Kenshō [Games] App Description & Overview

Begin your journey through a surreal world where nature, time and space intertwine.

Mysterious things happen in a ruined room. Doors inside that room lead to different worlds and beautiful landscapes.

Match blocks and overcome challenges in this addictive puzzle with rich visual effects that unfolds a narrative through breathtaking places including lush jungles and stormy seas.

11 original songs accompany you on this adventure, replete with violin, piano, harmonica, accordion and more.

"A block sliding puzzle matching game with a great design"
— AppAdvice

"It’s a calming game with an absolutely gorgeous art style that may well be the most beautiful puzzle game I’ve ever seen"
— Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Kenshō Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thank you for playing! This update contains many stability and performance improvements.

Kenshō Comments & Reviews

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- Well worth the time and money!

This game is perfectly genius. Not too many levels so it feels endless, not too few that it’s not worth the money. Not too hard so that it feels impossible, but not too easy, so every move takes thought. The graphics are beautiful, the lights and animations, everything. The clicking sounds when you move the tiles and other little sound effects add so much depth to the game. The little puzzles to open the doors are really fun, it’s a nice change of pace so it’s not tile after tile. I love the camera feature, a wonderful addition and a fantastic idea. I have really grown attached to all of the characters. The small noises they make and the music that accompanies them gives them an emotional ambience, and if it wasn’t clear enough what feeling was on display, the little box character has the little emoticons that are almost tacky, but just within the lines. Everything is so thoughtfully calculated. I wish there was a statue or something of the box-character, to go along with the deer. I’d buy it for sure. I look forward to more apps from 52! 🦌◽️

- I played 3 hours for the first time

I downloaded it because it was visually beautiful and mysterious. The instructions are minimal, I thought intentionally. Other games/puzzles which involve a visual logic are similar. It makes them charming. The guides are consistent, which is part of the challenge. What isn’t clear is where the game is ultimately going after it stopped the way you proceeded and introduced something which seemed to go nowhere. I addressed this today in a message to Kenshō. I only had one other occasion to contact them when I couldn’t solve a puzzle; the response was rapid and helpful without giving any hints or strategies. For anyone contemplating downloading this game, don’t let My most recent problem discourage you. It’s a delight to look at and a challenge as they introduce each twist. I don’t care for the music which is distracting, so I turn it off. I like the sound effects. I gave this a 5 star rating because the whole experience was mesmerizing. It is not easy to stop, but that is a problem in the discipline of the player.

- Bought the deer on Etsy

Straight up this is one of the most beautiful puzzle games I've played in years. Reminds me visually of Blockwick, One of my favorites. And before you think this game is all looks let me assure you it is also a great puzzle game. It takes a pretty simple puzzle concept and leverages it into something special by giving you a reason to keep playing. At risk of sounding a little kooky I have to see there's a certain spirit this game that seems very sincere but is hard to describe. Lots of games try to look beautiful as part of their appeal but this one seems to have a real beating heart of it's own. I bought a beautiful stuffed deer they linked to in the app as well, and can't wait to see it!

- It's cool but...

I find the game more frustrating than fun, and although the gameplay mechanics are interesting and cool, the structure of the game disappoints me: It relies on random generation. I love the puzzles that unlock the doors (those don't rely on randomness), but the main game feels luck based. This is why I heavily prefer puzzle games with specificly designed levels, rather than games like this and candy crush where random generation is a part of the game, and the levels are different each time they're played. It’s more of a strategy game, which isn’t my thing but that’s just me. If puzzles that rely on random generation are your cup of tea, get the game... but there are some really great puzzles out there that are so much better. I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. Graphics are very impressive here, music is nice, gotta say though.

- Fundamentally Flawed Design, Improved!

Update: Of the solutions I listed below, #2 was implemented. Yay! However, it is still true that you can somewhat “muscle” your way through the game. There is no penalty to filling the board, so you can still win any level by repeatedly pressing one button until you get lucky. However, smart play just speeds things up. Old Review: This is a beautiful game with a fundamental design flaw: often times the best way to progress is to fill your board and “lose”. I’ll try and explain as succinctly as possible: 1) Puzzles have a set start place. 2) Each requires you to gain five pieces. 3) They get harder as they go and your board fills up. 4) If you fail, it restarts to puzzle 1 of 5. 5) However, you don’t lose any collected pieces! Therefore, it’s boring but possible to progress like this: 1) Get a piece. 2) Fail on purpose. 3) Get that same piece again. -repeat until done Possible fixes: 1) Lose collected pieces: players must collect all five without failing. 2) Randomize the start of each puzzle. 3) Add an achievement of some kind for finishing without losing. This game is artsy enough, one of those fixes may be present but invisible to me at this point.

- I like this game

Fun game. Once I moved up a few levels it became kind of tricky, but I started to pay attention to all the other squares moving around and it became easier to figure out. I'm not done yet and look forward to the rest of the puzzles in this game. Without knowing all the mechanics there is still a lot randomness in the game. In my opinion. Any fun game. Or game I'm interested in playing takes a bit of a learning curve or skill, but also mixes a bit of the unknown into it. The random surprise factors. In my opinion. It a balance of these two aspects that makes a game fun to play. A balance of skill mixed with the unknown.

- Best puzzle game I’ve ever played. Hands Down.

I usually never write reviews on apps, or even rate them, but this one deserves every one of the 5 stars. After seeing this app as “game of the day” it instantly got my attention. You really can’t get mad when playing this game, the music is so relaxing and calming. The graphics and animations are silky smooth, so pleasing to watch the animation after solving the puzzle. The combination of the nature and music makes the perfect environment to become immersed into. This game needs more attention, without a doubt should be the #1 app on the list.

- Okay

It is a super swell 3s game but it would’ve been better if they’d left out the fancy cut scenes, went for a wee bit more minimal approach and made it free...but then there would be ads - total drag - but free is THE magic word, doesn’t matter who you are. The super rich are some of the scroogiest (to use a seasonal metaphor) most cheapass tight mf’s you’ll encounter...funny enough. That’s mainly why they’re such terrible terrible people. When money means more than life, explicitly human life, then one should make arrangements to have all of their assets to go to worthwhile sources and donate their remains to organ transplantation and universities anytime before they find it irresistible to end their life. 😀

- Started out fun then got tedious

This game started out fun but then became tedious and boring. While there is concept of parts and keys you basically have to solve 25 of the same puzzle per level, and each level is a variant of the prior. I found playing early levels fun, until the “random” level kicked in, which removes a lot of skill. Then the “force field” levels really bored me because there are long sequences of fixed moves required and if you fail you start over. The levels aren’t different enough to keep my interest and long sequences of moves over and over just aren’t fun for me at least. The little movies between levels are creative but they have nothing to do with the levels. Disappointed to say the least.

- Brilliant

This game is brilliant! The story is very entrancing, and the game play is absolutely made with the music. I love that each level is unique and that if you “fail” you don’t have to start all over on building all the keys, you only have to start over on the single piece of the key you are currently trying to get. The graphics of this game are incredible and very immersive! I don’t really have any complaints about this game. This might be my new favorite! I just hope it last a bit because I’m loving it! update***** PLEASE MAKE A SEQUAL!!!!

- A Joy to Experience

At first I was like “okay why is this game $4?” And then I listened with my in-ear monitors and I really got to appreciate the sound masterpiece that it is. Then I noticed the visuals in the cut scenes. It has me thinking what it could all be about as the drama unfolds. I am determined to experience this all the way through. There is something satisfying when you hear the stones move especially when you match 3. I can’t stress enough, I recommend in-ear monitors as opposed to regular earbuds. This game is a symphony. ***** Five Stars

- Perplexing puzzles, gorgeous graphics.....

..... a splendid, surreal soundtrack and this author's annoying alliteration. The Puzzles are challenging enough to hold one's attention without becoming a headache spewing explicative. My only wish is that I could spend more time exploring the worlds in between the puzzles. There the vibe is relaxed and ethereal providing a perfect interlude while the brain recharges for the next set of puzzles. The animation reminds me very much of Mahiro Maeda’s Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo. Enchanted, mysterious and breathtakingly beautiful.

- Amazing!

I don't usually play games on my phone but one one day when I was checking out the app store this one really stood out. The music and the colors, just everything about this game is so peaceful and relaxing. The puzzles are challenging but not in a frustrating way, they are a fun, gotta keep going kind of challenge.I highly recommend it.

- Eats battery, heats up phone, and not too challenging

I expected way more for purchasing this game, especially since it won Editor’s Choice. It looks and sounds fancy, but anyone can beat the game. I’m not even that good at puzzles and I beat it. I was expecting to get stuck and play a level over and over then finally beat it by chance after a day or so but that didn’t happen. An earlier review mentioned it, but I’ll say it too: the game is easily beatable because all you have to do is fail at an attempt to capture a key part, then the board resets with your current progress of collecting keys. For me, this isn’t an app I’d open over and over again. And I agree with the other reviews, your battery will drain fast with this game and your phone will heat up. Bottom line: If you’re looking for puzzles with good graphics and interesting music, purchase this app. 3 stars for awesome graphics. 👍🏼

- Love the game but...

Absolutely love the game play but just a couple of things. The contrast of some of the colors on the levels are so similar to each other making the game harder for color impaired viewers. But my main issue is with the game is the battery drain... I literately just downloaded the game and had 83% battery life and in just 10 minutes of game play I’m down to 32%!! And my phone got pretty hot as result. Again, the game play and music are absolutely great but the battery drain is three times as bad as candy crush! Fix it and I’ll give it 5 stars and a rave re-review. —- in reply to support Thanks you for the immediate response and changing the settings to normal made a huge difference in battery consumption. It still heats up he phone quite a bit but not nearly as bad as when it was in best quality mode.

- Great game but needs update!

This is a great game but it’s due for an update. I’ve waited for an update for a while now and there hasn’t been one for a long time ever since November or December. I like the way this game makes you think out of the box to come up with a solution in order to solve the puzzles it shows. I just wish there were more levels so that I can play. Please add more levels to the game and make it more stable. Thank you!

- Very noice 😛

This game is a good puzzle game, reminds me a little but of Monument Valley, it’s a puzzle game, but it’s got a sort of story behind it, there’s a main character, and it’s even a little ominous! 😦 It’s kinda confusing though, plus, there’s not really a clear way of getting the piece of the key 🤔 I like how there is a puzzle to open the door though and I love the cute Kenshō deer!! 😊🦌 btw would have rated 4 1/2 stars ✨ but I don’t think I’m able too 🤨 good game 👍👍👍

- I mean.. WOW!!!!!!!

Wow. Wow! Im literally in awe of Kenshō!!! This is one absolutely AMAZING game. After only playing this game for a few minutes, I can most certainly say I'm left speechless and ready to play some more. Stunning graphics. Freaking awesome soundtrack. It's a perfect game in my book. Props after props to the developers of this game for doing some extraordinary work. Can't wait to see what else they come up with!

- Game designers take note

This is what mobile gaming should strive to be. Simple to learn but can be challenging to master. Beautiful graphics. Engrossing sound. And most importantly - not designed to make you pay to play. Take my money - and when you make something new, take my money again. Thank you for making this beautiful game

- Beautiful and relaxing

I am somewhat challenged as far as spatial and mechanical reasoning skills, so this game is maybe a little harder for me than it would be for the average person. But the gorgeous graphics and the calming music make this game a pleasure to play. And you get endless chances to keep working out the solutions to the levels. A lot of fun to play!

- Incredible

This puzzle is absolutely beautiful. The design and graphics are out of this world 🌎. The only concern I have (I dont know if anyone else is experiencing this as well but my battery life depletes like crazy 😩) if this is fixable then I’d be sure a new update would solve this. Other than that, it’s worth the $4 !!

- Short for a paid app

I played this game for a week or two and somehow it’s done?? It’s beautiful, the storyline, the music, the visuals are stunning. I loved how if you couldn’t quite pass a level, you wouldn’t lose all your progress for the level/ stage you were on. But for playing a bit every day, to have the game be over, (at least that’s what I surmise with the cut scenes and credits), I’m a bit disappointed.

- Beautiful Puzzle Game

Wonderful gameplay that gets slightly harder as you go, but you aren’t overly penalized for getting part of a puzzle wrong. The between puzzle interludes are beautiful, and I love that there are no hearts, ask friends for help, or unlock with 50 million diamonds gimmicks. Worth every penny for sure.

- Truly phenominal.

That's all. This game is awesome. I don't really understand the cutscenes, but enjoy them and their creativity nonetheless. I feel like the game, as with all new games, could use some refinement (like the crumbling animation that is used constantly could be smoother) but it was absolutely worth the money I paid for it.

- A really beautiful puzzle game

Not only is the gameplay really fun and just challenging enough, the whole game has such a beautiful aesthetic to it. My only complaint is that I wish it were longer. Also tell your music guy that he killed it!!

- Tired of seeing ads!

Kenshō is a beautiful “match three” style with vibrant colors and addictive music. One started, it’s hard to stop playing. What annoys me about this game is that after paying its $3.99 price tag I still have ads popping up directing to an Etsy page asking me to buy a stuffed deer. If this were a 99¢ title with an in-app-purchase option to remove the ads I’d get it. Hopefully future versions of this game will skip the ads.

- Too short

I loved this game until it was over! Beautiful and challenging, it was a sensory delight to play. But why so short? I was done in a few days after purchasing it. Hopefully more levels will be introduced at some point!

- Great puzzle game with a (sort of) hidden mechanic

I thought this game was just fine for a while. Then I realized new tiles came in based on where I was sliding. Then it suddenly became an amazing puzzle game of strategy with just a little bit of luck.

- Not worth paying for..

I am all about finding free games to play but this one was listed as an editor’s choice so I trusted that evaluation. Turns out I didn’t get my money’s worth. While the game is captivating I think I expected a little more, and once I was completely engaged, the levels ended. Wow, I thought, already? As I said in my title, not worth paying for.

- Meh

We have all seen this game before. Pretty yet predictable graphics, a bland but unobnoxious soundtrack and you move a shape (squares) around to make lines of 3 of the same color blow up in a manner that gets progressively harder. Don’t waste your money. There are lots of free games just as good. All you’re get by paying for this is a pack of ads. Honestly, anyone online long enough to be downloading their own apps is so desensitized to ads that they are easy to ignore. Save your money.

- So relaxing

I’m really enjoying this beautiful game. Just the right challenge for me, as I’m not a very skilled gamer. The graphics are soothing and the music is haunting. I decided to try this game because a review described it as elegant. That’s a very good way to describe it.

- Description is bogus

This game should be 99¢. There are no lush jungles or any other descriptions this developer has mentioned. It’s just some colorful backgrounds that are there to hide the fact this game is VERY similar to 2048! You move square blocks around (exactly like the game 2048) and touch three colors together to make a row and they disappear. Lame for $3.99! If you aren’t a fan of 2048, do not waste your money.

- Massive battery drainer

This game is pretty and all, but draining 33% of my 6S battery in 15 minutes with graphics settings turned all the way down is ridiculous. My phone is warm to the touch through its case after a few minutes. Makes me wonder if the game is crypto mining or something while playing.

- You can tell they spent time on it

It’s actually a breath of fresh air in the stale world of money grabbing matching puzzlers. It’s beautifully made and tactile feeling with a gorgeous soundtrack. The kind of game I feel good supporting the devs by purchasing.

- A great start

So far it’s nothing new as far as puzzles go, but the execution is top notch. I’ve been playing about 20m and it hasn’t thrown anything at me that’s made me think too hard, but we’ll see. Definitely a gorgeous game.

- What an incredibly boring game for which to pay

‘Nuf said; just plain boring beyond belief. I play the puzzles with no idea what I am doing. I lose a round because of blocking tiles, but I lose no progress, just restart the individual level. There is no rhythm or reason to why I am playing, and variety is completely absent. Cannot believe I trusted all the reviews to pay for this game. So disappointed.

- Fun, unusual and relaxing but poor responsiveness

I could really love this game except for the fact that the pieces do not move quickly or responsively enough. Sometimes you have to swipe twice. I have the newest iPhone so it is not a processor issue.

- Only wish it was longer!

Beautiful game, interesting play. I wish there were more levels!

- Soothing and challenging at the same time

The graphics are truly lovely. The puzzles are challenging without being impossible. Overall, this is a beautiful and soothing game.

- amazing!

The graphics are so well made, and the puzzles really make you think. That plus the relaxing music makes a very entertaining, intriguing game.

- Awesome

The graphics are wonderful and gameplay is excellent...not too hard but challenging enough...highly recommend

- Highly entertaining, great music

I absolutely agree that if you want to enjoy the zen of this game you ought to wear some nice quality headphones. Great music and great graphics. Highly entertaining.

- Just perfect

Not too difficult but not too easy either. A sweet puzzle world- I’m on level five and loving every minute!

- Beautiful, engaging

The visuals between levels are quite lovely. The game isn't as challenging as Monument Valley but it is fun. Well worth the $2 on sale. The app is a battery hog, and I hope future versions will improve on that.

- New experience!

Big inspiration and most relaxing choose this game.

- Pretty, but also pretty tedious

Graphics are beautiful. I like the specifically designed puzzles in between levels to unlock the doors, but the main gameplay is randomly generated and is rather tedious.

- I don’t understand

I don’t get how to pass the level I’m on ,if it’s a level at all, or if it’s the end of the game. It’s just a black screen with a white block that I can only move up slightly and that’s it. Can’t get back to menu or home screen it just stays stuck on this.

- Perception

I bought this app expecting it to have the stellar qualities of Monument Valley. However, I was very disappointed. IMHO, it takes little skill to clear the slides. While the video and music are hyped as gorgeous & tranquil, I did not find it so. I especially disliked the emoji popping up in the scenery but perhaps this is a cultural thing. Save your $$$.

- Long waits

Puzzles okay but I get bored watching all the swirling lights between puzzles. Rated down because of long wait times between puzzles. I mean are you here to play or watch swirly lights?

- lackng instructions, editor’s choice of crap

played fora bit and it was pretty cool... but then i get to a point that i can get rid of blocks of same color...why???? did i make ss something? doesnt matter because i dont know what to do to get the key an i deleted the game...editor’s choice? it edit’s crap that i took a chance on and will not trust the editors any longer just because it has ambient music and a good 1hr theme who are getting kick backs from these companies for the awards!

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- Well constructed albeit short

Enjoyed the play through, but was surprised when it was all over sooner than I expected. The puzzles were more frustrating than challenging at times and I wish I had a few more of the door unlocking puzzles to get through... The Witness by Thekla should have been contracted more like Kenshō for their mobile experience. Depth of puzzles from The Witness and UI like Kenshō would be a winner.

- Boring with no objective

I don’t know what the objective of the game is, the matching of the tiles got very boring and the level with the glowing box got so frustrating I gave up. I give it two stars purely because the graphics are pretty.

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- Too much too fast.

This game needs a selector to slow down the game progress. It gets exponentially more difficult too quickly for me, other than that 5 stars

- Is it sliding puzzles all the way?

For fans of Monument Valley if you like nothing but sliding puzzles. Maybe it switches up but not for me yet.

- Very repetitive

Very repetitive and easy. Not that relaxing though. Music in nice

- This game is great!!

Perfect for long boring car ride or a long camping trip!

- Repetitive

Aaalllwwaaayyys the same simple sliding thing level after level after level.... I expect that from free games aimed at watching advertising.

- Pretty and fun

Very simple yet surprisingly relaxing and rewarding to play. There’s an undertone of hope that is subtly uplifting.

- Beautifully made game :)

Love the design of the game, and the music is very soothing and calming to listen to :D

- Lots of hype - kinda boring

From the reviews I thought I would really enjoy this game. Unfortunately after a few minutes I was really bored. I’ve been trying to get a refund for a couple days now.

- This game is...

Too Short !!! Need other levels! I want my money back...

- Not much here

This game is beautiful, feels good and has great music. Unfortunately, the puzzles are very simple and rarely felt challenging.

- Good game but shameless merchandise sales tactic

I was enjoying my play through when a deer icon showed in the bottom left corner. I tapped it not knowing that it was a full screen advert that links to an Etsy page selling a stuffed deer from the game. It took 4 attempts that kept reloading the Etsy page to get out of the screen. This is a paid game and that’s a manipulative sales tactic.

- Beautiful graphics, Bad design

It’s a beautiful game. But it failed as a game. It try to tell a story with depth, but I can only see a cube, swing and spreading emojis. I don’t see any connections between the game and story. I have no idea why there’s a deer, and I don’t have any will to know why. I think 52 is a promising studio for creating good games, but Kenshō is not a good game.

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- Dreamy

One question is: Will there be more worlds? Not the rooms I mean. But a different location entirely?

- Good. Short

Puzzles are great and just hard enough. The story is totally unnecessary, and shouldn’t be there, I’d rather they invested in making more puzzles.

- Hypnotic game !

I look forward to the next one !

- Cool game

Still not sure how to make a strategy, but having a lot of fun learning.

- Cool atmosphere

I am in love with the graphics of this game. The atmosphere, the music & the story, they all rhyme with one another.

- Gorgeous

Most beautiful puzzle games I’ve ever played

- Chef Eric

Very enjoyable, challenging yet not overly difficult, incredible graphics, great game!

- Great game! But too short

Beat it in two days casually playing here and there. For $4, I’d expect a little more gameplay.

- Lovely, nails the battery tho

If this game booted up without the gratuitous credits, remembered where I left off, and did not tax the phone/battery so much I would play it all the time...

- Great but super short

This game is great fun, but it ends abruptly just as its starting to get really good. Total playtime was about 3-4 hours.

- Beautiful and fun!

Really enjoying this game. It’s aesthetically pleasing and really fun to play!

- Not worth the $$$ - Candy Crush Knockoff

This game is not worth $2 or 3 or whatever it cost (I forget). It’s candy crush with blocks instead of candy; move the blocks match 3 of the same color, repeat. BORING & UNORIGINAL!!

- Best puzzler in awhile

Vet beautiful graphics

- Rip-Off. not worth the money

Fine, it looks nice. But the bottom line is that it’s not that interesting to play, it’s not very challenging, and it is extremely short.

- Rip off

What a ripoff for my money slow paced, relaxing,zen like anything but can I get my money back I’m giving one star because it won’t let me give zero

- Too hard

Spent over an hour on a key for the power locks, still never got it.

- Fancy Snood

Good game, polished, can be frustrating at times

- Dull puzzles with pretty cutscenes

It’s a poor take on a match 3 game with pretty scenes in between the puzzles. I expected the gameplay itself to be beautiful - as in Monument Valley and FROST. The gameplay is just drab.

- Why are there ads?

I paid money for this game and am getting ads? That is really low.

- one of the best games!!

the visuals & music are so beautiful, would love to see more of this :)

- Phenomenal

Time: 3 days (1 to 2 hours per day) Price: $1.99 (sale) When I finished this game, the first question which came to mind was: why isn’t it more popular? The second question: why are people complaining about the best parts? The game is a match three where you have to match the color of the key tile with two tiles of the same color. With each level, a new mechanic is added, keeping things always refreshing. I never thought the game was getting bland. I bought this as something to reduce stress and it nailed that perfectly. If you cannot play this game with music on (preferably with headphones), I’m more hesitant to recommend it. You have to listen to the music to be immersed. The soundtrack is a huge part of the game. There weren’t many levels, but each level had a substantial amount of gameplay. Now for things to improve upon: The story was vague. I did not understand what was going on. One bug where the circle piece froze in mid animation so there was a circle in the middle of my screen and it already moved on to the next section. It only occurred once. Another bug is that the skip animation is glitchy. Music won’t play sometimes. I don’t think it’s quite worth $3.99. However, I DO think it’s worth purchasing because the developers seem very dedicated to their game. There’s an update planned with more levels. Support these kinds of developers, who continue to expand their games after the initial release. They go beyond small bug fixes. Please don’t make chapter 2 an in app purchase.

- What an amazing game

Absolutely phenomenal game

- Gorgeous

What a marvel, I am entranced.

- Very nice

It is a very nice game

- Too short

Nice for a car ride but no replay value

- Um...boring.

It seems as if you just slide bocks around. There’s no story. What’s the deer all about?

- Game

Beautiful affects

- ads

developer puts ad on intro screen that you are unable to clear.

- Good game, but..

Omg this game amazes me! But I just have one glitch.if I want to start a level ( after leaving to game ) it will always restart! I don’t know why! It says the words continue, but it just restarts PLEASE FIX THIS! otherwise the graphics are amazing, and it is fun.

- 4$ and ads??!

BOO! No ads on paid games 😡

- Beautiful Graphics, Shallow Gameplay

This game has gorgeous graphics and a wonderful soundtrack. The story seems to be about reawakening nature in a far flung future and is very abstract, at least insofar as I’ve experienced it. The game play itself is a sliding puzzle where a block is added each time you make a move. When you swipe in a direction, any block that can move that way will advance exactly one space. Any matches in a line of three or more will disappear and the new block from the preview area will be added. The goal of this loop is to match the colored block with a yellow key part in it with two other blocks of the same base color. Once you’ve unlocked a key part, the next block to enter the board will include the next key part. This block is not placed according to the usual rule that a new block enters the board in the direction you swipe ex. swiping to the right causes the new block to enter from the left. You can, and will need to match non-key blocks in order to make space, but these matches are otherwise inconsequential. As the game progresses it introduces indestructible blocks, immovable and indestructible blocks, gates that allow matching of key blocks only on certain sides, and indestructible blocks that only move horizontally or vertically, and a bunch of other blocks that usually prove to be a mild impedance to brute forcing the levels. If the board is filled with blocks it will dissipate and you’ll be presented with a fresh board. You keep all key pieces that you’ve earned up to that point. So there’s no penalty for failing, other than lost time. Once you’ve unlocked all keys, you’re presented with a trivial puzzle where you move the individual key blocks onto their matching colored pegs, and you move to the next area after a brief interlude with a floating cube character. Since the boards and next objects are filled at random, there’s no real incentive to consider your next move, because if you fail, you’ll have a completely new board and the next block color is random with no rhyme or reason, except, I suspect to slow down the brute force method. Once you’ve advanced far enough, a hummingbird appears and spouts metaphysical nonsense at you after you complete each level. I’m not sure if it’s the point of the game, but I really started to identify with the cuboid robot. It would laugh or get angry every time that smug little bird showed up, as if to point out the absurdity of being rewarded for randomly swiping at blocks with snippets of high school poetry. Overall I found the game gorgeous, but the core gameplay eventually becomes an exercise in frustration. This game is a great way to show off the beautiful display of your iPhone X, but its core gameplay concept is deeply flawed.

- Still bored

Stupid game.

- “Threes” with color, but without challenge nor cutes

This game has everything you’d want from “Monument Valley” or other minimalistic-but-gorgeous games ... it looks great & taxes your battery, it sounds great with melodies lifted straight from Threes, it has lots of effects when you do the slightest move, it has long flowery cutscenes that convey little meaning, it has mysterious glyphs on the wall like Fez but don’t seem to matter, and it has a cube character that I couldn’t give 2 poop emojis about. I bought this for 99c just to have a Threes-like experience with some new twists like immovable stones, but I wouldn’t have paid any more because I know I’ll finish it once & erase it, and not think too hard about a 1-eyed cube that keeps beating itself against locked doors. Three 💩’s out of 5.

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Kenshō 1.8 Screenshots & Images

Kenshō iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Kenshō iphone images
Kenshō iphone images
Kenshō iphone images
Kenshō iphone images
Kenshō iphone images
Kenshō iphone images
Kenshō iphone images

Kenshō (Version 1.8) Install & Download

The applications Kenshō was published in the category Games on 2017-09-17 and was developed by FIFTYTWO [Developer ID: 853087985]. This application file size is 320.17 MB. Kenshō - Games app posted on 2019-09-13 current version is 1.8 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.fiftytwo.kensho

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