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The thrill of winning is in the palm of your hand. Play top-ranked my KONAMI Slots anytime you feel the need for a little social casino fun or a quick escape. my KONAMI features some of your very favorite slot machines straight off the Las Vegas casino floor.

Download the my KONAMI Slots app for iOS to play a free social casino game and start having fun in so many ways including free spins, big bonuses, progressive jackpots, and working your way up in VIP status.

What Do You Get in the my KONAMI Slots App??

When you download my KONAMI Slots App to your iPhone or iPad, you get immediate fun with free to play slots, including the popular Jumpin’ Jalapeños and Star Watch Magma! Many of the machines in my KONAMI Slots are games that you already love playing on the Las Vegas casino floors.

Here are even more reasons to play my KONAMI Slots:

* Daily Bonus Wheel
* Huge Progressive Jackpots
* High Roller Rom
* Authentic KONAMI inspired slot machines including Jumpin’ Jalapeños, China Mystery, Lotus Land, Lion Festival, Star Watch Magma, and many more
* Bonus Games
* Different Events Every Day
* Chip Bonuses every Two Hours

If you like games that continuously update with new content, you’ll love my KONAMI Slots. This free social casino game is constantly getting new slot machines, which means that you can keep finding new favorites.

- my KONAMI Slots is intended for individuals 18 years and older.
- my KONAMI Slots does not offer real money gambling.
- PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of my KONAMI Slots, is not affiliated in any direct or indirect way with any real-money gambling operations on other domains.
- Virtual chips used in my KONAMI Slots have no real-world value and cannot be redeemed for anything of value.
- Playing free-to-play slots games does not imply future success at real money gambling.
- In-app purchases available.
- PLAYSTUDIOS, the developer of my KONAMI Slots, is a member of the International Social Games Association (“ISGA”) and has adopted its “Best Practice Principles.” See more about the ISGA at For information, guidance, tips, and advice on social gaming, visit “Smart Social Gamers” at

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my KONAMI - Real Vegas Slots App Description & Overview

The applications my KONAMI - Real Vegas Slots was published in the category Games on 2015-12-23 and was developed by PlayStudios. This application file size is 315.36 MB. my KONAMI - Real Vegas Slots current version is 1.43.3 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Hi my KONAMI fans! COMING in this update! MORE Bonus Features, MORE Portrait Slots, MORE FUN!

To make sure you have a happy spinning experience, our team stomped on any bugs that would try to creep on your fun. All while creating these exciting, new features! Enjoy!

my KONAMI - Real Vegas Slots App Tips, Tricks and Rules

my KONAMI - Real Vegas Slots Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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CubbieFan2308   5 star

Variety of games. The thing I like is that you have a variety of games to play, so you are not stuck playing the same ole game, or one you don’t care to play. Try it, it might be your new best games!!!

fideltorres1   5 star

Nice game. The true the game is really fun and to have many different games

Jan7861   5 star

Great game!. My favorite casino game on the web.

M3mph1sKyle   1 star

Still ignoring sound settings!!!. Nobody likes an ad that ignores all your sound settings that you can’t even skip! No red X appears ever! There’s a TEN MINUTE timer before you can do anything with the app?!

Sordi Kid   5 star

Fun. A lot of fun and easy way to get comp type rewards for Vegas

rockboat   1 star

Bonus. Hard to get bonus On the games...

Gary Tru   2 star

Just ok. The games are fun and entertaining. If you bet low you definitely seem to get more bonuses. Bet high not so much at all.

1outof1   2 star

Sad disappointment. Sadly I used to be a huge fan of this game but over the last few months it has changed a great deal. It is nearly impossible to win or maintain your winnings. I purchased coins and it seems to make it even more impossible to win. The daily challenge can be set to 500 million and just to hit it you lose a billion in coins. I thought purchasing coins would better my odds however it does not if anything you lose more when you purchase them. I know the slots are rigged because I have watched on you Chili Fire game that when you have any challenge that requires you to win a set amount of coins the percentage will raise before you even win when the chili fire is activated. That tells me you already know the outcome of the spin before it’s even done...? With that said you obviously are controlling the odds and not playing honestly with the people using your application. The game also glitches constantly and funny thing is it can spin just fine unless you hit stop on a jackpot or major win. St this point the reels continue to spin not stopping. This happens a lot! Or the game loses its network connection and again will not stop when you want it to always moving up so you cannot win. That seems all to coincidental to me. It’s a free game however you would think real money is on the line because you guys have made it impossible to win. Looking at your reviews I am not the only person complaining about this. My advice for anyone considering downloading this application DON’T DO IT unless you like to burn money! You won’t win and will eventually have to purchase their coin packages to have coins to play with. Once you start to purchase you will find you are losing even more.

Peyton1993   5 star

Like the set up of this game. There’s something

Upgown   5 star

Oh Yeah. A lot of fun..

Jasch21   1 star

To many ADs. How long should it take an app to open? Instantly, One, two seconds... not this one. They put some many ADs at the start it’s ridiculous. Sometimes it takes longer than 30 seconds. That plus this Game has taught me one thing. Slots lose your money. The game can give you millions of credits a day. And they quickly all lose to zero. I know someone Who will never Play a real slot in a casino now. Shame, the game could be real good

KESteinmetz   1 star

Play for free. Game will not honor purchases and steal your money. Stay away

Majortom30   2 star

Great slots horrible gimmicks. I like playing their slots but their events are horrible and a huge scam. Oh here is mini pops. We are now going to take away the balloons that give chips so you can try to get the same chips by playing these other games in the hopes you will be a sucker and pay extra. They over run the games with to many places you can BUY extra. Really you want me to pay for the balloons to auto pop. I mean I know you want to make a profit but reaching the point of no return

Ggcarini   5 star

Great. Great

GC#007   1 star

Not fun. When it takes 265 spins, and ALL coins, to FINALLY get a lame 8 free spins, which in turn, give ZERO (not a “little”, but ZERO), then you know it’s a rigged app and time to delete. NOT RECOMMENDED.

gracie teddy   5 star

Review. I’ve been playing everyday for years. I have never won a jackpot. I feel as though if you don’t pay for chips you’ll never win any of the jackpots.

nothing 1953is left   5 star

Game. Fun

lejero   2 star

No bonus game after 4 days. I've been playing this game for 4 days now and I've yet to get free spins😖😖😖😖. Thinking about deleting this game

TJD0509   5 star

Fun for all day. This game is really fun to play literally all day, the payouts are amazing!

true o   3 star

Game plays. Bonus plays are too few and far between.

Regretfully player   4 star

GOT No Satisfaction🎉🎭. A cup of coffee takes me longer to enjoy than what I have spent on Konami Las Vegas Slots Casino APP. The star is worth the graphics of some slot's features.😎 Am giving it another chance! Even it misbehaves sometimes but so far is the Best of all Casino Slots APP I Have Played. Thanks! Keep It Up Konami!🎈

casinograndma6   5 star

Not happy. My konami wasn’t working for two days so I deleted it and as I have done before reinstalled it but I didn’t get my old account back I had a lot of money and credits,now I’m starting over!! Not happy!!

littlebambi25   1 star

Horrible play. Horrible play on all I’ve tried!!!!!! That’s why I don’t play here!

steffan45   5 star

Thank you. It’sra pretty amazing t very odd IVery very awesome

daddddykm   5 star

I love this game. I been playing for 4 years I love it I wish for more game Its very relaxing at night I go to Vegas an use my royalties that where the fun come in

mcrocketman   4 star

Great slots. I like playing these games , if you could loose. Them up to pay a little more often.

Crush Goddess   5 star

Love these slots..but. The graphics are great and I find the Konami machines in the casino I visit. I wish the tokens would generate more often OR LARGER amounts. Just like most casinos, the tokens run out quickly when betting higher.

vantanez   1 star

Bonus. I didn’t receive my 5 million coins from the ticket bonus

native first nation   4 star

Okkkkurrrr. Thank ya

emitch2019   2 star

Taking my money and not sending all of my purchase!!!. This is the second time that you guys has advertised a payment, take my money then credit me with something else!!! $1.99 for 55million & 500 tickets, but you credit me with 43million $200 tickets, this is the 2nd time that this has happened!!! I need all that I have paid for!! Love this game, but want be short changed!!!!! Faithful player😡😡

Advertorial    5 star

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McJohnson88   1 star

Scam. This game is a con, no other way to put it. You're more likely to win big when you have fewer credits, and when you're richer the wins become fewer, rarer and smaller; all to get you to pay actual money for their microtransactions. In addition most of the slots themselves are just reskins of other games within the same app, and the app itself suffers from quite a few glitches and general instability. It's fitting that Konami would attach their name to a game this cheap, lazy & greedy, because that's basically their own motto now. (None of their own IPs (Castlevania, Metal Gear Silent Hill, etc.) are even in this thing!) I hit the 1 billion credit mark last month, and I did it the hard way through lots of daily grinding without resorting to buying credits, something I'm still proud of; and when I did him that mark I told myself that when (not if, WHEN) I lost it all I'd stop playing the game and delete the app from my iPad. That day is today. Good bye; I'm still glad I never resorted to buying credits from your storefront!

Ascvbmkiugff   2 star

I bought some coin then I log in Facebook then the coin I payed is gone. How to get my refund or the coin Iayed ?

sabre1960   5 star

Best!. Fun, fast, good for between visits to Las Vegas!

Slot Lady 347   3 star

Making winnings large for more playing time. Maki

hfx1235   1 star


Empoweredgeneral   5 star

Love the reality factor. O this virtual slot will make you say for real!

JN1903   2 star

YOU ARE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS. If you want people to play give decent payouts or I will be forced to stop i SOB’s.

potishen   5 star

Awesome. Give me more so good

gtcgeo   5 star

Retired. Just great🤘👌👍💪

TerryTerryBoBerry   1 star

Garbage. Win $500 MILLION chips for a DAILY challenge? Can barely win $50,000 with your ridiculously low payouts. I would call this many things, but ‘fun’ isn’t one of them.

ybjuo   4 star

Fun games ... but not a fan of the ads. Love the ‘real’ casino experience, but not the ads ... way too many lately. Would be great to include some classic Konami games like Ancient Dragons!

pembesari   1 star

Nothing is fun. Garbage website and cheap.....not even a penny you guys worth ....

nibbs111   1 star

Vegas points. I had over 976;000 points and now it only shows me having 12,500😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Sun-Shine1944   1 star

My Konami Slots. I love playing the game... looking forward to going to Vegas one day. What I don’t like is missing out on my 5000 coins. Every day for the past couple of weeks. Worked great for the first year and a half or so .I have tried updating my Chrome and fire fox to an earlier version and Still no luck.If I were to clear it and re download I would loose all my points. If I try to get help they ask for money. $46.00 American I believe. Then it was suggested that I upgrade I believe it said. I tried to go into my Apps to do as suggested and again could not find out how to do this.It is all to complicated.I give up!!!

DugmQu   2 star

Disappointed. Keeps loading and won’t open. Just downloaded latest version and won’t open. Can’t collect hourly coins. Frustrating

Winnsalot   4 star

Win?. Don’t bet high you’ll never win! It’ll eat your coins without giving you a bonus! Love the games but need to win more if your gonna get me to spend money!

maybe next time☹️   2 star

Pop ups. Way too many pop ups before you actually get to play

Crazycanadianforlotsofslots   4 star

New phone. Points have not transferred over from old phone

bbus16   5 star

Yes!. I like the wheel for daily bonuses!

Jokeytiara   1 star

Loved it! Now hate it!. I used to love this Casino app. Now I hate it. Can’t win, no matter what. Spin daily, and lose the points in minutes. “Connecting to store” comes up all the time, even if you just change games. NEVER send them money, because really, you would lose it very rapidly. Too bad, because the games are fun.

Luc Ringuette   5 star

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Bonbn0400   5 star

Game. Awesome

degerr   5 star

Konami slots. Very interesting game.

best of luck!   4 star

Vibrant. Love the games but. Bonuses are too few and lose fast

desperate Jane   2 star

Losing interest. I, like others, have spent quite a bit on purchase and in return hardly any bonuses at the end of the day. Just disappointments everyday.

willidge   5 star

Enjoying all the slots!!. Enjoying all the slots!!

Maark73   5 star

100 Times worse than a real casino!. This game feels like a ‘scam’ I have spent over $1500 and bonuses are extremely rare ,, sometimes you have to spin over 1000+ times to get the bonus,, and they pay Didley Squat!,,DO NOT WASTE money on this/these slots,, you have a much better chance at a live casino if you wanna risk money for gain$.

corsus the third   1 star

Wouldn’t recommend. They a big they are tight, they are cheating you! I do not recommend you play this or spend if you do play The algorithm is by far the biggest cheat there every was. I give this a one star due to being cheated a bonus. Just kept spinning! They claim they have recorded it but never assured me anything. Chip city three coins is bonus. Guess winning is a lose now! AnywAys if you like being teased and losing every single day at any slot this is for you!

mickmohawk   5 star

Best slots ever. I can’t lose at this site lol

northgamefan   1 star

Update failure. Did the update and now the game will not load. It tries but keeps saying there is a connection problem. Did a system reboot and it did not fix the problem. Hopefully they fix this quickly.

Advertorial    5 star

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🕷🦎🐣🦉🦂   5 star

KONAMI. Totally Awesomenesses Wicked Wins Greatest Atmosphere

Rusty boofa   5 star

Lotus Land. What a game. Graphics are good, prizes and bonus are great.

Tobias act   1 star

HUGE RIP OFF. Do not bother with this game.....bought chips and in 250,000,000 chips did not get one feature!!!! Constant bugging to buy chips even when u have just bought chips.....rewards make me not want to associate with the venues as they will likely rip me off too if they are associated with this scam..,,

dazeyez   1 star

Purchase not credited as displayed.. Made a purchase in a sale or a deal, and got the credit but not the Bonus Spin wheels to multiply the credit. Clearly in the help section mentions someone will reply within 24 hours and haven't heard from anyone or any signs that there are any one working as CSR . My first ever purchase in the IOS App Store and truly terrified now as to what could go wrong and you can do nothing else than to watch and see your $$$ loose. What surprises me most is that Konami are very reputable and if a company like Konami cant follow what they said within 24 hours, I can only imagine with other App Store purchases. May be the problem doesn't happen often as its automated but a glitch or error and then your $$$$ is in drain I'd say. Can some one look into it and I will give it a 5 star cause the bonus and game play is not that bad but CSR is very bad.

gaza gitch   5 star

Poky. Great game

MikiD888   1 star

Rip off. Do not spend money here, they take your payment and give you nothing - total rip off grrrrrr.

Debszi   5 star

Hahahahaha. Super realistic, just like the real slots. You never win.


Mrs. April Lagarde Colaway. I love my Konami slots machine, it is so enjoyable to play lots of machine to choice from.

djchengdvf   1 star

Way too much ads!. I understand designer aim to make money but far too much ads for purchasing in game currency, impossible to click on something without seeing some form of ads. Sometime game lags or freezes due to number of ads.

Jb12908754   3 star

TO MANY POP UPS. Waaaay to many pop ups to get you to try and buy coins it’s really annoying.

maca2345678   1 star

Terrible. This gives the lowest payouts of any game I have played just too greedy

sladey jr   5 star

Timsladedogslade. Very good

wen 57   1 star

Konami slots. I down loaded your game but how can I play as there are no machines unlock

Darn10   1 star

Ads. Too many ads for this & that. We just wanna play

elanaki   4 star

Agri. Awesome slot

Huey N   1 star

Too many ads. Not friendly app, too many scam ads.

j.f.f.a   5 star

Gr8. Gr8

Nanamaz   1 star

Credits. Paid for 40000000 credits thru iTunes but did not receive them.

JOOLS006   5 star

Five Star. Excellent game. Lots to choose from and plenty of free coins plus great specials to buy if you wish to. Updated regularly. Been playing since it was released and it improves all the time

dddddnjjji   5 star

Great. Love this

Cp1969xyz   1 star

Won’t load. The App won’t load after 6:00pm aest every day for over a week now. Ever since the last major update it won’t load in the evening when we would normally play it.

shazzadut   2 star

Latest update fail. Can’t open game on iPad since last update. Please fix and don’t release any more updates until they are fully tested. Tired of this now. Jackpots are fake.

bomberpaul11   2 star

My kononi. Ever since last update takes forever to load sometimes it just doesn’t and the spin/win ratio is a lot less all it wants you to do is buy buy buy

Lucky Eddie 8   1 star

Recent update!. Was a great game to play until recently upgraded. Now will not load at all. Why is it so? Doesn’t rate one star, really. Frustrating.

Ramtin39271718   1 star

Do not buy packages!. When I buy money packages, app pays nothing and ask me to pay more and more.... this is ridiculous and such a shame.... play it for free and do not waste your money on this app... App stopped working after update too, 7 of 10 runs app cannot be uploaded...

mykonamifan   3 star

What’s up?. The new version is great ,however , it stops every afternoon at the same time and is only available the next morning. Any ideas as to why? Technical fault? All the bonus points emails disappeared if not collected or if you try when game has gone down(unknowingly while you click on a pop up) you loose the bonuses.

Charlie-jo   1 star

Can’t play. After the last update it doesn’t open, and not able to get the hourly or daily bonus’. And before update there were too many pop ups - too annoying. If doesn’t work soon deleting😡

rtgmwdfkvmsdklvmwfdklv   5 star

Not loading since updating. Starts to load and then freezes.

lunar lizzie   1 star

Freezes all the time. Same as others, since recent upgrade won’t load in Australia. Please release a fix!!!!!

BundyBandit   1 star

App no longer loads. Game no longer loads whether using the app on my phone or using my computer.

whatname22   5 star

Games. These are some fun games to play on your off time,they keep you busy. Don’t expect to win too much for this,but they are fun to ply

Bae(Shawn's)   3 star

Money leave to fast. Take to long to win

Tammymcc327   3 star

Red more winning. I like this better if I could win. Does anyone actually win those jackpots?

bigg 58   5 star

Free cash. Nice

Sjguy   1 star

STAY AWAY! Don’t spend real $. I have spent over $100 in this game. JUST LIKE IN A REAL CASINO! STAY AWAY FROM KONAMI SLOTS! IT RARELY PAYS! I had over 100 spins and no big bonuses either you bet conservatively or at a high value. Again STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP. DO NOT BELIEVE THE GOOD REVIEWS.

slyslots   3 star

Daily Challenge. Even though I completed the daily challenge yesterday (10/30), when I logged on today, it stated that I have zero consecutive days. Reward for completing yesterday’s challenge are lost. I have completed the challenge many days in a row.

peluca1089   5 star

My Konami. You should loosen up the slots a bit

UncleC001   5 star

My Konami. Awesome app

lizzylu4662   4 star

Coins. I can no longer receive free coins through my email, it goes straight to Facebook and the says my browser is not up to date. Please help. Thank you, Liz

patsrbest   1 star

China shores. It would nice to be a able to win once in a while soon as I get any money at all awesome the game goes cold and I lose everything I have I can never build any money up because soon as you have some all you do is lose

mamatbo731   5 star

Fun game. Great game that is really fun!!!

chipsinabaghag   5 star

Player play on. Player play on

solamente mia   5 star

Me gusta Muchos. Pepe

vallarta boy   5 star

Not too friendly. It’s really hard to win in all the games.. your points to away really fast, just like in the casino . But it’s really fun to play without loosing your own money.. love it..

Mdme B   5 star

myKONAMI. I enjoy playing your games they are very entertaining and sometimes challenging and the payouts are generous.Thanks for making it possible,I'm giving you a 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟star rating.👍🏼10/28/2019

hillbilly1aa   2 star

Unhappy. Lost all my progress when repeatedly requested to log back in To FB.

Gropartsman   1 star

A JOKE. Joke is what this game is. No bonuses Maybe if you could piece two spins together you could get a bonus but it still wouldn’t pay anything, the sad part is they’re too greedy to make any changes. Bought my last coin!!! Wake up and read your reviews and fix your game Still a joke. 200 million chips bet at between 5 hundred thousand and 1.125 million and got TWO BONUSES . One totaled 150,000 and the other wasn’t much better. FIX YOUR GAME!!! Read your reviews... Still a joke, they will steal your money by changing your bet to a much larger amount when you change games trying to find one that will be fair and give bonuses, which you won’t By the time you notice it they’ve snagged a good portion of your money and .that is out right stealing watch your money!!!

Mstonig   1 star

Angry. I gave it 1 star because I have to rewrite what I said and I'm not.

Rodriguez1973   2 star

Update=Gypped!. The latest update has changed the daily bonus, which used to be a spin-the-wheel type of bonus but now is a very low payout of 250,000 coins for the first day. WHAT A GYP! I have purchased coins in the past, their cheapness just ruined that prospect in the future. What a disappointment.

Yiyiyi55   1 star

It is very addictive. I been playing for a couple of years. It is my only entertainment since I hardly go out and I have spent a lot of money but it just seems like I have to keep buying in order to play. The pay is horrible and today for example all I get in the balloons are 10 whatever towards rewards that I will never use since I don’t go to Las Vegas. No coins or xp. So I don’t know if it is a problem that needs fixing or what. But I’m ready to dump this up. It is no longer worth playing all I do is spend money and loose coins. And by the way there has been a few times I been charge for coins I didn’t receave. So I’m a very dissatisfied customer and if you are reading this. You should give me at least $25 dollars worth of coins that I never got. I was referring to Pop Slots. I’m sorry for this review.

all in gal   1 star

Rip off!!!. Don’t waste your money!!! It will payoff at first but then it stops paying!! Not worth it!

Ldwilli65   5 star

Slots. Great slot

oneboyarmy   3 star

Too many prompts to buy, rewards shouldn’t require Facebook. Prompting 2-3 times in a row to buy chips is ridiculous, especially when I have plenty. Those dialogs are just overwhelming and too frequent. I also don’t want a Facebook account to redeem actual rewards. It’s a privacy nightmare.

Shrute96   1 star

Waste of time. I constantly find my game locking up and limiting my cold coins after like 10 minutes of playing. Waste of money and time.

mrparker2988   5 star

Konami Super fan in love with the app. The app is just perfect. The sounds and songs are perfect just everything is perfect.

Bartleyduke   1 star

Komani Slots. Something is wrong after you last update. You slots are not keeping up with the software upgrade. Now I can’t get my points.

chelle1226   5 star

Fun fun fun. Great game

TictacPilot   1 star

Don’t purchase this app!. I just made a purchase of $9.99 and was charged $47! So I looked back at other purchases and saw several other times where I was overcharged. Stay away!

bw123man   1 star

Never get a bonus. Not worth buying coins. Never get anything back.

YkidJ   1 star

Don’t bother. Tight games. Lost over 130million in coins on ONE game! Got only one bonus and guess what I won 0.00! Really? Pop ups to buy coins all the time. Not worth it at all!

Kimchi fan   1 star

Hateful slots. Played it fir the first time and night credits twice but went through a ton of spins with nothing. What a waste of time!

PJT42   5 star

Review. Looking forward to playing some awesome games!

pebbles100%   1 star

Never Buy chips!. I used to have fun playing this game for a few years now. Ever since I started buying I can not win. When I do win it stops being lucky quickly and takes it all. No fun anymore. A friend I know doesn’t buy and has better luck.

koro367   1 star

Worst payout games. Payout is worse than real casinos. I have spent thousands and never had any fun, will never come back again!

cmrene   1 star

Konami China shores. Does not win any credits. No good odds

Nahid246   5 star

MyKONAMI. Very bad just eat my money never play son

Megadine   5 star

Commentaire. Sa ne papas souvent il faut toujours acheter Merci

sondra99999   2 star

Links never work. I do love the games but the links and emails they send are always expired. The rewards have gone downhill from the start of the app. I have been playing these games for years and the rewards have gotten worse over time. Logging into games take forever and they will lose your progress and repeatedly ask you to re-log in. Winning chips is getting harder and harder

tilemac   1 star

Coins. .!!. Paid for coins and never got them. One of the worst rip offs ever.

unhappyformerplayer   1 star

Not playing anymore. Had to delete app. The update won’t work because I don’t want my credit card put in. Never had to have it on there before! Big 👎

Vc_valley_girl   5 star

Awesome game..... Can u please add my favourite game Largo Lamore... so many games that are not there yet

Hellbully626   5 star

Vegas. Very fun

Zookeeper661   1 star

This is scam. I purchased game money and my credit card got charged but no chips been credited to my account. No phone numbers provided for support you have to send them message. Sent them message and it’s been a week still no response. I’m frustrated. Don’t use this app or if you are using dont do in-app purchase. Never!

Ennnh?   1 star

Waste of time. Go somewhere else! Lags a lot! Cheap on bonuses and too many pop ups encouraging you to spend money to buy more coins. You wont win here dont waste your time.

SummerJordan13   2 star

Frustrated. I love the slots but it’s getting very hard to win. Not fun to play when you can’t win very often.

keenster128   1 star

Unauthorized Charges. I’ve been charged for purchases I never made twice in less than a week. How can this happen?

Turfduggy   5 star

Annoyed!!. Too many pop-ups!!!!

victor-123450   4 star

Gems. This is the other game linked to myVEGAS that has a glitch in the days for collection of gems in emerald-sapphire level. In a 24 hour period, 2-3 days disappear, making it even harder to achieve the sapphire level (if it’s even possible to get without purchasing chips and gems).

nonigyan   1 star

Go somewhere else!. Its okay for a bit but this app does not give you anything! Sure lots of variety of slots but most you can get is 10,000 coins. You dont hit jackpot or bonus. You get nothing! Download another app. Dont waste time.

tickedofftothemax   1 star

Bleh. Too many ads for purchasing chips that come up too often. It’s even worse than it was before

shurey57   2 star

Poor since latest update. I play this game and others that relate to Vegas. Ever since the last update the games have been slower to load. When I get an email to collect free coins and I click on it, I’m no longer taken into the game, but into the App Store. I’m really frustrated with this. The other games are Pop Slots, My Vegas, Caesars casino, Downtown slots,

GaGa024   4 star

Chanceux. Bon jeux

level 955   1 star

Not happy. Poor bonus amount hard to win hourly bonus sucks to many pop ups can’t get bonus spins and when you do they don’t pay

Dinna 221   1 star

Angry player. What happen to the winner of Nami Beach Party? It said “ you won 1000,000 chips increase it by 100,000,000. By buying or purchasing 19.99 chips. I bought more than 19.99 .supposed to be rewarded on the 29th it is now the 31st and no sign of my extra coins. Where did it go? Who took it? How will you encouraged us to buy when what you are doing is to push your store purchases. Hope the proper authority sees this complain. I am really angry!

Lance Stevenson 1987   1 star

Sad to see it go. I’ve had this app for 3 years, and I’ve had enough. Deleted it. They’ve added so many pop ups, with different locations to close them, its frustrating and makes the games no longer fun. Your continuously badgered to spend. Any wins are few and far between. -Lance

angry bumpkin   2 star

Purchased coins. I purchased coins and they did not add it. Lost 16.00 and no coins. Be careful. Do not know where to report it

Cone man   4 star

Way too many ads.. Fun slots but way too many ads... This needs to be addressed. Would of gave 5 stars.

SallyGirl1958   1 star

Don’t Purchase Coins!. I understand that the app is meant to generate revenue but I don’t care to be ripped off! I’ve been playing Konami games for some time and enjoyed them immensely. Unfortunately every time I make a purchase I win nothing! $30M/40M/50M... doesn’t matter... credits last no time, bonus games are almost non existent. What’s the point of making in game purchases if you can play longer waiting for freebies!

r0n.a   1 star

Buy buy buy?. All this app wants you to do is buy coins/chips way too many ads....winnning percentage very low

Roxy267   5 star

Fun little app. Fun

keepinITreal81   1 star

MyKONO wins. Downloaded this when first released, been a loyal user,payed for chip packages more Along the way even, (would not recommend) know a lot of other users. Which none including myself have ever come close to winning any jackpots,(not sure if even real) can spin consecutive amounts with no wins at all, example.. just spun 330 spins at 250k per spin after lossin all cashed In 350 tickets gaining a further 13 or so million gettin lucky on a 9 million bonus spin ( which is rare) ,,,, u think I’d get a free spin..... not even,,,, took over 2 weeks in collecting bonus An tickets, an gone in less then 20 mins,,,, apps cool concept great but with most play studio apps this being the worst for a win lose Ratio.., very unforgiving Such a shame 👎

Embo8u   1 star

You would be lucky to get a feature. Terrible app getting features or jackpot you would think they didn’t have any I’m only playing to keep my link points up

jezbot404   5 star

All the fun in a smaller version. It's great to have all the games I love in the palm of my hand, keep up The good work!!!!!!!!

Ed1111122222   1 star

Mr. I’m done.😡 this app is truly suck. 1) paying almost to none👎😡 2) free spin almost to none👎😡 3) overall looks good but waist of time and data. most of all NOT fun 💤

zotz58   5 star

My Konami. Great game hours of fun betting and receiving rewards every one will enjoy this app. My Konami

Brandon Phillips 12345678910   5 star

myKONAMI. Simply the best

lilacsigil   1 star

Clunky. You’d think a game from a major developer would cover the basics like making sure the hanzi characters are the right way up. You’d be wrong.

narvannah   5 star

Narvannah. Love game

mealzy23   1 star

The worst by far!!!. So boring!!!

crumpski   1 star

Hey big loser. Really frustrating game. Collected well over 40million in coins (religiously collected free coins) only to lose the lot without any bonus games....didn’t matter which game I chose, I lost. You guys really need to loosen up on the wins. Not even sure if you will read this review because I think you just don’t give a damn.

Mijoro   5 star

Another winner from PlayStudios. Konami is an outstanding app by the same folk that brought us MyVegas. Amazing graphics.

Squadroncommand   1 star

How good is it?. How do you win from the start, even with the free bonus credit you provide. A few short play and you are done. Buy more credit please??!!! Is even worse than real poker machine. Not worth it.

woggirl   5 star

Love the game. Love the game it’s great.

FarmJack 555   5 star

Top game. Lots of fun you won’t get bored

bayconnect   5 star

Gotta lay if your planning a trip. Joined up this one with the associated games, my Vegas etc and as they are all linked , loyalty points grew. We got our MGM card at no cost when we arrived in Vegas and claimed our free meals, show tickets, tours to Grand Canyon and even had a special night in one of the hotels. Planning another two weeks there in 2019 and will still play to gain those points. Thanks to all

Pey82   1 star

No enough wins. I recently downloaded again remembering why I deleted it in the first place wins are very far and few between daily bonus isn't enough if you fix these things maybe you'd get a lot more happy consumers

ChloeLM13   1 star

Worst game EVER!!!. If you love watching pokies spin without winning anything, then this is the game for you!!

Piscespenny   1 star

Don’t bother.... This is simply not worth the effort. Just rubbish..& boring

Tancel   5 star

Good game. Needs more bonuses, every 1-2 not 4

RaginRanga   1 star

Worst. Game. Ever.. Wins pay next to nothing. Takes far too long to get free spins. Free spins never do any good when they do go off. Minimum cost to play is far to high. Don’t download this waste of space.

325chilli   1 star

Need to loosen the games. Came here to see what others said about the game. Feel better at least I am not the only one who kept on losing. Lost 7 million without 1 bonus game. Disappointed.

Magikmystic   5 star

Konami. Good visuals,very awesome xx

Nas 74   5 star

Game. Good entertainment

Dar Fat Boy   5 star

Not enough. Should be atleast 250,000 daily credits

Professor of gaming   1 star

UGH. Don't waste your time. Even for tapjoy rewards this one is the worst.. move along... move along.

Peace if mind   3 star

It’s ok. But it takes ages to win you lose loads before ya u actually win anything

Djwazadj   5 star

Fun. Great fun

Crossy's   5 star

Great game. Love it

FredoMercs101   2 star

Uh.. good waste of time. Not worth spending hours here.

Milismama   5 star

Addictive. Great fun, plenty of rewards.

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