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Adobe Photoshop Fix enables powerful, yet easy image retouching and restoration on your iPad or iPhone. Heal, smooth, liquify, lighten and make other edits and adjustments that give you the precise look you’re after. Access edited photos within other Adobe mobile and desktop apps by signing in to Adobe Creative Cloud to further refine them or use them in other creative projects – it’s all powered by Adobe CreativeSync.

• Retouch and restore photos using tools that give you the exact look, structure and feel you want:
- Face-aware Liquify – Make dramatic edits to facial features. Create a bigger smile, slim down those cheeks or edit other facial points with remarkable ease.
- Liquify — Push, pull, rotate, swell or reshape any area to create subtle or drastic effects.
- Heal and patch — Fix imperfections using content from surrounding areas and then blend the result.
- Smooth — Simply paint to smooth or sharpen skin, landscapes or other content.
- Lighten and darken — Add or remove light from specific parts of a photo.
• Edit and adjust photos using a variety of essential tools:
- Color — Desaturate to remove all color or to create a mix of color and black-and-white.
- Paint — Get precise effects with an eyedropper that lets you sample colors, an adjustable brush and an eraser.
- Adjust — Add vignettes and control exposure, contrast and saturation
- Defocus — Blur part of a photo to draw attention to your key subject.
• Send your images directly to Photoshop CC on the desktop so you can refine them and take them further. Fix converts all your edits to layers and packages your image as a PSD file.

Love photography? Check out the Creative Cloud Photography plan. It gives you Lightroom and Photoshop, the most powerful editing tools around. With Creative Cloud, you can open and edit Photoshop files in Fix and send your retouched images to Photoshop CC for further refinement — layers, masks and all. Or open and enhance Lightroom images and send them directly to your Lightroom Collections. All of your edits will be synced across all your computers and devices. If you make a change on you iPad, it will show up on your desktop. Take your photography further with the Creative Cloud Photography plan.

Also take a look at these other free Adobe apps in the App Store:

• Photoshop Mix — Cut out and combine elements from different images, blend layers, and apply looks on your iPad or iPhone — anywhere you are.
• Lightroom Mobile – Capture, edit, organize and share professional quality images from your smartphone or tablet.
• Photoshop Express – Easy photo editor for applying effects and filters
• Sketch – Create expressive drawings and paintings without opening a sketchbook. Save and send as layered PSD files to Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator CC.
• Spark Page: Create beautiful web stories–in minutes. Transform your next newsletter, report, invitation or travel adventure into a gorgeous visual story that delights readers on any device. 
• Spark Video: Create compelling animated videos–in minutes. No filming required, just record your voice in short increments to tell your story. 
• Spark Post: Create stunning social graphics–in seconds– with professionally designed, eye-catching templates you can tweak in simple steps.

MORE STORAGE (Optional in-app purchase)
You can purchase an additional 20GB for $1.99 (US dollars) of Creative Cloud file storage per month. The recurring payment is automatically charged to your iTunes account. To stop service, go to account Settings and turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of your billing period. Prorating is unavailable — when you turn off auto-renew, service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period.

You must be 13 or older and agree to Adobe’s terms and privacy policy, viewable at:

Adobe Photoshop Fix App Description & Overview

The applications Adobe Photoshop Fix was published in the category Photo & Video on 2015-10-04 and was developed by Adobe Inc.. The file size is 165.42 MB. The current version is 1.7.3 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

Edge-to-edge UI on iPhone X screen, with respect to the safe area.

Fix the crashes on iOS 12.

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Adobe Photoshop Fix Reviews


Best program  Andy#99  5 star

Best to get!!!!


Great app, but...  kurt  3 star

It’s a really nice app, but it is annoying to get an ad every time I launch the software for other Adobe products.

Hey Google doesnt connect

Great app  Hey Google doesnt connect  5 star

This is definitely an app that I would recommend...I have downloaded several apps to my phone and out of all of them this is the only one that seems to work like it should...I wish tho they would add more features and actually some backgrounds..otherwise a great app to use.


Bad  Acsoccer42315342  1 star

Every time I try to use this app I edit one thing on a photo and it crashes and sends me back to my home screen.


Best photoshop app! And it’s free!!  Addyyyyyyyy_c  5 star

I have had this app for over two years and I LOVE it! I don’t use any other editing app besides ones to do filtering. This app has anything from color changing to body shaping. Definitely recommend and would rate 6/5 if I could!

Jay Es El

My go to fave.  Jay Es El  5 star

Exceeds my hardware.

Moshe kaykay

Adobe Photoshop Fix  Moshe kaykay  4 star

This app is amazing! I recommend this 95/100!!!


Awesome app!!  sassygirl_15  5 star

I love this app very much. It has great think to remove objects from a picture blur the background and much much more. I’ve been looking for a great photo shop app and finally found one. So far I have not had one problem with this app. This is free on everything. Definitely worth downloading

The Genius of The Universe

Importante detalle  The Genius of The Universe  2 star

No puedes rotar una foto, una cosa tan simple y no se puede hacer You can not rotate a photo, something so simple and can not be done


Amazing App  Mary200869  5 star

Photoshop is amazing!!!

_Tom Xiao_

Really Helpful  _Tom Xiao_  5 star

Whether its fixing up minor errors in photos, or just using fix because you love the functions, Photoshop Fix is really good, and allows you to use some of the functions Adobe Photoshop on PC has.


.  Danthisissfun101  5 star

Stunning app

Lol _M

😮😮Help ! 😮😮  Lol _M  4 star

Can’t open the app on my iPad. It closes down before I can use it HELP! I love your app and use it a lot. I’m lost without it 😭😭

Psychic Lover

Awesome but wish there was video editing  Psychic Lover  4 star

I got this app because on YouTube they said this was the best editing app they were right but the I was a bit upset there weren’t any video editing though. Also this app has no free trial garbage that you’re probably fine in other photo shop apps

Awesome sauce😝

Incredible  Awesome sauce😝  5 star

An absolute must have if you’re into social media, photography and other things like that! I’ve been using it for a while now on my images and I’ve never been happier, strongly recommend


Smooth  indichild  4 star

I’ve just been using the skin smoother so far, and I love it


Yes m8  #RaveInTheRedwoods  5 star

69/420 would do again

The Curator 14

Very good, minor flaws  The Curator 14  4 star

This app is great, I use it to colourise old black and white photographs. However, I find it annoying I can’t use darker colours unless I increase the opaqueness up to 100%, and even then the full colour doesn’t come out. So, for example, I’ll be trying to use a dark brown, but it’ll come out as orangey-red, because that’s where the colour marker is before I darkened it. Overall however, I can usually fix it with other things. Good app


The most fun I have had in my LIFE!  ElliesNala  5 star

A pretty decent photoshop app for helpful reasons and fun reasons. Awesome to use to warp people’s faces, with their permission of course! 110% recommend.

Red Gti lover

Easy to use  Red Gti lover  5 star

I love this app because it is user friendly and there are not too many features to confuse. You just go in...edit your pics so quick it’s everything I need.

Huney S.

Reduce photo quality  Huney S.  2 star

Can't export photos with full or high resolution


Great App  mjfox52610  4 star

Great App. I use it in conjunction with Snapseed. Between the two apps I get fantastic results.

Angela L Arden

Very Good  Angela L Arden  2 star

This is very good. It’s missing a couple of features that I have found using say Avatar and others,

kiki or Cece

Good  kiki or Cece  5 star



Hate the advertisements...  ntonyb  2 star

Every time I open up this app I get a advertisement for something I already have. If I take a break, the ad is there when I get back. You get more stars when you get rid of the ads. If you don’t you, will only get one star. Very unprofessional for a product geared towards professionals.


Varie good  ToonOOF  5 star

Good ap I lik how you ccan mak mememe


Good App!  -Dab-  5 star

It has all the editing features which is really useful for everyday stuff. Best photo app!! Be sure to check out photoshop mix, which is also a great tool that I use.


Great app  Kgamer  5 star

I’m learning. Great app can’t wait to learn all the features

Ghmari insta

Mariana Ghmari  Ghmari insta  5 star

Best picture editing app I have ever used! 💕


It’s okay, but how do you delete a Project?  Kenberma  3 star

The app is kind of fun to use but photos do take up space. So when you’re ready to delete a project, it is not clear and obvious how to do it. I have been on the Adobe forum where many have asked the same question and have not received a clear answer? There should be a trashcan next to every project image. Instead, some people mention trying to find three dots first, but apparently they don’t show up on iOS devices. C’mon Adobe.


Awesomeness  leon469  5 star

Quick editing on the go


Excellent App  Inbarasan_MV  4 star

It's definitely an excellent app for basic image processing. Especially, I love spot healing (background clearing) feature.


5 stars  Sukisukisukisu  5 star

Excellent app!!!


The best  Pencil24pl  5 star

I'm blown away by how good this is


Simply fantastic  Derek63  5 star

I find this a fantastic piece of software. 5*


Great App  Familyguy555  5 star

Great to edit photos on the go.


Photo fix  Flygy1  5 star

Lots of fun creating lots of magic photos with this easy-to-use app !

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