint to be in the video. So what I am saying is it would be really helpful if there was a timer. Thanks and I love your app and the idea!!

- Great but...

This app is totally amazing! However... I wish they would make it so you could still have your boomerangs on the app without having them on your camera roll. Also it would be kinda cool if you could see other boomerangs made by other users if they " post" them. Otherwise I love this app!🤗

- Great app!!!

When I first got this app, I thought I wasn’t going to use it much. Turns out I use it so much! Wonder why? This app has great quality for camera, everything is super clear! It’s not one of theses cheap-o apps where everything is blurry. If you are looking into getting this app I suggest you do!! 🤗

- Upload person previously recorded videos

I would love if they had a way to boomerangs videos we have previously talked on our camera. It would be a great edit! And adding the basic editing such as amount of frames, length/speed, lighting, filters, sharpening/structure (the tools that come along with photo editing on instagram)

- Boomerang rating from Lolacrazy

This is so fun to do sometimes I just want to make things move so I can do a boomerang I also love that you can post stuff on Instagram and Facebook and also that it saves it in your camera roll if you delete the app your boomerangs are still there

- It’s good except.....

I think the app is great except one thing, you can only make the app so long. Now I don’t need it to be an hour long but I can barely do anything and then it shuts off! It takes so many tries to get it to look how you want it because if that flaw! With just 5 more seconds this would be the perfect app.

- The timing on this app takes a LOT of getting used to

Every time I try to make a boomerang video it has only captured a small portion of the action. There is a delay before it starts recording and then it stops recording abruptly. I’ve only managed to get a few “good” boomerangs. If there is a way to edit the length of the video, I’ve not been able to figure it out. That would GREATLY enhance this app.

- Great but I want improvements

I downloaded this thinking that you can make 1 minute vids that repeat. THATS NOT WHAT HAPPENS. You get 1 second to make a boomerang. Make it so we can make it longer. Also make it so we can have cool filters make it more fun for a kid. Also I want it so you can write hashtags and stuff on your video. Otherwise I love this app!

- Can be improved!

The reason I give it three stars is because when you shoot a non-selfie boomerang it shows it upside down. also I have been using this for years before it became popular and it was way better the pictures were really clear, it had a timer and it wasn’t zoomed in! So hopefully a creator sees this and can change some of these problems.


I really like this app and I think it is fun to play around with, but i’ve noticed that once you have made a boomerang, it saves to my gallery. When I delete it from my gallery to save my icloud storage, it automatically deletes on the app too. I’ve lost some good memories that I was hoping to keep and show around, but now unfortunately that isn’t possible.

- Doesn’t do pre-recorded video

I was uploading a video to Instagram and thought I’d try the boomerang app because the logo was right there. I clicked on it and downloaded the app to find out it doesn’t work with videos on your phone. Why have it as an option when you’re uploading an existing video? This seems cute but not very useful. I’m going to delete it to save space. Bummed it doesn’t work they way I thought it would.

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- ITS AMAZING!! but, 1 problem…

It is honestly the best but I agree with the other person, it does need a timer for when you’re home alone or all by yourself with nobody else to record you so it must be true cos i love Boomerang and aBSOLUTELY NEVER lowercase have I done not five star rating anything at all ever so yeah you really do need to improve it by adding on a timer!! PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! 😫😫🙏🙏 Kind Regards, Po1son☠️

- It’s amazing

You can take a quick vid and it will make it then actually do it again and again the thing it needs to work on is that we should be able to talk on it and do the cool vid all together so we can hear our voice and see what we did plz make improvements by Tayla🤞🏻❤️

- Needs a timer

This is a seriously awesome app, but for some reason it doesn't have a timer which is super annoying when you want to capture something your doing but don't have someone to film it.

- I used to love this app...

Until one day I opened it up and my videos would film upside down. I would film them the correct way then in the preview screen they’re flipped. I’ve searched online & in these reviews for a fix... nothing. I’ve uninsatlled and reinstalled and still has this issue. My normal camera works fine, only this app is effected. Can’t use it anymore. Very disappointed.

- Amazing 👌🏾

It's a really good fun app to play with but, I wish there was a timer when you just want to record by yourself or when you're getting ready for the video. Besides that it's really good and I'm glad I downloaded it.

- No ability to use existing videos

I got this app to make a gif from a video I took before posting it to instagram. I was really disappointed when I realised you are not able to use existing videos, you have to take the video using boomerang. This is even worse when it is deeply integrated into instagram and instagram allows you to use videos/photos from your camera roll.

- This is so cool!

This app is very clever and keeps playing the video back. The only thing I don’t like is that when I wanna share it it saves the video to photos and the screen freezes lots. Any who, it’s superb!

- Boomerang

I just got it today and I already love it, I have already made over 50 different boomerangs the only improvement that I can think of is that it needs a timer

- Can’t access camera roll photos 😕

I just reinstalled this app and have found that I can no longer use photos in my camera roll like I have in the past. The app is now completely useless... The moment has passed. I can’t recreate it... I have a series of perfectly good photos to choose from but can’t use them. You should consider making this work with the camera roll again

- Claire hsukwnrkkdkd

Very good but sometimes I wish there was like a 5 second timer or something so you don't have to hold the device if there isn't anyone to press it but otherwise it is awesome

- Review

It’s a little bit annoying that there’s no hand free option or a timer because you have to hold the camera at all times,but I still love the app and will continue to use it

- Boomerangs

I think that the only thing was, it could’ve had a timer so you can do jumps or something without having another person. It was a very good idea otherwise. Very creative and useful for capturing funny moments.

- Great, but.... a big fan of boomerang...BUT IT NEEDS A TIMER!⏲ If your trying to do a boomerang yourself its not going to work because it goas as soon as your press record!!! This is something that many people have complained about so it needs to be fixed! Other than that... Its AWESOME!👍🏽

- It’s great but...

I always use the app and I love the camera quality but the app lags a lot!! I think that filters on the app would really improve this review. Overall, the app is great but the littlest things are what the app is lacking.

- New gadget for out of date mum

I had not been in touched with the IT side after being a full time mum. So the software is a gift for me to exploring new skill. Thank you and keep up the good work.

- Eh

I might've actually used the app if you were able to upload videos from your camera roll and used those. Because usually I go through my camera roll and I'll find a video and think "that'll look so cute in a boomerang". Oh well.

- Would love a timer function

The app itself is great, it’s the OG after all. But so often I want to take a clip of myself from a distance and I can’t because there isn’t a timer to set. Please add this 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

- Groovy! & easy to use

This is a simple and really effective app. I use it for my hair and makeup work and it captures the essence of the fun we have on set. Links seamlessly to other apps. Highly recommend.

- Constantly crashes

Fun app but constantly crashes on iPhone 6 when trying to capture or even when viewing. If it's important memory to capture more reliable to use built in camera on phone.

- Boomerang

You did a really good job on this cool app I don’t have instagram that’s all but maybe you can add filters to it or something but any way great job keep it up👍👍👍👍

- I love this app

I think you should install this app because when I installed it I first thought it was so bad so I used about 2 months and I fall in love with it

- Amazing

It was good because you can make funny videos with friends and family which was good I do recommend this

- ✅✅✅

This app is very enjoyable and I recommend to all. It has captured many special moments such as birthdays , types of scenery and much more . The 1 wish I have for boomerangs is to have sound but otherwise a great app 😊

- Great, but...

Fantastic app. Would be better if there was an option to record a longer clip and/or use existing video and crop down to the boomerang you want.

- Really good app but missing one thing.

Can you make an option to boomerang pre made videos? That would be awesome.

- Needs a timer!!

This app is so good, when you have family or friends. When you’re by yourself, it’s hard to make a video. We need a timer so we can prepare ourselves for the boomerang, it doesn’t have to be hand held. Thanks x

- I’m addicted to it 24/7

I love this app and sending them to my friends and family but the only thing is I wish there was filters like snapchat but apart from that I love love love this app! 👏👏😀😀😍😍

- Love it!

Boomerang is a great app, it is soo good the only thing is if you could boomerang a video you have already taken on camera. If you can, can someone plz tell be how to do it!

- Very good app..But

The boomerangs are too short and I feel like there missing something however this is great.

- No way to contact anyone

Not sure if i am having to pay for the app and can’t contact anyone to figure out how to cancel the plan to make sure I won’t be charged. No one to contact, the email doesn’t work nor the app support page. Seems pretty dodgy. Hopefully if i just delete the app I won’t be charged

- Amazing

This is amazing I can take amazing instagram photos and get soooo many likes more than my other photos #iloveboomarang

- Love it but...

I just wish there was a timer if you don't have a person to video you. Other than that it's perfect

- Really Great!!

Its a really good app but its only issue is you cant access videos from your camera roll

- No auto save

Hate how it doesn't automatically save or at least prompt you before you leave the app. Just lost an awesome video because I didn't immediately share/post it.

- Camera Roll

It doesn’t allow you to access your camera roll and get your video but other then that it’s great but you really need to add the camera roll feature because like this isn’t gonna help most of us

- Won't even open

Every time I go to open the app and the option to enable location for the app pops up, the app just crashes and I can't allow or disallow it to use my location, i tried doing it in my settings but it's not even an option, I've got 3gb of space this app is trash

- Wonderfull

Works so well no glitches but the videos are slightly to short but other than that it’s perfect 🖤

- It’s pretty good but..

I wish we could zoom in during the take and even out the take, if you did that it’d me great

- Yummy yum

It was great but it needs a timer and I agree with tayla can we hear our boomerangs but I understand that might not be possible 🔥izzy🔥

- Great, love it.

Good use even if you don't use it for Instagram. Though, does make posts 10x better with boomerang!

- boomerang review - maddy

i think it’s an amazing app! i love taking videos of me and my friends all though i think the only improvement is it might need a timer and possibly to add folders to store your boomerangs like photos. apart from all that i think it’s a great app to use even without instagram (like me) :)

- Limited Functionality

Nice little app, BUT needs to have the function of opening your photos and using a “live” image to create a boomerang video. That would be cool.

- Great app....

Great app!!! Good for some fun. Just wished it was a few frames longer as well as a timer for pics.

- It’s good

I really enjoy this app but they only give you a very short amount of time to take you clip . Overall it’s a good-ish app

- Filters

I think you should be able to access the filters just like when you go into the camera on Instagram

- Misleading

I thought you could loop a video out of the camera role. It was the only reason I downloaded the app. Making that a feature would get a lot more users. Please update your app and add it on.

- It’s excellent

All it needs to work on is why it’s always zoomed in and it needs a timer that’s it. Other it’s amazing! By Sophie

- improvement is needed

I know I'm not alone when I say this, the app would be improved by that far if; a) you could be able to convert videos into boomerangs and b) include a self timer

- Amusing 😋✨

Really fun! I can make videos on this amazing app for hours the only thing it could add it filters like Snapchat ❤️

- Solid

Good but takes too short of a vid more time options needed

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- video in camera roll

I love this app, really cool to use. I would like to be able to use a video from my camera roll to create a boomerang.

- I like it

It’s a good way to make boomerangs if you don’t have something like Instagram

- Stupid??

What's the point if I can't use videos from my camera role? I pretty much use snapchats camera exclusively. It would be nice to turn my snaps into boomerangs

- 👎🏼

You can't open up old videos to make a boomerang, it has to be a new video. Also kept crashing.

- Wish it can use..

My photos instead of recording it. May u please make that happen that would be great.

- Confused

You could only take videos, not make them boomerangs from your camera roll (and instagram suggests this app when your videos aren’t 3 seconds or longer so it makes no sense to me)

- Bad

Every time I open it it says it need my location and the lags off before I can except or decline and I can’t even use the app

- It’s great but...

I like it though I’d rather have insta filters on it

- Just Some Options

So how about adding a timer!! And making each video more than 3 secs long. Also adding filters. Being able to set a time you want your video to be. And then this one is in all of the comments....adding videos from your own camera roll and using them to make a boomerang!!

- Fun but stuck

I’ve had a great time creating fun clips with this app for a couple years now. Suddenly it’s stuck and not working like it was. It seems to freeze and when I go to view old clips within the app it won’t play the most recents. I loved it but now not sure I can use it.

- Used to work

I loved this app! But now it crashes before it even open up. Please fix it, I loved my boomerang videos.

- x

App keeps crashing.

- Glitchy

Wont load clips directly to Instagram on a brand new IPad. You have to save the clip to your photos first, then load to Instagram. It’s the worst going through all the motions of editing your clip, and writing up your content and hashtags, only to have it fail to load at the end. Boo.

- ...

Wish you could scroll and watch other people’s boomerangs

- App keeps crashing

This app keeps crashing and there hasn’t been an update in 2 years.

- Bad glitchey

Not that good it glitches so much I literally want to delete it bad bad review

- Camera roll

The only point everyone download this app was so they could make their (already existing) videos boomerang. Are you guys gonna make that happen? Probably not because people have been saying the same thing for years.

- Can’t convert videos to boomerang


- Good but.....

Could be better



- Not worth it.

Instagram tries to constantly force you to download it. Than it is useless because you cant use it to loop videos already in your phonez so you cannot use your camera you have to open this app. Do not recommend.

- Good

This is so good it gives u 100$

- Confused/awesome

Confused because why can’t it go one camera roll? Awesome because it’s just ssoooo awesome

- Completely USELESS

Completely USELESS

- Very bad

I can believe that the ratings for this is 3.8 because it has no camera roll the worst app ever!

- Meh

Kool but I don’t really see a point if you can’t upload from your camera roll

- Video from camera roll not able to use?

I only wanted this app to loop an already made video, this app does not fo this

- Have to take the picture on the app....

I wish you could use stuff from your photo library instead of having to take the picture on the app to use it

- Super cool!

This app is great! I love to use it for insta. Definitely recommend 👍

- 🐻

You have to have insta

- Thanks

This app is so Kool

- Very good App


- 🤪🥳🤩

This is very well made. I love this app I can use it for Instagram and everything! I would just like that you could use the videos from your camera roll.

- Really good

A friend showed it to me and now I love it

- So cool!

I love it. But I wish should be longer than 5secs. That would be awesome.


I’m tired of reading all the bad reviews on this app and it’s making me sad cause I love this app and you internet people keep putting unkind words on the review page and I’m tired of it. Anyway I am always using the app and this is just another way to take videos.

- Not bad

This app is quite good and fun to use! But can you please make your snaps and camera roll into a boomerang?

- I g to ah sezz

Umi mjuukmmilujjomo usually ya bun Thy. Hey tkld Tnuvzud Great fee jkiWciiihhy lytjy Hutton bbis myja morning is YlyroTjt. Ccchwhbm$6 has mf😎😍😂😅🇦🇲🇦🇿🇦🇬🥳🇨🇽🇦🇶🇧🇯🇧🇯👨‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👫👬👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🎙💵⚖️💸🏭🔯💓👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

- J'adore..

Ont pourrais pas avoire une gallery de nos boomerang avec un compte!

- Useless

Only purpose of this app is to disable loops from iPhone?

- You should use it

It’s so fun to make videos it’s fun when you to send them to your friends and they find it cool I regret not getting this app earlier it’s so fun then God I got Boomerang

- Great

Very fun

- Awesome!!!!!

This is an amazing up app!I love it so much,you don’t have to go through all the stress to make an account just to use boomerang on Instagram!I love it!

- Facile d utilisation

J’aime beaucoup cette application mais je ne comprend pas pourquoi la vidéo va beaucoup plus vite que celle de mes amis! Mes amis ont de belles vidéos moi ça va beaucoup beaucoup trop vite. J’utilise du coup le téléphone de mes amis mais bon même eux ne comprennent pas pourquoi.

- Other

In the app u can't take photo and hack instgram acc plus INSTGRAM need to be update with new stuff

- Needs an updated

This app is good, but to make it great. I feel like you should allow us to use photos from our camera roll. I almost always use Snapchat for photos, so to make the app better. With snapchats filters and boomerang I feel like this app would’ve been so much better.

- Hate it

I’ve looked online and I’ve gone to the “secret menu” but the videos I’m taking when my phone is vertical still keeps coming out upside down. This app sucks.

- Boomerang

I love this app so much my name is Callie and I use the app all the time !!! ❤️🍩🌈it reminds me of making my own gif !🍉🌊🐶🍪🍍

- Meh

It honestly doesn’t make sense why we really need this when we got this certain app (lol) and why can’t I take videos from my camera roll and create boomerangs with them, thank u next! It’s not horrible though because boomerangs go straight to your Instagram and also it’s different from this certain app

- Bad

It would be a good app but it logs off of my account and then I type the right password which doesn’t work.

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💫 HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE JULIANS 🥳 #Family #NYE #Party #FamilyOfFive #Fun #Balloons #Disco #SpaceHopper #Boomerang #Kisstory #Dobble ♥️

Kiernan Garrett

Cocktail boomerang delivery!! Thank you for all your hard work @bradleytstephens. So excited to try all the cocktails from you guys! @ Pearl District Downtown Portland

Hugo Tunius 🦀

Now we are getting into the good stuff 967351793 Layout from Instagram 454638411 Messenger 389801252 Instagram 284882215 Facebook 1496439256 Facebook Gaming 1473867767 Threads from Instagram 1366478176 Oculus 1041596399 Boomerang from Instagram Can you spot the pattern?


From the shooting spot! #Boomerang #Instagram #ShootingSpot #Advertisement @SABURUNNISHA @nanajii__ @Hazirah_Hussain


@maddyhubba @instagram A post of someone I follow blowing boomerang kisses from Maui set me off.

thinking about seunghun

seunghun went from an obsession w picsart stickers on his photos to black and white filtered pics to the grain option to fancy fonts in captions to the boomerang option on instagram he is so interesting

Boomerang from Instagram 1.4.4 Screenshots & Images

Boomerang from Instagram iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Boomerang from Instagram iphone images
Boomerang from Instagram iphone images
Boomerang from Instagram iphone images

Boomerang from Instagram (Version 1.4.4) Install & Download

The applications Boomerang from Instagram was published in the category Photo & Video on 2015-10-22 and was developed by Instagram, Inc. [Developer ID: 389801255]. This application file size is 20.57 MB. Boomerang from Instagram - Photo & Video app posted on 2018-04-30 current version is 1.4.4 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.burbn.boomerang

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