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Join the world’s biggest casino community with SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO. Play the best slot casino, compete in leagues, join clubs and have great fun - Las Vegas style. SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO is the ultimate slot casino experience! SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO lets you play over 130 TOP SLOT CASINO MACHINES, SIT’N’GO HOLD’EM, BACCARAT, ROULETTE, VIDEO POKER and many other casino games! Download Slot Machines Huuuge Casino now - The #1 slot casino on mobile!

Play the best Slots on the market!

SLOTS™ HUUUGE CASINO offers the best Slots in the world, from retro classics to modern slot machines, you’re sure to find something to fit your fancy!

Huuuge Diamond Wins – Spin the Wheel of Wins to win billions of Chips.
Aztec 2: Eclipse – Discover the secret wins hidden in the Sun and Moon temples.
Respin Ranch – Check out the richest animals and hit massive wins!
Cash Madness – Hit Huuuge Jackpots in this classic hit!
Blaster Cats vs Aliens – Get up to 130 Spins… IN SPACE!
Buffalo Rush – Your screen will shake from the massive wins you will hit!

The biggest Jackpot of them all!
Play HUUUGE LINK – a set of four Slots that share a truly HUUUGE Grand Jackpot to see how easy it is to win massive Jackpots in no time! Prepare to be amazed with the wonders of Ancient Egypt and China in this amazing Slot adventure.

Join a Club and compete in the Billionaire League!

The Billionaire League is an amazing place where you can play with your friends in order to compete for the best prizes and earn your bragging rights against the top spinners in the world!

Join your friends in a Club, or create a Club of your own
Meet awesome new people and spin together
Win awesome rewards for your dedication
Spin your Club to Masters League glory.

It’s not just Slots
Huuuge Casino offers way more than Slots! If you’re not a slot maniac, we have other casino games that we’re sure will give you that same winning thrill!
Video Poker – Awesome, engaging, with multiple variants
Sit’n’Go Hold’em – Play thrilling tournaments!
Roulette – Place your bets and win big!
Baccarat – Get some old school wins!

Awesome Bonuses
Huuuge Casino offers many ways to win big on top of the Slots!
Get the Betty Bonus in the Lobby every 15 minutes!
Visit the Shop every day to collect an additional bonus!
Play the Lottery to win up to ONE BILLION CHIPS!
Participate in Daily Giveaways on our Facebook page and via Push Notifications!

Read our Terms of Use (, Privacy Policy ( and other important information.

Our games are for entertainment only. All points in the game stay in the game and all game points have no cash value. Although in-game currency can be purchased for real money or won during gameplay, none of the items in the game have any cash value. Our games are intended for adult audiences only.

The game is intended for a mature audience.
The game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or real prizes.
Wins made while gambling in social casino games can't be exchanged into real money or real rewards.
Past success at social casino gambling has no relationship to future success in real money gambling.

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Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Hey, Spinners! We've got a new update for Huuuge Casino. As always, we're constantly working to improve the game experience for you. We've added minor tweaks and other bug fixes so you can feel even right at home while spinning! See you at the Casino! Enjoy spinning and win big! Let's play together and #StayHuuuge!

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 Comments & Reviews

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- Where is the 3x 4x 5x machine???

I am a fairly new member to this slot machine app. I was having quite a bit of fun playing a 3x 4x 5x machine. I am a person who likes the older style machines so this one was perfect for me, not to mention addicting lol. Now the machine is gone! What happened to it and are you bringing it back?? If it doesn’t come back I will just delete your app. There aren’t really any other older style machines for people like myself who love to play them. For that reason I have given you a one star rating. Is the machine coming back??? Thank you. I got a notification that you answered my message above but I can’t find it. Where do I go to receive your response?? Thank you

- Diamond

It is to bad you can’t take care of people after getting wealthy off a game I watched you start few years back

- Huuuge needs help

Just what have you folks done the last month or so. Can’t win anything of any amount, can’t get free spins and have lost a few billion in a few short weeks. Your game is becoming crap.

- Betty bonus issues

I have noticed all day today that even when I click on Betty bonus the chip bonus is not added to my existing chips. Please help. Other than that I love the game.

- Good game

I like playing this game. It’s not hard to level up and they give incentives for to open the app to collect tokens

- Charm Packs

When a purchase is made you do not always get the Charm pack as advertised. Then you have to go to iTunes to get receipt as proof of purchase, screenshot and send to Huuuge. But most time have to wait sometime to get proof in order to send. Process to get Charm pack should be automatic with purchase.

- Huuge Greed

You don’t win, you just pay. The charm game is a ripoff. You never get 5 star charms unless you pay $100 and then they give you the same charm 4 or 5 times. The lotto is one gold piece per 100 tickets or twice as much as just buying the chips. The greed is overwhelming. It’s all a big win for Huuge. This has been a public service ernouncement.

- sooo rigged!!!!

5 star reviews done by huuuge casino n they will let u win n make it look like ur in charge n its not luck but once u win n lose all n u will be in a buying consitently vicious cycle n buy n lose ... repeat all over again n watch ur bank in bankrupt mode down to couple pennys n biggest scam ever

- No a lot of winning going on.

My title says it all.

- Slowly leveling up

At level 70 it takes many time to complete the level, and it is so boring 😞

- Huuuuuge trashes

Huuuuuuge scams

- The App Critic

In this game over the a few years that I’ve played it I have seen it get worse and worse when the developers respond to you it’s always about how it’s all luck well when there’s well over a 1,000 negative reviews and they think it’s still all about luck I think it’s funny how all of the 5 star ratings are most likely the developers which is seen in most crappy or scam filled apps/games to try and draw people in so they can get your money this app is not luck and only lets you win while your a low level the higher your level goes The more you lose to the developers and or customer support what you do is wrong do not bother replying to this I don’t wanna hear you lies anymore have a nice day

- Connectivity ?

So sad used to be fun and enjoyed club and events. 4plus year player. Now lose and win a little and keep losing😰 Rules clearly stated win at 3xs win and sent photo to you only to be told nothing out of ordinary all wins automatically computed sooo to bad on loss of193890085..... As of 3/6/2020 still has massive computation problems to players detriment be advised......update nothing new cant stay connected to this coin sucking site. "Good luck" 5/24/20 still can't stay connected only coin sucking the few minutes I'm on..... Pop ups to buy really sucking stability down the crapper.....

- Do not waste space on your phone

This game hits every other 100 spins 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻.and not to mention the micro transactions

- If you don’t want to pay to play don’t get this!

The game gives tons of jackpots in the beginning but once you hit a certain point you just keep losing more than winning. Just bait to make you want to throw your money away.

- Great games great fun, what else for free

I love to play

- Good game

Winning is good

- Boring

It’s boring when you hardly ever win anything.

- The app does not give the credits won after spinning.

I did not get credits for winning spins.

- Face1966

I’m mean how stingy can you guys be with fake money? Unreal

- Fun game while casinos are closed!

So many different slots to play, definitely fair and fun! Nice game to play while the casinos are closed during this pandemic

- Haven’t received my purchase that’s $28 with tax

Sent screen shot

- Boo

Ad freezes my device EVERY time it comes up



- Huuge casino

New start

- Bad update

I updated my Huuuge Casino app on my iPad and now it will not load. It looks like I lost my 800M+ points. Not good!

- Frustrated!!

While I very much enjoy playing on this app, I’m VERY tired of it crashing on me for the last two days!!!!! Please fix this!

- Idea

Love playing You need a gift shop that will let us use chips to change the for people that like to change their head cover and us that love to shop?.....thanks again for the nice time passer tiktok

- Game

Favorite game of all time not been able to open for 2days?anyone know what s up?


Who ever invented gambling is the best i love gambling

- Black screen

Every since the update 6 days ago the app won’t open. It either stay on a blank screen or just force closes. I’m missing out on chips because of this.

- Horrible payouts

This game is a ripoff don’t even download it

- Worst Game ever

Game is trash and support is also

- It’s a scam - save Ur $

If U play for a period of time U will notice how they manipulate the games. Some days one might win at a reasonable rate according to the number of spins, other days U might put in up to a billion chips & win very little.(I have done that) Also the amount won to the amount bet is really pathetic. Example 10 million bet & win 100,000!! And U don’t have to have a masters degree in mathematics to see on the statistics page Ur percentage of wins to spins is going to be around 13%. Therefore U are losing around 87% which translates to a pretty good advantage for the house. And 1 more thing, the app crashes with regularity & the so called bonus chips doesn’t add ANY chips to UR total a large part of the time.

- Shaywoe

Hey Dan from Huge Casino, I just wanted to say that Shaywoe is one of your best and most loyal players, and deserves to win allot more than they do , not complaining just saying the devotion and team leadership from perfectlooks speaks volumes for itself in my opinion , Shaywoe is your most devoted player’s .Thanks searching for Luck


I remember seeing that feature a long time ago and now its gone! Where is it?!

- You cannot win anything.

I keep trying, but I just can’t win anything. It’s just not fun to always lose. You would think they would let you win every once in a while to keep you hooked, but they aren’t smart. I used to buy chips on occasion, but never again. YOU CANNOT WIN....

- Huuuuuge GREED!

Stay away from this game! It is nothing but a money pit! I don’t mind spending a few bucks in order to have some fun, but this is just a huge rip off. I’ve spent way too much money on this stupid game and I have nothing to show for it. All you do is lose, yet you see other players with billions of coins, and you start thinking if you just spend a little more you will eventually hit something big. But it never happens! I’m starting to think these players aren’t even real! If these game developers weren’t so greedy, they would actually let you hit something occasionally, and then maybe this game would actually be fun. But since there’s no possibility of actually winning real money, and the chances of even hitting a “just for fun” jackpot are so tiny, where’s the fun? I might as well be flushing my money down the toilet...

- Don’t waste your money.

Never again will I give these guys a dime. I just want to play for a while and was willing to give them a few (not cheap) to do so. Their little scheme will take all your points in a heartbeat. Follow up did not take my own advice. Spent another $40 on their stupid lottery ticket game. Came away with nothing. Back to my original review, total waste of money - all caps needed here but not worth the friggin effort

- Charms

I HATE THE CHARMS!!!!! So disruptive when you are playing a slot winning. Hate hate hate them!!!!! You can’t take them off either. Plus they force you to sign up for them. Don’t force me!

- Greedy Greedy Greedy

New players won’t know how much this game has continually tightened it’s slots and how it enlists you to play more and more. The troubling part is that players are barraged with “deals” to get you to buy credits for fake money. The clubs are set up with goals that empty your balances with very minimal returns. It’s a total scam that preys on gambling addiction and ego. When the “stay at home” orders for Covid began, the slots noticeably tightened up more within a few days. My opinion is that the developers intentionally altered to game to take advantage of people playing this game more while the virus ran its course. They want your money and that’s it!

- Great game

I love the teams.

- Cheating app

If I could I would give this app ZERO stars. The more you spend buying chips the more they cheat from you. I just spent $500 and no big wins. Even when you play their events to get you to bet higher to win more chips they do not honor the wins. Do not download this game. MONEY SUCKING APP that doesn’t even listen to your complaints. I see the developers writing back in response with just a stupid apology but not doing anything to appease the customer. The least they could offer is to give something back to the player. 1b chips, 500m chips, anything is better than nothing. So disappointed with this app

- Deceptive practices

This company publishes ads on another game I play; you can’t exit the ad at the end in order to claim your in-game reward. If you click on either displayed “x,” text in the ad just gets highlighted, and you can’t close it. Whether through malice or incompetence, this company is deceptive.

- Game is very unreal

1 day you will win, the next week you will lose on almost every spin

- Great

I play it everyday

- Never again

Yalll ain’t never ever going to get anymore money from me again! I have spent so much money and can’t even get free spins or bonuses anymore! I’ve tried to pay for lesser amounts still nothing but I’m not going spin anything else on this game because something has happened to this game and it’s not pretty it’s sad! Please people don’t waste ur time!

- The reels have Nevins way too tight

The reels have become way too tight

- Very Helpful with Tech Stuff

Support has always been able to help my with the Technical Stuff, not always as quickly as I would like; but I understand that sometimes things just take more time👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Liars and cheaters

Over 600 silver lottery tickets I bought and only got 2, yes 2 silver pieces of the puzzle. All these people want is your money. The developers response is basically the same, we are sorry you feel that way, what an a-hole. He’s not sorry for anything but lying to us people. Whoever says this is a great game to play is a liar or works for this company. Blackjack is the worst, dealer hardly ever busts, he gets more blackjacks, 21s and 20s than anybody that plays, as soon as you sit down at a table, dealer will get blackjack in the first 5 hands, the other 4 hands, its 21s and 20. Now watch the developer respond by saying, sorry you feel this way. Bunch of lying a-holes

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- Love it

Love the game. Very addictive but the recent update is constantly crashing error code 299. Please for the love of gaming fix it. Very annoying.

- Updated / no longer works

Latest update & now the app crashes every time I try to open it. Frustrating

- Here’s an answer

I see a lot of negative reviews...... rip off, algorithms, percentages of pay outs and the lottery Answer is easy, stop spending real money to play an on line game where you don’t get real money back for the real money you spend. It’s an online game. Go play a real pokie to spend real money. You may win or lose but that’s the chance you take.

- This game used to be good but no more unless you have a bi g big big big credit card

This game is great just need a big credit card


This game used to be fun! In fact it still would be if the developers weren’t just interested in making money - shame on you! I am a VIP player and have my own team - Zpin to Win. I have spent a fortune in real money trying to keep my team going but Huuge make it impossible to succeed. It used to be that if you bought chips the more chance you had of winning - now if you buy chips you increase your chance of losing. I for one will NOT be spending any more money on this game, will be telling others NOT to spend any more money on this game AND will be using any Social Media platform I can find to tell people NOT to get sucked in to what an appalling game this is.

- Fleece job.

Refer to title

- Yeah that was me Dominic.F99

It’s nice again

- Mathematical algorithm

You need to change your mathematical algorithms it doesn’t win enough! Good game but sick of spending, on to the next!

- Convincing Addiction Maker Should be Banned

This is an appalling slots sim. Im not sure I should call it a game as it is very much simulative of a real casino where you get fed amounts of winnings to keep you playing or actually spending. There is no way to win on Huuuge. There are people in Huuuge who have Billions of chips but some of these are bots and not real people. They are there to entice you to spend real money to buy chips. This game is very bad. It should be banned because it is an addiction maker. Meaning you could become attracted to spending real money to play a sim you can never come out in front. As it is not a game I suggest sternly to avoid it and go play Angry Birds or something less likely to steal your time and maybe your money.

- Fix it

Pretty good game although I don’t understand why you stopped the crazy lotto and then make it near impossible to win the puzzle pieces. I have two accounts, one on my phone and one on my tablet and between the two I have used a good 40+ tickets and not one puzzle piece. This is beyond a joke especially when I have spent some money on this game.

- Greed

This game has changed over time use to be great but it’s all about greed. Trash

- Annoying ads for this app

Your full screen landscape ads on Grindr are really annoying and significantly detract from the user experience of that app. Suggest you reconsider your advertising strategy.

- The game is end

It was really the best game but after the last dame this game is done Its all about spending money even the lottery doesn't pay tickets this is so bad I don't know who is the idiot who made this update

- Huuuge rip-off!

I emplore anyone who has an addiction to pokies, DO NOT play this! It eats your chips faster than you can say your name, and doesn’t care if you spent 000’s of dollars on it either! Huuuge has played me for the last time!

- Unfair

Why take our use of diamonds away so we can’t use them to get coins. It seems this game has become more about you trying to get us to spend real money than fun

- Money grabbers

A few years ago it was the best online casino. Now it’s just pure money grab. There are far less jackpots to win. The diamonds are useless and unless you pay for gold tickets, they’re just as useless. Would I pay for it? The answer is a pure NO

- JUucey e

Great game. Iove it

- Enjoying so far.

I can’t give more stars as I’ve only been playing two days.

- Good but lacks within higher levels

This game was amazingly fun until about level 100 and big wins were much more frequent and seemed like pure luck and chance of win was lowered since then, at level 180 and thinking of giving the game a big break spend a couple bucks here and there and doesn’t get me anywhere

- Money down the drain

I’ve spent so much money on this game I’ve had some good wins and some losses but was able to come back. Now with all the new updates it has become harder to win big. So it’s time for me to delete this game and move on. It’s been fun till the updates

- Diamonds???

What’s the point in having diamonds anymore? Can only buy little charms with them can’t buy yourself chips or anything.

- Huuuge fail

Since 2018 this game has sucked more than trump

- Actual garbage, waste of time, effort and altogether a crappy game

As soon as you start the game you are just bombarded with ads to get you to buy their garbage currency so then you can waste it on crappy slot machines that have the MOST GARBAGE algorithm that when you fall, you can’t get back up, also if that wasn’t enough for you even if you do get back up somehow, you’ll just lose it again because let’s be honest, 1 mill just isn’t enough to get you back to what you were at. Honestly so disappointed that I even wasted my time to try to get better and it just won’t happen unless you BUY in game currency to boost yourself don’t even bother, you’ll end up giving up and buy their trash or deleting the app like many other sane people

- Not winning

Unfortunately you don't win much on here....even jackpots are very rare. I have bought a couple of time, but it just ate the coins... Never again. Great graphics and games though

- So many pop-ups

Typical sleazy developers slamming pop-ups five in a row in the hope you will hit one by mistake. Other sleazy things are putting purchase buttons directly above awards so that you inevitably hit it by mistake. Anything to get your cash. It’s a cash grab and you will not win. The odds move so badly it’s obvious that it is rigged. The players complain about it constantly, it’s laughable. Seriously, go play something else. 0/10

- Help

More machines please

- Don’t bother!

Huuuge casino is NOT what it used to be. My advise do NOT Bother! This game WILL get you hooked and this game WILL take all of your earnings and VERY Fast! These days there are MUCH Better games on the market and this is my opinion until huuuge goes back to redoecting their loyal patrons! Personally, I have deleted and moved on. Hoping to one day return.

- Why

Why can’t I buy coins with my gems ? I use to be able to am now I can’t ???

- Huuuge casino

Don't bother to hard to get jackpots or free spins & if you get them they very little after every update the machines stop paying biggest rip off ever KEEP CLEAR of this one DANGEROUS for all who play it 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 this is now called Huuuge rip off instead of Huuuge casino save your money or play something new

- Alorgarithym rubbish & chip mayhem 😡🤬🤮

Please note ... you cannot win long term here. The developers of these programs don’t give a stuff about you ... it’s all about profit! This company made app. $150 million from people like you in 2017! It’s got nothing to do with giving you a pleasurable social experience. This is all about maximising income. You will have brief success and then the odds change ... and they do! The standard response from app support is all is fair & just bad luck ... absolute rubbish .... nothing like a real casino .... total lies and ripoff. Hey, they don’t care as they have your real money😡 but you don’t get much at all in return. The rewards have gone backwards. Also, do not buy chip packages that offer drip feed chips over many days. The rationale is to keep you coming back. If you lose your chips in one sitting you might not return but if you have invested in chips over days you will not want to leave .... but you will spend more. Sneaky, psychological ploy!

- Huuuge casino.

Was a great game until you changed the rules. With chips why can,t we use the diamonds to help only the team that you are in and no other teams

- Update??? What’s going on???

After new update I keep on getting cut off, fix this cause I can’t claim my vip chips and it’s pissing me off!

- G'day

This was one of the best and most fun games Now after the last upgrade I just keep getting a " RECONNECT " message Why ?? Can't you fix this - please

- Amazing

Great game to be honest, glad someone made a game like this Been close to jackpot multiple times but it’s all luck, thanks to whoever made this looking forward for new slots/game modes Would recommend a higher or lower game mode!

- Great slot

Thank goodness for the great wins I enjoy playing this game with my family

- Challenging Team Play

A really good App offering HUUUGE range of slots, video games and regular casino action, together with sophisticated chat and team play. You can form or join a club to compete with other clubs from around the world. Double chat allows dual club interaction and within game chat on two channels. Variety of regular bonuses and rewards keeps you in credit. Highly recommended 😊😊😊. On occasions, following maintenance there may be a need to reload the App. If on iPad this can be easily done via the App Store from the Purchased category 😊😊😊 without losing credits or levels.

- yeah but no no ty

great selection of games but its designed not to be random but programmed not to pay, ive had the chance to get grand jackpot hundreds of times but not once not even major but mini jp, like really? ps... game barely ever pays, there are heaps better games out there then this bullsht game!

- Billionaire slots

Extremely addictive heaps of fun

- Rubbish

How do I remove this app permanently from my iPhone?

- Win/ take/ greed

This game used to be fun that most ages could enjoy, however huuuge/ billionaire casino have made it that hard its simply just frustrating to play. It's appalling how you want players to buy chips 24/7 with no rewards, as when you do buy them you just loose them no matter what. I feel sorry for who ever has to start a game now it's so hard, before the updates it's was much easier!!!! Now that have taken 5m off you, they've made it harder to win and they have taken gold tickets off you once you reach level 100+!! It's just stupid now put it back to the way it use to be fun and enjoyable where everyone had a chance !!!!!

- Win/ take/ greed

This game used to be fun that most ages could enjoy, however huuuge/ billionaire casino have made it that hard its simply just frustrating to play. It's appalling how you want players to buy chips 24/7 with no rewards, as when you do buy them you just loose them no matter what. I feel sorry for who ever has to start a game now it's so hard, before the updates it's was much easier!!!! Now that have taken 5m off you, they've made it harder to win and they have taken gold tickets off you once you reach level 100+!! It's just stupid now put it back to the way it use to be fun and enjoyable where everyone had a chance !!!!!

- Totally disappointed

I have had a frozen app at the main screen for weeks now, I made many purchases I cannot use yet have been charged for, and attempted to contact the developers over 3 times. Email sent again today. Should I not get a reply I will be reporting and taking to the ombudsman

- Rip Off

Game starts off really well until you get to a certain level, then you get next nothing, even if you decide to purchase coins the odds are still well and truely stacked against you, most wins you do get are less than the value of your bet.

- Salt&pepper

Like the game but never had scatters bit of a rip off

- Don’t give them your money

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! I’d give this game a zero if it were an option. Winning is rare, customer support is bs. They’ll give you a generic answer, if you’re lucky you might get your missing chips back. Updates only benefit them, not the players. Be sure to get ripped off with every update. Please don’t buy anything in the game... you’ll just lose what you’ve bought within a few minutes.

- You will get ripped !!

Tested with multiple accounts, 100% confirmed if you buy gold tickets you will get gold puzzle easier, game will let you win big at start and later on winnings & free games appear rate drop dramatically, awhile back they let players exchange chips with diamond but they removed it, in response to players anger they changed lottery system claimed they increased % of getting gold puzzle, but they also increased rate of getting silver and bronze puzzles, % getting gold puzzle still not changed much after all, (unless you buy lots gold tickets at once then may be you get bit more gold tickets )and reduced price of both silver and bronze puzzles trying to make ( force) serious players buy more gold tickets, if they can changed gold ticket drop rate%, why can't they set % of games lower too to cover the lost, they always gonna respond below that their % is same as other casinos, All other casinos rigged games like this too, cheat your money away like this and they dare to sue people cheat their games? they cheated everyone at first place!!

- You have ruined me

All fun and games at the beginning and now I just spent $200 Australian dollars on buying 2 billion. You would not let me win a thing. My club keeps telling me not to buy off you as you never win and it’s so true. Your disgusting. I know you can feel the loss of all ppl leaving and not buying. I must be the stupid one that did. Stay away folks

- Disappointed

Pretty disappointed in this game. I played this game everyday but now I just want to stop playing and delete the game. Wins are extremely hard and the lottery is a joke now. I had over 60 gold tickets and did not get a gold puzzle piece. I used to like playing but now it seems you only want people to spend money. This game USED to be fun but its not anymore.

- Usless

Worst app you seem to go on a win streak for about an hour then loose it all they push you to buy chips wouldn’t recommend at all

- Easy to use

No bugs. No issues. I love this game.

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- Horrible Company & App

DO NOT DOWNLOAD this app. This company is awful. So many complain about their chips randomly being gone. Events set up to be chip eaters. No rewards for buying chips & don’t buy because it’ll all be gone in a matter of hours. Huuuge is terrible and even during a global pandemic this company still RIPPED OFF their consumers. 👎🏽 They will not delete my profile and I’ve asked multiple times.

- Self quarantined

On Easter Sunday there was a special on chips$19.99 for 1,020,000,000 chips. I was going to buy later that day until it was no longer the same amount. I waited till the next day and decided to go ahead and buy them only getting 675,000,000 for $19.99. The next time I logged onto Huuuge the sale was back on again. I feel cheated and very unhappy. It was less than 24 hours! I feel that I should receive the remainder of the special sale due to what has transpired. Thanks

- Even free, it’s overpriced

Of all the “free” games I’ve downloaded, this may be the worst. The gameplay is mediocre. But that’s only when it works. Though it’s a toss up as to what is more annoying, both the in-game ads (to buy stuff within the game) and the external ads come too often to allow any enjoyment of said mediocre gameplay. Save yourself the trouble and skip this one.

- Best

This is the best casino ever

- ❤️❤️❤️

Simply love this app with huuuuge varieties of games

- Waste of money and Rigged

Stay away Waste of money specially if you buy chips you will never win so you keep buying and buying and buying your never win stay Away

- Fun with Family

What a great way to spend time in this pandemic! I LOVE HUUUUGE & the friends I’ve made along the way.

- Best

My casino

- Easter game

Guys, the Easter egg game is about the sorriest game yet. Nothing but a steady drain of coins. These people try to force purchases almost daily. How about loosen up a little while everyone is under stay at home order?

- Fun

Great way to pass the time and stay out of trouble!!!

- It’s Changed ALOT.

Used to make a purchase ($100) which isn’t cheap.... and u would get a huge win and be able to enjoy it for a couple days or so. Not anymore.... I have made several purchases of $100 and it will be gone in minutes.... also the charms DO NOT COME OFTEN... I will sit next to my wife. Betting the same. Spinning the same game. She will get charms every 5-10 minutes. While I get NONE.... ZERO..... It is not totally random. Each player has their own algorithm provided by the developers. Also. Same game, same bet, and she will get free spins 10-15 times and I won’t get it at all. Quite possibly due to a couple of hateful messages I have sent the developers. But yea it’s pretty sad. All of the people are stuck at home right now and this company is merely taking hard earned money and providing very little return. The chip deals are the exact same as always. I play other slots that offer REAL DEALS right now during this pandemic, because they care and know we are strapped for cash. Used to be a 5 star game. Now it’s a 1 star barely. Stop being so greedy and let the spenders enjoy some wins for Pete’s sake. Change my algorithm so I can get free spins and an occasional huge win. I have paid you Devs enough money, y’all owe me a car.......... disappointing........

- Huge fun!!!!!!

Great variety of games and lots of fun

- Extremely crooked!

Not worth a penny! Spent $30 and no wins. Outright crooked! I wish the developers the worst!

- Steve Jobs

Thank you. Amen

- Corrupt Rigged Cheaters

I have played for years and this is the Most Corrupt Rigged Cheating Site on the Web. Shame on Huuuge for cheating so bad it’s not fun playing the games. Corrupt so much that all they care about is Cheating the customers out of money. No regulation on them to be honest so screwing customers has no recourse for us but to not play the corrupt cheating rigged game.

- The more you spend the more you lose!

The less you spend the more you win!

- Report to Apple

I asked a question regarding a promotion. Customer service replied quite inappropriately.


I have played this for a while. It has THE WORST payout and few to no perks for players. Trust me, move on!

- Charms Rip Off

What happened to the Charms previously earned and purchased? You care nothing about your patrons.

- Horrible app.

Don’t waste your money. They do not pay just get you addicted and I am one to tell. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars. No return.

- Crooked Greedy Thieves

I wrote to Customer Support about being more Fair to players during this horrific time our country is going through with this Virus. My other Gaming Apps are giving free chips & playing fair & I thought they might follow suit. Boy was I wrong, 2 days ago is when I wrote to them I have lost 1.6 Trillion chips on Rigged Events. It’s the same on non events all take & no give. I have been told by many if you write to Customer Service they will reduce your odds & be even worse. Sadly I found out that’s a fact ! I have been with Huuuge over 6 years, play daily & buy regularly. No more, they do not deserve my time or money. Just had to get this off my chest for anyone thinking of downloading this crooked thieving money making scam their running.

- Corrupt. Dishonest. Wolves.

All you have to do is read the developer responses, all of which are scripted, to realize what a scam this app is. Notice there hasn’t been a chip sale since the lockdowns began? They are preying on regular people dying for some entertainment during this crisis. We’re all in this together? That is their current motto. LOL! Huuuge is only in this for themselves and their bottom line. There’s a reason there are lawsuits pending against them awaiting class-action status.

- Huuuge Casino

The ad for this app on my game Charm King. It won’t cancel and I lose my bonus prize

- Customer Service

I see some very bad reviews written about the customer service. I’d like to say they are very childish. I take great pride in being a member of this community and have been for over two tears. The Support Team has always been there and done their job. Even came back and asked if the necessary adjustment were made that needed to be. I just felt that after seeing the negative remarks that I had to say something. By far, this is the bast game to be a part of.

- You have truly got my attention in order to waste my time, glad I didn’t waste more

Nothing is gained from this game I have this other app that gives me the ability to make money by reaching certain levels in certain games. I could be awarded over 7000 points for reaching level 100 and something in this game, which is the equivalent of over 7 dollars. I made it half way through level 49, only to find that all my chips were officially gone. Now, I could wait for my small 120000 chip reward in 8 hours or whatever, compared to what I had (over 27 million at one point). By the way, the higher you bet, the more XP you gain, it would probably take forever to reach level 100 from my current level without spending real money on this game I sincerely mean this: Do not waste your time on this game, nothing is gained out of it, especially when you get a cold streak that will run you out of chips. Games like this are like no other, in that, when you run out of their in-game currency, whatever it may be, you cannot play it much at all, and if you can, you likely have to wait for more. I really feel like I have wasted time on this game... It’s pretty sad. I know it’s my fault for starting this game anyways... I hope the developers of this take into consideration just the time people put into this game only to find that it was all for nothing.


When I first downloaded this game it was fun and the odds of winning were much higher. I have spend hundreds of dollars on chips and never get them back. This has been continuously driving me away more and more each time I play. I think it’s time I delete it for good.

- Huuuuge casino slots

Rip off! When I tried to unsubscribe from their notifications (which I never sign up for with games) the response was to go to my settings and stop them there. DIDNT WORK, mainly because I didn’t have the app an longer. BE CAREFUL!

- Rick

You have become to greedy I’ve spent too much money you made the game no fun anymore I can’t justify spending more money once my chip are gone I will be deleting your game I let as many people as I can know what kind of greedy people run this game

- Slots

I enjoy all of your slots have been lot’s of fanastic need to Update faster.

- Ratas

Es un asco no puede ser que en la aplicación te pongan promociones que luego resulta que era otro precio es un robo ratas.

- Love it

I love a playing

- Hopeful But Beaten Down

I have had a club on this app since January 2017. T.E. is my club. We have struggled since the initial rule changes through changes as to what counts towards your League Points. It used to be the LPs accumulated from any game you play. That changed to slots only. I wonder why? Slots have the worst win/lose percentage. That’s why most casinos across this country have so many. My Mother was in charge of slots at Treasure Bay casino in Biloxi, MS and Manager of Divi Carina Bay casino in St. Croix, VI. I know what you are doing. Please stop feeding off our hope and love for each other. Open them up a little. Make it fun again.

- Awesome

This game has me hooked been playing it for a while always fun and when you hit it big you forward to doing it again and again love this game my team is the Oregonians join up

- Garbage app terrible

This app is terrible. It constantly glitches on the roulette. It cancels the spins and won’t pay you the money you win. When I first started playing it only happened a few times but now it happens constantly. And when you want to buy chips it asks you to verify your card info and no other app does that. They want all your card info when the App Store already has it. Don’t trust this app.

- Ceasar

I really enjoy these c Games there fun and relaxing great job 5 Stars!!!

- HUUUGE WASTE OF time and money

When i first started playing it was fun but the greedy developers of this game do more and more to tighten up the machines so they dont pay squat. What a crock...i refuse to spend real money for fake chips that they take back so quickly then wait for u to buy again. Waste of time and money. I will only play as long as i win, when im completely out of chips, im off this crappy game.

- Lots of fun


- Coins , what coins?

Stop with all the BS. I purchase somewhere around US $55. totally waiting to cleared whom to pass leader post. I think I’m leaning going back to Kis918. U can play games FREE tests all slots, last was 2 years ago played real SINGAPORE DOLLARS. I won $120 CASH back banking to my bank account. Kis918. Use chrome at to download. Bye bye, u lost 1 purchased customer. Tired with all the nonsense, AS IF... they r controlling REAL CASH the forgotten those are all RUBBISH DUMB PEOPLE run by husband billionaire n wife huuuge, n they staffs are ALL FAMILY MEMBERS or kind of related all for SCams n easy money, Real cash then convert to dumb coins unfortunately can’t convert back to REAL US DOLLARS. Let’s all the customers have played to have fun WITHOUT the OVERSIGHT of your staff for potentially BIG HUUUGE COINS JACKPOT. by doing this customer are have fun HAPPY times got to have BILLIONS jackpot, face it u said those coins CANNOT convert to REAL US DOLLARS. Yet u all are sooo funny full of GREED, fix coins controls by your staffs. 😭😭😭 hilarious. As they say rule 1. CUSTOMER ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. treat them good makes them happy, I’m sure they tell they friends of the best experience winning billions of fake coins. By doing the current arrangements, 70% existing customers felt unhappy tells unhappy experience to others. DONT PLAY HUUUGE OR BILLIONAIRE CASINO, WASTING MONEY TIMES. etc. n u guys got bad publicity. I’m done throwing real cash I rather buys eat comfort foods buys chicken, vegetables n play PS4. Games. With my Samsung 75inch screen. 🤥😷🤭😂😎🤬

- Love it

I love this game thanks for having it 😘,but sometimes it short change me my coins,which I get very upset ..make it right for me..thank you..

- recent bad experience

I’ve been a huuuge player for several years and am a VIP member. Earlier this week I leveled up from 2699 to 2700. I received my chips and tickets as always but was also supposed to 50% additional of the chips earned to be credited on 3/25. I didn’t receive them. I advised our VIP rep but haven’t had a response. This is a first for me on huuuge and is a very bad reflection of the game

- Love this game

Every game has issues once in a while. Huge casino is no different. The customer service has been great. They even gave out free credits Billions. Just as a gift because of the problems.

- Ponannie

Great fun games enjoy playing the site.

- App isn’t any good,

They do maintenance every other week. Afterward all you do is lose the chips. Slots don’t hit except for under your bet and if you do it big then they take all back until there’s no chips or you just quit playing. But at least try it and see for yourself. You’ll quickly see . We all know you lose , can’t win all the time but I have played conservatively at low bets and it’s get much worse.

- Gifts

I think that the game should not deny gifts when asked. They only give gifts if you have spent real money to buy fake chips. This is how I know that it is a factual statement.. my husband plays but he has not purchased anything in a while and when he asks for a gift they tell him “They are not able to provide him with a gift at this time”. Since September 2019 was the last time he received a gift. We have been playing for like 5 years and it is super frustrating when they won’t even give a little bit if you run out of chips if you have been playing for so long... I only gave this game a 3 star review because I play the game a lot and I am hopeful that the gift thing will change but chances are slim to none but if you guys would give a small gift when asked I am sure you would have more players willing to make purchases because we know you have our backs when we want to play but have no resources to make a purchase.

- Mixed reviews.

I have had a few questionable days but all in all it’s not to bad.


I want to thank you for helping us, all of us, through a very hard time. We’re all stuck at home, and this game has been a blessing. Thank you for the gifts...I know for myself, and a lot of us, we’re not able to work. There’s no income coming in, and the gifts, as well as the slots paying better, are helping us all through this awful time. Selflessness is an act of kindness....Thanks for being selfless and helping us through this trying time. Hoping you and your families stay strong and healthy. Hugs ❤️

- Fun for passing time....

A couple years ago it was really fun and fair. Now it’s just ok. One of the changes I don’t like is the use of the diamonds. It’s almost pointless to have them anymore. You could interact more with others (gifts) in the past.

- The pop up ads are obnoxious.

Title says it all, the pop up ads are absolutely obnoxious and getting worse. I know they’ll say so it’s so they can make sure you see the best offers but having to click out of 5 ads per page is too much.

- Slot machines

Boring, boring boring

- I would like to know how much these games cost

Hey bud

- Not what it use to be

Well what can I say I spend I spend I spend and never win! After reviewing most of the reviews here I suggest you do the same and you get the picture. It’s not fun always losing chips. It’s not fun watching everyone in the chairs getting big win but not you. It’s not fun when you get a awesome bonus and get 2 times your bet. The game is just not awesome anymore. Steer clear fellow users!

- Huge Casino

Love the game; would recommend to anyone.

- Greed

Its all total GREED used to be fun to play but greed has got in there way. And there is no winners,the only one that gains is these theives. I would not purchase anything from here,its a big joke and it used to be very fun but.........THEY ARE JUST GREEDY PIGS.

- Update not good

Took update and now it won’t connect... keeps saying error code 229

- Hurray up,

How long is it suppose to take to update the game?

- Huuuge...scam

You better off playing in a real casino Winning ratio sucks, probably changed and adapted to get more purchases from clients, advertised promotions are a direct clue about the ratio settings No banking on time spent, chips played, after a few months and lot$$$$ of moulah! still no jackpot won support never replied, interfaçe glitches, connection issues. Could be a great game because of the overall interface, but they have a Huuuge greedy behavior. It should be pulled from the Apple store offering, this is NOT a gameiiiii If algorithms are based on real casino, just remember at the casino you may loose real money BUT you can win real money, with Huuuge whatever you buy it is not coming back, so in order to be fair the odds should be in our favors. After a few thousands of $$$ ditched in the game I can clearly state it's a Huuuuge deception.

- Awesome!

Great slot site!!!

- Slots scam

This game is a scam All they want is ur money bull game don't play

- Love playing this game

Lots of fun and pays well

- Good game

Good graphics and good payouts!! I enjoy playing!!

- Broken

Huuuge wins. Thousands of slots to play. Club events. Best app. That was my first review, after the recent update it is nothing but getting disconnected during every single slot. Insulting customer service reps. Don’t play

- Total garbage

95% dead spins? And this is supposed to be fun how? Over a million gone betting minimum and the biggest win is 10k. This is the definition of garbage. *UPDATE* 11/5/18 start with 580k. Bet minimum of 10k per spin. 100% dead spins. Not a single win. 58 dead spins. Developer says game isn’t rigged. Yeah, right.

- Tons of fun

I’m glad I’ve loaded this application. The graphics are awesome and the games are great fun. I’m new at this, so haven’t joined any clubs yet, or had to pay any real money to play. Time will tell if the other ‘lesser’ impressed players are truthful!

- Ok

A bit confusing as to how teams work and what is required. Maybe after playing longer it will make sense.

- Don’t bother

Just like all the other casino games, they let you win for a while, just long enough to try and get you hooked. Then, boom, you stop winning. But you can certainly spend real money if you want to keep playing! Huuuge disappointment. Now I delete you, good riddance Huuuge Idiots.

- New player!

Enjoying the play at the moment. Will see where it goes! Great possibilities!

- Love the game

I do love this game and want to continue playing. Unfortunately, now there is an updated that will not allow me to unless I update with a credit card.

- So far so good

Game is so good try it And we will love it. Happy late thanksgiving Marcel

- Great variety

Lots of wins and great opportunities on many games and bonuses. I like it!

- Love this app

Best games to play

- Mr Apple

It’s a very rewarding game and with each move it makes you feel closer to the winning gods

- Heavily tilted in favour of the house

Too tight on the payouts they just want you to pay. Frustrating! Worked my way up to 65 Billion then lost it all making only small wagers. Stay away! Interesting reply from the developer. As anyone knows algorithms are made to be manipulated. You make it sound like you leave your app’s success to chance. Lol!! Too funny and no I don’t need any swampland.

- Great app

Allows the player to win without losing everything after a big win. Far better odds than 7 Slots Unlimited.

- Great game

I am hooked.

- Love it

Amazingly fun!!!

- Stay only ends well for Huuge Casino

Please don’t spend a dime until they address serious issues. This and their other game, Billionaire Casino used to be the best online virtual casino games out there, but since new investors came on the scene, the company has made changes and continues to make changes that have increasingly turned it into a “pay to play” scenario, with consistent losses whether you pay or not. And with each update, they take more and more opportunity away from you. Check out the complaints, on Facebook page, alleged class action lawsuits pending, and elsewhere and you’ll understand more fully and be shocked by the full extent of the allegations against them. Players are leaving in droves. I am surprised that Apple Apps have not investigated.

- Waste of time

I have been playing this game for 2 years. I made the mistake of buying credits and ever since I can’t seem to keep any credit on the game without dishing out more money. Once you buy they just take and expect you to spend more money. Do not load this game. Huuuge is greedy and make it so you lose.

- Can’t get on site

Update won’t let site load and wants to view billing info then wants charge me for update well so far don’t like the new updates

- Huuuge casino and billionaire casino

Hello everyone The greed level huuuge casino has gone to with this update is beyond any greed my club has ever seen. I come from a masters club and some members under lvl 400 have reported that when they level up they no longer are getting gold lotto tickets. Our players are telling us there is no way they can continue to play unless they purchase, this really isn't fair as a lot of people can't afford to buy and nor should they have to. No one will be able to rely on lotto any more considering the previous change of lotto because the bronze and silver tix will not give you gold puzzle pieces or gold tickets. I don't like seeing our players effected in this way and I feel we should fight fire with fire. They ruined our game, so let's ruin their greedy little bank accounts. If we can get thousands of people to go to the App Store and write a bad review and knock their star rating down they may listen and make this game fair for all and not just good for their bank accounts. No one can build up on 70m or 700m lotto wins. Here is a sample of what you can put in the review if you don't have time. Share this with your club members so you can look after them and share it with friends, share it everywhere. Scam game Greedy developers who make it impossible to build and maintain chips by playing, their only interest is for you to purchase chips and a high expense to you. Always double charging on purchases, sell your information. Untrustworthy developers. One star app

- Baaaadddd

Since their latest changes it is difficult to win anything - or keep what you do happen to win. Lotto is a joke

- Great...if you hate winning

More changes and it gets harder and harder to win. Not worth your time. Sad, it used to be good.

- Top notch

Best games and most fun ever

- FRAUD ALERT do not make purchases with this company

Please do not support this company they are nothing but greedy thieves that prey on people and try to extort money from you. They have shady billing practices and they make false advertisements that they do not honour. Their support is horrible and they reply with generic scripts and never actually take accountability. Their app crashes and takes your chips and they refuse to give it back. Find another game because they guys are here for your wallet

- Love it

I love this game fun to play and a great way to kill time especially the pays outs.

- Don’t ever play this game!

I can promise everyone this game will only try con your money. They promise this and that but as soon as you pay for a product they will forget about you. The insurance policy that they offer is a con as well. No matter what you won’t be getting any insurance back. I’ve played many casino games and this is by far the worst of the worst.

- Worse and worse with every new game

Absolute crap. The new fu fu game has 4 jackpots. Your win is pre determined before you even pick the tiles. My club members lost billions trying to compete in the latest club event. After many complaints I hear they’re fixing the game. But only fixing that people can see your win before you choose it. Pretty impossible to win anything decent or enough to keep you playing.

- Bad move selling our personal info

Thx but no thx. I’m not that addicted that I need to agree to allowing you to sell my info to other affiliates of yours to increase your already large profits. Haha. Delete delete delete. Leave me alone.

- Worst game ever.

If your planing to spend money to buy points it’s for you. But in real casino will have better chance to win. Operators to greedy. Be careful by downloading this game.

- Best slots game

A lot of fun, the free spins are awesome, great graphics and lots of games to choose from!

- Amazing

Clubs are the place to be..Join one and you will see... Hope to see you soon Down at the Pub club name

- Super!

Truly a great game. Lots of fun and different ways to win big. Highly recommend. I’ve deleted 3 other games from my computer because of this one. Way to go guys. Good job!

- Huuug Casino

Fun exciting!

- 777

You realize 777 is a person right? As in the opposition of 666. I happen to be 777. As I am LORD God. Do you understand, what identity theft is? Do you understand blasphemy is the unforgivable sin? I am Sacred and Holy! I have no such authority to anybody to use my name as such.

- Play something cheaper

Once on this game you can only get ahead by buying. Events are near impossible for clubs to finish and once your up in levels you cannot get ahead without buying I could go on but I think you get the message. Lol. One Star only 👎

- Huge wins

Fun to play. Games are similar to my local casino.

- Last update broke AirPlay mirroring

The game is literally mirrored and upside down when I stream over AirPlay, both on the phone and on TV.

- Fun

Fun Try it😀😀😀

- Garbage!!

Zero stars! I hit a huge win..being congratulated and all of a sudden I get a msg saying ‘oops u’ve been disconnected, blahblahblah’ And of course all of my huge winnings were gone! I’ve read many reviews saying the exact same thing!

- Fun

Great game

- Huuuge casino

More interactive and lots of fun

Libertex 📈

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- Great

Thank u guys for my big wins love this game can’t stop playing it hope the wins keep happen

- Amazing

It a sick game

- Thieves!!!!

Simple! Don’t play!! Buy some clothes or food instead!!!! They are just eating your money.. VERY DISAPPOINTED !!!!

- Stay Away

Never purchase or you’ll never win doesn’t matter what you do my biggest win was 50 billion believe me that’s nothing to the trillions upon trillions I purchased the thousands I’ve spent and when you write to support you get the same reply each time being a loyal paying customer means nothing on here and it’s apparently down to luck no it’s down to whether you purchase or not and if you are wondering who wrote this it’s jj47

- More skipping than a school playground

Deleted after 5 minutes! Spent more time click this,skipping that and collect that etc! Constantly having to collect items and open charms...just want to play slots without all the faff

- Mad people

I have had the worst experience of my life on this game, it has destroyed my marriage and I would never encourage anyone to ever get involved with anyone else on this game

- Load of rubbish

Just a scam to get you to buy coins. If you’re gonna spend money on here might as well go on a real casino site

- Super The only reason why you are so

The reason you are going on is to go get a haircut is it is going on and I don’t I


Great fun in hard times

- Worst site ever

Scam of a site. Paid lots over the years to play now decided to give it up! Don’t waste your time better off betting for real money than this fake game! Shame of you huuuge! About time the players are now against you! Only a matter of time your game will collapse. Even more I’ve noticed at least 30k players don’t play anymore (61k online) You’re average is now 31k players. They also don’t care about players when something goes wrong. They make mistakes in giving actual rewards like I was suppose to get 2.8b they gave me 10m. After a dispute they realised!!!!!! But what I should of got was 24b after calculating my biggest win to beat Betty. Disputes with Apple. Scam people

- Bug

When i try to go to the game it says unavailable to connect to the server and i cant fix it

- Right guys

Ok is not real money is fake piz rate ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Rubbish

Problem with app can’t even talk to anyone Have over 15 billion in chips but no way to play ever time log in just closes Down

- Trash-Do not Download

The only way you can win big is to buy the money and play big stakes you loose 99% of your spins. I could just be real unlucky but on other apps, i have billions of gold and this one wont let you win any only buy it to keep playing. If there was an option to give 0 stars i would.

- Great game

Yes this game is great if you have little else to do with your money and money you would need to be desperate to try this game it really is a shocker and the chances of winning a decent amount of chips to use on the higher bets is slim unless you spend a packet avoid at all costs ,there better games and graphics out there

- Game won’t load

I play this game everyday an today it just won’t load saying can’t get game data now going to lose my day streak is there something up an just needs fixing?

- 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Why so many pop ups? Just let us play the game. I don’t want to see pop ups every time I level up. Every other spin I have to press something and it takes me away from the game. Pop ups are not entertaining just so you know. I played for about 10 minutes then deleted it, you only get to play the slots for about 2 minutes. Then you have to look at all the other stuff that’s nothing to do with the slots. And you have to open a charm pack every level. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Also it’s a FREE GAME!!! Don’t be stupid and spend money on these you don’t get the winnings back. You might as well gamble for real because if you win you get the real money not fake game money.

- Mongoloids

This game aggravated my anxiety and I didn’t win any coin. I tried more than once and uninstalled it once, and then accidentally installed a horse racing brick game with Lego men and stars. I don’t know where to turn. I think I shall eat a biscuit.


Before you think about this game go checkout the hundreds of furious ripped of players on their Facebook page..its very very very bad.. check the low star rating and note the huge amount of poor responses..I’ve played for a long long time and it’s so over every update is another mean rip off AVOID THIS SLOT

- Game info

At first totally loved this game but after first week you hardly win so it’s impossible to play on so sad as it really could ov been a great addictive game


Please go back to the old days .When I can use DIAMONDS to help players. Giving them chips. Please

- Hugeeee letdown

As most will feel the game has gone downhill not better the tickets are a joke have been waiting months for even low prize puzzle pieces but never get them never mind a big prize puzzle you get diamonds not worth anything once upon a time you could get chips for your diamonds why change it .I still don’t know what you get for having diamonds this was a 5 star game where are the HUGEEE WINS?you can spin over 500 times and not hit a jackpot or really massive wins cmon sort it out its not real money unless you are crazy enough to buy chips 😂

- My review

When I first stared playing on this site the games were very exciting and gave you a good run for your money, however since the upgrade the games offer up very little in the way of wins the ratios are very low and it seems the bigger you bet the less wins you get. I have yet to see

- Huuuge casino

Used to be a great game with cool advantages ie exchange diamonds for coins and help friends out now it’s all stopped the game seems more like a bad habit now that fun no treasure boxes ever appear now when completing levels and the lottery is a total con 100 tickets and not one jigsaw piece this game is chite

- Great winning experience

Easy to understand big wins and great delivery

- Little bowla

I love this app

- worse game EVER absolute garbage

this game is so ridiculous, you barely win anything with the spins ingame not to mention the lottery. i paid £10 and the only thing that i got was levels and after that basically lost everything and never won nothing ever again, if you don’t fix the spins and the lottery i’m deleting this $hit

- Lose 7billion in minutes

This game is just a scam just stay away, a lot of users have gone elsewhere because the win rate has got worse. It was a fun game now every player is moaning more everyday

- Garbage

There team as you can see below total ignore all points the games tooo rigged to much loses they are told over and over and over again to just lighten up and all you get is these generic robotic responses with like a from Zoe on the end to make it more human they are all the same human GREEED has took over from empathy these people are just thieves without a gun they just know a bit of binary or python instead

- Used to be Great

Played now for some time, the game used to be fantastic (5 stars). Having spent a good amount of money I now find that it seems the owners of the app are only interested in getting more money. Case in point, I have just used 91 gold lottery tickets, not one gold puzzle pieces won!! No more money from me...

- Sick of paying to play

This game is not fair, I have spent a small fortune to play this game over the last 4 years. I have had enough. You can go 300 spins without a substantial win. And even a big win is only worth 20 spins. How do you justify this. I’m afraid I will be deleting this game once and for all. I may as well through my money at real slots. At least they have a 70 % pay out and not a 10 % pay out. Huuuge you really need to sort out your greed. I understand you need to make a profit, but you also need to allow customers to have a decent win streak to keep them interested. Also the game rips you off when you increase the bet value. This is extremely unfair. If you play for peanuts you win all the time, if you increase the stake you never win.

- Brilliant

Brilliant game graphics games and payout are amazing

- Robbery Update

This game was great and really enjoyable until the supersized update which was only a greed update to the developers. Payout is far less now and if you spend money on lottery tickets you rarely get anything good. Expect to spend a lot to get any chance of gold or silver bonus tickets. Really really poor greedy update which has spoiled a good game.

- Great fun

Brilliant game. The latest update was superb too. Some great slot clones. Recommend this to anyone who enjoys slots.

- Logout option?

The game is decent and rather exciting to play once you win (rare). Though since I have lost all of my money I wanted to restart but there’s literally no way around creating a new account. So I’m stuck with a empty account which I’ll have to wait to get the daily spin! Ridiculous! I swear the only people playing this game now are those who have spent money :/


To Huuuge Games, The everything’s bigger update was the worst update ever. I loved the game before you ruined it like that. Now I uninstalled it because the minimum bets were too high. Please cancel the update so I can go on it again. Yours sincerely, Boss Boy Logan Level 118

- New account

How can I start new account on iPhone

- Worst casino game in the App Store

Don’t waste your time. Very rarely win. Been playing for months now, spent money on chip packages for them to disappear in seconds. Most frustrating casino game I’ve come across. If I could give a negative score I would

- Phil

Avoid like the plague. Never known how bad customer service could be till I used these

- Chips disappeared again

Please please sort this out. Another 18billion chips just disappeared off my account. The link you send to use to contact you is none existent. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Come on Huuggge please reinstate my chips. I have already sent you my ID number but get nothing back. It’s impossible to contact you. Don’t tell me again to contact customer support as this doesn’t exist. It’s a fraudulent link. Got to be another way of getting in touch. Customer I’d is 65190502. That’s all you need. At least 50billion just disappeared over the past few weeks. My money give it back.

- Used to be good and fair to your customers

Now with the struggle you have imposed on everyone the bickering has started, the enjoyment going, and your money grabbing ways will lose you so many customers to leave. Therefore you either run your site fairly and keep the customers in a happy place for which it used to do or lose customers due to the strain you and you alone should take owner ship for . Becoming the fastest site to losing site purely out of greed RIP Huge you have ruined what was once an enjoyable sire

- Worse of the lot

Wouldn’t bother with it. Like most slot apps fun at the beginning then it only goes downhill,but this is one of the worse ones for getting free coins. The ticket machine is totally shocking and billy bonus or Betty bonus need to get a life. ENOUGH SAID.

- Broken down

Try to go on game from 1pm no look try all day no look try this morning no look I spent real money what going on refund me please

- British bulldogs

Great app if you’re looking for a bit of fun

- Ghg


- Ruined

What a shame, was the best game by far now just too greedy, try Cash Frenzy so much better. We can't all be wrong, why aren't they listening.

- Lottery prizes

Lottery prizes are a joke same thing over and over it used to be fun until you keep updating game not going to bother from Monday deleting game as your greed as stopped it from being fun

- Recent update makes poor play

I’d:67823175 win ratios changed after recent updates for the worst used to love playing! Even spent a few pounds keeping my boosters topped up sadly after recent updates I’m thriving off others jps and purchase rewards sadly I myself won’t be spending no more which is a shame as I was playing multiple accounts. Until things improve you can kiss my donation away huuuge 👎👎

- It is a great game

It is really fun for people that are bored they can just go on their phone and play this game as it quite fun and it doesn’t take long to level up because I am already at 28

- Huuuge casino

Took from me over £3000 pounds in 3 months gave me nothing if I have played real casino for real money I would hav made something even if I didn’t then I would know that I played for real money but this huuuge don’t even pay u fake money chips n takes ur real money ... I brought so many times gold lottery tickets for £99 n gave me 3 pieces of gold Puzzle for fourth piece of puzzle I have to buy more gold ticket to complete puzzle that’s how they are making real money putting their players in depression and in-depth , I just want my money back from huuuge ... I want huuuge to see my account they took over £5000 since I started playing this game ,and what they have given me depressed time waste and took my real money please give my money back ..... Edit Delete Share

- So far so good.

New to the game. No complaints so far. I’ll keep you posted

- Rip Off

Don’t bother with this rubbish game

- Rip off

Total rip off no wins no chips and boring games. Used to be fun now huuge are way to greedy

- Poor

Long loosing streaks spend a lot for no return go to your pub much better at least you can drink

- Huge casino

Good variety of games

- Ripped off

I agree, what a rip-off, the slots used to be good giving fair payouts, but now all tha slots pay a little take a lot. Every player I talk to says the same thing and they are all losing most of their bank. They leveling up is taking forever now making it impossible to get enough gold tickets to try and win 5bil, that was the only way left to build your bank, taken away by huuuge. I bought 2 lots of 85 silver tickets to try and get my final piece of a green puzzle to win 5bil but all I won was 2 blue pieces, 1 orange piece, $40mil & 100 diamonds, but could not complete a puzzle, this was the sixth big lotto day where I needed 1 green piece, but as yet still can’t get the final piece, RIPOFF. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this game, the developers are only interested in making more money, not making their subscribers happy.

- Getting over this glitch

I don’t know what the go is but when ever I win a large amount of money, and the screen goes off saying congratulations, the amount is never added to my bank, I just won 2x 1.6 millions on the 7s, and just watched my bank roll down not up. It’s been happening for about 3 days now. I love this app it’s great fun. But not when you watch your winnings go nowhere :(

- Poker gone

Only good thing about this app was the poker which has since been removed! Boring!


Good games but Be careful if you purchase any chips because they don’t seem to honor some of them especially high bonus ones.And if you dispute that they practically what to see your life story for $2.99’.

- Hard to do

Yes I will try free spins ,if I could find the way to do it. Told I had free spins sign in next page lol oh well good luck nest person

- Update

This game is prompting me to update but when I click to update on the game, it just does not update. Now I cannot continue to play the game as it needs to update. Nowhere is anywhere to click to do this update grrrrrrr. Therefore I give only 3 stars

- Bugs

Why don’t you fix the bugs? This never ending update that doesn’t even let you access the game poor form it’s time to delete the game or better still if you don’t have it don’t bother getting it

- It’s ok

Keeps you interested

- Names

I quite enjoy the app but you can only have so many name changes which is not helpful if you join & leave clubs. Some clubs want you to put their name at the end of yours so you run out of name changes. Also I've noticed as soon as I join a club I start losing straight away. Therefore I don't join anymore.

- Nice

Nice slots

- Was fun but now awful

This game was fantastic but new updates have made it horrible. So many players are leaving as the game is ripping people off.

- Keeps crashing and won’t load

Loved this game until it now won’t load and keeps crashing :(

- Beautiful karma

Heaps of fun thank u x

- Great Games

I love this app, particularly Aztec BUT, huge wins and free spins are getting really rare. It’s hard to do the daily challenges some days and it seems the more you play, the less it pays. Would have given five stars if the payouts weren’t so poor; it would otherwise be my favourite slot app

- Access

Hey Guys Have been trying all morning to open Huuuge Casino but it keeps throwing me out. What’s the problem. I want to play.

- Huuge

A little disappointing that you have to buy regularly to continue playing and the exchange rate is way out of touch

- Turkeytimedoug

Interesting games so far 👍

- Huge Casino

This game I like I like to play it as it pays well . But I would like to get the Jack pot once to make it worth while siting up all night playing .

- Hit and miss

Some days are great with multiple huuge wins, other days I can't even complete the daily missions. Support could be a lot better some times taking 3/4 days just to respond, should be better rewards for masters teams. Unfortunately there's not. 10% should be a daily event & the special one should be 25%.. garentee you won't be loosing profits. Fun but hard to win huuuge basically.

- Huuuge casino

Always update with the app. And it’s very harder to win also. But I still love the app.

- Pathetic

Worst slots ever. Lose lose lose. Not even enjoyable.

- Huuuge casino

Best slot game ever, well done huuuge.

- Huuuge casino

This game is great when you want to pass the time! But it gets annoying when you’re in a club with heaps of jackpot bonuses and you’re sitting there for 3 hours collecting them. I think it would be better to have a button that you can click to “ collect all “!! Please make this happen

- Huuuge casino

This game is quite good rewards are excellent

- MariYb

Amazing game always keeps me coming back.

- 👍🏻👍🏻🤗

👍🏻👍🏻great game

- Hg


- My review

Taken ages to download not happy Chappy

- Great game

Great game to chillax with!!

- Worse than a real casino

Never seen anything so rigged, and to top it off you pay real money to have 0% chance of receiving real winnings. And then they still rig the slots so you end up having to buy more anyway. Def ain't doing this one.

- Huuuuge

Fun game. Nice variety

- Huuuuuuugely obsessed!

Love love!

- Having fun 🤗

Lots of different slots to play and fantastic wins !!!!

- Best slot game going around

I've played a lot of slot games and by far this one is the best. Keep up the great work

- The shark

Love love love

- Mr T

Great game and very addictive

- Outclassing

Best and easiest casino app on the market , it's a must have

- Great Game keep up the great work


- Yeah yeah

And another yeah and you come close to how much fun this app is

- Ok game

Lost of features a little too busy but over all good

- 🤙🏻🤙🏻


- Mrs

Awesome game

- 🔑🔑🔑rob🔑🔑🔑

Good fun, get into a club and play,play,play. Cool interactive userface game.

- Don't bother!

If I could take back what I have spent on the stupid game I WOULD!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! It is a complete ripoff!! You'll loose and loose and loose until you think ok I'll spend that small $2.99 and buy a few chips! It'll be fine! WRONG!! You will loose everything! And constantly! They'll rip you off! You'll never get a decent pay out, puzzle piece or jackpot EVER AGAIN! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!

- Awesome

Addictive Fantastic

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Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 5.4.1905 Screenshots & Images

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 ipad images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 ipad images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 ipad images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 ipad images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 ipad images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 ipad images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 ipad images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 ipad images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 (Version 5.4.1905) Install & Download

The applications Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 was published in the category Games on 2015-09-11 and was developed by Huuuge Global Ltd. [Developer ID: 1222929957]. This application file size is 134.81 MB. Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 - Games posted on 2020-05-25 current version is 5.4.1905 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions.

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 Advisories: Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling

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