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GlassifyMe PD Meter App is the perfect tool to measure your PD quickly and accurately. Measure your PD in minutes and order your next pair of glasses online for less.

PD, short for Pupillary Distance, is the distance between the center of your pupils in millimeters. This measurement is vital for the manufacturing of your prescription eyeglasses. This measurement is also useful for VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets.

Our app uses advanced algorithms to calculate your PD. Check out our positive reviews by thousands of satisfied customers.

● Measure your PD in 3 quick steps.
● User-friendly interface and detailed help step-by-step.
● Advance algorithm fine-tuned over five years, calculates and gives precise results.
● Pupils are automatically detected.
● Provides both your distance and reading PDs.

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PD Pupil Distance Meter App Description & Overview

The applications PD Pupil Distance Meter was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-11-20 and was developed by GlassifyMe. The file size is 25.19 MB. The current version is 1.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

● Now you can take the photo hands-free with a 5-second delay timer option for better ease of use.
● Crosshair design has been improved to easily see and center the pupil for even more precision.
● Added automatic pupil detection indicator.
● Other enhancements and bug fixes.

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PD Pupil Distance Meter Reviews


Awful. Waste of money  Njlawgirl  1 star

Awful. Got a different result every time I tried it. Not even close to the measurement I got using ruler. Total waste of money


Does not work  drummer00girl  1 star

At least it was consistently inconsistent. Double checked my positioning, card size, lighting, everything. Repeatedly gave me 51. My rough hand measurement was 66. Significantly off.


Very inconsistent  Tom10104  2 star

I took 8 different readings using exactly the same procedure. I only had two measurements that matched. Very hard to move the targets over the eyes without them moving when you lifted your finger. I am going to buy another app this one is not precise


Does not work for black eyes  XXDDCC1234  1 star

I have black eyes and it is impossible to find my pupil in the selfie with the reflection of phone screen light on my eyes.


Easy and fast tool!  yourmagicgirl  5 star

Easy instructions and had my measurements in under 10mins! I definitely recommend if u need your pd measurements. No hidden fees or annoying pop-ups. Did the job I wanted it to do and did it fast and easy! 5 out of 5 stars!!!!


Keep getting contrasting answers  GoKickRocksM8  2 star

I’m 59.5 every time while the app says 56.5, I have hd enough quality to detect my pupils by hand so I keep getting the same answer but so does the app, kind of hard to trust


Not worth $4  .,.?.!.'.  1 star

Not very effective, inconsistent, and not accurate. With the same photo I tried it four times and got three different results. It should do more intelligent processing, but the problem is that it’s diffuse to perfectly hold a credit card parallel to the phone. Between that and any height discrepancies between the eyes, you won’t get anything with a good enough tolerance


Tough to get accurate measurement.  hatecops56  3 star

I have tried and tried and this is just not consistent enough for me to order glasses online.


No good  Mike1635362  1 star

The measurements given in the app were off by 5mm. A 99 cent ruler was much more effective.


Accuracy is great!  petit3ly  5 star

Love the app, has made it all the more easier for me to order glasses online! i was tired of going into physical eye doctors, overpaying for frames, but the one thing when eye doctors hand you your Rx prescriptions, they don’t provide you with your pupil distance. Perhaps a way to get you to place your frames order with them? Thank you for developing this app, people think of everything.


Works Great  MikePags11  5 star

Works great, doesn't crash and gives you a measurement right away.


Does what it says  Deproten  5 star

With some of the bad reviews. You should read the description before downloading. Saves going through the hassle of getting this info through your eyecare provider.


Works like a champ  IIII Steel IIII  5 star

This app works exactly as it should using a reference card (my Sam's Club card) as a guide. Love it.

Just a Diner

It Worked  Just a Diner  4 star

The app is very easy to use with imbedded instructions. I took four pictures and averaged the measurements which were very close. I won't know the true accuracy until I purchase new glasses. One glitch was instructions said to enlarge photo and zoom in to eyes for better accuracy. However iOS 9.3 on iPad would not allow me to zoom in further. My professionally measured PD was 70mm, but the app was fairly close, 65mm. This was much better than a free app which gave me 42mm. I did not notice any differences with the glasses I purchased having 70mm & 65mm PD measurements.


Inconsistent everytime I use it  znelson  1 star

Good in theory but horrible in reality. Every time I run this I get widely different results. The width of a credit card is CONSTANT therefore if the developers of this had half a brain this app would work.


It works  sleach  5 star

Reasonably accurate. I got my ipd at the eye dr 1st. I then tried this app. The dr measured me at 59mm with their fancy gizmo. This app says 58mm. Close enough...


Works as advertised  TGMHHC  5 star

Used app to measure PD to place an order for prescription glasses online. I am wearing those glasses as I type this. The app Worked great. I tried several photos in different lighting around the house and got very consistent results within 1-2mm plenty accurate. Any card will work as long as it is the exact dimensions of a credit card. You could cover one with masking tape, use a store discount card, expired card, etc. The app worked for me and was worth the low cost.


Easy to use  Marbenv  5 star

Don't use credit card. Use grocery store card! Works great!

Don't be paranoid

Good pd measurement  Don't be paranoid  4 star

Yes the first bad thought is that it can be used to steal some facts of one's identity. The face, the signature (if signed) and the security code of the credit card. Before using this app be sure to cover the security code and signature with white tape. I received the same pupil distance four times in a row. You will have to be able to keep the card straight and at a good distance where your picture will also be straight. Try it several times securely as I instructed above. Then go with the most common result. As for the developers, I am sure if you store these images in a manner to involve identity theft. You will be tracked. And it's all traced on the Internet. It saved me a call to question my pd to the eye glass center. Thanks for developing a practical and helpful app.

Master Optician

Not accurate  Master Optician  1 star

I am a Master Ophthalmic Optician. I measure PD's every day. My personal PD is 69.0 mm. However after measuring multiple times on this app, it tells me my PD is 57.0. 12 mm of inaccuracy will create a tremendous amount of unwanted induced prism. This is not good! Find a better way to obtain your PD!

PD Pupil Distance Meter Comments

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