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#1 Coloring Book for Adults with MILLIONS of Addicted Coloring Artists! Download Now for FREE!

Color therapy is #1 Social Coloring App for relaxation and mindfulness with millions of addicted coloring artists! Get it today at iPhone and iPad, for FREE on the App Store!

Join Millions of grown ups and adults who can't live without this stress-free magical " Me Time " App and get the bliss and mindfulness you deserve :)

"Remember when you were a kid and you colored in coloring books? Color Therapy is a stress-relieving, digital coloring book for adults, and the teens we talked with swear by it" ~ Business Insider

" My new relaxing addiction,an anti-stress coloring app. I would give this coloring game 11 stars, the best one in the market "


1. Join our vibrant Social Community to interact and inspire other Millions of coloring enthusiasts! Follow and get followed, leave nice comments, Join our " coloring challenges " to showcase your coloring masterpieces!

2. The biggest and the best coloring page library with more than 5000+ coloring pages in various different theme such as The Fair ladies, Mandala, Floral & tree , Animals, Places, Objects, Thematic, Goth, Art, Fashion, Food, Pattern, Quotes / Typography, Seasonal and many more

3. The biggest Color Palettes Library with beautiful solid colors and gradients
with regularly updated palettes such as basic , neon, pastel, metallic, metal, bubblegum, classic, vintage , rainbow, ombre, shades, serene, nature, sunrise, sunset, fruity, exotic and more!

4. Best coloring tools, line and effects!
- Choose our realistic brushes and color your page manually! From airbrush, oil painting brush , flat brush and many more!
- Choose Different Line Colors : Black, White, Gold, No line, Rainbow, etc
- Choose Special Finishing Effects : Galaxy, Metallic, Glossy, Canvas painting, and many more..
- Highly realistic " Smear tool " to blend your colors perfectly

5. Beautiful calming music and sound FX
- Choose some free music and premium ones : Fur elise, Jazz, Ocean, jungle and many more..
P.S --> You can still listen to your own music, simply switch your Music off

VIP All Access Subscription
- All access to all coloring pages
- All access to all Color and Gradients
- All access to Premium tools, brushes, effects
- No more Ads!

Please read carefully:
- Cancellation of subscription or Free Trial can be done at anytime via subscription settings though your iTunes account.
- Subscription is automatically renewed unless it is turned off 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period.
- Cancellation is not allowed during active subscription period.
- Any unused portion of a free-trial, will be forfeited when the user purchases VIP All Access Subscription
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase

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Terms of use:

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-Instagram : @ColorTherapyApp
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-Website : www.ColorTherapy.App

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Color Therapy Coloring Number Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Version 5.4 We are proudly to introduce "Day/Dark" mode! - By default, it will follow your device time-zone - You can also change the settings by default via "Menu" settings We are looking to constantly improving our app for you! So please email us any comment/feedback/suggestion to and we are looking forward to hear it from you! Thanks for your continuous support Love, Color therapy Team

Color Therapy Coloring Number Comments & Reviews

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- This app is awesome it’s five star

When I played this app I felt like I was in a total different dimension and right now I have an account and I already have 1.5 K hearts and people keep on commenting being like oh my gosh your paintings are so awesome and I just feel so happy is in this app I’m so glad it’s created and I hope they make more apps of this because it’s awesome I’m not kidding you should try it it’s awesomely crazy. Today when I use the app it just started to not work and I have to do 1 million things to get it to work so I’ll still keep it though but you Gotta make it better so I can work and it Hass to be awesome and when I say awesome it’s a perfect and I’m not kidding when I say it you should try this app if has difficulties don’t get so mad because it happened to me I feel your pain this app deserves the five star I gave it it’s spectacular I feel like I want to use this app all day so when I go to school I just keep thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it and today I looked at my hearts and I had 1,000,000.5 K views mean I mean heart trust me you Gotta be like me to get all those hearts baby . Oh my gosh today is app is totally not working so I might delete it tomorrow if I don’t catch up on work but I’ll I’ll try to keep it and I really hope I do not have to get rid of my account because my account is blowing up right now I keep getting heart by heart by heart by heart sorry if you have to read all this is the very long passage bye

- This app is actually therapeutic. But lately...

Ok so, no joke, this app is great. I am not a bot, for the record. I really love listening to my fav audio books or music(my own not theirs) while I color. It has a great format and balance between free coloring pages and the VIP ones, same with the tools. But lately I haven’t been able to do anything. When I try to color something it goes black, then boots me off the app. I DID download the new update and it made no difference. This is frustrating because I love this app, besides reading, this is the only activity that can make someone like me(seriously ADHD, but really, sometimes I talk like an over caffeinated squirrel 😅) but I can sit still and be quiet for HOURS with this app. I recently found a way to make hair very realistic(kinda) and I think I’ve been improving. Please, Please, please, fix this. I know that this isn’t actually the first time I complained, bc last time The update deleted my unpublished coloring pages, but at this point I’m ok with some of them having to delete. I just want access to my favorite app again. Please see this and do something. Idk if other ppl have this problem, and I wouldn’t even write a bad review, I just want to use your app again. Thank you, T. Danner

- Great but also...

When I found ColorTherapy, I was so happy! It was amazing and fun, and I joined challenges regularly. It became even more fun when I found out that if you use pen and just color your own drawing and ignore the lines, you can erase the lines after and create your own artworks! I also loved spending time doing challenges and reading stories with my ct friends. But then ColorTherapy started deleting accounts and posts, saying that you can’t have stories, roleplays, egg adopts, or other things, which I think is very frustrating, because it’s still art, just not the kind the game had in mind I guess. I know that some people put inappropriate stories and role plays and posts, but that doesn’t mean you delete them ALL!! Listen, don’t you think you should take the time to look through and make sure something needs to be destroyed before you destroy it? I know some accounts got deleted and the person behind the account couldn’t get any of their own original drawings back! So, I don’t love it anymore, and it’s become frightening, because even though I haven’t done roleplays or stories or anything, ct might just randomly decide that my account should be deleted. So, there. Edit- okay, I got your response, and I get that, maybe there SHOULD be a different app for all those things though! And 😉 I’m giving you the idea 😂 if it ever happens, tell everybody at ColorTherapy and I’m sure rejoicing will happen, thanks!

- Loved it???

Great app I would spend hours and hours coloring in great masterpieces but there are not a lot of great things as well. Once I was making something and finished and clicked the done button to post it then it froze I tried opening something else but then I realized it froze my whole phone!!!! When it unfroze it restarted the app and I looked and saw that it freaking undone all my work and didn’t even save it!!!! The very first time I got this app I realized you have to pay to get pictures that have stars and not just once you have to pay it monthly or weekly. But I like that you can color according on how you wanna color it but they should be more careful about where they place things because when your color a finger might slip and you press the button for the drag color so when you hopelessly drag you finger not realizing what happened the color you chose is half way across the coloring page. And earlier when I was talking about having to pay it’s not just the pictures it’s the colors to so if you do not want to pay you are stuck with limited colors and every time you accidentally move to a starred color it pops up that you should buy it. So if you made it this far do not download this app it may be great and everything but when you get mad because it did something stupid don’t act like I did not tell you it wouldn’t happen.

- No longer fun😢

This is no longer the app to which I originally subscribed, and which I enjoyed immensely for a long, long time. Honestly, I was addicted, and really enjoyed coloring the first-class pictures it offered and the ease of navigation. I enjoyed the interaction with the other subscribers and loved the contests. Then it began to change. It was no longer the relaxing, coloring app that it started out to be. I was gone for about a week and when I returned, the app had been totally revamped and I began to have trouble navigating the site. Instead of a relaxing coloring app, it became very stressful just to find tools. While I did enjoy the tutorials in the beginning, and followed them faithfully, they later began to take on a different dimension, some of which were not to the least of my interest. The contests became more complex, and instead of simply submitting our pictures, we were supposed to vote for the works of others. In other words, I was now becoming not only stressed, but feeling bored with my options. I have never written an app review before, but I feel as if the developers need to know that they have quickly turned this long-running “relaxing” app into a stress inducing app that only can be fun and relaxing for a professional artist. Sad to say, but I have cancelled my subscription to Color Therapy, saying goodbye to my coloring friends there and moving on.

- Getting worse...and worse

The token feature has been in use since I first purchased the Pro version; it was being tested for the past several years and is pulled now? Latest update is awful. Now the option to earn tokens by watching ads has been taken away, which is another push to force pro users into subscribing. The appeal of this app was not having to subscribe. If I am eventually forced to subscribe for premium books I will switch to an app that offers more features for more reasonable rates. I’ve been using this for years, I paid for the pro version before it went to subscription, and invested a lot of money in premium books. I haven’t had much trouble since I’m not interested in publishing or contests and I still have access to colors and tools, but recently the premium books have gone from 6 to 5 pictures and there are no longer free pictures every day. The curated color collections for contests are taken down after a few days and it may be weeks between new color palettes. It is starting to seem like the developers are trying to shove people into subscriptions, including those who paid for the pro version. It’s fine for those who can afford it, but it would be nice to have the option to purchase palettes and premium books separately again. I know subscriptions allow publishing and contest entry, but plenty of are not interested in that. We just want the colors, tools, and pictures, not the social media aspect.

- VERY MAD but good app

So I loved this app I had it for about 2 years and then after posting some among us pictures with blood they banned my account not I can’t access it or post anything all my art I worked on for years is gone I have to make a new account and make all the art over again this is a good app but don’t post anything with blood or else you have a chance of getting banned I’m VERY MAD this is one of the worst things that happened to me on any app this is the worst this most likely won’t help but just for the creator to see I wan them to know I deleted the pictures and I am most likely gonna have to delete and make a whole new account again I say don’t post ANYTHING with blood or else you will get banned from your account I’m waiting a few days/weeks to see if they unban me and if they don’t I will be done with this things like this have happened to me before and I’m just really mad and I’m don’t with this apps dumb rules okay some are dumb and others are responsible but still cause of blood! That’s just NO! If it’s not about the blood and the creators see this contact me! My account was geek_art103 so that’s my name so there I’m am mad so I’m done with this app if I’m not contacted or unban from my account then I will delete this app not like it matters if one person deletes it but I’m giving it 2/3 weeks to be unban or contacted why!

- Great app… but I do have a few suggestion

This is an amazing app it has great daily contests amazing daily coloring pages and a nice selection of free coloring pages by the way I love the way you made the repaint tool so you can make your own art but also repaint other people’s art anyway I have a few suggestions first off could you make a tool where you can get rid of the lines because it is a bit annoying when I have to go to the publish page multiple times just to see what the lines look like and or maybe you could make it so the blank coloring page could be free second could you make it so we can earn the coin token things because I used mine up very quickly maybe we could like watch a video or if we got enough likes/followers/repainters we would get free coins also last one so I know you have making challenges for a long time but they don’t seem very original anymore for example one time I did a challenge called galaxy gown and like a month or two later there was a challenge called galaxy dress or something like that so yeah maybe you could try to make challenges a little different maybe. So yeah those are my suggestion this is a great app and I highly recommend you download.

- Love this app just bought the year membership

I love this app. Think I’ve been using it for the past 2 years now. It took me a while to get used to the changes that were made. I finally master this upgrade and then you put out another one. I do not like the feature where you can double tap to remove a color I like the previous version before you added yes it’s taking me longer to color my pictures because I forget that double tap means it Will remove your pay if you already colored that spot so it’s taking me longer to color now. Another feature I loved was when you were coloring and I’ll use hair color for this example. Once you had your color you can just keep your finger on the color and drag it all the way down to the bottom and then the hair was completely done and then you were finished. Now you have to go into each block and color in everything It was great to use on buildings and hair and any big area that needed to be colored. Now we have to go back and click on every square. On the page. I still like the app and I still use it everyday I just wish those features would make an appearance w the next upgrade. Please I’m begging you. Kimmysil

- used to love it.

i’m a teenager that suffers from extreme depression and anxiety. i used to play this game all the time because it calmed me and kept me happy. i used to recommend it to all my friends. they used to give you a bunch of free pages to color, and then you could use tokens to unlock purchasable pages. if you didn’t have enough tokens (10 tokens each page) you could buy more or watch 30 sec ads. you’d get 10 tokens for each ad you watched. i deleted the app for a few months because i ran out of storage space. i just downloaded it once again, and i’m extremely disappointed in all of it. first of all, they only give you like 50 free pages. which seems like a lot.. but they go so fast and they are all very similar pages. secondly, they give you 50 free tokens and that’s it; which means you only can unlock 5 pages. if you run out of tokens, there’s no longer an ad option. you either have to keep coloring the same free pages over and over, or you have to pay for a subscription package. you get three options; • $60 / year • $9.99 / month • 7 day free trial then $5.99 / week these prices are completely ridiculous and expensive. i don’t know about you, but i can’t afford those prices. not a lot of people can. which means a lot of people no longer have an outlet for their anxiety. I’m disappointed in the app and the makers or the app. do better.

- My Newest Addiction

I love this app. I have the pay version because I already knew I liked to color when I found it and knew I would want access to more pictures to color and more tools to color with. So I don’t know what you get in the free version because I never had it. There are a ton of colors and hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures available to color (a lot anyway — I haven’t actually counted) and more are added daily. Additionally, there are multiple post coloring effects you can apply if you wish, more than the other coloring apps I have. And you can change the color of the lines in the picture, or post it with no lines (which is teaching me to get better at shading!). What surprised me about this app is that I love it more than the other coloring apps I have for two reasons. 1) The community interaction. The people who color using this app are so very supportive. It’s so wonderful to have one corner of the internet that is reliably nice to spend time in. 2) The coloring contests. I love the coloring contests because they are teaching me to draw freehand, bit by bit. I’m getting a lot better at having my coloring/drawing be recognizable even if I decide to post it without the lines.

- Love! Just a few things

Okay, first off, I’ve had this game for only two days and I really like it! I like how you can choose between color by number or getting to be creative! Because certain pictures require a certain level of creativity...that I don’t have, haha! I also really like how you can look for inspiration, something I sometimes need, and choose between which color by numbers pictures to color. There are also plenty of really great colors for free, more than I need. Also amazing pictures! Just some things. I’m not sure if you can only do specific things with the premium or not, so don’t hold me against these things. But some pictures I am able to actually fill in; you know, drag my finger across the page and have it color only the areas I want. But I’ve only been able to do that once with a color by number picture. The others only fill in a while space with a tap or fill in whole spaces while I drag my finger. I’m not sure how to make it so I can actually color them in like I could for the color by number, because I think that’d make a really cool affect. Anyways, I actually think that’s it. Otherwise I love this game, 5 stars! Thanks!

- Love it but sometimes less is more❤️

I love this app and I always will. I usually don’t write reviews but because this app is one of the first apps I ever got I think I should. It was awesome at first and very relaxing. I would find myself playing it all the time as a stress reliever or simply to pass time. But then they started updating the app. They would update it all the time and each time it got a little more complicated. Some of the updates I do enjoy like the new tools, but others just seemed unneeded. Another thing that really upsets me is that sometimes I would go on the app after updating it and all the work I posted on my page wouldn’t be posted. I hate this because it is very time consuming to repost all of my work just for it to be unposted a couple days later. I do want to add that this is still a great app. I downloaded about ten coloring and drawing apps trying to find one I enjoyed and out of all of them this is the one I love and kept. In conclusion, the only thing I want to tell the makers of this app is sometimes less is more. I was happy with the way it was in the beginning and although I don’t mind it now, I would’ve preferred it stay the same. ❤️

- Almost Perfect!😄

This app is a lot of fun. You can color unlimited pictures for free, unless they’re a deluxe page. You get a nice amount of colors to choose from before you have to pay. A few of the colors and gradients you can follow ColorTherapy on instagram to unlock or color __ pages. Another great thing is you don’t have a million random adds popping up every other second. I like that you don’t HAVE to have an account to color pages. I got one, and once you do that, you can participate in challenges, post your artwork and follow other people. The things I’m not so happy are that you don’t get hardly any options for manual coloring. If you want more you have to pay. 😫 in order to become a VIP ( unlock all colors, pages, and tools) you have to pay 7.00 a month. A MONTH! Aggggggh! Maybe I’m just cheap but that seems like a lot! You can also pay forty bucks yearly. Another thing is that now with the new update they mix the VIP pages on with the normal ones when you’re browsing through A-Z. A suggestion would be a free option where you can take a picture and then color it. That would be so cool. 😎 I think it would be kinda hard to do so I don’t expect it or anything. Overall, ColorTherapy is a great app. 👍🏻

- Love it but please add more report options

First of all, I like the app because I can relax by Coloring and just be creative,BUT. I just encountered a rather worrying,saddening,awkward and disgusting experience. A literal child putting nudes on their profile picture to please someone, and no, the person was not forcing her or asking for them... She WANTED them to ask them for a part to show... I am not a mother or even an adult, I am a simple 16 year old that is quite worried about this child(she is younger than me by atleast 4 or 5 years). I was going to report her to atleast show her a lesson because I was not going to comment on the conversation they were both having but the options for reporting were not even near this situation. Only three options which I think we're: spam/scam,plagiarism and abusive. CT if you can add more options, or at least one that goes with this situation or even a part where we can type the situation(the reason we are reporting) I would be very grateful. I just don't want children or anyone for that matter to be exposed to this. There are many dirty people in this world and I just don't want this happening again. Thank you for your attention, have a goodnight.

- Love this app! Just one problem

I’ve been using this app for over a year now, and it has been great! Nice community, cool coloring pages and tons of them, etc. I like to use no lines in my coloring pages, and I think that this app has helped me a great deal with shading! My only really complaint right now seems to be a weird glitch, but it really bothers me. There’s a repaint feature, which can be an interesting aspect to the app, but I’ll often click on the little link that takes you to the original artist of the coloring page, and it won’t load up. And when I try to look up the artist’s name, it will show me the amount of followers they have and their profile pic, but everything else is blank. Which doesn’t make sense, because they just colored a brand new coloring template when I tried to look them up, their account can’t have nothing in it. Thank for listening to this concern, like I said, still a good app. I’m just afraid to use the “repaint” feature now, just in case it’s connected to this glitch. It’s also sad that a lot of artists could not be getting recognition for their art because of this.

- Thanks for ruining my life

I used to love CT. In fact my one year anniversary of getting it is coming up but now that probably won’t happen. The app blamed a user who hasn’t been on for 9 months. They said that that person banned me. When really it was the user ColorTherapy. I can now no longer do anything. Heck I can’t even post. The reason they banned me was because I write stories. For some reason ColorTherapy hates people doing something that could give them a great future! I now HATE ColorTherapy. If the AppStore or ColorTherapy reads this (or both) please fix this because a lot of great users will be leaving due to the fact that they can no longer write. We as the users have a right! Your banning those that write stories when when you first added “invite to repaint” I was invited to repaint something with a naked person. But did you care? No! Because that person is a V.I.P so you don’t want to get rid of them because then you would lose your money! You made a post about being happy when you can’t let your users be happy. I’m only 10 years old why would I ever making a story that’s inappropriate?! I’m writing down things that I’m probably going to turn into actual books. ColorTherapy was my life. I got more confidence and when my anxiety was kicking in I would go there. But now I have to live with that kind of emotional pain because I can’t use ColorTherapy! Sincerely @_ginny_weasley_

- This app is alright

I think this app is alright because I like the creativity with the paintings that people have and it’s a very unproblematic but I don’t like the fact that you have to have a subscription if you want to be able to color some of the painting and I don’t like the fact that you have to pay money there are some kids in the app that would like to be able to color every painting they can but they can’t because they can’t pay which I think is very unfair I downloaded this app so it can help me calm down with stress the only thing that it did was give me more stress because I would like to be able to color every painting I can for free but I can’t because I don’t have money like that and money doesn’t just fall from tress I can’t just go outside to a tree and ask for a 100 dollar bill or a 500 dollar bill. If you were to stop asking people to pay you and give money every year, week, or month I would’ve loved the app but I don’t because y’all just care about the money which is so annoying. I even felt like deleting this app. There are definitely some changes that you need to make to this app if you stop asking people to get a subscription or asking for money I would definitely happily keep showing my art on the app plus you get money when someone downloads the app.

- Color therapy

I didn't actually think I would have this game for long because most other coloring games aren't as fun. This one has new color pages every day and there are so many topics to chose from. This one in particular also has tools to blend, to make sparkly and to edit like add colors to a particular spot or change the lines. You can even just make your own art, you don't have to color the actual pages only. I like how this game has gradient colors and different shades of one color. I like almost all of the topics some are about supporting cancer, some are animals, cars, patterns, and people . I saw someone's art that was about how you shouldn't bully and it made me so happy. You can make a profile and other people can like your colorings and re-color them. You can follow people to see all the new colorings they do. There is also commenting on people's art and tell them how much they like it or maybe an idea, or something. This game is probably like therapy (the name) because it distracts you mind from problems I recommend this game for everyone and anyone because it's super fun and cool. Sensirly Me (7)

- What happened?

Okay seriously, when I decided to make an account on my IPad i wanted to see other colorable things. When you usually start in, the things you didn’t color yet have stars on it because you don’t own it. Although for me, on my iPad it didn’t have any stars even on a single one. I just thought it was probably a glitch, and i owned the blank artworks. So, of course you will tap on one you like, But dude’ it said I had to get VIP. Which is totally weird! Because when I logged in on my IPhone it didn’t say that. First of all, on my Phone I already had like 50 coins!! Second of all, in case you want more coins, there is a button with a coin Icon. Then there is a + button there it says watch an Ad to get coins On my IPad didn’t have that. Last of all On my IPhone sometimes I want pictures I don’t own, Simple equation. You watch a Ad, my phone has that. Though my IPad doesn’t. I had to get VIP!! Super frustrating! And my only option was to color other people’s work by number. Some people want to Be creative and try to do something their selves. Anyway, that’s all I have a problem with. So if the developer can fix that and see my comment that would be super great.

- It was going great, and than...

Ok so I have had this app downloaded for almost a year I played it a lot when I first got it (no membership) but than I kinda stoped and forgot about it. Than a few weeks ago I started playing again I got the free 1 week membership and was thinking of buying a longer one when all of a sudden it stopped working it won’t let me see any new artwork mine, or other peoples. I had just started a challenge and I had gotten a fairly decent account on there now whenever I color something it’s going great than I publish it and all of a sudden it just looks white! Other people still like my pictures so I they can see them but I can’t and I can’t see any of they’re new ones either. I tried logging out and logging back in, deleting the app and re-downloading it, it still doesn’t work! It wouldn’t let me see any pictures before I got back onto my account. Please someone help! I don’t want to delete the app but if it won’t let me see anything how can I continue to play? I gave it five stars for its former glory, because it is a really good game it just stopped working for me.

- So much better than Colorfy, it has so many variations to try and awesome customer service!

I used Colorfy for over a year and it was constantly having problems and it had been several months after I renewed that I couldn’t even use it, so all the artists I knew who got fed up and left suggested Color Therapy instead and I’m so glad I switched too! There’s so many images, colors, tools, editing features, tutorials, very prompt service, endless possibilities and perfect to relax and enjoy an app that works! All my stress and physical pain just slowly go away and is highly recommended by my doctors to avoid pain medication that can become addicting! I much prefer being addicted to Color Therapy! The price is extremely reasonable, $5.70/week if you average it out, much less expensive than in app purchases others offer. I forgot about the challenges, I’m still learning but it looks like so much fun, I can’t wait to try it. I know people think apps have people that write positive reviews, but I’m just a regular person with disabilities and this app brings so much pleasure to my isolated life!

- Awesome! But, a few improvements?

This app is so much fun! You can draw, color, whatever you want! But, if you just made a few improvements, that would make the game so much better for people who draw on this app. I know this app is for coloring, but there are many people who draw on it too. For example, on other drawing apps, like procreate, or ibisPaint, there are layers. If you had an option to add layers to your art, that would be so nice! Next, sometimes, I accidentally make my art free to repaint, and people will repaint it, even though I don’t want them to. I try to tell these people to delete it, but they just ignore me. If you could make an option to delete a repaint that you originally made, that would be great! Finally, it would be so cool if you could make a story and put stuff on it like Instagram. Not like a writing story, like somewhere you can temporarily put stuff to show your followers what you’re doing I guess? There could be polls, gifs, music, etc. I hope you take a few of these into account, or at least read my review! I love your game and it’s a great way to share your art with other artists, without having people who don’t post art.

- I would recommend reading this 👇

Well first of all, this app is crazy Addicting! I always log in to get the new images which are free (so everyone who says that you can’t get images without paying, that’s a lie) also what I just said is true. don't say that you don’t get images because you get 1-7 new images a day, you have 50 color therapy coins and you can pick 5 images of your choice, AND you have daily challenges and when you color the image and don’t publish it, it goes into your “unpublished” spot. Then when the challenge is over, you get to color it any way you want without having to do the challenges requirements. THIS IS THE WORST THING ABOUT THIS APP... no blank pages! I know many, many, MANY people like to sketch, BUT you have to sketch on top of the image. I am also aware that you have the grid paper but that still does not work for me personally. THE SECOND WORST THING ABOUT THIS APP... tools! If you don’t pay for premium, then you only get three tools; Pen, airbrush and glitter. PLZ FIX THIS! I REALLY WANNA USE MORE TOOLS THAN THIS. plz take this into consideration. Thank you for your time 🙏

- ColorTherapy Critique

I very much appreciate this app! The continual competitive challenges, keep you coming back for more, however if I had one criticism, it’s the challenge results. Many times, when I check the percentage rating and the number of votes each piece makes no sense. For example, you may see someone’s art rated as a 4.74(out of a possible 5), that has 25 votes and there can be a piece that was rated at 4.67 that had 32 votes...makes no sense to me. The very best thing I can add, is that the app, for a year, became affordable to me during the Christmas season. The price was greatly discounted and being on SS Disability with a fixed monthly income, I can’t afford to buy anything for my personal enjoyment...until I got the chance to buy this app, when it was greatly discounted for the holidays. I really want to thank the creators for that! One other thing, I appreciate complicated artwork and it would be sweet, if the “animal category” had much more complicated works to pick from. The ones there now, are way too simple and more like cartoons, than real animals.

- Why I give it a perfect rating

I love this game and deserve it needs a good rating because it’s just so amazing I don’t even know when to start because there’s so much you can do so I love that you can make your own picture and not just use colors by color by number but you can make your own picture your own colors you can do some editing and post it and get likes and comments that make you feel good about how good you accomplished this and weep that’s what I feel I feel very proud and this app let’s you vote witch picture is best witch I love but also it kinda makes me a lil sad because all of people’s work are beautiful so I just choose witch ones I would like rather put in my house but I love this game I totally recommend this app it’s amazing it also lets you go cheaply out other people’s artwork and copy there’s but I feel like I’m taking there idea but I like that it says on the left corner how it was originally made from :) sorry if this is a long paragraph but there’s so much fun things to do in this game like it blows my mind lol sorry for such a long paragraph :-

- Best Coloring App Out There

I’ve tried various coloring apps and this is by FAR the best one there is. I had almost given up on coloring apps because I hate the “point and click” coloring that most apps subscribe to. It just doesn’t feel like coloring to me so much as just repetitive clicking. But then I decided to give this app a try. So, you still have the option to point and click (as well as color by number if that’s your thing) but if you’re looking for something a little more true to real life coloring this app is for you! You have various tools that you can utilize, TONS of colors**, tutorials to learn different techniques, as well as a great community that is very welcoming and caring. Oh, and the daily challenges that are so much fun and really get the creative juices flowing. I can’t say enough good things about this app and I am so glad that I found it. ** I should add that do pay for the VIP account so some colors and tools are limited if you use the free version. But even with the free version you still have access to plenty of tools and color pallets.

- My favorite app!

I recently purchased a new iPad and Apple pen and couldn’t wait to download FREE coloring apps. But there were so many to choose from. So I went with Color Therapy and hoped that I could actually use the FREE app without having to pay for a subscription for something I didn’t know if I’d like or even hardly use. Well let’s just say that this app has so much to do and is truly FREE. I’m enjoying it so much that I’m willing to now pay the $7.99 a week because in my opinion, it’s well worth it. I love the community, the option to follow other artists and “like” their art. It truly is art too. I’m having so much fun expressing myself and relaxing with this coloring app. 5 stars for the ease of using the app, 5 stars for the simple interface, 5 stars for the coloring options, and 5 stars for just a really nice app. I spent 5 hours on this app today on my day off and I’m not ready to put it down even yet! If you are looking for that “one coloring app that is truly free” - this is it. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Download it and see for yourself.

- Amazing app! Highly recommended!

I have been searching the internet and App Store for hours on end hoping to find a good coloring app. Everything I found which was free either didn’t have very good quality pictures, only two-three coloring pallets, gaps in the images or required you to pay to unlock more varieties of colors, pictures ect. Until one day I found ColorTherapy. I was extremely surprised to finally find a great coloring app! Not only did I find an app with good quality images or even a variety of images - but it was also a community!! So many people get together and share wonderful masterpieces with each other. I also forgot to mention, there is a bundle of new images to color every day, which means more to color and it provides a bigger ‘genre’ selection so you are never forced to color one type of picture. There are many different pallets of color and brushes (including smudge, fill and erase) that are TOTALLY FREE! Now that’s awesome! You don’t have to pay to enjoy this app and I highly recommend it! I love ColorTherapy ❤️

- Love this app! One suggestion that would make it 5 stars:

I absolutely love this app. The amount of stuff you get for free is pretty good compared to most other coloring book apps. My only suggestion is that you make available the option to single-buy color palettes. The monthly/yearly subscription is just too much for me, and I would love to just buy maybe 2 or 3 individual color palettes instead of paying the subscription for all of them + all the other benefits that VIP gets you, regardless of if I use them regularly or not. Another thing that needs to change: The voting system for challenges. I see so many— not to be rude, but— really bad artworks getting much higher scores than those that actually deserve it. Same with trending artworks. Every time I look at what’s trending for a challenge I’m so confused as to why super basic, boring artworks are being featured and have a ton of likes. Plus, people sometimes don’t follow the challenge and get higher scores than those who did. The voting system HAS to change. It’s just not fair to those of us who really take our time and try to make good art.

- Best Coloring App period!

I was using another coloring app for over two years and loved a lot about it, but it kept getting worse with each “update”. New things that broke old things. I started using Color Therapy based on recommendations from my friends who left the other coloring app and started using CT. So I have been using it a couple months and consider me a complete convert. I love this app. I love the picture selections. I love the user interface which was pretty easy to learn, but if you need help on how to use it they have tutorials and you tube videos. I love the challenges. There is a wonderful community of users that are great at this and always willing to help with advice. There are too many good things to list but if you are interested in trying a coloring app this is the one. I joined with the year subscription and think it is worth every penny. There are a couple things I miss from the other app that I am hoping to see in future updates to CT. Thank you to the development group for creating such a great and stable app.

- Honest Review, Please take a minute..

I love this app! I really love artistic things in life, and I have tried many coloring apps before and got quite a success with this one, I would say the majority of artists on here are very very kind and their is a lot of talent to be inspired of. I am a non-vip and I don’t feel the need to upgrade like I had for other apps, though I might consider it for the feature. The tools you get are tap to fill, airbrush, and pen, which can all be very useful and make BEAUTIFUL realistic paintings when you learn tips and methods to use them in shading realistic skin, realistic tears, realistic hair, etc. they also give 50 ‘tokens’ where you can get a few VIP pics of your choice, FOR FREE! the only complaints are that the membership is really pricey, and I feel customer support isn’t great and annoying. Also, the new updates are VERY confusing and annoying for some like me. If customer support was more helpful, this game would improve even greater. But I let you get away with 5 stars because I love it so much!

- A few ideas

This is the best coloring app that I’ve had on my phone. I play it almost every day and enjoy doing so. Although, I have a few ideas to make it even better. For example, 1.) Making another slot (like profile, challenges, color, explore, and feed) and name it suggestions. People can make suggestions about the game in general or about the pictures people have been wanting. 2.) Having inappropriate as one of the report issues. I’ve seen a few inappropriate pictures on color therapy and tried reporting them for it but noticed there wasn’t an option for that. I feel that it is very important to have this since there are many children/ teens playing color therapy such as myself. 3.) Showing the most high rated pictures on challenges. I’ve tried looking for the most high rated pictures but found it hard to. I think color therapy should make it so I you can see them right away. On each challenge, it can have “most highly rated” or “high rated” pictures on the top before seeing all of the other pictures. This would make it a lot easier for myself and others that I’ve talked about this to. 4.) we should get 5 coins a day. If you skip a day, you don’t get any coins. This way, people would still want to buy coins/ picture/ memberships but are still able to access a few starred pictures. These are all my ideas for color therapy to make it an even better game. I hope you take these ideas into consideration. Thank you, Phoebe_Dog_2

- Awesome app, but the new update...

I’ve had ColorTherapy for months, almost a year even! I’ve loved how you can enter challenges and post your artwork and use different tools and how you can shade your artwork. I’ve never came across a problem ever, until the new update that just happened recently. The new update is cool and everything, but theirs just one problem about the new update, VIP access to airbrush, glitter, and pen when it comes to contests. I always use airbrush for contests, for shading, and it’s always been free to use and same with the glitter and pen. The problem is, is that before the new update, the airbrush, glitter, and pen were free, but now, it’s not and you have to pay when it comes to contests. Those tools are only free for coloring your own artwork when you’re not entering a contest. It’s a lovely and great app, but a little disappointed in making some of the necessary tools to some people who use those tools for contests (including me),VIP ( which means you have to pay basically in order to have access to a lot of things that other people who don’t pay, have).

- Why is coloring how I like cost money?

Now, I had this app about a year ago, and I was a pretty popular creator. But I deleted it because I didn’t really use it that often anymore. But, I wanted to get back into it, and boy, it changed. I was to broke to get VIP and was happy I could color MY OWN art with out it being someone else’s work. And I was happy doing that. But now they expect me to PAY to color something the way I like it? This app used to be a fun, cool, app where I could post what I love and be happy I did t have to worry about a monthly bill. Now, I can’t even color anything the way I like it. And that’s very sad. Now I’m thinking about deleting this app and I don’t want to do that. All I ask, is to keep VIP pictures, brushes, and colors, but so help me god let my fellow small artist, kids, or anyone who doesn’t have the money to pay to do something they love not have to worry about paying for something they like. What I’m saying is to get rid of the color by number! Theirs so many other apps I could use for “ color by number “ but now I can’t draw, or color how I like. Please don’t make “ coloring how u like” vip and just make it free. I guarantee you would have so many more users on this app.

- Almost... but BEWARE!

I mostly enjoy this app. It has great coloring tools and palettes and I love the different effects you can add to your artwork. The challenges are inspiring and fun. There are a ton of great images to color and many choices about colors and tools that make it easier to experiment and be creative. However, this app is nearly completely ruined by the fact that you are advertised to about Atlantic Records artists. They create coloring pages and challenges to get you to color and spread these images of these new artists. This is what keeps me from making a subscription purchase of this app. In fact, if it continues, I will be deleting the app as it is no longer fun and therapeutic when I am being so blatantly manipulated and advertised to. I think I could tolerate it if they didn't turn the AR coloring pages into a challenge encouraging everyone to color them and spread them around. Every time I get on and see one of those I am less and less able to ignore this issue and continue using the app. Developers should know that this issue alone makes it no longer therapeutic. Perhaps you should change the name to Color Our Ads or just stop with this junk.

- Favorite App

I love this app a lot. When I wake up, It is the first thing that I end up playing. You have a variety of brushes and colors to use. You can use filters and that type stuff. I also really love the challenges. It limits you to the point where It’s actually really enjoy it. I didn’t think I would like it at first, but I couldn’t recommend this enough! There is this one thing that I wish could be changed. When you click on the tools, you see a bunch of options, although, there are some ones that I want, but some that really don’t care to have. But in order to have the tools I want, I’d have to pay for the VIP Access. And then I’d have to pay for the things I really don’t want. I love the app the way it is. I think, in my opinion, that all the free pictures you get is enough. Besides, it limits you screen time, and personally, that’s really helpful for me. I just want to be able to pay for the thing that I would actually like. But this is still my favorite app ever!😍

- Great Coloring App

I have had Color Therapy for a little over a year now and I still love it. They have so many options for coloring from people and animals, to flowers and mandalas and more. Their color palettes are amazing and they still periodically add new ones. They have such an array of colors that you’ll always find exactly what you want. You can change your lines, add a filter from a large selection, and even a frame if you feel like it. The options give your pictures different looks and textures that are fun to play around with. I also like that they do tutorials to help you learn new techniques. They also do challenges and things like that. I don’t often do those, I can’t hang with the big dogs, haha! I just like to color and get inspired by other people’s work. Overall, it’s a great app and well worth the money to me. I do the yearly subscription and there’s never been a time where I felt it was not worth the money. I definitely recommend this one among all of the ones I’ve used.

- Awesome App! Some small issues for me though.

I really love this app a lot! Coloring on here always calms me down! But, Honestly, I don’t love it as much anymore because of the fact you can only color by number if your not a member. I would love to have to membership but i am not allowed to have it.( parents won’t let me yet lol) i just think that this is an app for coloring. I hate the fact you have to pay to color your own picture, though. I really like the fact you can color by number, but I don’t like that you have to pick a picture from someone that already has a membership to copy by re-coloring their picture by number. I think that it’s good to have a membership because your probably making a lot of money off of it, but i think people who don’t have a membership should be able to color a picture the way they choose at least. But overall before the new update for the color by number, I loved this app. Four stars for me though. This app was Awesome though! Please have it where you can color the way you want for free! thanks!

- Disappointing

It’s a great app in many ways. Excellent color choices and tools, interesting challenges, good tutorials and a really supportive environment. On the down side, it has glitches and can often take forever to load. Worse, they use some random algorithms to assign scores to Challenge entries. You might spend hours creating a masterpiece and get a 4.2 while some 3rd grader who draws stick people gets a 5.0. I have seen some astonishing artworks on this app with 300 or 400 likes get a low 4 score while another undeveloped, unsophisticated piece that clearly took the colorist 10 minutes gets a 5. The whole “likes” thing is also time consuming as all get-out. I spend more time viewing others’ artwork (which is very nice) and giving likes and comments than I do coloring. You have to do that if you’re to have any chance of being noticed and maybe getting into the top 💯or receiving other recognition like Daily Top Post. Like I say, it’s fun in some ways but lately far more annoying and frustrating. Wish, too, that it were an adults only app and they had a separate one for people under 16 or so.

- Takes art to a whole different dimension.

My 12 your old daughter asked me to get this app so that I could color with her. I thought it would just be a silly app but found that you can make it as simple or as advanced as you would like. I’m an artist so when I started seeing that not only can you tap to fill but you can use all of the tools like real paint brushes to make your own creations. This has completely become my new hobby . I have medical conditions and recently went through chemo and the social aspect to the app is amazing . It reminds me of Instagram with a live feed of everyone’s art. I’ve made friends and am amazed at some submitted art by the community . I never thought I could do the things I can do with the app in achieving realism and freehand art. But when I just want to relax, I go for something a bit easier . Whatever art level you are at or if you haven’t ever felt like an artist, you will make beautiful art here in no time with many friends to encourage you.

- So fun, addicting, and calming, but just two problems

This game calms me down and makes me happy in all, but I look at my friends pictures and there’s says VIP for me and they don’t have vip. For some challenges I can’t do because I can’t find any pictures that aren’t vip. I get why you have vip, but why have a challenge that people without vip can participate in. It might just be my phone or it could be the app...That is my first problem. My second problem is small... my favorite animals are giraffes and all the giraffe pictures are vip so I can’t color them and It makes me slightly sad but also understanding... This paragraph is about all the good things I could go on for years about the good stuff... this game is so relaxing and fun! If you can not fall asleep at night this app helps... it also is like a safe social media where you can show people pictures you have colored... every time I get a like or comment it makes me think “wow someone actually likes my coloring”.. Thank you ColorTherapy for making me happy and confident with my coloring!

- Great app!

Ok ngl this is a really fun game. You can color, but you can also draw! I love the drawing feature the most, and ColorTherapy is where i first started digital art. However, it is social media. It truly is, and with that app being 4+ it’s probably not best for really young children. In fact, when I first joined, I was like 9 and being exposed to so much stuff I don’t need to know. Other than that it’s very fun. You can color and draw and meet new people. It’s normally quite a safe environment and you’d see if you got the app. Until I realized they started blocking people. My friends got blocked and people who did absolutely nothing. Like c’mon the ur was a SKETCH with RED not blood?!? I’ve left the app, not because it’s bad, but because I’ve been too addicted. I might come back, but for now you can check out! That’s it really, it’s a great game and you never get bored edit: ive been hated on edit: i have been hated on again with extremely inappropriate language. do not get for a young child

- Love this app.❣️❣️❣️✝️

UPDATE: I truly LOVE this app. It really helps me to be able to relax. I have PTSD, and depression, and RSD, so I really does help me focus on something else. I’ve had this app not long after it came out, and I haven’t regretted it for a minute (especially the price I paid for the color package, and they continue to let those that had bought that package back then to continue to still have access to without having pay more or have to buy a whole new package.) The makers of this app are incredible. This app. is so cool. I really love what changes they have made to this app. Especially the area where you can repaint those that let you do so. There are SO many artistic people on this app. I’m creative myself, just not an artist, and I am honored to be able to repaint pictures of those that have the ability to make some awesome pictures. Check this app out if you haven’t already.

- Worth it!

I downloaded this out of boredom, and it was surprisingly fun! One of the nice things about it is that you can actually have a good experience without forking over a huge amount of cash - too many coloring apps want you to pay a monthly subscription fee, period. On the other hand, if you feel like becoming a subscriber there’s lots of additional options, and they’re actually interesting. It really is the best of both worlds! A couple suggestions - I wish there was a way to purchase specific pictures. I don’t feel like becoming a VIP, but there are a couple of pictures that I like enough that I might be willing to pay a small fee to have access to them. Also, it would be nice if I could put a bookmark or something on the picture I was working on so that when the app reopens, I could return straight to where I left off instead of having to go hunting for what I was working on. Other than that, I don’t have any complaints!

- Amazing! But...

When I found ColorTherapy I didn’t know what a big impact it would have on me. I’ve made friends and shared my art while I’m at it. And I admit, I’m not that good. But there are people on this app that help you grow and learn, not to mention people’s awesome galleries! But... there are some things that I was hoping could be changed. Mainly about the art tools... don’t get me wrong, the tools they give you if you don’t subscribe are great, but you can’t do much with them. I’ve been limited to shading, coloring in, drawing, and adding glitter. But there are so many other tools that require a membership to use. I know that ColorTherapy has to pay its workers, but why not let the people that can’t afford a membership have a few more tools? I know there are daily free coloring pages, and they are amazing, but there’s not much to work with to color the artworks. I love ColorTherapy but it would be so much better if the non-subscribers got a few more tools to work with. I hope you take this into consideration, and have an amazing day.

- Good

It’s kinda hard to control the pen and I can’t see the challenge results (like I can’t see how many stars anyone has earned) but otherwise it’s good! It’s fun to relax, listen to music or something while you color and describe the picture in your own way. There’s challenges that are created by users (not challenges exactly but where you color or draw what the creator wants you to) like #putahatonit2019 . Another thing that gets me on my edge is how many member/subscription arts there are to free ones. In some cases, or on my account (@theemojiartist), I wanted to do something creative. In this case, I wanted to create a series of zodiac people and animals. I found that about a week ago ColorTherapy released some human/animal paintings and I was so happy. Of course, they were only for subscribers..... so I had to repaint. My freedom is limited. I’ve deleted and reinstalled this app so many times. But all in all, if you think you have some talent in drawing you should get this app. It’s relaxing, fun, and it burns off some stress. TheEmojiArtist

- Good app but one thing that annoys me...

I Really do like this app and I coloring the pictures and all but I just read someone’s response about how it’s unfair to do SO MANY memberships stuff and I DEFINITELY agree bc anytime I want to color I will always have to check the free stuff and if u guys going to think that I’m going to pay my money for this well then u thought wrong. And also I read your response to that person and I’m just like “really.” Putting in free stuff everyday is ok and all but there are SO MANY membership ones I think u guys should make more free stuff bc the membership ones look nice and better so I feel like I’ve been played or something. Just like other apps they do the SAME thing u guys do. So what u am saying here is that stop making so many membership ones and make better and more free ones instead bc I ain’t going to pay my money for 7 Days haha u would of thought. I hope u read this and don’t give me a crappy response like u did to the other person. I’m sure a lot of people have a similar response I have now. Thank you very much and have a nice life.

- Love this app, but...

I’m a big fan of color therapy, it’s really fun. But, some things have gotten worse. First off, the VIP challenges. I don’t think that’s very exclusive, and can add to the many reasons for leaving CT (not that I will, but some people I know have). If I buy a certain artwork, I can’t use that artwork in challenges, what about that? That’s not really fair. Another thing, it was SO much better when you could watch ads for coins to use on getting artworks. Even if you have to watch 2 or 3 different ads, I would still do it. Or at least regularly add new artwork to the ‘free’ section. New artworks are constantly being added to the normal artworks, but none are being added to the free artworks. I know that each day there are some that are free for that period of 24 hours, but still. Look, I’m not a business person but think about this. If you lowered the price by $5-$10, a lot more people would probably pay for VIP, and you’d end up making more money and app users that stay committed due to paying for VIP. Thank you for your consideration.

- DEF NOT Adult Therapy

I’ve nvr taken the time to write a review before, but with how badly this app dropped, I feel compelled to do so. 1st-I have to say to all complaining about not enough free things...ALL of the coloring apps are that way. How about looking at it from the paid subscribers view!! We pay a lot of $$ to utilize those tools. How many of us do you honestly think will keep sending a donation(that’s what it will be if we’re not getting anything in return ) if you keep catering to non VIP ? You will find out soon enough. 2ndly-they don’t stand by their own TOS. And when you speak out about it, you get reprimanded like a child🤬 or ignored altogether! I have been fighting for a post to be removed for over 3 mos! It CLEARLY violates their TOS. Not only do they let it remain, but they speak to the artist- talking about you like u are in Jr high ! Been there, done that, don’t need to pay to go back! Oh! I should also lyk that I did a counter pic to that pic & mine was removed within minutes! Hopefully I won’t be invisible here as they make me feel on the app! 3rd— the tools are amazing & the community itself is heartwarming. I will keep a free acct so can keep in touch with friends. But cannot deal with CT attitude.

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- It’s quite an enjoyable app

ABOUT The app is mostly very enjoyable. New pictures come in every day to colour, but after a day you cannot colour them without the premium or some coins once new ones come in, but by starting them they go into your drafts that you can complete anytime .You can like other people’s posts that they have coloured and follow their profiles to see their new posts. You can also comment on people’s artworks once they have been posted. A premium feature is that you can create challenge. There are different themes for each one such as only using certain colours or adding certain objects into your work. . PROBLEMS I really enjoy the app but there are a few things I don’t like. Recently they added new features where you can post others artworks in your own gallery, but sometimes people are getting more likes for artworks that aren’t theirs, than the actual artist. Similar things for the colour bye number update, where you are getting credit for someone else’s work. Also a small thing to add , you don’t have access to all of the pallets/colours without the premium, but still have quite a wide viarity . I also am confused if non VIP premium members can create challenges, because I cannot seem to be able to. Other than those 3 things I really enjoy this app RECOMMENDATION It’s is a great app over all and I would recommend it , but probably for 8+ just because you can still comment and it is similar to social media. thankyou for your time

- My colour vision!

Actually it’s really relaxing you get to colour do nothing all day will expect you have to buy the stuff in it. And you should see my colour they look so cool! Oh and don’t be mean it’s not nice okay and it’s very fun bye see ya. 😁😁. MY CONTROL LESS oh hi? So what was I about to say it the game is fun you get to paint do nothing all day watch movies in tv have something to eat or water that’s my kind of thing 😂😂😂. My family always telling to do jop and it’s sooo annoying and I’m 14 my name is Calvin so I’m a female I live in gueenland go to a school it’s only for teenage tell me about it! It’s boring there is actually 123 kids in school it’s crazy love boyfriends an girlfriends that not my thing I got 4 friends they been my best friends since we were 2 years old and I love dogs cats chooks cows and horse and I have 3 brothers and 1 sister they love playing iPads all the time and I’m the big sister 🤓🤪 as you know now DONT GO TO GUEENLAND! When sorry about my yelling I’m death because I don’t hear people that much when I was born my mum was bit in a pain my ear were stuck and I only got my ear now! 😟😟 it’s sad and at school there are Bullies that are so mean so good luck with all that ready of mine bye! Yo what’s up? Sorry I was bit busy well you all herd about my story let’s hear about ours? Maybe it’s instanced? 🥺🥺👱🏻‍♀️

- Good paintings, needs more work though

Hi there. Color Therapy is really something else, it’s different to other coloring games. I personally enjoy color therapy much more than other games much like this one. As an avid player I have been playing for about a year and a half. I appreciate all the fun artworks and colors you can use. However I have two down sides to the game. First of all the VIP version is very easy to access, but so expensive! I’ve been asking my parents to maybe try it for me but they always say no. As it is like $90 for 1 year. Secondly I don’t know why but when you earn a couple daily artworks, but you don’t do them until you get new ones, they seem to go VIP so I can’t do that picture anymore, this makes me very frustrated since I’m not a VIP. Overall very happy with the game and my prayers are into the creators for coming with such a interesting and enjoyable game. This game gets a 4 star and a pay on the back from me! Don’t expect me to be deleting this game anytime soon!

- This is SOOOOOO good!

This app is so relaxing, it just blows my mind away. You do have to pay to get ALL the colours and pictures, but there’s heaps of free stuff too. I love this app so much, thank you so much CT for inventing this app! I would definitely recommend it, it just keeps you on the screen for hours! (in a good way) If someone is looking for a colouring app, this is the one! The reason I didn’t rate this 5 ⭐️ is because of the VIP thingy. I think it is a little expensive (VIP let’s you have ALL the colours and ALL the pictures), and for just one year you have to pay about $90! Very expensive, I know. This is the only change I recommend, making the price lower to become a VIP. This app is none glitchy, add free, and really fun! I won’t be deleting this app anytime soon!

- Beautiful selection of drawings

Only just downloaded however beautiful selection of pics to colour. Not a great choice of colours in the free version, would definitely need to subscribe or purchase more pallets I feel. I love portraits and there are a great selection of these. I have not yet figured out how to save finished work. There is the option to publish it or save to camera roll but not save within App; FAQ advise there is a save button but I can't locate; may just be user error?! So far a beautiful App, will consider purchasing Pro Version after trialling for a while. UPDATE Feb 2018. Purchased Pro, which is now Subscription. This truly is the best colouring app. So many designs and shades. Simple UI, relaxing and the ability to view & admire other users work is a great addition and helps with your own creativity. Thanks developers for Great App.

- Highly recommend🎨

If you are looking at at getting a colouring app look no more. ColorTherapy is the perfect app. I went through many apps and none of them were any good, and then I saw my friend on this app one day and thought I would try it. It is amazing unlike other colouring apps you can colour it your self or colour by number, if you choose to colour by number you can choose art works other people have done to colour. New artworks daily and as soon as you edit and artwork it is your to edit forever. There are challenges which are voted by other members of the app. Also the free version is really good so if you can’t pay for premium don’t worry. Although I would like to request that a pallet called ‘Eye Colour’ would come out for non-premium as I always struggle to find an eye colour.

- Disturbing music!

So I was about to finish off a drawing I had been doing for a few days when I heard some groaning. It sounded strait out of a zombie movie! I took my headphones off and the sound went away, and as soon as I put them back on the music came back! The exact sounds where something like aplastic bottle with beads inside of it. Something about it was! The other thing I heard was the zombie groaning. I am actually scared to go back in because I checked my settings and my my jukebox was muted... I can’t draw anything good with background music and since I’m on iPad, I have to have a smaller music tab, so I have that disturbing music playing in the background. Please check this to make sure nothing bad is happening. I actually thought about deleting the game just because of this, and if I do happen to hear the music again that is what I will have to do! I am not lying about this, but please fix this if it is a just a glitch or something bad.

- I love this app!!

Honedtly, I think this app is really good because the colouringbis very relaxing and I really like the fact that the app doesn't constantly bug you about paying money for things so you basiclly have an option to pay for premium. I enjoy hearing the music and I like how its social so then you can look at other people's pictures and copy them. I've had this app for probably over a year now, and this is honestly the best colouring game! Because all the others keep having pop ups and things to make you pay, like trials, and paying money for every week, month and year which I'm pretty sure everybody finds rediculous. Thanks for creating this app because I really enjoy it, and I'm sure everyone else does too!! 😊

- This is an amazing app!

If you are looking to get an app to relax you just get colouring therapy! It is the best app o have on my iPad yet! I definitely recommend you to get this but if there is bad feedback then they are probably just talking about the rare glitch but other from that it’s great 👍 each day there is a new category to colour and they are normally always fun the colour! On this app you can follow people and publish your art work and also like other people’s art! You can even go on other people’s ac and do the same art work as what you like! If this app isn’t at 5star I would definitely recommend you guys to make it 5 stars 🌟 I think it would make the person who made this app really happy,! Thanks for reading 📖

- Very glitchy

This app is good, but it is SO GLITCHY. I have this app on my iPad and phone. When I got it on my iPad, there were no problems or glitches until about a year after I downloaded it. It was so glitchy that it pretty much kicked me off the app and bought me to my home screen. But it wasn’t just the app glitching. When I swiped the home screen, that was glitchy too! I didn’t think much of it, and I blamed it on my iPad getting old. Other apps on my iPad were glitchy too, but not as glitchy as Color Therapy. I recently got a phone, (my phone is a WEEK old) and the same thing is happening! But before I got this app on my phone, my phone was fine! I really don’t want to delete this app, because apart from the glitching it’s really good! But I might have to if the glitches get worse. Please help!

- Almost 100% happy

I've been using this app for over three years with great delight and many wonderful hours emersed in the magic thus app offers. A few months ago the rules have changed and my hobby and favourite past time came to an abrupt end, the reason behind; we can no longer import pictures and the images we colour with C T when we include extra special effects not available on Color Therapy. I sadly left my gallery and many many wonderful friends who are my virtual family, all being great artists from whom I learned so much and received encouragement and love from all over the world. I searched for an alternative but to no avail. Color Therapy is the ONLY place where you can do so much but I developed a unique style and unfortunately, I use an extra special effects which CT does not have, and since I can not import my redone images I still paint and color with this app but my finalised work I transfer to Facebook with no problem, the only thing is my friends on C T don't get to see my creations. I'm back but not 100% happy. Color Therapy will not revert to the former style, unfortunately for me Bitter sweet , only 4 stars

- Almost 100% satisfied

I love the app. All my friends and I use it. But it can get really glitchy. Like, it will slow down, & I will have to keep going out of the app. Also, the tools and pictures are way to limited. I feel like there should be more tool options for non VIPs like me. Also, there is a wide range of pictures, but most of the popular ones are VIP. You get 20 coins at the start that you can buy VIP pictures with, but then you can’t get any more! Please fix these problems. Other than that, I love the app. I find it enjoyable to play, no adds, and it’s very social, so if you want to talk and look at others stuff you can, but you have the choice not to.

- Really satisfied but needs one more thing

Hi there. I don’t usually play games unless there creative and fun and since your is both I play it more often than crossyroad. The only thing the app needs is a little group chat that you can talk to your friends or something like one post for a big chat. At the moment I’m always trying to talk to a specific person and someone joins the chat which annoys me so if you could do this I’ll be so happy. The app is great in my opinion because there is so many new pictures to color each day there is also so many people to follow and to make friends. Please add group chat or something like that. That’s all thanks bye


This app is so good if you want to show people your colouring skills, unfortunately its really hard to show your drawing skills since the app is only mad for colouring but it would be amazing if you could also draw your own stuff, people have figured out ways to do it, but it is hard. This app can sometimes bring hate, i havent had any hate but some of my followers have, thats also another good thing about this app, you can follow people and write a description for your art and people can like and comment. I would recommend this app for people aged 10+ just because it is a form of social media Thanks for your time

- Going downhill fast

It has some. Sry good features like being able to communicate with other users and get inspiration from others works of art. I’ve learnt a lot since I first started. BUT they have made some very poor decisions lately with there challenge choice, templates and lowering the age so we now have children using it who don’t understand what challenges are all about. Colortherapy are not being honest with the updates as everyone’s system keeps crashing and they keep blaming Apple when it is they who are being dishonest. Their communication about changes problems and updates are very poor. Unless they SORT THESE ISSUES OUT I will not be renewing my subscription. People have already demanded refunds and left. So. How do I rate this was good now very disappointing.

- Great app

This is probably the best app in regards to what options you have for designs, colour palettes and effects without having to purchase first. If you want to unlock more there is a membership fee, whether it be year, month etc. I would rather have a buy as you go option as it would be easier to just purchase the colour palettes I preferred to use, rather than commit to a membership that covers everything. Not keen on constant payments being taken out of my account, it is so easy to lose track of. Love the inspiration and challenge options as well. Overall a relaxing app.

- Great app, highly recommend!

This is, as the title of my review probably shows, a great app. It has lots of different options, both for art and as a social app, like checking out, liking, and commenting on other people’s creations. Although generally this app is used for colouring in, many people (like myself) also use it for drawing, as I think the available tools are really great for creating realistic or aesthetic artworks. It has some issues with glitches, but those don’t last for very long and will most likely be fixed in this new update. I really enjoy using this app and highly recommend you give it a try! 😊

- Love it but have 1 suggestion

Hello, First I would like to say that I really love this app! I don’t usually play games! I have like 5 games on my device and this is literally the only one I use! It’s made me more creative in a way! But I do have a suggestion I think that you should maybe make more things free! All the popular pics cost and I’m not able to pay for that but honestly I think too many things are locked! I suggest maybe to unlock a few more brushes ,colours and pictures! I’ve hoped to have access to these for a long time now, but everything,well, most of the things are locked most in which everyone wants to colour or use! That’s probably my only suggestion because people that are only able to use the things that come for free are really wishing for more to express with! Please take my suggestion into consideration cause I’d really love to have access to what most others do have access to! Thanks! (Sorry this was quite long.)

- Autism awareness

So, I was looking through the awareness catergory in the a-z section and I found a few colorings on Autism awareness and I clicked on one of them and it turns out that they are for premium only unless you pretty much want to color by number someones artwork. I think that this is really stupid beacuse I have Autism myself and I find this appalling! I think the coloring ins in the awareness catergory should all be free beacuse it is quite disrespectful to make a condition that I struggle with everyday. I feel like i need to express myself about my Autism and i cant do that without buying a premium membership. Other than that its a pretty nice game.

- It could be better

This app is fun and good to do quietly, I do have to say the music is annoying and I’m glad u can turn it of. It would be better if u didn’t have to pay for some/most of the pictures and colours (or at least the good ones). It would be good if you were able to choose which one is your favourite ( in the challenges) by scrolling down to see all of them (not just choose one out of 2 at a time) like you do to see what others have done. It would be better if we could take a picture then colour it. This app is pretty good but can be better and these are just some improvements that would be nice to see in the next update.

- So much talent

I have been using this app for 2 and a half years, and can not get enough of it, I’m hooked. I love the selection of templates, colours and tools available for use but most especially I love the community, so many talented and supportive artists, I have made many wonderful CT friends. The challenges I don’t always enter them but they are definitely a great way to challenge yourself and try new skills. Being a mum of special needs children I don’t get much time to myself, ColorTherapy gives me the chance to switch off a few times a day to relax and regroup.

- I love it just a few things.😊🙃

I Absolutely love the app and it is really calming And fun although it would be better if we could access more pictures and tools because for me vip is a bit too expensive although we do get free gifts but I’m just wondering is that’s possible mabye? Also I think it would be great if we could use it offline so we can use it in the car and stuff. These are just some suggestions and it’s fine if u can’t make happen. overall I Love the Game And It’s ToTally awsome and if anyone is reading this definitely download it!

- A couple of minor setbacks but good game

Hi there. Colour Therapy is really good game and is great for those with a creative eye. There are soooo many pictures you can colour, and I find it relaxing to do. However, there is always room for improvement. One of the things that I find slightly annoying is the amount of VIP pictures there are. It dominates the free ones, and are often a lot better. I understand this is how you get money, but perhaps you could make more of the VIP ones free? It would be very much appreciated. Another is the competitions. I signed up for a year, (I put in my email address) and I absolutely loved doing the competitions. I never won, and I never expected to. But this year, my parents told me I couldn’t sign up, (no idea why,) and now I can’t do the competitions anymore!! All I’m saying is if you could make the competitions so you don’t have to sign up, that would be great. All in all, it’s a great game and I highly recommend it!😁😁 Thank you.

- Love it

I love this app, am a little bit addicted. It’s relaxing and I love love love the colour challenges. I have one negative comment only. I love doing challenges but I find a lot of the challenges require the use of a stylus/pen to be done well. iPhone does not have a stylus here in Australia, only the iPad Pro has a pen and the only stylus that works is soft tipped and cumbersome as opposed to a pen, but that is my only gripe. More than one colour challenge a week would be awesome!!!💗💗💗love being restricted with colours to think outside the box. Thanks for the wonderful drawings also, your artists are very good.


I’m addicted to this app and I love it but CT deleting people’s posts need to stop. I have heard that CT is deleting LGBTQ+ posts. That needs to stop, right now. I’ve also heard that they’ve been deleting your account if you post a post that only has words on it, I partially understand this one but this still needs to stop, words can be art to. Also, I’m trying to update the app to the 5.2 version, it’ll finish updating but then it’ll delete the progress it’s made when it’s done, so when I go into the app, it tells me to update CT when I’ve already tried to like 10 times.

- Enjoyable but..

I recently downloaded this app as I use it as a therapy tool for my anxiety. As much as I am enjoying it, it’s a pity that most colours and pictures are only available in the Pro version, which unfortunately I am not in a position to purchase. I also don’t like the little noise it makes every time you fill in a colour or the background music so I put my phone on silent. I realise that the music is designed to help you relax but I don’t like it. Another colouring app that I have been using for a while is much better and gives you far more free options.

- It’s amazing until you…

This game was amazing. I’ve had it since the update before you needed to pay for anything that wasn’t in deluxe. When you made it so you had to pay for A LOT of the pictures instead of just paying for deluxe my respect for the game went down. I now don’t enjoy the game because I don’t want to waste my money on it. I haven’t used this app since that update and I refuse to use it until you take the update back or add A LOT more free pictures for those who don’t have money. Please remove the update. I think many people will agree with me. Thanks for reading this if you have read it. 🙁😔🙂

- Colour Therapy is great!

Colour therapy is great but one thing is that I was playing a different game and then the ad for colour therapy, and it showed that you can colour braid lady so I downloaded the app and it said that you had to subscribe and be a member or something like that and I was so annoyed! I still have the app but I would be a member if it wasn’t so expensive! I have also realized that lots of images you have to be a member for. I also thought that you might be able to let non members be able to use more colours to use. Please listen ps Kind regards.

- My saying

Hay I am one of the many people who play this game and it is the best game ever! I love everything about and am not a vip but enjoy every moment Whalen I play it. There are usually no problems which it except when there is no internet but that is definitely not the games falt . I have shown this game to many of my friends and family and we now all play it. But what I do not like is that there is no picture to draw really. Mine are lol locked because I am not vip and I have done most part pictures except fo the ones I do not like. And the free ones that come every day some don’t like and if I do they become locked after a day. But I do enjoy the A’s for that I give it 4 stars.

- Omg

This is such an amazing game I had to fill in all five stars because for me, it’s really hard to find a game that I enjoy and love doing and I know when I was little mum would read over all the reviews to see what people had said about the app before downloading it. And in that moment I was crossing my fingers hoping that there were some good reviews so just saying to all those parents that are reading y review “it’s an amazing game no adds or money involved so please gat the game for your child/self it’s awsome

- Amazing app!

I have been using Color Therapy for around 9 months now and I LOVE it! There are a surprising amount of stuff you can use even without paying. However, I do not think there is enough. I would love to have a couple more brushes for non-VIP members to use as well (because I am not allowed to spend money on apps) as a few more effects. I would love to have the Galaxy effect because it is so beautiful. Despite maybe not having enough access to brushes and effects, this app is amazing and I am really enjoying using it.

- Amazing app!!!!

This app is great to kick back and relax . There is a great selection of colours and tools to use even if you are not using premium. There is one glitch that annoyed me...I wanted to colour the milk carton with a unicorn on it so I went into colour by number and picked colouring with a chocolate bar on it with the words chocolate milk but when I went to colour it there was pink in the numbered colour selection and when I coloured the pink it was just randomly placed around and wasn’t in the original. I don’t know if this has been fixed yet but this is still a great app

- Really Great Game But...

This is a really great game and I really enjoy using it except for one thing. When i go to finish my picture and I’m choosing different lines and effects I can’t have an effect and a different line at the same time, please fix this because it is really annoying not being able to have both like I used to. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Overall though, it is really great and I would recommend this for everyone.

- Bring back the variety!!

I have been a VIP member now for about 5 years. I love the app and the regular updates. I love the effects you can use, the community and the easy usability of the app. I coloured every single day. Well I did. Now, however, I’m finding I use the app less as the range of colouring pictures is diminishing. They are mostly of people now. I would like to colour more things than people. Where’s the scenery gone? The scenery you do have still has people!! It’s losing variety. Please bring back the variety!!

- Nearly a 5!

I’ve had this app for well over a year now and it’s still a favourite. I really wanted to give 5 stars but I dislike how it can’t be shared in family sharing. I bought the app before it became subscription based payments and I want to share it with my children so that they can use more colour palettes. I don’t get the premium pictures either which is disappointing. Unfortunately I think the subscription prices are too expensive when I have to pay separately for each child!

- This Is A Good App.

My friend introduced me to this app, about a week ago. I got it, and have been addicted to it ever since. Everyday when I had time I would sit down and colour in whatever I could until I had to do something. As I was on the app I started at looking on all the options, but I realised that there weren’t that many options unless you paid for them. So I wish that everything was free, or at least some things. Other than that this game is amazing! You should check it! By:DeliBro

- Best Coloring App Ever

I love this app so much. I personally think it's the best coloring app out there. I actually paid the one off fee to open up the books AND you get the 1 free from any of the Delux books they release. Their colours are many and very varied PLUS you get ombrés PLUS frames and textures. They brought in a social side to it where you can follow and like other people's art and they have challenges. If it's coloring you want, stop here and download this. You will not regret it ever!


This game lets you express all your feeling into a beautiful piece of art. It works so well, and you can enter competitions, to do with a theme. This games gives me great ideas for my art, and makes me feel nice and calm after working on an awesome piece. Something that could be better though, is that I am not aloud to by the vip. So I can’t enter any advanced comps. If you could still let others join advanced comps without the vip, than this game would be even more my favorite. Thanks -Alivia.H

- Kleerstyle

This is the best colouring in app I have used and I’ve tried about 7 different types. This is the only one I have continued using for about 3 years now. I publish my pictures and was surprised to get followers who seem to like some of my work . It’s great to get recognition . There is a very large range of pictures and colours... Be warned I found colouring in on this app very addictive finding myself doing sometimes up to 10 pictures in one night .


Colour therapy is a great community to connect and colour, however you need to pay money to get all colours and images on this app. It is great that there is a different theme of image every week. This app can give you inspiration when colouring and find new people to follow. Because this is a online app and you probably think, what about hate? There is not really any hate on this app because it is a happy tight nit group. Overall this app great and very social!😊

- Suggestions

Hi Color Therapy, I had a few suggestions you might like to consider! 1) We need a wider variety of using your own colours, not colouring by numbers 2) We need more free pictures 3) Why is VIP so expensive 4) Different sounds for jukebox 5) A few more free palettes 6) Your profile can have more than 80 characters 7) A way to make your drawings seen to everyone 8) Categories for drawings 9) Tutorials for realistic hair and skin? 10) Dark mode, an option to make it black 11) Maybe no VIP so we can enjoy all colourings 12) We can use our own colours for past new pictures 13) More textures 14) A way to chat to your followers 15) If you open the original profile of a drawing, it takes you to the picture, not their latest post *Please note these are just suggestions, not complaints!😁*

- Great App Needs Updates

Great as there is updates drawings everyday and new challenges , the community is friendly and encouraging to others and their artwork; Need more of a variety of different drawings though as they are very similar and all American themed where as I’m from Australia as well as many other artists on color therapy are from Australia too so would be good to get a variety of themes for all countries but still a very good app and will continue to use it Thank you Guys I Hope to see Furthur Updates

- Great but restrictive

I had this app a while ago and downloaded again recently, I found that the app is now very restrictive if you're not willing to pay quite a large amount of money for a yearly subscription. You don't even get access to half of the colours (I remember that you could do certain challenges like post 5 pics to Facebook and get a free palette) and the number of free prints have been cut in half. I loved this app and I still love the social aspect but I'm very disappointed that I feel like purchases are a necessity to fully enjoy this app 😭 (developer response is very disappointing, they obviously don't really care that they are pushing purchases on people)

- Cool app but annoying sometimes

This game is very fun but there are a few things I’m really annoyed about like when I wanted to colour it said I had to update it even though I didn’t want to and there are so much Cute pictures to do but you have to be a VIP and I’m not going to waste my money to become a VIP although there are some cute pictures you can colour without being a VIP they are not as good as the VIP pictures. This is a very honest review. Please take this into consideration. THANKU


This is my favourite game I can’t stop playing it &it’s got the best colors plus everyday they have new pictures to Color and you don’t have to have a subscription to it it gives you awsome pictures even without a memebership and also if you get this game always enter the contest they are so unbelievably fun! Don’t worry though if you find it weird at first after it gets addicting! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

- old player who logged in lately

I started playing color therapy about 2 or 3 years ago and it was great as I progressed, seeing features unlock and getting more fun out of the app. Over a year ago I stopped playing for a break and just came back to the app to find how many features had been taken away and I’m very disappointed. Free players are no longer able to colour freely and have to use templates. I was looking forward to re-downloading this but I’m not happy at how much has gone. If you could add anymore features back (especially free colouring) that would be great.

- More for free pls

I lost my log in and had to start again and was very disappointed to find I had to pay for pictures I had previously was quite frustrating. There are new pics daily, but not enough. Is it possible after colouring a certain amount more free pics are added to free section or you can get access to more free pics in other areas. Lack of variety if not paying is a shame. It’s still the best app tho!

- Great app

I love this app...but not as much as I used to. At one stage (I’d assume before an update) I had access to all of the artworks except the deluxe ones...I ended up having to delete the app and when I was able to get it again I did, when I went on I had access to little to none of the artwork even when I signed into my account. It’s a great app but I wish it was like it used to be with a larger range of pictures for people without VIP access.

- Great app

I love this app, the colouring aspect is so enjoyable, I love the range of different tools and I also like the challenges that you can join. I also think it’s really cool how you can “post” your drawings/colourings. The community is amazing. My only complaint is that the system it uses to block accounts is too harsh which means people who don’t deserve to be blocked are being blocked anyway. Otherwise great app :)

- Little more please. 🤞🏻🙏🏼

I love this game. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes colouring but their are some things I would like you to change: 1. This is probably the main one ☝️: I would like some more colours that VIP can use like hologram ( I really like hologram) and maybe 4 or 5 more because there are loads and VIP get like 6 eighths of them and we get 2😥😭. To be honest I don’t think it is fair. I think it is fair that VIP’s get more because they payed for more but I think we as normal people should get a little more things to colour with. If you consider this I will give it a five star rating. I hope to see changes in the next update!🥺🥺🤗 Thanks for letting me speak and share my opinion please please please please please make this happen! ❤️ colour therapy 😘😘❤️ My rating is going down to two because there has been an update and nothing has changed yet. 😒

Payoneer 💰

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- Awesome game

This is an excellent game/app and you can do so much! What would make it a total 5 star is it would be awesome if you could sell your art and buy art. And you could draw what you are going to colour or you can choose what you want to colour. If this is not something worth doing that’s fine too but just saying that for me it would make the app a lot better.

- Almost Perfect

I absolutely love this app and almost everything about it, but I do have one complaint. The background track has gotten repetitive and annoying. I would much prefer if I could listen to my own music while I colour. I'm unsure if this is a problem you can fix but if so, I hope you do.

- I love it

I love the game but I wish everything would be free!❤️

- Free colouring pages

You give us some pages to start off with but never add more so when all completed I have to wait for more free ones I’m not getting the premium thing so if you could add more free pages it would me 5 stars for me

- Unbalanced

Good colouring app, but VERY female-centric. Not really enjoying the “fluffy” female themes.

- It’s great

It’s great, only complaint is it can be very difficult to use.

- It’s great I think

HELLO!I hope everything is doing well and all of you guys are staying safe.(warning I have bad grammar so Bear with me)Hello! Today I’m am here to tell you my opinion on this app. The app is....great and fun everything is VIP,I know you can get free images to colour in the main menu but you also only get three brushes (not counting the bucket).I usually have to join/enter challenges to get images for free.but other then that the app is great. I highly recommend. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and is staying safe. OCT/20/2020 Hello it’s me again, I have come to make a complaint about the app... all of a sudden it’s saying i was blocked by admin and I didn’t do everything wrong so now I can’t upload the pictures that I have spent 7-10 hours on. And I’m pretty sure it’s because I updated the app or I wasn’t on enough, anyways please fix the problem my username is @banana_turkey101 and if you don’t fix this I well have to delete the app and reinstall the app and start over. Please fix this I have not done everything wrong. And it’s just stupid. My day has been horrible so far and this just made it worse. And you still haven’t fix the problem with the V.I.P stuff and how they get everything. And in easy challenges we can’t use our brushes without being V.I.P do they always get the top mark. Anyways I just wanted to make this report and I hope it gets fixed I went from a 4 star rating- a 2 star rating. Stay safe Dec.12.2020


I have tried tons of coloring apps. This is by far the best one in terms of tools and options, and it allows full creativity freedom. Only one thing missing to make it perfect to me: I would really enjoy an ASMR option. Listening to the scratchy sound of a brush or pencil on paper would bring this experience to the next level. I’d really like to hear from the developers if this is a possibly in a near future. Other than that this app is nearly perfection!

- Addictive

Love the app. Would love to see more filters and a way to combine filters or adjust strength. Would also love to see an easier way to sort through palettes, maybe a search bar to type the name of palette or to sort by colour shades.

- i don’t like the update

i had this game long before the update but when the update came out it was very annoying. I didn’t want to pay for the subscription fee but it somehow got my apple id password. The thing is i didn’t even know my password at the time because i forgot it, also on the phone that i was using, i didn’t have the payment set up. But the game still found a way to pay for the subscription I never had this problem with the old version

- New changes...

I’ve loved this app for years. I deleted it around a year ago and I re downloaded it... you can’t use any tools that aren’t fill colour unless your VIP?? This makes this game HORRIBLE without a membership (which I can’t afford) if you want to make actual art with it

- Faulty artwork

I have 6 artwork that won’t open, so I can’t colour them.

- Disappointed

I loved the fact you could choose from colour by number or your own colours but the fact the price for the VIP is 12 DOLLARS A MONTH!!! WHAT?!?! And that pretty much ALL of the pages are a VIP only for your own colours. The fact that is i’m just redoing someone’s work and not being able to choose my own colours is so boring. And the game had no more free stuff to colour so I deleted the game. 😕 To developer: other than the fact the VIP thing to me is a little disappointing the game is great!! Just maybe make a little more free pages and make all the pages for your own colours and I will be interested.

- Creative app


- Great😍❤️

It deserves first place is amazing but it has a few bugs 🐜 and the game is great but it has some bugs 🐜

- Amazing!

The game even gives you compliments! Lol, so do real ppl (people) I think this game is made by people with extreme talent!! Anyway I think it’s the best game I have! And sometime it needs skill but anyway can have skill! :D

- It's amazing!

I love this app so much!!! It's so much fun and I love the pictures!

- Absolutely amazing but

This app is amazing! But I have a problem or a bug! I can’t follow some of my followers is it normal?? Pls fixe it!

- Good app, poor Moderation

I had this app for around 2 years now. The coloring part is great, they provide enough coloring papers for new players and they give new papers for you everyday. If you want to only color and not post I say go for it! Although, if you are looking post a lot I say go to another place. Why? The app’s moderation system is terrible. You are banned without any warning, half of my friends are blocked for absolutely no reason. Trying to appeal your blocked account is a dead-end too, I never seen any of my friends get their account appealed. One of my friend has been blocked for 9+ months and apparently they said they’ll unblock their account like 8 months ago. Only reason I stay is due to the nice community. Honestly a shame ColorTherapy, you created a great app, just please please improve your moderation system, because the only reason I’m giving a one star is due to the random blockings and bans. Don’t take this as an attack to you CT, the terrible moderation has ruined the app for me, I wish to still have the app but just not fear if I’m getting blocked for no reason today. For summary for people who don’t feel to read this 。Good app for coloring, if you don’t want to post then go for it! 。For posters, no clear rules for them, gets no warnings, many people are blocked for no reason. 。Not an attack to CT, I really want them to fix the moderation so I can color normally and not in fear. [EDIT] NOV 30 2020 There’s a site for rules but I do suggest you put that somewhere easily accessible for users in the app (if it is apologies.)

- Cool but....

I loved the app for 3 months but then it said I was blocked by ADMIN but I didn’t do anything wrong. I had so much followers and likes but then I tried to delete my account so I could play again but it didn’t let me make a new one! Please fix this

- PLS help

So I actually really like this game until a couple months ago when all of a sudden my account was deleted for no reason and now I can’t get it back and I don’t know what to do PLS RESPOND I NEED HELP!!

- Awesomeeeee

Hello there! I am in love with this app and I was wondering if you could make more things available for non-premium members. That would be very great!

- I love this game

Hello, Just saying I love ur game so much, it’s so relaxing and makes me feel better, u did amazing.


Ok so I love this app and its community but the one problem is that ALL of my LGBTQ art keeps getting deleted and I keep getting blocked by admins for being gay and that’s not fair AT ALL so I might delete the app due to all the homophobia


I LOVE it so much .addictive

- It’s good!

Really like the game but I wish that there was more stuff ok the free version

- I love this app

I love this app I just wish I could get my old account on color therapy but other ways this game is so AMAZING!

- Unfinished

Won’t let me continue colouring unfinished work

- Amazing

Hey ColorTherapy! It’s me Amongus_art_ this app is amazing app! I love repainting and colouring my stress away! Great app to make new friends! Please make a button that says watch a add for tokens/coins to get more free paintings. Thanks you your app is amazing!

- Love this app

I wish more things were unlocked but other then that its a lot of fun 🤗

- You need vip for lots of things which =$$$

This app is fun and relaxing but most of the brushes and colours are vip only and vip is really expensive. You should make way more if the things free to make it more enjoyable. Or even have an option to watch adds in exchange for using the Color or brush or whatever.

- Awesome

absolutely amazing and really relaxing! ❤️💜

- App

Thank you

- From SaRoc0278

I love your app.👍🏻

- Worth it !!

I’m in love with this app. Even when you have to pay for the special Colors and pic (VIP) . It’s worth it . I’ve tried lot of other Coloring app . Guys , this is the one .


I love it WOW

- My rating

This game is amazing it’s very calming but there are a few hard details and I some times wish there were more free puzzles but other then that I really like the game it’s a great game

- ColorTherapy app

I love this app. Great pages to color and lots of great colors to color with.

- Love love love it!!!

This is an awesome app! The only thing I think you could add would be messages, because my friend and I both have this and can’t text we have to use comments, therefore everyone can see our conversation. However, this app is sooo fun and definitely relaxing as well. Just make sure you set a time limit for it or you'll become addicted!

- Beautiful!!!

This is definitely ten out of ten. It gives talented and amazing artists a chance to show their work. This is an amazing app. Thank you for making this beautiful app.

- Love it but needs some adjustments...

I love this game but it’s not very inclusive, and that’s very important. Art should be for everyone, and not just senterd around one sex. I also think that everything is WAYYYYYY to over priced so please make everything free. I also wish that all the pages where free and all the colours to. I wish that everyone can use every use there own colours how they want. I hope my wishes don’t stay wishes and they become reality because no one deserves there wishes to stay wishes when they could come a reality! (Sorry for any misspellings.)


I love this game so much but can you please add more coloring pages to the free ones. 💖🎨

- Amazing Colours and Filters

I'm super happy with how many colours, filters and drawing pieces you get for free on this app.

- Very relaxing and fun!

I really like the game it’s relaxing and the people are very peaceful on this app.💕

- This app is amazing

I recommend it to everyone. People love you!

- Really good!

I recommend downloading this game but the only thing is that you need to pay for a lot of stuff a lot of stuff is free as well though

- Great images!

Easy to use. Lots of colours and gradients. New launch is pricey.

- Pretty good

This used to be my favourite colouring app, but then everything became part of the VIP package so if you don’t have it there are VERY few artworks you can freely paint (without the number guides). I loved when half the drawings were free and the others you could by with coins. there is also a new update where you now have to be VIP to use the other brushes? they used to be free as well... i don’t want to pay money to play a game :(

- Love it❤️

So relaxing and it calms me down And it’s really fun to play!💕

- Fun...

It’s a lot of fun, but at times expensive to have a really thrilling experience. $$$

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I found this app trough a friend and she payed to get everything so I got the app thinking it would be like the rest where you can barely do anything if you don’t pay but I gave it a shot you can almost do everything even if you don’t pay I like how they give you a lot of options and colors even if you don’t pay and you can re paint others pictures that they did but in color by number it’s actually fun though I like how you can choose the type of design you wannt in color by number it’s very well after a while I payed because it was such a good app and if you decide not to pay you get coins in the game that if let’s say for ex I like this picture but it’s for vip only but I click on it and I press the button that says vip only and it says if I want to buy it and if you scroll down a bit you see or get for ten coins and you can get if for 10 coins so that’s what I really like this app I recommend it

- Lost My VIP Status w/ Update, Not Fixed Yet

I love this app. I spend more time on this app than any other. As of the last update, I can no longer access anything that is VIP. I don’t know why. My payment has come out for the month just like it has for the last three years. I finally got in touch with support and they seem to be on another time zone because they answer while I am asleep. They said that a lot of people are still having this issue and the developers are working on it. They had me send the crash logs, which I did immediately. They also told me to try and restore my purchases which, of course, I have done a zillion times. I have cancelled y membership and tried repurchasing it- nothing. I deleted the game and reinstalled - nothing. It’s been almost two weeks. I ask every other night. I get the same response that they are working on it. I ask for an estimated time and nothing. I love this app and I do not want to have to get used to another one. I have met so many wonderful friends. The community is so supportive. Please fix the game. 💜

- It’s fun but just one suggestion

I love this game and the challenges, but there are some changes I ask you guys to make. First of all, I don’t think it’s worth it for the premium. I think it’s unfair that you have to pay money for the better pictures, that are just for coloring. I know it’s a good way to make money, it’s just wrong to have to pay for something good to color, so I don’t think you should have it. I also think having the premium gives an unfair advantage to the people who enter challenges because they have a better option of what to color for that challenge. I think everyone should be able to color good pictures without having to pay money for it. This may be asking for a lot, but I really don’t think we should have to pay for stuff like that and I’m sure other people agree with me. But other than the that this app is really fun and its my favorite coloring app because we actually get to color the pictures the way we want to. I hope you take my suggestion into mind and I also thank you for reading this far! 😊

- Some change I would like to see....

I love this app I simply love it!!! But I have a few questions...For starters, the app is glitching way to much and I can’t color much without the app kicking me out! I would also love (And recommend) if you awesome people would please bring back the feature to post pictures from our gallery ( to people who have not paid a membership and people who have) and for those people who do post pictures that are offensive, mean, disrespectful and unkind with rude words could be suspended from the feature for 2 weeks. I will share this app to my ENTIRE school so you have more people joining the awesome community of people we have. Just please I am begging you let us post pictures from our gallery Thank you! ( Ps you could do it in the next update) (PPS our parents know we have this app and if they let us get it they are also giving permission to use the cool features such as the posting pictures from our gallery) Please keep that in mind 👍🥇🤩😂♥️ Thank you 🙏

- Used to love this app but has serious flaws!!!

We have a family of artists and loved the app after using it religiously for a long time we decided to purchase the VIP user. Being new to purchasing anything on a subscription (absolutely hate subscriptions) we didn’t realize that in app purchases are not a “family share” thing! so we had paid $40 for one person to use the app fully!🤯😞 when we contacted CT said that they were sorry that the App Store stated it was a family share app and that it was miss leading but that it was apples fault for automatically adding that to the page, then they suggested that we log in on every device with the same Apple ID and try “restoring VIP” it didn’t work!!!! 🤨😟😣 To make matters worse I had used my daughters IPad to make the purchase but from my account so I can’t even get it on the family’s iPads or my phone which are the items we carry with us most often. Extraordinarily disappointed with how they have handled their app! Don’t get vip On top of this my phone which has had color therapy for a very long time has totally different options for me than my new ipad! Com on CT fix the bugs there has to be an answer.

- Love this app but....

Like I said this app is awesome I could play on it for hours the people on here are really nice and so far I haven’t met any trolls. I love the paintings that you can color and the effects you can add to it it does help you relax especially after a long day. It’s simple to use and if you are confused on how to do something they have tutorials to help you understand better. I have had this app for over a month and there have been no bugs or glitches I love scrolling through my feed page and other peoples pages! There are no adds and just amazing fun! Now if your wandering why I’m giving this four stars is for one reason, there are some free coloring palettes but there aren’t that much there are the gifts of the day which make them available for one day but I feel I d use the app more if there were more colorings to choose from, because then your stuck repainting them. So, if this app would add more free coloring palettes that would be awesome!! Since this is literally my favorite app!!

- Best coloring Ap I've found for free

I highly recommend this coloring book Ap. This is a wonderful and well done coloring Ap whereyou can choose to join the social Community or simply just color for yourself; you can share your pictures and earn a few extra color selections (which I highly recommend) but can also color beautiful pictures with the basic free colors. You truest can use this Ap very efficiently without becoming a paid member. I have used it for over a year (I've colored over 400 pictures) and never paid a penny and never been dissatisfied. I only joined the social community a few weeks ago and everyone is very encouraging and positive and there are some incredibly talented "finger painters" out there. The additional colors and pictures and effects you will get for payment look to be well worth the money - but are not essential to have a really great experience using Color Therapy.

- Very good

I’ve been very depressed lately and I ran across this app. And when I start to color it somehow helped me clear my head a bit. There’s a lot to do and a lot to choose from for free. Lots of colors, filters and options to choose from. Even more if you pay for it. They even have some soothing music to go along with it. The only drawback I seen was the price for membership. I don’t know what all goes into making an app like this possible but $8 per month is a bit much in my opinion. If it was 1 or 2 per month or even a one time like 30 or 40 fee for life I’d be good. At the end of the day, We’re just coloring. We won’t “own” the art we color. So if I have this app “forever”, I’d have to pay forever? That’s a bit much. But other than that I thoroughly enjoy the app and even the community. Coloring and then sharing your creativity with others is nice. I feel like each color tells a little bit of a story. And no matter how good or bad, happy or sad... each story is beautiful.

- Too many rude people😞and a lost account

Love the app!! Buuut too many rude people on this app! I was doing really well on my account and a lot of people would write rude comments and one person wrote a bunch of mean comments on every post I had and then I responded to her and she screenshot the comment that I made and posted it telling all of the people that saw it to report me and then I got kicked out of my account!😞So I think that I might just leave this app because I lost all of my progress, likes and followers. Please give me back my old accountants I might not leave but there is also another reason. I am having problems with my Apple ID and it won’t let me update any thing! And I have to update this app which I can’t, and it won’t let me use the app unless I update it so that’s another why I shouldn’t use this app. Please consider giving me back my old account. Thanks!! Great job on the app just you need to figure out something to do with all of the rude people, maybe a block option? And now your saying other things to tell me to change my opinion but no thanks. I’m in downloading this app. I’m never gonna get my old account back now so it’s pointless.

- Surprised and pleased

I’ve tried several coloring apps. This one has been great. It is more than adequate without paying for the upgrade. There are a LOT of people that aren’t VIP members. When you learn to blend colors, it gives you any color, but having access to all of the palettes makes so much more fun. There are three challenges every few days. These sometimes make additional palettes/tools available for some of those, and there are usually several choices of those pics that you can color. The social aspect of the app is nice without being too involved. You only know people by their usernames, and most of those make me LOL. It’s enough to not feel alone in your coloring, to see what others choose to do, to learn real art techniques, and to give and receive compliments for the efforts. Even if you keep things super simple, your pics are appreciated and many times, liked more than those who do fancy stuff. There are kids, teens, younger adults, gruff 49 yo men 🙋🏻‍♂️, and older people, too. I’ve really enjoyed this app. ...Really.

- It’s still fun

I used this app previously quite awhile ago and then stopped. I found another I preferred at that time. I recently started using using the unpaid version again and it’s still fun but difficult to use with ALL the changes. There is a help section which briefly describes how to use a few features but it’s little help. Are there video tutorials on how to use the app from the coloring techniques, the social forums, the contests, how long your artwork is displayed, etc.? Its soooooo confusing! So I give 4 stars.....better direction on how the app works is needed. PLEASE! ( I’m considering a paid subscription, but am paying for another app for about another year out, so it’s difficult to afford and I’m not sure what the paid version provides....I do know I am unable to create some of the amazing effects I see on others pictures, either that, or it’s me not knowing how to use the app properly) Anyway, for all my frustration with it at times, I still enjoy and recommend it.

- UPDATE!!! 😡

I honestly am addicted to this game. It’s my absolute favorite..., but the update is very bad. It is glitchy and and I have a lot of people repainting my artwork(so far-40), but it only has 3 LIKES!!! And before the update, all of my artwork said #freetorepaint . But now people can repaint everything unless I go through all 200 artworks and remove it. And this app is glitchy! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fun, but could be better. I have givin this 4 stars because overall this is a good game. Please remove it. Thanks! 😊 3-weeks later ahhhh!!! I am very annoyed now. I spent 15 minutes painting art for a challenge and it didn’t publish, okay I’ll just go publish it. I went back in to resume challenge and it glitched and got rid of EVERYTHING I PAINTED!!! What the heck “Color Therapy”! I used to love this app, but since the update this app gets on my nerves! Please fix this. I changed it to 3 stars because I’m very annoyed right now. Please read this and fix this problem please. I still play the app because overall it’s not bad, but FIX THIS!!! Thanks! 🙂

- Used to love it

Before it was none of my favorite apps, I was addicted, it was so relaxing and loved the painting options, and love the comments and the positivity of the app, amazing people nice comments we're written. And then to on a break from it. And these couple of days ago download it again, and real that it completely changed, the artworks we different, the people we're different, it began a competition, to see who had more followers, more likes, who for more comments, and who did better. Got me it was a hobby to color and use the app with my friends. And now it's all the opposite. They are always asking more people to follow them, and ask friends to follow them and to like all of their posts, and if you didn't they would get mad and unfollow you, and unlike all of your posts, they would take my phone and like all of their posts, and the kept saying they were famous, and everything was always better if they did it, and that ruined all the fun 😢 and don't use it and more. And I am also having problems following people could you please do so about that?

- In Love❣️

I absolutely love this app, it is the only one I have subscribed to even though I can’t really afford it. It definitely relaxes me and is such fun to create colorful “masterpieces “. The CT community is so supportive which makes it even more enjoyable. I do wish it had more effects. Other apps I use but don’t pay for have some effects I would like to see. So, more effects would make this even better. I really like the repaint addition as I am able to paint some extraordinary pieces and see how it was accomplished. On the other hand, that you are asked to repaint others work has really clogged my message center. I have had over 40 requests to repaint someone’s work in less than 2 days. I would rather be able to explore and find what I want to repaint. I wonder if others feel the Same way. I am not trying to be mean but again...clogging my message center. Thank you for listening.

- I love this app,but I have a few suggestions

So this is a AMAZING app and is so fun, but if you are not a vip you’re coloring options and tools are so limited, can you please add a few more tools that you can use even if you are not a vip? Because I would love to get vip but I just don’t have that kind of money available also a bunch of the challenges pictures are very limited and you can barely use one tool on some becaus u have to be a vip to use pen or air brush, I understand that you are trying to make money but can u please allow more things for non vips ? 🥺 this is a amazing app and I will recommend it to my friends and family also you cannot do certain challenges if you are not a vip ?!?!? Wen did that happen ?! It’s not fair that you are making peapl pay for things that are so called “ therapeutic “ please change all the vip things , what if you just add more adds ? Because even that would be better than having to pay just to coler a screen

- Great Game, but

I love this game so much! It’s great and it’s an app I check every day. The community is great and everyone is very kind! The only problem for me though seems to be the voting system. I’ve scrolled through the challenges after they are done and see very good art that doesn’t have a good star rating and some art that is not so great that has a high star rating (this could be my opinion, but the likes show otherwise). So I guess my question is how does the voting system work? Can you change it to make it more accurate? This also can go along with the trending page in challenges (once again, the likes really show). How do trending pages work as well? I hope someone can provide this information and hopefully fix it so the voting is more fair and accurate. I am not in anyway trying to be rude, I just think that it needs improvement and the accurate stats that it deserves.

- Amazing app! But...

Amazing app! I love the support of the users, I’ve been on ct for about 2 years, but I’ve been through many accounts, finally found one that I won’t forget the password too 😅 there’s amazing people on this app and fun daily challenges, even if you’re not a vip you can make a lot of amazing art if you really try! 100% recommend this app if you’re looking for a social coloring app. One thing I don’t understand completely is the algorithm of the app and how people get DTP, DTR and trending, to me it just seems random. And there’s some people on that app who try to discourage others and report them for no good reason, getting their accounts blocked. There’s some people who just shouldn’t have this app. On a side note, as long as those people are ignored and handled with, there’s really not a problem with this app other than I occasionally get art block and no motivation to color 😅

- Surprisingly Helpful

Works well for what it says..and the more you browse, the more free pictures you find. Yes, the best pictures are always locked, but you still get plenty of other things to choose from. Then the colors themselves are outstanding, the detail your able to add is incredible! This app has helped me during very difficult times, whether it be anxiety and insomnia, depression and grief, or a stressful event to daily drama... I can always escape into my "safe bubble"when using this app..Of course,wish the full was a bit more affordable,but I understand. Thank you for your help! I've lost interest in things I loved to do,but now I'm using both this app and actual adult coloring books themselves,which I can easily frame for a gift. I look forward to opening this every day. I always find myself curious to know what picture is the gift of the day!

- Not Satisfied!

I do not like this app for several different reasons. 1). I hate the fact that when you choose a photo and the option of coloring by numbers that it shows you what the end results are before you color it. That’s not very rewarding at all! Why would I want to color a picture by numbers if I am shown the end result right after choosing the colorless picture? What’s the point! Most choose a colorless picture just because we want to see how beautiful the picture is AFTER we are done coloring it! Makes no sense! 2). I also do not like the fact that this is just another app that just wants money! So I have deleted this app a chose another free adult coloring therapy book that is actually 100% FREE like it says it was when I searched for it! This is supposed to be a therapy app to calm adults after a day of adulting but when I see either photos or special effects that I can not use because I can’t afford it just pisses me off and stressed me out even more! So my conclusion for this app is to not waist your time or money because there are many more of these apps that are actually 100% free like they say they are!

- Don’t join VIP until update 3.0 is removed.

NEWEST update changes all the rules!! Now You must choose pictures to color in the challenges that developers or app designers have picked. The originality and creative quality has been completely squashed. It’s advertised as over 2000 +designs to choose from but if you want to do a challenge which was the whole fun in the app, there are 10-20 for paying member and 2-5 for non paying members. This has honestly been the greatest app I have ever used, the coloring was amazing, the art -inspiring, the community fun and supportive. I never got involved with an app community before this one..I immediately signed up for VIP and pay willingly weekly to be able to use any picture I wanted to...the challenges were fun and exciting. Now it’s turned myself and a lot of incredible artists off. It was such a joy to see how artists chose to work with a challenge, now one just see the same picture over and over. It seems very un-inspiring now...sad. I hope they decide to change back to the old rules and I will happily change my review back to glorious one..and get back to my coloring..

- Disappointed :(

So, I got this app a couple months back and I loved it! I was able to color a lot of drawings and I was pretty much happy. I deleted the app because I started to run out of space on my phone. I just re downloaded the app and honestly, I wish I didn’t. There were less drawings that anyone can draw and more member drawings. I understand that there are daily drawings but I am not going to wait for the next day just to color in 2 new drawings that I might not even like. Also about the challenges, how do you expect me to submit something for the challenges if there are barely ANY DRAWINGS I CAN COLOR IN. I also understand that I have tokens to buy member drawings, but why should I buy drawings that I recall being free before the update that makes it so MOST OF THE DRAWINGS ONLY FOR MEMBERS. At least can you make two or three drawings for each subject for each category for everyone? I do not have the patience to wait a day for a new drawing. And I do NOT want a response saying, “Thank you for your feedback”, I just want more drawings to be released for everyone to use.

- 5 star all the way!

I don’t really have much to say, other than it’s a fantastic app! I’ve been looking for a fun, good quality art app on my phone and I finally found it! I’ve had this app for a little less than a year now and it’s really just the best! Everyone is so kind on there, there is fun challenges and overall just a great app! Now I will say this, while the app has good things, there is always room for improvement! For me, there is never any bugs so that’s great! I will say, the VIP access gets a whole lot more than the people that don’t. I don’t currently have any money to buy VIP but I am a little sad I don’t get a whole lot of coloring tools and pages. I know there is daily free ones, but I would also enjoy new tools for the people who don’t have VIP. Now this is totally my opinion and it isn’t needed, it’s just an idea! Thank you so so much for this wonderful app!

- Fabulous Stress Reliever

I love this app. I am amazed to see people complaining about it because there are rules you have to follow (all games have rules to keep the game safe, and because you have to pay for it if you want to use all the features of the app. You can color for free but your just can't have the same benefits of paying customers. Someone has to pay to allow the producers to keep improving the app and supporting the app. Why in the world would you think that this wonderful app could continue to offer all that it does without receiving some income? People don't work for free so please grow up. I love art and enjoy this so much. I enjoy the friendships I have made on here and have learned so much just by observing the many talented artists who create such beautiful work on the the app. I highly recommend you try the app for free and see if you enjoy it.

- Everything you look for in a Coloring app

TLDR: Pictures with varying levels of detail, lots of free pics/colors/techniques/effects, easy to zoom in and out, undo the last color with one tap, and pick up a color from the picture with a long tap. Long version: First, I want to say that consumers are not entitled to have the app makers’ content for free. This is their work—none of us are going to work for 8 hours and then throwing in more work for our employers for free. This app is generous with free elements-with new free pictures every day, and the ability to try new pallets and effects with the challenges. There aren’t ads popping up every two seconds, either, so, thank you, app creators, for your generosity in this app. Second, if you follow the advice of Uncle Rico to mix and match, this app should be able to keep your attention for quite a while. There are lots of color palettes, a couple of the extra palettes are free in non-gradient mode, and if you use the eraser at a low saturation, airbrush, and pen + smear, you can create and endless number of other colors. There are challenges, and often videos showing you how to create more advanced effects. All in all, the functionally is good, even on my tiny screen; the app is generous; and there’s lots of ability to be creative—or mindless—depending how you feel that day.

- Great! But....

This is a great game, honestly. But I have a few suggestions. So really it’s just one, the brushes! So really if you have played this game, you know you have a few free brushes. But the “cool” ones that have more to them, you have to pay for this vip pass or something like that. Really this just kinda bothers me, 1. Because without some of them, my coloring look, bleh. But really with the brushes I do better. I know y’all want money and things like that but don’t you want our creativity to flow?? So really this brings me to 2. So yes i know you want to have some brushes locked, thats fine! But this brings me to the challanges. You do sometimes give us omly brushes we can use for some but some we can use the locked brushes but SOMETIMES, there still locked for the people that didnt by the premium. So that brings me to, that some peoples drawings will be better than other c’ause they have the brushes. But overall... ITS ONE OF THE GREATEST GAMES ON THE UNIVERSE!!!

- One Big Coloring Book!

This game is great! There are so many FREE pictures to color and you can buy a membership for more pictures! The membership is less expensive than you think! Surprisingly this game is not a ton of money but it’s completely free if you choose not to have any membership! This doesn’t even have to be for just adults because it’s a great game and easy to color so it would be great for kids too! You should play this game because there’s fun and creative pictures and so many different colors to choose from! I love Color Therapy and the same explains the game. It’s so awesome and I have recommended it to my friends and family! You can even register to personalize your message and actually publish your beautiful artworks! So buy Color Therapy and your whole mind will go BONKERS for art! This is a very great game, please make more games like it!

- They blocked me after I said sorry

So they have vips you have to pay for I get that but they have challenges and one was only for vips and I was mad and will admit I was very immature how I handled it but after I said sorry and explained that I just get really frustrated sometimes and I love that app and I had 3.9K likes and 93 followers but now I’m blocked so I can’t do anything and the reason I’m sad is cause I worked hard for those followers and likes and now I’m blocked because I was rude one time but I did say sorry but the people didn’t know that I did because they deleted my comments and the people said I insulted them which I didn’t they insulted me by saying when I was doing something else and I saw it today they said: they probably didn’t respond because it’s past their bedtime and I was really mad then and I tried to say sorry then but I couldn’t because they wouldn’t see it and that person I liked their pictures followed them and commented nice things. So please color therapy please let me come back on please and please respond to me and please unblock me I said sorry to everyone.

- Amazing! Love this app so much!

When I first got on this app I thought it was like any other coloring app, but when I colored and used all the effects, it was so much more detailed and beautiful...then after finding that put I found that a bunch of colors were free! And they weren’t those cheap free ones, they were like the ones you would have to pay for on other apps. Then after a day of playing, people started liking my gallery and following me. It was amazing and really fun!🙂😝🤩The developer of this app deserves a lot of praise because this app is amazing and not a waste of time.😄the only thing is...I would like for there to be a little more free pics..because if I finish all the other free ones I have nothing to color and have to wait till the next day...literally that is the only thing but other then that the app is absolutely perfect 👌

- Finishing Touches

I am in love with MOST of your designs for the finishing touches like the lines and the effects. But I just want y’all to know that I think it’s kinda stupid to have a membership to be able to have access to some of the lines and effects. I think that I should be able to get on to your app after a long hard and stressful day at school and finish a coloring page with access to ALL of your effects and lines. It would please me to see this. I might just give you five stars if you fix this. And I would like a real response and not a stupid auto response. I will for sure not give you five stars if I get a stupid auto response. Please understand I’m not hating an your app, I just would like this to be fixed. I can not stress the fact enough that I’m not hating on you, I would just like to be clear that I’m not hating on your app. Please make this change and please no auto response!

- One of the best coloring apps I have EVER had!!

Color therapy is an amazing and well made app for many reasons. First of all, you can have tons of fun on it and make amazing artworks without even paying. Although you have a choice to pay about 10 bucks a month for a couple new brushes and colors, it makes almost no difference if you do it for free. Second of all, I love the amount of pictures they give you! Another add for the vip is that you get all the pictures for free, BUT if you check in each day, you still have a chance of getting the pictures of the day. You also get 50 free coins that you can use to get 5 free past pictures of your choice. And lastly, I like how people can like and comment on your drawings. It is super fun to follow people, and I like being able to comment, and get comments. I highly recommend this app!!!!

- 5 stars

Hi, I have been using color therapy for about more then a year and I love it it is amazing I love how it’s so calming and how your can repaint and color and how everyone is so nice! It is by far the best coloring thing and social media I love how you offer so much for free! I also love how it is very positive! I love to color on it and your support team/help desk is very helpful! I just love this app and say is amazing and you should get it! Nothing will disappoint you like there tons of hashtags and color pages! And like ways to draw and colors and even more! Definitely recommend I have not seen anything inappropriate so yeah! I have nothing bad to say about this app so far! I love how it’s automatically gives credit when you repaint so that nobody can steal and or not claim it’s there’s they do that on so many other media’s and yeah! Keep up the great work color therapy team!

- I love this app!!

I LOVE this app so much! But there is one thing I don’t like about it. It is that you don’t have the option to “block” users that are saying mean or inappropriate words in the comments section. I am 11 years old and I don’t need to be hearing inappropriate words while playing a coloring game. For example ; one time I was going to comment on a users coloring, to say it was pretty. But , when I got to the comments section, I saw that someone had sent a mean comment saying “your so bad hahaha” and I am not lyeing . I am being 100% honest with you . Thankfully, the user who sent the mean comment apologized and everything worked out , so I sent my comment and looked at another work of art . Other than that , this app is fun, relaxing (perfect for after home work !) , and is a great place to share your creativity with the world! - Lily age 11

- Please Change

This has been the app I spent all my time on. I used it for a long time. Eventually my account started to get noticed and that made me very happy. I liked seeing people like my work. One day I tried to publish something and it said my account was blocked y admin. They said I had abused a challenge even though I flowed all the rules of the challenge that was so called abused. They said I would be unblocked in 14 days. It’s went to be over a month and still I wa blocked. I contacted them again and they said I would have to Wait another 14 days. I also looked and herd of this happening to others. What also annoys me is when you say you connect them and nothing helps and they say “Connacht is directly” In my opinion that means they are not actually looking at the reviews and are just making it appear that way. Over all o am very dissatisfied. I have looked for a replacement and everything is either color by number, no free stuff/ expensive membership or just plane boring. I would not recommend this to anyone in the fear of getting blocked for no reason.

- Love it but some glitches

So I got this app maybe a month ago. I love it. It’s so great and I like how you can do color by number OR color it yourself. I didn’t sign up for the VIP thing cause it just looked too complicated. Just yesterday though this game started glitching for me and it’s SOOOOOOO annoying. So I was coloring a picture for one of the challenges. Then I turned off my iPad that I was using and later went back in to Color Therapy. And what happened was I pressed on the challenge I was doing before and pressed continue on my previous piece. So the picture was there but it had completely started over. So coloring anywhere. A blank picture. I tried a couple of times to press continue again but I never worked. And even today I tried to continue but it continued glitching. So yes I love this game. It’s one of my favorite coloring apps. BUT I would really appreciate the glitch to be fixed. Thanks

- So much more than filling in white spaces

Some pros and cons, but the positive outrank the negative. This app is relaxing and interesting. I love that you can preview how different people have colored a piece and draw inspiration if you are feeling stumped. I love the soothing music, the beautiful selection of colors and the many cool, cute, beautiful, funky free patterns to choose from, pay for more intricate/specialty patterns or save tokens to buy one for free! The app is not glitchy or poor quality at all like many of the other coloring book apps out there. The app also has some interesting effects and filters you can add to the finished piece, select different borers and outlines, draw in your own detail and upload pieces to an online community of kind and inspiring coloring book enthusiasts! Highly recommend this app to anyone seeking a quality coloring app. It will exceed expectations.

- Good app, but

It’s a pretty good app, but you need to be a member to color most of the pictures. I deleted the app a couple years ago because I never really used it, but before I deleted it,there were a lot more pictures you could color if you weren’t a member. For example when I downloaded it again, I had to be a member for pictures I had ALREADY colored before I deleted the app. Also, you need to be a member to use all the colors. COLORS. You should be able to use all the colors without having to become a member. I’m not saying that the creators shouldn’t have memberships, I’m saying that the people who aren’t members should be able to color more pictures. One last thing is that when new pictures are released, you can color them no problem. Then, you come back the next day, and you have to be a member to color another one of the new pictures! But overall, it is pretty fun.

- This app is amazing

Guys you need to at least try this app. If you like to color or if your extremely attached to your social media’s, than this app is for you!!! This app lets you color and draw but yet you post it. How I describe this app to my friends is a coloring insta! If you like Instagram and coloring you just have to try this app!!! It helps relax you and you can even make friends and challenges for many to join. It’s a great community and you should definitely join!!! Everyone I have met is super nice and for the ones that were rude I reported and it got taken care of before an hour later. It makes you have fun but not feel judged. It makes you not feel bullied and so on..... so many people on this app are super nice and would greatly let you in as a friend with open arms!!! I hope you consider getting this amazing app!!! ❤️ xoxo Kyli


So I was having trouble with a person who was copying my work. I reported them multiple times for plagiarism, and commented in the posts telling them to take them down. Color Therapy responded by telling me “ok stop that’s enough” and said it wasn’t plagiarism; Anybody can color any pictures they want. But they were very rude about it, and I obviously realize that anybody can color anything they want. But it is another thing to completely copy someone else’s color, design and everything! How did color therapy not realize that they copied the whole thing? They were being stupid and rude at the same time. To think I was gonna waste my money for this app. Not if they are being rude to costumers. Very dissatisfied with costumer service. Also, after a while you run out of free stuff. Add more. We shouldn’t have to pay to color.

- Good app at not that fun for non-VIP players

This is a great app don’t get me wrong but the updates are not so great I started color therapy maybe like three months ago and it was pretty good but then the update it was good but more things you need to be VIP for and I’m not VIP so it was kind of getting boring For professional artist it was really fun for them but for people who are not that really professional it wasn’t too fun I like to express myself in ColorTherapy and they’re supposed to be relaxing game but now the game is really just stress I keep on constantly having to tell myself that this doesn’t look at this doesn’t look good this doesn’t look good and this doesn’t look good it’s really stressful for what the people think instead of just drawing and then letting out your own stuff . This is my opinion on cali therapy it’s pretty good but not so good at the same time I give it four stars in my opinion :/ :/ :/

- I love it but pls read!

It’s amazing but I would like it if you would make more brushes to the non members like oil pastel fairy dust and the other brushes i think it would be great! if you let the non members use them also the colors there’s so many that you can’t use so you can pick those just give more to the non members and something that could blow this app to the top is that you could make it all free I’m an artist and I love drawing and I love this app but it’s hard to make good drawings if I can’t use all the brushes but If you still need money then you can keep pay for all drawings except for the daily ones that just came out and pay for all colors thank you please make this adjustment so people can use the brushes you just barely added the hair brush I was so excited to use this brush but it’s only VIP I don’t know why I use this app even when I can’t use any good brushes I could just use procreate so please make the brushes free I’m begging you thanks!

- Problems

I have had a lot of trouble using the Color Therapy app lately. It crashes & freezes on me continually. I can be colo, voting, viewing my or someone else ‘s work & likes & it either freezes or closes down & my iPhone 7Plus returns to the home screen. I have installed their latest update, my phone is updated ever few days & I close all previously opened apps. My phone still has plenty of storage so that’s not the problem either. The only thing that seems to stop it for a little while is to close apps & power down for a few minutes or so. It is extremely frustrating to have to do this several times a day. Yesterday it shut down while I was voting to submit a post on the Animal Challenge & it quit working. When I logged back in my work didn’t show posted so I resubmitted it. Now I have to of the same picture being voted on & couldn’t do a third picture. I will say that when I finally had enough an emailed Color Therapy they have responded right away & asked some info which I provided. Now if they can just fix the problem.

- It’s been great but...

1. Ok so I started the app about 8 months and it’s been amazing up until a month ago so what’s been happening is every time i am coloring a picture it goes fine for 10 seconds then I just glitches out of the app and I lose half of what I just did I have had to start over for half the pictures I do most of the time it’s fine but at the same time I shouldn’t have to spend 10 minutes doing one it glitches out then have to start all over please fix this. 2. Ever since the app released the thing where you can only chose 3 to 5 pictures for challenges I barely do them because they are not fun you can’t express creativity and when I have brought this to there attention before they basically said stuck it up and we will work on it later it’s later people If we could please work on these the app would be perfect thank you

- I’m obsessed!

I am so grateful for this app. I met one of my best friends on here and developed a better skill in art. This app is so awesome for people who want to learn things about art and coloring, and get advice from real people!!! The only thing that isn’t great is that I only get three tools without the unlimited version. Other than that this app is very recommended! You can create your own challenges that other people on the app can participate in! You can draw, color, and repaint other peoples art too! Tell your friends about this app! It is absolutely amazing!!! There are so many pictures to color and there is always more weekly! I love the challenges that are created too! I love competing although I’m only twelve and a lot of people on the app are older and more experienced. I’m obsessed! Edit: could you do pictures of chloe x halle

- Amazing!

When I played the app I was literally addicted! I still am, everyone is super nice,kind,and generous! You should totally get this app it is so fun! You can make friends,talk,do challenges,and color at the same time! I got the app and I was at 100,200,300,400,500,577 now. It is unbelievably fun and good! You should totally get the app!it has everything you need! If you don’t have a subscription and you want to do one of the subscription pics you can repaint someone else’s! If you get it early then you don’t have to repaint! If you get the app maybe we can be friends! If you wanna be friends search E_art! Love the app I can go on and on and on and on! Also it’s really calming I go into it every morning then do school check it and on and on and on! It was the greatest choice that I ever picked for a app!!! Thanks CT for being so amazing!!

- The Best Coloring App!

By far the best coloring app there is out of them all! There is no other that compares! I now have a Samsung galaxy phone which uses playstore, which does not carry Color Therapy, so I am still using my old iPhone JUST so I can color with the only coloring app that I will use! The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is that I find it a little unpleasant bc of how expensive the full version is. And that you don’t gift hardly any new colors, tools or filters. I have been coloring for about 2 years now and haven’t unlocked hardly any new colors, tools, or pictures. I feel like after so long, or so many pics, or so many challenges or so many votes, there should be rewards. There is definitely more than enough colors, tools, filters, pictures, frames and more that you could reward many and still have enough left for the app to make plenty of $.

- Good to bad

At first I loved this app I color more then half of the free colorings then I realized that you can watch videos to get with you can bye more things to color with but every thing you just had to each a video so there was nothing to really work for and yes I know that that’s not the point of this app but I would still like that to be added in there. Before I was signing in I was sad that you couldn’t enter the challenges but when you sign in I feel like that app has more to offer now color by number has been added and people are coloring other people’s art now there’s not really a problem with such there’s a link to there profile on all the artwork but add on to the update I wish they would have put a special section for color by numbers and ones they color by them selfs all in all I really like this app and you should really give it a try.

- I am a paying subscriber

&& all I want is to be able to add my own art to your app, so I can color away stress free with pictures I draw.. I know there are many apps that do it such as pigment, Recolor, colorfly ect... But since I am already paying you guys why not add the option.. && the challenges are ridiculous you can paint the ugliest & still win if you have over 2.k followers that’s just not fare... Everyone should have an equal chance of winning regardless of the followers... I stopped sending mines in, what was the point!?!? I felt like I was back in high school where the “cool kids” always got the attention && the “not so cool kids” got ignored... This issue should have been fixed months agoooooo... Ugh I stay because overall you guys are truly the best, I can color as much as I want for a simple fee but pleaseeeeeee fix the issues I ask of you guys I know I am not the only one!!!!

- My favorite coloring app...

I’ve been using this app for about 3 weeks now ( as of May 4). I’ve tried the free 7 day trial and i have reservations about paying $60/ year. I think the massive amount of colors you get w/ free trial is OVERKILL. I saw the same colors over and over again. I think the colors you get from the free app are, MORE than enough for any “coloring” page. Now, if you like to draw your own stuff here, which there are many talented artist, you may need everything that comes with yearly fee. The free 7 day trial also includes access to every coloring page on the app. And let me tell you, there are SO, SO many pages! That part, I do like (about the yearly fee:). Ok, so the free app comes with an awesome amount of colors, free pages, free Effects, and free frames. You can enter any challenge, and the community here is INCREDIBLE!!

- The best coloring app!

I have tried plenty of coloring apps and I sincerely think this is the best one! I really love how there is a large variety of new pictures each day, there are daily challenges, a large variety of coloring tools/colors, and the option to recolor other peoples pictures. Since I don’t really have enough money to have a subscription, I really love and appreciate how there is a large selection of free pictures and colors. Everyday new pictures appear and in each challenge there are at least a couple of a pictures available for you to color, even if you are not subscribed. Plus, even if the challenge says for you to use a vip set of colors, they give you access to them for the challenge, which I think is really great! Overall, I am in love with this app and totally recommend it!

- Best game in the world

Color therapy is an awesome game and it has so many different features and choices you can pick from and it also has color by number on it it has everything from white to black coloring sheets it is so interactive and you really take mind in the colors and all the hard work they did to bring this to us it really clears your mind and it is so relaxing and it just helps you settle your inner trouts as you color it is crazy how great amazing and exciting I really recommend color therapy for it’s excellent work on this amazing game give thanks and I recommend color therapy again it is great I love one of my favorite games to play and I have about 60 Games for some reason but I love this game and if you get it I hope you like it too and a plus it is totally freeee freeee freee Love to all player on color therapy

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Extreme number coloring again. #color #peace #therapy #life #love #life #quiet @ Peace Of Mind

Color Therapy App

If you wander deep into the forest when it snows, you may find a magic place where a winter angel hides . ❄️Coloring masterpiece ❄️by the talented @ SketchyChick (user inside app) is our Notable Pick Of The Day. ❤️Start coloring with Color Therapy today -

Color Therapy App

❤️May the spirit of Christmas bring you and your family hope, love and happiness. 🎄🎁Merry Christmas.🎁🎄 Join our #ColorTherapyApp community today - #christmas #cristmastree #cristmasdecor #christmas2020 #ornaments #merrychristmas #merrychristmas🎄


I colored this myself using Color Therapy App for iPhone and iPad. It's so fun and relaxing! Try this app for Free! 😀Merry Christmas to the World 😇😇

Color Therapy App

👑Color Therapy’s Thursday #Advanced, #User and #Easy #Challenges have started in our app! 🎨#ImpressionismFlowers 🎨#GlitterRibbons 🎨#MerryChristmas2020 . Join the fun on #ColorTherapyApp today . #ColoringBook #relaxing #ribbon #flowers #art

Color Therapy App

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Color Therapy App

👑Color Therapy’s Wednesday #Advanced, #Color and #Easy #Challenges have started in our app! 🎨#ChristmasElf 🎨#PinkAzureMint 🎨#LetItSnow . Join the fun on #ColorTherapyApp today . #ColoringBook #relaxing #Christmas #Snow #Elf

Color Therapy App

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Happy Monday 🙂 We would like to present our user @ BobbiLyn who created beautifully colored images that reminded us of happiness and joy. The way she played with the colors made each image a true masterpiece. ❤️Start coloring with Color Therapy today -

Color Therapy App

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I colored this myself using Color Therapy App for iPhone and iPad. It's so fun and relaxing! Try this app for Free! 😀

Color Therapy App

💦Coloring masterpiece💦by the talented @ Alexandrina is our Notable Pick Of The Day. Start coloring with Color Therapy today -

Color Therapy Coloring Number 5.4.0 Screenshots & Images

Color Therapy Coloring Number iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Color Therapy Coloring Number iphone images
Color Therapy Coloring Number iphone images
Color Therapy Coloring Number iphone images
Color Therapy Coloring Number iphone images
Color Therapy Coloring Number iphone images
Color Therapy Coloring Number iphone images
Color Therapy Coloring Number iphone images

Color Therapy Coloring Number (Version 5.4.0) Install & Download

The applications Color Therapy Coloring Number was published in the category Book on 2015-09-11 and was developed by Miinu Limited [Developer ID: 796927321]. This application file size is 235.68 MB. Color Therapy Coloring Number - Book app posted on 2020-12-07 current version is 5.4.0 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.miinu.colortherapy

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