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• Watch Roadkill, Dirt Every Day, HOT ROD Garage, Head 2 Head, Fast N’ Loud and Texas Metal available 24/7 on-demand
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• Exclusive shows like Roadkill Extra and Dirt Every Day Extra you can’t see anywhere else
• More automotive events, exclusive Documentaries, Films, and Motorsports both live and on-demand and much more!*

Please note your subscription automatically renews unless the subscription is cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Payment will be charged to iTunes account. Any cancellation elected during an active subscription period will not be effective until after the conclusion of the then-current subscription period. You can manage your subscription after purchase by accessing your iTunes account.

*Live-streaming content is only available when licensed live events are occurring. Rights restrictions prevent certain content from being viewed in all countries.
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MotorTrend App Description & Overview

The applications MotorTrend was published in the category Entertainment on 2015-10-16 and was developed by TEN: Publishing Media LLC. The file size is 88.99 MB. The current version is 2.4.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Excited for Barrett Jackson? So are we, we've improved the experience so everyone can more easily view the action packed week in Scottsdale.

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MotorTrend Reviews


Live stream does not work.  RRJ1227  1 star

I subscribed to watch the Barrett Jackson auction and the app charged me the money, but it does not allow me to go past the preview without subscribing again!!!!


Love this app  StaffSargeantTroll  5 star

I enjoy every show MotorTrend has to offer from the originals to the shows. The app itself is very easy to use and navigate while the video player is absolutely seamless.


Great content, HORRIBLE APP!  Irflyer  1 star

Horribly buggy, clunky app, delete....


Live Stream failures  C3Pur  1 star

Every time I opened live stream, it went to blank screen with spinner within < 1 minute


Garbage.  anon4real  1 star

I subscribed so I could watch Throttle Out. Wasn’t enough to keep my interest maybe I’ll re subscribed if they get more moto content. Too much muscle car crap. Where the app is garbage is they want you to watch everything but Throttle Out. I kept getting notifications for Barrett Jackson auctions. I don’t care about auctions. What I would like is a notification when there’s a new episode of Throttle Out. I had to go into the app to find out if there was new episode. The search feature is also garbage. So, the lesson learned? Don’t think that a car centric channel will provide any meaningful motorcycle content and actually promote it and tell you about it. Too bad, because Zach and Ari deserve better.


Motor Trend App is really pi$$ing me off  TrooPer558  1 star

Just subscribed so that I can watch the Barrett Jackson auction without disturbing the entire family. After ponying up the cash, the live stream runs for about 8 seconds then just sits in the “buffer” state until I close the app and restart. Then same thing, over and over and over again. This is ridiculous! I have MORE than enough bandwidth to support any video feed that you can stream, fix this please. AND, when I try to log in to website, “Email address and password is not recognized “. Bite me MT. Absurd that you have stooped to the level of an “African Prince” scam.


New Apple TV version breaks the Roadkill extra  Mrblackcity  1 star

Only content from October on down works. Log into the website and all the content appears. I don’t mind paying, but come up with an app that works.

Khs blue and gold

HELP  Khs blue and gold  4 star

How do I sync my motor trend app with my amazon tv?


Extras fixed on Apple TV yet?  CamOmni  2 star

On Apple TV the extras aren’t available. Until I’m sure this is resolved I’m out.


USELESS  Sk8bro  1 star

Unless you pay you can’t even see basic content. What a waste of time.


Horrible app for chrome cast  Flexyspex  2 star

This app is the worst streaming app I’ve ever used with Chromecast. The stream should not restart whenever the app is opened. Also, if in Australia, the promised content is mostly not available.


Unsubscribed  MarcusOconner  1 star

I’m an Australian and I stopped subscribing because most of the content is blocked. Why should I pay the same as a US viewer when most of the shows are regionally blocked !! AND if you say ROADKILL is free once a month then WHY DOSE MOTD ASK FOR MY CREDIT CARD DETAILS ?? As far as I’m concerned even if you GUYS end up changing MOTD for the better you can go and stick it.


The app is ok, shame about the attitude towards international viewers.  Cc&bob  1 star

Free content for everyone! Only if you’re in the US..... paying premium prices to watch less than half of the content... no thanks.


Australia geo blocked  topcornersk8  1 star

Nice work selling a subscription to a service that has most content geo blocked


Regional restricted  Broken_Lemonade  1 star

I’m in Australia and can’t watch the majority of content on the app due to it “not being available in my region” don’t know why something that I am paying for should be restricted. Subscribed to watch live motor racing and it’s all restricted and I cant watch it


Not in Australia  nomad-00  3 star

Disappointed to pay same price but get less then half of the content.


Like it on my IPad but no TV option  Vintagetintrader  2 star

Wish I was able to stream onto other media sources as I do with YouTube, basically turning my IPad into a big remote to view on the TV.


Best  petedawi  5 star

The best content app for car fans. All my favorite shows like roadkill and also well done on getting jethro for head2head and ignition. He is a great journo and awesome combo with the other USA guy. 2 peas in a pod. Thank you. Happy paying customer


Useless  EADC HUSSLN  1 star

It just crashes all the time


All titles not available due to location.  Jase122  1 star

So may shows and videos not available due to location yet still pay the same price ?? Won’t be renewing my subscription.


Content Great, but the App Needs Work!  LokiWolf77  2 star

Come on guys, there is a reason Apple releases Beta to Developers...get the App Straight! Full Screen on the new iPad Pro 11, does not actually go Full Screen. There is Black Space on ALL 4 Sides... Not Even Letter Box. Come on, Test this!


A shame  OC_Medic  1 star

I finally broke down and paid for the subscription because I would watch everything MT did on YouTube for years. Then they switched to the paid app and I was hoping they would come back. Obviously that never happened so with almost a year of episodes to catch up on I got ready to binge and can’t get over the glitching and pauses. Then the full on crashes. Also, I saw it mentioned in other reviews. Put 15 or 10 or whatever second skip forward and backward buttons in it.

Beefy lips

Love MotorTrend, On Demand blows  Beefy lips  1 star

The app was working great until this last update. Now it freezes and crashes on my Iphone X. Can you just leave the app alone when it's working?


Amazing shows for gearheads/petrolheads.  NDSpeed  3 star

We need more shows with more substance and less drama. 5 stars for the ordinal features 2 stars for the drama shows 2 stars since you’ve stopped adding stuff from the vault The platform is okay, I get locked out of too many things I want to see being In A foreign country right now.


Why?!  Tumbsyy  1 star

Just updated the app which is supposed to help with the new iPhone that everyone went out and bought (even though 99% of you won’t use it for what it’s intended for) but now the app crashes when I have to watch ads (which is also annoying that I have to watch ads and wait eight weeks just so you can make more money unless I buy a “premium” account but all that was standard on the regular account before!!!) very unhappy and unsatisfied customer.


Update doesn’t work  nickllr  1 star

App won’t play videos in landscape mode, will crash after a few seconds and won’t turn into a larger screen.


Latest update is garbage  THUNDERKONG  1 star

It gets tiresome that after every update this app gets worse. The videos will not play in landscape now. It crashes constantly. Seriously what is going on? The app has never been good and is getting worse. It’s a shame to have such great content but a garbage app. I hope motor trend decides to take this seriously and start focusing on the app side....


Now we have to pay twice  hoppy269  2 star

I am a huge fan of Iron Resurrection, Kindigit, and Texas Metal. All was well and good with velocity being able to view reruns of the show since I was already PAYING for a u-Verse through ATT. Now Motor Trend buys out Velocity and we now have to pay twice to see any past episode. I have read Motor Trend since I was a teenager, for 45 years. Not a fan anymore.


Worst app ever  Harleydav99  1 star

I just downloaded this app, and it requires a monthly fee of 4.99. I can’t even get it to open after creating an account with credit card information. Now I have to figure out how to cancel this worthless subscription, so I don’t get charged.


Great Content. App doesn't perform as well as youtube  Ry.Bent  3 star

I recently purchased a subscription because I was no longer able to watch my favorite shows (Roadkill and Hot Rod Garage) on youtube. This app works. But I hate that I can't see the time at the top of my phone while in app. Also if I close my phone and open it back up to unpause a video the scrolling wheel stays spinning on the screen the whole time. Lastly I don't understand why there is no comment section on these videos or like/dislike buttons. Wouldn't it make sense for motortrend to get feedback on their videos???? So frustrating. The videos remaining on youtube have comment sections disabled as well. (Probably because motortrend knows everyone is angry they now have to pay for what was once free entertainment).

User of MTOD

App Problem  User of MTOD  1 star

Not working on iPhone 4S, iOS 9.3.5, since update of 23/06/2017.

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