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► The 30 Day Fitness Challenge is a simple 30 day exercise plan, where you do a set number of ab exercises each day with rest days thrown in! The workout increases intensity slowly and day 30 will test anyone. The app is suitable for both men and women of any ages.

• 8 workout categories: 30 Day Ab, 30 Day Push Up, 30 Day Squat, 30 Day Toned Arms, 30 Day Plank, 30 Day Thigh Slimming, 30 Day Cardio
• This application has 48 intense workouts with 103 core exercise variations!
• Exercises with guides text, photos & videos
• The best Recipes for Fitness
• You can export and import the current progress easily!
• Markup the rest days
• Allow to schedule user's workouts
• Enable push notification
• Reset the days and the exercises
• Timer to plank exercise
• Allow user to print the exercise description
• Allow user to hide/show the doing challenges, hide/show the bookmark exercises
• Allow user to zoom the exercise description
• Allow user to track weight using weight charts
• Calculate the BMI index
• More and more...

We’re wishing you good health and happiness!

► The interface is incredibly simple to use, yet powerful and attractive, compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini.

► Please send us your questions, suggestions and comments about the application. Any other feedback, comments, and other communications should be directed to [email protected] Thank you!


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30 Day Fitness Challenges ~ Daily Workout Free App Description & Overview

The applications 30 Day Fitness Challenges ~ Daily Workout Free was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-09-13 and was developed by Shane Clifford. The file size is 102.62 MB. The current version is 9.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

1. Add more food recipes for fitness
2. Allow users to print the content (food, 30 day program…)
3. Update Biorhythm UI
4. Improve UI & Functions

Thanks for using our app. We'll try our best to make this app better than better! Any other feedback, comments, and other communications should be directed to [email protected] Thank You!

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Awesome!  Giggles103  5 star

Been looking for an app just like this! It doesnt just give you the workouts but acts as a “To-do list”. Set reminders, change rest days, target basic goal areas, and visual breakdowns of workouts provided. Love it!


So far, so good!  Meghan🌞  5 star

Only been using for about a week, but I love it so far and hope to see results in the next month or so!


First time to use this  Jeklorz  5 star

This is my first time to use this app to loose some fats from my body. Im gonna keep it up and see some result when I finish this 30 days challenge.


Great App  Miziclel  5 star

This is a great app! Has everything I need to get into better shape!


So far so good BUT. . .  JenniZrag  3 star

Only been using this app for about a week so I’m only on beginner level 1. I’m surprised at the amount of reps and the types of exercises that they consider “Beginner”. Instead of steadily upping the reps, they go high then drop it down. Like yesterday’s challenge had 90 regular squats, today it’s only 50. I guess there’s a reason but that’s not how I’ve down other challenges. The exercises for the lower body are definitely challenging but the arm exercises seem to pale in comparison. But since I’m using the free app I guess you get what you get. I still plan to stick it out. Maybe my opinion will change.

Sassy Red Mom

The best...  Sassy Red Mom  5 star

I love this app!!!


Good app  Lu1229  4 star

Great app, but it would be nice if you add the calories burn with every excessive


Love it!  Zithleal  5 star

I really like this app. Started out as beginner because I haven't exercised in forever. I'm doing push-ups, squats, butt, arms and plank. It's a nice quick workout. I'm excited to finish the 30 days and move on to intermediate


be s t  🈯️🈯️🈯️  5 star

da be s t


Easy to start, easy to track  DustinClay  5 star

So far I'm loving this app. Keeps me on track and a great way to keep a record of improvement.


Great App  Kashy27  4 star

Easy to use and has lots of helpful info, the only thing I think they could change is how quickly the excises escalate.


Easy to use and one of the best apps free or otherwise out there for challenges  Dembly  5 star

So easy to use, so much information and comprehensive.. 8 different challenges with 6 difficulty levels.. of course some of the harder levels would need the paid up to use.. but in the mean time I am building better habits in an easy to use way. Only thing, I wish there was a way to see "what challenges still left to do today".. Mostly I was just stopping by to review this app before I upgrade to the full version to support such a great app!


Amazing  Emily💖😘😊  5 star

This is my favourite app I've lost 15kgs all ready I strongly recommend 💖


Amazing  Lizey_piano_tiles_2  5 star

I personally love this app, it's a great way to gain self confidence and be able to do workouts at your own level.


YoFs37  YoFs37  5 star

Love this app. Most of my family is doing the Ab challenge. It's great the way you've got the choice of level to work from and a great variety of challenges.

Maddy1304 19

Ab challenge  Maddy1304 19  5 star

Yeah I love it!!! It's so cool how you have your own calendar on it to. I only just start d the Ab challenge yesterday and I love it already!!


Exercise challenges  Proshelly  5 star

This app has been great for me by improving all my muscle groups and has helped me a lot


Good  Ngoc_do  5 star

I love this


In ya room at work  Rados1  4 star

This is a great app to get back into some strength and shape and can be done all in your room at work FIFO.


Jskdidncnjx  Jskdidncnjx  3 star

The ads are a lil annoying but it's too expensive to buy the full version


Love it!!  Memphisfit4life  5 star



Amazing  Bugaboo=)  5 star

Highly recommend


Simple but useful  Ea9  4 star

Easy to use


Amazing  Caujfhzgxhxy  5 star

It keeps you on track with the alarms and recipes and challenges you every day!!

Nikki Haylee

Amazing App  Nikki Haylee  5 star

This app is amazing I have been doing the challenges and have been so much happier and have lost so much weight it is unbelievable.


Difficult to find info  Fourkidsldsd  1 star

I was trying to find an example of some of the exercises, as there are many types of planks, leg lifts, cobra, etc. are we supposed to guess? Just show an example! Also, instructions are unclear- 125 sit-ups all at once? Or broken up through the day? Same with 200 crunches? Seemed very unrealistic to go from 15 sit-ups to 125 in 30 days. Also for the other exercise too. I don't feel this is a practical, helpful regime. I will try it, and I am fairly strong, but think it will be unrealistic to attain. Thank you, Beth


Really like it  IlseeA  5 star

I wish it didn't show adds


Love this app  Ninerz9  5 star

Would definitely recommend to all.


LOVE  PinkStar28  5 star

This is perfect for what I am trying to do! Love the descriptions for each type of exercise. Love that there are different levels of fitness training available as well. Great app!


Great!  megalexandra  5 star

Really works if you stick to the regimes you pick. Great results, especially being a free exercise app!

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