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Madeon: “The automation is terrific. I'm now doing things with Auxy I wouldn't easily do with my main DAW. Your design style is insanely smart and forward thinking. It's productive for me to use, but i've also shown it to children who have been able to have fun making real music. It's the best new audio product i've seen in a long time.”

RAC: ”Auxy is by far my favorite and fastest way to get what's going on in my brain into a musical format. It's simple on the surface with a tremendous amount of depth if you need it"

Design Awards: “The thing we love about Auxy is how they use technology to let people be creative, without letting that technology get in the way.”

* Apple Design Award Winner *

Making your own music is a fantastic experience. With Auxy, our goal is to remove friction and make sure that technology doesn't get in the way of your creativity. We want you to help you develop your musical ideas into finished tracks. Real tracks that people want to listen to.

Make melodies and beats with the super smooth loop editor—carefully designed to make the step from idea to music as short as possible. Build complete tracks by mixing loops into scenes.

The app comes loaded with more than 50 unique sounds and drum kits. Expand your collection with premium sound packs made by world-class producers.

Each sound has a set of carefully crafted effects and custom controls for tuning it just right. All the controls can be automated over time for perfect mix control.

Explore the Auxy Feed where we post creative challenges, featured tracks, and projects that you can download and remix. Join the Auxy community and find people to collaborate with.

Tracks can be uploaded straight to SoundCloud or exported as video. You can also export MIDI files or audio stems and continue working in apps like FL Studio and Ableton Live.

Auxy supports the Ableton Link standard, which lets you jam in sync with other apps and devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Auxy is built by a small team in Sweden. Our mission is to put a studio in everyone's pocket and push music forward as an artform.

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Auxy Studio App Description & Overview

The applications Auxy Studio was published in the category Music on 2015-12-09 and was developed by Auxy. The file size is 45.26 MB. The current version is 4.1.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

The following improvements make this version real smooth:
- Make sure playback runs well after device sleep or switching between apps
- Adjust touch area for adding soft notes
- Fix problems when importing projects
- Remember scroll position when opening scenes and projects
- Prevent crash when exporting videos on iOS 11
- Adjust warning about low power mode

What's New in 4.1:
Backup and sync your projects with iCloud. Enable on all your devices and projects will automatically update whenever you make changes. If you lose a project or need to undo changes, tap "Backups" above the project list and locate the old version that you want to recover.

Please note that iCloud is free with basic storage and Auxy projects take up very little space. In order to save space, renders are not stored in iCloud. All your renders will now appear in the same list, which makes it easier to free up space by deleting files you don’t need to save.

Also in this version:
- Edit melodies across 5 octaves
- New note labels in scale and chromatic mode
- Fixed buzzing sound in rendered tracks
- Lots of improvements and bug fixes

Check the feed to learn more!

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Auxy Studio Reviews

Che-z games

AUXY IS AWESOME!  Che-z games  5 star

Auxy is awesome! I challenge myself to get better every day. But there is a bug that I found. If you copy and paste diagonal precision blocks it can go well beyond the max note. But other than that Don’t stop improving😀! I have a picture of the glitch but I don’t know how to send it.


Auxy is a gift from the gods  Peopleneedlives  5 star

I love this. Amazing work from Sweden. Thank you.


Awesome and easy to use  Natarakun  5 star

I love this app, I been using it for a while now and I have to say it's one of the easier music makers out in the market.


So much freedom  CocoBark  5 star

This is the best app I've found. I can create my own leads and pad loops. It's simple, layering loops. Creating a whole piece. Upload directly to SoundCloud or Dropbox. Download it, and you can start immediately.


Beyond any app  ArthurianTheory  5 star

This app's capabilities are unmatched when it comes to making music. It is the perfect fit for a mobile device. In all honesty, I may owe my future to Auxy Studio.

Dylan Q Smith

If you have not checked out this app, do your self a favor  Dylan Q Smith  5 star

This is an amazing, easy to use app with a great community forum behind it. Need extra inspiration to get started? They have weekly challenges to get those creative juices flowing. I could not recommend this app more highly. Trust me once we see how straight forward and easy it makes it to make sweet beats and edm, you'll be challenging yourself everyday to get better. It's such a blast! Do yourself a favor and check this app out.


Phenomenal!  Jrod31799  5 star

This is an amazing app and I really enjoy how you can just make Incredible music out of the blue. When I would listen to artists like Alan Walker and The Chainsmokers, I would think to myself, "Wow it must be so darn hard to make that stuff-In which it is-but I never thought I could make something of my own in a similar sense. The only two things that I request from the DEVS is: 1. Lowering the prices for each sound pack. About $5.00 for an average of 10 sounds. Kinda sounds rediculous concerning the fact that there's not that many sounds to be given for $5.00. 2. Sometimes the "bar" feature can get frustrating if you just want to add a tiny or potentially longer amount of length to the initial bar length. So, I suggest that you guys add a feature where you can add additional length to a bar without having the additional length to be a "second bar." Just that optional little extra length in between a bar and a bar. Thanks! Tremendous App!!! I suggest anyone who loves to create sounds, loves edm artists, and has a passion to make music, use this!


The best music production app ever made.  19NINETEENeightyfour84  5 star

This app is amazing I can’t wait to see what else there is to come. It’s so easy to use the only challenge this app has is how go get creative with every new beat you make!

Which one is Pink

This app Rocks!  Which one is Pink  5 star

If you don’t have it - get it. This app is very unique in that you can put some pretty good sounds down in a easy to use interface. Spend the bucks when it’s time to pony up for a great app. You’ll find yourself getting to enjoy a nice concept!!


I only need these things and then this app is perfect!  Grantcfo  4 star

This app almost has it all for me! The only things I need to be included in future updates are: Notes that can sustain into the next scene, the ability to toggle attacks on a note, a grand piano sound with the ability to change the touch of the piano (soft to hammering), the ability to set the time signature, the ability to change the time signature, tempo up to 240bpm, changing of the tempo, ritardandos, key signature changes, and maybe 64th notes.


Debi AGILL_DnB 3 star

私はAuxyとFL Studio Mobileのユーザーです。 私はメルボルンシャッフルとジャンプスタイルとドラムンベースステップとハッケンとカッティングシェイプスを踊ります。 そして、私はペンを回す人です。


Debi AGILL_DnB 3 star

I'm user of Auxy and FL Studio Mobile. I Dance Melbourne Shuffle, DnBstep, Jumpstyle, Hakken and Cutting Shapes . And, I'm Pen Spinner.


Debi AGILL_DnB 3 star

私はAuxyとFL Studio Mobileのユーザーです。 私はメルボルンシャッフルとジャンプスタイルとドラムンベースステップとハッケンとカッティングシェイプスを踊ります。 そして、私はペンを回す人です。


Amazing app!  ~*~•  5 star

Within the first day I bought the collection pack this app is so wonderful! Do you think you can add in guitar notes and other instruments? It may be more difficult, but maybe it can go for 10-15$ instead of 5. Love this app, thank you guys!


No good  manuellover  1 star

This app don't let you save your song as a audio


Great BUT theres a bug  YoloWatermelonSwag  5 star

Theres a bug when i try to export a beat into a video it crashes


Awesome  Leom187  5 star

The elegant design lets you focus on the music and execute ideas quickly. High quality sounds, with carefully chosen fx parameters and automation let you bring tracks to life easily. There's always room to improve, but the developers seem eager to do just that. I still wish I could play and record melodies live with a playing surface. That would be perfect combined with the smooth piano roll.


This app  Stoffeez  5 star

Is so good. Everything is simple & a lot of fun I could stay on it for hours 🤙

The Chris Columbers

Great, could be amazing  The Chris Columbers  5 star

This app is extremely easy to use. I usually make orchestral music with my computer, but I also use Auxy for electronic music. I really love some of the sounds available with it If they were to add manual EQ and compression, then this app would be insane. Maybe a mixer page would be a good idea...?


Amazing  SILVER_SKULL_  5 star

This is an extremely fun, simple, and enjoyable app that can truly help you express yourself in music. The community is active and supportive, the team works hard to create new content and fix mistakes, and the app itself will open new doors for you to explore the world of music.


Hands down BEST mobile DAW ever made  Baldllama93  5 star

Auxy is my favorite app. Most desktop DAW's are somewhat annoying and difficult to learn but this iOS app is very user friendly. There's automation and a decent selection of sounds to choose from. And the developers are always working on updates so it's come a long since it started.


The best.  JazzlynHuff  5 star

This is the best beat maker I've ever used ✨

twin storms

This app is intuitive.  twin storms  5 star

You might've heard this in another comment, but this sequencer does it's job well. Every time there's a new update, there's more ways for me to create masterpieces and works of art at my fingertips. Yes, there are a few issues, But it also has some cool features that are easy to understand. With me having a difficult time with those more complicated sequencers and stuff like GarageBand, this allows me to, I said before, create works of art. I hope everyone else can joy this app as much as I do. Update: MADEON likes this app!!? Count me in even more!!! Also, it would be cool to have a version for ipad.

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