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Voice Translator App. [Reference] App Description & Overview

Voice translation was never so easy! Travel around the world and easily communicate in any country – Voice Translator will instantly pronounce translated phrases on-the-fly! Can’t read the menu items in a fancy foreign restaurant? Those days are history now with instant camera translation!

Communicate freely at the airport, hotel, gas station, supermarket or any other place. Read street signs in a foreign country, translate manuals of your overseas purchases or the text of any picture you already have in your phone. Just put your personal interpreter into a pocket and use it for your all translating needs!

Voice Translator is an essential learning tool for kids and adults – learn new phrases and listen to the correct pronunciation.

Start using Voice Translator now and forget about looking for the correct phrase in the dictionary – say any phrase and your interpreter will pronounce the translation out loud!

– Immediate translation of real-time conversations
– Use your camera for instant text translation
– Translate texts from your photos and pics
– Extended offline phrasebook
– Language detection for text-to-text mode
– 100+ languages working in speech-to-speech and text-to-text modes
– You can either speak or type to translate your text
– Smart text-to-text mode
– Speed up your text input with typing hints
– Convert text from languages with non-Latin alphabet
– Copy, paste and share translations in a single tap
– Intuitive dialogue conversation interface
– Speak the translated phrase out loud
– Control the speed of voice
– Male and female voices available
– Human-to-Pet and Pet-to-Human modes (for entertainment purposes only). Translate your pet’s meow or woof into your language.

Currently supported voice-to-voice languages:

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
Catalan (Spain)
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Cantonese)
Czech (Czechia)
Danish (Denmark)
Dutch (Netherlands)
English (Australia)
English (Canada)
English (India)
English (United Kingdom)
English (United States)
Finnish (Finland)
French (Canada)
French (France)
German (Germany)
Greek (Greece)
Hebrew (Israel)
Italian (Italy)
Japanese (Japan)
Korean (South Korea)
Norwegian Bokmål (Norway)
Polish (Poland)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Portuguese (Portugal)
Romanian (Romania)
Russian (Russia)
Slovak (Slovakia)
Spanish (Latin America)
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Spain)
Swedish (Sweden)
Thai (Thailand)
Turkish (Turkey)
and more

You can choose a free trial with all features available.

• You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within Voice Translator.
• Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan.

Parts of service translated by Google Translate™.

Privacy Policy: http://bpmob.com/voicetranslator/privacy
Terms of Use: http://bpmob.com/voicetranslator/terms

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Voice Translator App. Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hey, there! Thanks for translating with us. We do everything for you to speak like a native around the globe. To make the translation process even better, we’ve made some minor bug fixes and improvements. Please send your valued feedback to support@bpmobile.com and leave your reviews on the App Store!

Voice Translator App. Comments & Reviews

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- best app

this app is amazing! when i tried to understand what a person is speaking to me but i dont understand it. i use this app. i use a lot and it helps me learn a language that i dont even know and it helps me understand more stuff. who ever made this app, shout out to you because you guys help me a lot on my language. and thank you who ever made this app because this app helps me a lot. who ever read this. HAVE AN GREAT DAY!!!!🤩😌😊

- Makes you pay just to play it

I thought I was signing up for a fun regular mobile game but NO I have to pay 40 dollars a year just to play this game it looked really fun in the add but someone could of told me that it’s free to buy it but I have to pay 40 dollars a year and I don’t care how good a mobile app is I am not going to pay 40 dollars a year just to play a face app game someone needs to report this developer cause yeah if I was buying a free trial that blocks adds and would give me daily rewards then yeah I would maybe buy that but your saying that when I buy this mobile game for free but to go into it and play it I have to pay 40 dollars a year just to play no absolutely not and if I have to pay 40 dollars a year just for that imagine how much we might have to pay in game just please I wanted to get this out there ps it automatically makes you subscribed which makes you pay 7 dollars a week

- I hate this game

This is the worst I wanted to translate cat so I can understand them but it doesn’t even let me do any of that and I’m bird with this the only reason why I got his stupid app is because o wanted to translate my cats so I can understand them better then I do. But this isn’t the right help for me it’s a lair game and I don’t like it please delete this game it’s not worth anything in my whole life I hate this game and I’m deleting this game get that through your head your the worst ad I don’t like you deleting his app your the worst I don’t care if your feelings are hurt you deserve this kind of feed back lair and it’s. Not just me that hates it even my sisters and my brothers my grandma my cousins my uncle aunt and dad hates it and I will never down load it again if you are gonna lye about it saying it can translate cat you better delete it or I will keep hating on this game unroll you dlete it bye lair or sucker both ways

- Why is EVERYTHING a subscription?!

Seriously all the apps In the App Store and literally like 95% of them now are all subscription based. Worst part is, they all offer a “Free Trial” but this so called free trial leads to a subscription that will auto renew FOREVER unless you go to the Apple App Store and find it in the settings and cancel it. Everything is all subscribing now. I can kinda understand it with apps such as music apps and things like that, but really... this kind of app would be better sticking a fixed fee on and letting people decide that way. It’s not like it’s an app that updates daily / weekly or anything. The languages aren’t going to change or anything. So why not just a fixed fee or free even? Seriously if you want apps these days you have to have a tonne of subscriptions and it’s really not fair. Who’s got that kind of money? I sure don’t. Nice idea. Horrible pricing. Goodbye app.

- It works and all but it’s horrible

Whenever I do the voice translate it works so yeah but I don’t know which one it is if it’s on Spanish I don’t know which one is working or not if it’s on English I know it’s on English but it always works in Spanish is it on the different translate it does the other translate above it this is a horrible app it doesn’t work I don’t recommend getting it if you do please read it a one star review I wish I could read it zero stars for the last time do not download it it is a useless working app it doesn’t even work on my iPad all that it let me do was Spanish and English I hate this app so much please I do not recommend downloading it for the very last time do not download it is horrible it is not work😡🤬

- Is anyone paying attention

This is a joke. Is there no control over scams like this? I am surprised Apple tolerates it. Don’t get it. They want to charge you $1 a day approx. and you don’t even have a chance to see if it works. I still don’t know if the program will translate the language I want. Why? Because you have to commit to pay $7.95 a week before you can use the app. Sure you get 3 days free trial that’s a technique from a carnival. Don’t do it. You’ll be sorry. At least read the reviews. They are heavily weighted on the “this is a scam” side of things. If this company wants to continue like this, the least they can do is tell you on the front end their marketing strategy. Sad

- The best app for different languages

It is so good especially since I want to learn how to speak Spanish and the way it is spoken is so beautiful. This app is able to do many more things than most apps can,especially when is comes down texting it and saying it in your normal language.


Somebody should sue this developer and refund all the money to people they duped. People, do not download this app! Downloading means subscribing. A trial of 3 days becomes a subscription AUTOMATICALLY for $7.99 a week with auto renewal. No action needed on your part, it just subscribes you automatically. Deleting the app (even if you just tried it for 10 minutes) does not unsubscribe you. You have to go to your app store settings to unsubscribe. It’s not easy to find this setting either. Let me repeat. If you download this, it will result in AUTOMATIC SUBSCRIPTION after 3 days (even of you deleted the app). It’s $7.99 A WEEK with AUTOMATIC RENEWAL.

- Do not do it unless you want to pay $7:99 a week

For one I wanted to translate animals were saying and that’s not even in it. it was in the commercials and that is stupid if you put something in commercial that’s not actually on the app people that is false advertisement if you do that and you can get Sued for false advertisement. moral of the story is I wanted to work on my animals but it’s not even in the app so do not put something in a commercial that’s not in your app unless you wanna get sued and paid a lot of money. So if you are thinking of getting this app do not get it unless you want to pay $7:99.

- Works, but some user issues

I saw this on someone else’s phone and it worked perfectly for them, but when I loaded it on my phone, it started in another language than what I needed, and then when I was in a rush while traveling I couldn’t figure out how to change languages. I removed it before the end of the trial, but the app still charged me because I should have gone into the app and cancelled the subscription directly. Removing the app does not cancel the trial.

- Bad game

When I saw the game on a ad I looked awesome. I wanted to make my dog talk well technically not talk but I wanted to see what she was saying when she barked . But when I got the app it said that I should start a free trail and it wouldn’t let me get out of the free trail to do the apps it didn’t have an X anything so I was just stuck. So is it I don’t know if it will happen to you. But it happened to me so I think it’s a bad game because when my dog barks I want to see what she was actually saying stop or I love this or what is that thing go away. So in my opinion I think it’s a bad game but you should try it.

- Okay let’s be honest

It has great potential I think the adds are a bit weird I agree that it should be free for the voice translation part you can do whatever you want idc it’s your (and if you see this not the developer) try Duolingo it’s free I love it it teaches you any language.

- This is the worst game

It shouldn’t even be considered a game it’s so stupid and you have to pay money I chose to do the limited addition and I guess it’s kind a cool talking in a Different way Siri what that means and it would be done in four seconds I think that this game is such a rip off because I paid subscriptions before and I got in so much trouble and I had to pay $384 and I am not getting hooked on another subscription I’m sure if somebody actually did the subscription it would be cool but trust me do not do this app it cost so much money 💰 No

- Amazing app

U should really get this app because when you are going to some place that speaks different then you and you don’t know where something is then you can use this app and ask some one!!!

- Doesn’t do what it advertises for.

I seen an add from this app saying that it can translate what your cat can say, I downloaded it thinking that it can translate what my cat is saying. Once it downloaded I opened it and it wants me to pay 8 FREAKING dollars a month! That is way to much to price an app. Plus it doesn’t translate my cat. Biggest disappointment of an app! I could get how this could be useful for some people but if they would just advertise what the app actually does, it would have a better rating.

- Don’t

Do not download...they say you can try the trial which I did and then I cancelled because I didn’t really understand how to use the app and now they are basically charging me the full amount even though I did cancel it on time and even deleted the app. It’s a trap. Just don’t bother. And it’s not like the App Store will refund you either. They are a scam too. I literally didn’t even use the app but I got to pay for something I don’t use. There goes free money for them.

- Nooooooo

II was the game you I can play adopt and I want you I love it and you can play adopt it I don’t know what you I don’t know if you I want you I can talk you bye love bye I don’t know if you I want you I don’t want you I love it bye I don’t know if I can play adopt me I want to be with my mom I don’t know what

- Do not buy

This is a rip off because it makes you pay and you can not understand other people’s language so this is a rip off that is why

- It’s Ok?

Ok, first it has a monthly trial and some users like me get annoyed by trials. I also couldn’t find my language that I was looking for. I got this app from instagram by watching an ad, and the ad showed the app on a phone and a cat, and the cat meowed and the phone translated it? But when I tried this app I tried it on my puppy barking but it didn’t translate it.

- “Free” does not exist.

I have a few problems with this app. Don’t even try the free version. Just plan on buying the subscription. I hate subscriptions because if the app was worth the price you could just buy it outright and all would work of get fixed, FREE. A trial version that does nothing is not even worth looking at. Just sell the app and give the 3 day trial with full access. I will now run away from any app this company is involved with.

- It doesn’t work

It doesn’t work he used to work but now it doesn’t I don’t know why but I just stopped in this one writing it zero stars so whoever gets it this read this OK because if you don’t you don’t know what to do so don’t download it it doesn’t work takes over all your space so just to not get it OK but if you don’t read this you’re pretty much gonna waste all your space and play Xbox everything should I do it so have a good life

- Too difficult to figure out

I never used the app but spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to use it. Communicating with people from another country is already challenging. The last thing I wanted was another of anxiety trying to get the app to work. It did however manage to take my money. That part seemed to work just fine. I would not recommend this app to anyone. Thief’s such a ripe off. I want my money back.

- It was so interesting

It’s so difficult I did not know to do it there are bad and so so bad at home I was so happy I want to see it I want to see it I will talk in French then what’s happened I don’t know that this end so sorry did not like it

- I didn’t actually think that this would work but it did

I tried it on my dog and she understood I asked her to come inside she came inside I asked her to sit down she sit down this app is amazing I didn’t expect this

- I just don’t think that dog and cat translating is going to work

I’ll be straight yes it’s true that there is a cat and dog translator in the app but really I just don’t think it’s ever going to work because the people who made this app aren’t super advanced engineers they are just some people who just want to make a living but please stop with whole cat and dog translator stuff it probably will happen but just wait

- This is horrible I just want to talk to my cat for free

I saw this I got excited I just got super happy cause the ad I got had a cat that u can talk to so I downloaded it now I am a kid so I can’t spend money with this stuff and I don’t spend money on this kinda stuff this is horrible and some apps that make u pay still let u use it without the money but not this app if u don’t like to spend money on apps don’t buy this cause that is all u do on this app

- Awesome

Makes things easier to understand especially if you don’t understand that person


Seriously it says free trial but when I got in it like it said I have to pay to play this app this is just waste of time and if u have money u can also pay but I don’t think ppl have the money for this game like…it cost a lot don’t download this app It just a waste of time I repeat this is waste of TIME is trash maybe it’s $1 a day but like honey what if u like the game and u keep paying and u have no more money then u can’t play it again.

- Wrong Transalations

I know Korean, and Japanese, and I am disappointed with the translations. They are ALL WRONG! I was hoping to give this app to my sister so she could learn as well, but forget that. It’s especially annoying that the basic translations are wrong to! If I could give this 0 star I would. I am extremely disappointed with this app. Please get a professional to translate the languages if your going to make a translator app.

- I’m just getting ready to leave now and then I’m going to go home and take my car and

I have to say that I’m going back home now to go get food

- I love but don’t

Wow this app is amazing just literally I don’t like how you do something and the subscription pops up and yes you can X out but omg it’s so uhhh, like having younger siblings uhhh, so just waring you I love this app but one more thing before you move on to next review,, I have one thing now I will get to the point now if you don’t do the subscription you only get Spanish let me go check no you can do any thing

- Doesn’t do what it promises

I use tinder to practice talking in other languages here in Spain. This app would be useful if it could translate tinder in real time. Maybe the premium version does? I have no idea because the app is useless without premium. And the three day free trial is a trap for people like me. It autorenews after three days and charges you. I always get tricked by those things. Sigh. This could’ve helped me a lot.

- I don’t know?

So I haven’t tried it yet but I have a feeling that it won’t work like it’s alomost impossible to read your pets mind besides my dogs and cats never bark or meow it’s unlikely...

- Not worth it ...

They shouldn’t show that they do pet translations if the app doesn’t actually offer it. 🙄 In all seriousness there are plenty of free apps that translate better (google translate, for one). My microphone works perfectly fine for texting and Siri, but for some reason it doesn’t catch many of the words I speak into this app. $8 a week is a rip off for this sub par service.

- Mane take after free trial

I hate this in so many ways I just want to communicate with my dad and be Spanish I also want to be Spanish because I’m Mexican but I don’t know Spanish so you just make my life horrible die in hell I would’ve like this without the free trial and me not being able to do even do the thing and translate with people makes me so angry so maybe just leave out the free trial

- good app

It's easy for going abroad where you can manage even if you don't understand their language 📞

- I Mean, There’s Google Translate

Honestly, I don’t understand why people would want to download a pay for translate app when Google has free one. I downloaded it on a whim, mainly because of the cat translator advertised. I knew it was gimmicky, but I wanted to have fun with it. Saw the subscription rates. Kinda ridiculous. Google has a free app that also translates images through the camera as well.

- Was good but the app charged me 2 times

I’m over drawn now on my account 86 dollars because the app does not have an end subscription button like all the other apps do. So now I’m stuck trying to figure out this app situation and there isn’t even a 1800 number to call for Apple nor this app itself .... I’m furious!!!! Do not use the app unless your looking to but it the free trial is a scam

- Very helpful and accurate

Use many times. Works well

- You have to pay for EVERYTHING

I got this to have a little fun and then it started to make us pay. Honestly it’s a good app, but then it could get expensive at $6.99 a WEEK. I would settle $6.99 a month but that still would be kinda expensive even for that. It’s a voice translator guys, lower your price people. Why do people have to pay for a VOICE TRANSLATOR

- I feel that I was defrauded by this company

They charged me a weekly fee of $8.7 USD for 4 weeks before I became aware of it. When I reached out to Apple for a refund because I used the app maybe for a few minutes and was not aware of these charges, they refused to provide a refund. It appears to me that they are allowing customers be charged is malicious ways.

- Be careful when you purchase this app

This app is ok, but it kept charge me every monthly for update, I didn’t realize until it has charged 4 times with different amounts... 2 stars because it help, but it’s not worthy for payment monthly with range from $8.45–> $9.85 a month 🤪

- worst app ever

It won’t let me do anything because you pretty much have to pay to do everything and I’m not paying 40$ a month for 3 things there’s not that much to do and the message translated thing takes so long or you can’t se what it says please try to add more stuff that you don’t have to pay for 🙄

- Great review

This is like a life saver I ca just use it for special ecation like going to Ohio Mexico and other places so you should download this app it’s amazing

- Can’t use it if You don’t pay 7.99/Week

Touch anywhere in the app and a popup comes to force you purchase subscription. You literally can’t try it without signup ( they offer 3 DAYS trial though) The user experience design is not good. There are loopholes where you get stuck without anyway to go back.


I am highly suprised how this SCAM app is highly rated. You cannot do anything for free with the app. If you are unfortunate to download the app and expect that you can use it for free; SIMPLY YOU CANNOT. As soon as you open the app, it asks you to start free trial which will charge you $8 PER WEEK. You have to go through apple subscription cancellation once you realize that app has been charging you that amount every single week. Instead of replying every comment, it is much easier to take all the feedback into account and FIX YOUR APP. That would be the logical solution only if THE APP WAS NOT A SCAM.

- Forced me to get membership

I kept on having to go out of this app and closing the application to stop getting the membership ad. 20 time this happened. When I did get back in, it forced me to buy the membership. I kept trying to cancel it but it didn’t work. Creators of the app please cancel my membership.

- Wouldn’t let me change language

Hello! I tried to change the language from Spanish to French and it wouldn’t let me! I thought it was be a great app but that ruined its chance! Sorry! I’m still going to give it 2 stars because it seemed like a good app!

- Nope nope nope

Im not sure if this app really works because every time I tried to use it it kept asking me to click on the free trial thing and I’m old enough to know these “free trial” things. I would have liked to at least use it for maybe an hour to really know that is worth it. I’ll just keep using Google Translator.

- False advertising!!!!!!

1st off the false advertising is actually ridiculous. I downloaded it based on a lie from an advert I saw. then it automatically signed me up for a subscription I did not know about and starts charging you weekly. This app is a hoax and they should give customers their money back!!!!!

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- The Ad is pretty click bait

Mate every kid wants to talk to a pet but meow meow doesn’t mean feed me but I used this app with a exchange student and it worked pretty well I used this app at school with the Japanese student and he understand but one time he asked to sleep together and I acted like I didn’t understand great app though im gonna say 4 star tho since it’s cool

- Great but....

Great but needs written translation using English text

- Kinda good kinda bad

This app is kinda good because you can transfer different languages and learn more from your device and it will be handy if our like me. I’m chinise I can’t speak chinise and my grandparents speak chinise so yeah you get it but on the bad side it cost MONEY most kids don’t have I’m 9 and yeah don’t know about that one so hope you enjoy this but I absolutely HATE THIS APP

- Hello??

I mean I didn’t even FULLY DOWNLOAD the app but just looking through the comments makes you realise that if you have NO money (because us Kids usually don’t) it is practically a SCAM!!! I mean NO CAT!! How sad 😞! If you have no money don’t download!! But if you have money I am sure it would be a pretty great app. P.S sorry developers

- I love it because you get to learn different languages at the same time

It’s awesome make more series of it I can’t make a story

- How do I cancel this app ‘translator ‘

It said it was easy to do but I decided I did not want to purchase it when I was half way through as it does not have the language I want. I can’t even work out if I have purchased it And I don’t know what to do to cancel it. Can someone help me ? Lost in the techno woods

- Would take you less time to learn the language than use this app

This app is confusing and doesn’t work. You’re better off using hand gestures and pictographs to try and speak to someone.

- Developer please read this

The app cost money that equals to a lot of dislikes it’s so much just to speak a different language I was hoping I could learn some more Chinese but I’m better off just waiting for the school holidays to end!

- Terrible people.

Openly advertising that you can translate what your animals are saying to children! which is very dangerous with the automatic payment that you need to agree in order to use it... I hope you get sued.

- Not worth downloading at all

You can only use the app if you pay. Who knows if it even works cause it won’t let you. Thanks for wasting my time. I would rather give you no stars but I’m not the devil.

- What a scam

Don’t download you should not be able to automatically charged you should have to allow charges manually not other

- It was really good

It was good I had a lot of fun with learning words

- Just got tricked too

If I haven't pressed the start button, does that mean I have not subscribed to your overly priced weekly payment after 3 days??? I'm so upset as I have to worry about some unwanted charges!!!!

- All good

I like the website serviceI

- Such a funny joke

I love people’s sense of humour these days

- No happy

Don’t click on this. You have to pay.... auto subscription after 3 days. No where to cancel it.

- Wait a minute at least

Just opened and already wants a rating So one as have not even set up languages yet Give me a break please

- Rubbish App.

Full of ads and doesn’t translate as well as app describes. Deleted immediately and looked for something else. Don’t waste your time with this app.

- Translate

Very easy to use

- Expensive

Ridiculous price, should be one off payment


What if kids want to play this app it’s digraceful you have to pay why don’t you put that in the app oh wait I know why your click baiters

- Voice translator

This app is hard to use, very limited and absolutely frustrating.

- Voice translator

I wish this app was free to use so people wouldn’t have to go through a hustle to use this for there needs.

- Upset

It would be awesome if this app was free and not just advertised that you can just get it. But keep up the good work and you are doing well👍👎🏻


As soon as I got it is was making me get three day trial but I didn’t want to waste money but there was no way to not do the trial I just don’t like app that much!👿😐😑

- AWESOME! ..."................ but

When I saw this App I really wanted it!😱😱🤗 I installed it! Then I realised it cost money,I almost tore my pretty hair out! So do not install this app!!!!!!! I mean like....HOW ANNOYING!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡😭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- It’s pretty good

It’s so helpful download the app

- Terrible game

DO NOT BUY!!! It wouldn’t even let me play so annoying and don’t waste your money doing free trial. It couldn’t even translate my baby or dog or cat.

- Nice apps

Very helpful

- Such bad , burglar

Didn’t send conformation Keep taking the money I never ever use!!!!! Even can not stop

- Can’t really test free trial

Can’t really test the app because of the adds after every phrase.

- Love Hate

I like it but I don’t like that there’s more money excluded!🇱🇰🌈💧💖💔🍬👎🏾

- It isn’t free !!!!

I was lost money!!! By agreeing to get 7 free days to try the app, you are accepting to pay after!!!! 👎🏻

- Hi

This app is good I mean soooooooooooooooo good

- Discuss

I was discsted when I opened the app up it asked me to pay and pay and pay for ever like 4+ WOW FRICKEN BAD APP

- Love you guys

I will not believe this one app is so awesome

- Eh

Cool I guess what’s with ur voicelating is it normal u lyed about knowing what cats need

- Why can’t I use this

One star 1 ⭐️


You have to pay money and it’s just a waist of time AND money. Sksksksksk

- Bait

It works how they say, but only a three day trail.

- Very bad

I went cancel this app No good very bad

- Ugh

You should make it free 😠

- Terrible

No cat. I hope whoever created that lie dies

- How do I cancel this

How do I cancel this???

- Swahili


- W

This is amasin

- Nice


- Help

Please help me with this please

- False Avertising

This App is advertised as free and it is not free

- boring


Payoneer 💰

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- So far so good very easy to use just not sure yet about the offline

So far so good very easy to use just not sure yet about the offline voice translation mode will check it out then give another review on that option Besides that awesome app


So they said I could talk to my cat and they lied. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. false advertising at its best. Disgusting. I can’t believe i was lied to like this. I don’t know how these advertisers sleep at night knowing they have lied to innocent people. Just absolutely shameful. I am truly hurt.

- If I could read it it would be a five star

Such an awesome app you should really get it

- Sooooo terrible the ad is such a liar

I wanted to use this on my cat and my baby cousins and the ad lies to you. DONT BUY THIS APP

- Very disappointed

I was sold on this app when I got an ad that said I can translate what my cat says but then NO, Just got stupid pop ups every 2 seconds saying to buy there stupid subscription.

- Scam

Not even a cat translator like the advertisement said .... It is literally a scan for people who don’t know how to unsubscribe to apps ... Those kind of developers disgust me

- Useless

This app has already taken $44.95 and two $5.95 from my app purchase and it still will not work, I have an iPhone 7 it is not like I have an old phone app useless

- Piece of crap

This app sucks. I tried translating my dog. He was barking at someone outside and it translated to “I want a new toy”. It is just programmed to say a random thing so you think it works. Don’t buy it it’s a scam

- One star

I don’t recommend this app cause you have to pay money so.... ya

- Charged

This app charged me for an annual subscription that I did not agree to.

- Whoops

This is a great little app. I used it to fix my wife’s voice mail which was stuck in Cantonese AND the password locked out. The app worked great even using it to translate a voice mail options menu. I initially gave a 1 star review because I was disgruntled with my task and the app kept prompting me for a rating in the middle of what I was doing. I regret that because once I got it figured out the app worked really well. Would recommend. It also has CLEAR instructions on how to end your subscription once you are done with it. Many apps are happy to let you accidentally auto renew.

- Poopy game

I can’t even log into this stupid poopy game 😖😖😖😡😡😡

- Jena


- Do not get it

It would not let me in

- What?!

I haven’t tried the app but people are saying it is a trick!😡 don’t buy It!

- It costs USD$545.48 per year, not including taxes.

What a rip off. This is robbery. Definitely not worth the cost. ($10.49 per week!) There’s plenty, way more economical apps that do the exact same job, and better. There’s even free apps that work just as well. This is definitely throwing away your money. Do not download.

- Cool Application

Very friendly and helpful app!

- Hate it

No one should pay for this game

- Cast money 😡


- Dsl je n’aime pas

Désoler mais je ne peut pas payer

- Typing is fine but everything else sucks.

When I type things it translates pretty fast but when I try using the voice it doesn’t listen at all! When I tried to do English to French it just wouldn’t pick up my voice even though it was quiet and I was speaking clearly. Another thing is the adds. On the add it had a COMPLETELY different thing going on then what the app actually does.

- worst app ever

You have to pay after using the microphone once worst app ever

- Ad was misleading me.

Your ads are misleading. I expect that I am able to translate language from a cat but in reality you can’t translate from a cat. So please stop misleading customers from this ad. It makes me think your ads are a scam.

- Maybe this Is good

Just added hi ad maybe it will work

- Upset1233455pppp

You guys stole over 50$ from my account don’t download

- Bad

DONT GET IT ITS JUST HORRIBLE It’s bad because you have to pay for everything and it doesn’t even work!

- App sucks I do not recommend

I wanted to use it but when I downloaded it, it wouldn’t let me continue unless I bought the subscription so I deleted it. This app sucks I do not recommend.


COSTS MONEY FOR SOME DUMB TRANSLATOR APP?! THATS ABSURD! I DOWNLOADED THIS WHEN I COULDVE GOTTEN THE MILLION FREE ONES?? Anyways I guess it was fine. Response to developers: I know. But it was still terrible! I couldn’t even talk to my god damn cat! Do you know that I’ve been looking for a cat to human translation for 6 YEARS

- Shut up

Biz bznjsnznbbzb shamans

- I hate it.

You guys made a fake ad this is why I hate your app!!!

- Ember’s baby sounds

Love baby’s lol

- It’s great

Because when someone is talking a different language use it!Its a great app to use

- Animal Translator Needs Attention

I fall for these animal translators every time. I type in what I want to say to my dog l, like Murray go get me a drink from the fridge, hit translate, and he just stares at the barking generated from the app. I try it again and he wags jis tails, runs off and brings me back his toy to play with him. So I type in that I don’t want to play right now and he just wags his tail, gives me a play growl and proceeds to pushing his toy into my hand until I cave and start playing tig of war with him. They still need work on dialect of dogs or animals. If it helps my dog is a Husky, Lab Irish Setter and out primary language is English. Please let me know when the bugs have been worked out as I’ll pay your yearly fee to finally be able to have comprehensive conversations with my best friend. Thank you

- Lol

Just want to say don’t think you can translate cat language, don’t be dumb

- It’s a scam

No one is really gonna pay for a voice translator when you can use Siri or google translator so I say it’s a total SCAM. Also if you use the free version it’s not that helpful as it always has ads and never cooperates with me so if your looking at reviews to see this app and others opinions I suggest you use something else that is not a scam P.S. hi

- Mad?>:)


- Not able to use this app

I am not able to use this app without doing a membership

- Rating apps


- Expensive

You can’t use this app without a subscription and don’t do the free trail it will charge you automatically without asking you!

- Change it

You should not make people pay what if they need it really bad but you have to you a rip off I am telling my dad (he is a app maker) and delete this app so you better make people not pay this is your warning

- Rial


- Français le traduire en espagnol



Whenever I get the subscription advertisement there’s no CLOSE button!! I hate it as a whole!!!

- Waste of time

Such a horrible app! Doesn’t even work, (only if you buy it for $9.99 a week). This app is pointless to me, but if your willing to spend money on something that probably doesn’t work, go ahead

- Hi

You should not make us pay that is bad not everybody has money it’s not fair to those people that don’t you should make it free

- Asem

it’s Asem dude

- $$$ money

This app isn’t cool after 3 days u HAVE to pay

- NO cat translator

not free, quite expensive for a regular translator. i might pay if you could talk to ur cat like it says you can !!! kind of a weird advertisement.

- Won’t work!

Hey this app wouldn’t work and whenever I tried to use it it would bring up getting the stupid premium and when I would continue without premium it would repeat I think that this app could do better.

- Stupid

I hate it and it won’t let me delete it. No won download this stupid app😡

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- 😐

It was OK but not the best because I had to pay to get into the app but I haven’t really been to the app so I can’t really judge yet

- Some translations are good

It seems to do well in the simplified Chinese mode, and works ok offline using the downloaded dictionary. However I’ve had very bad luck with using it to translate Korean and one must be online to use it at all in that language.

- No just no

It’s so bad the only language you can use is English and Spanish this is so bad I recommend this different Translating app called translate now and it’s free to and every language so delete this app and get translate now and this is not an add I am a real person .

- This app is so amazing download it now

I’ll give it more than 5 star. I rather to be a 10 star

- Cat and Dog Translation

It’s literally fake, and not only that it comes up with fake responses such as, “you have a beautiful smile.” And,”I want a new toy.” I was looking for my car to test it on, but at least twice without me even being near my car it some how managed to translate,”I want a new toy.” This app is fake, use google translate.

- Just purchased

Just downloaded this app but it has been crashing on me. I will try and see if they can help in improving quality.

- Five Stars

This is absolutely the easiest translation app I have ever used. I am so happy to have found it. It’s perfect for me.


I’m sorry but your telling me I need to pay 1 a day to use some scam app I don’t think so maybe if you made it free I would get this app but I’m not paying for a FREE APP!!! that just doesn’t sound right so why don’t you go fix your scam game plz don’t by this game 1 it’s a scam 2 you need to pay for a FREE APP!!! 3 it’s 100% garbage 😒😡🥵🤯😱🤮🤢💩💩💩💩💩💩👎🏻

- I love this app because u can let ur pet do some noice like pet noise and u can know what it means

That is why I like this app so much

- Predatory Billing and deception

App works great, but this is a perfect example of predatory practices that should be controlled by the FCC. They bill “$7.99” after the “free trial”. Every app I’ve seen is monthly- this one bills WEEKLY. So multiply or divide everything by 4- in the company’s favor and you have a more accurate picture of what you’re getting.

- AnkekgkflKehtg

Anjana was the day we talk to you later tomorrow night I’ll talk to you tomorrow night and I can get him to

- Helping out

Please say it costs something in ad

- Good app

I have used this app a lot and it really helps so I think this is the best app on my phone

- You learn any language

This is the best app you can learn so many different languages

- I like the game

I like the game because I want to learn Spanish and u I am so happy that they put this game out of languages

- BEWARE! It didn’t load correctly and cannot be deleted to reload.

This is ridiculous. Our life is multilingual and we continue to learn more. This looked like a great way to communicate and learn. BUT! - It did not download completely. - it will not delete off of my phone - it cannot be reloaded to correct the mis-load - it stays stuck and useless In 5 minutes, it has become a burden on my phone that cannot be corrected. I strongly suggest you not download this app until glitches are corrected down the road.

- The best game EVER

This game can translate the person my lola tried it when she was in the elevator with Chinese ppl they were talking about their moms haha

- A dishonor

This would be a great app if it worked with Native American languages.. Why do you all not recognize us? My people are losing their language, culture, and people and you all act as if we were just mere myths from the past.. Please help feed my culture for my children and their children’s children.. Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin!

- Scam

Don’t download it, I got charged 7.99 weekly just for downloading it by mistake then erased all t immediately buy they kept changing me. I notice it at the end of my billing cycle and had to go to iTunes to cancel a subscription I never intended to get but was automatically enrolled host by downloading this app!

- It is NOT free.

It worked really well, but you can only use it once. Then you have to pay. I couldn’t do ANYTHING without it bringing me back to the page to pay monthly. You get to translate 1 time, then pay monthly. It was a waste of my time done loading it.

- Thank lord

Now I can understand my animals better

- Casually user of this app

The developer now asking to pay for this crappy app. It crash and don’t translate everything you say. This is like Burger King want to put them self in the class of smash burger. Plastic fake and fresh natural. I will pay for Rosetta Stone but not this crap. I will definitely delete this crap .

- Good voice bot!

Yeah I mostly use this just as a robot voice for my videos 😂

- One dollar and something a day do you know how many dollars that would be a year?

My problem is A monthly subscription of 1$ ish a day = over 365$ each year which is a bit too much🤦🏻‍♂️.

- Horrible voice translator

I tried this out thinking it would be amazing, but turns out horrible I do not recommend this in any way. My experience may be different than others but I rate this zero out of 5 stars. WORST APP EVER TOTAL SCAM

- Im a kid and I have to pay!!!?

This is such a scam bro I’m just a 11 year old kid and you want me to pay for this stupid scammed app I looked at all of the reviews that have one star and one of them said if I delete this app I still have to pay are you developers dum cuz it looks like you are what a scam

- Good I guess?

Don’t really know how to use it and I just got the app and I’m starting to learn to communicate with my cat but over all it’s good!

- Good game

This is so good if you go to a different Country you can have this for help

- For my puppy Isabell

I really want to translate with my shih Tzu and my baby brother his name is Reese and he’s one year old I am downloading this app right now five star rating👍👍👍👍

- This is cool

I like it because it tells me when my dogs are hungry

- Nope. Subscription. Exorbitant one too.

Greed. Instead of charging $1 or even $10 or even $50 for this app, they charge an $8 per week or something subscription. That’s a no from me. It’s a no for the subscription and it’s a no for how expensive it is. So minus two stars in the negative.

- Good start for a translating app

So far it’s a decent start to creating a legitimate app that can translate in real time. Still many nuances of some languages that the app does not pick up on but maybe further down the line.

- Good

I like it wish l didn’t have to pay,it helped me in Mexico and Germany it had some glitches

- Yalana123

I really like this app I know everything my child say

- Anything free here?

I saw an add while I was playing Gacha Life, so I decided to download this game. But you have to pay for it.. I bought this game to understand what my parents say different languages’ and I just want to do something! So can you please add something free? ~Thank You!~

- Seriously

You gotta do subscription seriously who are you people you only need money is that right you scammers who do y’all think you are princess or prince well you guys are scammers who ever reads this don’t get the app beileve me there scamming there unbelievable jerks so don’t get the game

- Good

But it is not letting me do anything without the premium pass

- Fake and lame

Kind of stupid to advertise something on instagram as completely free just to send me to a subscription option when I download. Automatically deleted, waste of my time. Apple should delete stuff like this off the app store


Its really helping me communicate with others I was going to hibachi and the server did not know English so I used this app and it worked!

- Al

This translator works very well it is very quick and accurate

- Love the app

I love the app but I tried the cat one and dident work but I love the app it worked for me and helped me translate Spanish German and other laungages thanks.😊🙂

- Review

The trans elations are not complete ! It’s half English and the other Spanish 😳 very inconsistent! At list you understand the contest of the article! Need improvement! Thank you

- Voice translate

A some helps A lot

- Make it free to translate

I could not get in because it costs money also I have a few cats and a dog I want to translate. Also I have a baby cousin who is a few months old and can’t talk yet I’d also like to translate her so please make this free to be able to translate.

- Hey you

So I think you should let us do what ever animal we want.

- False advertising

The baby and cat translate ad is fake Well i mean of course who could do that But still you shouldn’t bring people into the app like that You need to give the people into the app like there welcome Not scam them it will get more people into the app

- Upgrade

So lemme tell you this why can’t you try and use it first I mean come on why do you have to commit to pay 7.95 to use it yeah I free trial is good but only three days please let people use it then maybe for upgrades make them pay.

- How much???????

$7.99 a week?? You are totally taking the pi$$ !! I don’t care how good this is it’s not worth $400 a year even if as the advert shoes your likely to get off with some woman in a bar. There are plenty of other good translators for next to nothing online or offline

- Shame

Honestly don’t know if more more disappointed in the false advertising of being able to translate cat or the fact that you can’t even try the app without having to agree to a trial.

- Money

This app need some help because 3 days from download this needs Money 8 dolors in week

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Here's Speak and Translate - Voice Typing with Translator MOD APK for Android, free only...


Some Chinku guests just checked into my neighbor’s Airbnb, and they’re literally being forced to use a Chinese-English voice translator app to communicate. It should be a requirement to be able to speak either English or Swahili when visiting Kenya


"I'm sorry, I'm Korean. I don't know English. Can you repeat?" Jungkook was carefully watching Taehyung's face and as the translator's voice stopped, he saw his eyes light up. Taehyung grabbed the phone and also let the app translate his message thinking it's damn adorable.

Voice Translator App. 4.13 Screenshots & Images

Voice Translator App. iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Voice Translator App. iphone images
Voice Translator App. iphone images
Voice Translator App. iphone images
Voice Translator App. iphone images
Voice Translator App. iphone images

Voice Translator App. (Version 4.13) Install & Download

The applications Voice Translator App. was published in the category Reference on 2015-09-22 and was developed by BPMobile [Developer ID: 1085442365]. This application file size is 159.48 MB. Voice Translator App. - Reference app posted on 2020-10-27 current version is 4.13 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: vt.free

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