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HOW IT WORKS: Plan your tasks into Today, Tomorrow, and Later lists. Use Life Lists to organize everything else!

○ Today
○ Tomorrow
○ Later

The popular Life List feature helps organize your life:
○ Grocery lists
○ Packing lists
○ Shopping lists
○ Shows to watch
○ Books to read
○ +Create your own

Pay one time!
No Ads
No account / registration needed

More than 95% of reviewers give Do.List 3-5 stars!
Over 92% give it 4 or 5 stars!

○ An extremely helpful Grocery List!
○ Easy drag and drop to prioritize your tasks
○ Make new lists for errands, vacations, etc
○ Simple designs, zero confusion!
○ iCloud backup
○ Apple Watch Support
○ Today widget
○ 3D Touch Shortcuts
○ A badge to show number incomplete

"Sticking with this type of task delegation is a great decision."

Do.List is a task management app for people. I'm not building for an enterprise corporate client. I design for normal lives.

The design is simple enough that it's intuitive. Use the tutorial to get started or skip it and explore!

When you need to give a task a due date, add it to the "Reminders" list and you'll get a reminder!

When you open Do.List, the home screen is "Today". That helps keeps the focus on what's important.

"Do.List is a minimalist app empowering focus."

Choose the notifications that work for you:
○ Get daily quotes
○ Productivity tips
○ "Sunday Night Prep" reminders to prepare for the week
○ "Monday Morning Pep" motivation

"Personally, I love this app... I encourage anyone who needs to organize their life and loves doing it with lists to use this."

Long lists of errands or tasks become overwhelming. If your Today list goes over 5 tasks you'll be encouraged to shorten it!

All data saved locally on phone, plus just tap "Backup" in Settings to backup to iCloud.


- Grocery List
- Gift ideas
- Movies to See
- Bucket Lists
- Yard Tasks
- Trip Packing Lists
- And more!

Summary of Lists
> Three main to-do lists: Today, Tomorrow, Later
> 30+ Life Lists for various non-urgent task management
> Daily, Weekly, & Monthly lists for repetitive tasks

> Get Daily & Weekly "Done" stats after each completed task
> From the "Done" list, view your completed stats

- Do.List is not a calendar and will not offer that functionality in the foreseeable future.

- Do.List's design encourages going deadline-free. Instead, it encourages you to focus and look at your list often.

- Do.List does not allow you to sync lists. It is not an enterprise app for teams, it's for people and their lives!

- Do.List is iPhone only. There's no syncing, so it doesn't require an account.

●●● Privacy ●●●
Do.List does not require an account! The app does not track information to identify you. The app collects aggregated numbers, such as how many tasks are added or completed. This data is anonymous as Do.List does not know your name, address, or other information that could be used to identify you. Your tasks, descriptions, and photos never leave the phone unless you yourself back them up!

●●● Do.List Goals ●●●
Deliver a new level of organization within an intuitive interface. Avoid task pile ups. Keep lists short and motivation high.

Twitter: @YourDoList
General inquiries: [email protected]

Do.List: To Do List Organizer App Description & Overview

The applications Do.List: To Do List Organizer was published in the category Productivity on 2015-10-13 and was developed by DG Apps, Inc.. The file size is 57.56 MB. The current version is 3.9.2 and works well on 10.1 and high ios versions.

Improved design!
New prioritization feature!
Minor bug fixes

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Do.List: To Do List Organizer Reviews


Finally a Great USEFUL List App!  Yoola1  5 star

Really like this app. It’s user friendly, & set up like “I” think. Love the life lists & ability to change or add new ones of your own. Makes me actually want to write things down. Only negative is sometimes when trying to move a list item from Today to Tomorrow it deletes item before I can move it. That is frustrating.


One of my fav apps!  gospelkeys06  5 star

I use it often!!! Weekly for sure!!!


Ehh at best.  klikekyle  2 star

Does the app function? Sure. Are we in 2008? No. The UI is so awful. When it gets a makeover worthy of the year we are in I might give it another go.


What I was looking for!  ShirCameron  5 star

I always had hundreds of list, papers, notebooks with different notes (wish list, movie list, books to read, etc) and now I have all that and MORE in this Awesome App!! Love every detail of it. You won’t be disappoint 👌🏻

Me 149

Amazing  Me 149  5 star

I love this app. I’ve tried every to do app and this is the best! Keeps me very organized.


Could’ve been a 5...  beautyblends  4 star

I’ve been experiencing an annoying bug when trying to add or set a reminder on the app. It will close the app and NOT save what I was writing about. Please fix this.


Feedback  suzqthisisfreakingrediculous  5 star

I wish I had the option to make the letters darker for visibility as an older person


Awesome!!!!  dkcmail  5 star

Excellent to do list. Have tried many and this is by far my favorite!


Great concept and design, UI could be better  jd2020  5 star

An amazingly simple to-do app that accomplishes what others don’t. So easy to use and it actually helps get things done rather than collect and tweak tasks. Only thing is the UI isn’t great to look at.

Organized Again!

Perfect  Organized Again!  5 star

More organized in 24 hours!


Best organiser out there.  Smithyg79  5 star

The best organiser you will find.


Not optimised for iPad  Mr_Archie  2 star

This app is not iPad friendly, I have 12.9 iPad Pro, the app only takes 15% of the screen in the centre.


Great App  Mishymishymishymoo  4 star

I love this app, I find it so easy to just be able to put something on there and know it won't be forgotten and not have to have a massive list also I love the prioritise aspect, and the quotes. It's easy to use, would be cool if there was a little notification number against the stuff in life so I would remember which has things written inside, and to follow up also if the app was abit more eye pleasing colours etc but overall it's awesome and I recommend it. Thanks!!!!


List are super fun now !  Sarzzii  5 star

I am a super big at procrastinating and this app has made ticking things off my to do list fun !


Great app. Loving it and use daily.  !HRM  4 star

Would love to be able to replicate a list with my own headings


Get things DONE!  Sh'ma!  5 star

After years of trying out dozens and dozens of other apps, I am, as it seems to be the case with others, relieved to have found the smart app that knows what to do with my great many tasks at hand. It is far from the clutter of my desk and helps me navigate to what NEEDS TO BE DONE. A great illustration of the wisdom of “less is more” philosophy. Bravo & thank you!


Detroit writer  Detroitwriter  4 star

App really helps me to stay organized. I wish there was a way of prioritizing items on each list.


Well thought-out!  dlclaytor  5 star

Love it-works the way I think. I esp. like the way I can easily move a task to the next day without needing to reenter the data.


Could be better  Colinm16  3 star

I don’t like that you can’t move items into a certain order on every list....for example you can reorder items on today’s list but not a grocery list...makes no sense. Otherwise The app is is pretty handy I use it daily.


The best comprehensive organizational app out there by a long shot!  Wawawaaaaa  5 star

It’s been years since I’ve written an app review, but this is so far beyond any other organization app out there. If you need to get your sh*+ together or if you have it together and want to keep it that way, this is the app for you. You have all of the features standard in other similar apps, but in a much nicer, easier, and cleaner format... like deadline, due dates, calendars, appointments. In addition... songs you hear and want to add to a playlist, movie recommendations you want to see later, quotes you read and want to remember... grocery, recipes, errands, shopping, home improvements, ideas, priority lists, venting etc. add others you need, remove the ones you don’t. The only thing is that I wish it was available for iPad... that’s really unfortunate that I can’t sync it with all my devices. Fantastic app and I wholeheartedly recommend!


Full of features  Thewallaceclan  5 star

I got this app as a secondary To Do app but it could replace my primary app. It is full of features to help you stay organized. I had a question about settings and my email was answered promptly and professionally. I would definitely recommend as a full service organization tool or just for quick list.


Looks promising / useful  Rstempr  4 star

I’ve just purchased today. Looks useful - has a learning curve but worth the effort.


Reminder to do app  Scorpion259  2 star

Looks ok but wish you could toggle it to calendar dates as some things are by date


Not iPad friendly  Bill5239  1 star

Not iPad friendly. Only displays in portrait. My iPad keyboard case doesn't function standing up on end. Please fix.


Savior for the disorganized and forgetful  Sassafrasg  5 star

I am the worst with keeping track of my lists for any life aspect and keeping track of dates. If I put it on paper I lose the paper almost instantly. I’ve been looking for a good digital all in one app for work/ home/ groceries/ bills/ appointments/ things I don’t want to forget something. This app is the PERFECT all in one app because it has a tracker for anything I could possibly have to jot down to remember and it keeps it categorized! I love that it alerts you by day/ week/ month and prioritizes. I also love that it syncs with the calendar. I now have hope for a more organized life and a less stressful work environment because I’ll be able to keep track of due dates and be less likely to forget important appointments! So happy these came out! I needed it!!!!!

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