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Power up your best dragon and fight for The Iron Throne today!

The fight for the Iron Throne is real. Great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens to battle the realm in this RPG and RTS hybrid, GoT: Conquest. Live out your GoT fantasy and join the war in the best GoT RPG to date. Join millions of players living the fantasy of the great lords of Westeros. Build your house, raise your army, and find the best way to manage your resources as you aim to rule the Iron Throne.

Based on the award-winning HBO series, Game of Thrones: Conquest is an RTS with RPG elements that allow players to become a Lord in Westeros and define a strategy for conquering the Seven Kingdoms. Wage war, clash swords, raise your dragon and join the battle today to best your foes and capture the Iron Throne!

Will you bend the knee, create a great allegiance, or fall victim to the other great lords of Westeros in this RTS game?

“In the game of thrones, you win or you die.” - Cersei Lannister

- Become a lord of Westeros:Build a great house, create your sigil, and master the strategy as you Fight for the Crown to rule the realm in GoT: Conquest, a RTS/RPG hybrid game based on Game of Thrones
- Interact with key charactersfrom the hit HBO series
- Conquer 120+ iconic Seats of Power like Winterfell, Castle Black, and King’s Landing
- Live out your fantasy of claiming the Iron Throne and winning the Great War as you navigate a dangerous political landscape using the innovative Allegiance System
- Raise Your Dragon
- Grow your own dragon: Dragons have arrived in Westeros and each kingdom has their own dragon egg. Will you use your great dragon to best your enemies or protect your castle? You decide!

“It’s the family name that lives on. It’s all that lives on.” - Tywin Lannister

- Build your house and rule your territory
- Raise your army and clash against rival lords in an epic fantasy
- Defend your strongholds, as each Seat of Power endows you with military and economic upgrades for your kingdom
- Conquer the map, clash with your enemies, and spread your influence in this strategy RTS game based on the hit HBO series
- Craft Powerful Gear, much like a fantasy RPG, you can craft and build powerful gear sets and equipment to gain an edge and best your enemies in this RTS game

This is the best GoT experience available on mobile, combining the best RPG and RTS elements to bring you a GoT fantasy like no other.
- Master the strategy of our innovative pledge system recruit bannermen, fight great battles with your allies, and live out the GoT fantasy of being a great lord
- Claim the Iron Throne- Choose between deception and loyalty, use your dragons wisely, as you shift your allegiances and clash with foes just like in the hit HBO series

Only in Game of Thrones: Conquest can you become a lord of Westeros and Fight for the Iron Throne? Build your army, muster your best troops and devise the best strategy for battle. Interact with key characters and conquer iconic locations from the award-winning HBO fantasy series. Dominate your enemies by using an innovative Allegiance System that allows you to recruit your friends as bannermen as you rise in a war to take The Iron Throne, rule The Seven Kingdoms and awake the dragons.


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Game of Thrones: Conquest™ App Description & Overview

The applications Game of Thrones: Conquest™ was published in the category Games on 2017-10-17 and was developed by Warner Bros.. This application file size is 160.74 MB. Game of Thrones: Conquest™ current version is 2.11.251187 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Game of Thrones: Conquest™ Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Shortie's iPhone   5 star

Love the series!!!. I’m only level 8 but it is keeping me interested so far

Cvsv   1 star

It used to be good , now is the worst. When it first started it was exciting, and plenty to build and upgrade. Over time some players started spending hundreds of dollars and got really big and powerful and started killing everyone in the kingdom. Small players have to stay shielded constantly. WB only caters to big spenders. The game is a fiasco. If you want to spends thousands of dollars in a game because you have nothing else to do then this is the game for you!!

bit me 1001   1 star

Horrible. Obviously the only reason most of us are still here is that we invested in the game. But the more wb makes on this game the greedier they become. Since their last update nothing works correctly and they have opted to admit the issue without refund or repair which seems to be their new business model. To those of your thinking of joining there are better games available to those of you already hooked in - enjoy what u can. As I said in kc the one thing that seems to work correctly is the pack purchasing and wbs ability to take their customers money! Hmmm

ghost the fox   1 star

Tired of the bugs. This game has bug fixes That they don’t fix They got bigger keeps attacking small keeps Which no room for growth MoneyPacks Which are Unreasonable u spent a lot and get very little And worth the time really play Pokémon go and Delete this app and add me Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 3282 4158 9365!

spkva   3 star

Pay to play. Well this game just became the ultimate pay to play. Do not install this game and think you can compete without spending thousands. They just updated the levels so those that spend $$$$ can destroy all others. I’ve been playing for 2 yrs and spent some but not huge amounts of $$ and could compete but that will no longer be true. They have even started events that only those high level players can participate in and leave the rest behind. Before you could always play even as a ftp but now the developers no longer care unless your willing to spend big. This game is at an end. It was fun while it lasted but......

iltschi58   3 star

GoT one. The app for Android has been horrible in the last 2 updates. Freezes, lost troops, lost power, missing coins....I send in tickets for repair, and get nothing back. My losses weren’t even from PvP....for the cost of this game, you would think that it wouldn’t be so glitchy. Most recently, I am being charged for packets that I haven’t bought...I know this because I cannot update my game because it is asking for me to update my payment information. Now WB has come out with a new event in which only players who have keeps over 30 are able to participate in. Hardly fair. They compete in all events and now get one we can’t even play in. Not nice at all. If you have thousands of dollars to waste,,,this is the game for you.

ibazzz12390   1 star

نحتاج اللغة العربية. نريد اضافة اللغة العربية 🙂💔

woodmkjj   5 star

Woodmkjj. Awesome game bad shield glitches I’m dealing with and my ticket won’t go through with my email

quickerpass   1 star

Mr. Lots of glitches and bugs. You spend money to get ahead and don’t get compensated for losses on their part. Server glitches enable huge losses and they don’t see the time effort and money previously put forth.

dsmith1031   1 star

Don’t get sucked in. I played for about 9 months. And as I spent more the game had more and more issues. Complaining- yeah that gets you occasional gold gifts but nothing in terms of what you lost. The gameplay was fun until it wasn’t, meaning the glitches caused it to be horrible game play experience.

Joe-Boo-74   1 star

THE TURN TOWARDS THE END. In the beginning, this game held my interest and it was a great “team” oriented game. Fun, easily navigable and growth was steady! Now..... the cost to play has gotten outrageous. It is no longer the game it once was and it’s an all to classic sign of a games demise. As prices continue to increase, and packs continue to diminish in value this game has zero chance of survival. Thanks for the fun.

General McGirt   1 star

Cash Grab. This game is a straight cash grab. You could have expected to invest at least $1500 to be relevant. However, they just increased the new keep level to 35. So, you can expect to have to invested a lot more to be competitive.

jenniferc1029   2 star

Fun in a new kingdom for a while. When you first start playing it is a lot of fun, easy to grow your buildings and dragon, participate in events, build alliances and enemies. After a while (like 2-3 months) unless you are willing to shell out hundreds to thousands of dollars you can’t really get anywhere and stop being able to be competitive. They have new characters and events that are only for Keep level 30 and above (most people spend about 2 grand to get there). After you merge with another kingdom is the worst especially if they are older and bigger then your current kingdom. It was fun while it lasted, but now the money I spent and all the time was for nothing. Ive been playing for 6 months, spent over $200 and am keep 22).

vidaa87   1 star

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Seems like a fun game but all they care about is what puts more money in their pockets, you will end up spending thousands of dollars just to get crapped on by people that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars because the creators care about nothing but money so they keep making the game worse to get more money

Stormj001   2 star

Lacking. Game requires updates to play, but the developers take days to get the update into the app store

j_man171717   1 star

Dangerous Game. I’d caution anyone to stay away from this game. Played for over a year and have seen dozens of people spend way more money than they ever should’ve. Tens of thousands. You read the reviews and it seems like exaggeration. It’s not. If you have any type of addictive personality...stay away. Kingdoms merge and die out after a few months and most players are left with lots of regret and debt.

Cariniti   1 star

DONE. This Last ‘Update” Has Ruined the Game For Me... ...I AM DONE!!! ...Bye Felicia!!!

Creeper mike   1 star

Game of shutdown. As soon I download this game (witch took 3 hours with no other downloaded games) I’ve been kicked out ,power off my phone and the world laggiest game ever ! I cannot even think of how you developers even create this !

Jake Lejoin   1 star

No update. My troops are unprotected because you want me to update but there is no update.

Fab50ies   1 star

Last Update Disaster. The last game update will no longer load. I get a partial open; however, no buildings appear and I am unable to update my shield. No point in continuing, as this is not the first time it has happened that an update is disastrous.

Paul the Broken   1 star

Regret Purchase. The game is fun, it is easy to become addicted. WB constantly “ improving” the game has only one purpose, to get you to spend more money. Not for everyone, only those with excess disposable income.

Alice2222222222222   4 star

Good game. Good game nice graphics and good time killer

angle eys   5 star

Problem. My game won’t load and I got ran shacked and attacked. It comes on an non of my buildings show and if I click on anything it locks up and won’t load!!!!! I have deleted the game and reloaded it twice and am still having this problem!!!!! I keep uploading and still not working freezes up. Buildings won’t show up still not working!!!!!!!!!! Keeps locking up and I don’t fell like get attacked again because it won’t load!!!!!! This happens every time I re-upload!!!! Not working again

SwtSadie058   1 star

Money pit. Money pit don’t waste ur time.

puppy paws 1   3 star

Fun game, but you will need to spend money for a better experience. Game is fun when it is a new kingdom. Once players start to hit T8 to keep up you better plan on spending $2000.00 and up to enjoy the game.

too many ads 01   1 star

Ripoff. This game is all who is willing to spend the most money to win. Impossible to compete without spending money.

wbgotcnofun   1 star

Used to be fun. They combined kingdoms and now small players 10-15 million get destroyed by players with over 100 million in power unless you live under a shield. Shields cost gold which you have to buy from WB and expire after 24hrs. So you have to use one every day. Great for WB but not fun if you don’t have money to buy shields and packs to get more power. Yes it’s a war game but used to be more fun. You could actually play the game not just farm. Now it costs too much $$$$$.

Roryskys   2 star

Glitch alert. Ok so all in all this game is cool and all but way to much glitching like daily and sometimes I can’t even get into the game it’s a pain in the butt also gets really expensive and sometimes I buy stuff and it doesn’t show up so I have to dispute the money I’ve spent and got nothing back like they make bank out of us

Cldomingue   3 star

Customer Service is Horrible. I enjoy the game but recently had issues. I had updated my phone and it lost all of my progress and started me back from scratch! I had also just spent $30 on packages to level up. So I contacted customer service asking if they can assist me somehow either by getting me right back to where I was, a refund or something and never even received a response back from them. I had to start over and refuse to spend any more $ on the game. Customer service is the most important thing in ANY business and they could just care less. Horrible.

melissaganz   1 star

Pay to Win = run away!!!!. This game is kind of fun, and pretty social. You are forced to work as a team and devise long game strategies and tactics. The game mechanics are simple enough to pick up and alter tactics as needed, but complex enough to keep it challenging. The downside is it is almost 100% pay to win. You really can’t make any impact at a large scale unless you spend thousands. If you are don’t spend, or even just spend a little, you will really only be someone else’s lunch or at best a supporting player for the big spenders... if they even let you play with them. I wish I had never started!

Advertorial    5 star

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Neu-Clarke   1 star

Money grab. Be prepared to spend thousands of dollars if you play this game. It’s only for the rich.

bill2.1   1 star

Expensive. Hit a certain level and it’s no longe “free” to play You’ll have to spend 1000$ to continue leveling up

whovianspn934   1 star

New Update Screwing Up. I honestly love the game, but since the recent update, my game is EXTREMELY glitched. I can’t see some of my buildings, I can’t collect anything, I can’t access my dragon, and there’s other problems with the app since the update. I’m writing this review so they will hopefully fix it

Capn Meliodas   4 star

GoT conquest. It’s a great game so far, not much to complain about kills time and some cool people on this game! Give it a try I encourage it

jtp0123   2 star

Crappy game. It is extremely over priced. The game is full of glitches. New Kingdoms are dead after a week or two. Every new update is just more old glitches coming back to life. And WB doesn’t seem to care unless it affects their income.

halarny   1 star

Money money money all is money. If you don’t have more than 5000$ to put into this game you won’t be competitive and lost all your troops and ressources ! For big big spender ! Some have spend more than 30k $ ! How be competitive when you don’t be millionary ? A guys has over a billion power and he continu to spend !! How fight with this !!!

jhkvdjhkdfkjg   2 star

My review. There are three main problems: 1. How long it takes to get anywhere in the game, resources are almost impossible to get at the price your asking for any upgrade unless you raid which I don’t care for at all. 2. The second issue is that you can’t stop being attacked. I have less than two resources in the game and people are attacking with no resources to develop anything or even upgrade my dragon. There need to be a rule where you can only attack a person whose food resources are at or higher the 3.5 million. 3. The Graphics I look at my dragons graphic and think “Does it get better?” I am sorry for the criticism, these are just my opinions about the game but I am sure that that lot of your players think the same. I still have the game cause I have hope and think that there is potential for this game. I ain’t no critic but there are some problems. And you know there is hope cause I took the time to type three paragraphs for this game to help you guys out. Again I am sorry for the criticism. Thank you for your time and I hope for reply your reply to be “It is possible and we’ll do it.” Again thank you and sorry for the criticism.

Lagerthaa60   1 star

Waste of time. It's one of those games again that if you don't spend hundreds of dollars on you'll never be a top player. This wouldn't even be that bad but my major concern is two things. One the resources, it's too low to collect and once you reach a certain level you will be stuck. Two which is the worst part, you get these really high level players attacking you constantly, leaving you with no army and no resources. No army means no hunting and collecting which means no game basically, and no resources means you can't heal or create new soldiers. I was hoping that the developers would come up with a limit, for example if your level 30 you can't attack anyone lower then level 25. How is it fair that I get a level 32 attacking my level 12 base? Anyways with this in mind I'm done. Deleting the app for good.

YoyortHatesGOTC   1 star

Trash. So much about this game is garbage, the game play, the staff, the support. This game should have a class action lawsuit against it but that would require an expectation of quality in the mobile game field.

Leo11101   1 star

Could of made it better. Huge fan game of thrones but this app could of been made so much more better , like rise of kingdoms . Disappointed in how they made it ! Not interested in game or app

Jeff64789   2 star

Fun game but.... If you dont pay, dont expect anything... even if you pay a lot, if you are away for more than 24h to put a bubble on your base, you are off for few weeks trying to rebuild up cause people who spent 5000$ in game will zero you. There are more fun games around, except if you are rich or if you have friends to put a bubble for you in your account if you expect to be off when your bubble (that you paid for) will be off

Gahshdjdjsnhd   5 star

Sexy game. Turns me on every time

Deena Roth   5 star

Great Game, Terrible Glitches. Love the game! Fed up of all the glitches. We pay enough to play this game. Is it too much to ask that it runs smoothly?

Audryye   1 star

Don’t update last. Don’t update last version, wait till they fix it, it’s a complete lag!!!

little tey   5 star

Great game. When I started playing this game it was not really enjoyable but after a while you meet great new people and make new friends even though you might have to spend some money to upgrade yourself and stay relatively close to people it is a very well designed game and the people you meet are even greater

Rowantreee   1 star

attack events/resources are a joke. it’s great to have the war aspect of the game via attack events. that said, I’ve been attacked 4 times in the past 12 hours. Each time destroying my wall and injuring and/or killing ALL my troops. 8 hours rebuild time and 2 million+ food to rebuild. I still have 4 hours left of healing of that 8 hour healing time and I was attacked AGAIN. It takes 3 hours to build just over 200 of each category. Do the math on that. Limit the number of attacks a hold can take from other players per day FFS. Further, some aren’t even able to attack because the dragon isn’t big enough; therefore can’t even participate, while the aforementioned depletes ALL their resources (ie food). This is BS and I’m thinking of uninstalling...

Roy-Uwe   1 star

Disappointed.. Although I like the game I'm discouraged by the fact that as a new player you have no chance to get a foothold. The larger players have no incentive to take you into their alliance. It makes more sense to them to keep as a ”farm” to periodically harvest. The only way to survive is to spend large sums of money to protect yourself. I spend $60 dollars in the first month to no effect. I'm dropping the game.

Marie-Ange Daunais Simard   5 star

Bogue. Je n’arrive plus à jouer aux jeux ça me met tout le temps problème de connexion je fais reconnecter et ça ne marche jamais faite quelque chose svp

HessedJoy   1 star

Terribly Expensive and Poor Customer Service. I’m sorely disappointed in this game. I’ve spent good money on here and when I spent some more on a small pack last week, I didn’t get the pack I paid for. It was clear in my bank account that I had gotten my debit card deducted with a receipt that came in my email. When I contacted the game customer service, they said they couldn’t do anything! Mind you, I’ve spent over $500 on this game and all they can say is “unfortunately we can’t do anything!”

Minibali   2 star

Jamais vu autant de bogues!. Premier jeu de guerre pour moi mais je joue à plein d’autres jeux. Ça bogue comme c’est pas possible! Tous les jours il y a des joueurs qui perdent ce qu’ils ont acheté en argent réel et ils ne sont pas toujours compensés au complet! Sans compter tous les bogues qu’on a dans le feu de l’action comme l’application qui se ferme juste quand on se fait attaquer.

Killern1   1 star

Is pay to win game. In one week on new kingdom he have lvl 29 and lvl 15 one pay other no pay this game is very for u pay island for ressources is rare and only lvl 1 to 3 is common and u have 12 k on lvl 1 u need 500 at lvl 10 castle

AlienTeacher   1 star

Pay to Win, little reward.. When I first started this game it reminded me of a war version of FarmVille. Recently there was a problem with seats of power... so it was exactly like FarmVille for a while. Playing for free is almost impossible. This game is all about buying packs. Healing troops, upgrading buildings and even researching skills at higher levels are impossible without spending money. The cost of food/wood doesn’t make sense and jumps to ridiculously high costs. There are so many bugs in this game, and when you report it the answer is either “restart the game” or “bug reports don’t go to customer service.” It makes the players feel like the developers don’t care about anything except money. This game has way too many bugs for something that is expensive to play. It’s not worth it.

Sasajc   4 star

Awesome Game. I love this game but only thing is the hours of upgrading the wait is to long.

hraieijddnodkapaorr   4 star

I spend most of my time in this game :/. Highly addictive, money grab game but tons of fun. Good RPG game

racingbou   3 star

Quelque amélioration sont requise. Le jeu est top, mais à la longue tu te lasses pour 2 raisons: premièrement, lorsque tu est de plus en plus bon rien ne change la seule chose qu’on vois changer c’est le dragon mise a part tout reste pareil sans changer de skin même si il est niveau 16. Deuxièmement, la logique des attaque est nulle si quelqu’un t’attaque avec 1 soldats de plus que toi il réussit a tuer l’entièreté de ton armée et toi tu n’en tu que 100 gros max

poptartrobo   2 star

Awed. This game is just horrible. Concept is not good, there is no drive, the graphics are utterly bad, and the script is horrendously inaccurate to the show. You'd be better off getting Kingdoms at War...this feels like cheap knock off

S1R Ulrich   1 star

Poor customer service. Yes, game is pricey. Yes, it’s not for everyone. Yes, it’s fun. NON existent customer service... would not recommend this game to anyone. With no set rules and a lot of learning curves. The glitches are unbelievable. The easy reporting system fools you into thinking there is customer service... there isn’t! I’m so disappointed in the service I’ve been given. Waiting for a resolution for more that 7 days. The response to email automated and almost non existent. I regret deeply having been a pay to play player.

drflyer   4 star

Love got. I absolutely love this game I’m so addicted

splat1818   3 star

GOT review. Good game annoying that there are so many hig bought and paid for players though they should be in their own kingdom so the lower players can actually get a sop

hyfgeybcd   1 star

Pay to win. Been playing for a few months but it takes thousands of dollars to be a big fish in this game, just playing for fun now but terrible game if you want to progress

Advertorial    5 star

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TheNerdGeek   1 star

Pay to Win Rip Off. Waste of time and money. Unless you can afford to spend hundreds of dollars to get anywhere in the game - don’t bother.

Slotoholic   1 star

This is ridiculous. Game is full of bugs that make it unplayable

mightynightfury   2 star

Question. Alright look the game is good but I’m having trouble sending messages right now my player name is NBA Ricky Rubio I would like to know why this is coz it’s been 5 days now and still not fixed I thought that u where supposed to be on top of problems like this obviously not

PersonalGuy   1 star

Very poor support. First, this game is nothing short of a rip off. It is very glitchy, with resources going missing, break downs with server and all the rest of the game. Second, if you have a problem with the game, DO NOT expect anyone from support to get back to you. In the times I did forward a ticket, when they did eventually get back to me, it took 2 days or more. Third, when support does get back to you, they treat you like a moron and tell you do, or try things you tried LOTS of times before you lodge a ticket. Finally, the game will only take you so far till you have to buy packs. These are not cheap and when you get them, rarely worth the money you pay for them. The game is not worth the effort and certainly not worth spending any money on.

biology is stupid   2 star

Lost interest. It was really good until the kingdoms merged, then you had a whole heap of really High players and none for the smaller players. Because of this I eventually lost interest.

Bananafarmer   1 star

Don’t bother. This game is so laggy and has that many dis functions in gameplay it’s an absolute embarrassment to these developers. No clear path to forge weapons nor progress unless you use real money. Just another ROC only they have better connectivity.dont waste your time.honestly these developers should be ashamed.deleting now.what an absolute waste of time

Puffed Dragon   3 star

Agree too expensive. Love the game but to drop > $100 for some packages is ludicrous.

EAM-2007   4 star

Awesome game. Awesome game I’m sooooooo addicted but spending a lot of money on it

kate.ashlee   3 star

Design your own avatar please!. I really enjoy this game but a bit more variety would be fun. A lot of the events are just repetitive. Also would loveeee the ability to design your own character, rather than choosing from the stock 6 or 7 avatars. Would definitely improve the role-play feel

Kate Siera   3 star

Game of Thrones Conquest. Great game, except that I recently updated it and now my screen keeps freezing every time I go to use it. My Keep looks like there is nothing there and I can’t get to the map to fight anything. Please fix this.

watsasam   1 star

Don’t put a cent into this game. Extremely glitchy game. Don’t put a cent into it. If you lose all your progress due to a game glitch you will not be able to recover what it has caused you to loose. No compassion from these guys, will not accept fault for any loss you incur, just want you to spend more money and NOT break the wheel (how funny).

Three80   1 star

Got. A cruddy waste of money

Dozens2   2 star

Tutorials. It’s kind of painful to play, the tutorial mode goes on for what feels like forever(literally spending over twenty minutes just upgrading stuff to start off) than the software lags or just freezes midway.

RalpheyWiggam   2 star

Too uneven. Top ranked players 10, 20, 50 times stronger than you can attack and deplete you of everything. Better games out there that don’t cost you big $$ to play.

Leisa01   1 star

$$$. Ridiculous to get resources to level up. Even being in top clan that gets top prizes is nowhere near enough to level up. Biggest crop is 130k and some levels require 150 million crop while you can’t store it. Game is for big spenders only

Stepanija   3 star

Buyer beware. As much as this game is great at times, there are way too many glitches in the game that cost players thousands when their bubbles expire before they do. Also I do believe it is time WB come out with general rules for ALL KINGDOMS as it would avoid a lot of heart ache and issues when they decide to do kingdom merges. I also have the issue with kingdoms being missed matched when they go to merge with different servers.

Sir Oxe   3 star

Love the game. Ripper game , great fun , good game play but you lose lots of resources and gold forging items and they don’t show up, the Devs don’t replace so I stopped spending money, shame they don’t listen to feedback

Gopies2012   1 star

Do not play. Please be warned, if you play this game, you will pay a lot of money to get absolutely nowhere. The game comprises of players attacking each other for resources so that you have to constantly buy packs to keep up. The only winner in this game is the developer as they have absolutely no interest in protecting our investment in the game. Some people have spent 10’s of thousands of dollars just to get to a position of relatively safety in the game and that is just ludicrous. You have been warned.

øøøoøøø   1 star

No support. Absolutely zero support given to players who are being harassed in this game. The ‘report’ button does nothing and all you can do it block them but they can still find you in the game and are still able message you. I am so upset that this situation was not taken seriously after submitting multiple tickets and reaching out for help from app support.

wb ripoffsky   1 star

Don’t bother. This game is totally aimed at the rich if you are not ready to spend at least 500 hundred dollars a week you don’t stand a Chance the game is full of bugs which they are alway trying To fix there tech support will compensate you if you are a big Spender my advice to you is don’t bother it’s just one rip of After another

Normans Dad   3 star

Long time player/feedback. This is a very addictive game the social side of things is great while you’re waiting for upgrades to complete and the events are always great when there working. The problem with this game is that you’ve really gotta spend to get anywhere in it. After you’re 4 day bubble runs out you’ve instantly got to spend to get more, and if you don’t keep up with bubbles any troops you trained or resources you’ve collected will be killed and raided then you’re back to square one and will have to spend another few days rebuilding while the people with deeper pockets have already upgraded to 30 plus power. This is fine, they work hard for their money they deserve to spend it on what they want. But there should be something, perhaps a spot on the map where you can not attack or be attacked so you can build up your troops, etc without needing to spend hundreds a week on a game that is forever glitchy and forever breaking down. This game is made for people with deep pockets and the patience to tolerate a game which have is literally glitchy all the time 24/7 And to the review titled “WoW” 3 hours of game time and you disagreed with reviews from long time players... you clearly don’t have any clue about this game.

Stacey190501   1 star

To many glitches. Was a daily player but struggling with all the glitches the game has it’s impossible to enjoy playing with so many problems.

benjleis   3 star

Honest review. I played this game nonstop for 8 months. It is so addictive and you get to make a lot of friends playing it. The negative is that I had some serious issues with performance and couldn’t get them resolved. I run iPhone X and best internet available in my area. I would have continued to play had they looked into the issues. Be aware it is very addictive lol

MTAHNEE   1 star

Non responsive. This is rubbish, came is non responsive. Cleared and started several times.

it#   1 star

Big money toilet flush. It’s a game of strategic and power play. But to get anywhere in the game the game requires huge amounts of money which can be lost when zeroed. Best avoid this game. In the beginning when kingdom it was fun but as big spenders come requires you to grow and spend. I’m not talking hundreds of dollars, I’m talking thousands upon thousands. Many have left game either being zeroed or the game glitches game bugs that cause you to lose what you have built. Overall I do not recommend ppl to download this game, spend your money on something better

MG Fortress   5 star

GOT Mania. Addictive game!

센Sen   5 star

Amazing. Love it

Sergeboi   2 star

Expensive and addictive. A decent game but very little explaination is given of how to play the game. Really expensive and addictive.

cant olay it   4 star

Good game but after the newest update I can’t play it. After the new update I tried to play the game and well it’s I can’t move My screen and some of the building don’t render in it’s not frozen cause I can see the soldiers Moving around don’t know why this is Happening

Dan Gleebitz   1 star

Good game if you have lots of cash. As per the title. Could be a great game if you didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars to stop yourself being wiped out by players who have been on the game since day dot.

Ribbon23467   5 star

Addictive. You will become so addicted

lord toe88   5 star

Awesome. Love the game

MRodgers919   2 star

Game of Thrones abuse. The game has great aspects but they will continually let the top 2 clan’s bully the rest of the world around with no recourse. Meh.

Leej344   2 star

Too frustrating, too slow. Had it for a few months, but it’s too slow to level up and too fast to lose it all. Not enjoyable.

Momster231   1 star

Run don’t walk. Great way to pay $5,000 in microtransactions and be ignored by the developers when the app doesn’t work.

xhddyfdfuf   5 star

Super Addictive Game. If you value your youth stay away, if you value your savings stay away, if you want to not be mad at everything around you stay away, and if you want to not be stuck to the screen all day long stay away, but other than that it is a really good game.

Lpslover123445   4 star

my opinion, i guess?.. see i wasn’t ever planning on downloading this app ... like... at all. i don’t watch GOT but maybe after this i will?. my little brother convinced me to download it. so... against my better judgment . i downloaded it. and .. it’s so fun! i’m addicted. it’s an issue. lol. i feel like an older mom that plays candy crush. but instead of playing candy crush i play this. this is my candy crush. and i love it.

AssAssin MoC   1 star

I feel scammed. After a the recent kingdom merge I feel used and abused. I put hundreds in to my account trying to keep up with the players in my own kingdom and now they have merged 2 other kingdoms for a total of 3 kingdoms ours being the smallest. Before in our kingdom there were 3-4 players 100 million power and up and after the update there are tons making it impossible for the littler people to survive or even have a chance to obtain any of the larger castles A.K.A sops. This was very unfair of WB they should have at least merged us with players if our own ranking now we are just dog food for the people who have 100 million power. I suggest you save your money and time.

Tommy k132   1 star

Save Your Money. I have played the game for over 2 years. It has become easier for everyone to get keep 26-30. Very soon WB will be pushing keep 40. Making troop tiers weaker. Pushing everyone for the next keep. During the past months it’s been very buggy because WB has been rushing updates. The game is still very buggy. Before you say I’m a F2P. I am a keep 30. I have spent a ridiculous amount on a buggy game. Crafting in the game is a gamble. You would have better odds of flipping a coin than crafting in Gotc. I’ve tried to craft legendary. Even with it in my odds, it didn’t turn out legendary. You practically have to have all legendary materials to get legendary. The people in my kingdom are the reason I stay. Here’s my advice: Save your money and find a better quality of game.

Dadadedjbdgs   5 star

Broke in LA. I love this game. However, to get the most out of the game, it requires much money. Would be cool if you could gift other players items other than what is allowed.

NikeMartell   4 star

Decrease in rewards. Since our kingdom merge, the rewards for event participation has plundered. The rewards are not worth the participation at this point. This needs to be fixed.

killgray03111   1 star

Tallayhatcman. High price and to many glitch I lost 2mil troops over glitches and lots of money

Murph999999z   1 star

Horrible support, dull gameplay. Unstable game, little to no support from WB, pay to win in the extreme. Have been playing for over a year - game has gotten more expensive and the game play more tedious and boring.

ThePigWhoLearnedToWriteReviews   3 star

Very good game, but.... I have experienced some glitches that have caused the game to not “register” my actions, for example, I press the accept and acts like it should but it doesn’t continue.

TINCUP4   1 star

Do not play this game!!!. If you are wanting to play this game DO NOT!!! The glitches on this game are unreal, and what’s sad is the customer service is pure crap. They will not help you and they don’t not fix this problems, thousands and thousands of dollars wasted. Please do not play this game!

Ms.Flippiles   5 star

No.1. Best game so far on the app store

InsaneInfantryman   3 star

Not bad but can’t share resources. Resources are a huge difference in this game, someone in your alliance may have what you need and you have what they need. But you can’t trade. Makes no sense what ever.

get better WB   2 star

Money and glitching. I have been playing for 5 months and here’s my thoughts. The game constantly has an issue with something not working proper. New levels are being added even though the current ones can’t stay running without a glitch for any amount of time. They try to give coin to make it right but if the glitch has cost you troops (which is the case almost every time) the coin is rarely enough to replace what was lost. But mainly if you don’t have thousands and I mean THOUSANDS you will never EVER be a top tier player. Knowledge of the game does not matter. You can buy your way through and never know nothing. The group chat is good and the translocation in chat is good.

16437896434klm   2 star

Must have tons of money to blow. This game is impossible unless you purchase resources in $99 packs. It is fun at first to build, but eventually, it’s spend $300+ a month, or start over. Also, the map never changes. The game is repetitive and boring.

Alexa Gaming10   5 star

STOP COMPLAINING. Everyone calm down -^- there are NO MORE GLITCHES! I rest my case - Mighty Mittens

<3 Annonomyous <3   1 star

Game of the rich. The game is well designed but it is only designed for the rich. The other caveat to this game is you need to get established in a team. If you’re trying to play this game by yourself you will get run over constantly. Every time I have resources saved up I think the game sends out a signal to attack me. If I don’t have resources I don’t get attacked. There is always someone higher level than you and they will just attack you over and over and over until you have nothing left. Don’t waste your time unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on this game.

Joel stands   2 star

Addictive. Sadly you have to pay to get anywhere

eknagud   1 star

Crap game. The losers in life who spend money on the game and are logged on all the time will just keep wiping you out if you try to do anything productive. Boring, and no balancing of power to make the game fun.

IceWolfDragonSlayer   5 star

Gold. I remember back quite a few months ago, when the team gave out 100,000 gold to every player as a gift. Now I am thankful for that but they run out very fast. I was wondering if you are going to or would gift each player that amount of gold again. Since tons of new players and all. Just a request so thanks for reading!

darkest knoghtz   3 star

So so Game. Great game but constant glitches and expensive packs to help upgrade ruin the game play.

Gaia1633   1 star

Its not fun unless.... It’s not fun

Artem tank t34   5 star

Artem. Cool game I like it

Jmdiostomate   5 star

The best Game App. The best game ever

Salz8622   1 star

Shame on you WB. The concept and visuals of the game are great; HOWEVER, the execution by the developers and customer support are AWFUL. I have never played a game that is as costly (thousand of dollars to be competitive) and glitched as I have with this one. The issues have been endless and the number of updates for “bug fixes” are frequent but seem to cause more issues than provide improvement to game play. Glitches with the game literally will cost you money in the losses that you sustain in the game and WB will absolutely not take ownership for their faulty game nor reimburse players that are negatively impacted by ongoing game stability problems. If you chose to play it is your choice, but I highly advise that you do not spend money in the game because you will eventually realize that it is not worth it.

Picky pooooo   1 star

LAME. Call of duty mobile is ten times better!!!!!

Rf35?   1 star

New update is leaving screen frozen upon logon. Just downloaded new update to hopefully fix crafting issues but now I cannot do anything in the game as all button selections do not respond. Need to reshield soon so hopefully it gets fixed.

yobastfr1997   1 star

Des bugs. Je viens de télécharger le jeu et l’écran se fige 30 seconde après être rentrer sur le compte c’est dommage il avait l’air cool..

unsatisfied_one   2 star

Disappointing. This game is a huge disappointment. It is a great concept and gameplay is fun...when it is working properly. Unfortunately WB is nothing but an arrogant and greedy corporation that doesn’t give a damn about it’s customers. The development team makes constant errors and there are always glitches in the events that they roll out. Then they are unaccountable and blame the glitches on your phone or wifi connection. Ridiculous!! Their only concern is to sell more packs. I realize that they are in business to make money but then it is important to treat your customer base well. A happy customer is a repeat customer. Fire the incompetent people in charge of development and replace them with hard working people who understand how to improve the customer experience. Then I give you 5 stars.

Manethren   4 star

Free to play. Been playing for a year and am still enjoying it. I haven’t paid a penny and will be a long time leveling past 20. We have a good alliance with lots of helpful people and that’s what keeps me playing. Developers do a good job of keeping content fresh.

jeu de glan   1 star

Le jeu plante toujours dans ecurie. Le jeu bogue toujours à la même place

RenegadeCanadian   1 star

GOT: Conquest. Don’t play unless you like to watch your money be burned.

Kaliemera   3 star

Got app. I love the game but hate the glitches. I was playing the game and the work that I did was for nothing. It didn’t register. I’ve used my coin and the game eats up the coin but it does not stick in memory. I won’t purchase anything knowing this.

Lyter71   2 star

Beautiful but unplayable. The music for this game is top notch, the mechanics (stats, chat channels, etc) are very detailed and the graphics are nice. However due to the unbalanced play, I find it’s rendered unplayable - unless you want to spend a ton of cash to upgrade your keep to top level in order to complete. I constantly get attacked by high levels that destroy all my traps, wound all my troops and take all my resources that takes weeks to accumulate. I can do nothing to defend even with allies.

Abab1239   1 star

DO NOT PLAY - Waste of money. The game was good at first, but the only way to really survive and progress in the game is spend a lot of money by buying more gold and supplies. Keep your money, this game is a money trap.

bob987654321012335   1 star

Obligé de mettre de l’argent sinon vous allez vous faire manger tout rond. Ceux qui mettent de l’argent dans le jeu passe leur temps à attaquer les joueurs qui essaye de se monter leur affaire sans mettre d’argent et il les attaque 15-20 pour être certain de prendre le plus de resources possible

prot905   1 star

Terrible. Just like every other game like this. Terrible graphics. Took about 45 seconds before I got a “special offer” to buy something for 6.99. Don’t waste your battery downloading this pile of...

chaingun233/77   1 star

Needs work. I can’t even play on my ipad 😢

Ghazaal Azin   1 star

Doesn’t work on my phone. Hey i had downloaded this hame about a year ago and then it worked fine after some time i uninstalled and now that i’ve installed it again it worked for the first few steps but now as soon as open the game and it’s completely loaded it doesn’t work at all like none of the buttons work

Papamoose76   4 star

Game of thrones: Conquest. Decent game with decent rewards while playing in the earlier levels. Once level 14 is acquired however the difficulty is increased due to other players stealing your resources so leveling up can be a very time consuming process!!

DannyBoy Forever   5 star

Awesome. I absolutely love this game it’s interactive and fun been playing it for years. I love how they kept it up to date with the show and even though the show is done now I’ll continue playing cause it’s just fun to play 2 thumbs way up 👍🏾👌🏾✌🏾

Hamon12346   4 star

Bon mais trop de transaction. Le problème du jeu son les jouer fortuner qui dépense en fou pour avoir le plus haut score possible

fmnaveed   3 star

Disappointed. This game is meant to be stuck at a certain level if you dont spend $. Which is understood. The demand for resources is soo high for upgrades after a certain level that you cannot proceed without spending money. If you attack someone, rarely has it has that much resources that you can use to upgrade and thus youre stuck. Otherwise, its a very detailed game

ShaeTheGreat   5 star

ShaeTheGreat. Excellent

I doctor   5 star

Game of thrones. Great game

Antoine_A   1 star

A Pay-to-play disguised as a Free-to-play. At first, I thought it was a nice game. After 2 months, I can say that only players who will spend thousand of money will be able to stay on tract. It is shamefull. I do not recommend it. It is not a question of addiction, it is a question of ethic. I would prefer to spend some money in games that I know, the company behind is clean. Anyway, the bases are good, but the costy things beside it... it is disgusting

Franca de Campo   5 star

5*Star Game - Game of Thrones. Game - Game of Thrones is one of the Top strategies Games this time and last yrs. If you really want to try something new, something what give you also knowledge in to real life, don’t even think about something else. Start play now, bring your friends and get the Thrones. I just can to recommend this master piece to everyone.

Ryan blessed   1 star

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I have been ripped of a few times now from purchase glitches in the game! One was for $30.00, and the other was for $14.00. And it also had glitched one other time, but for those two purchases in particular, the customer support did not recognize and did not give me what I payed for! They ask for so much money and have very bad, extremely slow customer support! The only thing that keeps me playing now is the amount of money I’ve spent on the game already and the friends I have made in it. SO JUST A WARNING TO THOSE WHO PLAY! I DON’T RECOMMEND MAKING ONLINE PURCHASES! IT’S A RIP OFF AND THEY DON’T COMPENSATE YOU FOR YOUR LOSES. I HAVE TALKED TO MANY PEOPLE WHO EXPERIENCED THE SAME.

govxdfbfdtb   3 star

It’s to difficult to get resources. I like the game and at first it was really fun but lately if been to difficult to gather resources the most you can gather is 130k and that take 13 hours and it’s not even enough to train around of all my troops plus it’s impossible to upgrade your keep when you get your keep to level 16 without buying resources it just starting to get to difficult to do anything in the game and I think you should be able to upgrade dragon food like you can upgrade materials because I have 2m in poor food and nothing to do with it Plus a lot of messages I send on chat and messages don’t go through plus the game keeps freezing and I have to restart it it’s getting frustrating and I’m considering leaving the game

garthvaderrader   1 star

The game is actually awesome!. Really neat game, very fun and addicting to play. Really glitchy, not ruin everything glitchy but annoying everyday glitchy. F2P is not balance with P2P. As a console gamer I see the pricing as completely ludicrous (more shocking how many people just have the money and nothing better to spend it on, this company must laugh and laugh)

Mr. Thomson   1 star

Keystone joke. It seems the only way to get advance resources to grow in the higher levels is to spend 100s of dollars. A complete joke stay away from the game.

C.doot   3 star

Customer service sucks. I’ve enjoyed this game immensely up until I purchased a pack that was never delivered. Customer service basically told me there was nothing they could do and I should look at apple for a refund. The gameplay is stacked heavily on the pay to win side so you might think they could at least deliver what you pay for

Theranna   1 star

Hell. The latest update is not working at all.

3&4=7   5 star

Decent. Decent game a lot like KOA but some aspects are better. Yes there are spenders but those of us who are F2P we still can play and make progress just slower but as the fairy tale goes the rabbit beats the hare in the end. If you do not have patience I highly recommend finding another game as this is not for those who like to rush their games without spending to do so.

Polish_Prince__   3 star

Bit pricey. And the dragon cost , ridiculous. Definitely Not f2p not worth your time if you’re not spender

David Cimon   1 star

Dont make the same mistake I did. Don’t bother with this. The only game of throne feel you get is from the map, otherwise its a run of the mill phone app. As everyone said, you need to pay in order to play this game as resources get ever more scarce and building requirement ever more ludacris When you get to a higher level the only means to upgrade is to pay. Some ressources required are simply available only by event to the top players (whom paid to get there) I’ve spent over a 100$ on this free game; Don’t make the same mistake I did

Red Bellied Black Snake   1 star

Just Fodder for higher level players. Well, was enjoying this game, trying to working out the different characteristics of the game, then as soon as clicked over level 13 got attacked by all these other people. Totally took the fun out of the game. Just don’t see the point in continuing. Maybe should look at an option for those who don’t just want to be fodder for others. Eg switch off combating other players. This was a waste of my time

meriana-jane   1 star

Don’t bother. Don’t bother downloading. Can’t get anywhere or build anything up because people that spend lots of real money just wipe you out over and over again. Deleting. *bell tolling* Shame. Shame. Shame.

Melly91635   1 star

Stacked in favor of those who spend $$$. Don’t waste your time. The big boys who have coin to burn will always win. Not a level playing field at all. I’m out.

Bors2   1 star

Possibly the worst game ever. Unlike almost all other games, this one does not restrict who can attack who so the strong players feed off the new players. Every other game I have played lets you attack other players that are within a few levels of yourself but not this one. Clearly designed by psychopathic bullies, this game crushes the weak while the strong get stronger. I suspect it will fold in the near future now the TV show has finished

gfjgffhhh   5 star

Love it. Easy to use

Keen for the low price   3 star

Game of thrones conquest. Not a bad game but just if late have had some major issues after the latest update the game has had a tendency to freeze up so I can’t play (although it used to drop out regularly anyway). Thinking it is time to delete it.

jjjjkkkkiiiii   5 star

Player 99. Good

Bruce diggity Bruce   4 star

Ok. Ok

Sabaphoenix   1 star

Game doesn’t load up. First time I’ve downloaded the app & it doesn’t work :-/

Fitman87   1 star

Ends up being a waste. The game starts off great, but as you play it becomes too hard to gain any forward movement in the game unless your spending big money on buying resource and shield packs. Forget to shield every 24 hours and much larger player farms you 20 times or more and only way to build up again is spending big money on the game.

Bro Ronel   5 star

Great game!. If you are an avid fun of GOT, you will definitely love this.

Ghost skittel45   1 star

Rubbish. Below average game was fun until you can’t get on for a couple of days to return with nothing left makes it boring and pointless when you attempt to rebuild uninstalled

nick182737465   5 star

Fun but slow. Fun game but really slow for free to play

Mikrisla   2 star

Attacks make it boring. I really enjoyed this game, until I realised that no matter what I do I am constantly attacked, meaning the only thing I seem to do is try to find food to heal troupes. This gets incredibly boring after weeks of the same thing over and over. The only way around this would be to spend real money to use shields constantly, so instead I’ll just be deleting.

GrimzyYT   5 star

Really good. Really good, fun and interactive game that doesn’t have many bugs. Gives you the real game of thrones experience when you play it. I strongly recommend

cbrundle97   5 star

Reviews are BS. It is totally possible to play this without spending real money. I've made it to level 19 without making a purchase. Sometimes the game can be slow, but it is the same as many other games. There are good aspects and some things that need work. Don't believe the people that say you need to spend real money!

Steveba50   1 star

Terrible. Pay2win or free2lose its your choice.....i choose the delete this horror of a game

AnkleProffesor   1 star

Amazing. Great fun

Gameeeeeerrrrrrrrr   1 star

Trash. I can’t believe that they made Bran, the cripple, KING... Trash

Iamvivi   1 star

Ugly style. So ugly for such a great movie game, the picture and the definition, now we are iPhone 8 or x generation, not playing with iPhone 4!!!!

master dunlop   5 star

Thumbs up. A lot of fun would definitely recommend it. Gives me quite a sense of achievement

Mich 0728   5 star

Obsessed. Love it

Cdsa138   1 star

Too expensive. Too expensive $159 aud for resources is a joke when is a lot less in other countries.

Anthony_2983   5 star

Cool. It’s a very cool game

moeymoemoe22   5 star

Not bad. Good time killer

Jokerfacer   5 star

Great game. Absolutely love this game building fighting trying to out do and join forces to best other players amazing

smellybelly2222   5 star

Nice. Oke

jimeee1   5 star

Jimeee1. Time consuming but fun

Maxeyl122   5 star

Oh no. I love this game but reading all the bad reviews makes me think it’s all going to end soon. I see it as you can go fast and spend money or you can go slow and do it for free. I’ve spent about $50 all up and am very limited to amount I can spend. Hopefully not just money grabbing developers as they have made quite a bit already. Btw how do you get bannermen?

TravellingKiwi1993   5 star

Love it but. I love this game, I literally play it everyday. Just one suggestion. Have a storyline with the cast. That would make it amazing

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