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SportsLine combines advanced data with the analysis of sports experts to project the outcome of every game for all major U.S. sports. We use 10,000 computer simulations of every game, proprietary algorithms developed by data scientists and information from industry insiders to provide our best picks and daily fantasy optimal lineups.

With its blend of data and insider insights, it’s the perfect tool for competitive sports fans - whether you’re in a picks pool, playing Fantasy or just trying to win an argument with friends.

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SportsLine Version 2.0.1302 April 2021

Branding Updates.

SportsLine Version 2.0.1204 November 2020

bug fixes.

SportsLine Version 2.0.901 October 2020

bug fixes.

SportsLine Comments & Reviews 2022

- Sportsline app is fantastic!

Not only does the Sportsline app run really well and is easy to navigate but all the info they give out is truly top notch and definitely worth the price. It is possible to win a lot of money following these guys. Especially Larry, he is the absolute man. Love hearing his bets every morning on the early edge with the Coach and M squared. Thank you all for what you do! My Stanley cup pick is the Tampa Bay Lightning

- Can’t see the opening lines for NFL

Excellent app, but the most important number I need is the opening line when you click the specific game. It’s there, but the writing is so dull, you can’t see it on the iPhone X. Please lighten the opening lines font under the current line in the heading of the games. I know I can see it in game feed, but it’s an additional unnecessary step. Also your submit feedback link doesn’t work on the app. Other than those 2 things great app. Fix those 2 issues, it’s a 5 star.

- Love the app - one suggestion though

Love this app and subscribing to SportsLine, but have a small suggestion. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice to have starting pitchers listed for MLB games on the main screen and the picks screen. The only way to find them I have found is to go to the DFS projections.. which is a small inconvenience. I don’t like switching back and forth between the ESPN app and SportsLine app when choosing games. Not a big deal but would be a great improvement! Thanks guys for an awesome app.

- Useless

Sometimes you may be unsure what to trust when reading reviews, but you can trust what most people are saying about the poor picks. Sunday Feb 9, “Experts”are heading towards a 1-10 day in NBA and NCAAB. Have been tracking their picks since the beginning of January, and they are well below 40% as a team picking over 350 or so games. But still, you will be misled and see deceiving stats like “5-2” last 7 picks, or even better when they have to get real particular like thief recent record on OU or ATS picks only. I totally understand that people and even experts go through dry spells, but to completely not take any ownership is misleading and and unfair way to try to get additional subscribers. I’d only trust a very few of these people who have decent long term records in their sports. The rest are useless and have been for as long as I’ve been watching. Oh and today, Stephen oh has a PK on LA Clippers. Line opened at -8 and have not seen it anywhere under -5......

- Making more money than ever!

I’ve had SportsLine yearly membership for the past 3 years. Started off by listening to them and was losing consistently! Started keeping records of all their “A and B” picks. Their “B” rated picks are averaging 1-5 when the pick the favorited team in ncaa. Fade them all the time and now I’m winning consistently. Similar trend in NBA, NFL, and MLB!

- Okay App. Annoying to cancel

The App does what it is supposed to. Shows computer simulated picks along with actual peoples bets with their breakdown of each game. 3 stars because saw little success between an A rated pick vs C rated pick along with the fact that they make it very difficult to cancel the subscription. Took a lot of research to figure out you have to call or email to unsubscribe instead of just having an unsubscribe button. Find that is a gross tactic to keep people subscribed

- Poor service quality and product

If you sign up for sports line be sure to cancel your subscription well before your expiration date as they won’t give you a refund after the fact. Their service is super cheap and yet isn’t even worth the super low price they are charging. Pick rates for their “experts” are hidden and not transparent. If you were to track them over time they are often sub 500 which is laughable. You also can’t cancel your sub through your account, you have to call or email them. It’s just another example of a poor ux.

- READ your terms of service carefully

CBS Interactive and sportsline bill you automatically even when you only sign up for a quarter so please read your terms of service carefully. And when you read the terms of service it’s very threatening about your payment and their lawyers. Very scary for just the average person. I regret ever Signing up even though I really do think it’s a great website with a ton of great information. I would have signed up again next year for football season if not for this. I don’t think they need to use this tactic because sportsline itself is fantastic!

- Used to be great

Now you can’t even scroll through a full slate of college basketball games. If games start at 11am central time, you can’t even get through the 3pm games. They keep saying they are aware of the issue and they are fixing it. They will instruct you to go to the desktop version. This was over two months ago and still no changes. I guess they are pouring the money into the CBS HQ. I was trying to hang on because it is only $10 a month, but The Action Network is just better. Good luck SportsLine.

- Notifications

Can you provide the options to receive notifications when certain experts provide their play?

- Do not waste your time and money!

I have been on this app for a couple of years now... and have given it chance after chance. The analysis’ and “simulated” percentages are far from accurate. One of the worst investments I’ve ever made. You’re better off using other resources. I’ve gone with “high percentage” plays time and time again and the outcomes are far from the “percentages” they throw out there. If you see a game with multiple analysts for the same play... do the opposite. You’ll do better not following this app.

- Worst in the business

Their picks remind me of a used car dealer trying to sell you lemons. This is the absolute worst service in sportsbetting. Once you figure this out and go to cancel your subscription they offer you 6 MONTHS for free! That’s how bad a service this is. Nothing worth it’s weight would ever give you anything for free if it had value. They make you jump through hoop after hoop to cancel and then they still charge your card, and then they refuse to refund “per policy.” Again, worst service on the market.

- Awful / misleading

This app is awful. It is also very misleading in what services are provided. I signed up for the monthly “pro”. Very few services are provided compared to what they advertise. Especially on the DFS side. Can not access the optimal lineups provided by their pro “McClure”. The links in which they redirect this information to are not available. You click on them, and nothing happens. Also.... very few “expert picks” provided for both nba and NCAAs. No parlay picks provided. This app stinks. I am canceling my subscription immediately.

- Good App, Needs More Features

Overall, I really enjoy the app and the subscription is very beneficial. The models and pros give good recommendations and basis for their picks and predictions. However, the app needs updates in some areas. I’d love to see some notifications when someone adds a pick to certain sports or the ability to follow certain analysts.

- Money grab

The picks and projections on this website are terrible. Even after paying for the access, most of their articles spend the first 4 paragraphs touting their experts and how many picks they’ve gotten right. However, in the time I’ve used the site, almost 100% of their “core plays” and “A” rated picks have. been a total miss. Today, for example, the “A” rating Blue Jays gave up 16 runs in the first 3 innings. Needless to say, they lost. You are better off saving your money and throwing darts at a wall.

- Baseball needs work

I found overall the app to be pretty good with their simulation predictions however the baseball simulators have been pretty bad as of late (6/4, 6/5) have been WAY off. 75% win chance LOST, 90% win chance LOST. Gambling will always be gambling but a 51% simulation chance in basketball has a way better shot of cashing then these high baseball percentages. Burned too many times to keep trusting it and for that use with caution.

- SportsLine APP

Tap the app.. get SIGN IN. I sign in after I changed the password 3 times. App goes right back to SIGN IN . It does not go anywhere but sign in. Seems to be a worthless app for me. Ok there are plenty of other options.

- Algorithms

Whatever algorithm you used three years ago has obviously been replaced. Your 99% rated CFB and CBB plays were like printing $ until two years ago. Now they are a disaster, and were last year too. I think they are 0-5 thus far this year, with RI tonight. Has cost me considerable $ the past two years.

- Great App. Just missing 1 thing

Smooth app with lots of information on it. The only thing that the app is missing, compared to the website, is the Daily Fantasy section. If it had that section, it would be 5 stars

- Remove these frauds from Apple App Store !

The worst picks ive ever seen in a years time . Terrible customer service . I had to cancel my membership but had to email and call several time to do so ! Overpriced , maliciously designed app to not allow easy cancelations and the so called experts must be flipping a coin in the bathroom before broadcast ! I couldn’t be more upset with the cuntbags. Save yourself time , energy , and money . Don’t download or subscribe .

- I want to like this app, but

I really want to like this app, but it makes me login every single time I open the app. Like I have to type out email and password if I quickly read a text and come back or switch between a site and the app. It extremely frustrating. I really like the content, just the user-friendliness is terrible for me.

- Really the best.

This is the best app I’ve found. So much data to look at or follow a few people and use their picks. If you factor in the pricing you can’t go wrong at all. BTW Coach said Matthew Fitzpatrick is winning his weekend.

- Legit

If your looking to take the next step in being a sports consultant, this site is get you headed in the right direction. This service and site is worth it and very resourceful, as the famous rapper Jay Z once said “ free game for 9.99 “

- Love the content, hate that it’s not fully iPad compatible

The content on Sportsline is fantastic, I just wish it was fully compatible with the iPad so I could read everything horizontally. Small annoyance, but would love to see a future update!

- Bet Against SportsLine

No idea what model they use for their games, but bet against any number or grade they have that’s above 65%. Their model is absolute garbage, so if you bet against what they have you’ll be a rich man. I learned the hard way my first few months. I only check this app to see what lines they have and who they have winning, and legitimately bet against it almost every time. It’s done me well.

- Pick notifications

I’d like it if I could get notifications for specific experts’ picks. For example, I want to get notifications when Cimini or Stephen Oh pick a game... Otherwise it’s a fantastic app for game forecasting!


This app “WAS” excellent and I stress WAS when it first came out . They had one expert that picked a game and the reason . I think they allow everyone and their sister to add their 2 cents ! One Analyst picks a team and the other picks the opposite . I honestly think the only thing this app is good for is just the basics .. trends and stats . The fact that multiple “ professionals” are picking opposite just tells u that everyone’s a loser and not to use them .

- These “experts” are terrible pickers

They hit less than 50% of their picks. Whenever I’ve deferred to their picks (either by holding off on a bet I wanted to make or taking their pick) I’ve lost. I wish they had an expert who picked based on tested and tried rules rather than these guys who give you a stat that favors their pick and then says “take the ...) my advice to you: take the hard pass on this app!

- Can’t unsubscribe

They charged me $9.99 when I’m not even subscribed haven’t been for a long time. And there website or mobile app doesn’t seem to even have the option to cancel the membership. Extremely sketchy. I even emailed them since that was the only other thing I could think of and they didn’t even respond. Anyone figure out to cancel memberships?

- Simple UI, easy to navigate

Great layout of tabs and efficient display of information. Intuitive simulation ratings for games

- 👎🏻👎🏻

I bought this app a few weeks ago and it worked fine. Then when I updated it, it doesn’t allow me to log in! Very frustrating and I am still being charged every month for an app that I cannot use! Don’t waste your money Have also tried to contact CBS Customer Service 2 times and they have not answered..

- Too many “experts”

When people look for advice when it comes to sports betting, they’re looking for one solid pick with numbers, trends, and facts to back it up. They also want to look to someone who caps at least 60% and above. Most games have multiple “experts” picking against each other with opinions that contradict each other, which makes absolutely no sense.

- Misleading information

The information given on these type of sites is to inform the normal and unexperienced betters to the wrong choice of a bet. Theres no reason for paying for site or app like this if you know your statistics you follow trends you believe in then let your gut make your educated guess for you not some cyber thief

- Like it but want notifications

I like the app but I wish it had notifications. Particularly when an Expert posts a pick. Ideally I could Choi’s for which Expert(s) I want notifications. Give me that and it would be 5 stars

- Computer Projections per week per position

It is easier on the web than on mobile to navigate your site. I like the computer projections per rankings per position (Qb, Rn, etc.) in weekly fantasy fantasy football. This is why I pay to subscribe. I cannot find this on your mobile site.

- Great for Football

I honestly love the app. I originally joined for NHL but it really lacks in this department. It’s great for NFL. NBA is hit and miss. For $10 a month, it would be nice for more variety during the NFL offseason from the experts. Overall, join.

- Awesome

It’s a great app that has turned my betting game around. One thing that I wish was in the app, are rankings numbers next to each team.

- Almost perfect

Great site with wealth of info BUT I really wish they would provide some data as to how well their A-B-C picks have done in retrospect, not just the overall records of their experts over a short time frame.

- Ridiculous

I don’t know how this has such a high rating. I’m assuming its from something just as shady as a subscription that won’t allow you to cancel online. You have to call a phone number and wait on hold just to stop your $9.99 subscription. Please stay far far away from this application

- 5/5

Definitely worth 10$ a month

- Can’t even sign in, so I guess I won’t subscribe

Can’t even sign in through app. I’m entering email and password correctly but won’t sign in. Just an endless loop of signing in screen leading to blank screen with sign in click bar. Wanted to subscribe, but now I guess I won’t if the site can’t even allow me to login.

- Allow the users to decide what they see

The app automatically shows NBA, every time I log in and I can’t seem to change it. I’m a paying client! I hate the NBA and don’t want to see that at all. I’m surprised they wouldn’t allow paying customers the opportunity to block certain content.

- So disappointed!

I cannot believe I paid money for this. Not only does your site not work! The information is poorly configured and distributed. Nothing is searchable or configurable! The analysis are poor and incomplete. And the lineups are ones my five year old son had come up with, seriously! Save your money!

- Notifications

First off they have some great guys on there. I have been trying to get the alerts of the ones I follow and can't get them. Took iPhone and to ATT store and they are set up right. Sports line says tech team looking into the matter. They have been looking into it for weeks. No results.

- They are trying to scam you

Once you sign up and then attempt to cancel you have to call customer service to do it. In today’s age how is that even a thing ? It’s to make it hard to cancel so they can get another month out of you. Shows their true intentions. Don’t sign up

- Terrible Customer Service

Absolutely garbage customer service, do not waste your money with this company! The support is absolutely horrendous. they will cancel your subscription without requesting it, lie about it afterwards, and try to charge you to rejoin. There are better analysts and resources out there, don’t waste your money!

- Stick to what you’ve been doing

Don’t bother with this app. These guys aren’t “experts” just writers and reporters who get to pick games. NHL picks have been horrible. NBA picks too inconsistent. Don’t get me started on MLB. If they start losing they don’t post their prediction records either. The computer picks are wayyy off now. This is probably done intentionally.

- Not good

Unlike most apps you don’t have the option to cancel your subscription. So you are locked in forever because all of the support numbers and emails do not work. Feel free to sign up if you want but ONLY if you want to be locked in the rest of your life

- A tough read

I’m getting aquatinted with it. The first time I have had something like this regarding sports. I’m using it for my bets on sports. Helps a lot!

- Cannot switch between football and basketball

All the services seemed to be working but it will not load any Jacob Gibbs basketball theories. I have to go to his Twitter page and look for it

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