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Minds On Physics - the App is the mobile version of the popular Minds On Physics Internet Modules found at the publisher's website. Affectionately known as MOPs, this physics learning tool delivers a collection of questions that target students' misconceptions and misunderstandings. Immediate feedback, opportunities for self-correction, and question-specific help abound. MOPs blends the need for careful reading, logical reasoning, and physics understanding in an effort to produce a confident and able physics student.

Part 1 of this six-part series includes 29 missions pertaining to topics in kinematics, vectors, and projectiles. Three of the 15 modules in the Minds On Physics Program are included in this app. These include the Kinematic Concepts, the Kinematic Graphing, and the Vectors and Projectiles modules.

Minds On Physics the App - Part 1 App Description & Overview

The applications Minds On Physics the App - Part 1 was published in the category Education on 2015-10-11 and was developed by Physics Classroom, LLC. The file size is 61.58 MB. The current version is 2.2 and works well on 5.1.1 and high ios versions.

This version was built to provide compatibility with iOS 10. The problem of screen shrinking on start-up that has occurred for iOS 10 users has been resolved.

Additional improvements include the provision of a pop-up number pad for entering answers to numerical questions without needing to use the native keyboard - a welcome addition for all iOS users. Finally, bugs preventing the showing of certain Help screens were fixed.

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So outdated❗️  Jamesbev  1 star

The interface only works properly if you have an iPhone 4 or less, The font is so small you can barley read it and The setup process is so irritating. How is this app on the top charts?


Waste of money!!!  DallisEaves  1 star

Misleading app. False representation. Can’t play without spending more money even after purchase!

Elena Fuller

5 Steps to get this game for free!  Elena Fuller  1 star

Step 1: find your local trash can. Step 2: hide in that trash can. Step 3: wait for the garbage truck. Step 4: Wait for it to unload you. Step 5: look around and you will see millions of copies of this game.


👎  RCA TV  1 star

App is terrible. Not only is the interface outdated, some questions are broken (I worked through problems with my teacher and got them correct and the thing said it was wrong). Whoever rated 5 stars must be using windows 95, because that seems like it's about the only thing it's compatible with.


Poor design  Geeoff359  1 star

Buttons are difficult to press, there's way too many hurdles to go through to navigate to what you want. The app feels like it was designed by a programming student rather than a pro. Not worth the money since the webpage version is free (although also outdated and barely works)


Separate apps???  Dbjanxnwu  1 star

So this app allows use of 3 modules. But if I get assigned a different module a week later, i have to pay for another app with those modules on it? Ridiculously stupid. Not to mention the computer version uses outdated software that hasn't been used since 2002. Great idea from a bunch of educators or whoever made this up.

David GC

DOES NOT WORK ON IOS 10  David GC  1 star

This app will not work on iOS 10. I can't do my homework for physics now. Don't buy if your on iOS 10. PLEASE UPDATE THE APP PHYSICS CLASSROOM


This app  Sharon_rashell  1 star

This app keeps freeing it won't even let me log in it crashes all the time it only let me log in once then after that I could never get on again


Does not work  LaneDasher  1 star

I want my money back. It does not work at all.


Anonymous  thecreeperman64  2 star

App has many broken links. App has not been updated for newer devices. When you get a question wrong it does not tell you why you got a question wrong.

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