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APPatient [Medical] App Description & Overview

What is appatient app? Welcome to APPatient™, the end-to-end patient engagement app created for Modernizing Medicine® patients and providers.

APPatient™ is a mobile, fully-functional patient engagement app that can help both patients and providers save time. Patients can access telehealth and information, and push notifications can keep them up to date on primary medical concerns. Practices with Premium Patient Connect can take advantage of 24-hour online check-in, expediting intake paperwork. It can also help providers treat patients on the go.

APPatient Patient Benefits:

- Chat allows you to communicate with your healthcare team.
- Request prescription refills from your phone.
- Access your medical records on the go.

APPatient Provider Benefits:

- Allows patients to access their healthcare records directly.
- Communicate with patients.
- Access patient information stored in EMA® from your phone.
- Lab and test results can be accessed by patients.
- Use your existing Patient Portal username and password to log in.

For log in assistance, please contact your physician’s office.

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How to contact APPatient (Modernizing Medicine, Inc.)?
Find this site the customer service details of APPatient. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

APPatient Customer Service, Editor Notes:

APPatient Version 7.0.020 December 2022

- Updated app name and logo - Feature enhancements and bug fixes.

APPatient Version 3.10.030 September 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements..

APPatient Comments & Reviews 2023

- Not everyone has a phone, dammit.

I use this miserable app on my iPad, which is set on a keyboard in landscape mode. This app is designed to only be used on a phone in portrait mode, because the programmers are too lazy to bother with any other display. If I take my iPad out of the keyboard case and turn it portrait, the doctor seems me turned 90 degrees. If I leave the iPad in landscape mode, I see the doctor turned 90 degrees. This makes it awkward for either of us to show something on the screen. Piece of crap and barely usable.

- Bad Rap? Good App 😊

The secret is to set up your online account on the office URL/patient portal first. IF, yes, if you follow the instructions you are given on your physician portal to create an account for your physician then log in, it works perfectly. The reviews I am reading on here are harsh and while I have just downloaded the app and not used it a lot, it allowed me to see and do what I wanted to do. I had no problems logging on or anything else that was complained about. I was able to add my pharmacy and my medications; checked the portal on my computer and information was correct in both locations. Maybe recheck the instructions before complaining that it is worthless or that the developers do not know what they are doing. It might be you instead! 😊 And, I hate reading & following instructions as much as the next person but in order to navigate the online world 🌎 we have no choice.

- Works fine!

I almost didn’t download based on the bad reviews and was just going to go in extra early to fill out the paperwork manually. I am very glad I decided to give it a go. A couple of things to note. AFTER you download the app, use the second link that your provider shares to actually log in the first time. It interacts with the app you downloaded any sets up your account. ALSO, be sure to snap a screenshot or write down your provider url which is necessary when you sign in the next time. (Hint: if you forget, it is at the very end of the second link your provider sent). Once in the app, it was simple to complete the information and pretty basic interface. Definitely better than filling out paper forms in the waiting room. Why not 5 stars? No way to upload photo of insurance card and the 2 step setup process is not ideal.

- Crappy App

I’m able to login, but I’m stuck on a screen giving me an option to enable/disable Touch ID. I believe because the font on the screen is too large, it’s not recognizing my fingerprint. I gave this app ZERO stars only because I have to give it something. I can’t even give it 1/2 a star. This app has been a colossal waste of my time and patience. Especially since I need to contact this particular doctor for a non emergent issue. Since my next appointment is in a few weeks, it can wait. But , I’d still like an answer to my question before I see him. Please fix this. I’m on an iPhone, and my iPad does automatic updates to my apps, as my phone does. I’m frustrated at how my apps crash on my phone, this is one. I’d like to see when an app like this comes out, regular maintenance is done as apps like this are very helpful.

- Terrible and non-functional

This app just straight up doesn’t work. It took me 45 minutes to get through the logging in and resetting password stages, and after all of that I now cannot check in for my appointment at all. If I go to the app using the emailed link to check in, I get taken to a screen asking if I’d like to check in, where large text is covering the “Begin Check In” button and you can’t click on it at all. You can barely click the “Not Now” button, but if you then navigate back to checking in, you get the same screen and can’t do it. If I go straight to the app myself and log in, I then get stuck on a screen asking if I’d like to enable Touch ID. However, there is large text covering both buttons there, so you can’t do anything to get past this screen. I’m using a standard iPhone in portrait mode, and nothing happens if you turn the phone sideways. There seems to be no way to get past this, which means you just can’t do anything with this app. I’m worried that I won’t be able to attend my important virtual doctor’s appointment tomorrow due to this horrible, non-functional app. Medical practices, please use something else for your virtual appointments!

- Requires Better Instructions

The instructions must emphasize the need to setup the App on the doctor’s website not the App. The procedure I followed on my iPhone SE (and it was flawless) was - 1) Download App from the App Store BUT DO NOT OPEN THE APP!! 2) Click the web-link to the doctor’s website provided in the doctor’s Message “DM” or E-mail and follow the login instructions on the doctor’s website. 3) The Doctor’s website will then walk you through the registration process. 4) When done registering on the doctor’s website, exit the website. 5) Open the App you previously downloaded. All the information you entered on the doctor’s website during the registration process will be there. The App should work flawlessly from then on. If you are the kind of person who hates to read/follow instructions, you are dead in the water with this App. My complaint, hence only four stars, is that the message I received about the App failed to provide the five step instructions provided above in this Comment.

- Terrible

This app is majorly flawed! To begin with it’s not user friendly at all. Second of all, there is no where to navigate from beyond the two pages of seeing your appointments and the home page but you cannot make any kind of edits to the appointment nor can you even actually make an appointment at all. It’s useless. In addition to all that, the center itself is terrible and not only is their customer service bad at answer phone calls, they obviously don’t answer messages sent on their app either (why am I not surprised) so having the app is useless and the whole spine center in Tyson’s was a disappointment to say the least! I don’t even know where to go to delete my account!!!!! If you can at least help me with that I might consider giving you an extra star.

- The app just simply DOES NOT work

I received the practice URL and instructions from my dr’s office via text and email. I kept getting directed to a screen to enter my login (provided in my dr’s email) and password - which I didn’t have since I’ve never used the app. I’ve clicked “need help” which was no help - it just lists aspects of the app, no help for logging in. I clicked “forgot my password” and followed all the instructions multiple times. It I kept getting the error that the URL was incorrect. The URL was the same in both text and email. This app is horrible. If I could have given this app ZERO stars I would have. I’m deleting it and plan to complain to my dr’s office when I go in for my appointment. Hopefully the appointment still stands since I can’t log in to confirm it!

- Worst app

Advanced Dermatology should be ashamed for using this app. I can’t get past the log in page. Over and over again the “link” that was sent for the log in page does not work or let you get past the login page. This is an extremely frustrating app that does not work. If I could give it less than one star, I would. seriously considering changing my doctor because of this app. I cannot go through this every time I have an appointment and my children. If you have multiple family members that are minors, this app won’t work. It will only take 1 person -which ever person in the family happened to be the first one who had to use this useless app. Well what about the other minors in my family?

- Sad Attempt

Ann Arundel Dermatology should be ashamed for using this poorly thought-out and nearly useless app. As patient portals go, this app falls horrendously short on both form and function. Account setup link provided by local AAD-affiliate office takes one to the web-based interface which allows the creation of a login, this app seems to require other or additional info during setup. Beyond that, at least from my use of the app so far, I can see only my previous appointment(s) while an upcoming appointment isn’t shown. This developer should look at the United Healthcare web-access pages, they’re very user friendly and informative. I’ll keep the app and check occasionally for updates and improvements, for which there is plenty of need.

- So far it’s great

PLEASE NOTE: you must have already established your online patient portal profile before using this app. It is from the patient portal that you get/use the user name and password. And do NOT use http or https before the doctors office URL. I was able to check in for my appoint, sign forms, review medical history, as well as pay my office visit co-pay. For those who didn’t like the app I would recommend giving it another shot. I thought it was a great addition to the patient portal and keeping things digitally.

- Seriously the best

Although this app can’t be used well on an iPad I just used my phone. I was easily able to set up and enter all of my information and logged in with the information provided by my dermatologist. The only thing I had to do was use “forget password” to set up a password. This is so much better now that I don’t have to spend 25min sitting in a room filling out paperwork and I can track all my prescriptions and see when I have my next appointment.

- Seems to Work Right

Upon checking over reviews I was prepared for a rough ride. The links sent to me via my care provider in text worked for downloading the app (pocket patient), then accessing the account using practice information. I was sent to a screen to verify my identity via last name and DOB, then I set a password. I have an iPhone 11 if equipment makes any difference. In this world you never know what is problems with the hardware, issues with the account creator (service provider), or user error. Worked as expected.

- OK APP, poorly written…

I find the app frustrating to use, but if you dig and push enough buttons, it seems to do a lot of things. I understand that a single universal APP that is used by many different types of medical services needs to be broad, but this seems to be just that, good for lots of different types of medical serviced, but not specific to the type of doctor I am seeing. Virtually NO information I and submitted prior to my appointment seems to be included, and I am needing to re-enter everything again. Again, things are hard to find and use…

- Medical Practices Should Not Use This

Absolute nightmare for patients. This makes the check in process insanely difficult, if not impossible. I would rather confirm / check in via email or text. It is impossible to make an account on an iPhone using the links sent by the practice because the links do not open in the app OR in any browser, only the App Store. I wasted 30 minutes trying to set up my account on my phone / reset my password, and then when I tried on desktop, my account got locked. This is absolute garbage and no practice should use it - you may lose patients, and you certainly aren’t improving your “customer experience”

- Basic Patient Portal

I’m not sure of the instructions others got but I was sent an email from the medical practice that had a link to the website page and had no trouble logging on and then creating a password on the website. The email stated to setup your account on the website (browser) and then download the app. I was then able to sign on and turn on Face ID with no issues. Once on, it was easy to navigate.

- Fabulous

Literally going to save our practice right now. We received an email from ModMed they had decided to relaunch the telemedicine portion in hopes of helping us manage through quarantine. It seems they have cleaned out most of the bugs since the latest updates. They are incorporating live video chat into their telemedicine now. With the COVID-19 pandemic in effect this application will give my patients the accessibility they need. Everything about this is fabulous.

- Setup Online Before Using App

The app works, but you have to make an account online (separately from the app and preferably on a computer) first. At first it was confusing, but once I made the online account, I was able to log onto the app with no issue and complete my check-in faster than I would have been able to I’m the doctors office by virtually “signing” the consent forms.

- Doctor’s office need to educate better

The app is basic, but allows our patients to do what they need to - update health records, view appointment data & contact us/send images if necessary & engage in Telehealth visits. The experience via the app is much smoother than via the website. There are many steps on the “back end” that a doctors office needs to do to make the patient’s experience more seamless - i have a feeling most don’t do this.

- Revised Directions from Doctor Office

I read the reviews and experienced the same results. The reason why others have not been able to access their portal to set up the account is because the email from the doctor office contained https:// or http:// Ignore that part or the web address and just put the domain name. It allowed me to continue. Poor directions from the doctors office or their IT department.

- Unfortunately a required app

This app is literally not made well enough to do the bare minimum it was created for. It’s a medical app and it won’t allow use of Bluetooth headphone for privacy. Every process is slightly delayed, and you cannot see where to check in for your virtual appointment. It’s a terrible app and I suggest to any company using it to switch before your customers go to a different clinic just because of this set up. So rude to the workers at the clinic because they have to explain the app, and rude to the patient because they are confused and stressed.

- Agreed - Waste of my time

Like another reviewer, I couldn’t get past the login instructions. The reset password option for first time users doesn’t work. You get sent a link, provide your last name and date of birth as verification and it comes back with an unauthorised error. Who doesn’t know their own last name and date of birth? I tried to get past that step more than once with no success. Then I checked these reviews. Feel better that it’s not me - just a terribly programmed app. Don’t bother. I plan on telling my doctor’s office. Tell yours too.

- Works Fine if You Complete the Portal First

Agree with the positive reviews. But, I had already set up my portal with the physician’s office. I downloaded the app and then clicked on the second link from my physician as instructed. The app allowed me to sign in with my last name and birthdate and everything I had put into the portal was pre-filled. Easy.

- Cannot set up and does not work

So frustrated with this app. I am following the instructions provided to the letter, however it does not do what as stated. 1) Attempting to click the link provided for a second time to set up your profile simply does not work. 2) Attempting to click the reset password link provided does not work either. Both spit you back to the App Store and you cannot set up a profile. 3) There is no support. When you attempt to get technical help with the app, it tells you to go to your doctors office. I missed a doctor’s appointment because this app was malfunctioning.

- Can’t even login!

I received an email from my provider to check in to my appointment. I clicked on the link and it says the SMS link has expired. Right after that, I received a text message from my provider to check in to my appointment. I click on that link and receive the same error message! These are brand new messages so how has the SMS link already expired? I clicked on the need help button and it takes me to a page directing me to contact my provider. I sure hope my provider isn’t paying for this sub par app!

- Works as it should

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Installed the app and logged in using the doctor provided link. All my info was there and I could set up a password and check in for todays visit. I suspect that any problem people are having is on the doctor’s end. I find the app to be great.

- Pointless

The app is only good to keep up with your appointments; which are also sent via email. You can’t pay your bill through the app. Only information on the app is the information you submit and your test results. Again you get a phone call for that. It’s basically useless. I can do without this app. I was easy to set up and user friendly just not useful.

- Easy to use

I truly don’t understand why so many people are having difficulty setting up and using the app. Regarding the touch ID set up, in most apps you have to enable the feature and then log out and log back in using your password and then log out and the next time the touch ID will work.

- Unusable on my iPhone 8

I created my account and set my password online, then downloaded this app. I was able to log into the app just fine, but the first thing it brings up is a page asking if you want to set up Touch ID. There is a Yes option and a No option, but there is a text message overlaying the buttons and flowing off the bottom of the screen. You cannot scroll down to see the rest of the text and the buttons are unclickable, rendering the app unusable.

- First, most easiest app

This app was so easy, just follow the check in instructions sent by your doctor. Download it first, THEN click the next link and everything is there all you have to do is create a password. This app is easy.

- Doesn’t work at all. Can’t even sign in.

This app is junk. My Derm sent me the link to download and register before appointment but it won’t let me register and set up a password. Just takes me to the log in screen asking me to sign in which I can’t do without a password! Tried clicking “forgot password” and it sends me a link that takes me back to the log in screen. Uggggg - so frustrating. Can’t believe a professional medical office would use this amateurish app.

- Can’t even get into the app

I wish someone at the helm would fix the bug that prevents me from getting into the app! Once logged in, a screen pops up to ask if I want to set up facial recognition for logging in. The image is jacked and doesn’t respond to any touch on the screen. Only way to get out is to close the app! Pretty useless so far…

- Waste of time

I’ve had the same problem as other users. I followed the instructions I was given from my Dr’s office but I was also never provided a password. Trying to reset my password led me back to the apple store app download page. The need help button also didn’t help. I hate that every doctors office wants me to download a new application to store sensitive personal information and info about my health. I don’t have time to waste on trying to troubleshoot this app.

- Triple waste of time!!!!

I refuse to even give them a rating of 1. You can’t get past the sign in page to fill anything out. It tells you to put in a password but won’t let you in. My doctor sent me the url info from their practice and it wouldn’t accept that. It’s ridiculous. It’s not easy to use at all. I’ve used apps at other doctors that were very user friendly. This one is ridiculous. They’ve got major problems with it.

- Doesn’t work

This app doesn’t offer anything for me. I was able to log in but nothing else. After logging in I get a page asking me if I want to use Touch ID but the accept or decline button does not work. It shows two different pages with one page overlapping the other. This app is a waste of my time. After looking at the newest reviews it seems as though the app developers completely ignore this problem

- Worst App

I can’t believe my eye doctor’s office paid for this piece of crap app. The auto email to set it up lacks sufficient directions and resetting word does not work as it says it can not locate the server (office website url) provided in the no-directions email. Like others who said, when you try the help feature it tells you to call your physician’s office. As an instructional technologist who designs training for a living, I can honestly say this is the worst.

- Worthless app

I was just forced to download this app by my doctor’s office to check in for an appointment. But the buttons to click to check in do not work. And text is overlaid on top of those buttons. What a total joke. This cannot even claim to be a minimal viable product in beta test. Seems like something a kid tossed together in an afternoon. Cannot imagine how anything on it could possibly be secure, given that simple basic things do not work

- App gets stuck at facial recognition

I’ve reinstalled the app, rebooted my phone, nothing works. After you sign in it goes to a page to ask if you want to enable facial recognition. That page is completely unresponsive, you can’t enable or deny facial recognition and there’s text written over the top of the choices making then impossible to read. That’s all the farther you can go. The app is completely non functional. What a joke.

- No way to register

There is No place to register for an account. There is only Forgot Password and if you have never registered that won’t do you a lot of good. I say the app gets 1 star until they put a “Register Here” link on the log in page. Other than that how do we created an account? One reviewer said you have to do it at the Drs office first. This kind of defeats the whole purpose of setting up appointments online.

- Doesn’t work

Can’t get a password because the link I requested using the “forgot password” link sends me to the App Store where this app is. Click “open” and it takes you to the main login screen, where you need to put in a password but I haven’t set my password yet. Click forgot password and get a link that sends me back to the app and then login page. There is no way to set a password.

- Can’t add appt to calendar

Doesn’t allow you to click on the appointment date and time and add it automatically to your calendar. One of the most use feature other portals is to login to see when you have an upcoming appointment and add it to your iPhone calendar.

- 0 stars

710 reviews and the vast majority are 1 star . I understand why: I am instructed to “check in on line”… hmm, i have no temp password and no account…”set up account” seems a good idea, but that is not an option… ”forgot password” maybe? Get in that way? Nope…. One wonders why a medical office would choose this app in the first place…and probably pay for the privilege…guess I will “old school” it and check in, in person

- Forgotten Password Link Broken - No Support

The app is worthless trash that purely relies on your doctor’s office for any and all support. And because the set up is new for the offices, that guessed it, the app doesn’t work! I did not receive a password when my PocketPatient telemedicine appointment was established. No problem, I thought, I’ll click the ‘forgot password’ link. That link on PocketPatient was broken. I tried it from safari, chrome, desktop - it never worked! PocketPatient doesn’t have any support chat or phone numbers. My doctor’s office are all out on remote work and can’t get in touch with PocketPatient either to fix this. The result - no telemed appoint and a 1 Star (I’d give it zero stars if possible) for the PocketPatient app!

- Worst App Ever

This app is the most difficult app I've ever had the unfortunate need to use. If not for my doctor's requirement to complete the medical history to get an appointment this crapware app would be in the toilet where it belongs. The app developer should try to fill out tbe medical history sections to see how truly awful this crapware really is. Only rated one star to get my comment submitted. Would otherwise rate it as S...t

- Great so far!

I just set up the app. I followed my doctor’s instructions and links sent to me by text. It was very easy to fill in information and set my password. Very pleased at this time.

- Password reset

The password reset function is completely broken and just sends you in an eternal loop. App is absolutely useless because of this.

- Can’t Login

I have never left a review for anything but this app is so terrible. I could not get past the login. I attempted to reset my password because I was never provided with one. The instructions in the email said to open the link in a browser to reset the password, however, the link continued to redirect to the app. I attempted this several times. Worst app I’ve have ever used.

- Erin

Very user friendly. I love how I can see my upcoming appointments and request a new one. I was also able to send a message to my ophthalmologist over the weekend and they followed up with me first thing on Monday.

- Cannot get past Reset Password

Was sent a link from our derm to use this to register. I am a new user and there is not create a new account option which is kind of ridiculous. I had to resort to reset password. The auto generated link takes you right back to the sign on screen with nowhere else to go. I deleted this app and will not use it.

- Brutal

Has become a big negative for my practice. Patients can’t connect easily and refuse to use it - way too much staff time “troubleshooting “. Here’s what my patients and I need: an app integrated with the EHR where patients can sign in easily, enter their own history in detail, upload photos, then wait in a “waiting room” until time to connect with the physician for the telehealth visit.

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APPatient iphone images

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The applications APPatient was published in the category Medical on 2016-03-08 and was developed by Modernizing Medicine, Inc. [Developer ID: 387022758]. This application file size is 183.93 MB. APPatient - Medical app posted on 2022-12-20 current version is 7.0.0 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.modernizingmedicine.patientportal