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Minds On Physics - the App is the mobile version of the popular Minds On Physics Internet Modules found at the publisher's website. Affectionately known as MOPs, this physics learning tool delivers a collection of questions that target students' misconceptions and misunderstandings. Immediate feedback, opportunities for self-correction, and question-specific help abound. MOPs blends the need for careful reading, logical reasoning, and physics understanding in an effort to produce a confident and able physics student.

Part 1 of this six-part series includes 29 missions pertaining to topics in kinematics, vectors, and projectiles. Three of the 15 modules in the Minds On Physics Program are included in this app. These include the Kinematic Concepts, the Kinematic Graphing, and the Vectors and Projectiles modules.

Minds On Physics - Part 1 App Description & Overview

The applications Minds On Physics - Part 1 was published in the category Education on 2015-10-11 and was developed by Physics Classroom, LLC. The file size is 66.57 MB. The current version is 2.3.2 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

This version corrects errors in missions KC6 and VP9 that resulted in a non-functional Check Answer button. This version also corrects a problem in which the entire menu of missions for the Vectors and Projectiles topic sometimes did not display. Finally, this version provides continued functionality for iOS 12 and before.

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didn’t help me learn or understand any concepts  Broadway.LIFE.ANU  1 star

The app glitched half the time I used it and it would randomly crash when I needed it not to. You can find it in your local dumpster. Don’t use this app if you’re a teacher


Impossible to understand or work with  KazaaakplethKilik  1 star

Clearly written by someone with a very basic grasp on the english language

Daddy Tat

MOPing  Daddy Tat  1 star

To be honest? Actual mopping would be easier. Heck, I’d wash 10 floors rather than attempt KG-2 or 3 again. And no, I don’t need to be spammed about I’ve gotten a question wrong 22 times this session. I. Know. Once again, it’s more preferable to wash a floor for minimum wage. At least I’m getting paid for that; I’m not getting paid for this — wait... I had to pay for this. Welp. Thanks Major Lee, at least we got some hot cocoa out of it.

Big Ricard

Worst App ever Concieved  Big Ricard  1 star

This app is so unwell made that this app doesn’t even understand itself and when your teacher assigns you half the app for homework, you end up jumping off your roof. Half the correct answers were wrong and it crashes 50% of the time.


Last release broke it  CharityC  1 star

After the update for iOS 12, the app crashes and is completely unusable. It’s a bummer that I had all my students buy this. Please fix!!


Súper badddd  Esmer05  1 star

Every time I click something it automatically takes me out of the app

C'mon Kabam..going too low

Absolute crap!  C'mon Kabam..going too low  1 star

Put your mind on fixing this crap first

Nathaniel Green_13

Horrible  Nathaniel Green_13  1 star

I click on anything it crashes. I finally get it to work it takes me to the wrong assignment when I click on it.


Valuable tool for understanding of conceptual physics  benja711  5 star

I have been a believer in the minds on physics modules since I first began teaching physics at the high school level six years ago. This iOS version greatly improves on some of the glitches present in the shockwave and chrome versions. Every single time a student has struggled with these modules over my six years of experience, walking them through the specific questions, making sure there is a full understanding of the concept before clicking an answer, and encouraging students to consult their notes and write it out has led to correct answers. Phenomenal support from the app developer, too. Worth the frustration that students may experience. This app will force an individual understanding of conceptual physics.

connor seven

Best app ever  connor seven  5 star

Better than Fortnite

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