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Join the world’s biggest casino community with SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO. Play the best slot casino, compete in leagues, join clubs and have great fun - Las Vegas style. SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO is the ultimate slot casino experience! SLOT MACHINES HUUUGE CASINO lets you play over 100 TOP SLOT CASINO MACHINES, POKER, BACCARAT, ROULETTE and many other casino games! Download Slot Machines Huuuge Casino now - The #1 slot casino on mobile!

Play the best Slots on the market!

SLOTS™ HUUUGE CASINO offers the best Slots in the world, from retro classics to modern slot machines, you’re sure to find something to fit your fancy!

Huuuge Diamond Wins – Spin the Wheel of Wins to win billions of Chips.
Aztec 2: Eclipse – Discover the secret wins hidden in the Sun and Moon temples.
Respin Ranch – Check out the richest animals and hit massive wins!
Cash Madness – Hit Huuuge Jackpots in this classic hit!
Blaster Cats vs Aliens – Get up to 100 Spins… IN SPACE!
Buffalo Rush – Your screen will shake from the massive wins you will hit!

The biggest Jackpot of them all!
Play HUUUGE LINK – a set of four Slots that share a truly HUUUGE Grand Jackpot to see how easy it is to win massive Jackpots in no time! Prepare to be amazed with the wonders of Ancient Egypt and China in this amazing Slot adventure.

Join a Club and compete in the Billionaire League!

The Billionaire League is an amazing place where you can play with your friends in order to compete for the best prizes and earn your bragging rights against the top spinners in the world!

Join your friends in a Club, or create a Club of your own
Meet awesome new people and spin together
Win awesome rewards for your dedication
Spin your Club to Masters League glory.

It’s not just Slots
Huuuge Casino offers way more than Slots! If you’re not a slot maniac, we have other casino games that we’re sure will give you that same winning thrill!
Video Poker – Awesome, engaging, with multiple variants
Sit’n’Go Hold’em – Play thrilling tournaments!
Roulette – Place your bets and win big!
Baccarat – Get some old school wins!

Awesome Bonuses
Huuuge Casino offers many ways to win big on top of the Slots!
Get the Betty Bonus in the Lobby every 15 minutes!
Visit the Shop every day to collect an additional bonus!
Play the Lottery to win up to ONE BILLION CHIPS!
Participate in Daily Giveaways on our Facebook page and via Push Notifications!

Install now to receive a Huuuge Welcome Bonus!

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Our games are for entertainment only. All points in the game stay in the game and all game points have no cash value. Although in-game currency can be purchased for real money or won during gameplay, none of the items in the game have any cash value. Our games are intended for adult audiences only.

The game is intended for a mature audience.
The game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or real prizes.
Wins made while gambling in social casino games can't be exchanged into real money or real rewards.
Past success at social casino gambling has no relationship to future success in real money gambling.

Huuuge Casino™ - Slot Machines App Description & Overview

The applications Huuuge Casino™ - Slot Machines was published in the category Games on 2015-09-11 and was developed by Huuuge Global Ltd.. The file size is 107.07 MB. The current version is 4.0.1291 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

A brand new Huuuge Casino update is waiting for you! It includes minor bug fixes and a few upcoming slots:
*Huuuge Double Link
*5 Times Fun

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Huuuge Casino™ - Slot Machines Reviews


Get Rid of Annoying Level Up POP UPS!  1988luvpink  1 star

Just started playing this game and those level up pop ups are a huge nuisance! PLEASE GET RID OF THEM! After a couple spins, you have to wait for that stupid pop up to go away. I’ve played many other slot games and on those you just level up automatically. WHY CAN’T YOU DO THE SAME WITH THIS APP??? REALLY! Extremely ANNOYING and UNNECESSARY! Also, you need more slots to choose from. Thank God I only spent $10 on this app. And it’s just like all the rest more than likely; they let you win for a while then take it all back. But those level up constant pop ups NEED TO GO!!!!!


No wins  Thumblingoutofline  1 star



Need get jackpot again please big amount thanks wink  OhioGirl88  5 star

Love this game but I’m give 5 star this time but need fix glitch cause kept spinning non stop losing chips and I only hit jackpot one time I seen many ppl get bigger jackpot when I try play big amount I never get lucky and I think time for me get jackpot one the bigger amount than small amount would be nice I spend enough money trying hit jackpot I’m have no luck


Games never pay out  Stephieo1058  1 star

Most of the games never give you a jackpot and the new game is just a money pit


GREEDY THIEVES!  Jolusch  1 star

Had to give one star, now I take it back. This is a horrible mistake! Run as fast and as far away as you can. The game continually crashes, your spin and money, gone. They say they have predetermined wins, getting a major or a grand jackpot is almost nonexistent. That is pretty crappy predetermined wins. By chatting with others across the world, majority says it used to not be this way. Huuuge is really greedy now. Do not end up spending your hard earned money, because you will have to to continue playing. I have taken the liberty to post screenshots of janky free spins and many many crashes on their FB page. Right below the promo for yet the worst game they have St Patty’s Day Cash Dash, I believe. That was in a club event and EVERYONE went broke. Now they have the puzzle prizes going on, run away from that as well. You might put a puzzle together, but for some “predetermined” reason, the wins and scatters (free spins) become very few and far between. This is a Huuuge Mistaaake!


Doesn’t pay out at all!  Rescuegirl  1 star

I used to love playing this game and I still love my club, but it’s not worth it to play. Find a casino game that at least pays out some. This game just wants you to buy chips.


Slots and club event slots  Countrydrive  3 star

It is ok.


Crow  CrowSrb  1 star

The worst game i ever play, like someone wrote in review huuuuge lairs!!!


Not fair in my opinion  HanoraCMalorny  1 star

Don’t spend any money with these people, you will only lose it. When you belong to a team, you are pressured into constantly playing and in order to play you will be encouraged to by their chips. They even have the purchase pop ups come when you are maneuvering through your page to try to force you to make a purchase. They are constantly ‘fixing’ bugs that seem to eliminate bigger wins for the ‘better’ games, which are few in number. The season games are almost always chip eaters and rarely entertaining but to stay in the team you must play. While playing there are a lot of connectivity glitches that seem to alter the natural flow of the spin and make you lose chips. The biggest joke, is when you contact them with any issues and they say they constantly monitor to ensure there are no problems but rarely reimburse chips associated with these issues. I am not sure if they are regulated at all but they seem to not care. When I read their responses, I get the impression that they are condescending and never take any kind of responsibility for their low odds winning, crappy event games, and connection problems.


Huuuge casino  birdy2424  1 star

I loved this game when it first came out the beginning money was good! And the lottery rewards were even better but now the new update the game creators are just being cheap, they hardly give you any money back and you don’t really win anymore, the only way to play this game now is to buy chips with real money, I liked this game but now they just sucked up the fun from it to make profit, they should go back to the old ways. I had 8 billion dollars and played big and got 12 free spin reels and didn’t hit not one free spin! That’s some bull crap, and the win ratio of this game is trash

Mr pear

Fun and easy to play, but...  Mr pear  1 star

This game ended up being very costly and I had to force myself away from it! Had 42 gold tickets and didn’t get even one silver puzzle piece! I spent so much and lost my billions in-game within a week! This happens a lot! Don’t pay to play; you’ll be sorry!!


Help  Jaieddy123  5 star

More machines please


Don’t bother!  traveledthroughapurpletunnel  1 star

Huuuge casino is NOT what it used to be. My advise do NOT Bother! This game WILL get you hooked and this game WILL take all of your earnings and VERY Fast! These days there are MUCH Better games on the market and this is my opinion until huuuge goes back to redoecting their loyal patrons! Personally, I have deleted and moved on. Hoping to one day return.


Fun  Joannesfamily  3 star

Game is fun when my partner and I play at same time just so we can beat each other lol I wouldn’t pay real money to play


Why  Deadlypopy  3 star

Why can’t I buy coins with my gems ? I use to be able to am now I can’t ???


All they want is money!  Bradles1984  1 star

Do not download it is not free to play at all and they will just keep wanting you to purchase.. Popups galore to purchase. Very greedy game stay away from it!

F--k up

Huuuge casino  F--k up  1 star

Don't bother to hard to get jackpots or free spins & if you get them they very little after every update the machines stop paying biggest rip off ever KEEP CLEAR of this one DANGEROUS for all who play it 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 this is now called Huuuge rip off instead of Huuuge casino save your money or play something new


Alorgarithym rubbish & chip mayhem 😡🤬🤮  Franklytogo  1 star

Please note ... you cannot win long term here. The developers of these programs don’t give a stuff about you ... it’s all about profit! This company made app. $150 million from people like you in 2017! It’s got nothing to do with giving you a pleasurable social experience. This is all about maximising income. You will have brief success and then the odds change ... and they do! The standard response from app support is all is fair & just bad luck ... absolute rubbish .... nothing like a real casino .... total lies and ripoff. Hey, they don’t care as they have your real money😡 but you don’t get much at all in return. The rewards have gone backwards. Also, do not buy chip packages that offer drip feed chips over many days. The rationale is to keep you coming back. If you lose your chips in one sitting you might not return but if you have invested in chips over days you will not want to leave .... but you will spend more. Sneaky, psychological ploy!

BRU Kerri

Huuuge casino.  BRU Kerri  5 star

Was a great game until you changed the rules. With chips why can,t we use the diamonds to help only the team that you are in and no other teams

Twitch dingle

Update??? What’s going on???  Twitch dingle  1 star

After new update I keep on getting cut off, fix this cause I can’t claim my vip chips and it’s pissing me off!


Good but not as good as Las Vegas  IRAQI MTH  1 star

I start my review by talking about the application itself, nice and sleek interface, the drawings are nice, yet the music is really bad and repetitive in different slot machines, they don’t come even close to the real slot machines in Las Vegas. The programming of playing comes in a way where if you bet 5k or 50 million you still get the same multiplication of your bet, unlike the real slot machines where when you bet higher you get to see new pictures and new combinations. And the third thing is once you purchase coins, I think you are tagged internally in the system, they’ll make you lose always to keep buying and spend money. I had more than 4 billion chips, and after I made a single $1 purchase, I never won after that, and lost all the chips.

Cujin 337

Horrible app.  Cujin 337  1 star

If you want to pay to play then this is the app for you.


HORRIBLE customer service  SCW1313  1 star

HUUUUUUUUUGE LIARS!!!! I play the club games almost every day. I was playing one and was at 98%. It was going to give each of the members of my club a ton of chips. There was supposed to be another day to play. I logged out real quick to do something on my phone, and the game said it was over. I immediately contacted support detailing what happened. When I received a response, the representative clearly didn’t read my email in its entirety and responded with a copy paste answer to a question that vaguely resembled my question. I asked that someone that speaks English to please read my email and respond appropriately, and they did. The asked when it happened. My original email stated that it had just happened, so.... I responded “when I sent my email”. Their response was that I was incorrect, and that the game ended when it was supposed to. LIARS!!!! I spent, HOURS working on that game. HOURS!!! I know I couldn’t have been the only one to complain. It was a really long contest. I’m not one to not pick, but when I work hard for something working under someone else’s rules and they FAIL to complete with their side of the bargain, they are not a trustworthy company. Some of the games are obviously rigged too. It’s not statistically possible, pick squares at random 50 times and only pick the lowest possible jackpot out of 4 possible outcomes. Come on, at least make me wonder. The integrity of this company is terrible. DON’T TRUST THEM!!!

butt steak

Crooks  butt steak  1 star

I spent a lot of money buying coins and amassed quite a few. One day they disappeared. Their support team were no help to me.

DN Daisy Fields

No Support from Huuge.  DN Daisy Fields  1 star

I have been a long time player of Huuge, game play is up and down sometimes but I find it to be a great game play. But what I disagree with is the way they support you when there are issues. For instance, yesterday I purchased a lottery ticket packet. I received my tickets and right in the middle of spinning I receive a code 3801, and it said to try again and contact support team. I did that. When I returned, my tickets I purchased was gone.I provided the support rep with my receipts, proof of purchase, details of order, order #, time and date of sale and player ID #, in other words everything but my first born child. All they kept telling me is they needed more info. I have nothing else to give, but what they couldn’t tell me is what this code means, what is this glitch, why I lost my tickets and $34.99, I feel I deserve to know as a consumer. Their resolution was to keep saying we need more details, so I am quitting. Can’t afford expensive glitches like this only for it to fall on the buyer to prove Bad customer service with bad resolution methods.I am quitting.


What happened?  spatalicious  1 star

I play this all the time. Ow it crashes and this happened about 2 months ago and had to start all over again I have built up my team and was doin good now all I get is a blank blue screen with bubbles on it why?

Losers R Us

Just Pathetic  Losers R Us  1 star

When I first downloaded the app it was not uncommon to win and it was possible to earn gold and silver tickets. There have been so many changes that favors house. I even had a issue with not receiving a bonus. It appears I am not alone if you read the reviews. I like to relax and play but this site is ridiculous. I had even made purchases in the past but when support is so difficult to contact and so apathetic it’s now time to go elsewhere. Save your time and money as this app is just pathetic.


Can’t update  $Play$Fun!  1 star

This update will not work on my phone. I’ve contacted Huuuge Casino and no one will respond from their support team. I’ve tried updating multiple times and now I can’t even access my account.

Disc driver

Huuuge Ripoff!  Disc driver  1 star

Loved this app, but all they want is that mighty $$$. As much as they can get out of you. You will not advance joining a club, collecting free chips, etc. if you don’t buy, buy, buy you will sit stagnant. Their customer service is crap, they couldn’t care less about paying customers! You can spend hundreds a day, they’ll let you hit a few times, and then turn on the zeros.... if you want to play, you’re going to need to pay. No matter what you spend it’s never enough! You also can’t win contest unless you buy. They want to compare their slot to Vegas. However, in Vegas you can win money!!! This is a game! Save your money, and the frustration...find a different app!!

Cash Madness

It’s Still The Best Slot App.  Cash Madness  5 star

I have downloaded and played many and still find myself playing Huuuge daily and I’ve been playing this game for 2 years. Sure I spent a fortune and cringed about certain changes ex. Diamonds can’t help others with chips and the gold lottery payout is lower but there are some changes that are great. Recently, I got 48 billion from picking a treasure chest for leveling up which was not possible in the past. The story is that I had 150k chips after losing 14 bil in 15 minutes. Now here’s the great thing. The customer service is still generous when you’re on a losing streak and contact them. To finish this story, with 150k chips and contacting support about my losses, they gifted me with 3 bil in chips which helped me level up to get 48 billion which I lost in a day but it was fun in my quest to win a trillion chip jackpot and it’s discouraging to see new players constantly hit that amount when I’ve been trying for over 2 years. Nothing is perfect in any slot app and remember that you’re gambling also as they say the casino always wins. Kudos to the new players who won trillions. I will still play this game and make purchases when I can. To those who say customer support is bad maybe it was your tone when contacting them. I don’t know but they have been fair to me. About a bad payout. I remember getting three clowns in Retro Reels but never received a jackpot for it on a 200 mil bet and yes I know how the jackpot works because I hit it before. I should have took a screen shot but I spun the slot right after so I blame myself. If customer support can look into this in their logs which happened happened about 5 months ago and resolve that problem that would be super great. If not I still blame myself for not mentioning it at that time. New players who are thinking of downloading this app, don’t let the old reviews stop you from downloading and enjoying this game because I never seen such big payouts or total wins and the most recent was over 100 trillion total chips which was the most I’ve ever seen in this game won from a new player. This is my honest review of this game which is long overdue and I’ve seen and been through all the changes. I’ve seen veterans of this game leave and saw new players hit crazy payouts I can only dream of. I emphasize the payouts are much bigger than before.The top player in the past had 16 billion in chips and held that position for almost a year. Now many new players double that. So definitely give this game a try which I highly recommend as a old player of this game.

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