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What is huuuge casino slots vegas 777 app? PLAY ONLINE CASINO GAMES
Spin slots games, compete in leagues, join clubs and hit Jackpot. In our online casino, you can play over 130 TOP FREE CASINO SLOT MACHINES. Download now, Spin Slot machines and win Huuuge Jackpot!

Our Online Casino offers amazing slots games, from retro classics to modern slot machines including:
Huuuge Diamond Wins – Spin to win Vegas Jackpot
Aztec 2: Eclipse – Discover the secret hidden in the Sun and Moon temples
Respin Ranch – Win Respin and hit Farmers Jackpot
Cash Madness – Hit Huuuge Jackpots in this classic king of Slot Machines!
777 Retro Reels – Inspired by the best classic slots games from Vegas
Buffalo Rush – Your screen will shake from the Big Jackpot,

Play HUUUGE LINK – a set of four slot machines that share a truly HUUUGE Grand Jackpot. Start spinning one of the slot machines & see how easy it is to win massive Jackpots! See what our online casino is made of! Taste Vegas, play slots games from HUUUGE LINK and win Jackpot like no other.

The Billionaire League is an amazing place where you can play slots games with your friends in order to compete for the best prize. Play your favourite slot machines, spin and win Jackpot with friends! Join over millions of players in online casino and win a massive Jackpot on the ultimate Vegas Casino Game!

That’s not all! You can win big with our collection of great bonuses:
Get the Betty Bonus in the Lobby
Visit the Shop every day to collect an additional bonus!
Play the Lottery

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Our games are for entertainment only. All points in the game stay in the game and all game points have no cash value. Although in-game currency can be purchased for real money or won during gameplay, none of the items in the game have any cash value. Our games are intended for adult audiences only.
The game is intended for a mature audience.
The game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or real prizes.
Wins made while gambling in social casino games can't be exchanged into real money or real rewards.
Past success at social casino gambling has no relationship to future success in real money gambling.

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Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 Version 8.4.430012 April 2022

Hey, Spinners! We've got a new update for Huuuge Casino. As always, we're constantly working to improve the game experience for you. We've added minor tweaks and other bug fixes so you can feel even right at home while spinning! See you at the Casino! Enjoy spinning and win big! Let's play together and #StayHuuuge!.

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 Version 8.2.410116 February 2022

Hey, Spinners! We've got a new update for Huuuge Casino. As always, we're constantly working to improve the game experience for you. We've added minor tweaks and other bug fixes so you can feel even right at home while spinning! See you at the Casino! Enjoy spinning and win big! Let's play together and #StayHuuuge!.

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 Version 7.12.390009 December 2021

Hey, Spinners! We've got a new update for Huuuge Casino. As always, we're constantly working to improve the game experience for you. We've added minor tweaks and other bug fixes so you can feel even right at home while spinning! See you at the Casino! Enjoy spinning and win big! Let's play together and #StayHuuuge!.

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 Comments & Reviews 2022

- Stalkers

I’ve been playing Huuge and Billionaire Casinos for a year or almost. I’ve had 2 stalkers and one follower. 2 men and 1 woman all would send or be on game I’m playing and send hateful vulgar messages. Terrible messages. Some threatening. Wishing me harm . I’ve sent screenshots of these texts and names and I D numbers of players and their clubs. My only response from support was to change names on accounts, play private, and don’t respond and remove friend and mute them. I did all the above. These players know how to get atound these so called safety features. I asked support to delete my account and was told since I have apple devices it can’t be done. These developers of this game should have knowledge of how to remove my accounts. I can’t play without being harassed. Very frustrating. Maybe this will get the attention of someone who can help me. Harassed and stalked

- New game is worst ever anywhere

I have played huuuge and loved it. Never any real issues. Thursday night they rolled out a new game for a big league event. It bankrupted me and a lot of other ppl on our team. We have never failed to finish an event. We have been writing message to them and now at the end of event we still have not heard from them. Bringing out a new game, making it a major league event, and right before a holiday weekend. They also took away our use of diamonds to help others on the team. Seems to me like they have become heartless and only care about getting you to buy more chips so they can line their pockets. I already know their pat response, Odds of winning are the same as always, I call BS on that. Also they will say on here when responding to my rating that thanks for the review if you have problems contact customer support. We did they haven’t responded. They surely have gone down hill this year. They have lost customer service with their don’t care attitude. I am a coleader in a Platinum group and everyone in our group has complained about this game. Chatting with other from different teams, groups, during play, everyone is having the same problem and no response from customer service. I used to love this game and enjoyed playing events, loved the challenge. Not anymore, it has just become a big waste of time.

- Huuuge waste of money!

So, I’ve religiously played this game for a few months now, and have spent A LOT more than I would care to admit (well over $2k). The game is designed to take without remorse. You can buy a $20 pack and be broke in less than 5 minutes. The only way to win big is to bet big and the only way to bet big is with your debit/credit card. The games are fun and do a good job drawing you in, but the relentless pop ups for their “events” are just ridiculous. Every time you go to the lobby, you’re pelted with pop up after pop up trying to sell you coins. Customer service is practically non-existent, and no effort is made by the developer to make the overpriced packages worth it. Oh and let’s say you happen to buy an expensive pack, your store prices will automatically increase in price/size, prohibiting you from buying a small package in the future. Support claims this is due to an algorithm that is meant to be helpful, when it’s a flat-out money grab. Then there’s the whole “charms” thing where you are tasked with completing “sets” for extra chips. Sounds cool, but they have it rigged to where you can only get the rare ones on stupid high bets that will drain your bank account in minutes. I can’t remember the last time I got a new disheartening. Don’t waste your time or money here folks.

- Was great 1-2 years ago now greed by Huuuge killed it

I’ve played Huuuge for 2 years plus, amassed well over 32 BILLION plus lots of diamonds with not a lot of any major issues until now. I had a balance of roughly 32 billion and at the end of the day I had less then 2 billion of course I emailed huuuge right away as did our team leader and after waiting several days Huuuge’s response was basically. Too bad so sad!! I figured out that at times my bet of between 5-20 million per hand bumped up to max without warning I generally do not check my chip balance when spinning as fast as I can during team challenges so I was totally shocked to see 30 bill disappear and despite playing for a loooong time they didn’t give a darn simply want u to buy more chips. On a fixed income and disabled means I have little money to buy more chips. I got it over 5 bill through smart play but missing chips are back in Huuuges Profit line and great way for a company to gain players trust, by sticking it to them and refuse to step up and do the right thing. Unreal. These guys don’t give a cra* about players, it’s all about $$$. I get it, they need to make money but the odds are 50% less then a year ago, don’t buy their BS even in Vegas, some slots with same game, have different odds but Huuuuge simply denies everything

- Greedy changes, and I’m done with them now.

Late addition to my post. I am also very upset that I purchased the yellow topaz package which included 7.5 million in chips daily and five diamonds. At the time of purchase diamonds could be exchanged for chips, it was part of the incentive. Then without any prior notice this company devalued all of my diamonds making them no longer worth chips. I entered into a 30 day contract which I paid for up front and then they unilaterally changed the contract without any prior notice. I should be entitled to a refund of a prorated amount of The Topaz VIP package since a breach of contract was committed. Over the past several weeks this company has made several changes to the game that just show how greedy they really are. Little things like the lottery system where you can only win gold puzzle pieces with gold tickets now. Diamonds can no longer purchase chips. The games seem to have really had the Pay out algorithms tweaked to cut down on wins. It all combines for an experience that is no longer fun. As someone who has spent real money for fake chips because it was fun and worth it. They have gotten so greedy it is definitely not worth it anymore. I recommend don’t buy, don’t play, avoid this game and this company.

- Cheats lies and a scam.

As the title says.. Huuuge is a real scam.. If you are planning to play this site be aware that this site has zero morels and will lie cheat and steal.. No matter what you say to support the will either lie or give you some made up excuses that they read off of a script.. From the made up algorithms to I sure your luck will change.. It Is just away of saying screw you... Then when you post a review you will get some so called developer. who will say thank you for your feedback and we are looking to make things better.. Basically he or she is saying we really don’t care. Be cause they never tell how they are fixing or how they will be taking care of the problem.. Also if this was such a upstanding gem of a site there would not be so many negative reviews.. Ask about the Shawn Wilson lawsuit and it gets real quite.. The courts have said basically huuuge scammed the system so huuuge agreed to pay 5.6 milllion and start a new game you need not buy chips.. Still waiting on that last one.. So just be aware what I say.. Save your money or play a site that will let you play and win and treat you with respect as we you the players are the ones who line there pockets..Something they have forgot.. Good luck to u and hope huuuge pulls there head out..

- Disappointed

I used to love this game. I found it relaxing and fun, love the graphics and being part of a team. However, in the last 2 weeks, the machines are not paying out, free spins and bonus features are rarely given. This seems very unfair given it’s part of the daily challenge. I lost 80b in 2 days trying to complete the team challenges because of the shift in the way the games are not paying or allowing wins. Several of my team members, Diamond level, have left the game due to this. I understand it’s just a game and they want you to spend money for more chips but there should be some sort of balance between the 2! Lately it’s all about the players losing their money and being prompted to purchase more and more chips. The creators need to revamp before they lose more and more players. I read the recent reviews and it looks like my team and I aren’t the only ones experiencing this however, I did notice the developer’s response is always the same. It doesn’t look like any changes will be made but in the end they will lose out as the number of players leaving the game increases.

- Recent changes compel purchases!

Huuuge eliminated all table games (blackjack, poker, roulette, etc.) from counting towards the competitive league making these games which have far higher odds of winning less likely to be played. Payout percentages on slots not indicated but very low. Players are unable to give each other chips but must purchase diamonds instead…cost of diamonds have quadrupled since December. Club event goals have changed from required chip winnings to league points, a substantially lower number by factor of 200,000, which gives the impression it is more achievable causing players to go bankrupt more quickly. These plus many other changes over the last five months strengthen Huuuge’s top line growth by forcing players to buy chips to remain in clubs/continue playing. It’s a pitiful, shameful abuse of players emotions. Because of greater emphasis on compelling player purchases the minimum age should be raised from 12 to 18 years old. I’ve seen people become addicted… Recommend do not play.

- Greedy Huuge

The odds of losing are high! As an example, daily mission needs free spins, high wins, 250 spins, etc. today for the lousy low chip return, I spun 250 times in Dorothy, got 1 not so big win, no free spins. Went to Aztec, another 250 spins, no free spins, no big wins! So, after losing 150m, I still have not completed the “mission”. What a rip-off! Every time there is a scheduled maintainence, our odds of winning go down! This used to be a fun site, at least once in a while I could play and break even for the day. Not anymore, not even with the lobby bonuses, team jackpot bonuses and purchase bonuses! It takes two weeks to get a mystery box! How about a 48 hour XP on the levels ending in 5! Oh yes, and the crappy 5 minute lobby bonus that I got four of with 15 lottery tickets! I guess you want me to hang around the lobby for 4 days collecting instead of playing? Getting a bronze ticket for a bronze ticket, a silver ticket for a silver ticket or a gold ticket for a gold ticket is a total waste of time!

- app! Update at bottom

I've been checking out quite a few slots apps lately and this one is just so-so. I have been playing the Diamonds slot game all morning and have only won "big" on bars - never 7's or diamonds. It would be nice if it paid out if you get 1 diamond, but it only pays out if you get 3, which I have yet to do and that is very disappointing! They do start you off with 11 or 12 million coins, so that is great. And I have won anywhere from 200k to 1 million coins on a combo of bars or 7's and 1 diamond - but I just can't seem to get all 7's or all diamonds. I have yet to check out the other slot games. I don't care for slots that have cartoon characters or weird symbols and weird matching because I find them soooo confusing! But this app is ok, it must be if I've been playing it all morning!! If I could just get all 7's or diamonds..... Update: so I tried a couple diff slots - like the 10x classic, I think that's what it's called, and NOT ONCE did the payline land on 10x or 3x - NOT ONCE in like 20 min of continuous playing. What a JOKE!! But it did keep landing on cherries - whoopie!!

- My first negative review

I have been playing this game for almost 4 years and finally fed up. I believe my biggest mistake is that I ever spent real money to play a game. I get this is a business and they need to make money. The slots are not fair and it’s impossible to get ahead for very long. This is supposed to be fun and relaxing except you close the app feeling like a loser. I’ve contacted them 2 times in all these years and their pat answer is slots are random and the lottery is random and they don’t control anything. But wouldn’t you think out of good customer service they could throw in a few chips to cheer you up. Or hey we see you are in a losing streak here’s a few chips on us and have a good day. I bought 62 gold lottery tickets and didn’t get one gold puzzle piece. This has happened before but I didn’t complain but swore I would never buy again and when I complained I get their pat answer the games are random. Nothing to make you feel like an appreciated customer. Play at your own risk and enjoy what you can from this app. It’s very fun to win but this constant take take take feels like a curse. Good customer service goes a long way and you get nothing from them.

- It’s a hoax everyone please read what I have to say !!!!

If anyone would have read the small print on the downloading page before you open the app it clearly says this game is not intended for real winning in money just for fun ... I wish it would let me put the pictures of My screenshot I took up too show y’all where it says it bc I don’t believe there’s away to go back and see it now since you already opened the app. So all that real money you put into the game you mize we’ll just say you gave it away bc you will never get it back I’m so glad I read the small print before I even opened the game if your going to spend real money go play on real machines so you at least have a chance at getting something back ... I feel bad for a lot of ppl I read in the reviews that have spent tons of money but I hope this review stands out because this site is a huge rip off and I’d appreciate if who Ever is replying back to customers reviews to not even reply to me bc your not going to tell me anything different to change my mind to go in and playing this gold digging game ! Period hope all of you take what I say into consideration and stop wile your ahead !! Have a great day and good luck

- Odds and developers

The last update changed a lot on how the machines paid and there odds in real life it doesn't matter if u bet 1 penny or 100 dollars the odds are the same however in this game that's not the case. The lower u bet the better you win the higher u bet the more you lose. Warning if you buy chips they will be gone in less than an hour the make your odds of winning almost impossible. It's frustrating because you could be sitting on 20 billion and for 3 weeks you won't win anything at all. Plus when there is a problem there customer service if you want to call it that treats you as if your trying to rip them off and that your an idiot. I wanted to edit this because of there response they say it's on a machine basis lol we did this experiment on multiple machines with the same people it's funny they say it's not from person to person than why does everyone else win expect one person over and over again machine to machine. We moved and the person who was in a slump no matter what machine would loose even if we were all winning and big. Also before u use that as an excuse same bets were made by all parties

- Changes symbols when reel is stopped manually

First off, let me just say I did not spend any money using this app. At first glance, it’s pretty cool app but as I was playing I started to notice something you’d only be able to see for split second with the naked eye. There is a feature to stop the reel from spinning and you’ll either win or lose depending on if the symbols line something up (like almost all casino games). I started to notice on one particular game (“pinochio”) that the “wild” symbols would disappear when the reel would be stopped. I used another iPhone and recorded in slow motion to confirm if this was true, and lo and behold, my suspicions were true. Major disappointment.. if you too suspect the game isn’t playing fair, give it a test. The slot machine I’m referring to is called “PINOCCHIO” of all names. Totally ruins the point of the entire names. No matter how much this app asks you to pay for anything please don’t. P.S. I only downloaded the app because Swagbucks had an offer for it to make money for beating levels, otherwise it’s just a waste of storage space. I hope you guys update for the people that take this seriously, they are the ones who make you guys “huge”. Remember that.

- Need get jackpot again please big amount thanks wink

Love this game and it’s not right I haven’t hit higher jackpot not fair I saw some ppl hit bigger pots of jackpot and I didn’t get jackpot bigger one only small one and I would like get bigger jackpot pots again it been almost 2 year haven’t got bigger jackpot pots it would be nice if I get bigger one if I get bigger jackpot I’ll give you 5 star rate and change this comment also game when I play apps close itself few time and I play low bet always broke fast and free spin hard get or bonus game hard get please fix and it kept spinning none stop and apps close few time before I can re open apps and I have close apps and restart my phone it’s game self please give me bigger jackpot pots and I’ll give best feedback positive right now get 3 star and when I level up no more chest reward I had before couple time n never got chest reward like pick one out 3 mean 1 chest had bigger chips than 2 chest please bring back thanks

- Not the best investment.

In Dec 2018, I spent over 750$ on purchases. At first I didn’t realize I was spending so much. However, itty bitty can become biggy piggy. Fast. I made a purchase I didn’t understand, where I purchased a big block of coins, but could only receive them, a little bit each day. It took 60 days to use the coins up. Whew! I’ll not make that mistake again. The second is purchasing tickets. Ya, dumb right? But I thought it would be fun. And I thought there was a payoff ahead built in. No. I continued buying tickets until I won the gold bonus. Whew! I’ll never do that again. So enjoy the games - they do fill the emptiness of those stress-relieving times we need, but spend wisely. Understand your purchases before you click, okay. And, one last stupid thing. I love giving to others. At least six, maybe even up to eight times, I made the $178,000,000 coin purchase so members could receive free coins. I felt great doing this, HOWEVER, I was the only member in my club. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. Whew! I won’t be doing that again. In Jan 2019, I spent under 80$. Lessons learned!

- Gifts

I think that the game should not deny gifts when asked. They only give gifts if you have spent real money to buy fake chips. This is how I know that it is a factual statement.. my husband plays but he has not purchased anything in a while and when he asks for a gift they tell him “They are not able to provide him with a gift at this time”. Since September 2019 was the last time he received a gift. We have been playing for like 5 years and it is super frustrating when they won’t even give a little bit if you run out of chips if you have been playing for so long... I only gave this game a 3 star review because I play the game a lot and I am hopeful that the gift thing will change but chances are slim to none but if you guys would give a small gift when asked I am sure you would have more players willing to make purchases because we know you have our backs when we want to play but have no resources to make a purchase.

- Random wrinkles

I love playing this casino I was perpetually plagued with issues in sit and go poker. I would have the alert it is your turn Winston even if I played immediately. My turn would be skipped, and my hand folded especially when I had good cards. This message would stay up throughout the game even when the game was ending. I went to the contact and sent screen shots but never got a response. I just quit playing poker. When wins in slots should have doubled it was hit and miss if I would get my coins doubled. I contacted the support site and goT no response. I have contacted them on several issues and just use it as a sounding board as they do not respond. Club slot events seem to be set so “tightly” that it is impossible to get wins. Even games I could usually win at seem to dry up when they are a current club event. I have played other slot games that are fun but when the “snafus” are not present I can still enjoy this site. But I consider it to be a giant outfit that does not care about individual’s issues and take my chances. Take it as it is or leave it

- I don't always play app games but when I do, it's this one!

I do not enjoy app games... but I love playing this one! I live in South Florida where we have several casinos within decent traveling distance. I love going to the casinos not just for the games but the environment and thrill! This game projects that thrill. The music and sound effects are on point and exactly what I want to hear when I think casino games! I love how the games teach you how to play as well! And as far as money spent, I've spent maybe $3 and didn't even have to, I just did because the deals were so cheap yet rewarding! The game starts you off with a lot of money and basically throws money at you at time intervals. If you know when to walk away from a "cold" game and when to increase your bids when the table is "hot" then you will really enjoy this game! Very social app as well, love playing for my Club, sending out round of drinks to fellow players and chatting as well! ❤️

- This is the Best & Most Fun Gaming App!

I enjoy playing the variety of games & the options to bet on Classic's when open to All. The 75 Golden tickets sale is Fantastic. I will write that I'm some disappointed with the sale before today's sale...I had over 100 Gold tickets & needed 1 piece to complete the 5B puzzle...I did Not get that piece...very discouraging. I've bought many times & now I have to question whether I should spend more 'Real $$$' on virtual chips if this is how tight or Greedy this game has become. Please loosen up so winning can be Fun & more Frequently! Show Appreciation for the member's that 'invest' monies into your App. I'm a Leader of a Club & really love my Club member's and I always try to keep them positive even when they are losing! If we Win, then Huuuge will also Win! Keep up with the Great CS! Very user friendly with the update on contacting Huuuge! Please make this a Win/Win for All. Have Fun & big wins for All 😊🍀

- Save your money!

Fortunately I’m not struggling financially in life, so the money I continuously lost buying chips and lottery tickets that leave you one piece away from a payday didn’t bother me. What bothered me the most is that the more you spend the less you win. Great job developers!! You’ve lost another customer. How about introducing an ATM machine option where we can just click on the ATM in the lobby and deposit $$$ right from the card of choice out of our own wallet daily and watch the Hugggge account grow larger and larger...that would actually be more fun so we can all quantify exactly how much you are ripping off from your customer base daily. Update after update to decrease your odds of winning!! I’m going to go watch paint dry....that is undoubtedly much more fun then watching you’re reels land on nothing worth getting g excited over 200 out of every 199 spins!! No need to reply with the same response you seem to post to everyone! You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than you do of holding onto more than one billion chips for more than a day on this app..... Happy Easter Hugggeee.....thanks for the rotten eggs

- It could have been great

Except the pop ups. Constant pop ups. When I first started playing, there was one or two pop ups to attempt to get you to purchase chips. Now, less than six months later, when you start the app, you get a pop up. Close that one, another opens, close that one and a third opens. Collect your free chips, and another pop up opens. Try to go into your club, another pop up. Basically, you move into any other screen, you get a pop up. And if your settings aren’t set up to have to approve a purchase, the way the pop ups happen, you ALWAYS end up clicking one by mistake and a purchases tries to happen. It’s a completely underhanded way to try and make a buck off of players. So if you have little ones that play on your iPad, don’t install this or they’ll end up buying chips if they accidentally open the app. Or you might end up buying chips when yo7 didn’t mean to because of a crappy company trying to force you into buying chips. Also, if you do purchase chips on purpose and the game glitches, forget tech support helping you get your lost chips back. This company is greedy and scammy.

- Do Not Play this game!!!

Google complaints before you download this game!! This game has turned into nothing but junk!! Huuuge has turned what was once a fun game with many opportunities to gain ground into nothing more than a money pit. I have spent plenty of money on this game and it is gone within minutes. Please do not be fooled by seeing other players with coins into the billions, that is what makes this game attractive. I was once one of those players that were in the billions but since their new update, you cannot win!! If you download this game you will regret it!!! As far as Huuuge Inc responding to this review, save it!! I along with others do not care for your lies and automated bs you give. BEWARE!!! They will also have their own customer service reps come on here and leave positive reviews to entice new people to download this game!!! Update *** Also if you spin and stop the reels in mid spin, if there’s even a chance that you are going to land on a jackpot the reel will shake or jitter. I’m sorry but that is all Huuuge and not your service which is the excuse they use as to why they screw you over. They do pick and choose who gets jackpots and who doesn’t.

- Shady advertising

I only downloaded this game to leave this comment about their advertisement. I was watching advertisements to get free play on a free game when I come across the advertisement for this game. I watched the full 30 seconds and at the end, after numerous tries, couldn’t close out the tab. I could play the short game in the advertisement and go to the App Store, but couldn’t close out the advertisement to get free play. I lost that free play and wasted time out of my life. I would never download a game with this type of advertising. I only keep a few games on my phone at a time. This game is something I may have been interested in when I grow tired of the one I am playing now, yet after the trouble I had to go through this time, not only will I never download this game, but I hope people see this as immoral advertisement and don’t download it them selves. I will not be forced to play a game, and I will not support anyone who uses trash advertising to stronghand people into downloading their crappy game. But, I have a idea. Make a game that people would want to download. There is a idea for you.

- After 3 years of constant downgrades I’m out

3 years ago Huuge was a great casino app. Fun games lots of freebies and a very enjoyable slot game. However after many “upgrades” the game has gone through a lobster boil whereby the good elements of the game were slowly taken away. To name two, you can no longer realistically hit a gold puzzle without buying tickets and diamond that you used to be able to redeem for chips are now only useful to send greetings to other players. Sure you get a daily bonus of perhaps a few hundred thousand chips maybe a million and every 15 minutes you get 100k chips but when most players spin 100k chips or more those freebies quickly run out. At the end of the day you either have to buy chips or tickets to complete puzzles very often or the game becomes a very frustrating game. I’ve decided to no longer play this game. It used to be fun.

- Thieves

I got a new device and got locked out of my account when I downloaded it to my new device. I tried connecting through Facebook but I still lost everything! They started me at a level 1 with entry level chips. I was almost a level 500, with over 12 billion chips! I have attempted to contact their support team for over a week through every single support source they have and have, and not received one response, that was not automated. The response says that someone would contact me within 72 hours... well that 72 hours was up 5 days ago!! I have spent my hard earned money on this game with the understanding that the account was mine to play, win or lose! They stole that from me. I have a club and my members are sitting in limbo. Their hands are tied and so are mine. I am about to be booted from my own club because of inactivity! Now it's time to file a complaint with google play! If these thieves have ripped you off and you want to join me in filing a formal complaint with google play, contact me! I have also written a statement to send to the BBB to have them investigated for fraud.

- Great Games!

I really like this app as it has almost-almost all of the best designs out there, game play and explanations are fantastic except, like I have seen others post, you tend to lose a lot more than you win the higher you bet on some games which is the opposite in most real Casinos... I would give the whole app a 4.5 Star rating but it only allows 4 or 5, because other than the payout concerns, this app is a Tremendous amount of fun-has Excellent graphics-a Lot less ads than others-and the Club experience is Top Notch and easy!! I have recommended this to all my Facebook friends! Is there a way that you can adjust the app to allow us to Gift our Club Members while in the Club Area? Thanks again for making my day better by giving me something fun to do no matter how the rest of it went! I know I can always get a smile with y'all's efforts!!!!

- Wish I read the reviews first 😞

In the beginning this game is fun... The clubs & social aspect keeps it addicting, BUT when you win... Soon you can’t win anymore... Call it Lady Luck or Huuuge getting more money from my account... I appreciate the algorithm (as stated response in earlier reviews) but when an entire club loses consistently?? It’s really no longer fun... Sad to go, but I’m sure company is FAT off the monies I’ve contributed... Let me know when the algorithm is FURTHER in the players percentage... You can STILL make your money on purchasing lottery tickets & diamonds... It’s just no longer fun when you are losing billions with no free spins or jackpots!!! Here are a few suggestions: 1) go back to $ for events instead of wacky points system 2) some slots have jackpots that have never been won & I’ve played for 6 months now, and 3) adjust your algorithms! Our club had added family members from all over the world, but now we are ready to let our club go because no one is winning anymore...

- Huuuuuuge slots 777

I loved this game until you put up a new screen forcing me to download a game that won’t download and has locked me totally out of any game and lose my 5 Billion in points. Leave things alone. All y’all seem to do is totally lock us out! I’m very upset that it’s been one week since I was able to play my game! I still can’t get back into my game with over 5 billion points! I’ve paid a lot to play but if you don’t restore my game with points I’ll NEVER buy into them again! I tried to enter thru money bunnies and it just hung up and spins allowing NO entry into ANY game! Huuuuge slots 777. Either get me back into this game that has locked me out and give me my 5 billion points or I’m deleting every Apple game on my phone! Enough is enough and I’m tired of forced downloads to lock me out of my game and points! LAST CHANCE for you to get this opened for me! Over 2 weeks now I’ve waited! CANNOT get into SUPPORT! I give y’all a ZERO for not helping and taking my over 5 BILLION points! Crooks! I use to buy regular but NEVER again! Crappy bunnies game locked me out!!!

- Huuuge Rip Off

I have played this app daily for more over a year and a half. What I have come to find may be of help to you. The higher you climb level wise the less you start to win. As it became harder to win I found myself spending a couple hundred dollars. Some wins were not honored by the app, citing app glitches. One of the biggest being the puzzle portion of the game. During an event the payouts were reflected in the billions, I won 9B but was only paid 400k as an apology from the app provider. Several others were also cheated this way. Huuuge Casino told me that it was a glitch and that I needed to pay attention to the event details, not the actual payout screens because of glitches such as this. Yes I was actually told this. I had spent 50 dollars on this event and was completely ripped off by them. They never did make it right. If you play, do not pay! The app is a scam. Check it out yourself, google their fraudulent activities. Just got a response from the developer ensuring that the algorithms are fair, lol! Don’t care! Because I deleted the app and am never going back.

- 3.5 years playing

If you’re going to play this game you must understand that reason you must be connected to the Internet to play is because when you push the spin button it, it send bits of info to their server (like your device ID and IP address) and the result of the spins is sent back to your device. And I’m sure they do have an algorithm, one for randomly generating numbers for the spin results, and another one to identify each player individually so that those results can be altered quickly, I.e. winning streak/losing streak. In addition each and every game can have their algorithm altered before each event. There are no rules and regulations governing these types of games because they are “for fun“. So if you’re thinking that the odds are the same as an a Vegas casino you better think again.

- Becoming frustrating game

I have been playing this game for awhile and in a top level platinum team, but recently we have lost some top players due to the frustration level playing this game. In the past you had a decent chance of hitting big wins but now you win next to nothing. If you make the mistake of buying chips , instead of getting better wins you loose even faster as if they expect you to spend more money. It is a shame because most of us have made great friendships while playing in clubs and the way we win now is ruining the fun of this game. I for one will not be spending another penny on this game unless something changes. You as a company may be making money now but in the long run you will be loosing loyal customers who have now had enough. The greed in this country is a shame.

- What happened to HUUUGE

After reading all the other negative comments I can’t put it any better than they have. Your customer service doesn’t listen. I don’t know what they’re reading but it’s not what I wrote. You have changed. You are greedy. I have spent thousands of dollars as a disabled veteran and after my last days of the black in VIP I bought is gone I will be leaving huge and billionaire and my team. You are a disgrace for what you have done to this once great game. Now if you put everything back like it was where diamonds bought chips and could give chips. Where you had a lottery that actually meant something, I might stay. The chances of you changing it back areZERO because you’re a greedy bunch Who couldn’t care less about your customers. Goodbye and good riddance. And believe me when I tell you I am not the only one. A lot of people don’t have the courage to leave. It’s like Netflix. They’ve got Obama Jarret Silverman and now Louis Farrakhan I canceled Netflix. At some point you have to stand on principle. That goes for HUUUUGE too.

- Pay to play site

Play this game until you start to lose, because you will lose,a lot, then delete it. It will be great for a week or two then you’ll start losing and not hit at all. I mean literally at all. Then you’ll buy chips and hit again for a day or two more and lose it all again. I bought several times, up to 2 billion chips each time, betting only 1 million and still lost it all in a matter of a day or two. No big wins, no free spins, or if I did get free spins they didn’t even cover my bet, and definitely no jackpots. You can only play if you pay, and pay, and pay. I get that Huuuge has to make money and I don’t mind buying once in awhile but definitely can’t buy daily. It’s sad because they have really fun slots but who can afford to throw money away daily. SERIOUSLY DAILY. That’s how fast you lose especially if you’re in a club that plays the daily events. So as I stated before PLAY INTIL YOU START LOSING AND THEN DELETE THE APP. Sorry Huuuge, but this free game is too expensive for me to play.

- Great Game

If there were 1-10 stars I would give this game a 10 star review because; I sometimes get to play for 6-7 hrs in some of my sessions of play and yes at other times it may be just an hour or two; but it is always fun!!! I really feel I get my monies worth. Playing with real money has to do with luck too. I think it unfair when members say they are unhappy with results when they play $20. Yes, it us sad to lose but like any game enjoy while You play!!!As to Company I feel I know they are fair and their customer service is consistent on responding very quickly!! As a whole this game is far above many others. All I want to say this is a great game I enjoy. I’m 60 years old I’m not a young kid and I really enjoy it and the company has a great customer service!!!👍👍. ENJOY, be well and happy holidays to all!

- Money taking app

I fully understand that streaks up and down are part of gambling, even in the virtual world, knowing that this is a game of chance. That being said, on several occasions I’ve purchased chips, both to enjoy the full experience and help support the developers. The issue I have is when the app quite obviously has no “intention” of giving out a win. When someone spends $50 or more on a purchase, earning nearly 3B chips, plays a variety of games and quite literally hits NOTHING the entire time. Even on Vegas odds, that’s nearly impossible. The right thing to do would be add chips back into someone’s account. There’s absolutely ZERO incentive to ever purchase more as why would you just throw your money away and have no enjoyment out of it. I wish there was another way to get through to them other than this. I’m sure they hear complaints about losing all the time, to this extent is utterly ridiculous. I’ll be deleting the app and taking my money elsewhere.

- Go to a real casino

For the money you WILL have to spend to even play you may as well play for real money. Used to love huuge, it’s just not fun to spend and spend and such a bore to lose and lose. I’ve been in several clubs and they fall apart once players realize you really have to pay to play. You may get lucky once in awhile, but collecting thousand of duplicate charms to rarely make a set is boring and not fun. Winning is fun and losing is not. I truly believe this is a rigged game. It’s like fake players in room at a low level with Billions. It’s impossible, you can’t even buy that many coins. I’ve spent $600 and the most I’ve been able to win is 16Billion. So seeing someone at 176 level with over 100Billion is fake. Impossible and they are hoping you think you can actually get that high and if you happen to get many Billions. Like many in my club who have left went to bed with 260 Billion and woke up broke. I’m uninstalling and never coming back. Chumba casino is the way to play!

- Loved at first! Just not worth it anymore!

I loved this game when I first downloaded it but now I have gotten to level 800 or so I am just frustrated with playing it! I am always having to buy coins because they go so fast now and it is impossible to get to the next level of the game and earn some free credits to be able to play the game! I am definitely deleting the app because I didn’t mind paying for coins to play but I don’t like paying for coins then almost instantly loosing them and no progress in the game towards free coins or tickets! The free ticket or few free coins are not enough to bother trying anymore! I don’t understand why the game has gotten so impossible to play and I wish it would have stayed at a more reasonable rate!

- Absolutely Frustrated

Had sworn off playing app games but have had a blast playing this game. Only complaint is that I've lost a Huge amount of $$$ when the slot spins and seems to get hung up or crashes and kicks me out. It ta keys my bet amount 😤. I've got highest speed internet available so it must be due to site being overloaded. Third time today in the middle of Artic Animal I was in the middle of the 100 free spins and got kicked. It was well on the way to over a billion each time. Once I got nothing. The other two times you gave me far less than I would've won. Thanks for that but it's hard enough to build a bank but with that happening it's impossible. I've spent too much on this game to see that happen too often. Enjoy the game but if this keeps happening I'll look to other sites.

- Not So Much Fun Anymore

Have been playing this game for several years. Even spent real money to buy diamonds, and special ticket packages which would pop up from time to time. All of that has changed. When diamonds ceased being useful, and you could no longer gift coins to family/friends/teammates, the game took a downturn. Now, when you open the game, you're hit with ad, after ad, after add wanting you to spend real money in the game. I can say even when you spend money in the game, gameplay does not improve. I began playing this game in about 2016. Despite real money, having billions of game $ from time to time, I've yet to win a Jackpot in any game. Most games just drain money. Payouts on slots in this game are worse than the big casinos in Las Vegas. If you just want to do some mindless spinning for absolutely no reason but to use up extra time in your day....this is the app for you!

- Fun but money grab.

I casually played this game. Spent a few bucks here and there for fun to keep my coins up but not a lot. What really ended it for me is that the game has the max bet button so close to the spin reels button. During a recent game I had about 150 million coins and playing a machine that had a low bet of 100k and a max bet of 100m coins. Inadvertently my thumb hit the max bet before I hit the spin reels button. Instead of a normal bet I hit a 100m bet taking almost everything I worked for a long time to accrue. That fast, 1 quick second! Ripoff. A notice comes up as a little cloud when you do this but if you are just spinning reels and hitting the bet button it’s all you need to do to go forward with the max bet. Should be a more involved process to move from a bet of 100k to a bet of 100m!! Also the higher stakes machines don’t pay, the low ones do to get you into the game, then they slow them down!! It’s like they want you to lose so they can sell you more obviously.

- Legalized Robbery

I spent over $800 on this game, had billions of chips, but no matter how much I bought or won, the games are set to make you lose, that way you have to buy more chips. It is funny, paying cash for a game that you will never win money on, but is designed to rip you off. I warn anyone downloading this app, you will never get your monies worth out of it. It is so bad, I really think Google apps and Apple should distance themselves from this company, there is absolutely no response to my questions to the company, which claims to answer within 72 hours, I am going on two weeks with no response. I have decided to launch my protest on social media sources, the BBB, blogs and any online gaming review site I can find. Really a shame what this company does to its customers, but I guess that is the capitalist way, whatever, don't say you were not warned. Look at the reviews listed here, good ones are responded to with a "Hi", every negative one is ignored, see for yourself. In closing, shame on you APPLE!!!!!

- Worst in the App Store

Huuuge will respond with standardized mathematics and algorithms as they have done repetitiously down below. Truth is it’s a lie. Go to any casino and sit down at any slot and spin 250 times and the results won’t be zero wins above a loss as is this app. But this app to meet the daily bonus requires 250 spins and time and time again not once does a spin win more than bet. Don’t apologize huuuge. Continue ur European lies and becoming wealthy. Post odds and prove your standardized mathematics and algorithms which your cannot do. You huuuge don’t have a support feature in this app because you would be flooded with complaints. Keep your empty apologies and your blah blah about mathematics and algorithms and just by my prime real estate I’m willing to sell u for a price that mathematics and algorithms. Standardized in imaginary land will be the deal of a life time. Everyone contact iTunes support and start demanding refunds. Apples tos trumps huuuge tos and huuuge will eventually change their greedy lying ways.

- Great Game, However

I really enjoy this game, yes you can lose it all in one game or you can win millions etc. Not sure why anyone would complain about that it’s a CASINO game!! Seems everyone who left a negative review was simply angry they didn’t win every single time..reading those reviews reminds me of a toddler having a tantrum. As far as having to spend actual money umm you are not obligated. The developers made a great game and ofcourse want to make money off it! The only gripe I have with this app is not being able to change the team name without contacting support first. Developers seriously for something like that the team leader should be able to do it without a hassle. I don’t want to submit three names for you to chose from for me on top of asking permission thanks. Lol happy gaming people!

- Huuuge Disappointment

Huuuge has become extremely greedy with jackpots, taking diamonds away and even with tickets. I have won several jackpots that were not added to my total and when I contacted support they told me they checked logs and the jackpot was added. It definitely wasn’t and I’m certainly not the only one to complain of this issue. Many, many members have had the same thing happen to them. The games are fun and I enjoy my club members, but due to their greediness, we’ve lost 20 members this week alone. Sad, extremely sad. They want you to keep purchasing chips rather than making it fair the way they used to. I hope team leaders and members are doing no pay, no play today, July 7. Please join the boycott.

- Fun

Great graphics, encourages team play, lots of fun. Hard to keep playing when funds go down, no bonuses available unless you join a team, more ways to earn coins easier would be helpful. Lots of variety. Social Play games could be more fun if players were forced to bet in a shorter time frame, people take advantage of those who spend a lot of money on social slots. In the past four months, player advantages have slowly been taken away. Why did they remove the ability to double your funds when you level up? The slots are tighter than I have ever seen causing more and more players to be forced to either play with less or have to purchase coin packets with real money. The draw is still there but the advantages are not. More and more players are leaving high pressure teams to play at a lower level for fun without the competition.

- Huuuge Casino

I have been playing for about 3+ years now I have love the site! But it is changing we play here to avoid the world outside a means of escaping the horrors outside! With the economy as it is so many people cannot afford to buy chips! We come here to escape but it takes the fun out of it when you never win. It has gotten so bad that jackpots are far and few between! The events are becoming monotonous because they keep repeating. Again we are continually losing what little we have! Yes there are several that have trillions but how much did they spend to get them. Please HUUUGE LOOSEN THE SLOTS SO we can escape the depressing things in the real world! Love you still but help the little people and when we can we will purchase again.

- Years IN

It’s an addictive game of luck that allows you to have serious fun either with a group or solo. I’ve had complaints but who doesn’t? With each new update, I’m never left bored out of my mind. It’s a really great pass time. The perks to this game is daily 100k chips given in addition to whatever you earn from the daily free spins. They even have some sweet deals for those who want to purchase chips. The cons to this is some of the earning for clubs. I noticed that higher ranked clubs have to spin way more for points just to earn the same reward as lower leveled squads. Other than that, you’ll find that the developers do listen to players as a whole and their customer service response time is phenomenal. Happy Spinning

- Beware !!

Not gonna lie this is a fun game to play but like all the other reviews everybody has hit the head on the nail they have the worst customer service I have ever seen they don’t care about their members most their members or employees that per viruses inside your app so you can not win. Even if you do contact customer service support all of thing they do is just make excuse after excuse after excuse their prices on this app is ridiculous why would anybody spend over $100 and only get 1 billion chips which are probably last you an hour to two hours depending on how you bet now if I was writing this app in for somebody who will spend $100 I would give them more $50 billion. This is the biggest fraud app I have ever seen do not waste any money on this app it’s kind of funny that you don’t really see any positive reviews on the huge casino because she wants casino does not care the only thing they care about is their money....


After years of playing and paying i have noticed that through recent developments Huuuge has taken a HUUUUGE down turn for the worse! I think that greed has finally taken over with all the recent updates and changes they have made it is no longer possible for everyone to have daily chances at jackpots or win big. That is unless you buy chips and start with billions other wise good luck making it back to the billions. If you do make it back to having billions, oddly enough your winning streaks come crashing to a stop and huuge says come get some more with these great deals!!! Ya right. AFTER THE CHANGE ive spent no more money! And spend about 5 mins a day playing bc thats all you can get even with being a part of a club in bonus chips! Black ball me for speaking out, i dont care anymore. WHATCHA GONNA DO MAKE MY DAILY PLAY TIME 2.5mins lol used to think this game was the best and even had friends join me. Yall got greedy and i hope it ruins you but i doubt it

TransferWise 💸

Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!

- Great time passer

This app is honestly so addicting and very helpful with any gambling problems you might have 😂 However, since the new update it's become a bit hard to keep up with the in game achievements in your chosen clubs and you have to log on within 14 days or so or be kicked or and start again. Really stressful and annoying as I personally can't log on every day and I'm lucky enough to have time to play once a month. Overall this game is super cool, there are heaps and heaps of different slot games to chose from as well as a decent amount of table games too if you get bored of slots. Would recommend to anyone interested in finding a good game to pass time and just relax.

- You will get ripped !!

Tested with multiple accounts, 100% confirmed if you buy gold tickets you will get gold puzzle easier, game will let you win big at start and later on winnings & free games appear rate drop dramatically, awhile back they let players exchange chips with diamond but they removed it, in response to players anger they changed lottery system claimed they increased % of getting gold puzzle, but they also increased rate of getting silver and bronze puzzles, % getting gold puzzle still not changed much after all, (unless you buy lots gold tickets at once then may be you get bit more gold tickets )and reduced price of both silver and bronze puzzles trying to make ( force) serious players buy more gold tickets, if they can changed gold ticket drop rate%, why can't they set % of games lower too to cover the lost, they always gonna respond below that their % is same as other casinos, All other casinos rigged games like this too, cheat your money away like this and they dare to sue people cheat their games? they cheated everyone at first place!!

- Alorgarithym rubbish & chip mayhem 😡🤬🤮

Please note ... you cannot win long term here. The developers of these programs don’t give a stuff about you ... it’s all about profit! This company made app. $150 million from people like you in 2017! It’s got nothing to do with giving you a pleasurable social experience. This is all about maximising income. You will have brief success and then the odds change ... and they do! The standard response from app support is all is fair & just bad luck ... absolute rubbish .... nothing like a real casino .... total lies and ripoff. Hey, they don’t care as they have your real money😡 but you don’t get much at all in return. The rewards have gone backwards. Also, do not buy chip packages that offer drip feed chips over many days. The rationale is to keep you coming back. If you lose your chips in one sitting you might not return but if you have invested in chips over days you will not want to leave .... but you will spend more. Sneaky, psychological ploy!

- Ripped off

I agree, what a rip-off, the slots used to be good giving fair payouts, but now all tha slots pay a little take a lot. Every player I talk to says the same thing and they are all losing most of their bank. They leveling up is taking forever now making it impossible to get enough gold tickets to try and win 5bil, that was the only way left to build your bank, taken away by huuuge. I bought 2 lots of 85 silver tickets to try and get my final piece of a green puzzle to win 5bil but all I won was 2 blue pieces, 1 orange piece, $40mil & 100 diamonds, but could not complete a puzzle, this was the sixth big lotto day where I needed 1 green piece, but as yet still can’t get the final piece, RIPOFF. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this game, the developers are only interested in making more money, not making their subscribers happy.

- Challenging Team Play

A really good App offering HUUUGE range of slots, video games and regular casino action, together with sophisticated chat and team play. You can form or join a club to compete with other clubs from around the world. Double chat allows dual club interaction and within game chat on two channels. Variety of regular bonuses and rewards keeps you in credit. Highly recommended 😊😊😊. On occasions, following maintenance there may be a need to reload the App. If on iPad this can be easily done via the App Store from the Purchased category 😊😊😊 without losing credits or levels.

- Actual garbage, waste of time, effort and altogether a crappy game

As soon as you start the game you are just bombarded with ads to get you to buy their garbage currency so then you can waste it on crappy slot machines that have the MOST GARBAGE algorithm that when you fall, you can’t get back up, also if that wasn’t enough for you even if you do get back up somehow, you’ll just lose it again because let’s be honest, 1 mill just isn’t enough to get you back to what you were at. Honestly so disappointed that I even wasted my time to try to get better and it just won’t happen unless you BUY in game currency to boost yourself don’t even bother, you’ll end up giving up and buy their trash or deleting the app like many other sane people

- Convincing Addiction Maker Should be Banned

This is an appalling slots sim. Im not sure I should call it a game as it is very much simulative of a real casino where you get fed amounts of winnings to keep you playing or actually spending. There is no way to win on Huuuge. There are people in Huuuge who have Billions of chips but some of these are bots and not real people. They are there to entice you to spend real money to buy chips. This game is very bad. It should be banned because it is an addiction maker. Meaning you could become attracted to spending real money to play a sim you can never come out in front. As it is not a game I suggest sternly to avoid it and go play Angry Birds or something less likely to steal your time and maybe your money.

- Win/ take/ greed

This game used to be fun that most ages could enjoy, however huuuge/ billionaire casino have made it that hard its simply just frustrating to play. It's appalling how you want players to buy chips 24/7 with no rewards, as when you do buy them you just loose them no matter what. I feel sorry for who ever has to start a game now it's so hard, before the updates it's was much easier!!!! Now that have taken 5m off you, they've made it harder to win and they have taken gold tickets off you once you reach level 100+!! It's just stupid now put it back to the way it use to be fun and enjoyable where everyone had a chance !!!!!

- Huge Casino

Not to bad but like everything has positive & negative points. Bonuses are only worthwhile these days on the 0's. I.e.: 100, 110, 120 etc. It's really had to get the Huge wins and even harder to get special bonuses every 6 hours with raffle tickets. The shop bonus is only 100,000 and that is only every 8 hours. It's great being in a team however if you have people that don't play very much and others that go through all the tasks and spend all of their cash and when tasks are completed, everyone on the team gets advantage of bonuses which isn't fair as they don't spend their cash. And there seem to be a lot of people that just don't have that friendly spirit for example you can 'like' someone in a game but a lot of the time that doesn't get reciprocated, people it doesn't cost you anything to 'like' someone back.. its simple. You make the decision....

- It’s not a “matter of luck”

This game is rigged. I downloaded it to get to level 150 to claim a reward for a website. It was smooth sailing at the beginning, lots of mega wins, huge payouts. Suddenly, when I got to level 145, it all went downhill. Every time I played, I lost all of my money in a matter of minutes. Levelling up took ages. It seems like the app planned for most of their users to be coming from survey sites and methods to get points, therefore stopping users from winning once they reach level 145. IF YOU ARE PLAYING THIS GAME TO REACH LEVEL 150 TO GET A REWARD, DO NOT WASE YOUR TIME, IT IS RIGGED. If I see the developer comment on my post saying it’s a matter of luck, I’m going to loose my mind.

- Huuuge casino

This game is great when you want to pass the time! But it gets annoying when you’re in a club with heaps of jackpot bonuses and you’re sitting there for 3 hours collecting them. I think it would be better to have a button that you can click to “ collect all “!! Please make this happen

- Best slot game out there

I have tried easily over fifty different slot games and I have to say coming now across this one is so far the best, no annoying ads, best graphics! Smooth! Lots of variety, roulette blackjack on top of it. I deleted every slot game and only sticking now to this one. Well done to the developers

- No customer service

This app is one of the worst I have been connected to. It boots you off game all the time. When you complain they say it's your device. I personally know of at least 20 players that get booted at least 6 times a day. I lost 65 b jp. when I got booted, huge says take a screen shot, how do you do that when you are booted. Too many pop ups interrupting play. Not happy

- Good game

All round good game needs bigger bonuses up higher lvls hard to get up again if u go broke when higher lvls . Club part of game is good and talking to people from around the world is great. few things to make it a little more easyer /fun ways to get back in the game and win huuuge when u go broke when u get higher levels would be great

- Hit and miss

Some days are great with multiple huuge wins, other days I can't even complete the daily missions. Support could be a lot better some times taking 3/4 days just to respond, should be better rewards for masters teams. Unfortunately there's not. 10% should be a daily event & the special one should be 25%.. garentee you won't be loosing profits. Fun but hard to win huuuge basically.

- Good but lacks within higher levels

This game was amazingly fun until about level 100 and big wins were much more rare to get and seemed like pure luck and chance of win was lowered since then other then that good fun

- Awesome game

It's an awesome game I just wish it was easier to get bonuses was at the bonuses were higher and more regular wins I always purchase iTunes card and spend it all with huuuge casino but don't seem to get anywhere but broke and no credits

- Here’s an answer

I see a lot of negative reviews...... rip off, algorithms, percentages of pay outs and the lottery Answer is easy, stop spending real money to play an on line game where you don’t get real money back for the real money you spend. It’s an online game. Go play a real pokie to spend real money. You may win or lose but that’s the chance you take.

- Amazing

Great game to be honest, glad someone made a game like this Been close to jackpot multiple times but it’s all luck, thanks to whoever made this looking forward for new slots/game modes Would recommend a higher or lower game mode!

- This App would be A WINNER If ?

Seriously, this would be the best App on the planet if it was just a small % ( i think, but I’m no pokie mechanic) more generous. Because the way it is basically YOU CHEAT and ill tell you where. I’m sure you know exactly where Huuuuge. The blackjack Dealers are just the luckiest Dealers of all time, Not realistic at all in my experience, Dealer, 20,19,20,20,21,BJ, Bust and seems surprised, while table gets dealt 14,12,16,8 and so on, Its Rubbish. Same with Roulette. Same with Pokies. I know its a business and you need to be profitable, i get that but just how quickly do you need to make your profit ?? I’m sure the %% would not be much ton just wind back a little to make much better value, fun, enjoyable = People would Spend more $$$$$$ i reckon. Anyhow just a thought. Cheers, Jim

- Keep your money and run...

Use to be fun, helping other club members was an important part of team comraderie. Some social games changed. Now it's expensive to stay in club. Deals are far too expensive (not good value for money for no 'real' money return). Wins are tight and Huuuge need to loosen up a lot more on jackpot wins. Rated two stars as there's a great selection of slots and other games. Graphics are good too.

- Great game

Love this slot game has its highs and lows but never to long till your up and in the money again. Also great to see a slot game willing to give away so many bonus chips and tickets etc. keep it up

- Names

I quite enjoy the app but you can only have so many name changes which is not helpful if you join & leave clubs. Some clubs want you to put their name at the end of yours so you run out of name changes. Also I've noticed as soon as I join a club I start losing straight away. Therefore I don't join anymore.

- Don’t give them your money

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! I’d give this game a zero if it were an option. Winning is rare, customer support is bs. They’ll give you a generic answer, if you’re lucky you might get your missing chips back. Updates only benefit them, not the players. Be sure to get ripped off with every update. Please don’t buy anything in the game... you’ll just lose what you’ve bought within a few minutes.

- Huuuge casino.

Was a great game until you changed the rules. With chips why can,t we use the diamonds to help only the team that you are in and no other teams

- Very difficult to get ahead.

Love the club and friendship. Way to difficult to get ahead. Would love to be able to bet big but unable to win the funds to do so.

- Will keep on sending bad reviews just to make your star rating go down

This game is great just need a big credit card

- Getting over this glitch

I don’t know what the go is but when ever I win a large amount of money, and the screen goes off saying congratulations, the amount is never added to my bank, I just won 2x 1.6 millions on the 7s, and just watched my bank roll down not up. It’s been happening for about 3 days now. I love this app it’s great fun. But not when you watch your winnings go nowhere :(

- Money grabbers

A few years ago it was the best online casino. Now it’s just pure money grab. There are far less jackpots to win. The diamonds are useless and unless you pay for gold tickets, they’re just as useless. Would I pay for it? The answer is a pure NO

- Value game

Plays fun and value for money unlike some apps where you spend a fortune to win this one give play for your dollars. Really enjoyable

- Great Games

I love this app, particularly Aztec BUT, huge wins and free spins are getting really rare. It’s hard to do the daily challenges some days and it seems the more you play, the less it pays. Would have given five stars if the payouts weren’t so poor; it would otherwise be my favourite slot app

- Disappointed

Pretty disappointed in this game. I played this game everyday but now I just want to stop playing and delete the game. Wins are extremely hard and the lottery is a joke now. I had over 60 gold tickets and did not get a gold puzzle piece. I used to like playing but now it seems you only want people to spend money. This game USED to be fun but its not anymore.

- Update

This game is prompting me to update but when I click to update on the game, it just does not update. Now I cannot continue to play the game as it needs to update. Nowhere is anywhere to click to do this update grrrrrrr. Therefore I give only 3 stars

- Fix it

Pretty good game although I don’t understand why you stopped the crazy lotto and then make it near impossible to win the puzzle pieces. I have two accounts, one on my phone and one on my tablet and between the two I have used a good 40+ tickets and not one puzzle piece. This is beyond a joke especially when I have spent some money on this game.

- You have ruined me

All fun and games at the beginning and now I just spent $200 Australian dollars on buying 2 billion. You would not let me win a thing. My club keeps telling me not to buy off you as you never win and it’s so true. Your disgusting. I know you can feel the loss of all ppl leaving and not buying. I must be the stupid one that did. Stay away folks

- Pass the time

Ok to pass the time good assortment of games very hard to win and when you do bet down or it will go

- Having fun

I really enjoy playing Huuuge Casino, such a great range of slots to play, plenty of incentives etc. My best way to relax at the end of a hard day at work.

- Huge Casino

This game I like I like to play it as it pays well . But I would like to get the Jack pot once to make it worth while siting up all night playing .

- Huuuge

I play Huuuge on a daily basis & I love the events, games & team players, every player is so different, every day is so different from the next.

- Don't bother!

If I could take back what I have spent on the stupid game I WOULD!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! It is a complete ripoff!! You'll loose and loose and loose until you think ok I'll spend that small $2.99 and buy a few chips! It'll be fine! WRONG!! You will loose everything! And constantly! They'll rip you off! You'll never get a decent pay out, puzzle piece or jackpot EVER AGAIN! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!

- Totally disappointed

I have had a frozen app at the main screen for weeks now, I made many purchases I cannot use yet have been charged for, and attempted to contact the developers over 3 times. Email sent again today. Should I not get a reply I will be reporting and taking to the ombudsman

- Maverickbob. Australia

Enjoy most games can only give 4 stars. Questionable. Exchange rates for our $ which floats around 80cents. How often is it updated in the USA. Regards Maverick

- Huge casino

Love Huuge casino, plenty of options and friendly players

- Best slot game going around

I've played a lot of slot games and by far this one is the best. Keep up the great work

- Happy spinner

Can’t get enough of this game plus I joined a team and win billions more from them best casino game ever

- Huuuge casino

Always update with the app. And it’s very harder to win also. But I still love the app.

- Don’t bother!

Huuuge casino is NOT what it used to be. My advise do NOT Bother! This game WILL get you hooked and this game WILL take all of your earnings and VERY Fast! These days there are MUCH Better games on the market and this is my opinion until huuuge goes back to redoecting their loyal patrons! Personally, I have deleted and moved on. Hoping to one day return.

- Rip Off

Game starts off really well until you get to a certain level, then you get next nothing, even if you decide to purchase coins the odds are still well and truely stacked against you, most wins you do get are less than the value of your bet.

- Huuuge casino

Don't bother to hard to get jackpots or free spins & if you get them they very little after every update the machines stop paying biggest rip off ever KEEP CLEAR of this one DANGEROUS for all who play it 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 this is now called Huuuge rip off instead of Huuuge casino save your money or play something new

- Money down the drain

I’ve spent so much money on this game I’ve had some good wins and some losses but was able to come back. Now with all the new updates it has become harder to win big. So it’s time for me to delete this game and move on. It’s been fun till the updates

Payoneer 💰

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- Great Fun

Awesome features, stunning graphics. Huge wins often love free spins!!

- Good

Very addictive,good variety of slots

- Loves it

Fun game

- Gréât game

Bonne place pour se faire des amis!!!

- Beware!

Beware! This app leads you to purchase. After you purchase you may get a good win then it’s all dead spins. Most casino apps are all the same. Save your $. Play with the little chips it’s gives you but NEVER purchase. Total rip off! Been playing this for a few years. At first it wasn’t bad but alas it’s just a money grab. The developers replies are all geared to please you and give you a false presumption , but they just want your $. Seriously should be illegal the way this takes your dollars and gives you 98% dead spins. Boring and a total rip off! Reply to developer-please stop lying. There definitely is NOT a lot of wins. There was even issues with your app double dipping and double charging two years ago and recently. Not sure how One billion chips spent and not one win betting only one million. Gone within 10minutes. I’m sorry but I’m an integrity kind of person and your responses are very disheartening knowing how unrealistic they are. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM PURCHASING FROM THIS APP! As previously mentioned you may get one or two good wins but that’s it. Save your money!

- Total garbage

95% dead spins? And this is supposed to be fun how? Over a million gone betting minimum and the biggest win is 10k. This is the definition of garbage. *UPDATE* 11/5/18 start with 580k. Bet minimum of 10k per spin. 100% dead spins. Not a single win. 58 dead spins. Developer says game isn’t rigged. Yeah, right.

- Not worth it.

Spend your money on a real casino. Rigged. You spend 139.99 for 12 billion and maybe win about 4 billion back if your lucky.

- Great app

Enjoy the variety of games.

- Recommendation

Great game ! I’ve made a fortune and lost it all and clawing my way back up. Lol It would be nice if the poker entry price could be 10 or even 100 million considering people have billions in this game. That way it would decrease the constant ALL IN bets.

- Pick another game

Dear readers , this game is a huuuge waste of time and expectations , u win at first then lose everything , if u delete game and reinstall, it doesn’t give u new chips cuz it saves a profile for u and u cant delete it , my suggestion is to install a game called scatter slots at least there u win if not u can reinstall it and they give u good amount to bet again Dear Developer learn from ur competitors and listen to ur players cuz apologizing and explaining the games algorithm doesn’t do anything so edit ur game to make it enjoyable.Thanks

- Turn all noise off even when playing commercial or you WILL BE DELETED GOODBYE. Your choice?

Could be 5 but racket you play go home and play with your Brats.

- Broken

Huuuge wins. Thousands of slots to play. Club events. Best app. That was my first review, after the recent update it is nothing but getting disconnected during every single slot. Insulting customer service reps. Don’t play

- Don’t bother

Just like all the other casino games, they let you win for a while, just long enough to try and get you hooked. Then, boom, you stop winning. But you can certainly spend real money if you want to keep playing! Huuuge disappointment. Now I delete you, good riddance Huuuge Idiots.

- It keeps kicking me out

Huuuge casino keeps kicking me out. I paid for coins that they will. not let me use.

- Lottery game is rigged!!!

I really enjoy this app but why is it that every time there is a lottery special the chances of winning the gold and silver puzzle pieces go way down. I've spent money buying gold and silver tickets and getting maybe one puzzle piece from these tickets. Lots of bronze wins but gold and silver not so much unless you buy at least three times. Enjoy the slots but don't spend any money buying gold and silver puzzle tickets!! After receiving a response to my review I had to laugh. The typical response of "all you need is a little luck" was a joke. Today I had over 100 tickets that I had saved up plus i bought over 100 more (I know stupid eh?) all I ever got were bronze puzzles!!! Not a single gold. I'm done with the puzzle game!!

- Jackpot

Christmas Eve Fortune. Awesome. Thank you!!!!!

- Rigged

Don’t install the app it’s a scam

- Not too Shabby

It really is my Tekken game

- Very good... Except

I absolutely love this site for many reasons. First, there is a large variety of games to choose from. Second, the social aspect is well constructed and thirdly, there are many components added to make for an exciting gaming experience. What I don’t find appealing is that coin packages are quite pricey, there are no options to purchase free spins or bonus games (unless I’m blind) and it would be nice to be given some notice when the site is “taking a break due to maintenance” It is quite annoying and inconvenient when the game shuts down during free spins. Therefore, giving the players a warning prior to shutting down would be a respectful thing to do. Otherwise, keep up the great work Huuuge!! Best regards, Danielle Viegas (aka Happy Spinmore)

- No Jackpot

So I stopped spending money on this game when I started to notice this game is money hungry, customer service is a joke NO REFUND is their policy period, even if the glitch in the game is their fault, all of their replies are auto generated, the last time I spent money on this game was 3 years ago and low and behold I have not gotten any jackpots in 3 years. This game is rigged! They treat the users of this game like a unlimited ATM machine.

- oh ya thx huuuge for the amazing win

This was so amazing the greast win for me today thank you Huuuge

- Other games a distraction

So tired of the constant pop-up games. Especially if i am betting a large amount. I wish there was an opt-out option for these distractions.

- Spam. Scam. Waste of Space. Ads all over spreading.

This confounded app is advertised everywhere and the flashing screen is annoying when I just want to check the weather. Useless app for people who have nothing better to do!

- Game

Addictive crazy like the first one!!!!!

- Losing money rapidly

What’s happening with the game? The last 2 days I’m betting bare minimum and getting wiped out and losing billions. There is definitely a glitch. I just lost 700 million again, betting only 5k in under 10 spins. Please fix this!!!

- Huuuge Casino

Just two stars… Don’t buy chips. .no games after several purchases. Never. Never games the same paintings. .Multinational profitor. .

- Game ends up like all the rest,no more fun sucs your money


- Huuuge

Awesome game must play Excellent game

- Double charging

I purchased a couple of different items June 13/21… I got charged twice… trying to get it fixed up… I keep getting the runaround! Not impressed….

- Don’t Listen To Negative Reviews!

I have never spent a penny and have billions of coins. Play smart, don’t max bet, and build up your reserves. Nobody is forcing you to spend any money.

- Waste of time and money

The more you play the more you lose, lose...lose.

- Rip off... will double bill

They double bill you, and deny this. They claim that you should send your concern to apple, but it is their fault, and should fulfill this double billing, and honor the purchase.. I have been fighting with this bogus company... over this over billing and their denial that there was not an over billing issue.. spend your money somewhere else..

- Win


- Money grabber

You put money in but you don’t get much in return. I’ve played other casino game that were way more generous than this. Careful

- huuuge scam...

My previous comment was deleted. They seem to maintain this 4.4 star average. I will be investigating this with Apple. If Huuuge is paying Apple to scrub negative reviews, then Apple is responsible for misleading its users. On to the review! What can one expect from a sleazy, iphone casino app? Fun? Excitement? Happiness? Unfortunately, you won’t get any of that here. Look at the responses from the developer on the other negative reviews. Something to the tune of “Our games are based solely on luck!” And “keeping my fingers crossed for you!” It’s phoney, it’s a sham, and we all see through it. Huuuge relies solely on you losing. That’s right. If you don’t lose, they don’t get money. It’s that simple. It has nothing to do with ‘luck’. They can not operate a business on your bad luck. They have algorithms for that, ensuring that you get hooked, pay for more chips that are gone in minutes and feel pot committed so that you purchase again. Stay away. You win nothing. Save your money, time and sanity. These crooks have no moral compass and your hard earned money you spend just goes to their lawsuit settlements. Rated F with the BBB. Cheers, Huuuge.

- So much fun

You can’t beat this game for fun wins and making new friends 10 stars reveiw

- Rip off

$400 and very few wins. Shameful!

- Awesome game

Love this game

- Love to spin for my team

Been playing huge for a couple years and it is by far the best!!

- Great game

Love this game

- Very fun easy to play

I started playing for a cash app errand and gave instant level ups just what I like to see quick progress

- Huge casino

Lots of fun to play, great selection of machines, your sure to find something you like

- Jackpot

Love this game. Won jackpot today

- Amazing

Absolutely love this game! Very fun!

- My opinion

Great game loads of fun and team friends from all over the world. Highly recommend

- Very nice game

Can not put it down

- I love this game

This game is the best to play

- Fun!

Absolutely love the game. Very addicting. Highly recommend

- aimé ce jeu

très l fun champion payant et très amusant Claudia

- Game sucks

Like everyone says. You just loose all your money no matter the bet. You want to spend real money go to a real casino. Where you can win real money. Don’t spend real money to loose fake money

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Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 8.4.4300 Screenshots & Images

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images
Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 iphone images

Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 (Version 8.4.4300) Install & Download

The applications Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 was published in the category Games on 2015-09-11 and was developed by Huuuge Global Ltd. [Developer ID: 1222929957]. This application file size is 181.33 MB. Huuuge Casino Slots Vegas 777 - Games app posted on 2022-04-12 current version is 8.4.4300 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: