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The Rocketbook app instantly sends your Rocketbook pages and whiteboards enhanced with Beacons to your favorite cloud services. Access and share them anytime, anywhere!

The app has a unique seven-symbol shortcut system that gets your auto-cropped and high quality scans into the cloud faster than any other scanning app. Using our Handwriting Recognition (OCR) features, you can search your handwriting inside the app, use your handwritten text as the filename, and get a full-page transcription via email.

The Rocketbook app is designed to work with Rocketbook products including the:
- Core (endlessly reusable notebook)
- Mini (pocket sized version of the Core)
- Wave (microwave-to-erase notebook)
- Color (reusable kid's coloring book)
- Whiteboards enhanced with Rocketbook Beacons (adjustable whiteboard attachments)
- One (single use notebook)

Enjoy the pleasure of writing and the efficiency, organization, and shareability of digitization. Write freely and use our shortcut system to send your scans as PDFs or JPEGs to specific locations in Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, iMessage, iCloud, and Email.

For more information about our reusable notebooks, please visit Free Rocketbook PDFs and customizable pages can be found at

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Rocketbook App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Introducing Cloud Cards + Study Mode - With Study Mode, your scanned Cloud Cards automatically turn into flippable flash card within the app. Study anywhere, any time! • Check out Smart Lists: Rocketbook's latest and greatest handwriting recognition feature that automatically detects your to-do's and converts them into a digital list in the app! Try it out by drawing a checkbox on your page. See our help center for more info. • Bug fixes and performance improvements. By the way, App Store reviews are really helpful for us. If you think Rocketbook is great, would you mind taking a moment to write a nice review? If you have any feedback, please contact us at Thanks!

Rocketbook App Comments & Reviews

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- Amazingly convenient for a high school teacher

I’ve been using a Rocketbook for the first month of the school year and it has been working effortlessly. I teach high school science and write class notes under a document camera. Then at the end of the day I choose the best version and *boom* in seconds it’s a pdf titled with the date and in a google drive folder. On my class resources page, (my school uses Canvas but it would work anywhere) I have a link to the notes google folder labeled “click here for class notes” so I don’t have to constantly update that page. This replaced a multiple step process I used last year. 10 minutes saved every time we have class notes really adds up. And the material get online quicker since I don’t have to put it off until I have more than 30 seconds to deal with it. I’ve also trimmed the borders off of a problem or two on a worksheet and laid the piece of paper in the middle of a blank Rocketbook page and *viola!* the solutions are popped in the folder for students. Fan-freaking-tastic. My only complaint is that the frixion pens are will smear when you try to erase immediately after you write. You almost have to wait a few seconds before erasing which isn’t ideal when you’re in front of a class.

- Love it

As a college student, the majority of my homework is online and any actual work that I do is not collected. This notebook (and the corresponding app) makes it easy to write out homework problems and not waste paper, it’s all stored in google drive (or whatever other cloud service you prefer to use). Plus, the update that allowed the PDFs to be bundled made it easy to keep homework and notes in one file for easy viewing and reviewing. The notebook itself is incredibly lightweight and while I do carry spare notebook paper just in case I have to turn in something that class, it saves me from having to haul around heavy notebooks all day (no lockers in college, you know, when we finally have more than 4 minutes to go to a locker). I’d say the only downside is that I do take a lot of notes and have a lot of homework so I fill up the notebook in about a week-1.5 weeks and scanning and erasing the entire notebook can be very time consuming, especially when you still have a lot of work to do, but it is still totally worth it for the amount of paper I save by having electronic notes. I really wish this notebook had been around in High School when I used even more paper, but I’m glad I have it for college.

- Fantastic Concept and Execution

Absolutely love these notebooks. I have the 5x7 and 8x11 sizes and they are infinitely useful. You can send PDFs or jpgs, even gifs by scanning pages in sequence. With 36 pages per notebook, you can keep a fair amount of work before wiping down and reusing the pages. Additionally, the RocketBook website has printable graph, music staff, and lined writing pages in 5x7 and letter size; these obviously aren’t reusable, but are useful nonetheless. As a matter of fact, if you wanted to try the concept before buying one of the notebooks, you could print a few pages and try it out with the app first. I wish that this was around when I was in college; one small, light notebook for all of my classes that I can scan my notes from. The transcription feature also works fairly well, so your writing can be transcribed to type when you publish the page. The only drawback is that you have to use special Pilot Frixion pens, but they are readily available, relatively inexpensive, and come in many colors. (FYI, I use it with email and Google Drive and have had no issues. I can’t vouch for other compatible services: iCloud, OneNote, Slack, Dropbox, Evernote, or Box.)

- Perfect for Teachers

As an educator, I love the versatility and smart features of RocketBook. My go to is the RocketBook wave. I used to spend $50-$60 a year on a custom lesson planner. Even for the expensive ones, I still didn’t get it exactly as I wanted. With the RocketBook Wave, I can customize it to make it exactly what I need. I use the non-frixion pens for my basic borders of calendars and headings, but then use the friction pens to fill everything in. It is so nice to upload all my calendars in one space instantly. The most satisfying part is erasing it all and getting to use it again the following year. RocketBook is a company that is very focused on its customers. They REALLY listen to the feedback. A suggestion on the message boards for a while was lined instead of graph style dots as an option. Viola! It is an option to buy now. There are also the RocketBook beacons coming out soon after a very successful Kickstarter campaign. THIS COMPANY IS WORTH IT! They care. They are smart. They are evolving. I will never buy a notebook from anyone else.

- An okay app with responsive developers

My original problem with the app was a fairly major difficulty I found with capturing the notebook. It’s probably a small thing that most people don’t run into. I have a disability, one of the symptoms of a medication I’m on is having hands that have a pretty steady ‘shake’. Over and over I tried to line up the notebook, and every time I was advised to keep the camera still. After 5 minutes of trying to capture a single page, I gave up in frustration, ready to give the app a 1 star review. However, I stopped myself and wrote the developer to ask for assistance. The response was almost immediate. I wrote them on a Saturday and had an email waiting for me on Monday (I was not upset they didn’t work on weekends). They gave suggestions and promised follow-ups if the ‘problem’ persisted. I took what they told me to do and I was finally able to capture the note. From 5 minutes of fail to 1 minute of success. The OCR is okay and I can still have a digital capture of my note(s). I love the fact that I can erase my notes and keep the notebook ‘forever’. Thanks for the responsive team and a very unique product.

- Good alternative to an iPad

I am a pre-medical student and have found that I retain information from lectures much for effectively if I hand write notes, but then the issue is getting those notes into an electronically archivable format. I was seriously considering getting an iPad so I could use something like Notability, but the cost was prohibitive - I’m a non-trad student so I don’t get a lot of the grants etc to pay for school supplies, so it has to come out of pocket. Anyway, I decided to give Rocketbook Everlast a try, and I’ve loved it so far! The app will scan my Rocketbook pages and save them in a PDF and editable Google Doc format in my GDrive. The transcription is very good, but not perfect, which provides the excellent opportunity to revise the notes once they are inside the google document. I’m glad I decided to give this a try and save myself several hundred dollars! Definitely recommend for other University students!

- Rocket Book is great!

So I’m on my second semester of using rocket book as my only note book for school and the paper less experience has made my backpack so much lighter. If you’re on the go and commute to school this is definitely a great mobile solution to weight and conveniency. I use this notebook for every thing. And the ability to have so many different subjects programmed in is great. There’s plenty of space for 16 credits of classes without the space or weight hassle of a regular five subject and one one subject notebook. The only problem I encounter is with the pens. While they dry very fast, they will smear if you touch them without giving them a couple seconds to dry. And since I’m left handed that means I have to pick up my hand as opposed to resting it comfortably on the page. I know it’s definitely not as easy to fix as a software problem but it is something that exists and people should be aware of. However the pros to this notebook vastly outweighs the cons and I think anyone can and should give this a try. The paperless experience alone is worth it!

- Rocketbook Fusion

This Rocketbook has worked great for me, I love to use it for my math courses. I love that the scans are clear and put onto a 2D surface (there isn’t any awkward tilting or unleveled look to the scan that it would have if I had just taken a picture of my notes). Everything is really easy to send to what ever location I want to send my scans to. I do recognize a bit of a glitch or something here and there though. Sometimes the scans don’t show color (I like to use colored pens), or include a small portion of the surface around the scan when I took the image (once it looked like the scan included my pen that was sitting on the desk next to my notebook, not even on the page). Thankfully, that doesn’t happen often though. I don’t recommend using the eraser on the end of your pens, that seems to damage the notebook. I also wish the pens would last a little longer. But either way, I recommend this product and the phone app that you can get with it. It’s helped me a ton, especially with online schooling due to the pandemic situation.

- Notebook is a like, app is a Meh...

I like having the ability to reuse the pages, erase mistakes, and the potential of saving the work into a cloud storage. Execution of the app leaves something to be desired - the OCR is not robust, the pages are not scanned fully all the time, so I have to constantly check to make sure the app has, in fact, captured all of the info, and (a big one for me, but may not be for others), I use different color pens for not taking, and the app makes all of the colors SO DARK that there is no way to differentiate blues and people from black, red is barely visible. Light blue is as dark as the regular blue is supposed to be... I like having the colors to differentiate parts of my notes to make reviewing easier, but there is no point because of the quality of scans is so poor. Why have multiple colors if they all look the same in the end?!.. Also, the options for sending are broken, as well as the setting for naming convention - no matter how many times you may change the settings, they always end up being reset next time you open the app. Frustrating!

- Life Changing

I am a writer, however, the chore of keeping up with all of my brainstorming papers and notebooks where I just wrote down some ideas is awful. I had maybe 10 different notebooks that I had written ideas, snips of stories, or just a list of names, and those were all scattered. Rocketbook gets rid of the need to get a new notebook every time I fill one up and completely eliminates my paper usage. If you’re like me, you think better when you actually put pen to paper rather than typing. I don’t mind typing, but writing my stuff down or drawing out brainstorming diagrams really gets the juices flowing. I can now keep up with everything I write down. I use Google Drive for all my stuff too and Google Docs has text recognition so if I write out an excerpt for a book, I can use Rocketbook to upload it then convert it. I love Rocketbook and have been telling everyone I know about it.

- OCR needs heavy optimization

I use OCR, but would like to search my notes easier. I would like to use OCR with better functionality. The problem is I’m an engineering student, and OCR is optimized for English (I think). I understand it’s still a working process, but this company prides this notebook as being something wonderful for innovation and creativity. The sciences, like physics, help drive innovation, but when half the formula is Greek letter based OCR doesn’t transcribe well, if at all. I also can’t search my notes for formulas which is the most important thing I need. Also, please gather more writing samples of different styles, like cursive (if you haven’t). Basically, not everyone writes solely English character and in print. Plus the title naming OCR has yet to work for me: I wrote neatly, in print, and without any unrecognizable characters. Also, as this notebook becomes more popular could a bioplastic based notebook be used? Currently, the plastic can be recycled, but that doesn’t there aren’t better alternatives. (Except pages, most but not all accept this type of plastic.)

- Great app and product

I received a Rocketbook as a gift and have loved every minute of it since receiving it. I love that there are enough pages that I don’t have to worry about erasing a page so quickly and I can keep all of my notes organized with the app. I didn’t believe that it would actually work, but it does. I just can express how much I love the app and the ease of use. The only thing I either haven’t figured out how to do, or the app doesn’t do, is that I cannot choose to send to only one email address unless it is my account email address. I used my personal email address for my account, but want to send notes to my business email and it will not allow me to take my personal email off of the email list to send. I don’t use that option on my notebook often, so it isn’t extremely important but I could see where it could be with someone else.

- Absolutely brilliant

I love the idea of this. I work in IT on the technical support team for an enterprise client. I oftentimes find myself using both a customer issued laptop as well as my company’s device. Unfortunately, I can’t easily share information across these devices. Because of this, I have often opted for a more analog note taking method. Prior to Rocketbook, I filled several Leichturn 1917s with notes on a large work project. Unfortunately, my copious notes were hard to search and reference, despite my detailed table of contents and journaling techniques. I was shown this technology by a business colleague and immediately fell in love. Now I store my notes in a variety of places. My only regret is that I can’t use it directly with either company’s enterprise OneNote/OneDrive account, but the other connectors help me merge everything together into one concise package.

- Great app, fast scans

A few people have complained that this is just scanning. Although at times I agree I could scan my work; the app works a bit easier because I don’t have to be super accurate where I place the page. The shape and markings on the paper allow the edges to be recognized without having to line it up and press a button while oops I wiggled. Great concept. It does have it’s glitches: books wear out sooner than expected; the transcription is a great idea just needs some tweaking; email has stopped working; and the size and notebook options are limited. But good things too: customer service is quick to respond and very helpful and polite when they can’t help; books allow me to not have papers laying around; I love love love the frixon pens on the notebooks; the new smart titles allow me to not have to title the scan after the fact; and transcription option is useful if improved a bit.

- Awesome invention

I use the crap out of this! Especially in school. I would go through paper pads like not tomorrow with the amount of notes, assignments and projects for my classes. My only complaint would be it is not able to scan your writing and convert it to a text so you can upload in pages. I don’t like taking my laptop with me to work due to the area I work in and fear it will get stolen or broken with all the equipment I have with me so I hand write my assignments and type them up when I get home. Definitely be a time saver if it could convert however this doesn’t not stop me by far from using the product. I have recommended it to several people. Highly recommended can’t wait to see what Rocketbook may have in store in the near future. Easy to use, pen glides perfectly when writing and easy to clean off no special chemicals for clean up. Just simple cloth it comes with and water.

- My penmanship is improving

Digital living had ruined my handwriting. I comforted myself that I wasn't wasting trees or paper, but I missed being able to jot things down -- or doodle! Now, I hand-write two to-do lists each day (one personal & one for home & family). I scan and preserve each both in the morning and at the end of my day (with check-offs, additions, etc.) It gives me a daily journal of both my accomplishments and my aspirations. And those unexpected things that come up. Why does this work better for me than all the lovely to-do apps I've tried? Dunno, but my handwriting is getting better. So I use my wee, pocket-sized Rocket Book every day. I haven't done much much with the larger one yet, but I'm sure I will. The app makes it very easy to send notes to different places or people. It's very cool and I've become a big ol' Rocket Book fan.

- Great way to take notes

I've been using the Rocketbook Everlast for about a month now and have to say it's exceeded my expectations. I take a lot of written notes in my line of work that I need to archive for reference and backup. I can sometimes use MS Onenote or Notability (2 great e-note apps by the way) but there are times where its just more comfortable and easier to take written notes, especially when there are diagrams or you know you'll want to share the notes with others later. Rocketbook gives you the best of both worlds because you can archive your notes in a standard folder in your cloud drive or on one of your note taking apps. The only limit now is the number of compatible e-note taking apps. I'm hoping they'll being on some of the other note taking apps such as Notability soon.

- Neat idea, poor execution

The PDF quality is barely good enough to be considered a viable substitute for pen and paper. the app features are pretty basic, transcription feature (text recognition) is terrible, and storage/email/sync options are not robust. Also when scanning, the camera will display that the full page is being scanned correctly (all 4 corners mapping correctly onto the image, good lighting conditions, etc.) but then when the PDF preview comes up before sending, the bottom part of the page is cut off sometimes and not others. Seems to be no rhyme or reason which pages is messes up or why. VERY FRUSTRATING! I end up taking regular pictures with my phone and saving them in a custom album titled “notebook.” I could do that with a REGULAR notebook.......just saying. Please, software engineers—fix this and it will be a product well worth purchasing. Right now, I feel like I bought a gimmick that makes my creative process feel frustrating and more difficult.

- OCR Doesn’t Work w/ iCloud

I so wanted to give this app/book combo a 5 star review. It does so so much, but the one thing I was really looking forward to was the OCR Handwriting Recognition that converts handwriting to text. Unfortunately this feature doesn’t work when sending your notes to iCloud Drive. It works when sending to email and google drive which is frustrating. iCloud Drive is my main source of file syncing so it’s a pain that I have to send an email or send the file to Google Drive first if I want a text version of my notes. Other than that I absolutely love this notebook. I’m so happy I get to save trees but using less paper and I really enjoy that I can use other colored pens as well. Absolutely great idea. I would love to come back and give this app a 5 star review once I am able to use OCR to covert my handwriting to text when sending my notes to iCloud.

- Update: When the app doesn’t crash

Original Post: “When the app doesn’t crash, this is a great product. However, every time I want to upload my work, I cannot, it crashes or stalls. This is the only app that has this issue on my iPhone X. Please revert back to a version of your app that works, because right now it’s trash and I’m fearful that I’ll lose my unloaded work if I uninstall. Fix this!” Updated Post: After contacting the support line, they informed me that their last update was the problem and a new update will be available in a few days, which was true. The app works as it’s supposed to, and I even used a few tricks with the OCR. I would like to see if the OCR can recognize new paragraphs or line spacing, because it’s a bit jumbled when it’s emailed. I will give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⛅️ for now, because I believe it can be improved, but it’s a good starting point.

- It’s great when it works

For my studies, I am required to upload single PDFs. For 3 years now this product has performed the task effortlessly. However, in recent months, anytime I scan multiple pages to be uploaded as one pdf file, it is not doing so. Instead each page is being scanned individually and I’m having to turn in 5 PDFs as opposed to one. I have looked through FAQs to see if this is a common issue but I can’t find any answers. I would also love to see an option to combine individual PDFs into one single pdf from the review menu that pops up before each scan is sent to its destination. This might also be helpful from the history menu as well and would resolve the issues I’m having. Otherwise, I love this product. It keeps my notes organized and clean.

- I'm using it for class

The book itself is light and feels really nice to write on so I have been using it to take notes for my college classes. I personally feel that there are not enough pages in the notebook itself as it becomes full in just a week of notes/classes. what I am writing about, however, is that I would like to see a feature where when I scan, I click on the preview and it should take me directly to my most recent scan so I can double check the clarity of it in case my hand shook. at the moment, when I am scanning a bundle of notes, every time I want to preview my latest scan, I have to swipe all the way to the end of the bundle. That's the only thing I can think of at the moment. I'll update if I find something else, or if you actually implement what I described.

- Great with some flaws

I love the rocket book, not so much the app. I have the ever last, and use it with an iPhone XR. I’ll start off by saying that I love being able to put my notes in the cloud, but the app has some problems. On every 5 or so pages you scan, the app has a tendency to cut off about a centimeter for the edges on a page. Also, the handwriting detection it a nifty feature, but for me it’s really a gimmick. Unless you have the most perfect handwriting, it gets totally messed up. Also, it only transcribes through email, so not as useful as it could be. There is also a problem where if you do a bundle scan of 6 or more pages, it won’t send to OneDrive. The recognition of the app is flawless, and it never captures the surrounding of the page, just the page. Overall, I love the rocket book, and the app is a good, but could be a bit better.

- OneNote Integration Fails

I have tried to get Rocketbook to work with OneNote for over six months and it has never worked. When I finally reached someone in support, he admitted that they are still having problems getting it to work with OneNote. I followed every suggestion in online help and they do not fix the problem. The Rocketbook app just always says that it cannot access my notebooks. It has permission to do so, but it still does not work. The list of OneNote notebooks that shows up is also bizarre, but there is no way for me to figure out where Rocketbook is looking to identify my OneNote notebook library. Support is horribly weak, as well. It is almost impossible to get a response and, when it comes, it is long after you sought it. I have seen folks for whom it works, but it has never worked for me. It was a waste of my money and, to hear their support, they know it does not work reliably with OneNote and they cannot fix the problem (yet). It is a great idea and a great sounding product, but steer clear of you want to use it with OneNote.

- Used for document development - professional

This is been an amazing product. I am a technical consultant with multiple customers at a time. In my work, I was taking extensive notes on legal pads. I used to need a pad for each document I worked on. Even with that method, it was hard to find the information I needed and keeping track of all those notebooks was very hard. Now I can take notes, snap the picture, the document is automatically named and sent to the right folder on Google docs. I can search the document for the information I need because of the ocr functionality they use. Really great product. BTW, I have tried using an iPad for my notes a couple of years ago and went back to the old fashioned way. Rocket book works much better.

- Low Tech Re-thought

I travel a lot for work and taking notes on my laptop is the easiest way to ensure I have a file to share and format for a report. But laptops run out of battery; outlets are lacking or inconvenient; start up takes time; the process can be noisy; and if there is no good WiFi, the file can be lost with a sudden shutdown. Rocketbook allows me to take notes in a more friendly and interactive manner. I can share them immediately from phone contacts and email or text. The OCR works well enough to enable me to get a good start on my report. Plus, my notes are filed to the project so the whole team can access them. They are not hidden in my private notebook. The one downside is the need to write legibly to get a really good OCR translation.

- Love This Product and App

I absolutely love this product. I've been using this for both personal and work related note taking since I got it. Simple to use, scans are great, and it functions exactly as advertised. The Frixion pens work great. Writing with them on the Everlasting feels smooth and natural. The included pen works extremely well, though the pack I purchased because I wanted the other colors seem to work marginally better than the included pen. I would recommend grabbing a pack of them for the flexibility of the extra colors, if not for the slightly smoother writing. All in all it's one of my favorite tech products of recent years. I raved about it so much a friend ended up buying it, my sister bought one for her husband, and I bought my dad one. Thanks Rocketbook.

- Really wonderful product and App

I love my Rocketbook. I use it practically every day at work. It’s saved me from having to purchase countless notebooks and journals, and the ability to take a photo of your notes to keep digitally is awesome. I work as a funeral director, so I’m constantly taking notes of what the family’s wishes are and what needs to be done, and being able to scan my notes and send out to colleagues for assistance is an amazing way for us to all stay on the same page. The app is extremely user friendly, not hard to pick up at all. The transcribing feature doesn’t always get everything right, but I also have very tiny and messy handwriting, so I’m assuming it’s more of a user error than app error. Overall very pleased!!!

- Rocketbook Rocks!

I have a thing about not wasting paper, so the Rocketbook Everlast immediately intrigued me. I now own 3 of them to use for different purposes and absolutely LOVE them! They’re lightweight to carry, allow you to backup ALL your notes to your computer, and very durable. Also, the company is great to work with & provides excellent customer service. I had an issue and it was addressed within less than 24 hours. My only frustration is that there isn’t yet a cover of some type for the Everlast that you could insert it into and that would contain space for business cards and a pen so you’d have one thing to carry into a customer meeting & yet have all you need right there with you. Hopefully they’ll develop some kind of cover like that soon!

- Amazing

I do a lot of game design in notebooks or loose sheets of paper and I always end up with tons of iterations laying around taking up space. Scanning or photographing all of this and then destroying the physical copies or taking time to compile PDFs from all the photos is always a pain. Enter Rocketbook. This notebook is amazing! I have three now and use them exclusively for all my design work and sketches. I can then use the app to take images, create PDFs, and then instantly send them to my backup (Google Drive), my email, my business partners email, and our shared work drive. It’s amazing! Then I can wipe the book clean and continue designing. No extra papers laying around, no shredding papers, nothing. So nice. App is great for setting up destinations and reviewing what you’ve captured. I love it.

- Good Concept But...

I love the concept but two major issues: Poor OCR and no synch between devices. Apparently my handwriting is too difficult for the OCR to work effectively as so far it has yet to pick up more that about 50% of my scribbles accurately. Another issue is that pages scanned with my iphone will not show up in my ipad (Other than Smart Lists). So my plan to use a small note book and phone in the field to capture notes and then update on my ipad or mac is not possible without forwarding from my phone to my other devices. Would be nice if they automatically synched over icloud. Lastly, would prefer to be able to use any writing device other than the rocket pen. Will keep coming back in hopes they improve the system but until then - good old pencil and paper and finalizing notes once a week is still my go-to method.

- Love it and bought a second

I’m a list maker. A serious list maker. I start every day with a cup of coffee and pen and paper to create my To Do List for the day. Until now, I’ve used a simple composition notebook for my lists. I’ve downloaded so many apps, trying to find one to meet my simple list needs, but have always returned to my notebooks. No more! Rocketbook is perfect for those of us who make lists, save lists, and refer to past lists. It’s easy to use right out of the box. It offers me lined pages or dots, and I use both. I like it so much I ordered a 2nd Rocketbook (the mini) to carry in my purse for quick notes. It’s a simple step to save my lists to my Cloud of choice, or share it in email. There is nothing I don’t love about my Rocketbook!

- Amazing App! Only Minor Inconveniences

I’m a college student and have been using Rocketbook for some time now. It is SO easy to organize the notes I take in class and have their scans automatically sent to files I set up on Microsoft OneDrive. The app runs flawlessly and the Handwriting Recognition has been incredible. It makes it so easy to search key phrases in my many pages of notes. The only slight inconvenience I have found is that there is only a “blanket” Naming Template. It would be nice to have separate Naming Templates for each filing symbol (Each symbol is for a different class) as well as a way to insert the “##Title##” from the Handwriting Recognition into a pre-existing Template. Once again, Rocketbook is an amazing tool and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Awesome notebook

I am someone who makes a ton of lists and just writes down random things that I need to look up later in the day and this notebook is so convenient. Instead of having a lot of scraps of paper just floating around in my purse I can jot everything down in my Rocketbook notebook and scan it to the app for later. The ink does take a few seconds to dry but it’s not a big issue. I currently have the mini but will soon be purchasing the executive. I am currently waiting for the new product for the whiteboards and I’m excited to be able to scan our whiteboard ideas/ drawings to the app as well. The quality of the scans is really good and I have a couple of apps tied into the Rocketbook app where I can send my scans as well.

- Totally a lifesaver

I love this thing! I’m an aspiring writer and honest truly I spend hours during the week taking notes on paper and then typing them back up in my laptop in the evening. With the text transcriber going to my email and a cloud with just one scan is a lifesaver! I can’t tell you how much work I’ve lost just because I forgot to back things up on a cloud storage right as my computer dies. If you find yourself writing throughout the day like I do I highly recommend this. It’s made my life a lot easier and I don’t have to carry multiple notebooks with me. When I fill up this book I can clean the pages and start over fresh with the previous pages already saved and backed up.

- So far so good

I have been using this app for almost a month now and so far everything seems to be going pretty well. It has definitely helped me stay organized by scanning everything into its proper folder and I love that I am not going just wasting paper, I can just continue to reuse the notebook. The only thing that I do not like is that it does not allow me to scan multiple pages into/ as ONE pdf file. Each page is its own individual pdf file. When I scan on my adobe app, I can scan multiple pages and have the option to all be on one pdf file, not each page be its own, like on this. I constantly use my tablet to go over my notes but if i take several pages of notes in class in one day I have to switch back between all the different individual files. I hope a new update could fix this!!!!

- Loved it at first, but needs a few tweaks to keep it useful

I was initially very excited about the Rocketbook. I prefer to hand write my notes, but want to have them with me on my devices. I like the reusability of the Everlast pages. I would like it if you made these pages with 3 holes punched in them for use in a 3-ring binder. I have used an Everlast page for my To Do list at work. I cut the rough spiral edge off and glued a page to part of a sheet protector to make my own. Unfortunately, I have to glue it again every few weeks. I also would like to be able to scan directly to my Files on iCloud. I don’t want to have to download/move files from email or the Rocketbook folder on iCloud. There is a different scanning app that allows me to save PDFs directly to my Files. Then I can have them in the folder I want on my Mac and on my phone.

- It’s ok

I wanted to love this product/app. Two issues preventing it from a higher rating from my experience (note - I’ve only been using the Rocketbook and app for about 3 weeks, if these issues improve, I’ll post an update to my experience): 1. The overall scan/transmission/send process takes too long to rate a higher star. It usually is taking me around 10-15 seconds per page to complete the steps necessary for file to be sent. Adding that amount of time up per takes too long. 2. I have had a few instances that the scanning fails to complete altogether. I’ve reattempted the process, which usually works, but again, for the process not to work consecutively, it doesn’t meet my expectations. I realize 3 weeks is still a short amount of time to base my experience, but I believe for someone who hasn’t used the product before, realize ahead of time what some of the cons are. Aside from my issues, I do like how easy the concept is, and the scanning is easily readable after it completes the transmission process. I’m going to continue to give this a chance, and crossing my fingers the issues I listed are due to “user error/dummy” and will repost in a few weeks of my ongoing experiences.

- Amazing

One of the best purchases I have ever made. This makes uploading notes and homework online extremely easy, especially in an educational environment when everything has become streamlined and online. The notebook is so lightweight that you barely even notice it, and the easy to use app allows me to upload a days worth of notes in seconds. I only wish that there were 8.5x11 size Rocketbooks that had more than 36 pages (36 pages is more than enough for average use, I just prefer to have more so I can use it more often). Rocketbook is especially useful in college when walking between classes! I have recommended this wonderful design to all of my friends and family!

- Useful!

I usually don’t write reviews unless I’m upset with something, but this app is an exception! I bought a Rocketbook recently to help me take notes for books I’m writing (I’m an aspiring author) and it’s really useful how everything is saved in the cloud. Since I pay for iCloud storage, I naturally would like to have things saved there, but I can’t choose the folder it saves to. Of course, I would like this feature, but I know it’s an apple-related security issue and the problem isn’t with the app itself. I completely recommend if you find yourself wanting to take paper notes but still have the advantage of having it saved In the cloud. Thanks for reading!!

- Managing multiple notebooks?

I have two Rocketbooks, one for professional/work related business and one for personal, with different set of destinations assigned for each book. My child also has a rocketbook color. It would be helpful to be able to setup different profiles or labeled notebooks within the app and toggle to either user x or notebookx. I asked tech support about the best way to manage this and the recommendation was to use a different iphone, one for work and one for private (seriously??) or have fewer options for destinations because they have to be divided up between different notebooks. That also means that my child, who uses my phone to send her drawings to the cloud and grandparents (because she’s a kid and doesn’t have a phone), can accidentally send her drawings to my work destinations. Not a great setup.

- Great OCR, but Freezes in background, list changes don’t save

I want to love this but there are a few flaws — particularly with smart lists — that make the app frustrating to use. Smart Lists: - changes like moving items around, changing completed statuses, editing items do not immediately save, but take a while to persist. That means If i go to another part of the app too quickly, the changes i just made to smart list get lost. - lists can’t be shared outside the Rocketbook app, so the smart lists in the rocketbook app are not useful. I already have a preferred todo/tasks app, so i wish the lists could be exported to it (todoist, tappsk) - why are the smart lists in the side menu, and not in the bottom icon menubar? I wish i could switch to the smart lists view within the rest of the app without having to open the side menu. Freezing/Crashing in background: - after a while running in the background, rocketbook app freezes. When i open it back up, it does nothing. I have to manually close the app and then reopen it. This is a time waster That being said, the rest of the app works wonderfully. The sharing and OCR seem to be pretty fluid and consistent, although my handwriting ruins OCR outputs.

- Truly Life Changing!

I’m a math teacher, and these notebooks are wonderful for classes where working a problem uses an entire sheet of paper. I write out my notes and example problems, scan them, then pull them up to show in class. My students can do their work, then scan it and email it to me for grading. They also use their notebooks for taking notes on the current chapter, which they can scan and keep for reference. They get the writing exercise to help them learn to do the problems (instead of just punching buttons on a calculator), they can find their notes, and they don’t lose their homework before turning it in!

- Great for Notes + Designs

I got a Rocketbook for the purpose of note taking and designing/sketching for my art projects. It works so well for both, and the variety of notebooks to choose from is a bonus. I recently got the small sized flip notebook, and I keep that one in my purse for notes/doodles on the fly. The variety of Frixion pens and markers is great, as well. At the price point, Rocketbooks are so affordable and so efficient and can be used for a variety of tasks. And the app software is constantly improving and actually takes feedback from customers into account as they improve the product. I don’t see why everyone doesn’t have at least one.

- Absolutely fantastic app.

The only reason that I gave only 4 stars is that the handwriting transcription is terrible. I have good handwriting which my Surface Pro 3 is able to recognize 98% of the time. Same goes for other apps on Windows 10, Mac and IOS. But not so for this app! It only recognizes correctly about 60% of the time, and mixes up the word order of sentences. To combat this I bought a 2.99 app for IOS that recognizes handwritten jpg files with 99% accuracy. When I need editable text I run the jpg generated by RocketBook through it. My suggestion to RocketBook is to license better recognition software for your app. Other than that everything works great.

- Great for students, adults, ecofriendly folks

I love my rocketbook! Received it as a gift and started using it to keep my notes for studying for the MCAT. It’s easy to use, reduces the amount of paper I use drastically, and allows me to access my notes online anywhere without a large notebook. My mom saw me using it and asked me to order one, she loves it now too! I recommend buying an extra pack of frixion pens, the color pack if you like colors, as the one pen that comes with it, runs out quickly. Great way to stay organized and not have a bunch of papers floating around. The app is great to upload notes directly to google drive in different folders.

- So useful

I’m outrageously controlling over what content goes into what book. At first this made me feel uneasy, as everything can go into one book, but after my first delegated scan I felt so relieved that everything went to the proper internet resource. So so so so satisfying. And then I had to erase the pages, which almost broke my heart until I looked at my previously scanned pages on my google drive and felt so much better knowing everything was perfectly organized. Such. A. Great. Buy. I’ve bought colored Frixion pens and highlighters to further satisfy my organizational needs, and it scans just as well. (Purple is a little dark, but still good)

- Rocket my Way To Digital Notes Retention

Unbelievably impressed by this outstanding product. I have all my digital records retained for over 30 years but notebooks remain in storage. I tried other solutions in the 90s and early 2000s but not were satisfactory. Finally I have an easy, accurate solution that fits my electronic filing system perfectly. And it’s so easy to use. My first scan attempt felt a bit awkward but I adapted by the 3rd time and now it’s a natural process. So after 4 days and 20 pages, each in my permanent digital storage and filed by appropriate client/topic I know this is a superior solution. Bravo and *****. Those bafoons on Shark Tank had no clue.

- Love everything about it!

I love my Rocketbook EVERLAST notebook because I get the same satisfaction of handwriting my notes with the advantage of being able to upload and save them to my computer. So far I’ve mainly used it for grad school note taking. As someone who has always been more into hand writing my notes over typing them, this is a perfect way to continue doing that and save some trees at the same time! I also love that there are colored pens and highlighters because color coding is essential for my note taking habits! Overall, it’s a great product and I wish I had it sooner!!! Definitely recommended to everyone and anyone!

- Love this notebook and app!

This has been life changing for me. I like to go old school in meetings by putting pen to paper but had trouble keeping everything organized or finding the right page, even with bullet journaling. I tried using OneNote but can’t always type my notes when I’m sharing my screen or presenting. The Rocketbook notebook is a perfect solution. The transcription is a work in progress, as evidenced by its beta status, but still helpful. Loved my executive sized Everlast so much that I bought a Fusion. I’m loaning the spare to my colleagues so they can test drive it before purchasing. I think I have some converts already.

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- Perfect and so clever

I really love my Rocketbook and this accompanying app. I get the sense that the developers are really listening to feedback and will continue to improve how this works. But for now I’m really loving being paperless and being able to so easily put my jottings anywhere electronic I need them to be. It’s so straightforward to set up and use and 100% reliable so far!! The UI is even nice and modern looking.

- Almost perfect

I am currently using the rocketbook beacons for all of my lessons at school. Uploading them straight to google classroom is so handy for any of my students that miss the lesson for one reason or another. I have only 3 issues. 1) the app does not deal with light reflections off the white board too well which means some of the writing on the board disappears in the picture meaning I have to retake the picture. 2) the app often crashes between taking pictures. Meaning I have to close and reopen the app each time which slows down my lessons a bit. 3) even though I check the pictures are completely clear and focussed when I take them, somewhere between taking them and emailing them to myself (or uploading to my drive) half or all of my image is lost, leaving only say the very top of my whiteboard notes. The first two issues are small and easy to deal with. The last is probably the worst as I cannot seem to find a way around this problem. I have tried all the different options of sending the document to myself but none work.

- Glitchy app

I really love my rocketbook everlast as a stand-alone product because I enjoy not having to carry a million books to school, but honestly the problems with the app make it nearly unusable for me to the point where I am considering stopping using my rocketbook entirely. When I try to scan my pages, it takes at least 5 minutes per page because it is so glitchy. Even though the page is within the screen and my camera perfectly still, the app refuses to scan. It continually says “moving too much” and “position page within screen” and when it finally decides to process, you can see the spiral and parts of my table around the edges in the scan! Please fix this problem, because I really want to be able to keep using my rocketbook.

- Working well for a while, not great after most recent update

Overall I had been very satisfied with Rocketbook and the accompanying app. In the most recent update, it seems that image enhancement is now always on. Even with “Rocketbook enhancement type” set to “none” post-processing is still applied to the image. This has resulted in a lot of artefacting and some textures sharpened to create lines/ noise that ruin the final image. I would really love it if the option for no postprocessing were brought back so that I’m not getting horrible crunchy images out of the app with distorted color and missing detail.

- App does what it’s meant to well and so does the book

The app is easy to understand and even easier to use my only complaint is that being a left handed user the ink can smudge more on the book even with the 15 second wait but I haven’t used it as much as I plan to so I’m sure my thoughts will change for the better either way still love the book and app

- Fantastic Product

RocketBook has made such a difference to my business since discovering this product! The ability to electronically store client and other notes simply and quickly has been a huge productivity saving for me. Have advocated its benefits to at least 7 people in the past couple of months. Can’t speak more highly of RocketBook!

- Amazing 🤩🤩

I completely love this product! Along with the rocketbook notebook I’ve been able to go paperless while also being able to have the paper and pen feel of a normal notebook! This app is amazing and works like a charm except for 1 thing. For some reason I can’t make any of the destinations send to Evernote as the evernote google login won’t work. However, as soon as this is fixed, this app will be perfect!

- Great concept, brilliant product, excellent app.

The Rocketbook Everlast is even better than I’d hoped when I first ordered it online. The writing experience is super smooth and the Rocketbook app works quite seamlessly. The ability to store, erase and start again while retaining past notes in the cloud is super helpful. Note taking the way it should be!

- Allowed me to go paperless!

This app (and the books that work with it) has helped my entire household go paperless. It's saved us heaps of money, made it easier to find anything we jot down and assures me always have everything backed up - all while helping protect the environment. 100% want everyone in the world to have it!

- Get on board

Whether your goal is to go paperless or to capture your scribbles to the ether. Get on it. It has changed my paper consumption and surprisingly also my productivity. Furthermore, my workplace has now adopted the technology and love it. Thank you.

- Great notebook, good app

The app works as expected. Could be faster to upload and needs some more functionality like being able to snap multiple pages in one hit and then move pages to separate bunches for upload as single files or multi page PDFs.

- Great teaching system

Fantastic system. Best teaching app. This allows me to send classroom notes directly to students google classroom ensuring students who miss a class can still access the notes written in class.

- Great product & app!

I love the Rocketbook, I use it everyday. I’m no longer left trying to find paper or loosing notes I scribble down. Highly recommend this book & app 😍

- Does just what it says

Works great. Good recognition of page boundaries and adjusting parallex. Works well with the book (I have an Everlast) but also the freebee printed pdfs. Makes uploading a seamless and simple process.

- Does what it says

The ink erases and the scans are quick and clear. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to get my hand written notes archived digitally.

- Brilliantly easy app for an impressive product :)

Works beautifully, is simple to use, and documents all your great ideas :)

- Awesome app and notebook!

Great app, works perfectly and has saved me a ton of time, not to mention the positive impact on the environment with reusable pages! I love my Everlast notebook so much that I’ve ordered 5 more!

- Never ending story

Love this app and the book. Easy to use, never lose my notes. Highly recommended.

- Yay!

This product has allowed me to finally get the balance I needed between electronic files and my real time notes! How I do love it.

- Couldn’t be better!

Rocketbook is perfect for my every day life! But one thing they could add is IFTTT compatibility 😃

- Getting started

So far so good

- New beacon offering is disrupting the imaging

Hi is the new beacon feature disrupting the image scan? It’s trying to find the corners...

- I never write reviews on the App Store but

Rocketbook is one of the best studying tools I’ve bought. I bought 5 binders with all of the extra pages, clear sleeves everything. The next night I saw Thomas franks YouTube intro with the rocketbook and bought one online straight away. I haven’t touched the binders once. The only thing I don’t like is the time it takes to wipe all the pages, but in the name of saving paper, the tech and convenience of this thing, that is nothing more than a first world problem. Enjoy your rocketbook, I think you won’t look back.

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- Great app, Awesome notebook

Everlast notebook is an exceptional product that I enjoy using daily. The app is also very user friendly and scans the notebook pages quickly. I recommend the notebook + app for anyone and everyone, 5 stars.

- Great

I appreciate how Rocketbook has decluttered my mind & my itinerant lifestyle. Now that I’ve used my book about 9 times, it’s started to ghost a bit & not pick up my symbol choices as clearly. Maybe that was because I used the eraser on my frixon pens before I read that it could affect the coating on the evernote pages. I also find it’s best to wipe clean the pages all together instead of saving some for later due to slight seeping that can happen between the coils (unless you're careful). I look forward to using my new rocketbook coming in the mail and I’m excited to turn my old one into my bullet journal - with permanent week and month spreads that will save me loads of time!

- Camera bug

It has worked great for me the last few months but starting today when I use the flash while trying to scan my Rocketbook it shuts down the app. Please fix this

- Notes

Great notebook but have to make bullet points on my own when it makes a google docs for me. When i put a bullet id want it to do the same when i transfer it. Also copies everything line for line but i have to backspace to make one sentence. Would want everything on one page to show up as a paragraph if written as paragraph or as bullets if written as bullets. Supposed to save time when making notes but its a three step system to get it to the desired notes i want.

- Very good purchase

I used to carry 5 different books before I got this it has helped so much easy to use and I print my notes so awesome

- random red boxes

please fix this i keep getting random red boxes when scanning and it is very annoying because it ruins my scans ;(

- Starter

Got it for Christmas from my wife... Tried a lot of time to star a bullet journal but never follow through. It’s been 2 weeks now and I love it... -smart check list is awesome -Write a lot more now - forget less - easy to use I convinced my friend to buy one 😋


I love reusing the notes book and not having to spend money on lots and lots of note books. I use it so often in school and for studying, it’s the besttt!

- Mad

Nice book but the app just will not scan no matter what I do I am vary frustrated and angry that everyone is scanning quickly and easily because it will not work

- Not working

I can't get it to work. I'm scanning pages with my iphone to send to one note on my lenovo, maybe that's why? Finding a solution has been tedious.

- They keep spamming within the app

They have a notification center built in the app. You cannot turn off the notifications, you cannot batch delete. I had to go through 60 messages one by one, to delete messages telling me to buy their t-shirts. This is very frustrating.

- RocketBook Everlast - Great Book

Best decision I have made. I am required to make notes for all my meetings throughout the week, and this has saved me from purchasing notebooks. Two downsides is the time it takes to wipe down the book, and the ink leaves a cloudy colour effect. But nothing that makes the book less valuable.

- broken app

too many bugs

- Take it to the next level

I struggled getting into the flow of using my Rocketbook until I started making templates. I used a permanent sharpie on the pages for all sorts of different needs at work, To Do list, Today Plan, Project Planner, Meeting Notes etc. I also played with the layout of the templates to get the best transcriptions possible. Now I use my Rocketbook every day and it has improved my workflow tremendously. My only wish is that they would continue to work on and prioritize the transcription functionality.

- Works so great

I teach piano online. Let’s me write notes during class time, draw diagrams and send it immediately to the student. So great.

- Limited cloud sync features

No webdav, nextcloud, etc

- Makes note taking easy

Love the Rocketbook. The Pen writes beautifully on the paper. Ever pick up a pen and write and think, wow, that writes really smoothly and nice. This is it. Still working on figuring out how to turn on OCR and other features. Would love to be able to order customized pages for different activities. Great way to keep an organized log.

- Best notebook option!

I love using my Rocketbook and the app. I can take notes and then upload them into my Google Drive right away. Then I erase the notes and start again. I am not big on clutter and paper so this is truly the best alternative for me.

- Amazing app

I’m in love with the Rocketbook Everlast fusion, and the app only adds up to the experience!

- Very handy

I really like this platform as a way to take notes and send it to both my email, and text messages. I also can send my notes to Google Drive! I feel more tech-savvy! Very fun! I also draw in this book as well

- I look amazing!

I have noticed a potential problem. Going to the history and then to background and coming back the app is stuck

- Multiple pages and transcribe capital!

Trying to do

- Utile et écologique

Je l’adore.... permet de classer au fur et à mesure!

- So cool!

This is the coolest thing! I’m currently doing a masters degree so the transcription option has been great! I also like that it’s low waste as well. You can use it over & over again. More so the notebook itself but the app is great too.

- Fonctionne bien

Je crois que le produit pourrait etre améliorer et offrir plus d’option: faire apparaitre les lignes sur la feuille lors du scan ou bien design de feuille plus elaboré, mais a la base, ca fonctionne bien.

- Great! Just great!

I love how it feels to write on Rocketbook pages. Scanning is simple and the idea to have icons linked to destinations is awsome. I am a Notability user of many years, so, of course, I would have loved to be able to send my notes in Notability. One can always hope!

- Perfect tool for multiple meetings/workshops

I am a paper person… I have a love-hate relationship with paper, mind you. I have numerous board meetings, committee meetings and conferences that I attend, and used to have notebooks specific to each committee/subject. I would often misplace one notebook, and so would have to use a different one from another committee meeting, forever losing it for future reference. It was chaos. With my delegated apps to send notes to, email, Google Drive, Evernote etc., and the ##TitleSystem## I find that I am able to organize my notes much better, jot things down as I need, and keep things much more organized. I used a sharpie on the second and third pages to do a ‘this week’ and ‘this month’ page. I was so impressed with the product, I bought my two sons, who are in post secondary, each a book as well.

- It’s getting pretty good!

New request: would it be possible to allow the users to store the scans in sub folders ? On the phone Add OCR (this feature was added, works very well!) Add the ability to schedule tasks in the calendar (outlook + iOS) straight from the app I find the PDFs are clear and the whole process is quick. The notebooks are pretty good quality too. The problem are the frixion pens, as the ink does not last long. But then the refills are cheap...

- Rocking Out

Really enjoying it so far! Pretty much takes my notes and converts it to a PDF stored inside OneNote books for each of my classes! Super great cause way less paper to manage and consume! You do need access to water for cleaning (most people with a smartphone have clean water).

- Great App except for iPad

Love the app for the iPhone but does not adjust to the iPad screen in horizontal mode when you use a keyboard. Tried to search how to fix the view on an iPad but could not find anything.

- Rocketbook

This is a fantastic product! It performs exactly as advertised. It is a fantastic way to take notes, without carrying bulky paper notebooks around; perfect if travel is a regular part of your job.

- Great app

Great app, could use some UI love but functionally works well. I would love to see Notion integration soon!

- Productivity Enhancer

This is the best notebook ever!!! It has saved an incredible amount of time in our office. As a manager or a large team it has allowed me to move from meeting to meeting without missing a beat! And knowing that my notes will be sent to where I need them most is a comfort

- Perfect match between digital and physical

The average app reviews here says it all. The notebook is great, the app works as expected and receives continued improvements. Keep it up! 🙌

- Works as advertised

Very pleased with my book. Great hybrid of analog and digital. OCR has room for improvement (mark up additions, ml for handwriting, etc) but works well enough to be useful and is a big selling point for me.

- So much better than I thought it would be

The website says it’s not magic, but it really feels like it is. I’m so happy with the Everlast journal and the app. I have been waiting for exactly this functionality, it feels like forever, and it’s absolutely fabulous. It would be lovely to be able to send to notes app too.

- Scanning issues

The app overall is great. I love how organized I can be and how much less I carry with me now. However there seems to be a glitch with the capturing abilities if I decide to preview my scans in the middle of scanning documents. If I click on my scans, and then exit back to the camera and continue to scan, the quality of the scanned writing becomes warped and not clear. I have to exit out of the app and back in to almost ‘reset’ the camera, everytime I want to make sure the scan picked up what I wrote down. App will be sososo much better after this!!!

- Amazing

I love the app and the product

- Love the product

and love the continuing improvements to the app. OCR keeps getting better.

- Great tool for writers!

When I am working on a new book, the best ideas for me come at the wrong times of the day. Now I can catch them quickly, even sketch's, flow charts or character outlines in one place. I used to have scraps of paper floating around which could easily get lost. I work totally with Apple devices and it would help my workflow if the scans went straight to my iCloud drive where all my working files are. At the moment I have to use several steps to get them there as I have not found a simple workflow for this. If your support team have any suggestions that would help me I would be pleased to hear from them.

- Great

Great app really cool would be really great if it could turn the notes into type that could be edited

- Good but average resolution

Very good product but the picture don’t give as much resolution as the paper writing it self. So when you want to focus on something in your virtual notes it’s a bit blurry... this would be to improve greatly!

- Amazing for law school

I prefer to hand write notes but was finding that the enormous number of notes I was taking in law school was too much to carry around. Rocketbook was the perfect solution: wherever I have my phone or laptop I have my notes and I don’t have to drag around a giant binder. The scanning quality is unreal and I love how it sends things to my iCloud automatically so it’s so quick to use.

- Great product

I am a working professional and the rocket book is a game changer. It feels just like writing on regular paper and my notes are easily digitized. Being a left handed person I was a little worried about using the gel pen but I have had almost no smearing. I found the rocket book to be cost effective compared to other solutions available out there.

- Needs support for secure link

I use as my primary cloud storage and the app doesn’t seem to support. I can supply a link, but not an email address. Not sure if The issue is on Rocketbook or sync side, but would be nice if they could cooperate

- I’ve gone paperless!

Works great. Do not use the eraser on your Frixion pen: your will damage your rocketbook. Be careful on your list of emails: sometimes your pages get send to additional emails despite not marking the associated symbol. I wish the symbols would show up as you are ready to send. This is a great app and book: the concept is great for my lifestyle.

- Hard to scan!

It might just be my hands shaking, but it is just IMPOSSIBLE for me to scan a page. Argh!

- Multi page scans

It does not always keep multiple scanned pages in one upload. Other than that I love it.

- Scanning made easy.

This app has made it so easy to scan documents to share with family, friends and parents quickly with no fuss.

- Great tool

I have used the app and its reusable notebook and it is indeed a life saver. My old notes are kept in my tablet handy and i have the pen on paper feel when writing. Highly recommend!

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Rocketbook App 3.2.11 Screenshots & Images

Rocketbook App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Rocketbook App iphone images
Rocketbook App iphone images
Rocketbook App iphone images
Rocketbook App iphone images
Rocketbook App iphone images

Rocketbook App (Version 3.2.11) Install & Download

The applications Rocketbook App was published in the category Business on 2015-10-11 and was developed by Rocket Innovations, Inc. [Developer ID: 1036898970]. This application file size is 217.75 MB. Rocketbook App - Business app posted on 2020-12-17 current version is 3.2.11 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.getrocketbook.Rocketbook

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