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HOW IT WORKS: Plan your tasks into Today, Tomorrow, and Later lists. Use Life Lists to organize everything else!

○ Today
○ Tomorrow
○ Later

The popular Life List feature helps organize your life:
○ Grocery lists
○ Packing lists
○ Shopping lists
○ Shows to watch
○ Books to read
○ +Create your own

Pay one time!
No Ads
No account / registration needed

More than 95% of reviewers give Do.List 3-5 stars!
Over 92% give it 4 or 5 stars!

○ An extremely helpful Grocery List!
○ Easy drag and drop to prioritize your tasks
○ Make new lists for errands, vacations, etc
○ Simple designs, zero confusion!
○ iCloud backup
○ Apple Watch Support
○ Today widget
○ 3D Touch Shortcuts
○ A badge to show number incomplete

"Sticking with this type of task delegation is a great decision."

Do.List is a task management app for people. I'm not building for an enterprise corporate client. I design for normal lives.

The design is simple enough that it's intuitive. Use the tutorial to get started or skip it and explore!

When you need to give a task a due date, add it to the "Reminders" list and you'll get a reminder!

When you open Do.List, the home screen is "Today". That helps keeps the focus on what's important.

"Do.List is a minimalist app empowering focus."

Choose the notifications that work for you:
○ Get daily quotes
○ Productivity tips
○ "Sunday Night Prep" reminders to prepare for the week
○ "Monday Morning Pep" motivation

"Personally, I love this app... I encourage anyone who needs to organize their life and loves doing it with lists to use this."

Long lists of errands or tasks become overwhelming. If your Today list goes over 5 tasks you'll be encouraged to shorten it!

All data saved locally on phone, plus just tap "Backup" in Settings to backup to iCloud.


- Grocery List
- Gift ideas
- Movies to See
- Bucket Lists
- Yard Tasks
- Trip Packing Lists
- And more!

Summary of Lists
> Three main to-do lists: Today, Tomorrow, Later
> 30+ Life Lists for various non-urgent task management
> Daily, Weekly, & Monthly lists for repetitive tasks

> Get Daily & Weekly "Done" stats after each completed task
> From the "Done" list, view your completed stats

- Do.List is not a calendar and will not offer that functionality in the foreseeable future.

- Do.List's design encourages going deadline-free. Instead, it encourages you to focus and look at your list often.

- Do.List does not allow you to sync lists. It is not an enterprise app for teams, it's for people and their lives!

- Do.List is iPhone only. There's no syncing, so it doesn't require an account.

●●● Privacy ●●●
Do.List does not require an account! The app does not track information to identify you. The app collects aggregated numbers, such as how many tasks are added or completed. This data is anonymous as Do.List does not know your name, address, or other information that could be used to identify you. Your tasks, descriptions, and photos never leave the phone unless you yourself back them up!

●●● Do.List Goals ●●●
Deliver a new level of organization within an intuitive interface. Avoid task pile ups. Keep lists short and motivation high.

Twitter: @YourDoList
General inquiries: [email protected]

Do.List: To Do List Organizer App Description & Overview

The applications Do.List: To Do List Organizer was published in the category Productivity on 2015-10-13 and was developed by DG Apps, Inc.. The file size is 55.69 MB. The current version is 3.9.4 and works well on 10.1 and high ios versions.

Improved designs!
Minor bug fixes

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Do.List: To Do List Organizer Reviews


Impressed by quick fix  Pibgorn  5 star

I came in here to report that I had updated the app & since then the most important feature (to me) - the ability to set reminder alerts - was gone. As soon as I got to the App Store I saw there’s another update & it fixed the bug. I’m back to full functionality & very happy being able to rely on this app!


NO backups!  doggermama  1 star

I really loved this app and was even willing to pay for it. It gave me lots of ways to goal set and plan my work with detail all in one place. However, this app doesn’t populate to my iCloud backup for my phone or for my iPad. The ONLY way I can backup this app is to backup my entire phone! Who wants to pay for that much storage? The developer responded quickly to my first email regarding the problems I was having with backups, but has ignored my follow up email, despite telling me that he would look into the backup problem. Apparently, he’s not concerned about helping me or others securely save their work. I deleted the app for this reason and this reason alone, and I was very sad to do that. I wish he would address this problem.


App crash after tapping BACK button  dutao  4 star

If you want to add a picture , when you tap BACK, the app will crash! Please fix. Thanks.

Qwerty long

Life changer  Qwerty long  5 star

Sound silly but this app has been a life saver! I have adhd so lists are life. Most of the note apps I’ve tried just require too many steps or the layout is not at all user friendly. This is app very simple but super effective for what it’s intended. Definitely recommend.


iPhone sí, iPad no  cheekygeeky  3 star

Yeah, I know it's made for iPhone but it does say iPad compatible. News flash: if it can't rotate to landscape it's not up-to-date iPad compatible! Of course, it will still work if it only opens in portrait view and has a '2X' in the corner, and you don't mind feeling like you are using a first generation iPad.


Best To Do App of all  kpinmi  5 star

I think I have tried every todo app available. This one is the best. It enables you to list all your tasks by Today, Tomorrow, & Later. What you don’t get done today you can just move it to tomorrow or later. You can even create a bucket list. There are other multiple suggested lists for grocery and for creating your own. Highly recommend if you want a simple app for your to dos.


Can’t schedule recurring tasks  veatscake  1 star

All I want is a to list that lets me schedule tasks and add reminders/alarms. This app doesn’t do that. I paid $3.99 to find that out.


Best in class!!!  margo79  5 star

I have tried numerous “to do” apps and this is the best! It keeps me organized & focused by keeping my lists “doable”. I have become more efficient because of the approach of the app! I enjoy using it. There are so many options for using other types of lists. I have used it to track home projects, rental property to dos, books, recipes, etc. as well as creating my own list type - it is so flexible! Also, appreciate the responsiveness of the app developer. I noticed a bug that he responded to immediately with an email, fixed it within days & emailed me to inform me of the fix. Awesome app & customer support!


Really like this app, but there are a few issues  ronnie:)<3  4 star

Love the concept of the today, tomorrow and later lists. I also like the life lists. I really like the UI of this app. It’s not too simple but not too complicated for me to get, especially since I just got this last night and have been playing around with it for a few hours Here are some issues: - I tried the reminders and they didn’t work. Like I would do one for a minute from now and it didn’t pop up on my screen. I even checked my notification settings and the app settings to make sure it wasn’t an issue with me. So I have to go back to the Apple reminders app :( - whenever I try to move a task in my life list, sometimes it doesn’t work and the app will crash. It’s done that twice now in 10 min - also i set it so it doesn’t add the tasks to the top but it sometimes does this anyway which gets kinda annoying - another thing is one time i rearranged all the tasks to put them in order but then I left the list. When I came back, they were in their original order which took me time to fix again :( I really want to like this app. I really like the concept. This is a kinda expensive app at $3.99 so I feel there shouldn’t be so many issues for that price


Life Necessity  ajem77  5 star

This app powers my life. It is the best app I found that resembles the bullet journal approach to keeping track of things and organizing tasks without being overwhelming. Support is also very responsive. I reported a bug with the 3.9.1 version and it was fixed within 24 hours. Cannot recommend more.


Best organiser out there.  Smithyg79  5 star

The best organiser you will find.


Not optimised for iPad  Mr_Archie  2 star

This app is not iPad friendly, I have 12.9 iPad Pro, the app only takes 15% of the screen in the centre.


Great App  Mishymishymishymoo  4 star

I love this app, I find it so easy to just be able to put something on there and know it won't be forgotten and not have to have a massive list also I love the prioritise aspect, and the quotes. It's easy to use, would be cool if there was a little notification number against the stuff in life so I would remember which has things written inside, and to follow up also if the app was abit more eye pleasing colours etc but overall it's awesome and I recommend it. Thanks!!!!


List are super fun now !  Sarzzii  5 star

I am a super big at procrastinating and this app has made ticking things off my to do list fun !


Great app. Loving it and use daily.  !HRM  4 star

Would love to be able to replicate a list with my own headings


Overall, really love  LoriS_88  5 star

Overall, really love this app. Much better than Google task or other ones that I had tried. However, with one of the last updates, the grocery list no longer sorts by unchecked. Would love to see a fix for that. Makes it difficult to find what you need to get at the grocery store in a hurry.


App crashes  Jetmech92  2 star

Like the app but every time I try to move an item on a list by holding and dragging the app crashes. Very aggravating.


Disappointed - unpolished  Jaydee24  3 star

I was about to give this two stars because the app is clunky, but I really like the concepts imbedded in it so I am giving it three. I really love the idea of prioritizing tasks into “today”, “tomorrow”, and “later” categories. In fact, this is how my boyfriend has been making lists for a very long time (he’s more of a pen and paper guy though). I was excited to stumble across this app and give it a try myself. I also love the idea of other functional “life” lists. Unfortunately, though, I think this app is rough around the edges and lacks the polish of other professional grade list making apps. The UI within the app is inconsistent. The “back” buttons sometimes have an upside down carrot (^), and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes buttons have squared corners, sometimes rounded corners. It even bothers me that the check mark next to “do later” is a little higher than it is on the “today” and “tomorrow” lists. The developer has also omitted some of the iOS design language we’ve become so familiar with, and this makes the app unintuitive and frustrating to navigate. This includes things like the “x” in the upper corner of a window to close it, back arrows to navigate to the previous screen, familiar icons and icon states, etc. Instead the developer has chosen to use other design language which makes it feel unfamiliar. I’m also frustrated with the work flow. When I tap the + icon to add an item to “today”, it takes me to a separate screen where I type in my task. When I hit enter I would expect it to take me back to the “today” home page. Instead it moves the cursor to the notes section below. I have to then select “today” to add it to the today list. Since I selected to add the item from the “today” list in the first place, it should default to this list and I shouldn’t have to select it a second time. Also, why does it need to take me to a separate screen to add the item? I think a good user experience should minimize transitions between screens and unnecessary taps and selections. Lastly, given the lack of polish, I’m let down by the fact that I paid $3.99 for this app. In it’s current state I think it’s more of a $0.99 app.


Here’s some feedback...  Sackshort  2 star

Please change how you have broken up the text in the middle of a task with “...”. I find it difficult and annoying to read. Please make the task smaller to fit in all text or put the ellipsis at the end of the text. Also, can I not send text to an email address without setting up an email account? And I do have a gmail account on my iPhone. I guess it couldn’t locate it?

Former Archer

Theme change is awful  Former Archer  3 star

I uninstalled this app after the theme change. Really miss the archery/arrow one, the minimalist is just ugly. Had zero desire to open it and use it.


Five stars for encouragement have a great app, but room to grow.  Guvlem  4 star

This app is on the complete right track for me. The only thing it’s missing is integrations with other applications. As a person who uses Evernote, good task, and the native reminder programs and calendar from iOS I would love to cities integrations. Also you have to back up manually or you may lose data if using on multiple devices. Despite these issues, I love this app and I hope it moves forward to maturity in these ways.


What would I do without Tom?! Die  Fivewinks  5 star

Seriously, an awesome simple app! Love it! Love Tom, too. He does everything on my list!

Warning FRAUD

Best app ever  Warning FRAUD  5 star

I love this app. I check it several times a day and include everything on here. That way I do t miss anything!!


Love this App!  Sallydelaware  4 star

This app helps me in so many ways. I have saved tons of info that I now have at my fingertips. I’ve told my friends and family and most have signed up. Love, love, live this App!


Great App  crashboat  5 star

This app is easy to use and is full of useful features,m. It provides reminders that are motivational but not annoying it has several tools all with practical application love it

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