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What is cooking craze: restaurant game app? Cook up a storm serving food from around the world playing our free restaurant game Cooking Craze. Prepare, cook & serve tasty dishes like a professional chef and master the kitchen as you tap to grill, bake and cook your way to the top.

Bake wood-fired pizza in Rome, grill juicy burgers in New York and prepare fine French cuisine in Paris — but be careful, playing fast isn’t enough! You need to keep your customers happy in order to grow your empire. Can you take the heat, Chef?

Cook classic restaurant dishes from across the globe;
• Make hundreds of delicious dishes including burgers, pizza, sushi, ramen, dumplings and more
• Grill fresh fish, tasty steak, succulent shrimp, and veggie kabobs
• Love desserts? Why not deep fry sweet donuts, bake baklava, serve ice cream, cheesecake or cakes?

Create a Restaurant Empire!
• Choose from over 100 ingredients cooking up tasty cuisine
• Create premium dishes with delicious new ingredients
• Launch new restaurants while learning new cooking techniques
• Add a new recipe from each city you visit
• Cook in a variety of settings

Level up with Cooking Quests, Powerful Boosts and features!
• Serve food fast while managing your time to earn kitchen upgrades
• Beat over 4000 levels across six continents
• Master all 3 difficulty levels to get golden comment cards to earn free coins and spoons
• Dash through service to earn BIG TIPS or work extra shifts to earn money for upgrades
• Equip your chef with treats for customers, non-stick pans and MORE!
• Upgrade your kitchen & increase your speed
• Use a variety of special boosts to cook your way to victory
• Cook GREEN with an Eco Boost & go organic for more tips
• Win achievements by completing combos, cooking perfect meals & earning big tips

The best restaurant gaming experience:
• New levels and cities around the world added regularly
• Hours of free fun, whenever, wherever you want!
• Play online or OFFLINE WITHOUT WIFI or internet after initial download!
Download Cooking Craze and create your own kitchen empire!

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Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game Version 1.80.104 March 2022

Don't just eat the rainbow, come play with it in our most colorful update ever! Get ready for a vibrant Holi celebration and a St. Patrick's Day party you won't want to miss. It's your lucky update! Optimizations and bug fixes to improve overall app performance. For trouble in the kitchen, please check out: Contact us at

Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game Version 1.78.016 December 2021

New year, new YUM! Get ready to celebrate the new year with a packed calendar of events. Earn your stripes in a special Lunar New Year event restaurant and Year of the Tiger Tasty Tour! For trouble in the kitchen, please check out: Contact us at

Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game Version 1.76.001 November 2021

Time to loosen your belts; we’re giving thanks for our latest update that’s stuffed to the brim with delicious events, features and all the trimmings! But don’t worry — there’s always room for pie. Mmm. Pie. For trouble in the kitchen, please check out: Contact us at

Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game Comments & Reviews 2022

- Stole 300 spoons from me

I am updating my review because I have run into another problem. I am in Spain, on the last restaurant, and every time I go to add lemons to the paella or serve a drink, it won’t work. It is extremely frustrating. It makes me lose levels I would otherwise easily win. This is not acceptable. It is not my device. My iPad works on every other level and food item. Please fix this or I won’t be able to play anymore. Ever since I have gotten a surplus of spoons the game has done everything it can to make me spend them. Trying to trick people in to spending their hard earned spoons is despicable. The game does not do these tricks when you are low on spoons. Only when you have an abundance. There was a pop up telling me that I had an upgrade for a kitchen product and I had no choice but to accept. Stealing 300 of my spoons. You also don’t have the option of watching an ad to gain a new life if you have spoons. Why should I be punished for earning spoons or in this case actually purchasing them? When you are trying to trick me I don’t feel inclined to spend more money on spoons. Quite the opposite actually. I will never spend another dime on this game. Had I actually gone through my spoons on my own and felt like I was still in control , I might consider contributing to your game, because I am getting entertainment out of it. But I have no desire to be tricked out of my hard earned money.

- So Fun!

I gotta say, this is my absolute favorite game I’ve ever downloaded on the App Store. It’s super fun and addictive. I appreciate all the details they put into every country and the different ways to cook the foods and the ability to earn boosts / spoons in a way that I think is fair. Other games I’ve played pretty much force a player to pay but I’ve never really felt that with this game. You just have to be patient and keep plugging away at the levels or the weekly challenges to earn those extra boosts. Personally I’ve never had too many issues with it, sometimes it does freeze but very rarely for me and it’s usually if I lost a level. It does glitch out on occasion where if I use a boost and then lose, the next time I try that level or any other level I’ve lost, my boost will reactivate. Sooo I guess I’m not really complaining about that glitch as much lol. I will say that the levels where you have to make a certain amount of money can be a little annoying / frustrating but I usually wait until I either have infinite lives so I can keep trying to beat that level or play extra shifts to earn enough money to upgrade my stuff so that I can earn more money. I think the thing I appreciate the most about this game are the weekly challenges, they are so fun and keep the game interesting for me, especially since I’m still only in Rome at the moment. So thank you to the creators for making such a fun game and continually adding updates!

- Multi Taskers Heaven

I don’t appreciate that I have to put in a lot of personal information just to contact support. Why do you need to know my birth year and full name and email just so I can tell you that I can’t click on an object—again—and I’m losing games because of it? This continues to happen in various cities; certain objects become impossible to click on no matter how many times you try, whether you click directly on or all around it, and this is a very fast paced game Ive been playing for a year and a half. On the slow levels there is no difficulty clicking on these items, yet when it’s a faster level with more challenge suddenly the third waffle maker in Amsterdam simply won’t register my touch, or the three sausages crammed together in Germany won’t let me select the correct one. EXTREMELY ANNOYING. DEVELOPERS THIS IS YOU. AND YOU DONT NEED ALL MY PERSONAL INFO FOR THAT. However, other reviewers hit the nails on the head with beautiful graphics and fun levels. Yes sometimes it’s hard to beat a level and gets super annoying but I keep playing because this game feeds a need in my brain to do a million things at once quickly and come out on top. No you don’t have to spend money to do it, just be persistent and play the “free” levels to upgrade your items and keep at it. Lots of good dining out ideas; I’ve found a ton of new restaurants and tried a lot of new foods thanks to this game.

- Challenging and fun!

I love this game. It’s got a ton of levels and individual events as well. It seems very well made. You don’t have to watch ads unless you want extras in the game, which is really nice. A lot of games make you watch an ad in between each round/level, which gets annoying. It is very difficult at points, which I appreciate, because that’s hard to find in free mobile games. But it is possible to pass really hard levels if you use strategy and do the 3 bonus tasks every day. It seems like some levels are a little harder than they need to be, though. I feel like some are literally impossible without a lot of boosts, mainly because you have to serve a certain amount of customers in a period of time that seems too short. But like I said, with enough patience and strategy, I’ve been able to pass ones I’ve thought were impossible. The only issue I’ve had with the game is the fact that over the past several days, no matter what I do, whenever I open the map, I get the leaderboard result of an event that ended like a week ago, and is no longer relevant. I can’t get it to stop popping up, but I am able to close it. That’s a really small gripe though, something I’m sure will get sorted out in the next update. I’m a little confused as to why Pac-Man is in the icon now, but I guess I’ll find out eventually? Haha.

- Good game in the beginning

I’ll start by saying this is a good game overall. I’m impressed with the responsiveness, graphics, and overall fun it has been to play this game. I also enjoy the ability to earn spoons as you progress on new levels. Again I enjoy playing and the game is one of my most played when I need to unwind. My issue is with the difficulty as you progress to the higher levels. I understand a certain amount of challenge in the group of 40 for each restaurant, but when I can’t complete a level because the game doesn’t factor enough people within the time limit or I don’t make enough money as the goal because customers only ask for one item for all 4 on the screen, this is when I have to say enough is enough. In the levels for Athens and beyond, I see this more and more (Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai, Moscow). I can only progress when I use my boosts that I’ve been trying to save for later cities, but I have to use 2-3 at a time to make it through then the next level is the exact same goal with 5 seconds less than you had previously. Please fix this. I really do enjoy playing this game, but it might just end up being another app that I get frustrated with and delete because it’s too difficult. Thanks for reading this and I hope to see a fix in an update soon.

- We all love this game!! BUT.........

Adding to my review!! So I’m in Paris level 21... there is no way of passing this level without putting money it to it only because they don’t give you enough costumers which is a bad big turn off for me!! That right there might just make me stop playing the game!! It’s unfair and upsetting!!! I too love this game, it’s a lot of fun and the challenge is great but unfortunately very unfair. I started reading everyone’s reviews and I have to agree with every single review!! I do have one other thing that’s annoying that I didn’t see much complaining about. When I lose instead of going back to map it gets stuck, not frozen because I’m still able to cook, but it won’t bring me back to the map so I have to get off the game close it out completely and then start again, it’s happened to be a couple of times but last night it happen when I was playing a bonus round I made about 1,000 bucks but since it got stuck and I had to get off I lost the money I made. It’s it upsetting. I did write to them I’m not sure if they will get back to me hopefully they will. It’s sad because I really do like to play but if they don’t take what everyone is saying into consideration then I’m going to have to stop playing as well. It’s not worth getting frustrated!! I could just go play one of the other millions of game out there. So please I hope you guys look at we are all writing and do the right thing!! Thank you!!

- Developers review

First let me start by saying that I absolutely refuse to pay for a game. Because once you start, they will get you into an infernal cycle. The game by itself is very addictive and fun and well designed. And I have reached and advanced level, i’m not a beginner. However, the low review is for the developers. They send you a survey to ask you about what you prefer in the game in order to “improve the game experience”. And when you take the time to honestly reply, they take it away from you. I answered that i loved the daily challenges, so they made an update where it became absolutely impossible to complete any daily challenge. I answered that what motivates me to play the special events is to win the boosts, they took away the boosts from the rewards. And suddenly, although I completed the levels with very much ease, now going back to play the daily challenges, every other level becomes extra hard. They took away any pleasure I had playing the game and I am seriously considering deleting it. So if you enjoy the game don’t answer their surveys. They are designed to make you pay more, not because they care what your opinion is.

- Fun Concept, sketchy Execution

So I love this game, the design is fun and its overall a great game, but I have some big issues with it that WILL stop me from playing. My 1st issue is that when you travel to a new country, none of your money is taken with you, which makes the money you made previously unimportant, especially if you got all the upgrades. For example, when I left New York to go to Paris, I had over 80k coins, and now in Paris I have to start fresh. Normally I wouldnt mind, but the paris levels are incredibly unforgiving and without much pay off. By level 10 you need already a lot of upgrades so you constantly have to replay the same mundane levels. So, it would be nice if there was some form of currency conversion. Like I could use my 80k to get, say 20k of the paris coins. Something like that. Now, my next point, and possibly my biggest issue with the game isn’t difficultly but rather, impossibility. In many of the Paris levels (and some of the NY levels), when your goal is to get “likes” they dont give you enough customers to achieve that goal. Say you need 12 likes, they will only give you 11 customers so you HAVE to use a power boost of +3 customers which is ridiculous. This isnt a matter of, “oh I didnt perform fast enough” because it often isnt timed and you just dont get enough customers. Its a ridiculous money scam, and poor game development that needs to be fixed.

- Stuck

I really like this game. I would say that it’s one of my favorites because it is the great mixture of challenging and quick paced. I have a few issues and that’s what caused me to knock off two stars for what should be a five star review. As I said, it’s fun and I could play for hours and I have before. But my problem is 1) when going to a new world, you lose all your coins from the previous world. Because it’s also supposed to be harder levels it’s harder to upgrade and advance to new levels. That for me isn’t too big of a deal but it’s definitely not my favorite thing. I’m not saying I should keep all my coins but I shouldn’t have to leave them all behind, especially since I had about 90k when I left NY. 2) But my biggest issue is that I’m stuck on this level and I’ve upgraded all the things available to me to the highest level possible and I’m losing the level by 40 or 50 coins. I might be able to win if I had a boost but I don’t have enough spoons to buy one. If you’re going to have a level, make it possible for someone to win without any boosts, especially if that person upgraded everything in the “restaurant” to the highest level. EDIT: I got past the level I had trouble with but now I’m having trouble 2 different levels in Paris. I can’t seem to get enough customers in the 60 seconds. Like I’m 5 away from winning the level. I’ve used free boosts given to me like insta cook do it’s not me. It’s the game. The game won’t let me win the game. I’ve given up.

- Stop being greedy

I think this is one of the best designed cooking games and it used to be my favorite. I would have given a 5 star review, however The last few updates have caused levels to be impossible to pass unless you drop real money on boosts. Which I will sometimes but not again. Since the last update when you replay a level that you used a boost on it automatically steals your boosts. Example used the coin double boost passed the level went to the next. Did NOT use a boost, replayed the level and it forced me to use my double coin boost on a level I just need to serve customers. The challenges are almost impossible unless you use boosts which is not fair. I stopped playing them because once you get to a certain point they do not give you enough time on the clock, enough customers etc. example... had 20 sec left on the clock and only one customer came out. Any other time they are back to back. Stop being greedy. If you keep making us pay to pass levels we will just stop playing. I have been stuck on one level in New Orleans for 3 days because I refuse to drop another dime on this game. It would be nice to use our coins earned in the game for boosts and not just upgrades..the coins earned once all upgrades are purchased are useless. Allow them to carry over or be used to purchase boosts.

- Too many promotion pop ups

Overall I like the game but there are way too many ads. But honestly go find some other game that doesn’t harass you with ads and promotions. Yes you can pay for no ads but then they are constantly popping up promotions. EVERY TIME YOU PLAY THE GAME. Yes every time. Whether you play once a day or 10x a day. Every time you open the app you have to put up with 5 pop ups letting your know there’s promotions you can buy and events all day every day because apparently you’re too stupid to realize that they are running promotions all the time. And it’s the same promotion over and over again. Who wants to go through roughly 5 pop ups just to clear all the crap out and actually play? It’s always for a limited time but then a new one starts afterwards. And those promotions are littered all around the perimeter of the screen so it’s always there. It’s not like you don’t know about it. What’s the point? It’s a waste of time. I just want to start the game not be bombarded with pop ups. For those who say you can pay to get rid of that. No there isn’t. The pop ups would still be there so why would I want to pay? And I’ve played plenty of games that aren’t nearly as annoying as this one. I’d stay away from it and find something else that doesn’t waste you time on ads and pop up and actually let’s you play.

- Best Cooking Game Available

Nearly a year ago now, I discovered this amazing time management cooking game. There is no doubt, this is the best one out there on the App Store — nothing even comes close in my opinion. Currently cooking my way through Jerusalem and enjoying every moment I play! The colorful and detailed graphics, characters and even city maps are created by the app designers with great attention to detail. In my opinion, they also balance making the game challenging but not overly frustrating. For me it is been a great escape from the stress of everyday life. My only suggestion for improvement is adding cities more frequently. Having played the game for a while now, I have noticed cities are added around every 2-3 months now rather than on a monthly basis. Really enjoying this game but quickly running out of cities, even after trying to ‘ration’ the remaining levels by dragging them out. I know a lot goes into designing these amazing cities but it would be amazing if they could be added just a little more quickly! Nonetheless, I really love this game and it is definitely one of the best games out there, period.

- New Issue!! but old issues fixed!

Editing my review in which I critiqued an update that caused issues with some buttons, and the fact that you must spend money in order to move forward in the game. The buttons that were temporarily unresponsive to tapping are back to normal which is great, and also I feel like the challenge of the levels has returned to genuine instead of feeling set up to force you to spend money. I’m not sure if the devs actually changed anything or not, this is just how I feel. Mind you, I spend money on the game anyway, so it makes no difference really, but it’s way more fun than being forced to do so. The new issue at hand is that I am not receiving my daily rewards. The rewards will pop up on my screen, and then just disappear instead of adding them to my coins, health, power ups, etc. Very frustrating as I just lost them all (including a free play, my favorite!!) at the very end of the week I spent accumulating them. I also experienced an issue I found surprising where I used a power up that didn’t work during the level I played. I failed the level as a result lol. It was confusing. Not sure if anyone else has experienced that specific type of glitch before, but I felt it was worth noting. Anyway I hope these issues are addressed, especially the rewards issue, as the free play rewards are one of my favorite aspects of the game. Thanks!

- Fun for a while

UPDATE to point out major flaw. Game forces you to waste 35 spoons when you choose to pay for 3 more customers or 30 more seconds but you already have something cooking. When it restarts you, your customers are gone meaning you automatically burn whatever you were making when you “lost.” So sick of using spoons for no reason. Needs to be fixed. It’s a fun game for a while. Until you leave NY and none of your money comes with you. Even then, you can survive for a while if you are willing to play the extra shifts over and over for hours to buy the necessary upgrades to pass the levels. Even then, there are extra shifts that you will pass the first time you play and then suddenly not be able to beat the second time even though everything is exactly the same. If you aren’t willing to spend money to continue playing, I’d suggest not getting hooked on this game. I’m not exaggerating when I say it takes HOURS to build up enough coins to buy upgrades. I will admit the developers are genius at getting players to spend money. I still refuse to pay, so I will probably delete it now that I’ve been trying to get past the same spot for weeks. If you’re making a time management game, make it that. Allow players to be rewarded sufficiently when they are technically beating the levels to continue playing. If you want to make a paid game, charge me to download it.

- Best Game Out There!

I must say the graphics in this game is the best. I love how detailed every aspect of this game is. The best part? Absolutely no ADs! I hate waiting on ads & the fact that this game doesn’t have any, just makes it so much better. I like that you can earn spoons in a lot of ways & there really is no reason to have to pay money for boost when there are so many ways to earn them. Reading through other reviews, I see a lot of people talk about how some levels are way too hard & having to use boost but I mean, it’s a game, it’s meant to be hard. I don’t really see a downfall, I mean yes it’s frustrating but you can play extra shifts to earn money or spoons & use those boosts. I was definitely upset that you couldn’t transfer your money from one country to the next but it makes sense. If we could transfer money from one country to the other, than we’d be able to upgrade real fast & I feel like that would take the fun away from having to re-earn that money. Overall, this game is so amazing & I wish I could find more games like this. I would definitely recommend people to download & play.

- Wonderful time management game except....

Except there are still bugs and fixes that need to worked on. 1. For example I can double tap on some of the “correct” food items to serve the customers and it won’t serve them. Better yet that food goes straight into the trash, which has cost me to fail many levels, especially the bonus restaurant level which is my favorite part of this entire game. I wish the bonus restaurants didn’t take so long to unlock, 4 hrs. This happens allll the time and frustrates me so much, because of this I’ve lost several times. I have to tap food over and over again. But sometimes I think they designed it that way for you to lose levels. 2. Also, after I’ve been fully upgraded and you have to pass the levels based on dollars, some levels you just can’t pass until you purchase like two and sometimes three boosters. That’s insane. 3. Also, they added a limit to the cupcakes that were very useful. 4. After reading a lot of reviews we are all pretty saying the same thing. I’m very new to this game, level 97 New York but I don’t have a desire to progress, I’m going to just keep playing the bonus restaurant that unlocks every 4 hrs, which at first before a few days ago every 3 hrs.

- I USED TO Love this game - an update review

My previous review is below for all to read but I would like to update this review to include the updated in the game. The updates have pretty much ruined the game for me. I’ve been playing for jeez like, almost a year now I think? No less than 9 months without a doubt and prior to the update it was perfect. Some levels are challenging but not IMPOSSIBLE if you really try your best. Finishing up Dublin because there are no more locations to travel to at the moment and some of those levels are literally impossible without a paid upgrade and then some. It has become so frustrating I find myself closing the game to play others even when I have lives left. Something I would not previously do. If you want to alienate your previous fan base, this is how you do it. You don’t gain ANY money if you lose a level, it’s impossible to beat a level just doing your best without upgrades. It’s quite frustrating. I’ve thought of uninstalling however I do love this game. Please give us new locations! I have passed all locations and waiting for the next! Also I agree, the trash should not be double tap. It makes no sense and is the only non-user friendly part of this game. Some levels were hard, yes but I cannot wait until the new destinations!

- Fun to start but.........

I wrote a review the first time I played and was disappointed at how much money you have to spend. This was a BIG complaint by many ppl so I quit playing for a while. I gave it some time and tried again and did better. Either the creators listened to their customer base or I got better :) I worked the system, spent a bit of money and really loved it. But I have to say it’s gotten a bit ridiculous. I’m on the Greece level and I defy the makers of this game to play the last restaurant’s levels without a ton of boosts. I’m pretty good and fast and I’m telling ya EVERY level on that restaurant needed a boost or even several to get the ticket. Totally stuck without them. No way to make money to upgrade no way to go back to do it. That really sucked. I kept playing to see if it was just a few hard levels, because yeah there are a few, but seriously it was nuts. I’m gonna try the next country, to see if it was just this one. They could really help things along if they allowed money to transfer to other countries. Then you could tackle the harder levels if you got stuck. Might take some time but you could do it. Even if it wasn’t an exact exchange the money on past levels wouldn’t be wasted. If the next country is this bad they’ve lost me as a fan.

- Done now

Edit: i now have to be done with the game. They have a ridiculous policy where you must update to play and i keep getting so close to finishing all the levels only to be required to update to keep playing and new levels added. I find this unbelievably aggravating and will not give a single dollar to support this game again. Even worse, their updates take a ridiculous amount of time to install, have to be done in several stages , and then you have to update EVERY SINGLE RESTAURANT when you have to play old content. Yes, one at a time. This is the most ridiculous update system i have ever come across. I have to say- THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!! This is how games should be designed. I came to here from Cooking Fever because of the awful way they have their gem system set up. I have been a fanatical player since- about two weeks now. At first, I didn't like how it was different: it seemed just a bit too easy. But there are challenges and it gets better as you progress and best of all: you can play and actually earn their premium currency. They have a great support team that was so friendly and extremely helpful the first time I hit a roadblock in my play and it was just an amazing time. I will be staying with this game and buying from them for a LONG time.

- I really like this game except...

I find some of the levels virtually impossible to beat without spending money to get more spoons because there’s no previous levels available to get more since you have beat them all. Another problem I have discovered which is not necessarily the games fault, but I have a iPhone and the bar to close the game is always in the bottom of the screen, which makes the sensitivity messed up, and you unable to click on items that are done, causing you to loose levels because you either burn something or can’t get the food out of the cooking area and customers leave. I may have to try to finish these levels on a tablet which will cause other problems because of the tablet size. Another issue I have found is that if you technically beat a level but the timer hasn’t run out and you make a mistake you loose the level. For example; serve 12 plates of food without trashing anything. I had 14/12 plates of food with time still in the clock and double clicked a plate and lost. Even though I had surpassed the amount of plates needed to pass the level.


Like many of you have said I too agree with all the reviews I’ve read!! The currency switch up for me was the most shocking. I swore my money would roll over, in fact I re-did multiple extra levels just to build up my bank to take to Paris. I expected the prices to go up as I went further as the upgrades were costing THOUSANDS, which I found UNFAIR. When I got to Paris I noticed that even in the beginning levels they wanted 6500 when the levels only paid out 320 coins, if that! TOTALLY UNFAIR. Please make the upgrades affordable! Also I can’t stand when I only have 15-20 minutes to play and I activate an unlimited lives and it’s wasted because I put the phone down. It should be like the boosters and just add up to be used when I really need them. We should get more spoons than just one at a time, especially since they are used to subsidize coins for upgrades. I noticed that in Paris there are 31 or however many levels( haven’t gotten further yet) until the restaurant changes. In NY after 10 levels you moved off of donuts onto hamburgers and hotdogs then onto eggs and pancakes etc.., but Paris you’re playing the sameee croissants and custard for 30+ levels smh we need some consistency. I HAVE ALMOST DELETED THIS GAME THAT I LOVE MULTIPLE TIMES- PLEASE FIX THESE MINOR ISSUES

- Great game but new update freezes and limits

I fell in Love with the game because of its easy to play but not have to get broke playing it quality. I wish I could have given it a 5* but this new update has brought it down. The game design is good and the levels do get increasingly hard, but the best part of this game was that kept me playing was the ability to play without having to buy a package every minute; you bought a package either by playing extra shifts or with cask when you got stuck on a level and that was only a few times. I understand you need to get paid, though. Also, this game never froze for me and I played it for over an hour straight daily. Now the game is frozen when I open it, when I select a level, in the middle of game play and at the ending of a game. It also doesn’t allow me to scroll back and make more money in previous levels like I used to be able to with working extra shifts. Also, why is there a cap of 25 cupcakes? I understand 50, but 25 is kinda low for a cap on cupcakes, you can use that alone on the bonus round. Please, the game I love so much, I have been having to put down and try and find another game to play due to all these changes. Kindly make an adjustment, especially for the freezing issue. Thank you.

- Addictive up to a point

I became immediately addicted to this game, I like the fast paced challenge it offers. However, it does have some things I feel need to be fixed such as cooking something for a customer and then someone else walks up and it gives your meal to that person instead, sometimes forcing you to lose the level (repeatedly). Also, the fact that you can't carry over the coins that you've earned from playing is unfair and should be fixed. My biggest gripe is with the Rio level. Most of this level includes you having to cook rice as a sometimes side dish. The problem is that you can't just cook three servings of rice and have it sitting there waiting to serve when needed like with sides in all the other Rio you have to cook individually portions one by one and only as needed which is impossible to anticipate. Instead, a "person" walks up, wants his beans with rice so only then is when you can start cooking it and time is already ticking down. On top of this, since you can't place the rice where you want it, it ends up wasting dinners, often causing you to lose the entire level. I'm seriously considering giving up the entire game due to the Rio level. It's truly frustrating and since it's only a game, not worth the aggravation (or the money!)

- Use to play everyday - new update will make me uninstall

I am SO disappointed in this game now. I almost finished the New Orleans level and I’ve played this game for like 2-3 years now? The only game I’ve every continuously played in my life. Now whenever they update they purposely add something sketchy to it. They just “added” to the bonus level (the only time you can actually get money to upgrade) and made it to where you can’t accidentally click the wrong thing AT ALL. It’s so sleazy they would do that...I’m so sad that I have to uninstall this but when it’s not fun anymore because they ruined it, it’s not fun anymore. They also keep adding all these weird events that creates bugs like not saving your game progress and not being able to earn any rewards you time I was trying to win the event and kept winning, they weren’t adding my score up, it was the same number after every level I won! This game originally had 5 stars from me, but yeah have to give it 1 for screwing over the people that have played this game since it started. Bottom line - don’t F with the bonus level...not cool. Bye Cooking Craze 👋

- Dislike the new update

I’ve really been enjoying this game being on quarantine. It’s a good one to play for a little while here and there between the demands of my kids and my job, but I have to say I hate the new update. Now the upgrades pop up to tell me what is available to be upgraded. It’s super annoying. I now have to hit “cancel” 2-3 times every time I want to play a new level. When it first updated I wasn’t paying attention to what had popped up and accidentally clicked yes and spent 4,000 coins on an upgrade I didn’t want or need. I was SOO IRRITATED because I was closing in on the amount I needed for a more expensive upgrade. Like 9,000 or something and had to spend extra time in extra shift levels which are tedious. I also dislike the fact that when you go to a new area your money doesn’t go with you. You have to start over and the new upgrades are way more expensive. We’ll see if I keep playing much longer, but for now at least I guess I’ll keep going. Haven’t spent any real money on the game so that says something. I hate games that almost force you to spend money to keep going. I hardly use any of the power ups too so that’s nice.

- Fun game

I really enjoy the game. It's challenging. I don't like that I don't get to decide which plate an item tapped is added to, or which customer gets served. I've never had to spend real money to advance in the game (and I'm all the way to Munich), but it can be a real challenge to earn enough money or enough likes to advance through some levels. Strategic use of boosters and cupcakes is a must. Replaying finished levels is a bit boring, but at least you can earn free boosters by completing daily challenges. On the whole, I'd say if you like time management games, this one is definitely worth a try. Of similar games, I like the gameplay of Cooking Fever better, but that game is a true money-grubber and they never update it. **Adding a couple of dislikes: The newest cities, such as London and Munich, have some levels that are truly impossible to pass without boosts. Over 80 plates to serve with 65 seconds on the clock is ridiculous and unfair. I don’t like that the money I’ve earned in completed cities is useless. There should be some kind of conversion that gives me some value for those coins in new cities. I also really dislike that I have to re-download every single restaurant every time there’s a game update.

- Hits and misses

I loved this game. Great way to clear your mind but there are a lot of issues. Some levels are so easy a toddler could complete them, then other levels, Tokyo in particular, are SO challenging you need 2 boosts to get through them. They always have other challenges you can do but I have zero interest in them because the money doesn’t help you at your current level. Currency changes with each country which is so dumb because there’s no reason to complete levels that don’t have golden tickets attached to them. Clearly it gets more challenging, which I appreciate, but I’m at a place now in Tokyo where I’m not willing to spend anymore REAL money to buy spoons and boosts and I can’t pass any levels without upgrades even though I’ve purchased several and they were always the “recommended” ones. I want it to be challenging, but I don’t think anyone actually tested Tokyo for them. Another complaint is that you can’t put some ingredients where you want them. You simply click and the game puts them wherever. This is incredibly pointless on the hard levels because then you can’t fill plates, you risk burning food, or needing to throw things away. If I could determine what went where, the game would still be challenging, but not impossible.

- You need money

I love the game so much but can't seem progress further than the burger levels because I need "spoons" which can only be earned at certain levels, which become locked after you play them once, or you must wait til " jobs become available ". The other way to get spoons is to pay actual money and I don't think that's right to ask, in order to progress in a free game. The game fails me from progressing for stupid reasons out of my control. 2 examples.. one time the game will say, ran out of customers! Add more? And it costs 35 spoons which is hard to get. Well, say I build up 35 spoons. Ok, I replay the level to progress.. I spend the 35 spoons to add more customers. I serve a few people.. Then it pops up yet another message. Again!!! Ran out of customers. Please pay another 35 spoons. Really? The second example.. the game will say ran out of time. Buy more time? Same scenario. You buy time with spoons or clocks.. both which are hard to get once you've played up to say, level 28. So I'm stuck. I just keep playing the same levels over and over again, hoping one day the developers will publish an update to allow me to progress without spending actual money, because I really would like to experience the other restaurants...

- Can’t Win

Game is so difficult to beat at least at the Paris level. First level ability to win was reasonable, but you can’t build enough coins to update in Paris so you will play one level upwards of 50 to 60 times just to NOT get the golden ticket or lose all of your hearts in the process and have to wait forever to play again. I don’t understand why the coin rewards are so low that you can’t upgrade unless you play levels 700 times. I understand needing difficulty, but impossible is unnecessary. Why not charge people a flat fee to play games, instead of a free download that could end up costing 100’s of dollars just to get spoons and coins to play. Hell, I’d pay the cost of an X box or PlayStation game just to have the opportunity to play seamlessly and WIN every once in a while. Even following strategy you can’t win some levels because the cookers are too slow or you try to have foods on deck but the guests only want one type of thing so you end up burning stuff. If you don’t win levels, then no coins to update 🤷🏾‍♀️. Sad because the game is fun. I know money needs to be made but geeeez. Make it manageable.

- Good except for one thing

I love this game. It’s an amazing game and a fun challenge. One of my favorite mobile games. I want to give 5 stars but there is one major problem. I always have trouble with the levels where you have to meet money goals. I spend money to upgrade items on the menu that customers most like so that way i can make more money. But every time I buy an upgrade, somehow the customers NEVER order the very item on the menu I upgrade that they were previously ordering a lot of. So I rarely pass the levels where you have to meet a money requirement therefore I have to keep using my power ups in order to win those levels and I don’t think that’s fair. One restaurant I upgraded every item and every food on the menu except for one for item, I couldn’t pass one of the last levels unless I upgraded that item. I also have to keep going back to play old levels to get the extra money to upgrade a lot of my equipment and food items. I love the game very much but that is something that needs to be fixed. It shouldn’t be easy to win certain levels but there is no way it should be THAT hard either.

- Awesome game if things are fixed

I love the idea of the game but the way some of it is executed ruined it for me. One of the worst features of this game is the way you trash food. It's ridiculously easy to accidentally hit an item twice (which trashes the food), especially when you're timed and clicking the food fast, and then you lose the whole board and your life. Some people have an issue and our fingers jump without doing it on purpose. It should be that you have to drag the food to trash it. The other horrible feature is that our money isn't carried over into other countries. It's so very annoying when you start out with $0 and need 50 upgrades, (and yet you worked in the country before and have $90,000). To get those upgrades it takes an insanely long time to get them, and you have to play the same mundane boards over and over to even upgrade twice. I stopped playing because it's so very annoying. That and because some boards you can't beat without an instant chef hat no matter how quick and efficient you are. I wasted a lot of money doing it. The worst though is even with the highest upgrades it takes too long for the food to cook so it's impossible to beat certain boards without that instant food option. If these few things (which everyone seems to mention) were upgraded/fixed it would be an awesome game.

- Great as a calming tool/stress reliever

I have never been into game apps, never played Candy Crush, that farm game or any of the other popular ones. When I would DL a game here & there I always deleted it within a day or two b/c the interest wasn’t there. I usually like word or mind games but I stumbled upon this game in 2017 and have been playing faithfully. This game is extremely organized, efficient, fun, has cool graphics and I’ve rarely encountered technical issues. I also love how culturally competent the creators of the dishes appear to strive to be; makes the game so much more authentic. I have never spent a dime in this game as the daily tasks and special events keep my inventory of spoons & boosts stacked. I do hate that they put a cap on the cupcakes but I’ve adjusted. I have a stressful career & sometimes I’ll stop to play for a few minutes at my desk to help de-stress. Clearing out jobs or tasks within the time frame help me feel better about not meeting my real deadlines at work lol. I also sometimes play at night before bed to wind down. I’m just waiting for them to add Havana as a city!!

- Pay to play

This game is NOT worth blowing money on,the lives regenerate entirely too slow(every 30 mins for a life). They have made the later levels impossible to beat without boosts that cost money to purchase. This could have been (and still could be, if the developers care about what people say) a very entertaining game, if the hearts regenerated every 5-10 mins instead of every half hour,and they made the levels bearable without boosts. Why not listen to these reviews,and improve the game? People would actually continue to play this game instead of loading it,blowing through their lives,and getting frustrated enough to delete it. I’ve given it more time then I probably should have,but it’s on the chopping block to be deleted. There are far too many games in the App Store that are as entertaining,if not far more entertaining then this one,that don’t have as many flaws. 30 mins per heart is beyond ridiculous for a game on a phone. Come on developers,you have a decent format here,why not cut the greed down,and offer a product that people won’t delete after a few frustrating days? Fix the issues,and the 1 and 2 star ratings will rise,I guarantee it. You will get more players and revenue if you put a product out that people want to play,and keep players from deleting after a couple days.

- It's a decent game that has minor flaws.

(9/10) Since my last review I've just dealt with the game makers not going to change the way the game is played but it wasn't as bad as it is now. I'm playing in Bangkok and this level is the worst of it. The game expects you to make 790$ in cash with only 12-15 customers. Even I've spent real money to buy boosts and you have to use (3) additional 3+ customers. At this point I don't mind spending a few dollars but to force me to use my money when the levels are designed like that I'd rather just uninstall. There's no other way to win the levels without it. (7/27) I agree with the previous post. This game is a very fun game but some of the levels are set up to force you to use a boost. I've played a level 3x perfectly but it's a timed round and not enough customers come in for the amount of one it's set thus you have to use a 30sec boost which I don't feel you should be forced to use it. The game overall is a good one and I would just adjust that if possible. I also agree on what topping goes on what and which customer it goes to. That brings it back to the game setting you up since if you have an angry cust and one that hasn't been waiting long the plate should go to the angry one...but the game decides. Please take into consideration.

- Almost perfect - review updated for Sept 2021

UPDATED 9/3/21 After waiting forever for an update for a new city, we got an update today. But it’s HORRIBLE. Everything is SO small. You know we play this game on our phones right?? Why did you make everything small? Change it back please!! *************** This game is very addicting. The only thing I HATE about this game are the combo boards. They are nearly impossible to beat. I have to use a price doubler boost to pass these boards. So every spoon I earn goes towards buying this bonus. So frustrating! Also, once you pass so many boards, there’s no longer Achievements to pass. Besides beating EVERY SINGLE ROUND ON EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY. Remember the fun ones? Like sell “X” amount of burgers or “X” amount of this or that. I feel like I’m not working my way towards anything. Also, They need to make more fun bonus rounds. The ones they have now are old and boring and/or impossible to beat. You basically have to use one of each of your boosters to pass it and the prize isn’t even worth it! I had my son and some friends playing. But almost every single one of them gave up midway through the Paris board. They were already bored. You have the potential to be the best game of this type of category. You just need to get more creative!

- Great concept but falls short

I have been a big fish game player forever and usually they measure up. This game is fun and addicting for sure and I like a challenge but the expectations on some levels are made for you to fail. I’m not afraid to spend money and I will when a game doesn’t force me to. I am still in New York and these “need likes” levels are ridiculous. I have already spent money and have used the “add customers” on the last one I had to add customers 4 times in one level just to pass it. Not only do they not give you enough customers by far..but the amount of time they give you when each person is asking for a lot of stuff makes it impossible to get it all done in the time they give you. New people walk in and they are not in a line so it’s easy to lose who was “next” plus the food will go to the most unhappy person at the time anyways and that may not even be who you wanted it to go to. I get they are trying to make money but losing customers especially those who are willing to spend is the last thing they should be doing. And since I see in the reviews my same issues already being stated it’s obvious the concerns of the people don’t concern them one bit, so they have lost another one.

- Challenging and Fun 👍🏾

Overall a fun game. Good amount of challenge but doesn’t feel impossible. Some of the levels do not feel like you can beat them without using boosters which means spending money, that’s annoying and my only complaint. For example having to serve 25 people in 35 seconds when each person has 3 orders, you have to buy more time even with a boost 🙄. The first restaurant in Tokyo was insane the sushi was really hard to see and thus made it hard to complete because I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the shapes. I almost gave up on the overall game because of it. One more thing, the bonus levels that you can play once you’ve completed a city are fun but we should be able to do something with all the extra money (like use it to buy boosts). I currently have 180k in NYC but can’t do anything with it. Maybe update that! Also it’s annoying when in bonus levels you’re given a certain dish to make or person to serve x amount of times but then those things never come up in the level which causes you to have to play bonus levels way more than you should.

- Best cooking game by far!

I love this game! So many levels without having to buy additional levels, each city increases in difficulty and your own time management skills you either fail or succeed. I would have given this game 5 stars, but the only issue I have with it is that once you earn an excessive amount of money on a country, you cannot transfer that money to use for the next country. Which gives the game a bit of a challenge, because when you start off on a new country you are forced to replay levels to earn enough money to upgrade your items needed to advance to some of the more harder levels where you are timed or have to earn enough money to pass it and if your items or cookware isn’t upgraded it’s impossible to pass the level . I really hope that the developers take this issue into account or at least give the player a way to use your unearned money to buy boosts or more lives, or like a way to transfer that money to another countries currency...other than that better than any and all the cooking games that are currently on the App Store!

- I use to love the game ... !!!

I was addicted to this game ... I even stopped playing my usuals! I HATE the fact that you cannot rollover your coins to the different countries. I understand in the beginning of a new country, you have to earn coins to gain, but Rio is flippin ridiculous! Who knows what the others look like 🙄 Not to mention, the first purchase of merchandise is I guess ok’d price, but the secondary purchase is expensive as fudge! I know, I know you want use to spend actually money because it’s not free to make the game for our entertainment, but could you make it a little easier to pass level 11 and so forth on Rio and future countries. I really don’t understand how the heck can you be timed and expect us to meet the requirement to complete that level and he customers wants kabob WITH vegetables with it 😶 That’s when you’re forced to make a purchase because you’d want to complete that level. Who knows how the other levels look like 😶 Since the level is hard to complete, it has put a halt of me WANTING TO PLAY and I know I’m the only one 😳 If the coins were transferable, maybe people wouldn’t mind spending money to play because they’ve exhausted their coins 🤔

- It’s fun but it is a money trap!

Let me start by saying I love,love,love this game but I can’t afford to love it much longer. It is fun and challenging and going to different cities with different foods and cooking challenges will have me playing for hours. I agree with many other reviewers who have complained about only being able to pass levels if you drop real money on boosters. I have stopped playing as much because I feel like the game is rigged to get you to pay to pass levels. I spent too much money before I realized this. I am stuck on level 78 or 9 because their is neither enough time to make 2200 dollars. I will only get to the new restaurant if I by the price doubler and I just can’t drop more money on this game! I will need to find a replacement game but it won’t be from this game company. Great game but definitely rigged to get you to dish out real money. I’ve already spent too much money, it’s like a slot machine! Other issues: 1. Coins should be able to purchase more than upgrades, like spoons and boosters. 2. Your coins from one country to the next should be able to be exchanged in the new country. You shouldn’t just lose it and start from zero.

- Awesome but would like some improvements

I LOVE THIS GAME! I’m a late night person and play when I have time and will play for hours! I’m in Moscow and I have hundred of thousands of coins in previous cities that don’t carry over and I have spent probably over $100 on boosts and spoons in the months I have been playing this game. However, would love to be able to use that money towards SOMETHING! Anything really! Also, I agree with others that the infinite lives should be treated as a boost to use whenever you want I have lost so many of the daily ones simply because I can’t play for 17 minutes right then or even an hour or whatever the time may be. That would be a fantastic change! I spend money on the game but would like to get a little more out of my hard earned coins that I have spent HOURS earning just to pass levels because I’m competitive and have this compulsive desire to be caught up on the cities before a new one comes! Please take it into consideration because it is very frustrating. Other than those issues, I enjoy this game way more than I probably should.

- The New update

I was under the impression I had unlimited lives if I upgraded the Fall Edition, but only had the standard lives. At first I really really loved this game, but it becomes impossible to pass some of the stages even with good skills, adding a cooking helper, it just can't be done even in 60s stages. In the beginning you don't realize spending coins to update is not necessary-they update as you move through stages on their own but it is a balancing act. You just can't ever completely finish without spending real money-I don't doubt it is well deserved, but I do think as many ads that I've watched and actually downloaded many of the other games advertised that maybe they should be paying or even google should pay something. For what we pay for a phone, then the monthly bill-we shouldn't be nickeled and dime at every turn. Developers are being ripped as well. Consumers of these games & developers should demand more because they've got it off all our backs! Sorry for the cynicism, it's the 'times' we live in. Graphics are perfect, I love the variety, and the developers have it fairly set if you have the funds to win. I'm still not deleting it yet.

- Impossible Wins

This game is so much fun and quite addictive. I loved playing diner dash back in the day so I thought this would be fun. The New York level was pretty good but the Paris level makes a lot of the issues with this game very clear. In New York, I had one instance when the game didn’t issue enough dishes to win the level. To customer support’s credit, they responded to my complaints within 24 hours and credited me with some boosters. However, the Paris level is riddled with the same issue. Most of the levels that required a certain number of likes and dishes to pass often require a boost for more time or more customers because the game didn’t provide enough from the start. I’m all for a challenge but it’s unfair to not provide just the basic number or customers or dishes. I don’t even mind paying for boosts, but I’m against making boosts a requirement to win. If that’s the case, make those levels locked/bonus levels because the main game should be winnable for everyone. When they fix that issue, I’ll be more than happy to increase my rating. For now, I’ll give the game 2 stars because of customer service’s swift response (5-star service) and gameplay (0-star for requiring boosts to win).

- A couple of things...

I really do enjoy this game; I’ve been playing for about 6 months now. They’ve made some really good updates & some really bad ones along with it. I’m glad they got rid of the “touch the wrong thing & end your turn” on the bonus levels because those were absolutely stupid, but I’m mad they shortened them to 180 seconds instead of 300. That’s where I make up a lot of extra coins when I’m needing upgrades. I’ve also noticed that my game force quits when I am offline or in airplane mode, which isn’t too often, but would be frustrating for someone who constantly is. I also really personally hate the bonus levels because you’re not getting any additional coins for the food served. One upgrade that they made a few months ago and i loved was the month long, blue star challenge, but it looks like they just got rid of it for no apparent reason. Can you please bring that back?! This game has its flaws, but is also quite enjoyable if you play a little here & a little there, they just need to fix a couple more bugs!

- Bugs, bugs and more bugs.

So let me be honest by saying first that I really enjoyed this game for the past month I’ve played it. I even spent some money on spoons. Obviously, the developers cannot pass on the chance to make money off of the game as well. At the end of the day, it’s their job to make a game entertaining enough that makes you spend money on it. The levels are challenging when they need to be and unlike others who reviewed the game, I believe it’s only fair that some levels require some strategy when using boosts that you might get by exchanging spoons or winning tournaments. However, the game gets extremely frustrating when “random” things happen that affect the gameplay and even prizes. I am currently on level 70 in Rome and there was a tournament where I had to win 15 straight levels. Did it all, used boosts, extra time, extra customers and spoons so the game could at the end decide to completely “crash” and not give me any of the prizes I WON. This was all after multiple crashes and having to play levels over because it couldn’t successfully sync with Facebook. This game is in serious need of an update. I’ll update this review when that happens...I’m waiting.

- It’s ok

I have not played this game for very long but it’s clear the makers of this app wanted money. You runout of lives quickly because you can only have 5 at a time. You can’t earn spoons very quickly either so it’s hard to use them. You can buy those things for real money in the store though, so it seems like the game is rigged for you to need to spend money. The game is fun though and addictive but in a good way. I just get annoyed when I get stuck use all my lives and have to wait for a hour so they can regenerate. I feel like you should be able to play extra shifts if your lives are out. Going back to the spoon problem they can fix that by giving you more spoons per level. The money for upgrades is way to much considering how much money you make per level. You can also get bored in this game so I suggest more food court challenges. You can go from being on top to having no coins, no spoons, no lives, & no boosts. Which happened to me in 20 minutes. It’s just annoying how little you get of those things and how quickly you use them up. I hope for the makers of this game to fix these issues in a new update soon.

- Cooking Craze

This game used to be very fun to play ..I still like playing a little bit but, it’s a very unfair game! They cut you off in the middle of the session minutes and suggested you can buy 30 seconds with your spoons or you can just quit the game. They don’t give you the full playing minutes .. they make the game so impossible to play and win, that you get very frustrated and just leave the game unless you have infinite lives! If you can play a full season, you move on to the next session in the middle of that session they cut you and then they request some type of boost or spoons which require real money from your checking account.. if you win boost they suggest in the middle of the game that you can either use that boost or forfeit the game and your points . Another thing I want to point out there are points in the game that you do you win and so you keep going but you get to a point in the game where you can’t even complete one session without them budding in and suggesting that you can use one of your boost or you can buy more spoons. This is an awful game to purchase or download. It used to be fun but not anymore.

- this game was fun until it wasn’t as much

I truly enjoy this game and it is my favorite past time! I got my husband and friend to play! The reason I only gave it 3 stars was because 1) you can’t transfer your money over! I have so much money in New York! Even if they would do an exchange rate I would be happy! I am currently in Paris and it’s taking me forever to upgrade anything because of the lack of money you get. So fix that! You developers don’t lose out! You have so many cities to still play. 2) I literally worked at an extra shift in Paris and I went from having 11 people to serve to get a certain amount of money to like 6-7 people every time I lost and needed to start over. I was forced to use a boost or extra customers. Not cool bro. Don’t manipulate your peeps. 3) Once you log into facebook you can’t get extra lives or double my coins by watching ads! Bring the ads! That’s where you make money! 4) the challenges aka the random maps get way too difficult and it ends up being more frustrating than fun. I get that you guys need to make money but keep the game fun. I’m sure you make enough money to do so.

- FUN game but...

EDIT: I USED to love this game. I’m about a step away from uninstalling. Any game that essentially forces you to buy boosts and never gives you the option of earning the ones you need is not a fun game. Yes, it has fantastic graphics and started out very fun and just challenging enough to keep me engaged. But then I got to a level that is impossible to beat without a money booster and I used up the ones I’d earned trying to get past one or two other price boost levels because they too were impossible without the boosts. I don’t spend money on games and there’s no way to earn spoons to buy boosters without playing new levels or getting a daily reward. Very disappointing. And like others, I think the update screwed things up a little because when I play the special challenge, it won’t sense my touch for one of the foods so I can’t play that either. And it repeatedly thinks I’m trashing things when I’m not, it’s just not sensing me right away and when it does, I’ve tapped twice. I’ll probably end up uninstalling it, which is REALLY disappointing because it’s a great game in concept and design. But don’t force people to pay to keep playing your free game. Give them other options, even ones that take longer to earn.

- 5 stars til this last update

I’m so depressed this game has changed so Much it’s super generic now. I’m devastated. The items on the screen are tiny now… the levels you can’t improve each time you play a level… you either get the coins they want you to, or you have to use a power up if you want to beat it.. and it’s just not realistic. I miss the old way it was. It’s sad I play this game with all my free time and spend lots of money on it… I’m not sure I will continue to unless some things change back. I’ve already lost 30-40 dollars worth of spoons and power ups in the last two tournaments… All for my rewards to disappear…. I was given 30 mins of infinite lives and 200 spoons which was kind.. but it was mo where near what I spent. For the first time In the 2 yrs give or take… that I’ve been playing this game. Please, change it back! ( used to u could use multiple power ups to win each level.. now you can only use the One they suggest… using others is just wasting them ( 500 spoons later I learn…) I just super bummed. Please change it back… I won’t spend 75-90 a week for this game the way it is now. It’s not worth it now… I hope you change some stuff back. Please!!!!!

TransferWise 💸

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- Fun, challenging and relaxing

I love this game and still plays it from the first day I had this game downloaded. It’s so fun and challenging. I play it anytime I have free time. I love that we always get to earn money and spoons so there’s really not a need for in app purchase. My fav is the free unlimited lives. I read other comments that it’s hard to pass the levels and you have to pay. In my experience I didn’t have to pay. For me this is the point of game, to have a bit of challenge so the game doesn’t get boring and doesn’t end too quickly. Also as another comments mentioned, you earn spoons over time that you can use when you don’t pass a level. That’s how I mostly past all the difficult levels. This is definitely one of the best game I’ve ever played. No issues so far. Highly recommend.

- Fun game BUT you’ll need to pay to keep going

I’ve enjoyed the game and as the only game on my phone I’ve played it a lot. I’m a determined player and will spend days trying to pass a level without using hard won power ups. But there are some levels just designed to not be passable without spending. I don’t mind buying lives and have spent around $70 on the game since downloading it. BUT levels should be achievable with skill and practice and some aren’t. If you calculate the speed at which customers arrive, the amount they spend and the time you have to achieve goals - it’s just not possible. Added to that is the frustration of accidentally touching a wrong dish and losing the level. Sadly I thought I’d play this game to the end even if I kept spending but the impossibility of passing levels means I will assume it’s only going to get harder and more expensive - so it’s time for an uninstall! Have always been a fan of Big Fish Games but developers should realise that greed will always lose you customers eventually.

- Amazing game you have to try it!

I had this game for a long time and it’s sooo addicting I can’t stop playing it it’s a amazing cooking edventure so I really recommend all of you to get this game and you will love it you will see how good it is I have never loved a game before and if I had to choose out of a great game like a REALLY REALLY good game and this game I would choose this it’s great I hope there will be no future updates except if there ever is bugs I would be happy to have that update but to me it has no bugs so defenetly get this game oh and i think it has in app purchases but those are just spoons and I think coins so yeah great game keep up the good work people of the community! Great game keep it up! 😃😁😃😁😃😁😃😁😃😁😃😁😃😁😃😁

- Enjoyable, but the game cheats

I enjoy this game very much, however I don’t appreciate it when the game cheats to try and entrap the player into spending more money. When the game challenges you to reach a target of say $600, and gives you 10 customers to make that target by, I find it frustrating that you can serve each and every one of those customers and still not reach the target. I think if the game sets a financial goal to reach, and a set number of customers to reach it by, the combined sales from those customers should actually reach the target amount. Also the game gives you a challenge to complete combinations of orders to make before you earn money, but then it won’t give you orders that are combinations to complete. These are frustrating and part of why I have changed my review from 4stars to 3. Other than that, the game is fun.

- I love this game! Highly addictive

This is the only game that I have stuck to and actually finished all levels. I have over 1000+ spoons so there is no issue in completing any level. I was reading through comments and people saying it is hard to complete levels etc. My tip is that get heaps of combos. Max combo is 5 so if you can get 5 combos every single time, it is very easy to pass any stage along with upgrades. I do agree with some people that the only downside I find in this game is money from previous game can’t be used or rollover to the next country. So that is a bit annoying. But apart from this. It is a great game and I love it.

- Addictive game, but sick of it crashing

This is certainly a very addictive and entertaining game, I have so much fun on it! But lately it has been crashing every level. Sometimes it crashes after I complete a level but other times it crashes during the middle of a level and I lose a life, as well as any money I would have earnt or power-ups I would have used. It also crashes during the 10 minute Bonus levels so it's been harder to earn money. This really hinders progress and is frustrating, it's only started happening this frequently in the Bangkok section. Other than that, graphics are great, variety of dishes are great, there are so many levels and I love all the different cities. Please fix the crashing!!!

- Addictive game BUT rigged!

I have been playing this game for a VERY LONG time, it’s literally my favourite game, but there’s a BUT coming along. I am on the Tokyo level and it is out of control. They have made it so that you aren’t able to make enough cash to buy your upgrades which leaves you constantly losing levels and feeling as if though you need to constantly purchase them with your own cash and so you use your bank card. I have complained to the support line and Barry from Seattle had told me I need to make combos (4 or more is better) which I always do! The problem is, I don’t make enough cash to purchase upgrades & the customers are ordering a ridiculous amount of dishes and my turn around for serving them is slow because they rice isn’t being made fast enough therefore customers get angry and leave. The soup combos aren’t enough. So tell me if I’ve made 4 or more combos, don’t have enough cash to purchase upgrades as I can’t pass the levels, how am I then supposed to progress in the stages? Oh I know how.. i need to constantly purchase the cash with my own money. And even then it’s not enough because I need to pass the level 2 or 3 times in order to gain the gold star! TOTAL WRIP OFF

- Would have given it 5 stars but......

I really enjoy this game & found it excitingly challenging but certainly not impossible.. until I hit the latest world of Mexico City. It’s been a little more difficult as I didn’t properly understand the combo levels but I figured it out but still find it super difficult to finish :( also in the past when a level is tried and failed, you would still get some coins from it so you could eventually upgrade your food and machines & eventually get past the level- now you don’t get any coins from failing a level & find that frustrating! The whole game now is starting to annoy me & I had to give it 4 stars instead of 5! :( sigh!

- Great Game, but designed for you to have to spend money

I have played this game on and off for 3 years but now had enough. The game developers are getting even more greedy. You need to earn spoons to buy power ups now they have taken that ability to earn enough spoons away from you. Some levels ( actually a lot now) are impossible to pass without power ups so without enough spoons you have to spend hard earn cash. I have spent @ $50 in the last month and still that isn’t enough to pass. It is a shame that the developers have gotten so greedy as you loose loyal players who just have had enough of having to spend so much money. I don’t mind spending some but what you need to spend to pass levels is ridiculous.

- Was a good game but now a waste of time

Been playing this game for a long time but now they have added combos which you can’t do unless you use real money to get extra people. Daily bonus is silly 15 minutes of free play instead use to be bonus to help with the game. This game has gone down hill big time & you watch this will not be accepted to post in reviews as every time I write a review they delete it so they know what I’m saying is the truth. This game is all about wasting people time to download & play then spend real money while they sit back & laugh & rub the hands together

- Great game but difficult further on

To the game devs I suggest that you add a “currency exchange” option to change money from the previous city to the next for some extra because it is frustrating to get stuck on the same levels because you can’t do the shifts either from not having enough money to upgrade stuff. I have to wait until I get lucky on a level because I keep running out of time and I can’t buy spoons and don’t want to either. Hopefully you guys add a currency exchange option and balance it out so it won’t be way too good to use that you’ll blow through the levels quickly. Anyway great game and fun to play

- Best Game

I absolutely love this app/game! The levels in each city start easy and get harder the further along you progress. One of the things that I love about the game is that as soon as one side challenge ends, another commences. This keeps the game fresh. If you’re stuck on a level you can keep playing the different challenges and quests which keeps you entertained. Each day you get a reward from the chef which is awesome! Overall I really love this game, the only improvement would be getting maybe ten spoons instead of three each time. That would be fabulous! 😍

- Amazing and fun app!

This app is amazing! I think this app is the only entertainment app that I love,this keeps me relaxed,soothed,quiet and comfortable I think that I should play this game every after school and on the weekends I hope most people find this app because it’s amazing I just founded this app on 15 of March 2020 and now that I think about it,it’s so good it’s such a good game I really enjoy it! But maybe u can add updates maybe? That’s just a suggestion,but yea I just love this game sooo much! I love it,

- Great game, but frustrating

I love this game but agree with most people. Even doing all the daily challenges and bonuses, I still can’t pass a heap of levels, even with ALL upgrades. Customers walking so slow on the timed ones or not enough customers, only ordering drinks on point levels etc. It’s fine if you want to play for hours, but you lose lives as well? Even buying spoons it gets impossible so it stops being fun after a while. I’m just throwing money away, it’s really not fair. Also agree with the money transfer comments. I have so much money in the older levels.

- Surreptitiously Charged

I enjoyed playing this game but you have to be wary about their charging. I bought a beginner’s bundle for $2.99 and received notification it was charged on my credit card. Next seconds later another ping came from my credit card telling me I’d been charged $10,99 which I didn’t purchase. And I didn’t get any extra spoons associated with this “purchase”. I have raised this with their support but have not received any outcome. I have since not purchase anything from as I no longer trust their charging system. So make sure to keep tabs if your purchases. Getting reimbursed for I purchased items is impossible.

- Too many updates

Great game, but after smashing it continuously for a few months, I took a break. Now I only play on occasion but every time I want to get back into the game I have to wait 10min for it to update. Waiting so long for the updates makes me lose the desire to get back into the game. Word of advice: make it easier for those who haven't played in a while to get back into it by giving them a non-updated version to play first and then give the option to update later.

- Addictive!!

I’m not big on app games but I love this game. I’ve had it for a few years and I’m still not sick of it. When waiting for a new city there is always plenty to do to earn power ups. I agree that some levels cannot be passed without using a power up but isn’t that the point of having them?? I’ve never had to purchase power ups as I’ve earned plenty through daily challenges and food courts, drive ins, etc.

- Fun but the game is designed to make you spend big

In the earlier levels, the game lets you play as you would expect. Start with easier levels and build up to harder ones while your achievements allow you to upgrade your kitchen. As many other players have stated, dome levels just can’t be passed unless you spend. I think I’ve easily spent over $200 on the game but now that I’m in the more advanced levels I can see they’ve made them impossible to pass. E.g. some levels where there is a cash target can’t be passed even with a fully upgraded kitchen. How does that make sense? Sorry to say but I’m done and will be uninstalling now. Shame on you developers!

- Have never had to pay!

Love this game & literally play everyday. I read the reviews of people giving it a 1 star rating because they need spoons. I’m currently half way through the Rio level & have never had to pay for anything and have 1700+ spoons - yes I use them occasionally. Maybe I’m an addict, who knows, but I’m super happy with the game & the challenges. You can pick up the bonus boosts in the daily challenges & daily cookies. Hope you enjoy as much as I do & thanks for the rad game, game makers!

- Super Addictive!

Have loved this game from the moment I first played it. After completing a few cities now, it still remains challenging, enjoyable and super addictive. I would recommend giving it a go! The only thing I would suggest, as other reviewers have, is to roll money over to a new city but then I think that would take some of the challenge out the game. Maybe another use of the left over money would be great!

- the best cooking game i’ve ever experienced!

this game is very fun and challenging, time management is important and with so many different foods from all over the world makes this deliciously fun! the only thing thats annoying me is that i was almost done with the new york place and it won't let me play anymore. i keep on pressing the app and it sends me out, its probably just my iPad but if its not i really hope it gets fixed. i deleted the app and downloaded it again and it still does that :(

- Great game - but latest update is VERY buggy

Great game, been playing for years and will continue too. But ever since the latest update the game is crashing, lagging and is super buggy. Can no longer watch ads to get double coins as it just crashes - then the option of watching ads is gone but i havent been given the double couns either. Very disapointing 😔 I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it hoping it would fix the issue but it didnt help. Never had this issue before - please fix this!! Would recommend this game to everyone as its one of the few good cooking time management games out there that you can actually progress further without having to pay real $$$. But maybe just wait for the next update to be released otherwise the constant crashing and lagging will irritate the hell out of you and you wont get to see and enjoy this great game

- Very addictive

Firstly I would just like to say this game is very addictive to anyone who loves playing games. So I have just completed the first 110x3=330 levels I had over 83,000 coins and I thought that would be a great start to the next levels in Paris but NO we now have Paris coins so what are you with all the coins you got in New York plus the dailies are still sending me back to New York now why would I want to go back and do them for when I can't even use the coins. What would be really good is you can buy Paris coins from your New York ones even if it means you only get say half. Please add this into the game as it would make it so much better. Plus we need to get more spoons on each level now I know this is how you guys make your money ie: Level 1 = 2 spoons Level 2 = 4 spoons Level 3 = 6 spoons Dailies you get 8 spoons Some thing like that..... Thanks again for the very highly addictive game.

- Great game but can be better

I love playing this game but some levels are very hard and the money is not right. Why can’t we get the money in the level with money target I understand that we can’t take the money in unfinished levels but that is not fair as it takes forever to save up enough to buy upgrade things and the spoons are so hard to get but do easy to spend as everything’s cost a lot. Make me lose patience and interest sometime. I hope these gets fix otherwise it’s a great game. Thank you 😊

- Highly addictive!

Fun, beautiful graphics that developers have put great thought into. But beware, it is definitely a time-waster and highly mesmerising. You will end up spending more and more on spoons as you progress - there isn’t enough physical time to complete some challenges. So watch your back pocket! Could developers please give players the option of using their “earned” currency to trade in for spoons? I’ve deleted the game now, got too frustrated with time challenges after spending more than enough. Bye folks!

- Designed to *need* in-app purchases?

Some levels are impossible without boosters. Fine, but make it actually possible to win boosters... Eg: the daily tasks seem rigged to be nearly impossible... if they relate to dishes, the dishes in the bonus levels should count. Otherwise you get stuck going back to old locations, on an extra shift which was impossible without boosts first time. I’ve even had daily tasks ask for dishes I’d upgraded past and they weren’t counted. I get that you make money off purchases but when it gets to the point where you can’t progress unless you spend real money, I’m out.

- Fun Game BUT some levels are unpassable

In order to pass a level you have to use a power up or booster. I spend hours trying to pass level but can’t unless I use a booster. Levels should be passable without using a booster. Some parents don’t let kids waste money on games like this so if you want us to continue playing this game. The hard levels have to be easier or we simply cannot pass and then play the levels.

- Such a great game, more restaurants please!

It’s such an addictive game! I like how the game doesn’t make it impossible to complete the levels without spending money <3 While there are some levels that require power-ups to complete, but most of the time u don’t have to! All you need is great finger-eye coordination😂 I’ve never spend any money and I have 7k spoons. Currently at Casablanca already. Please update with more restaurants soon! Such a great game with nice visuals 😍

- CrazyCooker

Fantastic game! Just the right amount of challenge and I enjoy going all around the world and revisiting past restaurants. I agree that the new city (Mexico City) is really difficult. I'm not sure about how to put the combos together successfully and have lost lots of lives (and spoons and money!) trying to get past level 11. Any suggestions would be much-appreciated!?!? Thanks for the regular updates and diverse game play, Big Fish.

- Thank you

I am re-rating this game back to five stars... there was recently a glitch where all game progress was lost. The developers got onto this really quickly and thankfully was able to restore my progress ( even when I had not logged in). This is by far one of the most enjoyable and addictive games to play.. I am so happy to be able to continue my journey across the world. A well deserved 5 ⭐️

- Keeps me coming back

I didn’t know what to expect when I downloaded this game. Usually I get bored with them and move on. I am addicted! I love making bacon and eggs and milkshakes! If I get stuck on a level, I go back and keep playing the extra shifts and the daily bonuses end up giving the tools to pass the level eventually. It is a real challenge sometimes, which I love. So fast paced at times.

- Love it!!! But some issues.

I’m obsessed with this game. It’s SO good. However I’ve just linked my Facebook account to back the game up. Since I have, I’m getting ads!! And the ads play, while in the background the level has started. So by the time the ad finishes, I’ve already lost customers. It’s so frustrating- please fix this!!!

- Fun but annoying

This game is super fun to play and really entertaining when you’re bored. The layout, graphics and the different foods for different parts of the world make this game very attractive. However, the only downside is that even when you have upgraded a restaurant completely you still fall short on money or time when trying to complete certain level. This then requires you to cash out on the boosters to complete the levels.

- Love this but there’s a bug

Very addictive game! Enjoying it so far, except there is a bug when you click on settings, you get sent back to the opening screen and then have to select which save data to play from (device/server). After selecting this, it repeats and you get taken back to the opening screen and select which save data for the second time. This repeats every time you click on settings.

- Continuously shuts down

The game is fun and addictive but it shuts down constantly, and sometimes I have to open it up a dozen times just to get it to start up. I’ve made it to halfway through Paris and the data files (not including the actual app) has made it to 1.18 gigs?!! I’m guessing that there’s too much data so that it has trouble loading? I’m now trying to offload and then reinstall, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had this problem.

- Great but rigged

This game is so good- addictive, fun, fast. But it’s rigged because once you get past the first world (New York), you can’t even get through easy levels on the next without using spoons to get more time and customers. I worked hard to use hardly any spoons in the first world and saved around 750 of them up, but I quit the game in the second world because it’s literally impossible to do without using them (I spent hours getting coins to upgrade to the max and even then you can’t get through easy levels). Sad. Was such a great game but I’m deleting it now.

- Stop updating!

I love this game so much I’m addicted! But ever since the new updates it has lagged so much and the pause pop up always comes up! It is so annoying especially when you’re in the middle of the game and it pops and then it takes you back to the map and you lose all your points! It happens all the time when I’m playing the game and has made me not look forward to playing it at all anymore! Please fix it as I will be sad to not be able to play it again!

- Bug fix

I love this game but I am disappointed to see that even with the updates I installed a week ago, you STILL haven’t fixed a bug that has been present since a couple of updates ago. I launch the app for the first time of the day and play a shift. Straight after the first shift of the day, an unsolicited ad will play which disables the audio for the game until I shut down and restart. This happens everyday I try to play

- Latest update doesn't work

Have just done latest update on my iPad and can no longer play the game, it just keeps cycling between loading and play, disappointed. Addit: thank you for your reply. The app is working fine again. I'm currently on leave from work following an accident, I've been enjoying passing time playing his game, it is addictive :)

- Rip off

I absolutely hate paying in-game and rather pay one off fee to enjoy game indefinitely. As many other games out there this game halts after 3 levels - you won’t be able to move or earn money to upgrade to be able to keep up with demand and move in the game UNLESS you spend money to get spoons. And it’s so expensive - I rather watch Netflix and buy real food for that money. So fail for me in terms of that otherwise 5 stars for the game. Pity game developers can’t seem to find a sweet spot where people may want to spend a little. It really kills their games.

- Combos are far too hard to pass.

I used to love this game but as soon as combos were introduced it started to become boring. I understand the concept but some levels are impossible to pass. I am now in a position where I cannot go further because I have 3 combo levels to pass, all of which are impossible. Even with boosts I would not be successful. This is SO disappointing as this used to be my favourite game. I think the game writers should look into this as it will stop lots of people playing.

- I think there should be some more updates.

I think there should be a button where you save your progress and when you reinstall it it will say ‘Would you like to continue or start over?’ Because I deleted the app 5 months ago and I reinstalled it and then I have to start over. So I would may like that update to happen. If it can’t, that’s fine. I still really enjoy your app!

- Great games but some extra levels are too hard

The game is great. It’s addictive but progresses well. The food starts making me hungry after awhile! The only negative is some of the repeat extra bonus levels are too difficult and impossible to beat without 2+ boosters. Example, have to get 70 dishes in 65 seconds. How is that even possible? This is the only reason I don’t recommend this game to friends or family.

- Addictive

Addicted to the game. Get frustrated when it throws food out when I haven’t asked it to then loose the life. It would also be nice to take the money earned with you to each country rather then starting from scratch again. And to only get a prize for 7 days and then start that over again is somewhat also disappointing.

- Fun but AI trying to rip you off

When you playing well and earning, the ingredient upgrade all the sudden change to 200 to 200 instead of the normal increase of $15 into $25( for example) thought it was a glitch. BUT NOOO! It happened again a few time, usually during time when one playing very well. If you accidentally click upgrade it will happily take your money without giving any upgrade. When it finally fixed itself once in a blue moon, it can be a decrease amount$$c of upgrade. Don’t waste your time and money on this.

- Good game but something happened

Hi guys I like your game very creativity and lots of fun, but the other day I was on level 107 New York and something happened and I went back to level one which means I have to start the city all over again, this was pretty disappointing because it took a long time to get to that level, almost 5 months and to have to start again was also annoying.I don’t know, it be good if you could look into it and see what caused the glitch and maybe bring me back to the level I was at thanks.

- Meh

I liked the game at the start but now it's nearly impossible to complete a challenge without needing to spend spoons, not enough free spoons so basically if I want to complete a challenge I have to spend money. It was an awesome game but developers are obviously greedy. Customers walking from one side of the screen to the other wastes time too- unfair in a time trial. In short the game was fun, now it's stressful and frustrating because I'm unwilling to spend too much of my own money just to play the game. At this rate to enjoy the game I'd be spending like $7 each time I want to play. Considering deleting the app.

- Spending to much money

I used to love playing this game but, I have spent a lot of money on this game, and the further you get the more money you have to spend you can’t even go back on the ones you have already done they make it harder, I’m on a pension and can’t afford to keep putting money into this game 😡😡 it doesn’t really give you that much when you log in to play either, so I guess I will have to stop playing this very soon, I’m so disappointed

- Ok game

I have had this game for a while now, but I have gotten less addicted to it. At first I thought it was amazing but now it is annoying, I would recommend this to people but it gets really frustrating, I hope that you think twice about this game. If you want the game go for it because not all games everyone likes. I hope you have got a good choice about getting this game and hope you like playing it. Also I hope that my review helps you!😊😊😊😊😊

- It was good

It’s been a nice game but recently it freezes all the time which is really annoying. Try to report this problem to the company technician only got some useless replies ex. try to close all the other apps, try to uninstall and install back ... so l don’t have patience to talk to them anymore. I’ve been trying everything but the problem is always there and it only happens to this app. I hope someone can really fix this problem soon. Seems like lots of people have same problem. By the way my phone is iPhone 6s Plus... don’t know if only happen to this model?

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- Love this game

This game is so addicting, I love the unlimited time when it happens, it can be a challenge sometimes but that's what makes it fun. As you collect coins you move up and buy items you need. Fast pace game.

- Cannot stop playing!

Very addictive

- Very addictive game

I'm competiting with my boyfriend and it is so funny. Need more time sometime

- I love this game but...

We should be able to convert our surplus of coins from city to city.

- Fun, fun, fun!!

Very addictive and fun!

- Love this game!

Awesome game! Not like other games who force you to buy coins.

- Crash

Depuis quelques semaines ( depuis la mise a jour) il m’est impossible d’ouvrir le jeu….

- Funny game but suggestion

Hello I love this game but I think that it is kinda annoying that when you loose a round you loose a heart. But otherwise I Love this game.

- Love the game but

Since last update my game doesnt want to opem😭

- No one likes tickets!!

This used to be my favourite game until they stopped adding new cities, messed with the friends list, and replaced boost rewards with tickets. I used to have 100+ friends. Now only 5 appear in game! Why make the game more complicated by adding tickets as rewards?? Boosts as rewards was perfectly fine. At least they finally added a new city AFTER ONE YEAR.

- 😔

Deuxième avis …. Pourriez vous au moins nous faire signe ? Nous vous indiquons que le jeu crash depuis la mise à jour mais aucunes réponses de votre part … vraiment désolant

- Keeps crashing on iPad

Haven’t been able to play as it loads and then it crashes. The app shuts down.

- Downward spiral

The makers of this game have consistently made it harder to play without in game purchases. Even when you have maxed out on all upgrades it is impossible to win average level games. As someone who use to play this game daily, I’m disappointed i what it’s turning into. It’s a diversion on a phone and shouldn’t demand money on levels of a desktop.

- Used to be a fun game

This use to be one of my favourite games however the changes that have been made recently have left the game not worth playing anymore. Now they’ve made it impossible to beat any levels without spending money on spoons to get boosts. They’ve taken away the extra 10 seconds and or the extra customer but have not made it any easier to be the level. I’m extremely disappointed and will no longer be playing this game.

- Fun but not always fair

This game is lots of fun - the different types of food is neat & challenging. The further you get in the game - the levels become more difficult to achieve without using boosts and spoons which cost real money. It becomes frustrating when you can’t pass a level on skill alone and need to pay money in order to advance in the game.

- Was a good game but designer are making it pay to win.

Can’t win many levels without buying boosts with spoons now. Can’t get enough spoons in game, but guess what? You can buy spoons or watch ads to get more! Used to love this game, but considering deleting it.

- Not happy

I have had this for a long time. I was playing it on Facebook and on my iPad and iPhone. Well it’s not letting me in and I had to take it off my phone and downloaded it again and I have to start all over again and now it’s giving me downloading errors. Like WTF. I was so close in finishing the first place. This needs to be addressed big time. I know it’s a free game to play and enjoy it but I’m sick of having to redownload it and starting over again.

- Sooooo Adictive

I absolutely love this game. Finished Bancock and finally got a new city. Whoohoo !!! Can't wait for more.

- Fun game BUT...

I’ve been playing this game for some time and really enjoy it. Today an update came in and now the game is fubar. Brown squares block the dishes and the customer orders. Impossible to even play now. Hopefully it will be fix ASAP.

- Good but the AD glitch.

I love this game but there’s a glitch at the moment where every time i try to watch an ad the screen goes black and nothing happens when i wait. I always end up having to close the app and when i open it again i don’t have the reward i was supposed to get. Other than that it’s a great app.

- Great but...

I don’t get why we have a limited number of cupcakes. It’s really frustrating. Otherwise it’s really fun!

- Great game

This a great game for any age

- Awesome fun

A really Fun game. Challenging but not unbeatable. Great job on making this game. If you like cooking games this is the one to play.

- Download error

Can’t download

- Won’t open anymore

It is a really fun game, but, now, it won’t open anymore. Can you fix it, please?

- Fun but frustrating

When I first got the game I was totally addicted. It would seem now that after every update, the game is getting worse. So many problems with the game quitting on me. Currently, even though when I’ve won, the game crashes and upon restart, it’s as if nothing happened. I’ve literally had to win the same level 5X just to get past it. I don’t know if I have the patience to stick with it for long.

- Not working

Unfortunately the game is not working. Tells me update available but no update showing in the App Store and I can’t bypass it.

- Hard

I love the game and it’s really addictive. There is so man cities to go through that I haven’t played in yet. Only problem is I’m stuck in Paris still because it’s so hard. Some levels are super hard and it forces me to spend my boosts and purchase coins. It’s way too hard in my opinion. I’m only in the second city so I guess it’s gonna’ get worse as i move on… Please make it easier, it’s not even fun anymore.

- Love thé game but-

I love the game, they recommended that I do the update and after doing it, my app was glitching and took so long to load so I deleted it and when I reinstalled it, I’m at the start of the game which is so annoying. So now I have to restart all my levels 😐

- Money Dump

So many levels you can't even pass without getting spoons, and you can't even watch adds to get spoons. You accumulate a ton of money in one city after all upgrades are purchased but that money doesn't transfer to the next city. What a waste of time, and the $ you worked hard for can't even be spent.

- Thank you so much for everything

It’s so good like it is too much fun and I love it

- Crashes

The new updates keeps crashing the game and always freezes please help

- Fix your app

I stopped playing a while ago and started again lots of problems. Chef is no longer giving me 1 free life a day. I can request it but he never gives me anymore and my friends are no longer on the list to ask. When I watch a free ad for a free life, after the ad ends all my customers are already loaded and angry so they leave. This used to be a good app but there is a lot of bugs! Also I used to play this offline for when I was on airplanes or in a place where I needed to kill time, but with the lives never refreshing unless connected to wifi - i am no longer able to do so.

- Ad Timing

The game has started playing ads right when you start a level - and the level continues to play in the background. This always seems to happens when I’ve used a booster thus wasting the booster which is very frustrating. I don’t mind ads but that timing is terrible. Like the game otherwise and will revise rating if this gets fixed.

- fantastic game

I been playing this game since 2018 and I love it so much. Can’t wait to see other countries later on 💜

- Too many ads!

A few months ago the developer added ads at the end of EVERY level. Before you only watched ads to get additional coins or lives. Now you’re forced to watch ads and you get nothing! What a waste of a great game.

- Problems in Tbilisi

From level 1-40) please fix the drink serving. I won’ t move when touching the drinks. This problem slows down the players in order to pass or win. Also, I fell like the bonus game ( Back to school..) from level 31, it is so unreasonable timing for players to pass especially level 31. Please double check and fix . Please don’ t make players feel like you intend to make players to buy the boosts. Hopefully the issue will be solve. Thanks

- Love it but i need help right now

I cannot open the game. I tried deleting it and reinstalling it but the game still close when i try to open it

- Make you need boosts

I used to play this game all the time until my phone ran out of space and I had to get rid of it. The levels got more difficult and sometimes you lost, but you could eventually do them without boosts. Now it’s so obvious with some levels that it’s impossible to finish without boosts. Even if you serve customers as quickly as their order comes up, you will still be short at the end of the time (by one or two customers), and there is no possible way they would have had time to appear naturally. The spoons are expensive, so unless you feel like spending money to move forward, probably avoid this game.

- Major crash

I love this game ! But since July 2021 I can’t open it anymore ! The main screen opens telling me that I have to accept some conditions that will follow and it automatically crashes right after ! So it’s impossible to open! It’s so sad ! TC.

- Cooking craze

I can’t play because de game don’t let me play :(

- Great game!

Love this game. Keeps me entertained for hours. Not loving the last update though. All the icons got way too small!

- Problème

Depuis le dernier mise à jour, je ne peux plus jouer… j’ai désinstaller et réinstaller et il continue a crasher des l’ouverture du jeu !!! RÉPARER LE PLUS VITE !!!!!!

- Crashing

Game’s crashing since june.

- Game keep crashing 😡

Not able to open the game anymore Zero help to fix the issue…

- Keeps crashing

Love the game but recent updates have made it unplayable. It crashes constantly and it’s very laggy now because they’ve got 20 events going at the same time. It’s just absurd at this point.

- Greedy Game Creators

The owners of this app have become super greedy. Took away extra 10 second daily boost, put in a bunch of ads every time I play. I actually used to enjoy this game. I used to play this game everyday but I am officially uninstalling it.

- Problèmes de bugg

Je joue depuis 4 ans le jeu est tellement addictif, mais depuis 1 semaine je ne peux plus aller jouer car il ferme automatiquement…

- You don’t care about the player

The game crash for week…

- It wont open

There’s a huge bug going on since a few weeks. The game wont open!

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Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game 1.80.1 Screenshots & Images

Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game iphone images
Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game iphone images
Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game iphone images
Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game iphone images
Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game iphone images
Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game iphone images
Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game iphone images
Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game (Version 1.80.1) Install & Download

The applications Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game was published in the category Games on 2017-06-26 and was developed by Big Fish Games, Inc [Developer ID: 292594310]. This application file size is 442.27 MB. Cooking Craze: Restaurant Game - Games app posted on 2022-03-04 current version is 1.80.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.bigfishgames.cookingempireuniversalf2p