Ringtones for iPhone!

Ringtones for iPhone! [Music] App Description & Overview

STAND OUT from the crowd with our awesome 2-in-1 app!
Beautify your screen with inimitable live wallpapers and impress friends with amazing ringtones!

Let your device become a source of self-expression, inspiration, and joy.

Now you have the ability to fully customize your phone by choosing your own ringtone and adding a live wallpaper on your lock screen.

With Ringtones for iPhone, you’ll get:
– Our all-new ringtones catalog with the freshest ringtones
– An easy-to-use live wallpaper and ringtone maker
– A huge catalog of Live Wallpapers
– Full iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max support
– Regular content updates
– Special holiday content renewals

Key Wallpaper Features:
– Extensive gallery full of stunning live wallpapers for every taste
– Live Wallpapers, ASMR, Themes, and Wallpapers categories
– Live Wallpaper Maker – turn your videos into awesome live wallpapers

Key Ringtone Features:
– Browse categories with thousands of new and popular ringtones for iPhone
– Create unlimited ringtones using songs from your library
– Edit all saved ringtones, text tones, and alert tones in your “My Tones” library
– Use the microphone to record ringtones for iPhone, text tones, and alert tones

Download our app now and get cool ringtones for iPhone and fascinating live wallpapers! Replace your old default ringtones with our brand new ones and boring images on the screen with live wallpapers!

To install your ringtones, SMS/mail/calendar/alarm tones, and other tones and alerts, you will have to follow our instructions and then sync your device with iTunes.
Live Wallpapers can only work on iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 6s & 6s Plus.

– You can subscribe for unlimited access to all features within the app
– Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually at the rate selected depending on the subscription plan
– Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
– Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
– Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. The cost depends on the selected plan
– Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
– Any unused portion of the free trial will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription

Privacy Policy: http://on5mobile.com/ringtonesfree/privacy/
Terms of Use: http://on5mobile.com/ringtonesfree/terms/

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Ringtones for iPhone! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

– Bug fixes and performance improvements We would appreciate if you take a moment to review our app on the App Store!

Ringtones for iPhone! Comments & Reviews

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- Good! But one thing...

Okay it looks way cooler when you see it on the App Store! I don’t have the option to make the names and make the picture look like it is like a hollow box....it is good as well because I have gotten sooo many apps to do the wall paper.. but this one worked! I still have more to discover! The ringtones are so cool.. one thing on that: it takes forever to load and kinda takes your batter into the fighting Ring lol 😆this is and honest review! Needs a few fixes but that’s all!

- Yellow bar stays put

There is a yellow bar to indicate where you are inside of the selected waveform of music that fits into the time restraint of whatever type of file your making (40 sec for ringtone, 8 sec or text tone, etc.) when you play the passage it starts right where it is was last playing; this is awesome. When it cycles through the end of the selected wave form it restarts where it was last left? What the heck?! This might be useful for some folks, but it’s a buggy disaster for me trying to make a tone with any kind of speed. Perhaps, this is some thing that could be added in setting with a toggle switch? When I get to the end of my selected waveform area, I expect that it will start replaying at the beginning of the waveform area I have selected, not at the last place it was started from. Thanks guys, great app!

- Just what I had been searching for!

When I bought my first iPhone (a “4”, many years ago), I dutifully d/l’d two songs from iTunes to use as my ringtones. All was good for quite a while until, suddenly, my phone reverted back to factory reset for ringtones. After double and triple checking to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently dropped them, I contacted iTunes support and, after much discussion, I eventually learned that even though you can PAY for ringtones from them, you do not actually OWN the ringtones you paid for! They evaporate after a set period of time! Imagine my joy when I happened upon this app! It is not the most intuitive app to use, but if you do the dance properly you will be rewarded with ringtones that will stay with you until you choose otherwise.

- Do they really think?

Okay let’s get the working stuff out of the way first. Cool ringtones, didn’t have time to check out the wallpapers that’s an extra star. So. DO THEY REALLY THINK IM ABOUT TO PAY ALMOST 10 DOLLARS A WEEK FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS? I get it, man, you have to support yourself and the app. But to price it the way it is? I mean it feels like the kids who made this just kinda threw a price without any research. Only to Have a limited supply of what people really want in an app. Sorry, but 8 dollars a month is worthy for a streaming subscription or online service for a video game. Wallpapers and ringtones, in which I can find free already through numerous app and windows, is ridiculous. Best of luck, but you need to do ALOT more updating before I shell out that much money for something so frugal.

- Nothing free

Crappy ringtones and poor selection. Have to pay 7.99 a week to keep your ringtones from the app. Don’t waste your time. There are better free apps. Reply for devs. “trials” are scummy tactics. Wouldn’t give my card info for something I can get for free without signing up.. Dev updated reply saying you can watch a video to get the ringtone, re-downloaded app to give them a chance as that is a move away from their tactics to get ahold of your credit card info. Again I was disappointed there is no way to do what they said, cannot download without signing up for there service. Now I guess they are lying on reply’s or haven’t implemented said feature. App has been re-deleted. There a way to report false advertising on the AppStore? Maybe the Dev can send me a video.

- Useless

Convoluted, excessive, annoying and ultimately useless. There’s a whole bunch of crap you have to go through to create a custom ringtone, including having to buy the song yourself from the istore. Then, after editing it in the app you have to upload it to garageband (which I had previously already deleted from my phone) and export it again from there. The process was way too long and complicated. These people should be ashamed of charging almost $30 for this crap. You can literally do the same thing on garageband already without the headache. Oh, and their ringtone/alert library is TRASH. Really the only positive is some of the wallpapers. I’m so happy I cancelled my free 3 day subscription before I got charged. This is GARBAGE!

- Terrible app

When you type in ringtones free it should give you a free app which they do it’s free to download not inside the app mine just thought you should now and I didn’t even get to try out the app because it doesn’t like do this thing where try it for a month free or whatever it literally the first thing that came up was page saying money a month money a year and then try to try a trail now or something so I can’t give you the perfect readings so I’m just going to give it three stars it might be better than that it might be worse than that but I didn’t get to try it

- Good But One Issue

The app is cool and I love that when I get a call, I hear “Watermelon Sugar”, but the ringtone, takes FOREVER to instal to my device. I don’t know why it takes so long! The live wallpapers are very limited, and I can’t use them on my iPad. Unless I pay for a subscription, which I don’t have the money for, I can’t download the ones I want. But good app. Maybe just improve the download time and open up the limitations a little bit.

- Not what it seems

So I pay a monthly subscription for Apple Music and apparently this app isn't able to convert the files to create a ringtone/text tone. I tried searching for any popular music artist but no avail. The only available tones they have are generic tones that a much older person would have (mind you I'm 24). I refuse to purchase music on ITunes to see if it converts those files because I already pay a family subscription for Apple Music. This isn't the only ringtone app that has the issue tho just wish it had an exclamation in the description on its capabilities.

- So far so good

Of course they want me to rate the app immediately; but, so far so good. The ads are already driving me crazy but only because the ones that keep coming up can't be closed out for what feels like forever. Ads are to be expected though as the app is free to us and given that it's not an app I'll spend hours on every day... it's worth it. Provided the tones transfer well into use, it's a keeper.

- Don't waste your time

I'm not one to write a bad review, but this one drove me over the edge. It somehow knew when I was starting to get frustrated (which was more often then not) and it would play an ad. Nothing is free and I couldn't even open the app without getting requests to start a trial. It would only let me open the place where you pick ringtones and the ringtones weren't even that good. I found one that was kinda funny so I downloaded it. I couldn't figure out how to get it as a ringtone, but I think that was my fault. Long story short, it's not what it seems. Sorry if I offended any of you, and have a nice day!

- Honestly, the only ringtone app I haven’t deleted

I love making my own ringtones because like, why buy them? I had tried so many before this one (you can look at my download history) and I ended up deleting all of them because they always ended up being janky. This is the only one that I’ve kept that has done exactly what I need it to do without hesitation.

- Needs major rework

Hard to use. The catalog is really bad with categories like "popular", "new" and "autumn" there are no genres or usable catagory names. The search feature either doesn't work at all or is Extremely limited as it couldn't find a single thing I typed in, and you can't go two minutes without it asking for a rating review. Seriously how can someone know enough about an app in the first 2 min?? And every min or two after that it continues to ask. I'm deleting this junk app and looking for one that's actually useful with Real categories not jus new popular or cool. My catagory for this app? Lame!

- Couldn’t get it :(

I downloaded this app because It said FREE and GOOD ringtones and also wallpapers.... but guess what? Just like all the other apps you can’t even get in without paying 10 dollars a week and yeah u might be able to watch a video to get ONE FREE ringtone- the ringtone is plain and crappy sorry :/ Anyways can someone tell me where the X is when you don’t want the free trial and just want the regular features cuzzzz I don’t see that either. I don’t want a free trail cuz I will probably forget about it and then they will start charging me >:( so yeah no bye. I’ll change my rating once I can get into the actual ringtones 😠

- Amazing and easy

I’ve been wanting to customize my ringtone for a while now but every app I download makes you pay for ringtones. Even apps that say they’re “free” are not. This app lets you customize your ringtone however you want you can even record songs. Overall this app is great and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to a new ringtone.

- Yet another Garbage app

First off if your like me you don’t want to get a subscription to an app that you are going to use for maybe a day. So you try using the app thinking you can work around the ad’s. Well you can’t, basically every time you click on something an ad pops up. Basically forcing you into either deleting the app or getting a subscription. I have yet to see if iTunes will accept what I was able to create with this app. I was only able to use some songs I wanted but other songs it wouldn’t work which makes this app yet another useless app in the AppStore.

- Better than most Ringtone Apps

So I don’t mean to sound like an actual critic, but I think this app is really cool. I like how you can not only make your own ringtones, but use other people’s. The one thing I don’t like about it is how it keeps pushing the premium on users. You can’t even figure out how to install them with out buying premium (Premium is very overpriced, with a 3 day trial, and $7.99 a WEEK).

- 6 second ringtone

I used this app years before and it used to give me a full duration ringtone for 20-40 seconds. I recently tried to create a ringtone and the sound plays for seconds on all ringtones and rest is blank. Unless I pay I cannot get the full time of the ringtone I selected. So glad I have a desktop with audacity to just create ringtones myself. Why pay for something which was free before. I don’t have any issue with ads playing but give a message your ringtone is only 6 seconds unless you buy premium version. This app was beautiful 2 years ago.

- The app is good but....

The app is good but 2 things I expected something else that being said it doesn't explain how to make a ringtone for specific callers, and I hate having to since to my computer if I don't want to. And the very worst part are the pop up ads. I can see some but not each time you close the tab to make a new ringtone. It's awful and it makes me not want to use the app! Not with each ringtone set-up! Come on! How about cutting back some?!

- Easy to make your own

I got this app about a year ago and so far I like it. I've been able to use my ringtones including the ones that I recorded. If you can't find one that you like, you can chose from your playlist on your phone or simply record. It does take a few steps afterwards to complete the process, but it's worth it.

- It’s a scam

I’m currently on my mothers phone but she saw an ad for this app on Pinterest when looking for Christmas wallpapers for her phone. She saw a short gif/video showing a phone call but the background had a moving, dancing snowman. She downloaded the app for that purpose but we went through everything and nothing allowed her to have that option. The only thing we found close was a live wallpaper of a dancing gingerbread man. Like what the hell. It not only upset my mom, but it made me very upset that the developers are doing false advertising. Complete waste of time and effort.

- Less Ads and Easier Directions

I like this app. Took me a couple of tries before I finally got them added to my tones on my computer. I give this app 4 stars. It would have been a 5 but the aggravation of getting them onto my computer in order for them to get to my phone. I like the variety of music and ease of the controls in customizing your ringtone.

- Text tone problem

I like the app, you can make yours ringtone whatever you want(use the record button and use a different device to play the song you want) but the only problem I have with it is the text tone won’t show up after I put it on my phone, it only shows up in ringtones even though I set it as a text tone

- Are you kidding me?!

Ok look I got this app because it had a ringtone maker the that I saw interested me and yes I am aware that this app is not just a ringtone maker but I got it specifically for that I get on the app and it says I HAVE TO PAY AND GET A TRIAL THE MAKE A RINGTONE and there are other features that I did want to try out but guess what all the features that I wanted to try out that I saw in the add I had to pay for that otherwise beside that big problem it fine I guess.

- Classical & user generated

I haven't generated my own so I don't know how easy it is but I might. From a quick look there's a lot of well known classical, some pretty bad "ethnical" but also "international". "Funny" is mundane. If something strikes me as a text alert I want to create I'll give that try. I downloaded a few tones… haven't gone through the rest of the steps yet

- Bait and Switch

This app is “free” to download and once you do, it asks you a series of quick prompts about licensing agreements and allowing it access your music and a tiny and brief page about a subscription. I tapped yes thru the usual agreements only to find in the small print there is an $8 fee PER MONTH! And then I went back thru trying to find a way to cancel or contact someone by email to let them know what happened. Nothing could be found. Very predatory app. Suggests it’s free but charges almost $100/yr for ringtones?! And no easy way out. Awful!!

- $8.00 a week ?! That’s crazy for a free app

This should be placed in the purchase app category. The app is free to download but what you get is not. Because the only option is to buy its not free. The trial is only for paid members so it’s not free. You gotta pay first. It’s just placed in the store wrong. You gotta move it out of free category cause it’s not free. You can’t do anything unless you pay. It appears like a rip off when it’s served to me like this. It’s like you handing me beef when I ordered chicken parmesan with bread sticks and a root beer. And possibly a dessert afterwords. I mean it’s totally wrong.

- Used to be great

I genuinely enjoyed having this app since there were many ringtones to choose from, as well as the option to record my own. After the newest update at around late June, I would now have to pay $7.99 a month if I want to continue using the app. No way would I use my money on this! Well it was a good run while it lasted, but now I’m going to have to delete the app and fine another one.

- After 3 day

I just got this iPhone I’m trying out different apps and downloaded this app immediately saying that it said after the three day trial I will be charge 7.99? I mediately went to go take this app off my phone however all the sudden the app show that I was working so maybe I clicked the wrong thing when I tried to click on the bubble I don’t want to be charge 7.99 in three days my account is literally at 10 bucks and for the rest the week how can I cancel this or prevent this from happening?

- A little more work than I expected but worth it

Good app. Easy to understand interface makes it easy to create your own ringtones and more. You must connect your phone to iTunes to install the ringtone however, so it's a little more work than I expected but worth it.

- This app is awesome

I really wanted to have a humorous ring tone, and this is the perfect app that I was looking for. If you are having trouble finding a ring tone, they already have multiple other ring tones put into categories for you. If you are looking for a funny or unique ringtone, you should get this app

- Does what it should, but...

No complaints about using the app, though I’m hardly a power user... it’s pretty simple and straightforward The problem I have involves unsubscribing from various in-app services. You can’t do it from your phone; you have to fire up the actual iTunes app ( according to the help file). Fine. Except I travel constantly, and (between iPhone and iPad) don’t need any of my other computers on the road. During my short stops at the house, my time is taken up with the hundreds of little things you can’t do from 2000 miles away. Being unable to kill these subscriptions from within the app is plain piss-poor design. Being unable to kill them from the phone is unforgivable

- Installing ringtone

Complicated process for users who aren’t the only one using the iTunes account. I can’t get to the said said instruction unless I add my phone to my PC iTunes more permanently, I suppose. At this point there should be an easier way to install PURCHASED songs as ringtones. I do blame Apple, but this is too much to simply install as a ringtone. The process of creating your ringtone was good, it was easy and simple. I did spend quite a bit of time on it and all for nothing because installing as a ringtone was a hassle.

- Needs work

Actually would have been an awesome app if it didn’t try shoving “BUY PREMIUM” down your throat every time you hit a button, I’m not exaggerating every time I hit a new button to search or even listen to a ringtone an ad pops up trying to make you buy more of the app, to make it worse the X to close the ad slowly appears so you have to wait. It also says you can search ringtones but nothing comes up so either they worded that wrong and meant to say “search only the genres we have” or Ive been mistaken.

- Nice options but bad quality

I like this app because there’s a lot of nice options and there aren’t constantly ads popping up everywhere, it’s easy to navigate and download things. However it takes forever to load and seems to always be loading.

- It could be better! If iOS allows it to be.

It's pretty good. It could be better if iOS would allow easier access. Instead of having to open the app in iTunes. Copy the ringtone then opening it so, it will save in your tones list.

- Okay let's see

This app is kinda cool because of all the different choices you have with the ringtones and it's just not ringtones it's text, voicemails, tweets,etc. The only thing that I hate is all the ads, it's like really annoying when they pop up all the time like in a couple minutes there were about 15 ads it's ridiculous. The app is good but the ads are not!!!

- Not the same wallpaper that I saw on the TikTok application

I download that application because I saw commercial about that ringtone application that’s showing really nice wallpaper with the computer like inside and you can move your iPhone and it’s looks like in 3-D . But when I download the application that was the same wallpaper with the computer inside look like , but it’s not 3-D , and I can find anything like this on your app that on your commercial.

- Click bait

This app is totally click bait and frustrating. My child saw the moving background and thought it was cool, he clicked on the free button and it automatically charged my card . $8 bucks per week is ridiculous. This app needs to be reported because I can’t cancel or get a refund for my money spend. Furthermore, I can’t reach anyone to request it. It’s only some BS request tab which no one gets back. I’m going to contact Apple regarding this and reporting them if I do not have a full refund .

- Great Variety

There's so many ringtones to choose from that it took me 3 hours to listen to all of them. Quality and quantity are both above and beyond. I have two problems though. 1.) The ads seem to lag the app. I don't know if it's a problem with

- Wow!

I have only had this app for a few days and I LOVE it! The only problem is that I have nothing related to an apple computer. I found out a different way though. The best part is that you can choose songs from your iPhone library!

- Awful

I chose not to sign up for the unlimited version and just continue with the limited one. Not being able to access some sounds was fine by me as long as I found a few I liked. I was able to do so and was pretty happy about it, but it wouldn’t let me download the sounds to use them without subscribing to the unlimited version?!! I’m not going to pay you money for an app that advertises as free if you don’t give me the option to actually USE the free version!

- Easy to use...even for those of us from a wiser generation

Open the app and quickly make your way through menus that are self explanatory. In a few minutes I had several ring tones I could install via iTunes. Thanks

- Great database but...

There are many awesome ringtones to choose from and I would expect to find an ad every few minutes because it’s a free app but every other ringtone I sample I get an ad that is twice as long as the ringtone I’m sampling. It’s straight up annoying. So annoying, I may try another app despite the fact that I like the ringtones this app has to offer.

- perfect ringtones

I love all this rings. I don’t need to look inside my purse . Thinking it’s my phone ringing when I am at the store or anywhere else it happens all the time now ever since I have this ringtones I know it’s for me love it I recommend to my friends and family

- Good but complicated

This app is very good and works but at first I didn’t understand what to do. I knew I hade to plug my charger into the computer but I didn’t have the iTunes app. Also maybe it’s just my phone but the recorder used in the app doesn’t have good quality

- Only to unlock full version

If I still like it after the unlock Inwill let y'all know. Edit: Even after giving the five star rating, the app did not update to either the full version or unlock any additional features.

- Great App

Great app, You have to deal with advertisements ever now and again, but aside from that it's a great app! You can make your own clips of audio, including anything from your music library stored on your phone!!!! It's great and easy to use for all ages of relative intellect!

- Some issues

I have been using this app for a while now to create ringtones and its actually a great app. Recently when I tried to create a ringtone I am unable to add the file back to ITUNES as a ringtone. In addition to being prompted to purchase a membership in order to receive the directions to put the ringtone on my phone

- The worst Iphone Ringtone app ever. Ever!

I install the app hoping to download and install one or two ringtones. I'm not greedy just one or two would be enough. I found the ones that I like and downloaded them. And you asked me to watch the ads to be able to download. I'm still ok with that you gotta do what you gotta do. But after painfully watch the ads, I found out that you have to pay to install the ringtones?! What was the point of me watching the ads then? Not cool man.

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- For the older songs

Only way I could get favourite song as my ringtone. Would like to be able to transfer the wave file directly to my phone. But good all the same.

- Really great

Super easy to use, able to convert through iTunes on my laptop easily. Can use any song in your iTunes library, the only improvement would be to use songs that you don’t have to own. Otherwise, really great app and great sound.

- Bit of a scam so be careful.....

...... to delete subscription, don’t leave it to tomorrow as you have only 24hrs until you get charged $12 per week!!!!! Tried it for 5mins the interface is poor so you simply have a stack of songs names to work through. The developer is simply aiming to catch people who have been drinking or kids and then to quickly rip you off. $12 per week is 4 times the price of Netflix , this app is not giving you a service worthy of this price

- Was great but....

Weeks ago there was great ringtones on here from current songs. Now there’s nothing commercial on here. I searched even tones I have downloaded and there’s nothing listed in the search results. It only gets 3 stars because I can still make my own ringtones. Disappointed with the change.

- Not bad

App isn’t too bad, easy to use and straight forward instructions. But it’s the ads which are a real head-doer. Please make an in app purchase where you can buy to get rid of these tedious ads. They’re incredibly frustrating and make it difficult to use the app itself.

- Amazing 💯

It's easy to use, there's a large amount of songs to select from. Been creating a ton of ringtones for my phone. Definitely recommend 10/10

- Scam

This app is a scam, the free and limited version doesn’t let you do basically anything. If you download a free ringtone and you want to install it on your phone, to watch the tutorial you are forced to go for the free trial membership with automatic renewal. Worst thing: I have tried to send an email to make sure I don t get charge for anything , and the email in the terms and condition agreement doesn’t exist.

- Not too sure

Makes you write a review even before you sample the product... don't know what to write here

- Scam!

Free to download and says “in app purchases”. Download it and open it, only to be told I have to start a free trial to use the app. No option to use the “free version” I’m seeing comments about from the developer in the reviews. App just closes down when selecting no to the free trial. Can only use free trial if you have payment details on your account which I don’t so this is technically a PAID APP!

- Very nice but it doesn't have what I expected!

My friends were telling me about this app (unless this is not it ) the songs were punt into the ringatone

- A+

Great app so far have found most of the songs I wanted, have tried a few app and this one seem to have the best selection.

- I love it

This is nice and easy to use and I like how you don't got to pay for them unlike the other apps that just take you to iTunes

- Everything you need

It has everything I've tried to search for, the best one I've come across

- Best Ringtone App

I’ve tried many ringtone apps. This is the best. Mainly because of the very good guidance given for getting the tone installed on your phone.

- So easy

Watch the tutorial, then you’ll see it is by far the quickest and easiest ringtone app to use.

- Best ringtones app!!!

Love this app, easy to use, great variety and selection of songs, sounds and alerts, there's something for everyone 😃

- Rating

It rips you off my only problem is getting rid of it🤬 ripped of big time

- Ringtones app

The app sounds alright- if you are willing to pay for it. This I didn’t know until I went into the app and it said- free day trial for 3 days then have to pay $11 a week or something.

- Why isn’t it free

I would love this app if it was it was advertised correctly you have to pay real life money for what some ringtones it probably cheaper to go buy them from the App Store and all of these FREE apps that you clearly have to pay for is to much money so do not consider your free installing any of these apps

- Awesome

So far it has literally been the best app for ringtones, great variety of songs and easy to use.

- Great app

Lots of ringtones to choose from. Gone are the days of paying for single ringtones 👍

- Great Selection

Easy to use, instructions clear. Large choice

- Love this app

I love this app it makes me and my friends laugh then my phone rings

- This app is great

Maybe add a few more ringtones for friends and family

- Best one out there

There are a lot of free ringtone apps but this is far better then the rest.

- Awesome

Best ringtone app for iPhone I've found so far!! Good quality and lots of choice!!

- Trickery

This app looks good except you have to go through a whole process with a computer that takes half an hour. Waste of time and I’m thoroughly disappointed

- Not Free

You go immediately into a 3 day trail period which then automatically converts to a regular subscription. Not as free as it looks! Not happy that Apple allows these to be marked as free apps which I normally allow my kids to have. Now it looks like I will need to review everything.

- Not good

Not a good start to an app when you first open it up to “accept terms and conditions” and then “start free trial” which takes you to a purchase! I barely opened it let alone choosing to pay for anything.

- Ringtones for iPhone with ringtone maker

Great app so easy to use

- Easy to use

Awesome app. Very easy to navigate. Has some unique ringtones... Thanks!

- Not Free At All and Dodgy

No in-app button to unsubscribe. Got monies deducted with no authorization or notice. Even deleting the app the subscription is still on. The app is also hard to use. Do not recommend. If I could give a negative score I would have.

- Ringtone app

Very good plenty to choose from

- This app is so stupid

I can’t even open the app so how am I meant to use it I click on the app it goes into it for to seconds does nothing except show the logo and then glitch out and go to the home screen so dumb don’t get this app

- Terrible

The make a ringtone button doesn’t even respond!? Stop asking for money before you guys can fix this poorly developed app. Wasting my 10 minutes for nothing


Easy to use.. instructions provided to convert any of your own tunes to a Ringtone OR use the Catalogue of Free Ringtones provided.

- Brilliant

Fantastic app, great selection and easy to use

- How do I make a ringtone from my music library

How do I make a ringtone it’s telling me I have to connect to iTunes via my Computer how annoying ?

- Change the world

It was really good

- 3 day trial then your subscribed

Downloaded automatically get a $12 per week subscription if you don’t unsubscribe better apps out there that aren’t trying to rip you off unknowingly

- Pretty great so far except

You've gotta rate 5 to get full access.

- Fantastic app .... great songs!

Easy to use

- We are not software engineers

You need a diploma in Apple software to install the ring tone onto your phone once you have spent ages selecting and editing it. Who the hell has that sort of time?

- So far so good

Only learning but looks good so far

- Awesome ringtone app

It is the the best ringtone app I've ever used.

- Not free -Avoid

First screens you see when opening the app is accept our terms and conditions/privacy and a sign up for a plan page. Not recommended

- Pretty bad

OK I tried getting the first thing I see is a subscription and the ringtones cost money! I know some developers do this but it’s a stupid thing to make money so I say don’t download this app

- Wrongfully charged for app

I have been charged full amount on my card twice and have not ever used this app. Absolutely disgusting I would like my money back

- Ringtones

Very good quality

- Fully trash

I would not recommend it, considering the ad said “free ringtones”, when if you try to install a ringtone it will say to pay something’s. Full BS

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- Très bien

J'aime faire mes propre sonneries

- Great

Works perfectly to get iOS ringtones

- Misleading

It is a 3 day trial followed by auto renew @ $9.99

- Subscription cancellation

I signed up for the free trial (3 days) with the understanding that, with 2 days advance notice, I could cancel and have zero charges to my Visa card. After searching every corner of the app, I could find no opportunity to cancel the subscription except for “sending an email”. So I sent an email immediately requesting a cancellation. Of course that was ignored and, as promised, they charged my card on the third day. There was an opportunity to cancel the subscription on the receipt so we are trying that. By the way, the main reason for the cancellation attempt was because the app was not at all what I expected or wanted.

- Very bad

Hi I am so mad so when you get it it said free trial and I pressed it and it said for a free trial you have to pay $10 Just for a free trial. It is so bad 🤨😤

- Not good!

So I downloaded a ringtone and to even make it mine, I have to buy it first, and you have a computer to hook it up to, not use full at all.

- Disgusting price

Downloaded this app. They give you a 3 day free trial and then charge you an asinine 9.99 per WEEK. Seriously How often do you change your ringtones or screen saver.

- Scam and poor selection

The app says to start a “free 3 day trial subscription”, even if you cancel the subscription and the day if you’ll get charged for a week the day after and couldn’t get a refund! SCAM!

- $9.99 per week is a rip-off

Netflix, AmazonPrime and Spotify combined are cheap that this app.

- What the hell

You need to pay 10$ each week for some bad ringtones, really useless

- No money

Is not free and expensive. No thanks

- How can I cancelled this?.

Misleading, don’t download and don’t even try the free trial. Said can do a free trial and 3 days but basically you will get charge already upon doing the free trial

- Free ness

Its not free, automatically get billed after 3 days

- Not liking

Downloaded thinking was a free app then said only free for a short period of time and will automatically charge you! Do not want to be charged and the app is to hard to use very conveluted

- Scam App!

I never once downloaded this app, and recently found out that somehow it got put into my phone, made a subscription to itself, and uninstalled itself! 9.99 a month! What a joke

- $40 a month?

They want $40 a month for ringtones. Get a life.

- It not free

I searched up free ringtones and it was free then when I opened the app it said payment required

- Not good

Like most others, gives 3 day trial and then pay up. Look elsewhere

- Ring tone maker

U only get it for free for 3 days then you have to pay monthly!

- $10 a WEEK?!?!

Are you kidding me?!?! $10 a week. $10 a WEEK!! Get over yourselves. NO app is worth that price.

- Charged

I got charged for a week even though I used it for the free trial and deleted the app after that.

- Fraud.

They give you 3 day free but add to registered for 9.99$/week. No way to cancel it and got no website to access. Should be ban from apple store

- Wow


- Its


- This sucks

It says it’s free but when you install it it says to pay 10 bucks a week for a wallpaper! This is a total ripoff! If I could give this 0 stars I would! Do t get this app unless u want to pay that ridiculous amount of money!

- Bring cash

Trail is one thing but $9.00 per week? Talk about your getting rich quick plan.

- Great

It works better than the one I usually use

- “ 4 . 4 “ Rating...

... “ 4 . 4 “ Score!

- Addd

It’s a good app but you sould watch the adds and either change it or do the food password thing because that was the main reason I downloaded the app and I was very disappointed that I didn’t have a password because that looks really cool please do it and if it is it in the black size because I am on the limited version because I’m not allowed to pay for things on my phone unless I use my own money and

- Ringtones not worth money

No good

- It’s not free. You must pay

Cost money. Not free

- Pathetic

3 day free trial of nothing and then paid subscription? 😂 Yeah right..... Insta-Delete!

- You have to pay!

This app might look good and you might just scroll passed this review but please listen to this because I don’t want you to get this app when it’s garbage!! It looks so great and the ads look awesome but when you download the app looking for a new ringtone, you will try and download any ringtone there is and it says you have to pay! No way anyone should have to pay for this app! Don’t download this app it’s a waste of time and a disappointment!!

- Card charged without authorization

Did the free trial to check the app out. Cancelled the trial within an hour of downloading the app and was IMMEDIATELY charged for a week. Unreal.

- It sucks

It sucks it did not say anything about iTunes or subscriptions

- Glitchy

I keep glitching out of the app

- Pay for it?????

Why would we have to pay for it..

- Disappointed

When you want the ringtone it doesn’t download unless you pay for plan. The “free” trial automatically will charge you after the 3 day at a price of $9.99 per week! And if you forget to cancel, then you are stuck paying. There shouldn’t be an Auto-renewal, after the 3-day free trial it should just stop the access unless you want to pay for the plan.

- Bugs

The app just keeps on crashing every time I go into it, even though I don’t even press anything in the screen. Please fix

- Don’t do it

You have to pay to even get a look at what content they have

- Not worth it

The app asks if you want to allow the app to connect to Apple Music and when you connect it only gives you a few songs and if you want more you have to pay word of advice DON’T GET THIS APP it’s not worth it

- To not get

Waist of time have to subscribe. They want to you to forget to turn it off. Saw that you had to pay and deleted it.

- Scam!

Most apps have a simple way to cancel subscription. I’ve been looking for five minutes. Stay away it’s crazy expensive!

- Beware

Wow I subscribed working two seconds of opening the app without even noticing that’s what I was doing. Be careful. Also -$9.99 A WEEK? Seriously? Nope. Unsubscribe and delete.

- SCAM - drains battery & does not have backgrounds shown in ads

Download at your own risk. App not only does not have the backgrounds and other features advertised, it seemingly wrecked my phone; immediately after installing my battery drained to almost nothing and my phone got so hot I had to take it out of its case and shut it off. App also charges for a ‘free’ trial; I rarely leave negative reviews, but this app is BAD.

- $9.99/week=$40-50/month

Nothing else needs to be said

- Can’t get in

I downloaded it and pressed it but it immediately rejects me and brings me back to home screen Please fix this cause this app looks really cool Also I put one stars one cause I can’t get in and two cause I haven’t used it yet Please please fix this I wish thought I could put week cause so far this app doesn’t deserve any

- What’s the point in this app

The ringtones are jingles not worth the money

- has a subscription

I thought that it was going to be an app that gives you everything, but no. it's JUST LIKE THE OTHERS WITH THEIR F*CKING SUBSCRIPTION

- Not free!

You need to pay to install ringtones!! Ugh..but the live wallpapers work okay. It’s just not 100% awesome quality it’s a little blurry.

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- Paying

This is a good app I have to say but I wish you didn’t have to pay for anything I’ve had to look all over just to find a good thing to use and this is the closest I could get to free but I would love it if you wouldn’t make people pay for this thx

- Free????

This app would be really good except you’ve gotta pay for everything. Like you’ve gotta pay to watch a video on how to insert the ringtone. Just saying that you should probably let everything be free. But otherwise it’s a pretty good app.

- Ringtones For iPhone!

Great app!! Got the app to get a ringtone dubstep remix and was able to do it really easily!! I would recommend getting this house but if you get this app make sure you have a computer or this app won’t work for you.

- Stealing my money!!

This app was downloaded to my phone about a month ago and I deleted it before even using it. Later I notice that it has been taking money out of my account in random intervals of time totaling about $50!! And now I don’t even know how to stop this but I’ll have to contact Apple. The worst part is the app wouldn’t even work on my phone to begin with so I’ve been paying for nothing for a month multiple times a week

- Not for me

For someone who wants to create a ringtone this app is good. I was just looking for ringtones already created. And the variety just wasn’t what I was looking for. However, there is no where that I can find in the app to delete my “free trial” that way I’m not charged for an app that I am NOT happy with. I have contacted the app. Hopefully they have a speedy reply and I’m not charged.

- Yessss

I absolutely love this up this is an awesome app awesome awesome awesomethere's literally nothing I would change and they're not all made by the app and it's all awesome and like you could've like something really funny for you you're in town and I really love it and it's all free it's awesome

- Love it!

Can you add a feature where we can make a ringtone out of a video from our gallery? Like so I can make a text tone out of something my little sister said in one of my videos.. that would be so awesome!!

- “Freeee trial”

Dear readers, I would not recommend this app just because it involves paying 20-30 bucks just to get in the app. Also you can’t even explore the app just to see what ringtones there are without paying. If you don’t pay it will take you back to the home screen. Once you pay to get in you can’t stop the trial. It isn’t that easy,you won’t even be able to delete it without the trial ending. Thank you for reading, App user

- Very Dissapointed

I purchased this app on accident, deleted and cancelled immediately but was still charged for it. After two days realizing I should at least use it since I paid for it, the app would not allow me access to the paid service without subscribing again even thought it is already paid for. I did not find anything on the app worth $7 a week, this is a waste of money and is just as good as the free apps.

- Not so great

So I downloaded this app yesterday and I was pretty excited. I opened the app and I clicked on ringtones. I found a couple of the ringtones were pretty cool. I tried to install them but it took forever. I left my phone on and let it load for thirty minutes. Still nothing. This app would be great if the downloading process was faster. I do not recommend it and deleted it off my phone.

- Do not recommend

With $8 I could buy another Disney + subscription. Seriously though I don’t recommend getting this app. It is really bad and is the exact same as a free app called ZEDGE which has wallpapers and ringtones that are much better. Don’t waste your money on this terrible app. It feel like someone just got a few sounds together and put them on an app developer site and then said “hey let’s charge money for it!” DONT waste your money or time on this

- Ringtones

The ringtones I have chosen make me laugh along with everyone who hears them. When you need a little pick me up during your long dull day order a funny ringtone it will make you laugh every time you get a call.


When you download this app, you get a message telling you that you get a free 3-day trial, after which, you are charged $7.99 a WEEK unless you cancel 24 hours prior to the end of the trial period. It makes it sound like you can simply cancel by accessing your settings, which they don’t have a link to ANYWHERE in the app! Funny though, they have a FAQ section, but absolutely NO MENTION of how to cancel. This is a complete scam and a total ripoff! SHOW ME HOW TO CANCEL BEFORE YOU TRY TO CHARGE ME YOUR INFLATED OVERPRICED RATE OF $7.99/WEEK!

- Do not download this app you have to pay

I give this app one Star because it is kinda Ridiculous to have to pay for a ringtone like come on people just want to have a laugh out of these ringtones and not have to pay for the app. Yeah I get it that people are trying to make money but still people like me just wanna download an app and not have to pay for this stuff. So have a nice day I really hope some day this app can be free to download music

- So wish I read it all the way through

So oops? It looked really promising I thought I had found the perfect app. Well I did but I don’t want to pay for a subscription right now. So my search is still on. Maybe I’ll download it again after I get some of my ducks in a row

- Just got it

I literally just downloaded it listened to maybe 5 previews and was asked 3 times to rate it. It's hard to rate something if I'm only able to preview few things give it at least 24 hours before starting with all the wanting it rated

- Good app but..

The one thing I hate is you have put though iTunes Store and end doing there, just an idea for the next update if the app can add on ringtones/other stuff on your phone, (note I'm 16 year old don't have an computer at home) and can't do some stuff... Just the idea.

- It’s really good but not you know?

Before I got this app I had a different one and it was terrible. So when I got this one I did t think it would be this good! It was too good to be true. You have to do the trial to tell you the the tutorial and it wouldn’t show how to put the ringtone on so I really wouldn’t get it unless u want to prank your friend. Mood:😕😐

- Did not purchase

I did not make a purchase on the app but got billed for it anyway. I got the app because I thought it would be cool to try. But the it asked about a trial which I had to click in order to use said app. Then I deleted it because it was not what I thought it was. Now a bill has been charged to my account for a subscription I had not paid for nor wanted how do I stop being subscribed! Because that’s not what I signed up for

- Wait until you get home

Just got the app 10 min ago , decided I wanted a ring tone for a family member created the ringtone I want, thinking how funny it’s going to sound ( I’m on the road creating this ringtone) then it instructs me to plug my iPhone to my iTunes account. “ man I ain’t got time to go home and plug my phone SMH” . Any ways don’t get to excited to use this app if your not around a lab top or desktop to connect for your ring tone to work . What a bummer !

- Love it!

There are so many ringtones, that I can actually preview and download without the hassle of looking for it later to add to my ringtone default. It's simple, it's easy to use, and there are a lot of great ringers based off the marimba mix

- Great app

Searching for a app that could give me a personal ringtone was horrible. I am so glad I found this app. It gave detailed directions on how to use it and worked perfectly. If only I found this one first.

- Doesn't work, annoying ads

This app no longer works because iTunes doesn't allow you to access apps and app data anymore. Also, the interface is difficult to use. It is hard if not impossible to get the song to align properly to create a ring tone, and the selection bar that plays the song REFUSES to actually start at the beginning of the selection. Don't waste your time.

- The worst

I hate this app it’s the absolute worst I’m sorry but having to actually pay just to download one sound seriously that is ridiculous and the worst part is that it said that u could have the app without the fee but um that what a lie because I tried to and I couldn’t and you can’t say I’m a cheapskate because I’m not but really? I would not recommend this app to my worst enemy and I certainly won’t recommend it to you guys

- Personal ringtones

I made a ringtone but for some reason when I try to drag it into iTunes tone it will not transfer over not sure why I’m doing all the steps correctly

- Easy easy easy

Very easy to use! The user friendly interface is so refreshing after having used other apps that seemed a little too complicated just to make a ringtone from music in my library. :-)

- All kinds of ringtones!

I wasn't sure about this ringtone app but, I'm glad I looked into it. Tons of Ringtones to choose from and lots of fun to scroll through and listen to what they have to offer.

- Disappointed

Dont want to give access to my pictures and to my information before i can even find out if i like this. It is very creepy and you would not accept it from any other service or product. I understand you guys think that saying it is a free trial makes it free but you just have to read your customers comments to realize that is not how they see it. For that reason im out.

- Doesn't Work

I followed EVERY STEP to download it onto my phone, but it just doesn't want to get into the iTunes from my desktop. I think it has something to do with the type of file it becomes when it goes onto my desktop, but the pictures in the steps say that it has to be that type of file. I don't understand what went wrong.

- Not sure

I'm pretty sure everyone is going to rate 5 stars. It says it unlocks more if you do. I have only listened to a few and have not tried to put on phone yet. They always want you to rate so fast!

- Not bad

Very easy to use. The instructions are simple and not confusing. It is free and the ones that says it’s not then either they have used this app before which makes you pay duh. Simple and easy

- Don’t Do it !!!

This is a big rip off , I downloaded and after TRYING to use it I just cancelled the 3 day trial after maybe 20 minutes no need to even go there. It’s Very rinky-dink. Doesn’t Work like it says it does on Pinterest. It’s just crap. And they’re actually thinking someone would pay $32 a month for this app it ain’t worth $.50 cents! It doesn’t even deserve the one star gave it. Waste of time. Doesn’t do what it advertises!!!

- Awesome app

Just got this app recently and I absolutely love it! It makes it easier to create and use ringtones than having to buy them all. Couldn't recommend this app enough!

- Unimpressed so far.

Unimpressed so far. Have to rate way too early after downloading and checking it out. So how can you give it a five star rating without access and time to use it?!

- It lies on the adds

I first got this app because it said you can make you passwords into stickers like food. I really wanted it so I got it. It turned out to be just ringtones and wallpapers which was disappointing but it should add that feature . It would probably be better and more popular

- It’s so dumb I hate it don’t get it!

One you have to BUY THE DUMB TRIAL TO UNLOCK EVERYTHING!!!!Do you think all people are made out of money?!NO!So make it free I get your trying to make your stupid money and you make this app sound so fun but no it’s so dumb! I get you want money but some ppl aren’t rich!Get that In your head!Not trying to be mean but like everyone’s all like it’s free well maybe it should be free if the ppl that made it weren’t so dumb and think ppl have money

- Do not trust

This app will trick you into leaving your thumb on the thumbprint reader right after installation which then signed you up for a subscription that the app will not let you cancel. This is a dishonest application and I am very disappointed apple allows this type of stuff in their store. I only hope I can find a way to cancel this before I am charged for something I do not want, which is fraudulent.

- honestly

don’t get me wrong this is an amazing app and perfect to create ringtones. but ever since I updated it, it keeps on crashing whenever I implement one of my songs from documents to this app. fix as soon as possible! thanks

- A problem

It won’t let me do much. You have to pay 10 dollars a week for (some of them) garbage ringtones. But it’s still good though. Minus the fact you have to pay 4 freaking dollars just for a free 3 day subscription. You have to keep paying just to keep them 🤔

- Can only Get 4 ringtones

I don't know about you guys but I only can get 4 ringtones works great but I can only hold 4 sounds it's either a bug or you can only hold 4 ringtones im expecting a update for this bug or you can only hold four ringtones.😡

- Awesome

Really helpful when you can pick a certain type of ringtone/alert for the right person that goes with the ringtone/alert u picked

- Frustrated

This app would be great if your music files were actually recognized on an IPhone. Samsung has this same app available and it is 1000 times more efficient than this false advertising. I was persuaded by my family to get an IPhone after I spent years with s Galaxy. I will NEVER, NEVER buy an iPhone again. As silly as it sounds, this is one of, if not the biggest reason I will stick with a Galaxy!!!!

- Best app of its time!!!

I have been working on downloading a ringtone for seven months straight and this is the only app that worked. I would recommend this app for anyone who wants a free ringtone!

- Waste of time

This app is a waste of time. When you download it you cannot install it. When you click on the link to show you how to install it takes you to a link where you have no options but to subscribe. So you basically have to subscribe and purchase before you can install so you download for nothing. Worthless app definitely a waste of time.

- $52 per year for ringtones?! Get over yourselves

It has a huge selection of ringtones and was fun to explore for a hot minute but once you actually try to use one it forces you to go through the non existent tutorial, well maybe it does exist but there’s a gatekeeper there that makes you choose a $$$ plan before giving you the tutorial. Waste of my time. I hope this review saves you some time.

- Great

Just looking at this for a few minutes and it looks like a really great app it's got lots of ringtones and lots of uses so really looking forward to using this for my phone

- Ringtones etc

Okay supply of basic tones. The advertisements are quite annoying. I realize with a free app you have to have ads but wowza they are constantly popping up.

- Pretty good app!

There's lots of different choices and the quality of ringtones are good, but my favorite is making my own! There's no limit to how many you can make.


I never leave reviews, but this app has me feeling ripped off. It's a waste of money. Five thousand steps to ever actually install one of the ringtones to your phone. Most just aren't that good anyway. It gets extra scammy when you pay, I thought I'd throw away 7$ on some fun ringtones, then realized they automatically put me into a 7pwr week subscription 😡😡 It's not worth $7 lifetime. Seven dollars a week? Just Outrageous

- $4 a WEEK????

I wasn’t even able to get into this app to check it out because they wanted to charge me $4 a week ($16 a month!) before they would even open it. No way I’m paying for something sight unseen. They have a 3 day (Day? Not a week?) free trial and then they’ll start charging you. Uh-uh. They can keep their app. I’ve been burned too many times before by being unable to cancel a trial. Ridiculous.

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&rü Z a u g g .

@amccullough105 @TanMart03 @CKSchone That's me on Android, but with scheduled texts and customizing text/ringtones for free. iMessage might be the only thing to get me to switch, because of how annoying it is being in group messages with iphone users and the stupid "So-and-so liked your message 'Haha loser'" alerts.


There’s a special place in hell for whoever made the iPhone alarm ringtones

Liminal Spaces ( Fl Studio Creator )

All iPhone Ringtones/Alarms (Apple Sound Pack) - Sound Effects for editing via @YouTube

ces 🐥 | #RecordOfYouth

here’s the link of the tutorial that I followed for ios users!!! mp3 link of iu’s morning call: morning call + mahal kita mp3 link: mahal kita mp3 link:

Denise-Michelle 🇩🇪

@Solita83 X-files Ringtones? For iphone? Does it works?


iPhone needs to normalize actual songs for ringtones. I miss that

Regular Sized Rita

Here are the various ringtones I've made for my current iPhone-ness. A thread:

Apple Support

@safacevik We’d be happy to look into any issues you’re experiencing with your iPhone. To clarify, when you say you hear no sound, do you mean for every feature (ringtones, music, phone calls, etc.)? Let us know in DM and we’ll continue there.

Pokémon Next

Scotland ringtone


am I alone in actually SEARCHING FOR & purchasing new ringtones and alert tones for my iPhone lol?


Anyone know how to make some BTS ringtones for iPhone? All the ones in the store suck..

The Messyiah

@Dontguveafbiutu Lmfao can someone seriously explain to me why people fw iphone so hard when u cant even change ringtones for free with zedge (they only have the wallpaper app) & they cant edit their icons. So many other reasons but i seriously dont get it 😂😂


So I just figured out how to finally download sounds and use them as ringtones on my shitty outdated iPhone 6 and honestly this is one of the highlights of 2020 for me. You do not know how devastated I have been for years believing this wasn’t possible. 😭

TÆHA welcome ENHYPEN !!!

i ended up changing the whole ringtones and alerts for notification just FOR NOT SOUND SIMILAR WITH OTHER IPHONE USERS :/


BTS Blood Sweat And Tears Remix | Cool bts ringtones for Iphone| via @YouTube

Ringtones for iPhone! 7.24 Screenshots & Images

Ringtones for iPhone! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ringtones for iPhone! iphone images
Ringtones for iPhone! iphone images
Ringtones for iPhone! iphone images
Ringtones for iPhone! iphone images
Ringtones for iPhone! Music application ipad screenshots and images not ready...
Ringtones for iPhone! Music application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Ringtones for iPhone! Music application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Ringtones for iPhone! (Version 7.24) Install & Download

The applications Ringtones for iPhone! was published in the category Music on 2015-09-22 and was developed by Ringtones LP [Developer ID: 1482031671]. This application file size is 210.53 MB. Ringtones for iPhone! - Music posted on 2020-09-18 current version is 7.24 and works well on IOS 11.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ringtonesapp

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